On the day the BBC reported that Patrick Grady MP has been banned from the House of Commons for sexual offences I republish the article that appeared on this blog more than a year ago as the ”victim” tried to get justice and met opposition and great difficulty. This frustration led to the correspondence being leaked to me to make public. A year later Mr Grady has still not been suspended by the SNP (unless it happened today after the publicity of his HOC BAN). Compare and contrast in how quickly Tim Rideout was suspended, without a hearing for a trivial offence in comparison.

What follows is a message sent by Kieran Reape who is the SNP staff employee who made allegations against two SNP POLITICIANS. Earlier today he sent this message to all the other SNP employees working at Westminster highlighting that the assurances issued by Ian BLACKFORD in March were not being honoured. The second letter is the letter issued to staff after the allegations were made. I have removed the direct dial phone numbers from the people named in the letter. The BLACKFORD email contained the issue until after the election. Maybe now somebody might investigate. Nicola of course was busy smearing someone else who was found innocent rather than addressing these incidents. Strange priorities is it not?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.

From: REAPE, Kieran 
Sent: 12 May 2021 08:56
To: BLACKFORD, Ian ; OSWALD, Kirsten 
Cc: ARMSHAW, Emma ; REID, Callum ; PURDIE, Emilie-Louise ; OSWALD, Kirsten ; ASIF, Ahmed ; BRADLEY, Eoin ; CARRE, Zoe ; FRENCH, Tom ; HAMILL, Matthew ; HARVEY, Anne ; KIEHLMANN, Jonathan A ; LUCK, Maria-Clorinda ; LUKAS, Aaron ; MACDONALD, Fraser ; MARWICK, Lynsey Anne ; MATHESON, Catriona A ; MCCREAR, Stacey ; MULLINS-SILVERSTEIN, Christopher M ; NAGY, Linda ; REAPE, Kieran ; ROBERTSON, Angus ; SAADE, Salma ; SIMMONDS-UPTON, Josh ; TAYLOR, Scott B ; Tom French ; WARD, Andrew ; SNP Members’ Staff ; SNP Group 
Subject: RE: Staff update
Importance: High


It’s been over two months since we received this email from our Leader, Ian Blackford and over three months since the complaints were known. Since then the two MPs have been named in the press as Patrick Grady and Patricia Gibson and since then, Patrick Grady was speaking yesterday in the Queen’s Speech and Patricia Gibson continuing to serve on the frontbench while publicly defaming the victim saying the complaints are “unfounded” and “malicious”, despite HQ being provided with texts that show the allegations are not “unfounded”.

These concerns were raised with HQ, who have yet to approach any witnesses or even do anything other than get a statement over 2 months ago.

Two MPs witnessed the harassment by Patricia but she is still serving and neither witness has been approached. Why?

Ian Blackford knows about the Patrick Grady harassment, he’s still an SNP MP speaking on the SNP benches. Why?

I’m writing to staff to let you know that you are not safe working for the SNP Westminster Group, as someone who worked in the Whips Office for over 5 years, I’ve seen how the Party deals with discipline, you will not be protected if the harassment comes from an MP. We are seeing this happen right now.

If you are unhappy with how this has been handled, make sure you let your employer and union know, because with the culture in Westminster, you may be next to receive sexual harassment when you are expected to work on the Parliamentary Estate.

We as staff should not have to put up with this. We all know that if these incidents happened staff, they would have been dealt with by now, but because of the power and position of an MP, it is being ignored by the SNP.

I wish you all the best in the future, as it is clear my future has been put to a halt by the SNP by protecting its Members of Parliament instead of its staff.

Kind regards,

Kieran Reape

Sent: 11 March 2021 12:56
Subject: Staff update

Dear colleagues, 

Following the news of allegations of sexual harassment, I wanted to write and offer reassurance that the SNP Westminster Group has a zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate behaviour.  

I appreciate seeing such news reports can be upsetting, and I wanted to remind staff of the resources available to you should you have any concerns. 

Here at Westminster, the Group Executive put in place a Valuing Others Statement, which is available via your individual Breathe HR portal under ‘company documents’. This statement provides links to the most up to date resources and guidance for staff on the issue. This includes Parliament’s Independent Complaints and Grievance Schemewhere you can find guidance on the support and advisory services available to you if you feel you have experienced bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct, as well as details of how you can report inappropriate behaviour and what you can expect to happen throughout the process. The ICGS can be contacted at 0808 168 9281 / support@icgshelpline.org.uk

In addition, the House of Commons Employee Assistance Programme is a confidential support service for employees. The 24-hour helpline is 0800 030 5182.

Even though you may not have worked directly at SNP Headquarters, party procedures, through the Code of Conduct for Members, are aimed at ensuring anyone can raise concerns directly and in confidence, including the option of choosing to do so to someone completely outside the immediate Party structure. The external route is Lesley Johnston, a solicitor with Kennedys Scotland. Her contact details are: lesley.johnston@kennedyslaw.com and direct dial 

Alternatively, individuals can report any matter on a confidential basis, either formally or informally, using the internal route. The point of contact at SNP Headquarters is Ian McCann, who may be contacted at ian.mccann@snp.org and direct dial 

Party colleagues at HQ can also provide advice, counselling and, if needed, access to mental health support services. If you wish to talk to someone in HQ about any of these matters, please contact Susan Ruddick .The wellbeing service Sue manages is confidential and independent of any official reporting mechanisms.

I am clear that the welfare of our staff is paramount. Any concerns raised will be taken seriously, dealt with confidentially, and if it is your wish, independently investigated. Of course, if you believe that you may have been the victim of a crime, you should not hesitate to go to the police.

I look forward to seeing you at tomorrow’s staff meeting where I would be happy to discuss any of these resources further, or you may speak to me individually if you prefer.

Best wishes,


Ian Blackford
MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber
SNP Westminster Group Leader

London address: Constituency address: Constituency address:
House of Commons  29 High Street Mamore House, The Parade
London Dingwall Fort William
SW1A 0AA IV15 9RU PH33

Twitter @IanblackfordMP
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IanBlackford.SNP
Website ianblackfordmp.scot


  1. And still it continues even after Saville and all the other perverts and paedophiles the establishment cover it up , these people are perverts and deviants as is evidenced by the INTENTIONAL time wasting and for anyone to think 2 days suspension from the HOC is a punishment , it is laughable , how can ANYONE excuse this behaviour these people have no morals , integrity or shame

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  2. I agree twathater. Newsnp are covering up for perverts and peadophiles and by so doing enabling them to continue regardless. 2 days suspension is derisory and an insult to the victim. It’s no wonder the majority of victims don’t come forward.
    Yeah Tim Rideout was stamped on immediately by nicoliar’s big filthy boot. She hates decent, intelligent people doesn’t she folks. Newsnp welcomes thickos, liars, perverts, fetishistic types, peadophiles, dangerous men who use women’s spaces, nicoliar worshippers etc etc. No integrity, morality, or shame right enough. Just a bad lot now.

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  3. I want to see a host of police conducting interviews to ascertain if there are other staffers who have been accosted , sexually harassed by these SNP MPs, Many police hours should be used and hundreds of interviews conducted.
    Much leaking to the press should also be on the cards and the public should be informed at every opportunity of any salacious details available – no matter how irrelevant.

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  4. The SNP has fully joined the club of elites. The rules don’t apply to the members of her inner circle. When they make mistakes in political or personal life it is brushed aside. Look at the treatment dished out by Sturgeon to those who sent a misspelled text or retweeted a post in contrast to the protection of her loyal sycophants.

    When you cannot address your mistakes, your enemies will make the most of it…..case in point below in the Herald.

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  5. As a young teacher I learned that an approach to discipline had to be FAIRLY and CONSISTENTLY applied. This proved invaluable to me across the years I spent in education. I’d advise whoever is in charge of those matters in the SNP to look up those words in the dictionary. The SNP has always had a stronger searchlight shone on its practices, the establishment constantly looking for opportunities to condemn the party and its members. The careerists, self promoters and incompetents now in charge clearly lack the skills and ability to be in charge of a playgroup let alone a party in government.

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  6. Grady’s putative sexual assault happened in October 2016. Grady returned from his ten day, International Visitors Leadership Program trip to the States late June 2016. What’s the chances that the State Department arranged for Grady to “bump into” a young Adonis of their employ during the trip? I believe this is referred to as “coat trailing” in intelligence parlance.

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    1. I would suggest quite a few of them fall into that trap. Blinded by their misplaced sense of their self importance and ego. It’ll be written down in a wee black book…just waiting to see the light of day when it suits the brits. Idiots.

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    2. After a six year court battle, Julian Assange’s lawyer, Jennifer Robinson has attained a court settlement with the British state over its interception of her personal communications. A bombshell admission of the state spying on an entirely innocent private individual. Should be headline news across the political spectrum. Of all the msm, only the Daily Mail reported this. A curious beacon of libertarianism (albeit a far right and extreme Unionist one).
      See, my tin foil hat is justified after all.

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  7. I’m not sure how Ian Blackford’s ‘zero tolerance’ sits with the comparatively lenient treatment of Derek Mackay. At least he is one less potential victim for the Dirty Tricks Brigade. Or is he?

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  8. In failing, decadent States, behaviours such as those above, are awarded little attention and even less scrutiny by the terminally hubristic lawmakers, the vast majority of their number having, long ago, lost all notions of decency and humanity.

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    1. I think you have hit on it there. What matters is power. Right or wrong does not come into it. Those who are perceived as a threat are punished and those who pose no threat to power are not worthy of consideration. It a busy job being first minister.

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  9. Party colleagues at HQ can also provide advice, counselling and, if needed, access to mental health support services. If you wish to talk to someone in HQ about any of these matters, please contact Susan Ruddick .The wellbeing service Sue manages is confidential and independent of any official reporting mechanisms.

    Is that the same Sue Ruddick that made up a false allegation against Alex Salmond? A person I have heard might have also engaged in highly inappropriate behaviour herself? That Sue Ruddick?

    You can’t help but laugh at the total absurdity of all this. Also I wonder if any of the false accusers are on that list of people?

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  10. Can I ask the FM is she happy at the sentence handed out to one of her SEX PESTS or are THEY NOT considered as SEX PESTS because they both targeted a young MALE employee , can you ONLY be considered a SEX PEST if you target a female and you ALLEGEDLY commit acts which a jury consisting of mostly women sorry REAL WOMEN find the alleged person innocent of all charges

    Can I also ask FM why your rabid attack dog and publicly funded Rape Crisis Scotland is NOT publicly condemning those SEX PESTS actions with statements and appearances on national news programmes and newspapers , is rape or attempted rape or SEXUAL PESTERING only an offence when it is committed against women

    Are MEN excluded from the me too movement that you quoted regularly when attempting to vilify an innocent man or are you being selective and protective of SEX PESTS because they are your SEX PESTS

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    1. Sturgeon hates heterosexual man. Look at the evidence – her absurd ‘gender balanced’ cabinet regardless of ability (Shirley Somerville anyone?), her witches coven for the Salmond show trial, her ‘adoption’ of the pipsqueak Harvie, and then there’s her ‘husband’!

      That’s why she shuns any Indy marches but never misses a Pride rally. Gays and transwomen are the only men who meet with her approval.


  11. I am nearly 70. In my day this type of pervert was rare, or more likely had the decency to lurk quietly.
    On the rare occasion such unwanted advances were made in licenced premises, the perpetrator would be swiftly re-educated round the back (of the premises I should add).

    That was working class Lanarkshire a lifetime ago. It seemed to work well enough.

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  12. And there was me yesterday, happy that the move is finally on to pursue independence – and bump – this article brings to my oversight, the person fronting the start of the independence campaign, And so I’m back to my concerns of a Indy ref campaign with conditions set to ensure failure.

    We must take the Indy initiative away from the SNP.Simples, we need to find the means/organise to challenge the conditions set for Indy2.For a start –

    A “Gold Standard” question posted somewhere – if the UK can leave the EU without a gold standard S30 sort of paper, surely Scotland can leave the UK similarly? And, as referenced above i doubt that the person fronting the start of Indy2 would respond to that question – a sort of wasn’t there/can’t remember/what’s your point? – sort of person

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