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Former First Minister, Alex Salmond, has said that independence should not be debated in a “constitutional vacuum” and called instead for “the articulation of the Scottish Government’s strategy to either bend Westminster to the will of the Scottish Parliament or to spell out another way of asserting the sovereignty of the Scottish people”

He said;

“Everyone across the YES movement is galvanised by the fact that the starting gun has been fired on another independence test.

It is welcome to see Government documents proclaiming the case for independence but it is also crucial that the SNP/Green coalition articulate a clear pathway and timetable towards that day of decision.

The energy of the independence debate of 2014 came from the setting of the date of the 18th September. The SNP/Green coalition have promised another referendum in 2023 with “no ifs or buts”.

The Yes movement will take them at their word, and they therefore should also explain the strategy by which they intend to bend Westminster to the will of the Scottish Parliament to agree a referendum or indeed spell out another way of asserting the sovereignty of the Scottish people.

Without that we run the risk of conducting a debate in a constitutional vacuum. Instead we need Scotland’s Claim of Right to resound far and wide.”



Sadly some websites that claim to be pro Indy have turned out to be only Pro SNP sites and have sought to ban any websites that dare to question SNP Policy or tactics. They seek to avoid the public being aware that alternatives to waiting for Westminster to “grant” Scotland a Section 30 to hold a referendum exist. Issues like the flawed franchise, the Claim of Right route, the work of the SSRG and Salvo fill them with dread. As this blog promotes all routes, including alternatives I am banned from these sites and am therefore very grateful to my readers, who knowing about these efforts to ban and suppress go out of their way to subscribe and to share my articles far and wide. It is a good thing that attempts to restrict free speech and censor are defeated in this way.


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    Hurrah – that’s the argument that will win the day.

    Dry economics and statistics don’t inspire.

    Reminding people that they are sovereign, have a right of self-determination and that we have been getting systematically ripped off through the last 315 years will rouse people. Debates about currency, pensions, economic growth, balance of payments, fiscal policy, monetary policy, taxation, interest rates and exchange rates out folk to sleep.

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    1. Duncanio Alex Salmond is right about the constitutional issue and the Claim Of Right it MUST be shouted from the rooftops and used at every opportunity , BUT Alex should also be INSISTING that IF WM does not agree to a sect 30 agreement post haste HE will gather the WHOLE YES MOVEMENT and insist that the next GE is a PLEBISCITE ELECTION with ALL the independence parties including it in their manifesto , THEN we will see sturgeon’s true colours

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      1. I think he might well be holding that in reserve for the moment, twathater, but I’d imagine it has done more than just cross his mind. If a S30 Order and a useless advisory referendum won’t work for Nicola Sturgeon, they won’t work for him either – and he must know that. Alec Salmond rarely moves before he is ready, but, when he is ready, he moves at lightning speed.

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  2. Salmond is a leader – right here we have the path ahead laid out. Westminster accepted the Claim of Right – not to accept it would be to violate the foundations of the UK. The Claim of Right makes clear we are are a sovereign people. The timid requests for an s30 order are an insult and show either ignorance of our own Claim of Right or a deliberate intent to undermine it. Salmond demanded his indyref – Westminster ran around seeking their own process and came up with the s30 order. Salmond could never have requested this – no-one even knew it existed!!!!

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  3. Very pleased to see this press release from Alex although I would have expected nothing less,Sara Salyers gave us all a tremendous boost at the Alba Spring Conference with her outline of the possibilities of the Claim of Right.
    We are indebted to those like the SSRG who have worked hard to examine modes of exit from the Union.Because AS is always on the ball he has lost no time in flagging this up!
    We will have to show support for Section 30 campaigning because there are many who still believe it is possible.But we need to publicise other routes to Indy alongside this as AS has done.I notice that the great European Angus Robertson has been moving about Europe with many photo opps but who knows what his narrative has been! We need our people in Europe talking to those who can offer support to Scotland when Scottish independence is announced,And crucially we need to have contact with the De-colonisation Committee of United Nations.Lots to do-we need to get busy and push the Indy agenda!

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    1. They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. In relation to his trial, I’d guess Alex has now determined that ‘his dish’ is at the required temperature.

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  4. The ‘Claim of Right’ – when we see what the Westminster government is doing in NI (riding roughshod over the protocol, clearing the way for US food into the UK – why do you think they can now sell goods in imperial measures – the US do not wish to repackage simply to export into the UK), I don’t believe they will give a shite about Scotland’s sovereignty or ‘Claim of Right’. I believe that it was maybe a good thing that Alex did not gain power in Holyrood, for now, he can lead a none political rising for Scottish independence, that can unite all party colours in Scotland, (a bit like Micheal Farage did with Brexit, although I can not see him getting the same air time as Farage) already we see how he has forced a referendum back onto the agenda, he still instils fear into the SNP party, they know Alba waits in the wings, they will not get away with both votes for the SNP at the next Scottish Parliamentary Elections, forcing Sturgeon, to at least show a willingness to go forward on an independence referendum no matter their enthusiasm (or lack off enthusiasm) for one. My prediction, Alex will step down as leader of Alba and become a leading light in a reinvigorated Yes movement.

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    1. Postcolonial theory and decolonisation history tells us that a national independence movement of people, once they discover they have been deceived by a mankit dominant national party which ever more clearly functions as a colonial administration, and hence another layer of colonial oppression, then shifts into a new phase: that of a National Liberation Movement, the latter also having recognition in international law.

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      1. Yes Mr Baird , a NLM could very well be where we’re heading – YES ! .

        Like others here and elsewhere , I’ve long thought it’s going to take an awakening of Scottish Consciousness en masse to break the 300+ year shackles that have kept our psyches in a crippling complex of inferiority .

        Something the Régime Infantile of the last 7 odd ( very ) years have done nothing to alleviate ; on the contrary , not only have they anathematised the very idea of Nationalism as a unifying , liberating , POSITIVE force , they’ve added a whole slew of utterly absurd prohibitions on what we can do , say , think around the issues of * gender * etc :Like we Scots need more psychic baggage , more pressure to conform to * standards * imposed by others .

        Great to hear Alex saying this ; let’s hope others follow suit .

        When the – pretty much – inevitable happens , ie nothing of substance emerges from this current flurry of Papers n posturing ( almost 8 years on they’re still babbling about Papers ! ) and assuming they haven’t screwed our chances beyond repair , the conditions may be ripe to dispense with all the tiptoeing around , the ticking of imaginary boxes to appease phantoms , and get down to the real thing …

        Our inalienable , unalterable Sovereignty as Scots . Mass awareness of this empowering idea is what we should be aiming for as first priority ; everything would follow from that . Honestly , I can’t see how anything good for our cause can come without it

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      2. That sounds like a much more hopeful path. We need a united fron to oppose all Westminster will throw at us.
        With people becoming increasingly aware of the unfair treatment of Scotland, fuel prices being a topical example, plus austerity hurting more and more, including the middle classes who have largely escaped up until now, perhaps .
        the time is right.

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      1. Sturgeon has got her trans activist tasks done and is now preparing to lose a referendum – this is not the one to prevent Westminster stripping us of all our rights. It would get in the way of her UN job. As a Scottish lord said back in the day when challenged by what right he held his lands:
        By my right hand.

        He then died fighting.

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    2. I agree – I don’t think WM will respect any talk of ‘Claim of Right’ and will do their darnedest to ignore it, boo it down & dismiss it every chance they get. HOWEVER, that does not make it illegal or outwith Constitutional law! And WM are not the final arbiter of International Constitutional law. We LEAVE ANYWAY. And leave WM to whine, demand we come back, insist its illegal – whatever. Leaving is LEGAL. As this Professor has said:

      Though he is coming from the point of view that Scotland will be wishing to rejoin the EU & thus we will have EU laws to consider too… or put up with some EU countries’ possible cries of ‘No, it was illegal’. Well joining EU is no longer the short term plan that it could have been – had we left the union earlier as we’d still meet the EU criteria. So now… we are talking EFTA & EEA so we WILL NOT have to worry about what Spain or any other country feels about leaving the union.

      Also, Prof Weller comes from the point where it would seem he is not familiar with the Claim of Right or the fact Scotland has it’s own Constitution which ALLOWS Scotland to leave the union if it so desires! If Prof Weller was more aware of those Articles, it may well have influenced and concentrated his thoughts more clearly on PRECISELY WHAT SCOTLAND CAN DO.

      But the point is, even given the above two differences in his theories, he still believes Scotland has the right to leave the union. WITH those differences taken into account, I’d say his belief would be strengthened. Sooo…

      My thoughts are we do not have to worry about what WM says or does or worry about any tantrums they may throw! We just leave. We WILL have to negotiate. But if WM throw a childish paddy & say ‘No chance’, then we leave without assets – but we leave without debt too. And we start from scratch. Okay… it won’t be quite so easy. But then – Scots Politicians won’t have to spend years arguing the toss over our share of well… there are few assets LEFT in UK, are there?! THEY’RE ALL SOLD OFF! So we save some hassle & just move on.

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    Any other route will fail. A referendum gives the no campaigners absolute control of any referendum process they have the money, the media and tens of thousands of foreigners living in Scotland that they can manipulate

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  6. I agree with Panda Paws from previous thread. Aye, Sturgeon and her coterie of British state compromised accomplices are theoretically vulnerable to the emergence of multiple scandals (not necessarily political in nature), but these need to see the light of day in such a way as to breach the carefully crafted legal and media blanket of impunity.
    Inhabiting the SNP backbenches at Westminster and Holyrood is a non-job, yet that’s where those possessing qualifications (technical) and experience (professional and life) languish.
    Time to wake up; the ability of the constituency associations to select decent, intelligent, local candidates with the fortitude to stand up to the corrupt party machine is under threat. If true, the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath association has been put into “special measures”. This trick has been incorporated from New Labour. A means of ensuring that all positions are filled with pliable, “never had a proper job in their lives” party apparatchiks.
    Prior to the 2019 GE, Boris Johnson flat out barred 21 sitting Tory MPs from contesting the election. Their replacements had to commit to an oath of loyalty to Boris. With events coming at us so fast, this frankly terrifying leap towards dictatorship went largely unnoticed. If Murrell and Ruddick can take a leaf out of New Labour’s book, they will emulate the ruthlessness of the Tory party machine.
    Addressed to the SNP backbenches that know where the bodies are buried. For all the good your doing maintaining silence, stand up now and bring this British state compromised shadow theatre crashing down.
    You’ve nothing to loose. Party HQ know no restraint, no decency. They’ll be coming for you regardless, it’s only a question of time.

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    1. Aime Cesaire reminds us of the worsening behaviour of native and colonizer elites as this ‘class’ struggle to retain their privilege and status and power as usurpers during the decolonisation process, and where: “the bourgeoisie is condemned to become every day more snarling, more openly ferocious, more shameless, more summarily barbarous; that it is an implacable law that every decadent class finds itself turned into a receptacle into which there flow all the dirty waters of history; that it is a universal law that before it disappears, every class must first disgrace itself completely, on all fronts, and that it is with their heads buried in the dunghill that dying societies utter their swan songs.”

      True self-recovery of the people after independence/decolonisation necessitates a fundamentally different society. As Albert Memmi said: “If he ceases to be a colonized – he will become something else.” Hence independence is also about the transformation of a former colonial society, its structures and institutions, and the end of socio-linguistic prejudice among the many other aspects of oppression.

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      1. Root and branch change, renewal and education for a new debritished Scots «type». A simple cosmetic makeover, rebranding, flag and embassies etc is not what meaningful national independence is about.
        Bad habits of the old order do tend to linger.

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  7. I’m pure beelin’. Pat the pederast has been let aff wi’ twa days suspension fae the HoC. The timing of the announcement pure stinks. Bury this outrageously lenient pronouncement amidst the kerfuffle of the “starting gun” (which we all know was spiked eight years ago).
    But surely Pat’s the weel vwictim here. He’s important, the young researchers and SPADS are nobodies, just catamites, there to satisfy the carnal urges of their betters. That’s what his handlers led him to believe.

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    1. Just wait until they task the police with trawling through decades of his life looking for other offences. That’s what happens in the SNP isn’t it?

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  8. I’d hope the New SNP and the Greens don’t make Indyref2 about them, but do involve all other parties who support Independence.

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    1. You haven’t seen Pete Wishart’s latest then? Apparently ALBA & other activists are no longer fit to be in ‘their’ main Indy movement, so we’re not getting to fight for ‘Indy. LOL!

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  9. They will possibly not openly embargo SNP supporters from working with ALBA and the other independence party supporters, but neither will they encourage it, I think, 100%. That would mean endorsing Alec Salmond and ALBA, and I can’t see her doing that, but she can’t really stop anyone from campaigning for independence. However, I have a feeling that she will try to muddy the waters by pushing through the self-ID GRA stuff before 2023, and, that way, she will scunner a lot of females (and many men in the movement won’t lift a finger to help unless they put a hex on independence) tell them they’re hysterical and the GRA reform won’t affect them at all, then the referendum will be refused anyway, or it will be tied up in court and won’t happen. I really believe now that she is that sleekit, and disdainful of the voters. There is definitely a lack of nous there as to the British State’s tactics, but no one climbs as high up the greasy pole as she has without knowing what’s what on covering your own back. We need something to breach the dam of rage and frustration or we are all going to be left high and dry again, but far worse off than we have been to date.

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  10. “Exercising my claim of right” … were the precise words chosen to open the first paragraph of … “The Declaration of a Sovereign Scot” initiative started well over a year ago.

    Over that year increasing numbers of individuals from all over Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paisley, Kirkcaldy, as far north as Golspie and as far south as Dumfries), have of their own volition signed their individual Declaration, with the opening paragraphs reading in full:

    “Exercising my Claim Of Right as a Sovereign Scot, I declare:

    I do not consent to the terms of, nor the continuation of, the Treaty of Union established through the Acts of Union in 1707.”

    In batches, as they are signed, those individual Declarations have been lodged with the Secretary General of the United Nations in New York, so that in a subsequent Stage in the initiative, they are available to all the 193 Members of the United Nations.

    That later Stage in this initiative relates to a Resolution passed, without dissent, by the General Assembly of the UN in 1960, which contained, inter alia, these words:

    “All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”

    We celebrate and commenorate the Declaration of Arbroath, designated by UNESCO as a “Memory of the World”

    As a “Message to the World” … each individual Declaration is scanned and copied before lodging at the UN, and in due course will be compiled into one document as the “Declarations of Sovereign Scots”, for future generations to see and recognise as part of an independent Scotland’s history.

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  11. The legalistic route, which i take Claim of Right to be, is only as good as its results. If it’should develop into endless wrangling over «text», it would be yet more time wasting, of which we have had a sufficiency.
    The British state will not go quietly into history. Nationalists need to be prepared for the probability of a bare knuckle match with an opponent who fights dirty.

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    1. Bare knuckle fighting yes but the British State has quite a lot on the go and although the SNP leadership may want to shilly shally and delay we have to drive the pace faster.The Tories are stripping our economy and diminishing our capacity to develop. We have to use all means including the UN Decolonisation Committee to drive the pace and galvanise our people. We must build positivity and unity and the SNP will be forced along.The Tories have a whole swatch of problems to deal with -now’s the time!

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      1. I wouldn’t want to close off options that others think may yield results, but I think that the constitutional argument for Scotland boils down to 2 options:-
        1) we are part of a political union and have the right to end that union
        2) we are a colony and, as such, have a right to approach the UN to end that colonisation
        Whichever, Scotland is a nation and therefore has the right to SELF DETERMINATION
        It is really very simple. Self determination means never having to ask permission.

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      2. The legal battles that the British State is having to fight are piling up – we already have the illegal attack on the Northern Ireland Protocol, which has been festering for some time and now the widespread condemnation of sending refugees to Rwanda, which may result in the UK leaving the EUHRC.
        Lets give them another one to argue, whether they can stop Scotland leaving the Union. I don’t think International opinion is cureently favouring the UK stance in these other matters and many counties will be sympathtic to our cause.

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      3. The loss of face to the established order is potentially immense. Neither Scotland nor England would be «the same» after the event. It ought to be return to zero for both parties, a significant great reset indeed.

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    2. Couldn’t agree more. The one thing I don’t see being accepted on here is that there are a substantial number of our fellow countrymen and women who are clearly set on precisely the opposite trajectory. For whom every lie and distortion from the British state and it’s lackeys in the SMSM will be greeted as mana from heaven accordingly.
      Much as I share a post-colonialist analysis, I see our largest problem as conveying that to a possible hostile public


      1. Why should it if it is handled properly? On the strength of both the Claim of Right and the Treaty breaches, we act: that is, we declare our nation’s right to decide its own destiny. The Unionists can argue the point all they like, but we have to act on the constitutional tools. No reason either why we can’t have plebiscitary elections till the cows come home. There are many things we could do to maximise the YES vote, but will we, or will we sit back as we always do and allow the Unionists to set the agenda?

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  12. Grady cover up.

    A report revealed that Ian Blakford “ambushed” the complainant in 2018, before they made the formal complaint.

    Patrick Grady, a former party chief whip, was found to have broken conduct rules after a drunk “unwanted sexual advance” towards a junior member of staff at a pub in 2016. He is now facing calls to resign from across the political aisle in Scotland.

    An investigation by Parliament’s complaints scheme, published on Tuesday, recommended that he should be suspended from the Commons for two days.

    Mr Blackford allegedly took the staffer for an “impromptu meeting”, who did not know that Mr Grady would be present.

    The complainant said they felt intimidated into accepting an apology from Mr Grady when in a room with “two people who had so much influence” over their career, according to the report.

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    1. An awfully lenient finding by Parliaments Complains Scheme it seems to me. Shows how little a threat the SNP is to their Parliament.

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  13. I see the unionist press is busy deploying their big gun:
    demand answers from Scotland to issues that require agreement with rUK. Whatever answer (that can only ever be a proposal) is put forward will be flatly rejected by Westminster to damage the credibility of YES. I hope someone has the sense to call this out in plain speech for what it is and not bumble around attempting “answers”.

    Would rUK respect democracy and negotiate the terms of independence or would they not? That is the question.

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      1. Agree Katie.

        The unionists are up to their old tricks though:
        how will the border work? ooooh well we won’t agree to that …
        What currency will you use? ooooh well we don’t agree to a currency union
        Game playing of the lowest kind. Where a definitive answer requires agreement with other parties only intentions can be expressed and those cannot contain detail – details comes out of negotiations. They must contain caveats making clear agreement and negotiation is needed. We fell all over this last time. I hope we have learned.

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  14. Having now read the Marc Weller article, I think that he does not fully appreciate that Scotland, unlike some of the examples he gives, joined a Union with England in 1707 as one of two independendent sovereign states, though one was considerably larger than the other, and the matters of both bribery and intimidation at the time should be taken into consideration.
    Given that and the historic constitutional situation of Scotland where the people are sovereign, unlike England, it should be enough for the expressed will of the Scottish people to leave the Union to be recognised and for negotiations with the former partner to begin.
    The frequent breaches of articles of that Treaty of Union, starting with the imposition of English taxes on Scotland and most recently Brexit and taking us out of the EU, which we voted against, and the resultant legislation imposing a British Single Market on Scotland, thus destroying our distinctive rules, for example to protect food and agriculture, are further arguments for our legitimate desire for self determination.

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    1. Impossible to trust the Brits, by their actions are they known, even more so the home grown variety.
      «Self-determination» for a nation is a natural and a vital as breathing.

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