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From birth your child or children become the focal point of your life. You hope to be able to raise them safely and point and encourage them to build a good life for themselves. As they grow up and start to become mobile you need an awareness of where they are, who they are with, the minute they are no longer in your direct view.

When they get to five you entrust some of those responsibilities to a local school. You rely on the teachers and staff to look after your child’s safety when you can no longer be with them all the time. As many parents both work you may have had to trust a childminder or pre school organisation, even earlier than five.

Until recently it was very unusual for parents to distrust these education professionals but that is changing. The education system is being politicised with the Scottish Government seeking to impose their social policies through instructing teachers to follow instructions by introducing controversial political policies being introduced to the curriculum then issuing strict guidelines on how these topics are taught in the school.

Worse, in the sure knowledge, that many of these issues would meet resistance from parents, formal instruction and guidance is issued to teachers telling them not to tell parents about certain reactions from THEIR children as they seek to bend the children to the Government’s political will. Likewise teachers are well warned that resistance from them will not be tolerated. THIS IS STATE BULLYING.

A recent example is the sex survey that is totally invasive asking questions many adults would refuse to answer. Totally inappropriate, potentially damaging and much of the data will be of little use. I say that because I know, even in my times at school, males will answer that they have much more sexual experience than reality, while many females will probably do the opposite.

Worse when asked to confirm the survey was anonymous, initially the Government argued that it was, indeed it was being promoted on that basis. It was only after persistent challenge that it was later admitted that the survey, which did not require names, did include a “ candidate number” that allowed individual identification if required. THAT IS NOT HOW TO WIN PARENTS TRUST.

Trust between parents and teachers is crucial in education. In my view that is being increasingly risked by trying to force political social issues through the education agenda. How dare they instruct teachers to hide information from parents?

This political interference is not restricted to schools, NHS staff were issued and encouraged to wear “rainbow” badges as part of their uniform. This is outrageous political interference in public services. There is a huge difference between permitting nurses to do so and issuing them to staff and stating that the Government would hope staff would wear them. That is about as close to state bullying as you can get without crossing the line.

I would hope teachers unions and the NHS staff organisations would take an interest in the attempts to use their members to force feed the Government’s wishes on the public. Even if you agree with the issues involved you should be aware that the same thing can happen in the future on issues which you strongly oppose once the precedent has been established.

These moves by the Scottish Government are foolish, they alienate some staff, build a sense of distrust between parents and teacher and set a dangerous precedent that normalises political interference in public services. Political interference that may be extended by  Governments, of perhaps different political allegiances, in the future.

How could you object to a Tory Westminster Government in the future involving staff in departments still funded and operated from London from wearing some politically motivated badge and being instructed/ encouraged to do so?

These processes have cost money and time that would be better spent on improving core services. Running efficient services is much more important than running “ politically correct” flam and nonsense.




Sadly some websites that claim to be pro Indy have turned out to be only Pro SNP sites and have sought to ban any websites that dare to question SNP Policy or tactics. They seek to avoid the public being aware that alternatives to waiting for Westminster to “grant” Scotland a Section 30 to hold a referendum exist. Issues like the flawed franchise, the Claim of Right route, the work of the SSRG and Salvo fill them with dread. As this blog promotes all routes, including alternatives I am banned from these sites and am therefore very grateful to my readers, who knowing about these efforts to ban and suppress go out of their way to subscribe and to share my articles far and wide. It is a good thing that attempts to restrict free speech and censor are defeated in this way.


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  1. Excellent article. Among the many valid points here I find the final summation especially relevant in our current cost of living crisis:
    These processes have cost money and time that would be better spent on improving core services. Running efficient services is much more important than running “ politically correct” flam and nonsense.

    Add in the money wasted through incompetence and lack of due diligence and the conclusion must be our leaders live in their own protected bubble, unaccountable for their deliberate and accidental misdeeds. The SNP are kept in power only by YES votes and a major argument for independence is that we will finally be a normal country and hold our government to account for their own actions and not excuse them for our dreams.

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  2. If my children were still of school age I would make use of the many resources on the internet, use outside activities for socialisation and home school them.

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  3. It is fine if kids are taught that it is normal for society to be comprised of different sexualities and genders.

    The problem, as I see it, is kids are being encouraged to believe that it is the norm to actually be “trans”, “non-binary”, “intersex”, “queer” etc rather than simply male and female.

    Insecure children without fully formed mental or physical faculties can easily have their heads turned and latch onto this phony “identity” with potentially irreparable harm caused as a consequence.

    The fact that the Scottish Government is instructing teachers to tell kids not to inform parents about what they are being taught regarding sex, gender and sexuality makes it clear that they are attempting to social engineer our future at the children’s expense.

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    1. Ah, were it only the case that pupils were “being encouraged to believe that it is the norm”. In practice, impressionable children (and that’s what they are) are being encouraged to think that being trans is “special”. In our X Factor culture what’s not to like about being “special” ?
      Even brain-dead, narcissistic parents are encouraging their offspring to be “special”, to be trans. I mean giving birth to a little Einstein that’s gonna be difficult but giving birth to a little RuPaul, that’s doable.

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  4. I am completely bamboozled! Why are parents going along with this? I was told by one woman that it’s better that children learn about this in school because they’ll see it elsewhere! My reply was that parents need to take responsibility for their own family. I certainly think that some of what I’ve seen is tending to look like grooming. What has happened to our Scottish government that it goes along with keeping secrets from parents? I have no grandchildren BUT if I did I’d be up at their school giving it laldy. Come on Scotland, for God’s sake, or for the children’s sake wake up and say NO.

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    1. I’d like some informed authority to make a baseline comparison between the SG guidance to schools and grooming because I think you are right: the SG are acting as sexual predators.

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  5. You are right as regards this is setting a very dangerous precedent that could backfire on those that have created this situation. What is next, children being grouped and slowly programmed with similarities to the “Hitler Youth”? Don’t dismiss the preceding question as you cannot be certain what the future Governments can do once these precedents are accepted as normal. Dismiss this as fear and scaremongering, but it is taking place now as Iain’s article proves.

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  6. “… I certainly think that some of what I’ve seen is tending to look like grooming… ”

    Because that is what it is, Janice. The gender lobby is stepping up the campaign for inclusion of what have always, until now, been classed as perversions. Some MAPs (Minor Attracted People) are now demanding that paedophilia be classed as a sexual orientation, like heterosexuality/homosexuality/bisexuality. The demand to have bestiality take out of the criminal lexicon is also underway. All this has always been eminently foreseeable for those with the brain and eyes to see, those who are not blinded by the ‘just be kind’ mantra. The whole cancel culture that has grown up around Stonewall and its Scottish arms was introduced precisely to terrify people into obedience on pain of social and employment ostracism, so that these initially covert, and now, quite open perversions of reality might be progressed without hindrance from those not blinded by virtue signalling and performance. Any politician who claims that these things are normal needs to be made aware of the consequences of their own stupidity or cupidity because it must be a fair bet that at least some of these elected representatives are, themselves, in favour of perversions in the public domain. The rest are either too stupid to see what is happening pr are cowed into compliance on pain of loss of their career.

    Every law that stands in the way of Queer Theory’s eventual hegemony over common sense, will be swept away if this social evil is allowed a free rein. If you start to feel sorry for the ‘puir wee ‘trans’ sowels’, spare a thought for the children and animals who cannot consent to any of this. No one is claiming that everyone with gender dysphoria is a pervert, as Stonewall likes to claim, but the vast majority you see in Pride rallies and marches (the grown men in nappies, those sucking dummies, those in little girls’ frocks, etc.) the vast majority of activists are autogynephiles, at best, and really perverted individuals at worst, and they all shelter under the ‘trans’ umbrella, even when they never ‘transition’ or have the slightest intention of doing so. The female social contagion lot are desperately in need of mental health support and guidance, not maiming surgeries and drugs that will take away their femaleness forever. The whole narrative is quite deranged, and only the equally deranged or the terrified, can’t or won’t see it. I make no apologies for saying that because it is 100% true: this Scottish government comprising both SNP and SGP individuals is either deeply, deeply stupid, totally captured or is utterly deviant itself. Which is it, SG, because you sure aren’t sane?

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    1. As you so rightly point out , this DEMAND by the wokies that they are SPECIAL and anyone who disagrees WILL be ostracised and denigrated is extremely dangerous
      We older people have seen similar moves in the past by sick perverted politicians to normalise and accept paedophilia as just another form of sexual enlightenment , WHY are all these perverts and deviants drawn to politics , ANSWER to enable them to use their powers to push this revulsion on ordinary citizens , with anyone of sane mind objecting , being jumped on and drowned out
      Sturgeon and her deviant warriors used the DREAM of independence to disguise their real intentions and the snp drones unthinkingly believing that her slowly slowly approach meant a secret plan eagerly embraced the wheesht for indy bovine excrement and let’s face it they almost kept it hidden under the radar , TBQH the let’s be nice to everyone brigade and the snp drones have facilitated the advancement of this lunacy which is damaging for EVERYONE
      IF it wasn’t for Stuart Campbell of WOS unstinting exposure and attack of this lunacy even although he was under constant attack for doing so many more people would be unaware of this POISON in our midst

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    2. Totally agree. I have asked on other forums if the words ‘pervert’ and ‘perversion’ have been obliterated from dictionaries.

      It seems that we have to tolerate everything and criticise nothing – time to speak out particularly parents.

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  7. I have a grandchild who will be going to school in August.

    Neither of his parents nor his grandparents want the school to instruct him In the matter of LBQT++ . My grandchild will be four and a half and I do not want him immersed in an education where ever so pervasively he is exposed to practices like anal sex, blow jobs, male on male, female on female, or the encouragement that it’s all right for him to adopt the female role, or in the case of a girl, if there is such a gender now, the opposite.

    Nor do I want him exposed to a culture that supports reducing the age of sexual consent to ten years old because that is out there too with the organisations that campaign, are funded by the Scottish government, and who produce sexually focussed educational teaching aids for the schools.

    In our new world of our Nu SNP there are no perversions, no unacceptable practices, and if they get their way, no age limits. The ten year old age of consent is well trailed by organisations whose only focus in life is sexual practices. Research into their murky world and you will find the links. And what after that, the acceptability of bestiality.

    Teachers of course have to take some criticism. They should resist the odious directions being seeded through the school system. Moreover parents should make it their business to challenge teachers who try to inculcate these politically motivated ideologies. School, especially in the early years should be an extension of the family.

    School should be a place of learning learning, of personality development, of shared friendships, of decent values. It is not a place, and especially for young children, where they are exposed to drag queens called Flow Job, or to instruction with a jar of Nutella and a banana, or to a visiting MP who wears tea shirts proclaiming ‘ you can pee next to me”, This is the political ideology that we want removed from our schools and it truly makes me wonder if SNP now stands for the Shit n Pee party, for that reflects very much the mindset of those in the controlling clique.

    But it’s not just schools that are affected, and this SNP Government is one of the most odious, bullying. nu think political parties I have seen in my life time. There is no level to which they would not stoop as the schooling fiascos show, as the work practice changes in the NHS show, as indeed the rotten and corrupt witch hunts using and abusing the power to destroy political opponents.

    Sturgeon’s rule, her iron rule, through her use and abuse of power is going to end in fears. We need to get rid of her and her controlling clique before more damage is done.

    Yes a timely article whilst our country descends into economic and social decline. Unaffordable gas and electricity in a country endowed with energy. soaring inflation, shrinking savings, pensions and wages, huge waiting times to access medical services, shortages of goods and services including medicines, travel chaos, and this is the best the SNP Government can do.

    And against all of this would it be intemperate to observe that Queen Nikola and her consort Peter the Great recently had the time to travel to London to sit with royalty in the pomp and ceremony of the celebration of the Jubilee. Certainly in good company there.

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  8. And these are the muppets that are supposedly going to run a referendum? I can just imagine the broadcast and print media having an absolute field day with this a couple of weeks before the vote.

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    1. Yes – Sturgeon the dark state darling is lining up a pretendy referendum that she will ensure is lost in spectacular style. YES needs to put the SNP into their own political box and take them out of their preferred space where independence is all about the SNP. YES cannot morph with the SNP as it did in 2014 because by accident or by careful planning the nuSNP have handed fatal ammunition to the state.

      Self determination is about accountable government, elected by us and for us. We need to make very clear it is not a nuSNP hegemony – and the SNP need to hear that message more than anyone!

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  9. Being of an age to vividly remember school i recall how teachers can be influential forces for good and bad. The politicization of sex and socalled «gender» has given teachers, some perhaps with malign intent, gateways into children’s minds at a stage when things can be rather confusing on every level of existence.
    Learning is a difficult process requiring considerable effort on the part of the learner. You also have to trust the sources of that learning. If trust is contaminated, subverted by preying on the feelings schooling becomes a minefield.
    The intellectual straitjacket of that bundle of secular heresies the system has largely embraced as orthodoxies gives adults into «leadership rôles» regardless of discipline, a control no individual ought to exercise, even with oversight.
    The greatest counter to the malignant virus of the spirit of the times is the ability to think as a free, autonomous individual. That, of course, is a capacity systems are not too keen on developing in the population.

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  10. Scots already have a confused national identity, a ‘dual persona’ as Prof Tom Devine called it. This leads to confusion about our actual national identity, and is more especially prevalent amongst ‘No’ voters, many of whom claim to be both British and Scottish. This identity confusion is largely a result of British Cultural and Linguistic Imperialism policies, including the policy of teaching and prioritising in Scotland the English language, and preventing Scots bairns from learning their own Scots mither tongue, which also results in a Cultural Division of Labour favouring and elevating Anglophones. Now we have state imposed policies and highly questionable educational practices which intentionally confuse Scots about their natural gender identity.

    Both these state policies have enormous adverse impacts for peoples identities and for Scotland. The first, on changing/replacing our national identity (which in postcolonial theory is also known as ‘Cultural Obliteration’, for obvious reasons) results in a large number of Scots voting against and hence blocking their own nationality, their own national citizenship and halting their own national liberation from oppression, which is cultural/linguistic as well as economic, political etc.

    The second policy or what has been termed ‘Gender Obliteration’, we can already see one consequence of, which is that Scotland now has its lowest birth rate on record, and the lowest of all UK nations. This means that ethnic Scots are not reproducing themselves, i.e. the number of ethnic Scots is falling. Previous census data also tells us that the only way Scotland’s population has been growing over the past two decades is due to increasing levels of in-migration, and by far the largest single ethnic migrant group is from England. This ethnic group, as might be expected, primarily holds to an English/British national identity which is predominantly inclined to vote against Scottish independence.

    In the context of independence, these two ‘educational’ or rather ‘social engineering’ policies (i.e. Culture/Language and hence National Identity, and Gender Identity) pursued by the British state and its devolved Department at Holyrood each serve to adversely affect the prospect of Scottish independence. In addition there are extensive adverse psychological effects resulting from both policies suffered by many individuals in Scotland. Both ‘policies’ are therefore highly oppressive for ethnic Scots and for the future of the Scottish nation.

    History tells us that classical colonialism has involved the extermination of distinct ‘peoples’, and there are numerous ways in which ‘a people’ (as an ethnic group, their history/heritage, culture, language etc) may be destroyed without killing them, e.g. clearances, banishment, plantation, transportation including funding of the latter via successive ‘Empire Resettlement Acts’, all of which Scots have been subject to. To which might be added Cultural Imperialism policies intended to bring about cultural assimilation. Current gender identity policies enforced by the state might therefore be viewed in a similar context. There is certainly no advantage to be gained for Scottish independence which raises the question as to why the SNP would wilfully prioritise such damaging policies. And, in the same vein, where is our Scots Language Act Meenister, the latter necessary to protect Scottish national identity?

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    1. Alf, since many people are unwilling to read more than a short paragraph, could this extremely important information be somehow condensed and advertised on Twitter? Scots NEED to be educated.

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  11. “These moves by the Scottish Government are foolish, they alienate some staff, build a sense of distrust between parents and teacher and set a dangerous precedent that normalises political interference in public services. Political interference that may be extended by Governments, of perhaps different political allegiances, in the future”.

    Yes, indeed, Iain! Government propaganda, as we know, isn’t at all a new phenomenon in schools. What’s new here, though, is that the Scottish government’s propaganda effort is actively being promoted on behalf of a left-fascist splinter grouplet whose adherents are in thrall to a minority agenda imported lock-stock-and-barrel from the United States. This, amongst a host of other issues, raises, for me, big questions regarding the fitness of the current SNP leadership to be allowed anywhere near Scottish politics; particularly so, the question of independence.

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  12. I’m not a ‘poster’ – ever – but this has really struck a chord and I can’t not say something here. Does anyone remember with nostalgia, early primary school days (mid sixties) and playing outside with pals after 3pm, various fun enactments around the story of family – romance, pretend engagements, pretend weddings, pretend going to work and looking after babies etc. All completely innocent, and forgotten about by the time you went in for tea. No adults involved whatsoever and all totally innocent.
    2022 – my granddaughter’s primary school (Fife) got wind of two 5yr olds in her class, wanting to marry. I’m not sure here which way round this happened, whether a boy and a girl mentioned it first or the two girls, but it seems the adults in charge then either put forward the notion of ‘other versions also available’ (fair enough, if we’re only encouraging understanding and inclusiveness, although hardly kind in ‘taking the moment’ from the original couple!) or suggested or agreed to two weddings. I know from the furious enraged response of my friends that I’m nowhere near the only one who thinks this was interfering most inappropriately in what should have stayed a playground/after school make believe game.
    Not content with that, word ‘somehow’ got out into the community and a local hotel offered to host a wedding, aisle and all, complete with dressed chairs, tea and cake. So it was now to be a joint wedding of 5yr olds, run by adults whose main focus was not the age and stage of those in their care, but their own Brownie points aided likely by a very convenient though innocent sharing of news on the part of the children. And a box ticking same sex marriage ‘display’ in the bag.
    If this was a simple sharing of fun playground news, what on earth must those kids have thought as it grew and grew and grew out of their control and into adult hands. All done very gently, inclusively and carefully I have no doubt, which makes it even more creepy. I could weep at the innocence lost and the sinister manipulation by those adults whose heads have been hacked and who are corrupting my sons little girl. The hardest part to bear is that no parent to my knowledge officially objected at this age-inappropriate, state intervention, or at least publicly, and more than a few wholeheartedly supported it. As a grandparent, though you can make the odd suggestion to the parent your hands are effectively tied and mouth zipped. This school has gotten away with hijacking the games of innocents, in thrall to the darkest of agendas.

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  13. Thanks for this heading Iain. I absolutely concur with it.

    I can’t help but think we have been reducing the value of parenting for years in various ways as a society, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

    We have so devalued it that it became almost embarrassing for a Mum or Dad to say they were a ‘stay at home’ parent for the younger years of their children. By not having ‘an economic value’ somehow their value was reduced.

    We have ‘outsourced’ so many responsibilities that have previously been seen as parental responsibilities that we now have a government that assumes that others do these roles better than parents, and parents are not to be trusted. (Remember the ‘Named Person’ scheme??)

    We even seemed to think it was acceptable for a political leader to be termed the ‘big Mamma’, as if any politician could ever take the place of a devoted parent in the nurturing of their child.

    As for the pseudo-educationalists that are being indoctrinated to indoctrinate. Do you remember when the great joy of teachers was to teach you ‘how to think’ rather than ‘what to think’? Now we have so dumbed down education, that we no longer give people the basic tools to think for themselves, and as a result we will close off the great imaginations and minds that have emerged in Scotland in previous centuries to make us a world leader in inventions and philosophy. Instead we will raise generations who all do ‘group think’ and find it so monochrome that we will be happy to replace real people with robots in almost every sphere of life.

    I don’t want this to be heard wrongly, but I wonder how many of those currently making these political decisions are parents themselves and how many of them are making up policies for the raising of children having never been involved in doing so themselves?

    Finally, there is a responsibility for those of us who are parents, to act and not passively accept what is being determined for us. This struck me in a completely different context this week, with the reports of the systemic failures within British Gymnastics which allowed a culture of mental and physical abuse to be normalized for years. It is horrific and those responsible should be held to account; but I also found myself wondering ‘Where were the parents of these youngsters when they were being treated so appallingly by their coaches?’ Were they so ambitious for their children, that they became numbed to what they were being subjected to? Were they so distant from their children that they never heard or saw what was happening to their children? Or were they simply ground down into a sad passivity because parents have become so disenfranchised in our society, that they assume ‘experts’ know what they are doing and leave them to get on with it?

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    1. David I agree entirely with your comment the only thing I can add is that it is NOT just today’s parents who are failing to actively monitor and vociferously expose wrongdoing and abuse within state run or voluntary organisations

      The ABUSE towards mostly children has been going on for centuries and every time it is exposed as in gymnastics , football , or churches everyone is outraged in horror and the shout goes out again by the organisations concerned that they UNRESERVEDLY APOLOGISE and LESSONS WILL BE LEARNED , then it is forgotten about until the next abuse

      IT is reprehensible and unbelievable that people can still support sturgeon and her tartan taliban wokies when they are faced with the EVIDENCE of what they are up to , I would say that MOST of her supporters have either had or have children, are these people so stupid , confused or captured that they cannot see the DELIBERATE focus on EVERYTHING TO DO WITH OUR CHILDREN’S SEXUALITY
      Sturgeon has proven for 8 years that independence is NOT high on her priority list , but she has exposed the FACT publicly that deviance and perversion is uppermost in her priorities by constantly pushing the GRA against fierce opposition and PUBLICLY broadcasting a pathetic plea to her woke disciples not to leave her whilst being comfortable in alienating independence supporters

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  14. Excellent comment, Heather. Might I suggest, with respect, that you download The Denton’s Document from the internet and read the very deliberate ways in which this malign movement has set out to alienate children from their families in order to achieve the total overturning of Western society. Anyone reading this would think we are all prudes of an inordinate degree or conspiracy theorists, but the truth is even more astounding. Many people seem to have no understanding of what is going on and why the SNP was captured by these people. Although Westminster appears to be just as infiltrated with ‘woke’ politicians of every hue, it has resisted thus far the more extreme elements of this ideology. Not so in Scotland. We were deliberately chosen to push this forward in the UK because: a) the SNP was the government in Scotland; and b) if it can be pushed through here, it will eventually be pushed through in England, the big prize. There are several levels to this movement, too: 1. the sexual level (some people would happily sacrifice everyone and anyone for the ‘feelz’; 2. the Big Pharma/Big Tech money-making level; 3. the power and wealth level (or capitalism’s next predatory phase). As usual, we have the hard left opening the back door to the hard right. You couldn’t make it up, and this shower t Holyrood – all the parties – have fallen for it hook, line and sinker, as, under the radar, they introduce Queer Theory/Predatory capitalism without even being aware (many of them) that they are being danced around like puppets on a string. The day cannot come soon enough when politicians are made legally and physically to bear the burden of their own stupidity and cupidity.

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  15. A good piece by Iain. The Health and Wellbeing census – aka the sex census – for schools is indeed a concern, based on the data sharing with other agencies. This has been the holy grail for the civil service for decades. There is then the possibility of wider career opportunities for some of these public servants, which may well be more lucrative than the greasy pole of public service. The Transgender guidance is another matter, and the direct link to this is contained in this twitter thread, so you can check for yourself. The state is truly trying to abrogate parental rights, as outlined in some of the comments above.

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