This is from the former FMEL management team’s response to Holyrood’s RECC, 4 Feb 2020:

“The Scottish Government did not save this yard from administration, they forced it into administration by repeatedly refusing to instruct CMAL to engage in reasonable requests for mediation, an expert witness process or arbitration to address the significant cost pressures being put on the yard – even when recommended by their own appointed
independent expert.”

Let’s also remember here that Ferguson’s yard had gone bust only a few years prior to Jim McColl’s ownership whilst also working on a CMAL order – the ‘heavy’ hybrid ferries – the latter another of the CMAL/CalMac in-house, unproven, untested, complex, costly, concept design of what is really a prototype ferry nobody ever built before. A bit like asking Ford to build an entirely new car model.

The far better alternative as repeatedly proposed by myself and others for a decade and more is for Scotland to build proven designs of low-cost, medium-speed catamarans, as used very successfully since 2011 in Orkney, and for the last 30 years in numerous other parts of the world – and which may be acquired at less than a third of the price of a CMAL concept prototype ferry:

Scottish Government agencies’ waste and mismanagement here may ultimately cost up to £500 million, if we include several port modification costs, which brings the ferries fiasco into the realm of the Trams Fiasco and the Holyrood Parliament Fiasco. More importantly, we could easily have replaced all 31 CalMac ferries with new catamaran ferries based on proven designs for less than that amount, so the opportunity cost for islanders, for Scottish shipbuilding, and for the taxpayer is enormous.

And accountability? None so far, and the very same agencies and officials in CMAL, CalMac and Transport Scotland who ‘specified’ and sanctioned the costly heavy-hybrids and the two concept prototypes now languishing on the Clyde, have just gone and ordered another two concept prototypes in Turkey. Meantime a larger car-capacity standard Norwegian ferry design ordered in the same yard is costing half that of the CMAL vessel!

So whilst a convenient political scapegoat may be found, and Audit Scotland’s usual timely report points the finger in the wrong direction (again), let’s not forget who the real culprits are.


As usual every attempt is being made to ignore this catalogue of terrible decisions, involving huge efforts to fog and disguise the responsibility for this scandalous misuse of public funds. Not just the cost but the lengthy delay and the stunning reality that what is on order is outdated, impractical and inefficient ships that go nowhere close to providing the service and frequency that would be possible using tried and tested, proven catamarans for a fraction of the cost. They hope it will all go away. It must not be allowed to happen, What signal does this give to people that Independence would lead to a better Scotland if nothing is done to reverse and repair these errors in the face of the mountain of evidence that the current course will at best lead to a third class service and hugely impossible problems in terms of design, capital cost and hopelessly inefficient running costs.

Everyone and everybody makes mistakes but sensible people recognise their error and take urgent steps to recover the situation. Burying the heads in the sand and doing nothing is a recipe for disaster and would indicate the complete collapse of competent Government.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


Sadly some sites had given up on being pro Indy sites and have decided to become merely pro SNP sites where any criticism of the Party Leader or opposition to the latest policy extremes, results in censorship being applied. This, in the rather over optimistic belief that this will suppress public discussion on such topics. My regular readers have expertly worked out that by regularly sharing articles on this site defeats that censorship and makes it all rather pointless. I really do appreciate such support and free speech in Scotland is remaining unaffected by their juvenile censorship. Indeed it is has become a symptom of weakness and guilt. Quite encouraging really.


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  1. We’re hardly going to convince the so called ‘soft no’ s’ round to independence with this level of incompetent governance.

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  2. I think you make a fair comment Iain when you say that “everyone and everybody makes mistakes but sensible people recognise their error and take urgent steps to recover the situation.”

    However, the actions of the Scottish government agencies and the refusal of the Scottish Government to intervene in the ferries debacle represents negligence with consequent massive hike in costs to the public purse.

    With the recent Scotwind sale of Scotland’s renewable assets for an absolute pittance, and with it our future prosperity, you can add the charge of incompetence.

    Their bloody-mindedness is ruining Scotland economically. Their arrogance has ripped asunder the unity of the Yes movement.Their paranoia is mangling our justice system.

    They don’t learn from their mistakes because they don’t accept they have made any.

    We really don’t want this lot running any aspect of any plebiscite for popular ratification of the restoration of Scotland’s statehood.

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    1. Excellent reading. When a writer for Holyrood Magazine starts to call out this corrupt, utterly incompetent mess we can hope that eyes are starting to open.

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  3. Mair fae the toxic bubble that is Scottish establishment politics
    The John Smith Centre for Public Service (“ Promoting Trust In Politics & Public Service”) will be holding events in the run-up to local elections.
    “we’ll hear from those who know the system – former SNP councillor in Glasgow, Rhiannon Spear …”
    Correction, that would be disgraced SNP cooncilor Rhiannon Spear that didn’y pay her Cooncil tax. A middle class, carpetbagger that tried to get a cushy, list seat at Holyrood and failed (‘cause her smug, identity politics disnae wash wi’ regular folk). Subsequently left in a huff ‘cause the £18K (plus committee top-ups) she got as a cooncilor wisnae whit she imagined when she completed her humanities degree and tried to board the gravy train.
    Public service my erse.
    The JSCfPS and Rhiannon Spear, scum really does coagulate after all.

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  4. The buck stops with me says Nicola. But words from Nicola have lost all meaning. Any honourable person would have resigned over this.

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  5. Great interview from Mr Ballantyne the cat expert and again from professor Baird
    And of course great input from your group
    To completely ignore these guys it is crazy.
    What is going on.
    Who are these quangoes behind the scenes fucking up our industry.
    They should be dragged out of their dark corners and confronted.
    Why is sturgeon protecting them, Is she and her cohorts in cahoots in some way.
    It is beyond belief.
    Surely we cannot just accept this fiasco and allow it to continue.
    What are the avenues for digging them out.

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  6. This all stems from having a leader who NEVER admits she got something wrong. Someone who is incapable of learning from mistakes and changing direction. She will just dig a bigger and bigger hole until they all disappear into it, costing the country billions in the meantime. Normal people could sit down together and say ok we’ve got this wrong. What do we do to salvage the situation. Their answer? Just throw more and more money at it. Robin McAlpine is right – we need to fireall these pubic board members and replacethem withpeople who actuallyknow whatthey aretlking about. Ferry should be involving the islanders.

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  7. As usual I find myself torn. Yes, the ferries fiasco is the result of incompetence on a grand scale, and yes no-one wants to admit to any wrong doing, but when did any politician ever admit to making a mistake, not that that’s any excuse. And while nobody likes incompetence from those elected to govern us, the actions of the SG pale into insignificance compared to what’s been going on at Westminster for years under the Tories, and their gross incompetence has been made even worse by corruption and cronyism on an utterly enormous and increasingly blatant scale. And its these same Tories who still have a whip hand over Scotland.

    The trouble as I see it is that if we turn too many people against the SG and the SNP, the prospects of independence will recede into the distant future and until then, possibly for decades, we’ll still be under the control of Tory governments in Westminster – I don’t see the English getting rid of them. And whether we like it or not the only realistic route to independence at the moment lies through the SNP either through a referendum or a plebiscite election which no other independence party is remotely strong enough to provide (yes, people will go on about the Claim of Right and Scots being sovereign, but as you’ll be aware I give such theories little credence and I believe that the public at large will give them even less).

    So the rather unpalatable choice as I see it is either to maintain the SNP in power and do as much as we can to ensure that they’ll lead us to independence in the moderate future, following which we’d have a general election, or alternatively to abandon the SNP and spend decades trying to rebuild a political movement that would eventually lead us to independence, assuming that the will for it remains strong. For me, Independence is the only thing that matters and I’ll take whichever route I think is best to achieve that.


    1. Depressing to read that the only option Scotland has is total incompetence. How tolerating it as you suggest makes Independence likely is beyond me. Sounds very much like the politics of despair to me. What ever happened to the better, fairer, Scotland we argued for pre Sturgeon ? Has it really come to this?

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      1. As things stand at the moment the only realistic path to independence in the reasonably near term is through the SNP. Whether they will actually provide the means for independence is open to considerable doubt, but at the moment it is the only available option and notwithstanding the various examples of incompetence better than nothing. If I vote for them it’ll be with gritted teeth but if it’s the only way of recording a vote at least nominally in favour of independence I’ll do it.

        The alternative? A slow death of the SNP accompanied by an equally slow rise in one or more alternative independence parties. Whether any of the current ones will get anywhere must be increasingly doubtful, and I say that even though I’m a member of one of them. Best bet might be something completely new- indeed as we’ve seen in Europe, a situation where a major party is failing can galvanise voters to turn en masse to a fresh new alternative.


      2. Unless the SNP replace their current leadership cabal they are not a path to independence. that is something we need to get firmly into peoples consciousness: the nuSNP are not party of independence. YES was at 59% when the ring fenced indyref funds were spent elsewhere. An open goal was missed on Brexit. Our rights are compromised by precedents set by Sturgeon. How can this be a party of independence? There is only one circumstance when the troughing, UKG puppet nuSNP will hold an indyref: when they are certain it will be lost and they can say that’s it for 50 years. This is not just a party that has no interest in independence – it is a party actively working to destroy the YES movement and our rights as a nation. So please don’t say the SNP are the only realistic route to independence. If you believe that then you do not believe there is any path to independence. What we ought to be doing is exposing the nuSNP and thier unlawful acts to bring this toxic government down. I see the Alex s solicitor has filed papers with COPFS for perjury at his trail. You’ll notice the MSM total silence on this subject – further evidence that this nuSNP is well protected by the establishment – but even the establishment will not be able to sweep all the dirt that is to come out under the carpet.

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    2. Daveytee so basically what you are saying and doing is the nsnp get out , WM are shite, corrupt and grossly incompetent they are NOT interested in anything to do with Scotland or Scots , ALL of which is true , SO HR and the nsnp are shite , corrupt and grossly incompetent , they are NOT interested in anything to do with Scotland or Scots , again ALL of which is true IMO
      So your interpretation is that Elsie mcSelfie and her morons are less moronic than WM so let’s vote for the lesser shite

      Somehow I don’t think that’s a winning argument , I would love to see EVERYONE BOYCOTT this election or even better I would love to see people take to the streets and show exactly what we think of lying scum politicians of ALL the parties

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      1. I am sorry if you feel my language upsets you Iain but quite honestly I think that is part of the problem , we are now so conditioned to avoid insulting words lest it offends or god forbid someone feels threatened by them , yet these whatever YOU want to call them have no reservations or hesitation in inflicting pain or poverty on the most vulnerable in our society and they have been doing it deliberately for decades with not a worry or concern about the impact on others , I do respect your work in exposing the corruption and maladministration endemic in Holyrood particularly the snp but as i have stated numerous times being respectful and considerate towards these ******* whilst they destroy any prospect of not just independence but any prospect of a better fairer country and nation I cannot do
        I do understand it is your site and I am grateful that you have chosen to keep up the fight for independence so rather than being silenced I will withdraw from commenting but I will still read and enjoy your exposures of the lunacy and corruption , Thank you for all you do for Scotland

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  8. Alf Baird is right, of course, when pointing to the three fiascos – Trams, Holyrood Building and now Ferries at Ferguson Marine. To that I would add an Energy Policy Fiasco by which a huge electricity generating asset at a rapidly-improving Longannet was allowed to go to the wall, without even “clean coal” and carbon capture and storage (CCS) being put to the test. And now we see the results where Nicola Sturgeon actually visited Longannet to cheer on the final destruction of 2.4GW of power generation.

    It’s always the same with the woolly-minded Civil Service and Establishment calling the shots in true Sir Humphrey manner not to rock any boats. Alex Salmond got a lot of credit after starting the Queensferry Crossing by putting the D&B project in outside professional hands but a timid political decision was made in the first place – it should have been an multi-modal immersed=tube tunnel (ITT) as in Scandinavia and Southeast Asia!

    An essentially non-technical political class gets away with catastrophic decisions in preserving their comfy, but incompetent, lifestyle. Hopefully, the Ferries Fiasco will provoke a fundamental shift in political thinking and, above all, action, as promoted by Prof Alf Baird in the the current crisis of ferries with a move to catamarans. It’s really not rocket science but wholescale personnel change at the top of CMAL etc is needed.

    Sadly, I’m just too elderly to impliment a change but I can agitate and cheer an progress from the side-lines!

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    1. I think us oldies are the ones that need to stand firm – I am shocked when talking to young people at the infringement of their rights that they accept as normal. Somewhere, somehow, they have been brainwashed into thinking that rule BY law is acceptable and rights are gifts they should be grateful for. We need to save hearts and minds.

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  9. Marion99, you may be surprised to hear that I agree with almost everything you wrote in your reply to my last contribution. My only concern is that at present the SNP is the only major political force that is at least expressing the concept of independence. If they are seen to lose electoral ground, then many who don’t read blogs such as Iain’s will see that as the concept also losing ground. It’s a really difficult one as far as I’m concerned – vote SNP and at least you keep the concept of independence alive, but at the same time you offer support to what you call the nuSNP and may well itself be danaging to the cause. I don’t think that Alba and the ISP are going to do very much, basically because the best leader we have has had his reputation unfairly and unjustly trashed and that sticks in the public mind. If we are to replace the SNP we need a brand new party into which all the existing small indy parties can merge and which can have an inspirational leader who can galvanise the public and at the same time keep the core support on board. Any suggestions?

    Incidentally, The Spectator magazine is no friend of either the SNP or Scottish independence, but some of you may find their latest anti-SG article interesting. It;s headed by quite a clever cartoon illustration of the Dear Leader.


      1. Mind though the analysis of Sturgeon is spot on:
        In England, the Crown Prosecution Service is independent of the government. In Scotland, the chief prosecutor – the Lord Advocate – sits in Sturgeon’s cabinet. This came in handy when she was facing accusations by Salmond that she conspired to put him in prison on false charges to remove him as a political threat.

        On the money, yes?

        Davey: I think we largely agree except where we very much disagree on the SNP being any damned use to anyone but themselves – you say:
        “I don’t think that Alba and the ISP are going to do very much, basically because the best leader we have has had his reputation unfairly and unjustly trashed and that sticks in the public mind”
        I agree. The idea I have is that yet another new party is unlikely to get traction in the time we have before being turned into an English county. My hope – and the only hope I can see – is we drop the bombshell of what went on in the Salmond trial and ride the tidal wave of anger to get Alba into power (and Sturgeon into jail). The MSM are already operating a news blackout on this but it is too big to hide and their efforts will bite them in the ass.

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      2. I feel I should add that we must not underestimate Sturgeon – she is beyond useless at her job and her record of failure makes it tempting to assume she is a complete idiot. She isn’t – she is an extremely adept political operator: opaque, mendacious, unlawful, undemocratic, vicious in pursuit of her political opponents and ruthless in retaining her power, only interested in trans activism and yet she has managed to present herself as the cults wee darling. Lets acknowledge that she has skills – dark ones – and she is a very dangerous and amoral person. She has to be stopped and we should not underestimate what we are up against: we have become a Stalinist failed state within this wretched union.

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      3. Of course it’s biased – it’s The Spectator for goodness sake! But is it really all that inaccurate? It seems to be saying much the same thing as this blog has been saying for some time!

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      4. Iain and Davey: you are both right to my mind. They are unfair on Alex – he was an excellent FM a heated call to the St Andrews agitator who was stirring it in the most shameless way was entirely justified. What they say about Sturgeon is right on the nose.

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      1. I think it is worse for us: not only is opportunity dependent on political favour, there is active pursuit of those who offer any opposition or are any real or imagined threat to the regime.

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    1. The article notes:
      The First Minister’s latest idea is to dispense with even the pretence of parliamentary approval and, as part of a future pandemic law, to ‘modify or amend’ any act of parliament without a vote. Unusually for a democracy, the legislature and the executive would be merged. In her defence, one can argue that this has, in effect, already been the case for years.

      This is a failure of both the SG and the opposition: we should protest this. Any ideas on the most effective way? It will be a case of getting exposure. The Scotsman was going to give Alex a job – Kenny writes for them – are they an option for us an as MSM friend?

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  10. Good to see more and more people recognising Prof Alf ‘s expertise and inside knowledge of the ‘workings’ of the political and intellectual Lilliputians running the SG. Slightly of topic, but still in keeping with the essence of his Doun Hauden’ master work examining the reality of Scotland’s colonial status and our imprisonment in the all pervasive English control and hegemony of our institutions, I happened to hear Radio ‘Scotland’ with a resident dentist handing out advice.

    To my complete unsurprise, she was an English expert, resident in Scotland. For many years now the trend to ‘buy in’ Anglo Saxon voices as ‘experts’ on just about anything, has grown into a flood of anglophone overarching noise.
    One that by osmosis and by repetition is designed, deliberately, to subconsciously reinforce the message of Scottish inferiority. People hearing the voices of the master race, for that is what it will imply tacitly, having this mono sound and tone of knowledge and authority, which they inevitably display, whether merited or not, will impress a deeper colonial deep seated mindset on the Scottish listener sitting thinking he /she is listening to their ain station.

    Scottish voices are relegated to D.J.s and fitba. Even the phone in with ‘Call ruKAYE’ is selectively dominated by exiled ‘settlers’ full of entitlement and demands for whatever they believe is their right. Either that, or the volume and percentages of them domineering our airwaves indicate that we natives are already outnumbered throughout rural Scotland. Something the recent census may well confirm.

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  11. I’m really quite angry. Although I left the SNP some time ago (and told them why) they still send me letters every now and again, usually in the mistaken belief that I might give them some money. So today a letter popped through the letter box with its Local Government Election Campaign Appeal (presumably to be ring-fenced?). What really got me were the words: “Make sure the Union’s number’s up on May 5 – Ask friends and family to only (underlined) Vote SNP 1 and 2 and for no other party”. And they’ve put a big YES beside it. Is it right to vote for a party that clearly doesn’t underrstand the STV electoral system? Is it right to vote for an independence party that urges you not to vote for any other indepepndence parties even though you can still vote for the SNP as well? The sheer arrogance of it…..

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    1. They are really are not about independence Davey: they are a dark, sick party that needs removed from any access to power. They hide behind YES and unfortunately that seems to work! I think YES has to actually publicly disown the SNP so we can move forward.

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  12. Intelligent people are not immune from grave error🤪🤣.The author of this book, himself a philosopher, a discipline said to sharpen the mind, gives examples of well known figures and their bad, in some cases ridiculously bad, political judgment.
    «When reason goes on holiday» by Neven Sesardić.
    Virtually ignored by the mainstream when published, it is a book for our madhatter times.
    It should be on the reading list of all those in education.

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  13. All is lost when people still think that the present SNP is the only route to independence. The route to independence is not a section 30, or getting permission from England, or another rigged (by franchise) referendum or focusing on GRA . It can be achieved by the ending of the treaty of union. The Scottish devolved parliament is a UK/Union construct with Westminster having ultimate control (power devolved is power retained) and doesn’t have the powers that the treaty of union gave the original Scottish parliament. However, the treaty of union was voted for by the original Scottish Parliament pre 1707 of which the 59 Scottish MP’s are representatives of today. They should be able to put an end to the treaty as simply as their predecessors entered the treaty it is after all a trade agreement just like being part of the EU and Westminster had no qualms about ending that treaty. All that is needed is the desire, will and courage to settle up. Unfortunately the spineless SNP representatives today neither want independence nor want to risk their pay cheques. They have settled in and are now very much part of the British establishment. The SNP truly are a parcel of rogues every one bought and sold and are now the only stumbling block to independence.

    The alternative is the Claim of Rights and the people throwing of the shackles that the Scottish politicians have tethered us with for so long and taking matters into our own hands. Only a fool would trust the SNP after eight years of broken promises (promising independence for votes), unused mandates and using English/UK laws to make it illegal for the people to exercise their right to protest government outside parliament, using and abusing the law to jail political opponents (both breeches of the Claim of Rights). This SNP government, with a very small “c” truly is a pretendy colonial administration happy with power for powers sake. They are destroying Scotland from within. How many more Scots are going to die without seeing independence because the gullible are happier to live with the lie than accept the hard truth? “There’s none so blind as those who will not see.”

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    1. Sounds good, and much of what you say about the SNP is dead right, but your basic idea is of course totally unrealistic.

      Presumably the 59 Scottish MPs would have to get a mandate from their electorate to do what you suggest. Not all MPs would agree to what you suggest so not all would join in – for some reason I can never fathom, unionist MPs are elected to Westminster as well as indy-minded ones. There might be very considerable difficulty getting a mandate to cancel the Act of Union which was, I’m afraid, rather more than a trade agreement – I suspect that quite a lot of MPs who put this plan to their constituents would lose their seats before they could even venture down to Westminster..

      Secondly, the Claim of Right. How are you going to persuade the people that this ancient document entitles them to throw off their shackles and presumably declare some form of independence? How long is it going to take? Back in 2014 the people wouldn’t throw off their shackles even though they knew that Independence would be internationally recognised and that Westminster would negotiate in good faith and that Scotland would be free 18 months later. Do you think they’d be happier accepting a situation where Westminster refused to negotiate and our independence would not receive international recognition? Do you really think they’d want to risk it?

      If you’re going to put forward theories of this nature, at least put some flesh on the bones, details of how it’s to be done and the democratic process that would be adopted – I assume that you would want a democratic process?


      1. My tuppence worth:
        There are things we must accept and there are things we must do.
        We must accept that the nuSNP will not progress independence. Sturgeon is a trans activist who wants a job with the UN – that requires UKG permission. I don’t think for one second she cares at all about independence or Scotland – it is just her ticket to ride for trans activism. I don’t doubt she would work to destroy YES and Scotland if it got her a trans activist role at the UN.
        We must accept that Johnson will never give an s30 order. He sees everything through the lens of his own social life. He wants to be PM so he can boast about it at parties (and clearly he goes to a lot of those!). He does not want to go to parties and be called the PM who lost the union. Democracy is just a word with letters for him.

        What can we do? Well we can identify our streams of work: some need political power and some do not.
        One stream we can move forward is the one Alf has explained to us so very well: Doun-Hauden. We should put it on a T-shirt! Yes – we really should! It will make people think. Once you actually look at Scotlands democracy then you cannot consider yourself, as a Scot, to be a citizen of the UK. We have no democracy. Even Starmer admits that Scotlands position in the UK cannot be justified. So stream 1: Awareness of Doun-Hauden.
        Another stream is our identity. Once our kids believe only their gender matters then where is their Scots identity? And again I would say that Sturgeon is playing for the other team – she is destroying our identity. The Celtic identity is a strong one and we need to get it into schools. Sons and daughters other enlightenment. Music. Tradition. Fairy tales and stories. History. Our language – both dialect and Gaelic. Schools accept guests. We need to get our musicians and story tellers into schools, shopping centres, streets … Stream 2: our identity.
        There are many streams and the time for talking is behind us. We need to identify the streams we can work on and take action.

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      2. Stream 3, if I may:
        Once YES is ahead we should exercise the Claim of Right. Westminster will refuse to negotiate so what is the point? The point is for the international community to see that this is not a voluntary union. Better to call this out than to accept it.

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      3. You do don seem to appreciate that a national election is of course “a democratic process”. Scotland has now elected six Nationalist majorities in favour of independence, three to Westminster and three at Holyrood. The election of a Nationalist majority in any colony (treaty based or not) and in addition more especially a Nationalist Government means de facto independence.

        You appear to have succumbed to the prevailing msm and establishment line, as have the daeless SNP elite, that Scots need something even mair! democratic, which you assume to be a referendum with a dubious and irregular (non-reciprocal) local government resident-based franchise amidst a population that is purposely rapidly changing in terms of national identity and hence national allegiance (i.e. increasing No’s). There are numerous routes to independence as SSRG has found of which Scotland’s people now having repeatedly elected Nationalist majorities is undoubtedly one, and as both former PM’s Mrs Thatcher and John Major and many other senior Tory Ministers acknowledged.

        As Alan McHarg rightly says: “All that is needed is the desire, will and courage to settle up”. The only people letting Scotland down here are therefore the democratically elected supposedly Nationalist SNP MPs and MSPs who have been given repeated national majorities by the people allowing them to act in any way necessary to ensure Scotland’s interests are protected and respected. It is only because of their inaction (and thus complicity with the oppressor) that the economic plunder of Scotland continues with gusto, our undemocratic enforced EU withdrawal enabled, and with that the ongoing oppression, poverty and alienation of the people continues – social, economic, political, cultural, linguistic and much more, resulting in an undeveloped people and nation unable to access their own resources or opportunities. The SNP elite should be aware that the longer they continue to mislead the people and prevaricate and also act to hold back the independence movement, the worse the situation will become. The SNP elected elites need to take a close look at what they have done and continue to do tae haud Scotlan doun.

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