Don’t mention the £600,000, that is gone and is still, as far as I am aware, the subject of a continuing police investigation. The above was sent to me by a reader who was questioning the use of the Yes logo for a fundraising appeal where despite the prominent use of the ”Independence Campaign” and Yes branding it is only in the later small print where it is revealed all monies are in fact going to a political party…the SNP.

To be fair there is no mention of the funds being ”ring fenced” for an Independence Referendum but I still think eyebrows will be raised at the prominent use of the YES logo, and the complete absence of the SNP logo on the promotion materials despite that is where every penny being donated is going.

I would have thought the SNP could have been more transparent and wanted to ensure there was no room for confusion, instead the weakness of running a further fundraising appeal minus the SNP logo and centred on the Yes logo suggests they are thinking YES logos might be considerably more popular and effective than the SNP one while the mystery and full story of the “missing” £600k has yet to be fully told.

I wonder what the non SNP Yes community will make of this. Please comment and let me know.

I am, as always



Sadly some websites that claim to be pro Indy have turned out to be only Pro SNP sites and have sought to ban any websites that dare to question SNP Policy or tactics. They seek to avoid the public being aware that alternatives to waiting for Westminster to “grant” Scotland a Section 30 to hold a referendum exist. Issues like the flawed franchise, the Claim of Right route, the work of the SSRG and Salvo fill them with dread. As this blog promotes all routes, including alternatives I am banned from these sites and am therefore very grateful to my readers, who knowing about these efforts to ban and suppress go out of their way to subscribe and to share my articles far and wide. It is a good thing that attempts to restrict free speech and censor are defeated in this way.


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  1. ….or simply send your payment direct to Stonewall ( TransCult Division). It will certainly not be used towards any campaign for Scottish Independence

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    1. Indeed, Clootie. How can a government be so supportive of one side in a national so-called debate? It is preposterous. It would be like the Tory party having pound signs alongside their logo to indicate their support for corruption and tax evasion. They seem oblivious to the anger they induce with this insane, deranged bilge that will almost certainly blow up into a scandal of seismic proportions. I do hope these people are sued individually for what they have done and enabled – both SNP and their trans allies.

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  2. Gobsmacked doesn’t come close! The audacity of them! How sleekit! Once I recovered from that I thought yeah, that shouldn’t surprise me. If it wouldn’t be just puting money in lawyers hands rather than progressing independence I’d be encouraging the Yes movement to sue. How can this lot of devious, selfserving greedy carpetbaggers be trusted with anything?

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    1. All YES material , email accounts, logo, name etc were all taken and remain held as SNP “property”. They registered it in the Murrell holdings. They plan ahead and they ALWAYS keep control.

      The Murrells can sue the YES movement for using their trademarks!

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      1. That’s it then. My Yes saltire is coming down to be replaced by a plain saltire. What else have they appropriated? I’m disgusted.

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      2. Time to find out exactly what else they’ve got registered.
        If they’ve not already got ‘AYE’ then get it before they do.

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  3. I note that they are using the Rainbow YES rather than the (2014) white on blue background, logo

    Whilst I used to think that this implies inclusiveness I think we all know that this is a nod in the direction of their “trans rights” obsession.

    I reckon it’s just another con to raise money that can be woven through the accounts however they see fit. As Iain points out this time they’re not risking vowing that these funds will be “ring-fenced”.

    Regarding the #ScotRef fund raiser from 2017 I wonder when the formal police investigation will report back? And if the findings will even be published when they do? (Both of these questions are, of course, rhetorical).

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      1. That I don’t know, duncanio, but I had always assumed it was the YES campaign’s logo rather than the SNP’s. The rainbow YES they can have: it means nothing to most people, anyway, and a concerted effort to stymie a referendum by hook or by crook by this particular group is well on the cards; they won’t allow independence to push GRA reform to the back burner.

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      2. Agreed Lorncal, the Rainbow warriors can keep their version.

        But Iain seems to think differently regarding even the white on blue branding. Maybe lower case ‘yes’ white on blue would get round any possible issues from the grass roots movement’s point of view.

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      3. It’s blue and white for me, too, duncanio – the saltire – and lower case yes might do the job. Good idea. I honestly cannot remember if the SNP actually started it or not, but I do recall having them in our SNP/referendum hub during the referendum campaign in 2014, so Iain might well be right.

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  4. For some time I have been using adjectives like ‘appalling, despicable and disgraceful’ to describe the conduct of the government in Westminster. It is extremely sad that I now find these same terms are needed to describe the SNP government here in Scotland.
    Such underhand tactics are truly repugnant to anyone working for Scotland to be a fully independent country.

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    1. Plain and simple inducement to defraud.

      With no mention of the SNP save for the small print there is no indication that this is money going to the SNP to do whatever the party wants to do with the money. Many people could be taken in. But that of course is the intention to. The SNP know no shame. Indeed, the money could go to paying Peter Murrel’s salary or a contribution to his pension.

      One thought emerges from this is that the Yes campaign organisation and name currently sleeping might well have some serious thoughts on this passing off. Yes and the SNP are not the same thing.

      One thing for sure, this funding appeal shows exactly how devious, duplicitous and dishonest the SNP are. This is Passing Off, and aside of taking money by false pretences, can also be actionable by allowing a party to restrict another party passing themselves or their services off as something they are not.

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  5. Unfortunately, the SNP IS the Yes campaign now. It’s no longer a broad church. In the extremely unlikely event of a referendum, they’d take complete control of the campaigning and nobody else would be allowed. That instantly politicises things so we’d be back to the 3 v 1 every time there’s a televised debate.

    Can you imagine some of these lightweights from the WM and Holyrood benches trying to inspire a nation? Probably just as well it won’t happen. Who wants to be humiliated twice?

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    1. If (big if) there’s to be a campaign, there’ll be no platform sharing for the control freaks in NuSNP. There’ll be no free wheeling, joyous, anarchic grass roots activism either. NuSNP is a wholly captured appendage of the permanent managerial class (“captured” is perhaps inaccurate as they went willingly).
      The permanent managerial class abhor any suggestion of “populism”. That which they can’t control terrifies them. The permanent managerial class is composed exclusively of middle class humanities graduates. Change is a threat to their cozy, public financed sinecures. The merest possibility of change is to be strangled at birth. Strangled with a “civilised”, studied indifference, learned in their polite middle class upbringing. The oxygen will be drawn from the room and we won’t even notice as asphyxiation dulls our senses.
      Any campaign will be lumpen, dull and sanitised within an inch of its life. A Stalinesque, centrally dictated theatre, doomed to failure by design.
      The high point in true, proportional representation at Holyrood was 2003 with eight MSPs outwith the five establishment parties. By 2007, Margo MacDonald would be the only independent voice at Holyrood. As of the 2016 election, Holyrood was reduced to the five establishment parties.
      You don’t have to support the political platforms put forward by non-establishment individuals or parties to support the general principle that a multitude of voices enhances debate. By design, we are left with slightly different flavours of our managerial class endorsed, bland menu.
      The fall of the Scottish Socialist Party was the result of various factors, but their political posters at election time were a feature of our streets. The ability of the SSP to harness the enthusiasm of their support and promote their message through poster campaigns will have played a significant part in their returning six MSPs in 2003.
      This display of “populism” was intolerable to our managerial class. By the 2016 election, 32 out of 36 Scottish councils has established by-laws prohibiting election posters on council owned street furniture.
      The four “hold-out” councils continue to allow election posters on street furniture, proving that any “littering” issue perceived can be managed rather than resorting to prohibition. It’s no coincidence that all four councils are rural and are substantially populated by independent councillors, free from the admonishments of any party head office.

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    2. Dave, I posted below my thoughts on the SNP and the YES logo. My YES group has Alba and SNP supporters in it and we keep Party preferences out of our meetings and activities. However, I am aware of at least one other group which is completely in thrall to the SNP and I no longer have anything to do with it.
      I will challange the SNP about this but don’t expect a response as I never got any reply to queries to the SNP when I was a member. I won’t be pushed out of the YES movement by the SNP.

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  6. I may be wrong but I’m almost certain I read that the SNP own the copyright on the rainbow YES logo. Perhaps a bright spark amongst the many spads and hingers oan foresaw the day when it might come in useful?

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      1. So Is YES in it’s rainbow form a copyright trademark owned by the SNP?

        This is most interesting. Many of us are only too well aware how the SNP have sought to undermine various groups, individuals and indeed other parties supporting independence.

        The prosecution and jailing of AUOB march organisers, the prosecution of independence campaigners like Mark Hirst and others, the attempted stitch up and jailing of Alex Salmond and the absolute hatred of Alba are all evidence of that.

        These attacks aside, it would certainly be interesting to learn what signs, symbols and logos may have been registered by the SNP.

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      2. “These attacks aside, it would certainly be interesting to learn what signs, symbols and logos may have been registered by the SNP.”

        In the event of any independence campaign actually starting, just use them anyway. Would the SNP really be daft enough to sue fellow-travellers (ahem!) during some sort of attempt at breaking free?

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      1. A wee voice in my head says that’s correct, but only relating to the multi-coloured logo. It’s trademark use is protected by the SNP, but I don’t think the blue Pantone 300 YES logo ever was. It went EVERYWHERE and what a pretty sight it was.

        That was the point. I presumed the thinking was a bit like a football club tweaking the strip so everybody had to buy a new jersey. Obviously seeing a street lined kerb to kerb with a sea of blue YES saltires didn’t have the same effect on the SNP bean counters that it had on me… and funnily enough, every one of those flags was totally on-message with or without a ring of bright yellow Euro Stars.

        Don’t quote me if Blair Jenkins comes chapping at your door, but as far as I know, your wee blue YES logo is true blue and belongs to everybody.

        Having said that, it would surely be a kamikaze mission for the SNP to take offence at any YES supporter with a “counterfeit” ColourYES flag. It’s got to be a marketing thing for £££.

        The trans issue is another complication. Who knows with that lot? Hijacking the popularity of somebody else’s cause for themselves does fit the MO, but short of beating a confession out of somebody, I think all that will stick was the ColourYES logo was a merchandising thing…

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  7. Good grief, what a brass neck that shower have. No shame either. Very sleek it move just to con people.

    We’ll if it’s a’ the same tae you I’ll pass. I’ll keep the money in my purse until a real independence campaign is on the go. Mind you at this rate It’ll not be needed for a long time I might no be here then.

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    1. Come to that conclusion myself. There is a march near me this weekend. I went the last time it was held here and the size of the crowd was amazing. Can’t see it being so this time and I certainly won’t be wasting my time going. I’ve lost all faith that indy will happen in my lifetime now.


  8. I am going out this afternoon to put leaflets through doors for my local YES group. I would not be a member of the YES group if it was affiliated to or dominated by the SNP. Even if, as said above, the SNP appropriated the YES logo it is dishonest of them to use it in this way. I know many people who support the YES groups and campaign who would be furious if they donated to the SNP based on their appeal using the YES logo.
    I am about to email SNP HQ to protest at their use of the YES logo to raise funds for the SNP.
    An underhand action worthy of Unionists.

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  9. This YES logo is the logo for the snp and not that of the grassroots Yes movement. It has been in use for years now so I am surprised there are so many who do not know it is entirely a snp creation for their own devices. Such as on display here today. Many grassroots YES groups up and down the country use this logo at events attracted by the bright colours unaware it could be seen as tying the user to a political party. It is not the snp hijacking Yes branding, it is unawareness of whose branding it is, and why.
    However, for those who have asked, if people wish to donate directly to the Scottish Independence Foundation SIF, all donations are used entirely for the furthering of the YES independence cause. for guidance how to do so.

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    1. Perhaps it is not surprising that so many YES supporters are not aware that the SNP ‘own’ the YES logo. I was trusting of the SNP and it did not occur to me they would behave in such a way. Few of us questioned the actions of the SNP until recent years.
      I really don’t care about the legalities; the YES movement is grassroots and the YES activists own it. Morally, the logo belongs to the YES groups who have never stopped working towards Independence.

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    2. The issue was not that whether the punters were aware that SNP owned the brand. The thing people might not be aware of is that SNP are exploiting the Independence movement for money by using that brand. Collecting funds for Independence campaigns that never happen and spending the money raised on SNP party business.

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  10. Is this really NEWS- the SNP know no boundaries- that is why I left them after having joined in 1974

    They do not want independence- they are quite happy being in charge of “ wee toon cooncil” Scotland – always got someone else to blame. !

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  11. They are pushing the grift now while they still can. They kept hold of the Yes Scotland brand post 2014. I do not know how ownership works of these things but the SNP have controlled it ever since, rasign moeny on the back of it previously for campaigns aborted before they actualyl began. I stinks of desperation to me rather than the continuation of some kind of plan. I hope I am not wrong but what more can Sturgeon and her clique do to undermine the wider movement?
    If i had to have a punt on it then it would be to back the idea that the SNP (under the current leadership) using the Yes name to raise funds is time limited. Membership fees are falling and they need the money?

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  12. Political parties have much in common with charities. In both cases the money raised or donated goes on internals. and the purpose for which they were set up is rarely achieved.
    Scotland will be free when citizens revolt and tear down the imposed political superstructure.
    Handing over dosh to whoever with no guarantee of a decent return is foolishness.

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    1. Internal you say Ottomanboi.

      Would that be the new furniture purchased with the £600k donated to fund a referendum campaign. Maybe this Yes fundraiser, sorry SNP fundraiser to to purchase a new executive chair for one Pedro Murrell to plonk his comfortable erchie on. Or an executive walnut desk perchance.

      They’ve squandered £600k once whilst swearing that the money was there ready for use when it wasn’t. Membership numbers and income has since declined dramatically. Independence supporters would be off their heads to donate to this Ponzi scheme.

      In fact ….Madoff with the money.

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      1. Aye Willie, it was in the bank and it was spent the same as any other money in the SNP account. When was it decided that the Yes Scotland name would be used to raise cash for the SNP? I suppose a conscious decision to use the brand in that way would have been made at some point. Looking back It is surprising that it was not used more often.
        The biggest gambling exchange, Betfair, has a referendum happening in 2023 at 7-1. More telling is that there has been a sum total as I write of £4261 pounds traded on it. Given that next to no one is putting money on it happening in 2023 what are they now raising the money for? How much will it net them?
        Maybe they are using it as a yardstick as to whether they have been rumbled. I doubt whether the clique mix with the punters much these days and it might be less conspicuous than paying pollsters.

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      2. The SNP was set up to «deliver» independence. The first referendum ought to have been instructive in what needed to be done in that regard. Instead there is a ruling caste prepared to fight on any front except the one that really matters. I believe independence scares them. They prefer to hug the coast rather than sail out into the ocean.
        Maybe the vessel just needs a total refit.

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  13. A cause becomes a movement, which becomes a political party or a charity, which becomes a business. An old story and Stonewall and the SNP are current examples.

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  14. Talking about duplicity and down right lying has anyone read the utter spin hitting the Media about the success story that the government say the 2022 census has been. Under noted is link to an STV piece reporting the press release doing the rounds.

    The 2022 census has been a disaster. Around a million, maybe more households failed to return a census form by the original close out date. Tens of millions of pounds of additional money had then to be spent on extending the survey period, running advertising campaigns trying to get the numbers up.

    However with around 400,000 households still not having returned a survey the census shambles becomes ever clearer. With joke questions about gender and ethnicity in a country where people can now change their gender depending on the day of the week, or the option of identifying one’s ethnicity as “ showman “ I shudder to think about the veracity and worth of the information provided. Or as to the question of belief, how many answered I believe in biology or maybe even Klingon.

    And with hard man Angus Robertson now going quiet on using legislation to punish people to compel them to return census, it’s all now being spun as a great success story with some 370,000 households admitted not to have returned survey.

    But hang about read the guff that’s now being released. The government say 99% of surveys have been returned online. The National Records Office say 250,000 surveys were returned in paper form. These two figures however don’t gel,

    If 99% of surveys were on line and 250,000 were in paper form, then 1% must equal 250,000 surveys, and in turn, in broad terms 100% must equal 25 million surveys ( ergo 250,000 + 24,750,000 by my counting ) This is nonsense because there are not 25 million households in Scotland,

    But the old tommy rot doesn’t stop there. What about the whoopsie where the government say that they have made 1.58 million field visits to people who have not filled in census forms. I mean 1.58 million visits, that’s a huge amount of visits and months and months into the process there are still around 400,0000 surveys unreturned.

    And the government are putting out press releases to say this is a success story. It’s pure absolute mince reinforcing the utter contempt with which the electorate is treated.

    This I think has all the hallmarks of a bigger fiasco than the ferries. With something approaching half a billion pounds spent on absolute nonsense someone needs to be asking the big questions. Or to put it another way, how much reliance can be put in this.

    PS. By comparison in England they didn’t delay the census by a year, didn’t agonise over woke question in the Holyrood comedy hall, didn’t have to extend the census period, and they got a return of over 97.2%

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    1. Arguably the key issue the census should tell us (in regard to potential for independence via another referendum option) is if inbound migration to Scotland from rest-UK has risen from already significant levels of around 50,000 per annum prior to 2011/12, to perhaps over 100,000 per annum now and during the period since 2014. This will also help explain to some extent why the ‘Yes’ vote has stalled in the polls, and may fall back further due to ongoing rapid changes in the national identity (i.e. culture, language, heritage, ethnicity etc) of the population in Scotland. We know from post-referendum data that those holding primarily to a British/English identity are the group most likely to oppose and hence vote to block self-determination/independence of the Scots. We should also assume here that the important aspect of Scotland’s population is being well ‘managed’ by the British state, including via property and employment markets as well as via (the delayed) census results and its coordination.

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    2. I still await my census form and can’t get to speak to anyone on the telephone! Must because I BELIEVE IN BIOLOGY! Couldn’t make it up. Nicoliar’s determined to bring Scotland down. Disgraceful and shaming. I look through my heritage and Scotland’s People is great. It’s not going to be in the future when we’re all away. Mince. She’s a bad one.

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  15. Grifters gonna grift right enough. They can keep their rainbow YES. A quick look at any guide on doing signage, always advised not to use too many colours, it has less impact. Another example of their ineptitude.

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    1. Yes, Daisy, black and yellow or blue and white are very distinctive and catch the eye. I passed a SNP office the other day, spotted the YES rainbow sign and it reminded me of my youth when I would vomit a multi-coloured hughie down the loo on the odd occasion that I had over-indulged. Vomit and over-indulgence spring instantly to mind in relation to the trans lobby.

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    2. Before I was banned and years ago I objected to the change of colour. Was shot down by sturgeonites. What is wrong with the blue and white?

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  16. Have you ever seen such a bunch of control freaks as the current mobsters who run the SNP? Far from preparing the ground for independence they have spent the last five years shutting down any dissent, however mild, tarring and smearing anybody who questions them, or exposes their treachery. They have manipulated laws for their own benefit, fought accountability and scrutiny, and have misappropriated £600k of trusting independence supporters.
    Now we learn they have appropriated all of the branding and material of what many think of as an umbrella independence group which does not favour any party. The deception and manipulation is contemptible. And why would you need to do that, if you truly believed in independence and a broad coalition of everyone who wants it?
    Instead they have focussed on shrinking the Yes campaign to not the SNP, but a tiny group of people who now have absolute power within that party, and broadly of Holyrood.
    Nobody who believed their core mission was independence would have squandered the resources and fertile opportunities to put it squarely in the centre of public debate, with copious evidence and research to prove their case. But they shirk from such a mission, timid, fearful and very glad to hand control to WM, who they can hide behind and posture about how terrible they are.
    We are so ill-served with such gutter tactics and strategy, yet most people have no idea, thanks to the supine media who defer to the executive, despite the enormous opportunities the string of scandals offer to any investigative reporting.
    We are moribund, stuck in the endless loop of Sturgeon mind games and feeble play acting, full of prim lecturing and faux outrage at Boris johnson and his cronies, while she and her handpicked cronies live high on the hog. Oh sorry, some funds required for expenses, ‘refurbishments’, legal wrangling and more unelected spads, advisers and PR hacks. So that’s what their purloining of the Yes campaign was for – a handy cover for suckering more money from the public.
    Having given away the silver, they now don’t blink when WM slowly removes any real power they had. What a fraud on Scotland and the Scottish people.

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  17. Scam alert I thank you for the heads up, I’ve hid the piggy bank where no New SNP will find it. If I was to forget all thats happened in the last eight years, I just couldn’t bring myself to give money to the New SNP for them to put Sturgeon’s Mug Shot on a poster promoting New SNP when she’s done everything to denounce Indyref2 and has told everyone in SNP drone to ignore Alba and ISP.

    When you have to use the Words (Yes and Independence) only shows us that people aren’t prepared to give money to the New SNP.

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  18. Reading this I started to think back over the last months before the referendum, and it seemed to be a significant change taking place, the Yes campaign was still in full flow but all the television debates and media attention was on the SNP. Little by little it became the SNP that was the independent movement and not the people. I thought this was wrong at the time for there were many in Scotland that wished independence for Scotland but had no time for the SNP, Alex Salmond, and had no wish for the SNP to be calling the shots in an independent Scotland.

    I was at the first big rally when we marched down the Mound to Princess Street Garden’s the police estimated around 8 thousand attended that day. I was at the second march over the Bridges and up onto the Edinburgh’s disgrace, I knew then the game was lost for there was no more that day than attended the first march for independence, around 8 thousand, we had not done enough to persuade enough of the people to vote for independence.

    My reading of the situation has not changed; as long as independence is linked with the SNP we are sunk.

    Independence has to be collectively the people of Scotland the Yes campaign, free from all political parties but supported by as many as possible from all parties,

    You are right to point out that Sturgeon is using the ‘Yes’ logo, a strong symbol, for it still holds the heart of many who would wish for independence, customer prejudice, if you will, in favour of the ‘Yes’ brand. Stealing the copyright and using it as a means of filling the SNP party coffers, still, I can not help feeling that independence will only come about if the Yes movement divorces itself from the SNP and becomes a body in its own right, representing the people of Scotland, wishing to free themselves for Westminster rule and what has become a second Westminster chamber in Scotland.

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  19. To be fair to the SNP, the old SNP, that is, threewheels, it was the only core independence movement for almost 100 years. It is no longer, of course, that’s the terrible shame of it.

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  20. The chances of seeing an Independent Scotland are now zero. She will move on now to accept her reward. She completed her mission and the follow up re-settlement process has reached tipping point so she is no longer required.

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  21. Am i surprised? No. I noted the changes on tone of the SNP, the new arrivals in our SNP group who without pause were vying for MSP/councillor endorsement, the rule book being quoted etc etc.

    The vote SNP 1&2 advice wasn’t very subtle was it? The £600K “woven into the accounts” pathetic.The subject article here hopelessly sneaky.

    My money is on a 2023 independence referendum – and designed by Sturgeon, and Morrell, to fail.

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  22. Postcolonial literature/theory explains pretty accurately what is happening here, given a similar decolonisation process has been played out endlessly in colony after colony. As we now clearly see, a dominant national party becomes more dictatorial and focuses on centralization. With little if any divergence in policy between it and the imperial power it becomes more clearly a colonial administration. It behaves like a gang, feathers its nest, appoints only its friends, and leads the people up a blind alley whilst attacking the real independence campaigners (Fanon, Memmi etc).

    Finally realising the deceit, this understandably sickens and disappoints the wider independence movement who must quickly create new organisations more focused on securing independence. Interestingly, it seems at this point that the initial independence movement changes and becomes instead a national liberation movement with far more emphasis towards securing independence without unnecessary delays, prevarication or deceit. Here is a brief illustration inclusive of some other similarities with the current Scottish situation:,whilst%20supporting%20a%20continuing%20role%20for%20traditional%20leaders.

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  23. How to cook the books in one easy lesson. Just another example of the SNP assuming they are the Independence movement, this will be our biggest task to get people to realise that the YES movement and the SNP are 2 totally different entities.. Many people will assume it is the YES movement and not the SNP they are donating to. As is always said the devil is in the detail and another example of why you should always read the small print. Why anyone supports them now is beyond me, this smells like another example of a scam not to pay for another Referendum campaign but to pay the inflated salaries at the top of the SNP, with them even having the brass neck to ask do you want to do a single or monthly donation. My biggest worry now would be that there is now the possibility of a Referendum in 2023 with no preparation done and Devo Max added to the ballot paper to split the vote meaning the likely hood of a Yes vote would be much diluted, many people now saying that they would not vote for Independence if the current Scottish Government were to be in control after a Yes vote.A referendum is our worst option with many other options with better prospects opening up for us though my favoured option is still a plebiscite election. Finally what Independence campaign, have I missed some important announcement or was it overshadowed by the furore caused by the the return of that great political event “The Eurovision Song Contest”.

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  24. I have never used nor will I ever use the rainbow Yes logo. The saltire is blue and white and those are the colours I’m staying with.

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  25. I don’t think of that rainbow flag as having anything to do with Independence. I call it the YES Stonewall flag.

    My badges, flags and anything else Indy remain staunchly Saltire blue and white.

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  26. Sturgeon has thrown money down the drain and failed utterly in the competent running of Scotland. Imagine if we had our own power company right now? Or a ferry even …
    We can wait for Forbes to slash services and increase our taxes while the army of SPADs, bloated ministerial positions and chauffeur driven cars remains untouched.
    There is no possibility of Sturgeon winning a referendum next year – we have to hope she does not get to hold one! YES needs to disown the SNP once the pretendy referendum farce has played out. This incompetent shower of chancers cannot use YES to keep themselves in power!

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  27. To prove they didn’t steal the 600K, they only have to show the books and the receipts. That takes ten minutes. So we know they stole it. But if Peter Murrell won’t show the books, that tells us it’s maybe a wee bit more embarrassing than that. Probably starting with the fact they’ve spent absolutely none of it on independence campaigning of any kind.

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