A guest post from Bill Clark from Fort William.

What price loyalty between political friends? 

I am well aware that people say overly nice things about people in power to enhance their own standing and what it may lead to.  On the other hand, it can also be said out of genuine admiration.  The following comments were made by some friends and acquaintances of Alex Salmond.  

When Alex Salmond stood down as leader in 2000 his replacement John Swinney was quick to praise his achievements “he has passed on to me a party in great shape and great heart.  In the years of his leadership, we have moved from the fringes of Scottish politics to the centre stage.  I am grateful to Alex for his loyalty and steadfast support”.  

Duncan Hamilton and Andrew Wilson, MSPs at the time,penned glowing newspaper columns which they framed and presented to Alex Salmond.  Then there was Stewart Stevenson recently retired MSP and SNP secretary who had a friendship with Alex Salmond for well over thirty years and who also spoke highly of his old boss at least in the years before 2017 when Alex Salmond’s lost his Westminster seat.   I may be doing Stewart a disservice as he may be lending support privately. After all, thirty years of friendship is a long time.   

In 2014 Jennifer Dempsie, who had worked for Alex Salmond for ten years, wrote a warm tribute in the Courier newspaper stating “that it had been a privilege to work for a true radical, a true public servant and a politician driven by the principle of the sovereignty of the people”. 

Even those opponents who were glad to see him retire made positive comments on his abilities.  Donald Dewar said he was a “doughty opponent.  I have considerable respect for his ability and I am sure he will be missed from the centre stage role he has occupied”

.My own Local Lib Dem MP Charles Kennedy was every bit as complimentary “he will no doubt be disappointed that he failed to deliver independence for Scotland, but he has performed the difficult task of keeping the different factions in his party together”.

 Many others praised his ability and humanity. Oh, if only Salmond was in charge today. Back in 2004 John Swinney resigned as SNP Leader Roseanna Cunningham was favoured to win the leadership contest against Nicola Sturgeon and Mike Russell.

 However, when Alex Salmond threw his hat into the ring, he became a racing certainty to win such was his popularity with the membership.  He informed Nicola of his intentions and as her mentor he offered to take her on as his running mate.  He was, after all, in Nicola’s own words “her bestie”.

 After the 2014 referendum Alex Salmond stepped aside and Nicola became leader in her own right and her gratitude to Alex Salmond which had been boundless was to evaporate years later when it became known that Alex Salmond who had lost his Westminster seat in the 2017 election, was intending to get back into front line politics.

 By this time, he was not only seen as a threat to the union, it appears he was also a threat to the new SNP leadership and if he could not accept that his days were behind him then they were prepared to politically bury him.

 Character assassination within political parties is common and the new SNP is not unfamiliar with this practise.   In truth it was a new SNP that had been forged in his absence, one that was more interested in self-ID and the Hate Crime Bill and, of course,holding on to power at any price even if it meant gerrymandering the candidates list and the membership of the NEC.  

 A more secretive SNP had emerged, one that threatened free speech.  Individual MPs and MSPs have yet to explain in detail self-ID and the Hate Crime Bill.  With regard to these issues the SNP leaderships greatest asset has been to keep the small print detail on their proposals and the affect they were going to have on the voting public.

  Just what are their views regarding our sports women and girls, and how do they think it will affect individual sports like women’s athletics, swimming, rugby, football etc sports that up until now have been inclusive to biological females to enable participants to have a level playing field?   

Also, are SNP MPs and MSPs together with candidates for the forthcoming local elections prepared to openly say whether they personally are for or against trans women participating fully at all levels of these sports in what has until now been exclusive to biological women?  Do they believe that trans women should be free to share ladies’ toilets, changing rooms and showers with biological born females?

 Will local government candidates confirm their personal views on those issues in their election material?  Are people going to be free to voice an opinion without being hounded by the First Minister’s in-crowd or questioned by the police or anyone else about the thoughts they may have?   If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then they should inform their electorate of their views.   The dramatist and writer Edward Moore once said “Power admits no equal and dismisses friendship for flattery”.


I am grateful to Bill Clark for this article that highlights the betrayal that has been in operation since an insecure Nicola Sturgeon became First Minister. A story that shook and shocked me was when shortly after Alex Salmond had stood down as First Minister he was asked to present a cheque to an organisation at the Scottish Parliament. When he arrived for the photoshoot security required him to have someone sign him in. He replied ”phone the First Minister’s office I am sure they will send someone down” . After a delay an embarrassed security guard had to tell him ” I am sorry but they are refusing to do so”. Now this predates all the false allegations but gives a very clear signal, as it was intended too, that he was persona non grata, under Queen Nicola’s reign. Put simply it is disgraceful treatment of someone who led the fight for Independence very effectively over an extended period. It also devalues the post of First Minister and our Parliament.

We all know today where this bitter insecurity from Nicola led. Huge legal costs for taxpayers as the contrived plots in both the Judicial Review and the ludicrous criminal court trial ended in Mr Salmond winning the Judicial Review as the Scottish Government had to withdraw their defence in the face of threats, from their own legal counsel, that they would resign if they did not. That was how ridiculous it had become. The judge in the case was extremely critical of the Scottish Government in his final statement. Learning nothing from that futile experience, friends and supporters of the First Minister, egged on by a British Civil Servant, who publicly recorded she was intent in winning the ”war”, created a farrago of lies and frankly pathetic allegations and tried to jail Alex Salmond. Once again those efforts failed dismally as every allegation was exposed in court, again at taxpayers expense, and not a single conviction succeeded. Mr Salmond was damaged by the process, mostly by the failure of the unionist media to report the evidence submitted by the defence witnesses. In the main female defence witnesses, whose evidence completely destroyed each allegation. Unlike those making the false and contrived allegations, these female defence witnesses testified openly and with no requirement to keep their identity secret. All Nicola Sturgeon will be remembered for is dividing the Yes Movement, the first SNP leader who created the need for other Independence Parties. She has blown the best opportunities to secure Independence and has and is taking our country backwards.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


Sadly some sites had given up on being pro Indy sites and have decided to become merely pro SNP sites where any criticism of the Party Leader or opposition to the latest policy extremes, results in censorship being applied. This, in the rather over optimistic belief that this will suppress public discussion on such topics. My regular readers have expertly worked out that by regularly sharing articles on this site defeats that censorship and makes it all rather pointless. I really do appreciate such support and free speech in Scotland is remaining unaffected by their juvenile censorship. Indeed it is has become a symptom of weakness and guilt. Quite encouraging really.


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65 thoughts on “WHAT PRICE LOYALTY?

    1. The fate of Salmond and Alba are too intertwined right now. A successful May election will separate the party from the man and allow him to pursue the justice he deserves.

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      1. Much will depend on whether Sturgeon succeeds in removing juries and whether anything can be done about her tame judges and COPFS. Scottish justice is in a very dark place.

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      2. What happens if there is no success in the May election though? That would leave things exactly as they are now or maybe even worse.

        I don’t see how pursuing justice would need to be put on hold in any circumstances not even if there was actually another referendum happening.

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      3. I agree with John Smyth and duncanio the public are fickle with a short attention span which will worsen in this economic climate and when they have to be totally focused on surviving
        Alex should announce vociferously and publicly that he is starting his public fightback to PROVE the miscarriages of justice he has suffered and the BLATANT LIES that were manufactured by a group of encouraged and coerced individuals who collectively conspired with others to construct and assemble false and spurious charges against him to destroy and shred his integrity , honesty and trust that the Scottish people had in him
        He should announce that the first of many people that he will be seeking justice against in a court of law is the person whose RESPONSIBILITY it was to investigate properly ANY accusations made against him and to SCRUPULOUSLY ensure that all processes and regulations were applied rigorously , legally with confidentiality strictly adhered to

        At the same time he should produce leaflets , posters and information packs highlighting , illuminating and EXPOSING the outrageous and despicable giveaway of our seabed for a pittance to energy companies whose shareholders are WALLOWING in the already substantial returns from users who are TERRIFIED at the prospect of a further 54% increase in their heating and cooking bills , bills that will push many of our already overstretched incomes to the point of collapse and will most definitely result in a lot more of OUR citizens becoming mired in debt and as a result MORE homelessness and more homeless FAMILIES with CHILDREN

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    2. “Revenge is a dish best served cold” Sicilian saying

      A phrase expressing the sentiment that revenge that is delayed, and executed well after the heat of anger has dissipated, is more satisfying than revenge taken as an immediate act of rage.

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  1. Sturgeon bears all the hallmarks of someone subverted by the WEF’s Young Leaders program, much as Justine Trudeau does.
    Typical of the low moral and ethical character of the current crop of Western political careerist.
    It makes me sick to the core how the real giant of Scotland’s history, a man who was rebuilding our country’s confidence and self-image and refettling its infrastructure was treated by these cowardly, venal, technocratic dwarves and crooks.
    I still live in hope that he will have the last laugh on them as the are matched off to the cells as they deserve to be.

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      1. Yes. I had noted she appeared on the list.
        There were rumours that Sturgeon had some nice job in Switzerland lined up some time back.
        I suspect, probably the tea lady at Davos.
        Perhaps her failure to complete her assigned mission has seen that offer withdrawn. 😉

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  2. Good article. Well written 👏👏👏

    When you win seats using one visible public burning desire and use those seats to implement another policy it is dishonesty.
    Sturgeon is using the votes harvested from Independence supporters to drive through her Cults objectives without debate.

    Alex was a Statesman. Sturgeon is a SnakeOil vendor.

    Alex was substance. Sturgeon is bling

    However it appears the public are still falling for the false charm of the Con.

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    1. Amazing how the combined resources and talent of BT, MI5 and the Unionist Press could not generate a smear against Alex during 2012/14 yet Sturgeon’s inner cabal managed it very quickly. Claims remember that were dismissed in a Court of Law.

      Use common sense

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      1. And let’s NOT forget the deliberate lies that were told to a court of law ,( I think it might be called perjury ) about a person’s whereabouts relating to a certain accusation , who knows maybe even some people who wrote glowing comments about Alex are being disengenuous or willfully lying you never know what motivates people

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  3. It was when I heard the cheque presentation story I realised we had been conned by Sturgeon and that she was not what she portrayed herself to be. If that had been any other former FM (all Labour) they would have been signed in nae bother.

    Then I brought together all the wee bits of stories, personal observations etc and thought either we had been fooled by a vindictive madam or we had a compromised FM, a pawn of the British state. Until the nuSNP is rid of all the hingers oon, our only hope is other parties like Alba and ISP and unfortunately they are being starved of good publicity.

    Every time the National states the PM is unpopular it is twinned with and so is Alex Salmond. Well he wouldn’t be that unpopular if people knew the truth. Has he cheated on his spouse, yes. But that’s not against the law, nor is a cheating FM a novelty since 1999.

    Vote Alba and/or ISP in May. Send the SNP a message – take us for granted and pay the price.

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    1. either we had been fooled by a vindictive madam or we had a compromised FM, a pawn of the British state.

      Yes those seem to me the only two possible explanations. Look at the recording of Sturgeon watching Salmond give evidence to the Holyrood inquiry – watch her face. That is not hatred or contempt. That is something else and it surprised me. Once, before I quit posting on The National, there was discussion around what went on in the Salmond pursui. A poster, who seemed to have inside knowledge, said that St Nicola had been a very naughty girl indeed. And indeed St Nicola changed tack in the 2020 betrayer speech that she insisted she write herself. Yes she has always been a fool and yes her judgement has always been bad but was she always a betrayer? I have come to the conclusion she is compromised. Our best hope then lies in uncovering the misdeeds that hold her in thrall to the dark state and showing these in the light of day. My one hesitation in this conclusion is the cheque presentation incident. I can’t explain that in these terms/

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      1. She certainly stuck the knife into Kezia Dugdale, live on STV in 2017:

        “Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has denied a claim by Nicola Sturgeon that she said her party could back a second independence referendum.

        In a live TV debate on STV the First Minister claimed Dugdale told her privately that Labour could drop its opposition to another independence referendum after the Brexit vote.

        Dugdale called the claim “a categoric lie” during a furious fall-out.” Holyrood 7th June 2017.

        I recall watching this at the time. The FM had a smirk on her face as Kezia’s jaw hit the ground.

        There was no need to this, but the FM did it anyway. An early example of the vindictive malice than burns in the black heart of Sturgeon.

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  4. In the upcoming Council Elections I will be voting Alba is there is a candidate standing in my ward. If there is no Alba candidate I will spoil my ballot paper by writing “Independence First. No Hate Crime or GRA.” The candidates and hence the SNP will see it. The shameful Sturgeon/Murrell clique need to be shown what former SNP supporters think of them.

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    1. Might I suggest voting ISP if you have a candidate in your ward. They are anti GRA and pro indy now not indy sometime. And if you are lucky to have both then Alba 1, ISP 2 would work (or vice versa!) since it’s STV.

      I know there is an Alba candidate in my ward but not sure if there will be ISP too.

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    2. Bloody heck, Grouser, I’ve just had a thought. Didn’t Teresa May say something similar some years ago? So the then-leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party believes in Scottish indepoendence as much as the then-and-current leader of the Scottish national party does.

      I seem to recall that NS poked fun at Teresa May – that she’d fallen on her sword and missed. At least Teresa May had the honour to do the right thing when it was clear she had failed.

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    1. I wrote to the Scottish Government on the GRA issue and got the following reply. It did not address all of the points I made and it did not reassure me that my rights as a woman being protected.

      DJUST : Civil Law and Legal System

      (My name removed)
      (My email address removed)
      Our Reference: 202100268217
      6 January 2022
      Dear ______________,
      Thank you for your email of 21 December about the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill. I am replying on behalf of Scottish Ministers.
      The Bill is intended to make the process of obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate quicker and less traumatic for trans people. The Bill proposes no changes to the protections under the Equality Act 2010, and all organisations will still need to take account the Equality Act when any changes in policy are being considered.
      We have now consulted twice on the Bill – first on the principles of reform and then on a draft Bill and impact assessments. These have been two of the largest consultations ever undertaken by the Scottish Government. The Scottish Government has published the detailed analysis report of the consultation, produced by independent researchers. We have also published responses from groups and organisations where
      permission to publish was granted. You can find these here: Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill consultation – gov.scot (www.gov.scot)
      The consultation analysis gives us a valuable and comprehensive summary of the range of views. We will continue to listen to and engage with interested parties in preparing the Bill for introduction.
      The Scottish Government is clear that all rights – those of women and trans people – must be protected. This includes the protection of women’s safe spaces. Existing criminal offences apply to any person who assaults another person, harasses another person, or threatens another person anywhere – including in a toilet or changing room, and that will not change. We are not proposing any changes to public policy.
      Women’s equality is at the heart of the Scottish Government’s vision for a fairer Scotland, where women and girls have equal rights and opportunities, are empowered to exercise those rights, have equitable access to economic resources and decision-making, and live their lives free from all forms of violence, abuse and harassment.
      I hope this is helpful.
      Yours sincerely
      Gender Recognition Unit
      CLLS : Gender RecognitionSt Andrew’s House, Regent Road, Edinburgh EH1 3DG

      I looked at the responses they received in their consultation and for the most part they were from LGBTQ+ groups which often stated simply that they did not want to have to wait 3 months before making the legal transition. There were several from religious groups which, predictably were anti GRA. There were a few from women’s groups which were generally anti GRA. Individual groups, including two SNP branches, made detailed representations laying out the problems with GRA.
      The SG seems to have ignored the anti GRA opinions and also the opinion polls which are overwhelmingly anti GRA.
      I am not comforted by the assertion of the SG that “Existing criminal offences apply to any person who assaults another person, harasses another person, or threatens another person anywhere – including in a toilet or changing room, and that will not change. We are not proposing any changes to public policy.” According to my reading of this sentence I could be subject to criminal charges if I challenged an obviously trans woman in a female toilet or changing room.
      Just keep telling Ms Sturgeon and her clique that they have got it wrong – at the ballot box would be effective if they refuse to listen.

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      1. And the reason they can claim this

        “These have been two of the largest consultations ever undertaken by the Scottish Government.”

        Is because Sturgeon opened up the consultations to a worldwide response where all manner of individuals and groups who had a vested interest in the bill going through would get a say , a DELIBERATE and DESPICABLE move to gerrymander the result of the consultation , A move that she should have been confronted on and denigrated for her corrupt bias , WHERE are all the consultations from other countries that we can have input to to determine the laws , rules and legislation of that country and their citizens = ANSWER NOWHERE only in corrupt govt Scotland

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    2. Nally thanks for that , I have sent emails to all my reps for Renfrewshire but responses have been slow , from the snp (nothing) nada left the building , wee Ross responded with a hissy fit , tories and liebour non committal , so I have sent the copy you linked too with some adjustments to do with WHO decided to make it a worldwide consultation and was that decision supported in the Scottish Parl , if not why not

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  5. Some day Sturgeon and her gang will go. It cannot come soon enough as far as I am concerned. If they have any sense they will go to a country that does not have an extradition treaty with Scotland. North Korea would suit Sturgeon just fine.

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  6. Great Article . The sturrells must know they are finished. The SNP footsoldiers have left the building.

    Regarding Mr Salmond and legal redress – Would you trust Scottish justice when lady(sic) dorrian remains a judge ?

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  7. The NEC (7th Feb)have delayed even having candidates. They tried to impose that every candidate had to apply to the National Secretary for nomination. They watered it down to it is an option but campaign committees had to decide if they wanted that option. This effectively rules out any input by Branches and activists. They would not release the approved list till the CCC had decided. They have still not released the approved list and the first members will know their potential candidate is when they get a ballot slip with a Bio. Not sure if members will be told who the candidate is if there is no ballot.
    We are heading towards end of February, nomination papers have to be lodged around 24th March and the SNP don’t have candidates. You are not allowed to campaign till you have been selected. So the campaigning will consist of at best, 6 weeks. Not sure many candidates will have time to put out literature far less state their views on any ‘policy’, at this rate.

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  8. Rape Crisis Scotland – an organisation fully bought ( they call it funded) by Sturgeon and her pals like Somerville to provide their own SNP mouthpiece on the Britnat media called Sandy Brindley. Another example of the SNP working hand in glove with the Britnat media. Some poor souls watching Sandy on the TV will innocently think she is from an independent organsation.

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  9. Sturgeons Leadership has been costly to the Yes movement, her cabal hellbent on power and wacko politics. Psychology I think she is a Narrsisist she can only destroy, she is unable to unite or create any good, or drive anything forward. She has created a cult as Narcissists do , her cabal shame their positions in the party with their blind allegiance to a twisted leader. Another Narcissistic trait is to surround themselves with pliable people of no substance while vehemently victimising those with talent . They become the mafia of the mediocre, this is why the current SNP have become jaded and oblivious to UK misrule. They dont care that our children are going hungry, they dont care that we cannot afford to heat our homes.
    The Dark Queen is a decisive character, the extent to which she has worked with the British state will only become apparent as the years go on, prehaps only when we eventually break free from the zombie Union.
    I will be glad when she goes and I will personally have a party for a week to celebrate. Keep the faith Brothers and Sisters. Scotland gu br’ath.

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  10. We’ve not moved one step closer to independence since Alex stood down and Sturgeon took over, infact Sturgeon has managed to fracture the indy movement to a point with her unpopular policies, is that the plan?

    Sturgeon has also wasted countless mandates, and great opportunities to to leave this union including Brexit, Johnson just yesterday whilst in Scotland repeated that they’ll be no indyref, and of course Sturgeon wants her gold standard indyref which means asking Johnson for an S30, I think we all know what his answer will be.

    With the GRA bill/Self-Id to be complete and presented this Summer at Holyrood, we need to vote for the Alba party at May’s elections and vote in large numbers where possible, not just for the women and girls in Scotland but for Scottish independence as a whole, failure should not be rewarded at the polling booth, and Sturgeon has failed repeatedly on many fronts.

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  11. In My opinion, Sturgeon was under the control of the british state. they along with Alex (who was unwittingly aware of her lack of morals and driven ambition) facilitated her rise through the ranks of the SNP. Doors opened for her with ease. Any conflicting opinions from the YSN FSN when she was involved was always put down so her way could prevail. In truth, she drank from the posioned chalice! now thw brit state wants payback! what better way for enemies of scottish independence than to have the leader of the independence movement in their back pocket whilst totally discrediting the main leader of independence, and totally transforming the independence party to a unionist party?!

    Its not fanciful flat earth stuff. The brit state engaged in psychological warefare in Ireland for years. Sturgeon is the person who will be known to have stopped independence! What a legacy!

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  12. BritState is corrupt. Its «rule of law» has kept a class, the establishment, the rich, the privileged secure and very comfortable.
    The SNP has done zilch to rock that security and comfort but then neither did the Labour party.
    Sturgeon and co.are providing support for something they ought to oppose, viscerally.

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  13. Covid, as well as making the rich richer and everyone else the opposite, allowed politicians to keep themselves and the systems they represent well away from the heat of public opinion. But, we all love them, admire and respect them and maybe will vote for them again when the sandstorm has abated.
    Statues, portraits, street names….they deserve to be memorialized for their contributions for keeping us safe from viruses, Russia and shocking reality.

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    1. LOL . AYE ! We await the renaming of George Sq * Transanamen Sq ” with breath unbated .

      How anyone can grant an iota of credibility to ANY MSM is , well , incredible . It’s always been skewed to the interests of elites – though never as much as presently , but after the last two years , when it’s total lockstep with the dominant narrative , it’s intelligence-insulting blatant propaganda for a * version * of reality , that stomped all over any contrary opinion , it has lost any residual integrity it might have had .

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  14. There’s a lot of difficult material in this clear and insightful piece of writing. But the worst for me is the contempt for Alex Salmond, right from the beginning.

    That was already an SNP in disgrace.

    Those who want independence tarnished and cheapened are winning. There is no way a properly functioning SNP respectful of their membership would have sold 25 years of Scot Wind energy for less than a year’s handout from Westminster. No way they would be planning for 2 Freeports to tunnel into and undermine the Scottish economy. No way we wouldn’t have bought functioning ferry services for our islands and no way we would be threatening vulnerable women in their safe spaces with trans women with all male characteristics.

    The longer this SNP stay in power the further away will the memory be of what they achieved in 2014, and how they brought men, women and all the generations together for Scotland and all its future generations.

    No… We are in trouble. It’s difficult to see how May will pan out without the unionists taking over a lot of councils, and the harping that will start in the press will be nauseating. Then, no matter if they destroy this leadership of the SNP, the fight for independence will be significantly harder.

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  15. For the independence waverers and skeptics i recommend a read of the Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh article in today’s National re – the Chagos Islands – to provide an understanding of the ruthless creatures Scotland’s independence negotiators will need to face.

    FM Sturgeon, where does she stand? Frightened ,or in accord with the creatures?

    On the subject matter of resources, the wind, the tide, the sea bed, oil and gas, upon independence will still be our resources. The resource we. urgently need is our people supporting independence.

    “\Commercial “deals” arranged with the Westminster creatures will no longer apply.

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  16. Pete Wishart SNP, MP on debate night taking about energy hikes and a win fall tax, refering to the broad shoulders of the UK. I thought I was listening to Gordon Brown. Wishart and his Pal Sarwar made me want to vomit a cosy love in.
    Makes me wonder what is going on with the SNP. They have become a joke it’s not just Sturgeon its the whole lot of them SNP they are rotten.

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    1. I’d have thought that would have been a sackable offence in any party dedicated to independence. Can you imagine those words being spoken by somebody representing Sinn Féin?

      Perhaps this is the start of the SNP starting to admit that they’ve tried and tried and tried but really devo min is the best that we can hope for.


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    2. I watched it! Wishart removed any possible doubt that he is now a fully paid up BritNat.
      “ the broad shoulders…..” comment was sickening.

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  17. The SNP maybe tired but let me tell you Brother’s and Sisters we are not , there are still those out there that still care and want freedom.The British state are holding us hostage, they want us to think there is no alternative to there colonial misrule, they want us to give up. They only way they get away with our subserveance is because of a quisling complyent Scottish government. Its time to kick them out.
    English law is our colonial masters law ,we the people are sovereign we do not need to accept gerrymandered laws designed to keep us enslaved .The UN has a process for this called Decolonisation.
    Alba may take sometime to make a difference. Believe me the British state and there zombie Union is near its end.

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    1. The problem is that time is not on our side.
      International law is in reality a “might is right” and “what can you do for me?” arrangement. The UK has never been weaker but it will not remain weak forever.

      We need to blast the damage done to Salmond – that would move much of the SNP remainder over to Alba. Well, the bits that want indy anyway … so we do need Salmond to come up with a way to do that. This may well hurt people he wants to protect – but Scotland must not be erased and that is all too likely to happen if indy does not progress now.

      Alba has to take the councils in May – the SNP are a busted flush and the unionists will use control of the councils to bypass Holyrood and work further towards its closure as a failed experiment.

      The next few months are crucial. Leafleting of the services locally that have failed due to council cuts, focus on the terrible school anus survey, focus on local safe spaces for women, focus on A&E local waiting times, focus on local school results, focus on local employment – we need to be feeding all of this information in our own back yards to the local Alba council candidates. Does anyone know if there is a list out there yet?

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  18. Ottomanboi, that linked article has Alf Young….. historically a proven Britnat liar in regard to Scotland’s oil reserves, now taken out of the vault by the Herald to revive the ‘SNP as Tartan Tories’ auld SLAB slur.
    The heartbreaking fact is that this scabrous shill is right this time around.

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    1. There is subversion on a major scale and there is no «easy» resolution. Scotland is experiencing what other now independent states have gone through. The controlling colonial power will not retire quietly. Scotland is just too significant a part of the Union edifice. We go and the rest of it could crumble too. The loss of international face and prestige is also a factor determining the scale of subversion. States going into decline, like wounded preditors, can be dangerous beasts and Scotland has no defences.
      How long before we have a Scottish government in exile? Too far fetched, only for those who do not check out decolonizing history.

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      1. It could be said we already have a Scottish Government-in-exile Otto . ( Self ) Exiled from the people whose aspirations it’s supposed to be striving to fulfil .

        You’re right though , Scotland is just too valuable to be * allowed * Independence : not just to England . There are * other interests * that align to keep Scotland in it’s subservient position .

        For which reason we really need our genuine Indy-seeking representatives to be framing our struggle in broader terms .

        The colonial perspective Alf has been emphasising , yes ,but also the Trans-National financial/power structures that seek above all to protect their own interests and ensure any attempts at radical overthrow/haul of the * system * that serves them so well are strangled at birth . In that respect they have nothing to fear from the current ScotGov

        . Precisely why the latter is being allowed to persist in it’s calamitous trajectory

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  19. I’ve been told that a question forwarded about the SNP “proposed” state-owned energy company was ignored by the panel and the host? Is that correct?

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  20. It almost feels like this period has been necessary in order to demonstrate that Scotland is utterly colonised. Ignorance is our biggest foe and it needs pointing out to people that independence is an absolute necessity in order to stop the terminal decline of the Scottish people. The case against Alex Salmond was symptomatic as is the current ‘pro indy’ Government at Holyrood’s insistence that we need London’s permission to end the treaty of Union.

    In 2014, it was all about positivity. I think now, it’s about getting out the bitter truths of being the last of London’s colonies and what that entails. It is about putting what Alf Baird has spoken and written about through people’s letter boxes and into their YouTube notifications. Folk need to understand why Scotland is the way it is – our national inferiority complex; dismantling the tax base to create the ‘they’re all on benefits’ narrative; a professional director level class containing only a minority of Scots; an academic establishment dominated by non-Scots; Scots words classed as ‘slang’, and a national broadcaster wholly owned an run by the colonising nation.

    These are all symptoms of colonisation. Quite deliberate social engineering aimed at leaving a population so inferior, apathetic and ignorant that so many believe independence would be hopeless. The idea of a referendum now seems absurd, simply because the Scottish govt is literally a British run entity, with it’s senior civil service staff answering to London. The gate was ajar between 2011 and 2014. It is now firmly slammed shut.

    Now, with the uk in such a mess, project fear is insufficient and we move to the next scene in the British imperial playbook – project conflict – projecting the proven track record of violence of the British empire onto the natives. The last 24 hours have seen the synchronised mention of violence associated with the YES movement. That’s no accident. The establishment have decades, if not centuries of form on this.

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  21. I can find it if you wish, but a few days ago I posted something on the continuing effort to conceal the last will and testament of the Duke of Edinburgh. The Attorney General argues, in a secret hearing, with no opposition, that the “public interest” is best served by keeping the will secret so as to not upset “this unique family”. The judge agrees.

    I say old chap! whispers the media. that’s not cricket.
    So they are holding a Stewards Inquiry.

    I speculated that the problem, or at least one of them, might be something juicy left to the widow of the late a leader of the Labour Party, John Smith. Previously I had written of my solid conclusion that John Smith had been “heart-attacked” by his wife. The Duke may have chosen to send her something special….

    Anyway, in today’s news:


    BBC’s Sarah Smith relieved to escape Scottish ‘bile and hatred’
    Former Scotland editor says she repeatedly experienced gendered abuse while doing her job

    Sarah Smith, the BBC’s former Scotland editor, has said she feels relieved to have left the country after enduring years of misogynistic “bile and hatred” while covering Scottish politics.

    Smith, the recently appointed North America editor for BBC News, said she repeatedly experienced gendered abuse while doing her job, which led her to significantly reduce her use of Twitter and to fear she had become a visible target.

    Born and educated in Edinburgh, she said she believed much of the abuse came from nationalists because her father was John Smith, the UK Labour party leader who died in 1994. He was a notable critic of Scottish independence.
    In remarks published by the Reuters Institute, Smith said: “He was a very well known politician, he was a unionist, people like to therefore assume that my politics must be the same as my father’s, despite me being, one, a different person, and him having been dead for 27 years.”


    Sounds to me like another unhappy, embittered woman. Anyway, her mistress is moving her out of harm’s way.

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    1. Sarah Smith was targeted because she was biased and incompetent. I’m not sure that being hauled up for that can be considered being targeted … Her memorable contribution to Scottish political coverage is her impressive pile of apologies for mistakes made.

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  22. Do the SNP actually have an interest in Independence at all,
    or are they just “self-identifying” on their own definition of Independence.

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