”Fixing” needing sorted.

Dr Tim Rideout is a very competent member of the Scottish National Party. Readers may recall he was successful in getting the SNP CONFERENCE to back his call for our own Independent Scottish currency on a timescale considerably faster than the proposal laid out in the ”Growth Commission Report”. This did not endear him to senior figures in the leadership.

Since that time that decision has been studiously ignored by the SNP leadership who seem to have forgotten that Conference was supposed to be the supreme decision making body of the Party. Given the absence of face to face conferences in recent times this of course limits the opportunity for ordinary members to influence events within the Party.

The Good news is that there will be a Conference later in the year and Tim Rideout would like to attend and participate in that Conference. That however is far from certain.

Tim Rideout is currently suspended from the membership of the Party following a tweet he issued back in March this year. I publish below the statement he issued at the time explaining his actions and apologising for the tweet.

“I spent my school and university days in apartheid South Africa. I was so appalled by the racism that I refused to accept the system and was ultimately expelled in January 1985 because of it. So it is very difficult for me to hear myself described as a racist. But I realise that the language I used in a Tweet is far too close to what many people who have experienced racism will have heard far too often in their lifetimes and I realise how that will affect them. I apologise unreservedly to Ms Patel and to anyone else who read my words and was reminded of the kind of attacks they’ve lived with all their life.

What I don’t apologise for is my anger at what I think is the inhumanity of Priti Patel and the Tory Government. The Nationality & Borders Bill disregards the UK’s obligations under the UN Charter on Refugees and will entirely predictably kill children, women and men as and when their boats get turned back in the English Channel.  The final outrage is the way they have tried to shirk the moral responsibility to reach out a hand of help and welcome to Ukrainian refugees who desperately need it.”

Now what is delaying his disciplinary hearing? Many months later he has not been given any opportunity to explain his actions and get the suspension lifted. He is facing a “suspension” that is intentionally open ended as it requires the National Secretary of the Party to refer the “incident” to the appropriate disciplinary committee for action. However the National Secretary has not referred it to the committee. What is more in response to an enquiry from Mr Rideout the National Secretary is ” unable to provide any timetable” of when it will be discussed.

So Dr Rideout finds himself locked out of membership. He cannot understand why there should be such a long delay. He admits the incident, he has publicly apologised for it, so why can he not be given the opportunity of a fair hearing? It smacks of the system being used unfairly to restrict potential critics. The more so when there are MP’s found guilty of much more serious offences but who thus far have escaped any suspension altogether.

Dr Rideout has asked me to publish a constitutional amendment he proposes to stop the system being used selectively in this way and to ensure basic and equal treatment for all. It is crucial that natural justice is protected. I detail below the relevant clause from the existing constitution and the amendment Dr Rideout would like to see implemented.

Of course while suspended Dr Rideout has lost the ability to submit this amendment himself but he hopes through it being published here members, branches, Mp’s and Msp’s that recognise the need for fairness will submit the amendment in their own names. Amendments need to be submitted by early July to be considered for selection and debate.

SNP Constitutional Amendment

To amend clause 6 of the SNP Constitution:

Current Version

6 Member Conduct

6.1 Allegations that a member has breached a Code of Conduct or has otherwise breached the requirements of membership are considered by the National Secretary.

6.2 The National Secretary may suspend a member from exercising any or all rights of Membership while allegations are being investigated and considered by the Party. In all cases where this action has been taken, the suspension will be regularly reviewed. 

6.3 The Member Conduct Committee hears complaints by the National Secretary to take disciplinary action in relation to an allegation.

Replace “the suspension will be regularly reviewed” with “National Secretary will refer the complaint to the Member Conduct Committee within 30 days or the Suspension will automatically lapse.”

New Version

6 Member Conduct

6.1 Allegations that a member has breached a Code of Conduct or has otherwise breached the requirements of membership are considered by the National Secretary.

6.2 The National Secretary may suspend a member from exercising any or all rights of Membership while allegations are being investigated and considered by the Party. In all cases where this action has been taken, National Secretary will refer the complaint to the Member Conduct Committee within 30 days or the Suspension will automatically lapse.

6.3 The Member Conduct Committee hears complaints by the National Secretary to take disciplinary action in relation to an allegation.


Well this is another test for the SNP membership. All it seeks is the removal of the ability of those at the top of the Party to selectively use the constitution and frustrate the natural justice every member of the Party has the right to expect. I find it hard to believe that the many, many decent people I know in the SNP will give such injustice the blind eye treatment. I hope not, it would be truly shameful.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.

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  1. Yet another example of Sturgeon and her hench persons hegemony and consequent destruction of old SNP thus thwarting any chance of our country to return to an independent nation state. Despicable. Out with intelligent, honest individuals and in with the new breed of unionist liars and traitors. So sad. Heartbreaking.

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  2. A great example of how processes and procedures can decay or be corrupted and serve the interests of people in power who want to stay there. Will this be the wedge issue that triggers the membership to rise up and overthrow their oppressors? Very unlikely since the first couple of heads that appear above the parapets will be targetted with the same disciplinary procedures. What will be interesting is whether this issue can promoted to the membership and the reaction is receives. That will tell you more about the likelihood of regime change in the SNP.

    No organisation or institution exists in isolation the SNP and Scottish Government are just as British as everything else in these sceptred isles. It’s worth taking a moment to see where we are now and where we need to be in order for independence to become a reality. Tweaking the HR handbook at the SNP is probably not going to move the needle very much.

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  3. It seems a fair amendment – there should be a time limit on dealing with such matters. Even if the amendment is put forward, hopefully by multiple submissions, I doubt sincerely that it will be selected for conference as the nuSNP certainly don’t want to lose this strategy for removing those it wishes to sideline.

    I read Tim’s original comment and knew exactly what he meant be it. Unfortunately the nuSNP, and especially it’s sham woke wing are masters are twisting words out of their context.

    Over at WoS, Craig Murray has a comment on Sturgeon that is relevant

    “In 2015 Robin McAlpine came to see me and told me that Nicola was a psycopathic (sic) narcissist, whose skill was in mimicking emotions such as empathy which in fact she did not feel at all. He said she had no interest in Independence.

    I have huge respect for Robin and had known him already quite a while, but I thought he was losing the plot. But after that I started to notice things…”

    Narcissists can brook no opposition, If she has “decided” that the pound is what is put forward, then hell mend ANYONE who suggests differently and by hook or by crook they will be dealt with!

    It makes me weep when I see the talent that Scotland has being sidelined by a bunch of incompetents and careerists turning everything they touch to dust!!!

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  4. The current wording is far too useful to the rigid Murrell control regime. The troublesome thinkers can be so easily “taken out” by faux outrage. The Cult will not tolerate those who deviate from blind obedience.

    The Party no longer exists. It is a “Shell name” retained to fool the weak minded. It is a business Unit that suckles from the corrupt model designed by Westminster that ensures the Unions survival by perpetual bribery, awarding positions and titles with an exclusive club membership. We have all seen the photographs from last weekend!

    The NUSNP membership are mere window dressing. They are like the school children given the day off to wave a Union Flag at a Royal motorcade. They smile if honoured by a wave from their “Superior” but they are mere decoration, no more than that.

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  5. Does anyone else ever question whether they have been duped by UK propaganda into believing that the leadership of the SNP does not have Scotland’s interests and the restoration of our independence at its heart? I will admit to doing so occasionally. Then along comes another example of the mendacity of the top echelon and I know that I was not duped, that I was seeing what was right there for any member to see. Tim Rideout joins an ever growing list of decent, knowledgeable people the leadership would rather not give voice to.

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  6. Thank goodness that there are ‘intelligent, honest individuals’ who still hope to see Sturgeon and her hench persons’ despicable behaviours countered! What’s now happening to the political party that had become an honourable and admirable movement towards regaining Scotland’s independence, is difficult to talk about politely; It’s simply beyond
    expression! Perhaps reading about Dr Tim Rideout – one of the best in the Scottish National Party – can offer some hope of that party regaining some of the qualities that have almost disappeared? I certainly hope so!

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    1. The US State Department has invested time and money in Pat the pederast. As such, I presume he has protected status.
      Neale Hanvey says Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath constituency branch has been put into “special measures” (a typically New Labour move and entirely to be expected from NuSNP). Apparently the Great Helmsperson has personally picked the candidate for the next Westminster election. I’d wager good money on that being former State Department employee (indirectly) Stephen Gethins. The guid folk of Perthshire South & Kincardine-shire didn’y fall for Gethins’ charms during selection for Holyrood 2021. Further deviation from the wishes of the Dear Leader will not be tolerated.
      Ein volk, ein jumped up parish cooncil.

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    2. Q: Why have the two SNP MPs found guilty of sexual harassment not been suspended and faced the Member Conduct Committee ?

      A: Neither is a heterosexual male

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  7. One of the many reasons I left the SNP was the unfair and ridiculous use of the National Secretary having carte Blanche over any member and an open ended remit.

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  8. I cannot believe what has happened to the SNP of Alex Salmond – once full of enthusiasm and get up and go and now full of the dangerously truculent and intransigent ( there’s a pun in there somewhere!)

    I was most interested to read Dr Tim’s background in S.A. I had a lecturer at college who was hounded out of SA in the clothes he stood up in and a dirty great diamond ring on his finger. His name was Cecil Williams and he had Mandela masquerading as his driver in order to aid and abet the cause of Africans – quite the dare devil hero.

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  9. The Stalinesque clique at the top of the party have ensured effectively that you are guilty until proven innocent in trying to clear your name. Apart from Tim Rideout, Neale Hanvey I’m sure will testify to this.

    The purpose is to frighten, intimidate and cow any ‘dissidents’.

    The Torquemada set have infected the justice system and other parts of Scottish society – the cost to the individual in going to court are massive and even when you win your name remains tarnished. See Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst case etc.

    The process is indeed the punishment.

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    1. “ The process is indeed the punishment.”

      That phrase sums up the NUSNP perfectly. I have heard it from dozens of victims of the SNP machine but more and more from the victims of the TransCult attacks. It is amazing how that tool is being shared. Silence critics by a relentless organised attack on their lives. Prevent any future critic from putting their head above the parapet by the examples made.

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      1. The TransCult are the NuSNP, Clootie, and the NuSNP are the TransCult. They are one and the same thing. I just wish to God others could see through this charade and stop looking at this as a “women’s problem” like gynaecological matters. It is a massive problem for all sane and non-delusional people.

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      2. Clootie – the fact is that everyone has something in their past that will not stand the fierce light of cancel culture. As soon as justice becomes discretionary – as the grey laws of the nuSNP allow and intend – then those who hold power have a toxic weapon to retain and abuse their power. This is happening before our eyes. It needs stopped in its tracks. As said below, we need a YES group to get hold of this constitution Robertson is writing (!) and ensure our rights are safeguarded and indeed restored. Given that we need iScotland to have a constitution that would protect us from future Sturgeons we can be sure that what Robertson is writing will only facilitate and protect such Sturgeons – that will be the nail in the coffin of any YES vote. If we need to urgently focus on one thing I think the thing we need to focus in it this.

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    2. “… The process is indeed the punishment… ”

      Indeed, duncanio, and the same phrase could be, and is, used in regard to the trans lobby in relation to those females who oppose this totalitarian takeover. The Stalinesque forms of process are identical to Stonewall’s, and its Scottish arms’ conduct. The behaviour of the Scottish government is, in essence, identical to the tactics adopted by the trans lobby and engineered by Stonewall. Anyone who has doubts should read the Denton’s Document (available on-line) where young people (both male and female, but mainly female) are the vanguard for the regiment marching behind, the adult male, middle-aged and young autogynephiles who predominate in the trans movement. They are the puppet masters who are pulling the SNP leadership strings. They are there in the SNP for a purpose which has little to nothing to do with independence or fair play for anyone. They have captured the police, the public prosecution office, the courts, every public institution, including schools, universities and colleges, local authorities, et al. That is why these gross injustices are happening and why they will continue to happen whether this SNP leadership remains or not. The SNP is now like the poor insect that is chosen to play the host to the larvae of another insect species. It controls its brain until the eggs are ready to hatch, when the larvae then consume the host from within. I, and many other women, have been warning that this is about much more than taking away all our rights which so many men in the SNP seem to be quite sanguine about in the hope that independence will follow. It won’t, because independence would ruin the trajectory, which is to undermine every law that stands in the way of the total pursuit of sexual nihilism. The party is nothing more to Stonewall and its acolytes than the means to an end – which is the total disruption of society itself. The people behind Stonewall are the billionaire capitalists who fund it. All the better to make even more obscene amounts of wealth and create even more power for these few elite individuals.

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      1. The messing around with our kids heads has certainly seen mental health take a trip off a cliff. I wonder if the big Mammy ever asks herself what she has facilitated?

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      2. I would like to think that she supports this stuff for the best of reasons: you know, ‘the puir wee sowels’ one, but I doubt it now. The evidence is overwhelming that this will destroy our children, our youth and women’s rights, yet still she pushes on with it. It is not the front-line autogynephiles she cares about either; it’s the moneymen (and they are ALL men) behind this. She is a neoliberal, a neocon and a militarist, and so are several of those nearest to her. These billionaires represent opportunities for her and she must believe that they represent the future for Scotland, too. Too many men in the independence movement still don’t get it. You can try and tell them till the cows come home, but they are blinded by any opportunity, any sacrifice for the independence they will not get. Even if independence came tomorrow, these barstewards would destroy it anyway. It’s one thing to have a decent form of independence that is actually worth having, and being able to say: I can go to my grave now that independence is achieved, and leave the next generations to bear the terrible consequences of not having dealt the death blow to this cult. I’m not saying that just because I’m a woman; I’m saying it because they will destroy everything in the West if we let them – for everybody, even for themselves. Queer Theory is a nihilistic creed tailor-made for middle-class, middle-aged, autogynephilic men, both heterosexual and gay; it offers nothing to the rest of us human beings. They call women and girls fish and pigs, denying even our humanity, while using young people and children as shields for their fetishes. I feel genuine sympathy for those who do not wish to invade women’s spaces, who don’t lionise the ‘transing’ of children and the cutting off of young girls’ breasts and mutilation of young boys’ genitalia, but they should have reined in these deluded sexual fetishists, the vast majority now, and the numbers are growing, who comprise the LGBTQA++++++ community.

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      3. Without being disrespectful to people , we are responsible for our own defeat , because people are empathetic , considerate and respectful of and to others we will ALWAYS be taken advantage of by users

        I have noticed that when people are passionate and outraged at what is being done to them and others and express it vehemently and angrily in the wording of their comments , those persons comment likes are rated as low , it appears lots of people are put off by inflamed language rather than the outrage perpetrated against them

        I find it incredible that people are more upset at descriptive language rather than the injustices being forced on them by people whose morality is non existent

        The people ????? doing all the damage to our fellow citizens deserve no respect , I do not consider them as fellow human beings , they do not care about OAP”s or children starving or freezing , they don’t care that the ongoing struggle for parents whether to heat or eat or where their next mortgage payment is coming from to keep a roof over their children’s heads , THEIR focus is on forcing through deviant perverted policies to satisfy a sexual need and they should be treated as the reviled people they are

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    3. Guilty until proved innocent is something both Sturgeon and Westminster are introducing to our justice system through the sleekit backdoor. We need out of this and independence with a constitution drawn up by Robertson will be a jump from the frying pan into the fire. We need to demand sight of and debate of this constitution that Nikita feels she will impose on iScotland. Let this control-obsessed incompetent away with this and independence is finished. Drag it into the light of day and make a constitution for a modern democracy with freedom of speech and civil rights and independence will take a giant leap forward. Is there hope of a YES group to focus on this?

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      1. Going to add that there has been a great deal of work done on this and it is breathtaking that Robertson has gone into a corner to write this. Maybe I do him an injustice and he is working will all those who have done so much good work already – we need to know! And we need to get YES profile, debate and leverage for those already working in this area.

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      2. Angus Robertson is not a stupid man, so he must know that constructing a constitution on the back of a fag packet or without proper input from all sections of the community is a pointless exercise and will not be accepted. Could they be hurrying this through to take the place of the Scotland’s Future document of 2014?

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    4. “The process is indeed the punishment.”

      Aye, and much more, for lets remember that colonialism itself is “a scourge”, i.e. a form of punishment levelled on ‘a people’, according to the UN no less.

      The disrespect by the national party elite shown to Tim on currency and to other prominent party members, and to the SNP conference/membership has been repeated numerous times in a whole host of policy areas, many critical to our cause, such as land reform, national maritime policy, and not least the still non-existent policy or program for independence/decolonisation itself.

      Here we begin to understand that, in colonialism, the dominant national party elite reaches a friendly co-operation with the imperial power, and seeks to delay or prevent independence. Lets also remember that fascism lies at the root of colonialism, which is what we increasingly see in the oppressive deeds, actions and laws of those in authority who seek to break the liberation movement.

      Aime Cesaire reminds us that a colonised people must resign themselves to the inevitable, in that the “bourgeoisie is condemned to become every day more snarling, more openly ferocious, more shameless, more summarily barbarous”.

      For in colonialism, a feature of the ‘dependent psychology’ is that “since no-one can serve two masters, one of the two must be sacrificed to the other”.

      It remains, however, that a “complete cure to the colonized’s alienation requires the complete disappearance of colonization” (Albert Memmi), which is what national independence/liberation means.

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      1. Ay, they believe their bread’s buttered on the UK/US side and, even if we do go, they want to be right up there to re-occupy their reserved seats. The SNP was once about everyone, Alf, leaving no one behind and taking everyone with us. That is not the case any more. Sometimes, I think I am in Alice’s shoes and nothing makes sense any more.

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      2. Yes Iain/Lorncal, Cesaire was notable for his Discourse on Colonialism in relation to the fascism and punishment it generates, and more specifically in the idea, as he put it, that:

        “no one colonizes innocently, that no one colonizes with impunity either; that a nation which colonizes, that a civilization which justifies colonization – and therefore force – is already a sick civilization, a civilization which is morally diseased, which irresistibly, progressing from one consequence to another, one denial to another, calls for its Hitler, I mean its punishment.”

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      3. For me this is the truth that will win us independence. Unionists will argue for the union. Lay bare the truth to everyone that this is no kind of a union and the rest is history. It is easy to argue for union – it is hard to argue for colonialism.

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  10. BBC “News” headline: Prince William spotted selling Big Issue in Central London.


    “What an honour to have a private moment with our future king who was humble and working quietly in the background, helping the most needy”
    This keich widnae be oot o’ place in the Pyongyang Daily Worker.
    Pass me the boke poke.
    Reminds me of the “stray” Luftwaffe bomb that fell into a Buckingham Palace courtyard (bombs fall in sticks stupid).
    If the English fall for this cretinous fabrication, they’re further gone than I thought.

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  11. It’s shameful – shameful & CRUEL to do this to Dr. Rideout – or to anyone for that matter! But they know that & that is part of the process, hoping it will cause Dr Rideout to leave in disgust.

    The SNP don’t want good people with good ideas, cluttering up their party, coming up with answers to the Independence question! They don’t want a Plan… they don’t want to be able to answer questions, so that any potential Indy supporter will decide ‘Noooo, you don’t know what you’re doing so my answer is NO’. It seems they may be forced to hold a Ref in ’23, so they have to find a way of not actually winning, given the level of interest in Indy now. And I believe not having good, cogent answers to the questions they will inevitably get, will be the saving of them & their jobs.

    I think this is a good constitutional amendment, which is really fair & should be implemented. But – I’m sorry, Dr Rideout, I don’t see this happening! Not being a member of SNP & NEC, I can’t propose it nor forward it in any way. I wish I could. Because I think you & your group have done stirling work (no pun intended! LOL!) and it’s a shame you won’t get to push for it to become the currency answer. Not with the current SNP ‘men at the top’, anyway. I’d suggest you leave & join another party. But I suspect you will hold out to get your work accepted by SNP. I really wish you well with it & with your Amendment!

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    1. I believe it is unwise to think the SNP can be changed from within, Main reason the members are all of the cult mindset, all have their belief that they are better,smarter………That is a direct link to Sturgeon/Murrell ideology. ,
      Have a look at the SNP members? Seriously just look…Who would you like to be friends with? Yes I am being serious.
      One look at the potential, first team of the SNP and it’s all mini-Sturgies.
      Consider are the SNP as a whole amoral ?
      At the moment the solution for the SNP is to implode under their own arrogance

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  12. Nobody should be subjected to the kind of treatment being meted out to Dr. Rideout! Those who stand idly by and allow the persecution of one of their number are every bit as culpable as the persecutors. Shame on you all!

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    1. Astonished The National strayed from Nikitas script – maybe there is hope out there?
      The glitch I can see is that pensions paid by rUK will be paid in sterling and if the pound collapses against the Scottish currency then that will be a problem for the old here. Problems are there to be solved but we should get ahead of this one – it hurt us last time.

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      1. A solution might be to accept a one off payment from the ruK for pension liabilities at the point of independence and then pay Scottish pensioners in the Scottish currency going forward.

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  13. Where the line is crossed into utter disrespect for others is when what you want outweighs what is best for the majority of people, when you force them to reconstruct their language to suit you and when you take away others’ rights to enhance your own. We are being subjected to those things on so many levels now, and Stewart Hosie has the brass neck to lecture us on respect for others during the referendum. As you say, we are fools to ourselves, used and abused at the whim of others’ desires and, if you oppose these fascists in any way you are deemed to be a bigot and/or hate-filled person. The great advantage that extremely venal people have over the decent is that they never see themselves as others see them, and actually believe that they are always right and deserving.

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  14. Justice delayed is justice denied. Come on SNP , get a wiggle on and give Tim Rideout the justice he and we deserve .

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