An extract of my speech to the Yes event held in Golspie this weekend.


Thank you for the invitation to speak at this event. Today is not the first connection between Golspie and my family. My late father, who was in the RAF during WW2  was stationed here in 1941 until he joined the desert RAF forces in Egypt. I remember he told me Golspie had an excellent chip shop run by an elderly woman who was kind to the servicemen and always found a few extra chips for them. While my dad was here the elderly lady went into hospital. My dad,looking to repay the old lady for her kindness,  got a couple of others to help and managed to lay his hands on some paint and they painted the chip shop while she was hospitalised. He worked in the RAF stores. This explains for anyone here today who is around 100 years of age why your chip shop in Golspie was painted in RAF blue for many years 

WE meet here to remember a period of Scottish history for which none of us can feel any sense of pride, but only shame at the failure of Scots society at that time to defend the interests of the common folk but to allow the tragic cruelty of the day’s capitalism that valued the rights of man as but nothing. The evictions were resisted and opposed but from the start it was an unfair battle, with the establishment, including many in the Kirk, the Duke’s enforcers, the army, the justice system all available to put down protest and intimidate and inflict fear on any that stood in the way.

We cannot condemn the people of that age. These were very different times, with none of the modern methods of communication like television, radio or social media that allows us today to be well informed about events across our country. That allows us to organise, to challenge, to ensure justice for all. I wish!

Here we are centuries later and can we boast that our country Scotland  enjoys justice and fairness?

I don’t think so. I see a country that every day witnesses our assets  removed with little or no benefit for the people of Scotland. I see a country where politicians use the power of the Justice system to persecute political rivals. That jails journalists on trumped up charges, so bizarre themselves that the judge herself cannot spell out what crime has been committed. We were told we don’t need to know that answer it was clear in her mind. That was enough! What sort of justice is that?

The dawn raids on people like Mark Hirst, seizing all his electronic equipment, denying the very tools of his trade as a journalist. Trumped up ridiculous charges, completely malicious in nature. It went on for months until it came to the local sheriff court. The Prosecution laid out their  charge. At the end of the Prosecutors remarks the Sheriff asked one question “Is that it?” ,he asked. The Prosecutor replied Yes. The Sheriff then stated “Case dismissed. No case to answer” So The charges against Mark were dismissed. Those who made the allegations however, who wasted police time, wasted court time were not out a penny. I cannot name them but they used the public justice system to make the allegations. Mark Hirst however was out many thousands of pounds in his legal costs and tens of thousands of lost income from his job as a freelance journalist. I said I could not name those responsible. That does not mean I don’t know who they were. They were some of the same people who used the same state prosecution service to make the spurious allegations against Alex Salmond. I cannot name them however, because the Judge in Craig Murray’s trial was the same judge in the Alex Salmond trial, who afforded lifetime anonymity to these women, even though by the end of that trial not a single guilty verdict was delivered and the only serious allegation was proved to have been impossible to have happened.

It may surprise you if I tell you that there is another trivial case taking place this very month again involving one of the same women. The exact same tactics in use again. Another political opponent in the dock.

On a separate matter laws are being prepared and implemented to ban protest and demonstration at our Parliament. What happened to that ambition to have open and transparent Government?. Instead we have widespread concealment, redaction, avoidance and suppression.

When our country’s leaders are more intent of stifling debate, outlawing protest, using the courts as a political weapon we need to realise we have failed. That we have allowed today’s establishment to impose their will on our people. Just like centuries before.

I ask you to think on the injustices of the past. Our folk transported from their homes and glens to countries far away. Talented folk, hard workers, educated, able in many cases to read and write. Talents that enabled them to live useful and productive lives in their new homes.

Our task is to enable the Scots population of today to make use of their talents, here in Scotland. To build a fair and decent society, to have fair opportunity and justice available to all.

Surely after more than 300 years we have learned it cannot happen without Independence. Where those most committed to our people and country govern for the benefit of all of our people. In the 21st Century. Let only those who through free choice  leave our shores, but to build here, using our assets and ingenuity, the country for all where we can all benefit and create the good prospects for future generations.

Independence is the route and each and everyone of us must march that road from this day forward until we secure that objective. We have wasted enough time. It is time for action. We can and we must succeed.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


Sadly some websites that claim to be pro Indy have turned out to be only Pro SNP sites and have sought to ban any websites that dare to question SNP Policy or tactics. They seek to avoid the public being aware that alternatives to waiting for Westminster to “grant” Scotland a Section 30 to hold a referendum exist. Issues like the flawed franchise, the Claim of Right route, the work of the SSRG and Salvo fill them with dread. As this blog promotes all routes, including alternatives I am banned from these sites and am therefore very grateful to my readers, who knowing about these efforts to ban and suppress go out of their way to subscribe and to share my articles far and wide. It is a good thing that attempts to restrict free speech and censor are defeated in this way.


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28 thoughts on “WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK

  1. Great speech Iain – concise and to the point.

    Just one point reference this comment:

    “It may surprise you if I tell you that there is another trivial case taking place this very month again involving one of the same women. The exact same tactics in use again. Another political opponent in the dock.”

    When will we know who the individual is who has been targeted on this occasion?

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  2. A very true and inspiring speech Iain , I am just waiting on AUOB waking up and organising anti sturgeon marches at bute house and the SP before I get on my walking boots , because the ones they are holding just now are being hijacked by the wokes and sturgeon sycophants who have ZERO intention of promoting independence

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    1. I wonder if any of our MPs will ask Johnson why he raised NI for all of the UK but feels able to table the prospect of tax cuts for England.

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  3. Lies, Total Lies! By a Nae User!
    Who hasn’t the Guts to name Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP as the Person who put the Serial Adulterer, Alex Salmond (No Longer anything of Importance) in the Dock for Rape & Other Sexual Offences!
    BTW He was found Not Proven on the the Most Serious Charge of Rape!!!
    Failure to Name Our 1st Minister Will prove that Iain Lawson is a Liar!!!


    1. A few facts for you :

      1. Exclamation marks are used by exception for effect. Employing them in every single sentence suggests you may need to revisit your school reference books.
      2. Adultery, serial or otherwise, is not a crime.
      3. Being “in the dock” does not make a person guilty, borne out by …
      5. … with Not Proven also being a subset of Acquittal
      6. There was no charge of ‘Rape’ in the Alex Salmond criminal or civil cases.

      Now, given the above and being as though it’s after 10:30pm, the advice of the late, great Chic Murray does seem appropriate:

      Off you go small boy …

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    2. You ! * Alan Mc Not On ! Are ! Bill Tosh ! ON A MISSION TO MAKE CORRECT gRAmMAR A * CAPITAL * OFFENCE !!!! The only surprise here is you’re not railing in-a-John Knox-stylee against the evil of FORNICATION !!!!

      Good – excerpt from your – speech Iain . Do you know if your own and those of the other speakers were recorded and , if so , they will be available to watch somewhere ?

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    3. You are way ahead of me Alan. Nicola denies being involved in any of it. I nearly split my sides laughing when she claimed not to even KNOW who the alphabet woman were. When you know their names, as I do, that was a WHOPPER of truly gigantic size!

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    4. TBQH IF and it’s a big IF you really are Scottish and an independence supporter which I very much doubt , how can ANYONE with all the publicly available information there for anyone interested to access actually consider Nicola Sturgeon to be a Right Honourable anything . Unfortunately Scotland is CURSED by people who are easily taken in by con artists and liars and no matter how many times the truth is pointed out to them they REFUSE to engage their brain and look at the evidence

      UNFORTUNATELY it is NOT Nicola Sturgeon who is STOPPING our march to independence it is people like you and your fellow Nikla sycophants and apologists , IF you really were an independence believer YOU would be OUTRAGED at the state of our countries governance , our families with children have seen a massive increase in foodbanks , our children are suffering the indignity of a failing education system that puts them at a severe disadvantage , Scotland a WORLD RENOWNED SHIPBUILDING NATION is a laughing stock with ferries with painted on windows and islanders unable to access the mainland , I could go on listing the very many failures of sturgeon whilst you and your sycophants make excuses but PLEASE consider YOUR fellow Scots , men ,women , children and OAP’s who are SUFFERING the INCOMPETENCE and HUBRIS of an IMPOSTER independence leader

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  4. Is it a crime to make amorous advances to another person? – birds do it bees do it, even educated fleas do it – but not in Scotland? And then when a serious allegation in a court of law of an advance – attempted rape – that moves well beyond “chatting up” is found to be false, the accuser faces no consequence?

    I submit that what is seriously lacking in the Crown Prosecution Service, the police, and in our politics, is a failure of leadership and integrity.

    “Money is the root of all evil”, the song goes. And so career and income protection does appear to be swaying persons over leadership and integrity imperatives.

    ” When the wind blows, the trees must bend”, is that the Independent Scotland we are heading towards?

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  5. Fear, intimidation and persecution are well used tools of trade maintaining England’s colonial dominance over Scotland.

    Surviving the abuse for over 300 years the hearts and minds of many Scots continue to harbour hope that one day the nation will be freed from the shackles of colonial rule with it’s systems of government so foreign to the written constitution of Scotland, in existence many years before the Noman invasion.

    It is sickening that leaders of the Scottish National Party are intent on enforcing Westminster rule with vengeance aforethought ensuring their perpetual governance of Scots who chose to prefer that fear, intimidation and persecution be administered by Scottish political toadies.

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  6. An excellent speech, Iain! For too long people have gotten great education in Scotland – but have had to leave these shores to make a decent living elsewhere. It’s time that Scotland benefited from the educated Scots and time we have the powers & the revenue to build up our infrastructure to produce and manufacture again. That our top jobs are filled with Scots who saw the jobs advertised in their own country & not English elites bagging the top jobs! Time Scotland benefited from the Scots who have the innovation & skills to make Scotland a busy & prosperous country again! A Scotland they don’t have to leave if they don’t want to!

    The weather looks glorious in your photo – hope you had a great time up in Golspie! 🙂

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  7. This speech reinforces why we need independence.

    Nicola Sturgeon is the Patrick Sellar of today. Like Patrick Sellar before her she strips our land, our heritage, and our existence as surely as Sellars and his patron the Duke of Sutherland did.

    Sheep farming then but today it is our gas, our oil, our renewable energy, and our fisheries whilst many of our people struggle to heat and light their homes whilst our economic development is stifled through the clearance of our industrial engineering manufacturing capacity.

    ISturgeon is every bit as much Scotland’s factor as Patrick Sellar was two hundred years ago.

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  8. You mean there is another about to be prosecuted on flimsy evidence and the judiciary and lawyers are willing to embarrass themselves again and lose what little reputation they have left??

    Great speech! And please ignore the spluttering of the deranged.

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  9. The statue of The Mannie is a painful and disgusting reminder of that period. However the collection of houses without roofs scattered around Scotland is an even deeper agony whenever you see it. When you come across these small collections of stones far from the modern road it brings a raft of emotions.
    When we talk of statues that need to come down I can think of none more justified. The Kirk Ministers preaching from the pulpit to their congregation not to challenge their Master or his Agents.

    As regards the Alphabet Assassins and their Leader Sturgeon – no comment is required for those who follow Scottish Politics.

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  10. Thank you, Ian. Independence to some maybe the only obstacle we face but it’s not, we need a written constitution which protects the people from,

    Free Masons
    The Church
    The Law
    The Army
    Ruling classes

    I don’t want to see Scotland broken up or given away again if we do become Independent, so a written constitution needs to be written in a way that allows justice for all and not for them who write it or enforce it or hide behind it.

    Which political party in Holyrood could any of us trust with the task of written and implementing a constitution which would be the envy of the world, there is one political party in Holyrood we could trust.

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    1. “Which political party in Holyrood could any of us trust with the task of written and implementing a constitution”

      The task of writing a Constitution does not belong to any political party.
      It’s the job of a Constituent Assembly that is made up of elected representatives from all walks of life that come from all parts of the country.

      A starting point might be to select items from other Constitutions that the Assembly would then discuss, debate, modify, adapt etc until it arrives at a consensus on how the article is suitable (or not) for Scotland.

      For example Art 1 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic states:

      “Italy is a Democratic Republic, founded on work.
      Sovereignty belongs to the people and is exercised
      by the people in the forms and within the limits of the

      Would that be suitable for an Independent Scotland?
      Would an Independent Scotland be a republic or would it hold on to the Monarchy?
      How would that be decided?

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  11. As a non football fan can anyone explain simply why STV can show Wales v Ukraine live but they couldn’t show the Scotland game?


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  12. The latest game the SNP are playing is with the botched Census they are delaying the publication of the level of migration to Scotland from down South. They do not want the Voting franchise criticized and as soon as it is bought up the SNP attack monkeys call you a racist and anti English . I have no problem giving English settlers citizenship in our new country but only after a successful Yes vote from the indigenous population. The international standard for constitutional referendums recognised by the UN for self determination is for the voting rights for the indigenous people only ( Scots ). The current rigged franchise is the default button for the Union effectively giving the settlers a veto on our democracy and that incidently is what happened in 2014. Dissolve the Union.

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    1. We need to at least get the message out there that only those who are affected by the decision should take part in the decision – no second homes, no short term contractors etc. We already have a criteria for this – if you can vote in the referendum then you or your kids (possibly hypothetical ones …) should also be entitled to free tuition fees in Scotland. We should get this on the table soonest.

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      1. going to add – anyone that gets a government uplift to “compensate” for the Scottish tax rate – like the armed forces and their households – should not get a vote. If you don’t follow the rules that hurt then you don’t get a say.

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  13. Talking about making political progress against a colonial regime dedicated to resisting independence I’ve just watched the video of the man tasered by Police on a London bridge.

    And what a video it is. The man who is to be seen walking backwards from the policeman pointing his taser gun at him is an incredible sight. Presenting no overt threat to officers one of the policemen, in what I would describe as cold blood ,tasers the man to the ground with twenty thousand volts.

    Crawling away and and then trying to recover to his feet the officer marching forward tasers him again as the other officers approaches with a pair of handguns. The man falls to the ground again and writhing he tries to get up to run away when he is tasered to the ground again.

    Thereafter getting and trying to run way he jumps over the roadway barrier only to be followed by the policeman with the cuffs who sprints over the barrier after him. Thereafter like a hounded dog in desperation the distressed, disorientated, and clearly frightened man climbs over the bridge parapet and throws himself into the river Thames many feet below..

    For me the pictures of an unarmed man, walking away from advancing police being repeatedly tasered is nothing short of inhumane torture. Like a flick horror movie the advancing officer knew exactly how to electrically torture the man – and then to chase him over the side of a bridge.

    These cops knew exactly what they were doing, the repeated tasering had all the hallmarks of folk who get a kick out of power and brutality. And it has been recorded on video. This was not reasonable force.

    And the good old Metropolitan Police Service they’ve no comment to make save to say that they are self referring to the standards authority and that they will support the man’s family.

    And the man – well he’s critically ill.

    Ah hard luck, this is policing in the UK No different from shooting blacks or choking them to death in the USA, And if we think it’s truly any different in Scotland, we need think again. Our Police are every bit as rotten and corrupt as their colleagues in the Met.

    Ask Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst, Craig Murray and many others brutalised, but not tasered, well at least not yet, for their political beliefs.

    Dreadful video in London, bit don’t think it could happen to you. Policing and prosecution has changed, Cjhanged utterly.

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