Originally published in October 2021, this article is a useful reminder of the tactics being employed by a small number of people at the top of the SNP. The fact that they have continued on since this article was first published indicates the dangers have not passed and still exist. Any future Scottish Government requires to take action to limit the political cooperation between Government, Police and Courts when it is being used against political opponents. It is absolutely crucial that we retain juries for these type of trials. Only this week the police and prosecution services have been engaged in trying to uncover who leaked the Blackford meeting where he promised to support and welcome Patrick Grady following his suspension for sexual misbehaviour. Success seems unlikely when the police have totally failed to uncover who in the First Minister’s close circle leaked the ”charges” falsely alleged against Alex Salmond to the Daily Record. I know a lot of people who have a clear idea of who the likely culprit for that one is. Yet no police result thus far!

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I am interested that Twitter and Facebook is full of people alleging Rhiannon Spear is the second complainant in the failed attempted prosecution/ persecution of Marion Millar. If true and I have no reason to question it, it is the latest involvement of senior SNP personnel in a series of prosecutions that have resulted in the reputation of the Scottish Justice system being trampled into the mire.

It all started with a series of bogus, trivial charges made against former First Minister Alex Salmond. It was widely reported in the mainstream media ( a protected species courtesy of Lady Dorrian) that senior SNP people were amongst the accusers. Identities  were protected by an order from Lady Dorrian that ensured total secrecy, even after each and every accusation failed to deliver a guilty verdict and Mr Salmond was cleared of all charges.

Throughout both the judicial review and the subsequent criminal trial there was copious evidence of Government bias and interference as the Scottish Government sought to restrict the information available to the point where their own legal counsel threatened to withdraw from the case unless they desisted immediately. In the tiny window of opportunity between the Government losing their case before the judicial review and Mr Salmond being formally charged, someone from within a very tight circle within the Scottish Government decided to leak all the charges facing Mr Salmond to the Daily Record meaning he was tried and found guilty by the media long before any trial took place. This was no accident or unfortunate occurrence. This was malicious and entirely in line with Lesley Evans quote “ we may have lost the battle but we will win the war”. The Scottish Government were “at war” with Alex Salmond and they fully intended, from top to bottom to fight dirty. Extremely dirty!

The subsequent Parliamentary Enquiry was an even bigger farce as evidence was withheld and retracted, witnesses were forced to recant their previous sworn evidence as an outbreak of forgetfulness and “honest mistakes”swept the entire Scottish Government, no more so than when Nicola Sturgeon took the stand and recited a litany of “I cannot recall” I am unable to confirm” “ I would have to check etc”. Days after her testimony a considerable amount of evidence that was withheld because it “endangered identification of those making the allegations” was suddenly revealed not to do so but instead contained facts that would have conflicted with the First Minister’s story.

We know that some of the alphabet women were also behind the trial of Craig Murray. No chances were taken this time, as an example of bad and unfair justice this trial was exemplary, no Jury, no right of appeal, judged solely by the same judge that had excluded him from the Salmond trial, using archaic legislation describing jigsaw identification where even the judge could not explain what it was, requiring mystical “interpretation” by the judge to determine conviction. This the same judge who has advocated removing juries from cases involving sexual matters. That move must never happen.

We then move to the case of Mark Hirst, who following complaints from some of the alphabet women, was arrested. He lost work worth thousands of pounds, run up a substantial legal bill preparing his defence. All his computer equipment necessary for his work was seized by the police. When the case came to court many months later it was dismissed out of hand by the judge as having no case to answer. Mark’s career and finances were decimated by this whole perverse action while those who made the ludicrous allegations were not out a penny because the daft law paid for all their legal costs while the innocent party is required to fund his own, with no recourse to recover the money when the allegations are shown to have no worth or value.

Then came the case of Marion Millar, whose case resulted in collapse this week. It had no worth or value and was further evidence that the legal system is being used by a politically motivated grouping close to the First Minister and who share her gender reforming objectives. I am reading the dropping of this case is “subject to review” and it is not over until that review is complete. This looks to a layman like myself to be yet another legal tactic to prolong the pressure on Marion. I am told, by sources I trust that another senior member of the SNP was the co complainant in this case. We should not make the mistake of thinking that the Marion Millar case is the last of its kind. Another is in the pipeline with Dave Llewelyn facing ludicrous allegations at an early December court date. ( Editor note this case is still ongoing) The allegations come from, wait for it, from two very senior SNP MEMBERS, including one MSP. Senior SNP members seen as very close to the First Minister.

So Dr Watson do you see the common thread running through all the cases? They can’t all be coincidences, how likely is it that all these senior SNP PEOPLE COULD BECOME EMBROILED IN ALL THESE DIFFERENT CASES OVER SUCH A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME?



Not in the long term. you cannot stay in power forever and when a new broom comes in who knows what will be uncovered? It just takes one politician or civil servant to crack and the whole plot will unravel.. One will, given time.

The Nu SNP leadership guide book

To become a senior SNP figure it is necessary to raise spurious and frivolous charges against political rivals and opponents. Money is no object because they use state finance to weaken their opponents while “the accused” can be damaged both in terms of reputation and financially crippled in the process. The eventual judgement is academic, they have always won before any trial takes place.

This is valuable research as they test just how best to use the Hate Crime Bill to intimidate and eliminate political opponents. Too date these tactics have been deployed solely against men. They are however looking at alternative charges that could be levied against females. Please note the terms male and female are now outdated and will be outlawed once self ID and GRA LEGISLATION is secured shortly.


By sheer coincidence a bit of information came my way the other day about senior SNP Office bearer Rhiannon Spear, the Woman’s Convener. You may remember she was defeated at the last SNP Conference but when her woke colleagues made it impossible for her successor to stay on the SNP NEC, and her successor left the Party, the Woke dominated NEC determined that she and her colleague Fiona Robertson could be returned to their previous posts MINUS the need for any internal election thus boosting even further the number of WOKE appointed, rather than elected NEC members.

Now the annual elections are underway in preparation for the SNP November Conference. I don’t know what her chances were of her being properly elected to her post but it doesn’t matter.Here is why.

At the last NEC she led a move to completely ignore a Conference instruction not to apply the same fixing procedures that were used to organise the Holyrood elections but to once again interfere in every Local Government area, no matter the already existing balances in place.

Much to her surprise, in what can only be explained as a collective nervousness not to stir up another storm amongst the membership during the period elections where being held, and this time not ignoring legal advice about  not to interfere, the NEC voted and her move was defeated,much to her anger. The outcome was that she promptly threw a hissy fit, threw the toys out the pram and  resigned as the Woman’s Convener. So one down about another twenty to go. On the other hand how convenient, given the collapse of the Marion Millar case there might have been calls for her resignation. Can’t happen now as she is already gone over another matter. Lucky, or did she know? ( Editors Note I have subsequently been informed that she was facing deselection from being the SNP candidate in her council seat). That she knew this, therefore a convenient “fallout” that allowed her to withdraw from her SNP positions was a more attractive option than being publicly dumped.

Given other reported events it’s not been a good month for Ms Spear. Which probably means its been a good month for everybody else.

I am, as always



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News update

Rhiannon Spear was the second complainant in the Marion Millar case. It was confirmed on the BBC NEWS this evening.


33 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU THINK WATSON?

  1. Patrick Grady must be sweating at the thought of over 20 police officers being tasked with trawling through the past few decades of his life. Right? Or is it one law for real sex pests and another for manufactured ones in today’s New SNP? It’s interesting as well that them and their cultists are more enraged by the contents of their private meeting being leaked than they are at what actually happened during it. Says it all about what a rancid cesspit of a party they’ve become and I expect a constant drip-drip-drip of stories between now and when Nikla finally concedes defeat in her referendum “plans”.

    Incidentally, is it just me, or is Alex Salmond suddenly getting a lot more media time? He was almost invisible during the recent election campaigns but now seems to be on TV regularly. It’s almost like someone is trying to rattle a particular pronoun obsessive.

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  2. Time for ALL parties determined for an Independent Scotland to rub along for a while and concentrate on the true enemy. THE TORIES!!! 🤡🤮😡🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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  3. There’s still a fair number of worthwhile members and politicians within the SNP. I’d love to know why they remain. Surely they hope to raise the Party once more – when Sturgeon & Co vanish over the horizon. Time will tell.

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      1. I have been saying the same for 2 years , I once respected and hailed Joanna Cherry and Phillipa Whitford but they have shown IMO they have no morals or integrity by remaining within a party that has FAILED Scotland and Scots for YEARS , there is NO excuse to sit IDLY BY whilst a perverted deviant deliberately DESTROYS the dreams and ambitions of your fellow countrymen UNLESS of course you share and believe in those same perversions and deviances

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      2. I am in two minds about this twathater
        I agree that to be silent is complicit. On the other hand, we have seen how far Cherry got in speaking out: the SNP NEC is captured. So then surely those of good character should quit?
        I watch with despair as voters stick doggedly to the failing SNP and ignore Alba so if the tide is to remain with the SNP then surely those of good character should remain and focus on draining the swamp? Even the spin-meister Sturgeon is in trouble over the double standards now clearly seen on pursuing sexual harassment issues. There seems a change in the wind.

        I think the truth is that many are complicit and some are biding their time ready to strike.

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      3. I usually agree with your comments Marion but sorry on this occasion I think your optimism is overuling your normal clarity of vision , you are of course entitled to your opinion but I cannot abide cowardice when so MANY of our citizens are suffering the indignities and poverty being imposed on them by a shower of uncaring arseholes both snp and tories when the route out of this lunatic asylum has been signposted interminably
        I used to agree with Breeks that JC demolishing bozo in his proroguing of parliament was uplifting and was possibly a sign that she would DEFEND our sovereignty and CHALLENGE WM on our COR but NO NOTHING she along with the others just settled back in to their cushy salaries and enormous expenses
        TBQH anyone who was subjected to the amount of bullying and harassment from sturgeons tartan taliban wokesters and DIDN’T BLOW THE BLOODY DOORS OFF I have no sympathy for , as we were all taught by our parents bullies will always take advantage you HAVE to stand up to them

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  4. There is a malice at the heart of all this which in my opinion, simply outstrips the capacity of any single person. That includes the capacity of one person to influence others and lead a group into conspiracy. I don’t buy this cult malarkey.

    Never say never of course, but how does an amateurish Sunday league stitch-up manage to implicate the Scottish Legal System and Lord Advocate himself? Not one of the characters involved has impressed me with their guile or genius. In fact, when you look at it, how much of the “conspiracy” and suspicion is actually Scotland’s Legal Establishment looking after “dummies” who cannot even prosecute an amateurish conspiracy by themselves?

    There is too much orchestration and forward planning to be the work of such a loose and casual alliance. All the exits are covered, and I mean all of them, with the review of one corruption after another, invariably falling into the next “safe” pair of hands. It’s scarcely a metaphor to say the custodian in charge of the evidence room was the very person implicated by the evidence. It is Kafkaesque, but literally the truth.

    You need only look in detail at the gravity (or lack of it), of the “crimes” allegedly committed to realise there is something here which defies gravity. Marion Millar posting a picture of a suffragette’s ribbon? Really?? Mark Hirst using a common idiom which was entirely warranted by the circumstances? Not just malicious prosecution, but malicious and gratuitous surely…

    Yet these utterly trivial “misdemeanours against humanity” are stalked by the grimly omnipotent Death Star of Scottish Justice. They tried to jail Salmond, Marion Millar faced 2 years in prison, I forget or maybe never knew the sentences others faced, but of course we have Craig Murray actually jailed. And don’t forget what Unionist shills were able to say and get away with without fear of prosecution…

    (As a small aside… I have a wee voice in my head suggesting the delightful Ms Spears had a hand in Manny Singh’s prosecution too… but don’t take my word for it, that might be a solid memory of a doubtful rumour).

    Something really stinks here, and I mean “really” stinks. This is Conspiracy Plus. It is government within government, but the substance of this has the potential to recalibrate Watergate scale of political scandal…. IF it ever sees the light of day.

    I’m not altogether convinced about a new broom sweeping this clean either. We already have a new broom in the Lord Advocate’s office, but see no signs of much sweeping going on, (nor indeed any sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous beasties with apparent panic in their breasties)….

    Until we have evidence, this is all circumstantial, but there has to be a greater interference at work here. “Somebody” wants regime change in Scotland before we’ve even got a regime…. But a regime change which apparently wants Sturgeon to stay exactly where she is.

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    1. Well said Breeks. This does really stink. Our justice system is politicised and it is corrupt. Excellent cases have been put together to demonstrate the abuse of justice and downright lies in the pursuit of Alex Salmond – I believe his solicitor filed for perjury with COPFS but of course asking a corrupt office to investigate perjury has its own set of problems.

      I don’t know how we fix this but I know we can’t give up or give in. This will be difficult, “legally” dangerous and it will take a while but it has to be done. The Court of Session is perhaps our last resort – does anyone have a view on whether the corruption has reached this level? Will we end up in the English Supreme Court to convict our own justice system?

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    2. Just a thought – can we put together a summary of the abuse of our justice system that Sturgeon has presided over and the double standards that I see Cherry is calling out in The National and distribute it in November around the SNP conference location?

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    3. Wonderfully perceptive insight Breeks. Aye, the “dummies” are receiving the protection of the Scottish Legal Establishment. But why?
      The “conspiracy” is a loose confederation of agencies with differing goals and priorities. It may be helpful to think of a spectrum.
      MI5 are fundamentally opposed to independence, but in extreme circumstances may grudgingly accept a superficially independent Scotland whose leadership remains compliant to the demands of the British deep state.
      The US State Department would prefer not to see an independent Scotland but wouldn’t be too upset if their global, strategic interests were protected (NATO, Rosyth & Coulport, the Scottish / Icelandic gap).
      The Scottish Legal Establishment may be agnostic to the theory of independence but the thought of the “hordes of undisciplined, uneducated schemies from 2014” actually exercising political power, fills them with horror.
      The upper echelons on NuSNP are theoretically committed to independence but DevoMax would be much less disruptive to their comfortable sinecures.

      In terms of vulnerability to the vagaries of power, the spectrum is the same.
      MI5 and the State Department are invulnerable, they wield the carrot and the stick with impunity.
      The Scottish Legal Establishment are largely invulnerable. They can largely take care of their own even if kompromat exists.
      NuSNP are firmly lodged at the bottom of the pile. They rely on “short money”. The State Department has its hooks in deep. MI5 has kompromat enough to fill a dozen filing cabinets.

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    4. Using the law to jail and or destroy political opponents is standard security service practice.

      Blackmail and bribery is another of the security service’s standard practices.

      Britain has done it all over the world, in colony after colony, and what better ways to either destroy an opponent or turn another to your bidding.

      By way of example Lord Boothby of the rent boys and glass tables was well known to the security services. What services, what bidding did he do to have his reputation protected.

      Or Sir Jimmy Saville OBE. Being close to royalty and prime ministers like Thatcher the security services were fully aware of his serial sexual predilections. But he was allowed to thrive whilst Willie McRae who threatened to bring down the Thatcher government was found shot in tjr most mysterious of circumstances.

      Quite how much control the knowledge of participants of a Westminster paedophile ring gives the ringmaster one doesn’t need to think too hard. It’s a sword of potential exposure that would engender one huge amount of influence

      No wonder therefore that there is more than speculation that McCrae was shot because he had the evidence of a paedophile ring and was going to use it to bring down the Thatcher government.

      So yes, the SNP and SG have I believe been compromised. That is how the UK works, that is how it fights to retain colonies

      2014 ran them close. Closer than we maybe know and they are determined to try and stop it.


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  5. I know what I think and that is that the police and the prosecution service are utterly corrupt.

    There can be no doubt of that and malicious unfounded prosecutions are now the order of the day. And, as this article informs, the use of the police and prosecution to pursue political opponents shows absolutely no signs of abating.

    There is now a policing vacuum developing with a breakdown of the rule of law. This is absolutely fatal to the good order of a society for without a rule of law, an honest police force, and an honest prosecution service, there can only be anarchy. We saw that in that horrible British statelet created as Northern Ireland with its rotten and partisan RUC, and where ultimately there was a huge kick back.

    An utterly horrible situation and something that could and should never have been allowed. But a police force, prosecution and gerrymandered Government ultimately sowed the seeds of chaos. How long will people in Scotland accept a corrupt political police force. It is a reasonable question to ask. It is a question every democrat should be asking. For once the genie of retaliation is out of the bottle it is very difficult to get it back into that bottle.

    Northern Ireland proved, or should have proved to anyone with any sense that injustice and state violence ultimately creates the circumstances where no one is safe. The British system of subjugating political opponents through institutional bias and partisan state force does not ultimately deliver anything other than misery.

    So the challenge going forward for Scotland is to ensure what happened in Northern Ireland, not even one percent of it happens here. Yes Sturgeon, her clique and her establishment backers can abuse and intimidate, but for how long.

    Not a road we ever ever want to go down.

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  6. This whole seedy fiasco should be a wakeup call for anybody who still thinks the SNP under Sturgeon is interested in accountability, justice and the rights of victims in sexual assault cases – all things they love to trumpet as some kind of evidence of their virtue. Their first instinct is, surprise surprise, to seek to punish the leaker, not to demonstrate their ‘zero tolerance’ of sexual harassment – a cause Sturgeon has made one of her most high profile issues.
    No sympathy for the victim, but lashings of it, and a token ‘punishment’ for the perpetrator. Where are those ‘principles’ now? Instead of immediate suspension and expulsion of the perp, the instinct has been to shut down the leak and exposure of their miserable hypocrisy. Finally Sturgeon has been forced to mumble some vague, indeterminate phrases about ‘examining the procedures’ in an effort to quash it and pretend ‘something’ will be done.
    Nobody remembers her being so indifferent when it comes to those who have political concerns about her and who she is happy to smear, prosecute, misrepresent and ban. Tim Rideout, an inconvenient enemy, has been banished for at most, an off colour joke about the appalling hypocrite Patel (which he apologised for), where nobody was harmed, and there was no victim, while Grady gets a two day holiday.
    Sturgeons’ SNP are rank rotten hypocrites who practice highly selective and manipulative party politics and who appear to view their own dissident members as enemies of the state, while sleazy reprobates who are on board are granted immunity from the thought police.

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  7. We might consider what Albert Memmi said, that “every colonial nation carries the seeds of fascist temptation in its bosom.”

    I’m afraid that postcolonial theory predicts all this, and worse to come if liberation is delayed unnecessarily. Colonialism, as we know, involves ethnic oppression, racism, prejudice and its root is fascism. And in this environment a dominant National Party elite does behave much like a gang, as we see, and together with representatives of the authorities, even those recruited from among the colonized, they busy themselves “to protect the interests of the colonizer whenever colonization is imperilled”. So what we see is a reaction of the authorities to protect colonization, to delay and even prevent independence by any means, which is now the objective of the dominant National Party elite as well as the (colonial) authorities.


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  8. Nothing is as it seems in UK, OK. Sturgeons NU SNP are like the Stasi , a secret police designed to keep independentnestas in check for their Colonial masters. While Sturgeon is in charge the can will continually be kicked down the road for one excuse or other.

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  9. @Alistair Bryan

    At least the people in the DDR were wholly aware of the Stasi operating in their midst, which is quite unlike the situation that we’re up against here.

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    1. We need to find a way to make folk aware. Information agreed for distribution with YES could be a starting point? This needs tied to the efforts on the constitution for iScotland that must make the abuse of power we see today an absolute impossibility. Separation of state and justice, transparency and accountability must be embedded in our constitution.

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      1. Iain – I honestly believe that if we can present that to folks then the YES vote will rise significantly. Many of us realise the different issues: unaccountable police, no straight answers from politicians, no accountability for abuses of public office – the long, long list of problems – even folk who are not switched on to the whole picture here will recognise issues that have hurt them or matter to them and will want the protection of a modern constitution. Our own Project Fear is an easy win in showing the bonfire of our rights and corruption of our justice system that is the story of union.

        And maybe a national anthem that mentions the nation and not just the monarch …

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    2. Fanon used Manichaeism as an analogy for colonialism. The colonial world is a “Manichaean World,” he claimed, that is divided into the colonist —or the light and good—and the colonized —or the dark and evil, useless and dependent. We ken the stereotypes and narrative well, delivered in a langage whit isnae oors.

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  10. “We joined this downward spiral right at the top – a foolish and undeliverable promise made one morning in June 2016 to hold a referendum in the next 24 months. When the undeliverability of this became clear the government was left having to fabricate a way out.
    And then another, and another, and another. Until, so hemmed in by the strings of exaggerations, misdirects and verbal trickery, there was nothing left to do but escalate further and further and further, each time trying to buy one more month, get through one more party conference, make it to the end of one more press conference…”


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  11. The PANIC really set in when people identified the 2 female voices in baa baa Blackford ‘s DEMAND for support for the outed guilty perv , Amy Callaghan went into fits of please forgive me I wasn’t thinking properly pish , I didn’t realise what I was doing was inflicting more pain on the victim

    Like everyone supporting Grady they ALL new what they were doing and didn’t give a shit and didn’t care what the PLEBS thought , but when they were outed THEIR usual GREED for the GRAVY TRAIN kicked in and they shit themselves

    They FEAR the public being informed of the TRUTH because it will DESTROY them so they are just as happy as the unionists that we don’t have a REAL SCOTTISH BROADCASTER

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  12. Reference the Robin McAlpine article posted by Clootie – McAlpine states that the UK is a sovereign nation, Scotland is not! Eh? silly me, i understood that the UK is a union of nations.And that Scotland is a sovereign nation, and ratified by the UK parliament.

    Och, anyway,.My Dad advised me to carry my own referee – in boxing terms – a knockout punch.and so Scotland needs to identify and deliver her KO punch.

    Sovereignty,necessary recognition by other countries of referendum legality – and before our eyes PM Johnson challenges and ignores whatever legal/conventional obstacles lie in his path. A below the belt boxer.

    Scotland is resource rich in oil, gas, energy, food production. And so self -sufficient we could survive in a hostile sanctionised environment. And then, which countries are going to apply sanctions against Scotland at the behest of Westminster because we enacted our exit from a treaty with England?

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    1. I like your thinking velofello. And any countries who refuse to recognise our Scottish state can be told by us to go and buy their Scottish whisky somewhere else too. You are right, we have no need to depend on recognition from anybody though I am sure that many similar ex colonies will recognise an already sovereign Scottish people and their right to end a mankit treaty with a well known imperial oppressor.

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    2. Aye Vello , I read that and wondered what he meant by that , I’ve never thought of the UK as a ” sovereign nation ” . Otherwise , another fine article by Robin

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    3. To be fair to Robin McAlpine I think he is speaking in a politico-legal sense; Scotland’s sovereignty is subsumed in the UK state, so in formal structures the UK holds Scotland’s legal sovereignty to itself.

      But McAlpine also makes the point that this is not a legal matter, and the solution can ONLY be political.

      As both Vellofello a nd Alf Baird make clear; The Scottish people are sovereign. The just have to make a POLITICAL decision to wrest it back from where it lies subsumed.

      The SNP as presently constituted shows no signs of doing that, or eve understanding that

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  13. “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”
    Frederick Douglass

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  14. John O’ Dowd reckons that Robin McAlpine may be thinking in a politico-legal sense.

    Is this the politico-legal thinking stream of thinking that enabled Craig Murray to be jailed via “imaginative judicial reasoning”? And for Alex Salmond to be pursued by protected accusers?

    The benefit of politic-legal thinking seems to be that of – no consequences reach the false accusers.

    PM Johnson does appear to be an active proponent of politico-legal reasoning. If the rules are not to your liking, re-interpret them.

    So back to my own boxing referee line, Scotland’s needs to put a horseshoe in her glove, aka Walt Disney!

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