A timely reminder of how the WOKE took control of the Party with the use of ”reforms” that stripped the branches and ordinary members of all control. First published in 2021.


It should not be easy to do. It represents a huge risk to democracy if it is allowed to happen. Particularly if it is a Party of Government.

Here in Scotland we have seen it happen over the course of a few years. The Scottish National Party, a well established Party with a record of exemplary democracy in its long history and justifiably regarded as having one of the most open and Democratic systems of internal organisation and operation has witnessed a ruthless and unfaltering series of “internal reforms” , which has distanced the control the ordinary members and branches previously exercised in its decades of operation.

The impact of these “reforms” have already been disastrous, leading to thousands of members leaving and the creation of several new rival parties aligned to the policy of Independence for Scotland. The impetus for this being directly associated with other issues, promoted by minority groups who were the big winners in the “reforms” grabbing control of the Party’s ruling body, the National Executive Committee (NEC).

This control of the NEC was accompanied with the removal of the Party’s National Council which was the crucial quarterly meetings where delegates from the branches met to question office bearers and to openly discuss various policy and tactical matters. By getting rid of National Council accountability in the Party was effectively ended, leading to a much more authoritarian leadership who have felt free to impose policy. Policies of their choice not the Party.

Examples of this are GRA, HATE CRIME BILL etc which are described as SNP Policy but which have never been discussed or voted on at any Party Conference, the ultimate policy decision body in the Party. Worse, issues that were debated and passed at Conference on issues like currency and maritime policy development have been ignored simply because they were decisions a handful of people at the top of the Party did not support. The leadership just ignored the votes as if they had never happened.This would have been impossible to happen before these “reforms”

The “Missing” Money

Organisation has also been ruthlessly amended to the detriment of accountability. Concerns were correctly voiced about the missing £600k that was raised from members and non members alike. At first it was denied that it had been spent, members got letters explaining it was “woven through the accounts”.The National Treasurer responsible for that letter was judged at the subsequent Party Conference election and he was replaced as National Treasurer by Douglas Chapman MP who was elected by delegates on the promise of discovering the whereabouts of that money then advising the membership of the truth of the matter. This did not go well, when he requested sight of the full accounts on behalf of his Audit Committee, the Chief Executive Officer, Peter Murrell, the husband of the current leader, refused to let him see them. This despite his clear mandate from the Party Membership for him to do so. When it became clear nobody was going to tackle Murrell over this Douglas, plus three others on his audit committee resigned on the basis he was not being given access to the information he and his committee required to carry out the tasks. SHORTLY THEREAFTER THE PREVIOUS TREASURER, WHO HAD BEEN REJECTED BY CONFERENCE WAS REAPPOINTED, MINUS THE REQUIREMENT OF ANY ELECTION. The recent secret Governance Report, of which more later, suggested Party officials I.e. Mr Murrell were more suited and able to maintain the accounts that any elected Treasurer, what’s more it set strict conditions on who could sit on any Audit Committee insisting on NEC oversight of membership and a condition that any committee contained a majority of NEC members. Pretty much guarantees an “innocent verdict” if investigating the financial management of the NEC!


Earlier this year I was leaked, from several sources, a copy of the Governance Report which were the planned future “reforms”, initially scheduled to be implemented at this Conference however the furore raised by my article and some mrmbers reaction to it, resulted in the leadership taking fright and relegating it to a sub committee for further discussion. Note, it has not been ditched, just delayed. Clearly with the current unrest and dissatisfaction in the Party now is not the time to be further relegating members input and handing even more control to the Woke faction on the NEC, INCREASING their unelected numbers while HALVING the number of elected area representatives across the country.

The political influence of the Woke faction led to highly irresponsible actions, like ignoring legal advice and fiddling the list rankings for the SNP across Scotland that ensured placing Woke candidates in the number one slot in every region in Scotland. It passed the NEC on the Woke chairperson’s casting vote. It was a tactic designed to get rid of one person, the very popular MSP and best supported MSP in the Borders region Joan McAlpine, who was guilty of supporting women’s rights. The “ election results” that determined these placings were never made public. The legal advice warned to do this could lay the Party liable for “damages” amounting to a six figure plus amount if someone affected in the way it happened to Joan McAlpine chose to sue the Party for damages. Knowing the state of the Party finances this was a very big consideration for those NEC members who had assets, like owning their own homes  which would be vulnerable if the Party lost any expensive court case and NEC members became personally responsible for the debt. I know, for certain, that this was a big consideration for some of the NEC members who resigned shortly thereafter and who can blame them?  It was clear to them they were on a reckless committee that had no compunction in endangering the wellbeing of the other committee members. The legal advice suggested the Party would be likely to lose, so they should all be grateful that Joan McAlpine did not choose to take the matter further.

The amount of bullying and intimidation on the NEC was ridiculous and completely ignored (supported) by the Party leadership. There was a very good reason for this. At the previous Conference there had been a reaction to the Woke takeover and several of their leading members lost their elected positions. There was a successful campaign, headed the “good guys”, which promoted non Woke male and female candidates which commenced the minute the nominations were published in advance of the Conference. Leadership favourites took a trouncing so their surviving unelected Allies on the NEC made life very difficult for those that were elected in their place. This resulted in several of them leaving and joining Alba and surprise, surprise those leadership favourite candidates, who were beaten for the positions in the full Party Elections the previous year, were reappointed to their previous positions, just like the replacement National Treasurer, all without the need for  any election!. The favoured few eh?


That is enough background let’s get down to the nitty gritty what is happening now and who are these people who hold such power and how did they get there?

Well let’s start with the Conference and Annual Elections due later this week. The leadership have determined there will be no “good guys” campaign this time. How is this achieved? Well you don’t know whose standing yet, do you? As I write this we are days away from the Conference but the names of the candidates are only going to be released in the Conference Handbook, unlike previous years where this information was available well in advance. Close of nominations was in early November so there is no reason this information could not have been posted on My SNP letting members and branches know in advance and have some discussion about whom they should be supporting. That would be way too democratic for the current leadership, they were badly burnt the last time elections were held. You are supposed not to notice this intentional shrinking of the time period. Clever manipulation is it not? You will get the required info a handful of days before Conference, too short for any organised campaign to be operated successfully, leaving the organised Woke faction with a big advantage. This is the current leadership treating internal democracy with total contempt, playing the system to disadvantage the ordinary membership, while helping to promote and defend the Woke wing. It is blatant when its pointed out but it seems nobody else but me was willing to do it. It now operates on Stalinist lines where folk go along with it out of fear. Freedom fighters, I don’t think so!

Now here is some fresh information that I personally find quite stunning. I have highlighted before the incredible number of places on the NEC that are non elected by the Party membership. These are places that have been crucial in several key votes yet what is the justification for them being on the NEC in the first place? For back ground when I served on the NEC there were only two appointed positions, everyone else was elected directly by the ordinary members at Party Conference. The non elected places were handed to the Young Nationalists and also the Student body. This is how I first met Nicola Sturgeon she was one of the appointees.

To put this into context the latest published  total of SNP membership is 119,000. There are currently 16 elected Area Representatives meaning each rep is there for approx 7500 members. Note that the Governance Report recommends halving that number of Regional Reps to one per region effectively meaning that one position in each area would be representing 15,000 members each.


So how does that compare with the other groups that have unelected seats on the NEC?

Let’s start with BAME. They have two seats on the NEC and have had them for the last few years. One of these positions is a Vice Convener making whoever holds that post a Senior Office Bearer. A non elected one.

In figures leaked to me they currently have less than 250 members. Yes for less than 250 members you get two places, One a Vice Convener and another one for good measure. 

And it’s not just Bame, let’s look at Out4Indy who are also in receipt of a Vice Convener and another seat on the NEC as well. How many members do they have to justify those two places?

Out4Indy have under 400 members

Let’s keep going, the Disabled Group have one NEC place. They currently have just under 500 members.

Likewise Scots Asians for Independence have a place on the NEC. They currently have just over 100 members. That figure may be substantially reduced given the recent Indian Council in Scotland decision withdrawing support from the SNP because of the actions of Mr and Mrs Yousaf.

I think many members will find the number of seats and Vice Convener positions available against those numbers quite astonishing. They should, this is blatant political engineering handing exceptional favourite status and influence to a very small number of people. All at the expense of the ordinary membership. It’s a fix and now that I have made the official numbers public it has been brought into full view. There can be no doubt of this.

The reality is it could well be even worse, there is a significant number of members who are members of several of these groups and are therefore double, or even treble counted. How do I know that? Well Fiona Robertson, having being kicked off the NEC in the last elections turned up as a “substitute” delegate to the NEC for several of these different organisations in the course of the year before being reappointed without an election to her previous post after her elected successor left to join Alba.

Now of course it can be argued these groups represent important issues, but others are as well. For instance the Trade Union movement involves just under 30,000 members but they have no automatic place on the NEC.

My suggestion is all these groups should form a sub committee of the NEC and the chairperson of that sub committee should have a seat on the NEC. THAT WOULD BE FAIR AND BALANCED. Excluding the Trade Union figures that would give one place on the NEC for at most, ignoring duplicate membership and counting them all, of 1250 members covering all these groups. One seat would still be much more generous than afforded to ordinary members in any region in the country. AT THE MOMENT THESE TINY AFFILIATE GROUPS HAVE SIX SEATS INCLUDING TWO VICE CONVENERS (senior office bearers). Of course there are many others appointed in addition to these groups as well.The need for ordinary members votes and support are increasingly a thing of the past when it comes to the NEC! I think we all know why that is.

Now the leadership have been anticipating this information eventually becoming public as they knew from previous posts that I was working on getting those secret membership numbers, so readers may remember they recently sent out a message to encourage members to join these groups. I am sure I will get an update on the “success” of that recruitment campaign in due course but it has an incredibly long way to go to provide evidence that these Vice Convener and NEC positions are in any way justified.

There is no doubt that the actions of the representatives of some of those elevated to the NEC VIA THE APPOINTED FROM GROUPS  route has been hugely divisive and disruptive as they dominated NEC discussion with a very different agenda to those who were there to forward and deliver Independence. I know of several well respected and long serving party members, serving on the current NEC who will not be re standing for election partly because of this and witnessing meetings turning into pointless events that do nothing to advance the Independence cause.

Another issue that needs attention is the increasing role of paid staff in the Party Organisation. They form a key voting block at any Conference and while not yet being able to outvote the ordinary membership can when organised be very effective in forcing through leadership, as opposed to members wishes. This is a particular danger at online conferences. Limits to this need discussed and a quota system introduced. Given the number of Mp’s and Msp’s there are potentially many hundreds of people involved.


So I promised a name, the key architect of these “reforms” that removed members influence and power, helping to create an unchallengeable leadership, empowering a staff takeover in the form of Peter Murrell to take responsibility and control for issues that were previously, normally the remit of elected Senior Office Bearers of the Party. To cut out any ability to question the leadership on any issue and enable the leadership to introduce new policy measures like the HCB and GRA without any input or challenge from the ordinary membership whatsoever.

Now of course it wasn’t one person alone who did all this because common sense ensures the Party Leader must be involved and in support as must her husband, the Party CEO, but the person most responsible and in my view the key architect of these moves is ANGUS ROBERTSON. It was no coincidence it was him who introduced these “simple” alterations to the constitution at a sparsely attended lunchtime session at Conference a couple of years ago. Ever since the entire Party and Yes Movement have paid a heavy price for delegates not realising the significance of what was happening and going for a cup of tea at the vital time. He is a master puppeteer and manages to stay in the shadows while pulling all the key strings. He of course accompanies these moves with another quiet programme to establish himself as a shoe in when Nicola stands down. He then hopes to enjoy the Stalin like total control of the Party he helped create for Nicola.

Let’s all hope the WORKERS Revolution takes place before that disaster befalls Scotland and the Independence Movement.

This is a democratic outrage, tiny numbers of Woke people have been handed power over the ordinary membership through the introduction of corrupt reforms precisely designed to create this outcome. Those responsible should be deeply ashamed but so should all the elected members enjoying high salaries but ignoring these conniving measures being introduced to sideline the ordinary membership and establish dictatorial power for the Leader to ruthlessly control the Party to her whims. Past members who worked and died to further the Independence cause and built this once great Party have been betrayed. I can never forgive those responsible for that. The SNP have their conference later this week, is there any chance some are brave enough to raise the content of this article or are they all enjoying life being re educated and bribed in the political gulag?


I am, as always



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31 thoughts on “HOW TO TAKE OVER A PARTY.

  1. A timely synopsis of why the SNP are not a democratic functioning party.

    As a ex member of 37 years it is profoundly depressing what the SNP have become.

    But the movement can and will rebuild. That is absolutely for sure.

    And in the May council elections I think the Nu SNP mandarins will see huge rejection at the polls.

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  2. Alba getting no MSPs or councillors seems to be more important to New SNP and its activists than independence these days. I suppose that’s what happens when you’ve been long convinced that it’s your ba’ and nobody else should get to play.

    Hell will freeze over before I give them another vote.

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  3. “… Now of course it wasn’t one person alone who did all this because common sense ensures the Party Leader must be involved and in support as must her husband, the Party CEO, but the person most responsible and in my view the key architect of these moves is ANGUS ROBERTSON… ”

    I’m in no position to disagree with you here, Iain, and I don’t doubt that Angus Robertson could be a bit of a martinet in getting the party moving, that he is undoubtedly extremely ambitious and somewhat ruthless, and I believe, as you do, that he has already been fingered as the successor to Nicola Sturgeon. However, woke he ain’t, or, at least, not in the sense of being at the forefront of this insidious and parasitical movement. I actually doubt that many of the upfront people are, and in his shoes, I’d be keeping to the shadows, too, because these people are beyond any kind of taming. They have to be rooted out and booted out as the interlopers that they are. Everyone is running scared of them which completely undermines their ‘poor me’ persona that they show the world. They are ruthless, sadistic, misogynist and possibly even psychopathic monsters – and that’s only the women.

    From 2015, their influence has been building, and they are of the far left – the nutty left that always s***s in its own nest, that has always destroyed decent people and has always thrown the political door wide open for the right. They pretend to be the saviours of the working-class, the down-trodden, but are the very antithesis of a saviour; they use others as fodder for their own agenda. Their acolytes are the dimmest lightbulbs, some of who actually believe in this c**p, but most of who are natural followers, lacking any form of critical thinking. They answer to forces outside the SNP, outside Scottish and British politics. The way they have infiltrated and taken over the SNP (and every other mainstream party) is reminiscent of that beetle grub that grows inside the brain of a spider and totally controls it before devouring it when it has served its purpose.

    The pseudo, virtue signalling woke, epitomised by the trans lobby, has behaved in exactly the same fashion with every institution it has infiltrated and subverted. It lies, it breaks the law with a shrug, it defiles and undermines, and, above all, it is utterly controlled by mega bucks and mega millionaires, and the poor deluded saps at the bottom who are addicted to porn and sex with themselves, the incels who are their own worst enemies and the cruel and sadistic activists who are psychologically ill with their hatred of women, are just so much cannon fodder to change society so that the elites can do with us what they will in the name of Mammon. That is all it is about. Really, that is it. In order to do this, female persons must be eliminated, as they stand against Mammon, for the most part, they stand up for their children, for the most part, and their capacity for critical thinking, for the most part, is greater than that of males – for the simple reason that they have to be realists and pragmatists.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that this whole woke nonsense was not a female preoccupation, though many are the handmaidens of the tripe that cannot stand up to scrutiny for a second – which is why they will not let us scrutinise it. They are worse than any plague. The plague targeted two-thirds of the world’s population. They mean to take over all of it, or at least the expendable ones, like the Borg or the Daleks or that beetle grub. You won’t fight them by being nice or by believing that you can reason with them. They must be rooted out and booted out. It starts in May, and if that doesn’t work, we go to the GE, then the SE, we fight in the courts and we fight at Holyrood. This is a fight that neither women nor independistas can afford to lose.

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    1. They get money for it as well Lorna. It’s a particularly corrupt section of a small part of society that is involved here. The clique needed a group that would be loyal to them so that they could take control but they will need to be paying for that loyalty one way or another (for the cult I dare say the ‘stonewall’ agenda would need to be implemented – remember the don’t leave me video?). There are a lot of people on the payroll now.

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    1. The supreme leaders narcissist Nicola clut , Truth is lies, Men are Women, Women are Men. Independence is Union, Now is not the time. Personally I think if she wont go we need to push her and push her out now .1 or 2 more years more with her or Robertson as a successor will cause irreparable damage.

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  4. Iain,

    First-class stuff by you and in all the comments thereafter. Although many of us know of specific incidents of lying, cheating etc, it will now take a monumental effort to overturn the SNP-oriented Establishment from its power base. Your blog plays a key part in this political undertaking.

    My 38-yeat membership of the “old” SNP ended before the Murrells and their clique got full control of the Party in 2014. Did Alex really know what he was letting the Party, Scotland and even himself personally in for, as he led the coronation of Queen Nicola? I doubt it. For years she had been ingratiating herself into all sort of special interest and action groups.

    Of course, the face of the political change has been Angus Robertson since at least 2017 when he “organised” fundamental changes to the structure and voting rights within the Party, such that we now have a NewSNP, unrecognisable from the Party I joined in the early 1970s. Those who actually know Angus Robertson will be aware of his bullying and manipulative techniques from “behind the curtain”. There is no doubt in my mind that he was behind much of the ludicrous allegations made against Salmond in his recent criminal trial (all rejected by the jury).

    How long will it take to persuade the rank-and-file NewSNP membership, and large chunks of the Scottish people, to see through the now corrupt and fraudulent Party and the Scottish Government that it leads? A long time I fear as the Leadership and HQ staff now control so many of the organs of power and control in Scotland. Although things “happen” so much quicker nowadays, I do note how long the original SNP was in the political wilderness from the 1930s until the 1990s!

    There are so many brilliant, democratic and decent brains in Scotland yearning for Independence. I do hope that, somehow, they can be harnesses into a fighting force though ALBA, ISP and the like. Our first test will be in May’s council elections.

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  5. I remember being * shocked * when reading this first time around : now I’m * just * scunnered beyond measure . And angry ( not something I enjoy being ) at the complete railroading of a once honourable Party and it’s raison d’etre , by a cabal of deranged usurpers , for whom Independence is way down the list of priorities – if it even figures at all .

    People are – desperately – hoping for some kind of breakthrough for ALBA and rejection of the SNP in the May elections , I also hope for such , but , without being preemptively negative , I fear it isn’t going to happen : the spell cast by the Sturgeon shape-shifting reality-deniers is still too strong .

    If this proves to be the case , hard questions will have to be asked as to the best way to proceed . NOTHING should be off the table .

    As Lorna says above ……this is a fight to the * death * . No prisoners taken , no quarter shown . It’s them or us

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    1. All that redaction was used for a very good reason in the Salmond “inquiry’. There is a lot that the nuSNP cannot afford to see the light of day. This all needs to see the light of day – very publicly and very soon.

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    2. As I posted the other day Robert ALBA and the ISP have a massive opportunity at hand to EXPOSE sturgeon for the incompetent , corrupt deviant she is with the now happening MASSIVE increase in energy costs
      They HAVE to go vociferously and publicly with her CHARITABLE GIVEAWAY of OUR seabed resources for a paltry amount to PARASITICAL energy companies who are literally increasing their current profits by at least 50% whilst FORCING consumers to pay further exorbitant amounts
      ALBA and ISP should publicly announce that on gaining enough seats for an independence plebiscite they PROMISE

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      1. Sorry posted too soon
        They PROMISE that on gaining enough seats for a independence plebiscite election they WILL , no ifs or buts or lying promises , form a STATE OWNED NOT FOR PROFIT ENERGY COMPANY , ALBA if they are to WIN anything have to be BOLD and break the establishment mold , there is NO POINT in faffing about , they HAVE to be RADICAL if they want ordinary punters to TAKE NOTICE

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  6. I always remember that the first thing the wee despot did beginning her reign, was to introduce all women shortlists, she is clearly obsessed by gender..
    Her other obsession is with wokeness and it’s fair to say that all these marginal groups with their unique interests, are hardly at the forefront of the fight for independence. They are, at their best a side show for someone else, who is not in the forefront either.

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  7. There are only two options for Scotland and Scots: either continued colonial subjugation and exploitation, or independence. The ongoing mankit scug (subterfuge) carried on by the deceitfu SNP heid bummers and their extensive appointed paid gang of like-minded associates reminds me of this exhortation for all colonised peoples from Aime Cesaire (Discourse on Colonialism 1955/1972):

    “ will hold as enemies… not only sadistic governors and greedy bankers, not only prefects who torture and colonists who flog, not only corrupt, check-licking politicians and subservient judges, but likewise and for the same reason, venomous journalists, goitrous academics, wreathed in dollars and stupidity, ethnographers who go in for metaphysics, presumptuous theologians, chattering intellectuals born stinking out of the thigh of Nietzsche, the paternalists, the embracers, the corrupters, the back-slappers, the lovers of exoticism, the dividers, the agrarian sociologists, the hoodwinkers, the hoaxers, the hot-air artists, the humbugs, and in general, all those who, performing their functions in the sordid division of labour for the defence of Western bourgeois society, try in diverse ways and by infamous diversions to split up the forces of Progress – even if it means denying the very possibility of progress – all of them tools of capitalism, all of them, openly or secretly, supporters of plundering colonialism, all of them responsible, all hateful, all slave-traders, all henceforth answerable…” (and Cesaire calls for the people to) “..sweep out all the obscurers, all the inventors of subterfuges, the charlatans and tricksters, the dealers in gobbledygook. And do not seek to know whether personally these (individuals) are in good or bad faith, whether personally they have good or bad intentions. Whether personally – that is, in the private conscience of Peter or Paul – they are or are not colonialists, because the essential thing is that their highly problematical subjective good faith is entirely irrelevant to the objective social implications of the evil work they perform as watchdogs of colonialism.”

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  8. Good post Iain. I, like yourself left for the same reason. The party went from being most democratic to most undemocratic in a few short years. I don’t believe we’ll see any change until the gruesome twosome die or leave unfortunately, that or the truth about their machinations and double-lives. I believe it’s the double-life part that the UK govt agencies are holding over her. Either that or she’s been a trojan horse from the beginning. How do you explain the “turkey voting for Christmas and Thanks-giving” analogy. Giving away her sex-based rights baffles me, but thinking she can give away all women’s sex-based rights. As well as dangerous I find her very confusing at the moment but I think that may be her aim. Divide, Confuse then Conquer.

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  9. Perhaps the most telling thing of all is the lack of interest by the unionist media in all the shenanigans during the murrell dynasty.

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  10. The Wee Terminator is out of control if she gets away with abolishing trial by jury we will be living in a totalitarian state where no one is safe. True patriots will be victimised and arrested on imaginary trumped up charges. Scotland will be controlled by remote control from her Westminster Tory handlers. When the Wee Terminator runs amoke doing her colonial masters bidding , Westminster will claim it’s nothing to do with them .
    Alex will be first on her list Bothers and Sisters the good news is theirs not enough room in St Kilda for all of us, Soar Alba.

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  11. I find it difficult to decide how to vote in the forthcoming council elections. One upon a time it would have been easy – first and second preference votes SNP, with the rest listed underneath with the Tories last. But now, for all the reasons mentioned above, I find it very difficult to place a cross against anyone standing for the SNP. And yet….

    Forget parties. My main political objective is independence. If Labour underwent a radical change and said they’d support indepenedence I’d vote for them..If the Tories said, they’d support independence I’d – no, hang on, I still wouldn’t vote for them because of course you can’t trust them an inch. But anyway, independence is all important. And if we withhold our votes from the SNP in the council elections, and the SNP does badly, it’ll be used by the unionists as evidence that support for independence is collapsing and people will believe that and I suspect many would then desert what tyey see to be a sinking ship Sturgeon will use it as an excuse to postpone any referendum into the far distant future on the basis that we weren’t now in a position to win it, ignoring the fact that she and her cohorts are the main reason for the loss in support. But if I vote SNP, it’ll be taken by them that all is well and they can contuniue just as they have been for the last seven years.

    So what does one do? Is it better to see the SNP collapse and put back the cause of independence decades, almost certainly enough to see me out? Or should one continue to vote for the SNP as the only party that can realistically bring independence abput in the hope that they’ll change from within? You tell me.


    1. “If playing fitba means playing left back, then i’m not playing fitba anymore, coach”.

      And so, if voting SNP means accepting the deceptions and machinations detailed in this article, then I’m not voting SNP anymore.

      Face it, Sturgeon is a failure –

      Brexit, 62% of Scots say No? Not even a whimper from her, We are out.

      Covid, devoting her energies to fighting Covid to the exclusion of pursuing independence? How are the Covid figures tonight?

      Tonight’s news, child poverty in Scotland will be reduced to, was it 17% (?) by some time in the future.I wonder how this figure was “derived’. or “calculated’.Scotland, resource rich, surpluses in oil, gas, power water is scheduling to reduce child poverty some years in the future!

      And to finish, on Sturgeon’s watch – Salmond, Hirst, Millar, Murray.If i’d been warned some years back of such pernicious abuse of our legal system my response would have been – “Don’t be ridiculous”.But now.

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    2. You say ” Or should one continue to vote for the SNP as the only party that can realistically bring independence about ” Peter Bell goes on and on about the same REALISTICALLY ,

      Realistically I could win the lottery and become an overnight multi millionaire , but to stand any chance of that happening I would have to participate which I don’t do

      Hence realistically the snp could bring independence about but they would also have to participate to do that and realistically they haven’t done that for the last 7 years , so realistically if you vote them in again what are the chances of them realistically doing so

      At 71 my chances of seeing indy under this scumbag is virtually NIL , I didn’t vote for her even with AS plea to do so and will NEVER do so again , I don’t like blackmailers and corrupt deviant perverted liars who are desperate to introduce paedophilia so it is a no brainer for me, I cannot even look at that wee sparras arse mooth and that bobbly heid without it givin me the boak

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