This is a guest article written by Heather McLean who lives in Dundee, and is a teacher with forty four years experience.

Parents are not going along with this ideology, they are deliberately being kept in the dark by the schools under instruction and pressure from complicit Local Authorities. There have been many instances of parents questioning the Relationships and Sexual Health materials being taught but being deliberately given the run around or made to feel they have no right to question the school.

I believe we are witnessing the systematic dismantling of the boundaries which constitute a respectable decent society which respects and values women and all it’s citizens. Not content with trying to redefine the meaning of the word “woman” the Scottish government are now turning their attention to our children.

According to government guidelines children as young as four will be allowed to change their name and gender at school without the parents consent and knowledge. Please don’t imagine that every teacher is in agreement with these guidelines and government propaganda, but many young teachers are already down the “be kind” indoctrination Road having come through the universities where this ideology is fostered. Many young teachers are under pressure to conform in order to secure full time permanent employment and many older teachers feel pressurised and even bullied into complicity. 

As a teacher I am particularly disturbed at what every early years practitioner recognises as role play now being perverted into the gender debate.
Young children explore and make sense of the world around them through play, using the power of their imagination, which all good education practitioners seek to nurture, children can be Superheroes, robots,, fairies, elves, witches, wizards, doctors, nurses, even unicorns or , Mutant hero Turtles. But nobody seriously should expect anyone to affirm those identies and graft a horn on a forehead or a turtle shell or a set of wings onto their back. 

So when a four year old child says “today I am a boy” or “today I am a girl”, the very last thing an educational professional should be doing is affirming that and setting a child on a path which is damaging psychologically and physically with a future dependent on surgery and prescription medications and hormones.
And worse still keeping this information from the parents. 

Children, in particular are susceptible to the suggestions, expectations and wishes of adults and as such fall prey to manipulation from peers, adults and teachers.
Who as a parent has never heard the words “but my teacher says” when challenged by a parent?
It is of particular concern to me that children are being encouraged to keep secrets from the adults in their lives.
And it is equally concerning that teachers are asked to be complicit in this secrecy and Queer theory ideology where the Scottish Governments plans for introducing gender ideology to primary children as young as 4, will only result in reinforcing stereotypes and setting children on the path towards a lifelong future of drugs, hormones and surgeries. 

I see this as a further sinister development in the erosion of the role of the parent and in particular the role of a mother, traditionally the nurturing caring most important figure in a child’s life and development as a human being but who is now reduced to a reproductive function as a womb haver, a host body, a birthing person. Women’s legitimate concerns about their rights and the rights of their children are brushed aside by the Scottish government and this convoluted nonsense has to stop. Women are the gate keepers, the nurturers the protectors, the mothers and it’s no coincidence that they were the initial targets and now they are coming for our children.


This excellent response was posted as a comment on this blog in response to the article I posted yesterday about the responsibility of being a parent. I took the view that it deserved to be highlighted as an article in its own right and approached Heather to get her permission to do so. We need everyone to speak out about this. It is hugely dangerous and must be challenged and stopped. Now this is one teacher we should all be listening to.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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  1. Great comment from Heather MacLean. She is a brave woman – sorry, I’m old fashioned – especially if she is still teaching.

    In totalitarian states one of the early inclinations of authoritarian regimes is to bastardise the use of language and to propagandise the kids.

    Both of these ‘be kind’ traits are on very clearly on display in modern Scotland and throughout all its civic and political institutions.

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    1. Thinking about this comment. What situation has developed in Scotland where a teacher has to be “ brave” to exercise her right of freedom of speech and thought?. How did that happen? I find that shameful for this country.

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      1. Yep.

        We may be 38 years on from Orwell’s nightmarish vision of the future but we now seem to inhabit a land where the corrupted language of Newspeak and contorted logic of Doublethink hold sway while the Thought Police run our classrooms, health boards, parliamentary committees and company boardrooms.

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    1. Yes, where is the finely named, but frankly misnamed trade union the Educational Institute of Scotland.

      Totally and utterly silent on the matter it seems. For them, and as they have shown repeatedly in the past in their willingness to call a strike in in the pursuit of pay and conditions for their members, the EIS would roast our children on a spit for members commercial gain.

      So it’s maybe no surprise that our majestically named, but morals bereft trade union, is silent on the matter of indoctrination. Or am I missing something.

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  2. I found that really informative, and shocking, Heather – thanks for writing this. There’s a real structural momentum to this if it is not prevented, today’s young teachers are tomorrow’s experienced teachers etc and the cohort of teachers who can perpetrate this crazy extrapolation of childrens’ play behaviour slowly grows. What is to be done ?

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  3. A very well explained summary of what is happening in our schools and explains very clearly how schooling forms a huge a huge part in the character development of children.

    And it is in this area that the sinister and malign state pervades with its perverted ideologies that it promotes to inculcate and programme our children into the world of LGBTI++ and acceptance of the belief that any sexual practices whatsoever are good.

    Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man was a dictum by religious cleric St Ignatius Loyola and it summarises quite succinctly the observation that early years influences last a lifetime. And in that thinking this is why the LGBTI++ lobby are so active in introducing their ideologies into the school curriculum. It is to use the word grooming, state sponsored grooming.

    And the state know it when they encourage and facilitate children to keeping secrets from their parents. Indeed how many of us can think of the pervert telling a child that this is our little secret, don’t tell your parents. But this is exactly what the state is encouraging when it’s rules facilitate children as young as four wanting or being encouraged, coached or is it groomed to keep it a secret from their parents.

    Like the ideology of Nacht und Nabel where things were done secretly out of the public eye, the concepts here in keeping secrets hidden from parents are exactly of the same thinking.

    Or like the Police recruitment of police support volunteers from schools, one does not need to look too far to see the state intervening into places of learning.

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    1. To be absolutely fair, Willie, the LGB part of the equation has little to nothing to do with this. It starts with the ‘T’ and thereafter. You are so right, though, that this is exactly like the Nazi indoctrination techniques on vulnerable German children, millions of who died as a result. Then we had the Nazi doctors, experimenting on Jewish, Gypsy and Slav children in much the same way that vulnerable children are being used as guinea pigs in this gross and sexually deviant Stonewall-backed experiment today.

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  4. Brave, brave woman, Heather. What happened, Iain, is that hard left ‘wokies’ saw the SNP as the perfect vehicle for infiltration and, then, dissemination of Stonewall doctrine. It was no accident. They deliberately targeted the SNP as the ruling party, but also every other party. With lightning speed, the purveyors of all kinds of perversions (they call them freedoms a la Queer Theory) inveigled themselves into positions of authority in all the public services and institutions, including local authorities and the civil service, police, the prosecution service, the courts, legal services, the unions, the teaching professions, everywhere that women and children’s lives might be affected.

    I, and others, have been saying for some time now, that independence is the distraction for these people and not the other way round. They have been the brake on any movement towards independence precisely because it might stymie or hinder or delay their agenda. Also, Scotland is viewed as the soft underbelly of the UK, from which they can launch even greater infiltration in England. They knew that the NuSNP leadership would fold or even collaborate, because they had sussed them out, and I’d bet a penny to a pound that they were behind the attempted take-out of Salmond because, if anyone had the ability to stop them, he had. Sturgeon capitulated without a murmur.

    That the SNP leadership has been so supine, collaborative and spineless must force us to ask the question: are these people fit to govern an independent Scotland? That is why I, and others, have been trying to get across that they must be ousted before we embark on any attempt at independence – because they will destroy any attempt, or if that fails and, by some miracle, we become independent, they will destroy any attempt to bring in a more decent society. The FM’s gleeful adoption of neoliberalism, the neocon and militarist mindset so prevalent in the US, where this stuff is even more advanced than here, plays right into the hands of the real backers of this – the billionaires who see opportunities to make trillions out of the maiming and mutilation and drug dependency of children.

    The sex stuff is just the reward for those whose minds are incapable of rising above their groin area; the women’s spaces and rights are for those who hate females and want them ‘back in their place’; they are the foot soldiers, the advance party for what is coming next, and women must be taken out of the picture because they will try to protect their children. I’m no saying that men won’t, just that the majority of those behind this craziness are males, or males in frocks (one or two of the billionaires from Big Pharma/Big Tech, etc. are ‘trans’. The hard left has always, in its long history, been the enabler of the hard right. Always.

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    1. Can’t agree with the infiltration by the “hard left” hypothesis.
      Those doing the infiltration are in the traditional, economic sense the antithesis of “hard left”.
      Middle class, humanities graduate brats. Raised in the leafy suburbs, spurning a career in the real world for a life leaching off the State as a political researcher, SPAD or elected politician. And if that don’t work out, there’s always mummsy and daddy to fall back on.
      This ain’t hypothetical. We can name names. Dugdale, Gilruth, Yousaf and a hundred other useless Politics graduates that “have never had a proper job in their lives”.

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      1. Absolutely Vivianoblivian7!

        But they like to wear the clothes of the “hard left”, which was only a phrase invented by Thatcher to encourage the splitting of dissent, and like to think of themselves as really really radical and “woke” because they have read all the right books.

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    2. “The hard left has always, in its long history, been the enabler of the hard right.”

      somebody should write an history of this. It was the same in the seventies and eighties when I when a bit active. Some eternal faction would infiltrate a campaign and within weeks the campaign was forgotten and the ideology of whatever was the only important aspect of the campaign. Often people left and tried to go it alone away from the external factions, by which time everybody who disagreed with the faction were devils and idiots.

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      1. Yes, that would be a good idea, and it would show that the same kind of people form the hard-left. They always end up by destroying whatever they have infiltrated. I understand what Vivian is saying about their being middle-class, but that’s the whole point. They are not genuine on any aspect of their being. Today’s so-called ‘hard-left’ are cultural warriors who understand nothing and because the cause is lost in their virtue-signalling performance which his skin-deep only. In Thatcher’s time, miners fighting for their and their communities’ existence were deemed to be hard-left, and look what happened. Only later did we discover that many of them were plants and agitators with no genuine affiliation to the union. They were there to infiltrate and undermine, some working for the state, others not, but all malign, and, of course, we have had right-wing governments ever since, even the Labour one. The aim appears to be to overturn societal norms whatever the cost, whatever the harm. It would be very interesting to single out particular individuals and assess their psychological profile. I’d bet my bottom dollar that a fair few will be psychopathic narcissists for who chaos and nihilism is infinitely amusing in their potential to harm. Likewise, the billionaires backing this stuff are equally of that same psychological ilk. Psychopaths walk amongst us unseen until they do harm. The ‘trans’ cause is a perfect breeding ground for these creatures and their potential for harm is massive.

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  5. Sorry, Ian, I should have added to my comment that, should Heather suffer for speaking out, that we all stand up for her, with petitions, with letters and with direct action, if necessary. These barstewards need to be curbed NOW.

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  6. Creating an instant scenario for the child where it doesn’t know whether to be honest and tell the parents what is actually happening or live a life of worry and hide what is actually happening.
    See the bigger picture and the type of society and mindset this will create further down the line.
    Too much unnecessary pressure for a child if you ask me.

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    1. The suicide rates for young people taking the transitioning drugs are very much higher than the average. Add to this the pressure from predators enabled by schools and that can only make things worse.

      I’d love to see a legal challenge to the SG right to introduce this “guidance”. I’d like to see an expert analysis outlining how it differs from state grooming. The sooner this happens the better it will be for YES because this is a vehicle to remove these predators and perverts before they can ruin an indyref. Both decency and democracy demand they are gone yesterday.

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  7. Indeed Lorna
    The SNP have to be removed from office they have proven that they are unfit to govern in our devolved executive never mind the horror they would inflict on an independent Scotland. I have not heard one snp member in public office speak out about the horrors taking place in our schools, to my mind this makes everyone of those people unfit for public office ever.
    A phrase I have often wondered about ie public servant. We are the public those who work for us in the public sphere are the servants. The servants can advise they cannot dictate this situation must be reversed.

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  8. Lorncal, I salute your comments on Heather’s excellent and yes, brave, article. Brave, because women have been very quickly put on the back foot despite the years we have spent fighting for our rights on equality, and, essentially, our safety from abusive men. Brave, because women are now in a position where we are demeaned and threatened by male factions who have been given the green light by this SNP government to abuse women. This is not just a fight for women and safeguarding of children, this is a fight that requires all decent people in Scotland to take action to stop it.

    Unfortunately the organisation that should be supporting parents in this situation, the National Parent’s Forum of Scotland (NPFS), has been captured by this ideology and allowed their organisation to be used as a vehicle for distributing LGBT Inclusive Education material to parents. My daughter received an email from her 3 year old child’s nursery with the booklet attachment and supported by the NPFS. No discussion with parents, just a presumption that booklet would be accepted by all parents. Ensuring the that children as young as possible are being indoctrinated with this material, is social engineering. Is this what people in Scotland expected when they voted for the SNP? A country which always prided itself on its education system, is now broken.

    Independence may well be a distraction for this group of people, who put gender identity before all else but it is also being used by the SNPG as a handy way of deflecting crises which arise all too often. I believe GI was the deflection for them in the beginning, when Indy was put on the back burner. People were busy being trying to understand the effects of it to notice that Indy had quietly slipped down the importance ladder. Recently, with GRA going through Holyrood and coming under a certain amount of unpalatable scrutiny for the government, Indy has suddenly made a reappearance with talks of a new referendum. Either that or the amount of media coverage Alex Salmond is now receiving has made some people in the higher echelons of government most uncomfortable and they have decided to throw a scrap to Indy supporters.

    There are many women who refuse to countenance Independence whilst NS and her coterie are in Holyrood and I agree they must be removed before Independence can be considered. “the evil that men do lives after them…..” We need a new dawn and a new horizon for Scotland and this government will provide neither.

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    1. There is the recognised human right to a private family life that has been shredded by the SG. We need a very public campaign to take them to the ECHR while it is still available to us (I think it still is?).

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  9. I used to subscribe to 38 Degrees and signed many a worthwhile petition. I had to abandon my involvement when they bombarded me with requests to support the BBC – their site had no reply button.

    It was my understanding that if a petition of more than 100,000 signatures were submitted to Downing Street / Westminster, then it had to be debated in Parliament. Given the attack on right of protest, does such a mechanism exist for the Sovereign People of Scotland to petition Holyrood. I, for one, would sign anything to halt the advance and entrenchment of the situation so coherently described by Heather. Also, if I may wander O/T, I would oppose Her Majesty’s interference in Holyrood business and Prince William’s involvement in Scottish politics.

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  10. It is indeed a good blog, Heather.

    For all those people who question its veracity – and we know that a lot of people might react this way, whether or not they are SNP members or supporters, the above Twitter thread supplies weblinks to references, specifically to the Transgender guidance itself and the page on which they make the eradication of parental rights explicit.

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  11. Much ink has been expended on the lunacy and iniquities of GRA, but what of the motivations of those pushing the agenda? What’s in it for them? Behind any notion of selfless, altruistic efforts in the interest of others, there’s always a more base, more primordial, egocentric motive at play.
    Let’s consider two groups, the minions and the managers.

    The minions, the TRAs (Trans Rights Activists) screech incessant hyperbole about their concerns for this “uniquely persecuted group”. They’re unapologetically eager to debase the term “genocide”. No exaggeration is too extreme. Any nuance is scorned. The subjects of their “concern” are unquestionably pure, innocent, victims of societal persecution. Any suggestion otherwise is dismissed in an adolescence strop of indignation. A thousand documented examples of male predators using a counterfeit camouflage of Trans identity to facilitate their abuse or ameliorate the custodial / judicial consequences are blanked as only the studiously incurious minds of a zealot can incorporate. If naïveté had a critical mass they would have destroyed the planet one hundred times over.
    Excuse my decades in the cultivation cynicism, but I don’t swallow this “altruistic” guff. The minions deploy GRA as a weapon by proxy. A means to silence critics through sanctimonious virtue signalling. True champions of fundamental nationalism are silenced, de-platformed through hysterical, disingenuous charges of “Transphobia”. We’ve seen this played out time after time.
    There are strange, disingenuous games of power politics behind this. The minions seek to gain advantage and if any genuine individuals subject to true gender dysphoria fall victim to the inevitable backlash then “tuff luck”.

    For the managers, GRA performs a subtly different function. Are we to believe that Sturgeon and her Gauleiters spontaneously alighted on this one issue as the pressing imperative on their time and energy?
    Aside from her technical incompetence and personality flaws, Sturgeon is otherwise a calculating and sure footed, machine politician. The extreme measures built into the Scottish Government’s GRA have been tested time and time again in polling and have been found to be deeply unpopular with the electorate. So why doggedly pursue an unpopular policy?
    Every cult must have a specific, outlandish, core tenet. Something that sets it aside from the general populace. Something to differentiate them from the “unbelievers”.
    The tenet is multi-functional within the group. To gain access to the cult a disciple must repeat the tenet. The tenet is deployed as a mantra to increase cohesion of the group. Those who repeat the tenet most loudly and most often are promoted within the group. The competence and abilities of those selected for promotion are an irrelevance. Devotion to the tenet is all. Subservience to the cult leader as expressed through evangelising the tenet is paramount. The tenet defines the group. The tenet binds the group. The tenet is used by the cult leader to control the group.
    Sound familiar?
    Curiously, actually “believing” the tenet as a factual truth is not required by the upper echelons of the cult. Vincent Bugliosi (prosecuting District Attorney) was of the opinion that Charles Manson didn’t believe a word of Helter Skelter. This cynicism towards the core tenet the nearer the top of the managerial pyramid is inherent in all cults / religions.

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    1. Spot on, Vivian. There is always another side to behaviours of this kind and that other side will be an exploitative one far greater than the obvious exploitation that is happening in the lower ranks. I think that the large influx of hard-left activists into the SNP in 2015 was no co-incidence. It was a deliberate take-over. I honestly believe that Sturgeon and her cohort have not the faintest idea of what they’re signing up to here. I don’t mean that they don’t know that the trans lobby is viscerally opposed to independence because it would get in the way of the agenda: they know that and use it for their own ends. What I mean is, like those who jettisoned Menshevism and supported Bolshevism in revolutionary Russia, they lack the imagination to see through Stonewall, its Scottish arms and the whole ‘trans’ insanity to its logical conclusion. I’d suggest that most of the adherents lack that imagination. They really think they are special, that society will accept their perversions and deranged ideas, but they are unable to see the puppet-masters, who will almost certainly be psychopathic narcissists. They fail to take into account that they, too, will at some point, be in the way and must be eliminated. All those in the independence movement who are, even now, quite willing to throw women and children under the bus in high hopes of gaining independence – which the ‘trans’ lobby, in common with others, cannot allow to happen, have little idea of what is coming if this lobby is not stopped. These people will not apply for a GRC, but they will be delighted when the door is thrown open to self-ID and their perversions – which, incidentally, people can look up under autogynephilia and its attendant comorbidity – an education in themselves. I would have sympathy for any group of people who suffer from distressing paraphilia, except that most do not care a jot for the hurt they are causing women, girls and children.

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  12. An insightful account, Heather, of how so many teachers have seemingly been “persuaded” to go along with this stuff through what amounts, in many cases, to nothing less than State sponsored intimidation. It would appear by their silence that the EIS has also been captured, as alluded to above by Alf Baird. That the SNP and their Green allies, at the expense of the practical politics of national liberation, are intent on transforming Scotland into a laboratory for the testing of imported left-liberal fads and whimsy, is plain to call. In a mature and developed polity, such parties would be tolerated and ignored in equal measures; they most certainly would not constitute the damn government!

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    1. It only appears to be a left-liberal fad, Erich. It is actually the gateway to the hard-right and totalitarianism. Women are threatened with death, with rape and sexual assault, with physical assault and with an arrogant contempt that describes us as ‘fish’ and ‘pigs’, not human beings by many of these men in frocks. On Tuesday, Naomi Cunningham, Chair of Sex Matters, gave evidence to the latest committee on the need to retain single sex spaces and rights, and two of these doughty ‘trans’ warriors, both very evidently male, one with pronounced male pattern baldness and the other with male features, positioned themselves right behind her, smirking and exchanging derisory glances throughout her evidence.

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  13. I agree with most of the comments. Where is this literature and information which teachers receive and have to promote, it cannot all be kept secret? Material being issued to primary school children must also be available somewhere, do children not take it home? How do we get hold of it to judge for ourselves?

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  14. The SNP are prisoners of the Trans lobby and Stonewall. The reasons are not clear but I suspect they have compromat on the leadership and got key players into key positions. It’s a tragedy unfolding in plain sight. P Harvie hasa lot to answer for as well.

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  15. Oh, yes, I agree, Vivian. That was my point: they are middle-class and haven’t wanted for a thing in their puff, which is why they have no empathy for real people with real problems. Their whole thing is a charade, a performance of virtue-signalling pseudo ‘goodness’ that is entirely about them. They actually do believe they are on the left and many of the older ones actually decamped from Corbyn’s Labour to join the SNP in 2015 Hopefully, most of the faithful are too young to understand what they are doing and will eventually grow up, although I wouldn’t bet on it.

    The ones who infiltrated the SNP were certainly from the hard left and that should have set off alarm bells immediately. I have said before that the influx did alert me to something not being quite right, but it was 2015, and I, like many others, was too dispirited and despairing to figure it out at the point. It was later in 2015, and into 2016 before I, personally, began to see what they were up to, and that was because I had read the Denton’s Document and was learning about their tactics in Canada and the US. The Greens were already riddled with this stuff.

    They did what the hard-left always does in its infinite stupidity: they opened the door to the hard-right. This stuff passes for middle-class angst/guilt appeasement instead of the real problems in our society: inequality of opportunity; poverty; alienation. There’s no kudos to be found there, but plenty to be found among the “most persecuted group in history bar none”. They are middle-class narcissists playing, “look, I’m a cultural Marxist” when they are actually idiotic, non-thinking captured buffoons and porn-addicted morons. Behind them and the ‘trans warriors’ – autogynephiles, fetishists, et al – are Stonewall and its various arms, and behind those, the real hard-right that has no conscience at all – the psychopathic billionaires who are looking to make even more money and accrue even more power so that they can harm even more people and disrupt society. Politicians are the enablers of this evil, because that is what it is in the end, for its deliberate capacity to harm those least able to fight back.

    Of all those under the ‘trans umbrella’, there will probably be fewer than o.1% of them who will apply for a GRC, and they will be the genuinely body dysphoric, but the rest will be able to self-ID and invade single sex spaces at will, without any medical diagnosis. That is what Sturgeon, Harvie, Slater, and all the rest of the brain-dead political elite of all hues are going to bequeath us without a scruple.

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  16. Just had a look at the Scottish Government website fronted by Minister Shirley Anne Sommervile and here’s an example of Scottish Government Policy – – Direction to Education Staff.


    Supporting transgender young people in schools: guidance for Scottish schools

    2. Consider information sharing carefully:

    “Do not disclose the transgender identity history or any sensitive information about a transgender young person to anyone inside or outside the school, without considering the young person’s view and what is in the best interests of the young person”

    “Find out the young person’s views before sharing information with others, where possible, seek permission and/or inform them of what will be shared and why”

    “You can, however, discuss situations in general terms with a colleague of a member of the leadership team, ensuring that you do not share personal information or ‘out’ the young person unintentionally”

    So, and as is reinforced elsewhere in the various policy directions to educational staff, it is crystal clear that the school is instructing the exclusion of parental involvement and knowledge of their child who could be as young a four years of age.

    Moreover, here is another extract of what level two pupils are EXPECTED to be able to demonstrate –

    ” In 2017, Education Scotland published guidelines on what it expects to be covered through Health and Wellbeing[75]. It notes that learners working in Level 2 and higher should be able to ‘demonstrate an understanding of diversity in sexuality and gender identity’.”

    Now with drag Queens being pulled into primary schools, and with teaching aids of jars of Nutella and bananas ,are we really saying that our education authority require our children to be up to speed on anal sex, possibly boy on boy, or boy on girl, or buggery as it used to be called. And what about fellatio before or after anal sex. Is that another diversity understanding of sex and gender identity that our children will be expected to demonstrate. Seems very much so.

    This is grooming charter and every decent parent must stand aghast at what these perverts in government are trying to inculcate into the minds of our children. Jimmy Saville and his ilk I am afraid live!

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  17. I can understand the Cult pushing their ideology….I cannot understand why so many people in authority are rushing to promote it for them.

    Those charged with defending society and existing Rights are leading the Cults charge!

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  18. Huge applause for this excellent and – sadly – very necessary , corrective ( to the prevailing * Gender * lunacy ) article , Iain for , rightly , highlighting it from comment to main post , and the outstanding calibre of BTL commentary . Well done all concerned .

    In an alternative universe Scotland is governed by people like the aforementioned .

    ( Truly ) Bravehearts tempered by Wiseheads . The exact opposite of what we have in this universe .

    Just as an aside …….I read recently that – in the US , but will be similar here sooner or later – a single * Trans * person is * worth * an estimated $1.3 million to the Pharma Corps in lifelong medication . Doesn’t take a genius ( or , deep breath , * Conspiracy Theorist * ) to work out who the puppeteers are

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    1. Transing is drugs for life. Yummy, say the chemodrug pushers aka pharmaceutical industry. Covid, the disease once known as flu, is another likely cash cow.
      As in the case of public education, and other examples of social engineering, it is surprising how much «abuse» of personal integrity and mental equilibrium is sanctioned by authority.
      No government should be enablers in these dark «deep state» dealings.

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      1. Indeed O . Pharma Corps have become nothing more than legalised drug-pushers , now actualising the cliche of * hanging around school gates * in their pursuit of ensnaring young customers

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  19. Iain it looks like you’ve deleted ” Silverburn55’s comments , now it looks like my comment to him is addressed to Ottomanboi !

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  20. A wee bit of cheering common sense from FINA.

    ‘Swimming’s world governing body, Fina, has voted to restrict the participation of transgender athletes in elite women’s competitions in a major decision that has been welcomed by many female athletes but sets it apart from most other sports.’

    I have no doubt someone will be along to berate them , or sob about their rights.

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  21. silverburn: inclusion is not a bad thing per se, but it becomes very bad when it takes rights away from others. There is simply no way that women’s and girls’ rights, and, increasingly, children’s rights, are not affected by so-called ‘trans’ inclusion. The trans lobby is a parasitical organization. 1. there can be no ‘trans’ anything if you don’t actually change sex; 2. no one can change sex, so no ‘trans’; 3. most so-called ‘trans’ are autogynephiles – sexual fetishists. Those few who are genuinely body dysphoric/morphic require psychological help , not drugs and surgery. Most females do not want so-called ‘trans’ in our spaces and rights, let alone men who are predatory males. Pretend to be whatever you want, wear what you like, but don’t come near our spaces and rights and don’t expect us to use your pronouns. Just leave us in peace. The fact that you won’t says it all: you have not the slightest respect for others. Campaign for your own spaces and rights as we had to do. Stand for parliament as ‘trans’ people; apply for jobs as ‘trans’ people, but do not presume to take these things from women. They are not yours to have, so f**k off and earn your own spaces and rights – as women, as gays, as lesbians have had to do before you.

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  22. silverburn: the far left and the far right are two sides of the same nasty coin – both totalitarian, both ultimately nihilist and both without a shred of compassion for others. An organization should be set up for them: Psychopathics Anonymous. Except they are beyond human help, harm to others being their watchword.

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  23. Perhaps the Scottish Government should interest itself in education as in the 3Rs , children being fed and cared for , the health service , infrastructure , general wellbeing of the population, job creation , economy and independence and leave the fetishists alone – just a thought.

    And while I’m at it whose brainchild was a rainbow for the NHS in Scotland ? Most interesting symbol to adopt as children drew rainbows and stuck them in windows not fully aware of who else uses the emblem. Now we find it plastered over athletics meetings , Sainsburys and Uncle Tom Cobly and all .

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