A guest article by Bill Clark, a YES supporter who lives in Fort William.

Nicola Sturgeon will not work with Alex Salmond’s Alba Party

The SNP leader said her party wants to persuade people to back independence, not ‘bulldoze’ the decision through

Unionist parties will drop their differences in an effort to stop Scots  submitting their political views on Scottish independence in a referendum.  They will do a lot more than cajole to ensure success.  To counter this, the independence movement will require to be united and at this moment in time it is anything but.  

By their actions, the leadership and a number of elected members intentionally or unintentionally have been throwing more titbits to the unionists.  MPs have agreed to give support to Patrick Grady MP after he was found guilty of an unwanted sexual advance.  He will be welcomed back into the SNP group as confirmed at a private meeting of SNP MPs.The person who leaked and provided the recording of that meeting is now being threatened with the police as detailed in an email sent to MPs by the SNPs chief whip Owen Thompson. Why was this information to give Patrick Grady support and welcome him back-deemed to be private in the first place? They knew they were wrong in doing so and did not want it in the public domain.  Amy Callaghan MP said her piece in line with Ian Blackfold’s support of Patrick Grady because she knew it would go down well with the leadership.  She was caught out by that recording. We are led to believe that no one showed any empathy towards the recipient of Grady’s unwanted attention and that only one MP reached out to him earlier in his ordeal.   Each and every MP in attendance are complicit by their applause as were those who remained silent.

On the other hand, former First Minister Alex Salmond who was found not guilty in a court of law is fair game for a pile on of abuse.There was no welcome back for the former First Minister by those same MPs who are now giving their support to Patrick Grady MP, a colleague, who had been found guilty. The SNP have known of Patrick Grady’s misconduct for some years yet took no action that would have been acceptable in a court of law.  What say you, Angus Robertson? Thomas Carlyle, once said “talk that does not end in any kind of action is better supressed altogether.” It would appear that the SNP have taken his words on board.  It shows not for the first time there is injustice within the SNP leadership.  Freedom of speech or negative opinion on any peripheral issues like self-ID is frowned on by the new SNP and certainly not encouraged.  

Scotland’s independent movement has to be as one without any equivocation on anyone’s part and that has to show itself.  This has to start with the First Minister.  Alex Salmond has made his position clear that his differences with the FM are as nothing to the goal of independence.  Unfortunately, the FM still has a boulder on her shoulder and was extremely negative when asked the same question.   Leadership means putting the best team on the park even if it means including those out with the SNP and Green party members. It cannot be a case of the SNP and Greens carrying the independence banner with everyone else having to pay homage to Nicola Sturgeon.  

The political parties in Ukraine including the defeated past President and his party have joined as one in their fight to retain their countries freedom.  Many Ukrainian families have paid and many more will continue to pay the ultimate price for doing so.  They have shown that they are ready to die for that dream.  I know of another man, a Scotsman, who said “the dream will never die” in relation to Scottish independence.  The SNP commitment to the cause of Scottish independence will be determined and put to the test on whether their outstretched hand to Alba members is open and welcoming rather than clenched in temper. If this is not forthcoming any failure will lie with Nicola Sturgeon and the Westminster leader Ian Blackford.  To date the FM has not shown the leadership that will bring everyone together.  The FM is obsessed in a negative way with Alex Salmond and has ingrained her views into her supporters but is fortunately still in the position to lift that accursed spell and let everyone genuinely come as one to Scotland’s defence. We are not having to put our lives on the line like the Ukrainians.   Surely bringing everyone together is a price worth paying for Scotland’s independence.


Bill is right. We need a unified pro Independence army. That is currently a big ask as the Leader of the SNP has thus far refused to make any attempt to make it happen. Let me be blunt, it wont happen until she does. If that is too big an ask, then the solution is obvious. She must hand over control of any campaign to those who want to work with everyone, unite all pro Indy forces, and recreate the spirit of 2014. Anything less is a betrayal of Scotland and could surely be only considered by someone whose self conceit and bitterness outweighs any love or loyalty to this nation.

I am, as always



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25 thoughts on “CAN WE WORK TOGETHER?

  1. Good article.

    I think the following Bill Clark comment sums up best what is wrong with the SNP:

    “Amy Callaghan MP said her piece in line with Ian Blackford’s support of Patrick Grady because she knew it would go down well with the leadership.”

    The party is full of passionless careerists like these who will do anything to curry favour, and avoid the wrath, of Nicola Sturgeon and her cohorts at its head.

    The subsequent public apologies from Ian Blackford and Amy Callaghan seem faux to me, designed more to save their own skin than a genuine expression of remorse for their antics.

    I think they’ve blown it now though:

    There’s a big yellow bus with giant size pictures of Nicola Sturgeon on it coming fast down the road that I suspect they will both find themselves thrown under soon enough.

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  2. The SNP/Greens appear to be in competition with Westminster crew in regard to integrity and accountability. I watched a tetchy interview with the FM and my first thought was ,’ is she angry with the perpetrator or angry that they have been found out supporting said perpetrator’
    I never thought that I would think so little of the SNP that I am happy to spoil a ballot paper rather than give them my vote .

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  3. Wrong place, wrong time, with no team and a war between the SNP and non SNP independence supporters, the referendum, if it happens is unlikely to be a success.

    Quite the reverse it has all the potential to fail. But that seems to be Sturgeon’s game plan.

    As for Patrick Grady he’s clearly a homosexual loon who after consuming the bevy couldn’t miss the opportunity to make unwanted advances to a young teenage man he took a fancy too. Unbecoming to wholly unacceptable behaviour do we know if this was a one off or if in the background there is a litany of worse, much worse.

    We don’t know of course because it’s a secret and like Jimmy Saville, people in power know how to keep secrets, how to protect the utterly odious. Perchance then a sex and sleaze ring at the heart of the SNP. Derek MacKay liked young boys, Grady young men and there are rumours about Sturgeon, her husband and others. What better way for the establishment to control, to turn, to bend politicians to their will.

    By example there was apparently a powerful paedophile ring at the heart of Margaret Thatcher’s Government and one can only wonder what influence that had as a tool in keeping members in line. Having something on somebody, or a group is a powerful tool – one does wonder whether this is what drives Surgeon and others in their focus.

    So a sex ring at the heart of the SNP could very well be as possibility. Or dossiers on individuals. Sir Jimmy Saville got away with his debauchery it all his life, as did many others. And of course prior to Saville that there was Lord Boothby of the young boys and glass tables fame who was another protected species.

    Anyway, now it seems that the Police have been asked to investigate who made the leak about the Grady and not to investigate what Grady has been doing. And that certainly tells you something not just about the Police but also about who called them in.

    But moving back to the referendum, and a sole SNP run referendum, can anyone think what the exposure of a sex scandal at the heart of the SNP would do timed for release at the most damaging period in a campaign

    Ah ha, Charles Stewart Parnell, and he only took up with Captain O’Shea’s wife Kitty after she’d left and divorced her husband. The London Times ultimately had to later pay what today would be millions of pounds in damages for wrongful defamation of Parnell – but the political damage was done.

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      1. There is spmething very rotten at the heart of the nuSNP. We are aware of the hypocrisy, lies and abuse of power. A poster assured me in 2020 that St Nicola had been a very naughty girl indeed – I don’t know who that poster really was but they knew a lot of inside Holyrood goings on. I am quite sure that is a referendum is held then a month or so before hand the kompromat will hit the headlines. Knowing this, we can plan accordingly:
        Campaign based on self determination
        Point to the path to nowhere the UK has embraced
        Focus on civil rights and a constitution for a modern democracy
        Campaign for an independent body to arbitrate in independence negotiations – closing the danger of the nuSNP messing it up and answering much of Project Fear “where is the detail?”
        Be honest about our view of the SNP failings when asked – and hold this up as Scotland in Union
        Get Salmonds reputation restored – and this is critical because when the kompromat breaks over the nuSNP we must have a trusted leader to carry on the campaign.

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  4. “… There was no welcome back for the former First Minister by those same MPs who are now giving their support to Patrick Grady MP, a colleague, who had been found guilty… ”

    No, there wouldn’t be because Alec Salmond was taken out not for any sexual misconduct (that was merely the excuse) but because he posed, and still poses, a threat to the SNP high heid yins. Most of them, politically speaking, wouldn’t be able to blow the skin aff a rice puddin, which is why they detest someone who can. He also posed and poses a threat to Westminster hegemony which would simply continue under Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership or that of most of those close to her.

    That is what we need to understand and if Mr Salmond’s offering the hand of, if not exactly friendship, but at least co-operation, in order to win independence, we also need to understand that independence means nothing beside these people’s self-interest and ulterior motives. Personally, and I think most of us on these threads would hold our noses in order to achieve independence, and that goes equally for the many women in the game whose rights are being divested as we speak, but, if the SNP leadership refuses to budge on this, we cannot unite. We need to hollow out both parliamentary groups, at Holyrood and at Westminster, and that goes for the Greens, too, in order to move forward.

    That is becoming more and more obvious because the present SNP leadership and ‘woke’ cohort are nothing less than a block on independence. Critics will say: ah, but ALBA and ISP and other independence groupings, including YES itself, have no power. They need to be reminded of how history turns on a sixpence: Sinn Fein had no power in Ireland before 1916; in a few years, Ireland proper was independent; and Collins could quite conceivably have taken the North, too, had De Valera not vetoed it. Nothing stays the same forever, and SNP apologists need to remember that, while they also need to remember that another dalliance with destiny that results in a NO vote because of the insistence on a pre independence referendum will see the SNP hurled from power. It suits both Unionists and devolutionist SNP to claim that we cannot top 50% for YES, that there is no real appetite for independence. Is that right, aye? They, themselves, will create it in a different kind of alliance – an unholy one.

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  5. I would be the last to defend creeps like Grady but can we stop using language like ” ……reached out to him earlier in his ordeal. ” and describing the recipients of unwanted sexual attention as ” survivors ” . It both inflates – relatively – minor incidents like this and demeans REAL survivors of REAL sexual abuse and adds to the general unreality of values espoused by idiots like those that comprise too much of the current SNP .

    Everyone is different , of course , but in my own personal experience and that of friends over the years of being the object of unwanted homosexual advances a simple * f… off * sufficed to repel them . Now it’s all about ridiculous over-the-top notions of victimhood , ” trauma * to be alleviated by * pastoral care * – whatever the hell that is

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    1. Robert, I agree. Those two little words send the signal required. I do understand that someone on a lowly rung of the ladder might well feel intimidated and/or fear for his or her job, but a resolute “No, f-off”, followed by a decisive statement that this behaviour will be taken further if it happens again, should, in normal circumstances, be enough to deter the perpetrator. We seem to have bred a generation of what our American cousins call ‘snowflakes’ where ‘victimhood’ trumps common sense. For children, of course, that can’t apply, but most parents will be trying to inculcate self-reliance in their children. We are tying their hands more and more as the state intervenes in all manner of their upbringing and education. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t bad parents, but it does mean that most parents have their children’s welfare at heart. I do feel for this young man because no one should have to tolerate that kind of behaviour, and I do feel that the SNP handled it all very badly, but, and I certainly don’t mean to minimise his situation because it is definitely unpleasant, if this is the worst he meets in his life, he will be very lucky.

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      1. ” For children, of course, that can’t apply, but most parents will be trying to inculcate self-reliance in their children. We are tying their hands more and more as the state intervenes in all manner of their upbringing and education. ” . Quite . Lorna . Wrapping young adults in cotton-wool does them no good in dealing with the – often difficult , realities of life .

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      2. Robert: I think that our children are quite deliberately being weaned off critical thinking of any kind and they will be susceptible to bad actors at the best of times, let alone when they are told that the opposite of what all their senses tell them, is, actually, the truth, and they are fed this nonsense in schools. If we cannot have a shared truth and a shared sense of reality, our children will be lost to delusion. Another thing that is extremely worrying is that we all have an in-born instinct that warns us of danger, and, often, that is sexual danger, and if our children are being told that they mustn’t worry about that very strange-looking ‘lady’ in the public loo, that, too, is being quite deliberately sidelined in favour of ‘inclusion’ that might lead to harm for them, both as children and as adults.

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    2. Robert, the issue in play here is that of sexual scandal being the tool.

      Sexual indiscretions range from the sleazy leer or comment to the full blown gravest of sexual abuses. However, across the spectrum all grades of abuse have their use. The British, but not just the British know that and of course use that. It is the way the establishment, the security services do business.

      Yes I know that the comment that he looked at me in a way that told me he had rape in his eyes can come across as contrived. But blown up in the press it sure doesn’t do any good to an accused persons reputation. Look at Alex Salmond. Millions and millions of pounds spent trying to create a case against him and then found not guilty on all charges but the mud stuck – damage done. It’s a tool, a political tool, and can be an easy tool to play.

      But on the serious side, and there is a serious side, people can be helped into compromising situations. The fabled honey trap is at its mildest an opportunity to gain knowledge and or later then expose the honey trapped. Two SNP MPs fell foul of that only a few years ago. Being played by the same woman both sustained domestic and political fall out from the exposure of their extra marital dalliances.

      But indiscretions such as this can be much much worse.Imagine having a penchant for young kids, imagine being helped assisted or encouraged into exploring that perversion and then for someone to be able to exploit that. I know that I repeat myself but this is what goes on. It is a very British tool and if you have the apparatus to maximise the tool then you can disrupt or control just about anything.

      So yes, like you Robert I am heart and sole sick of the lowest of level of complaint being blown up into a major issue. But equally I am aware that there is a whole panoply of much more serious incidents being brought to bear.

      So yes, we wonder why the SNP has turned the way that it has. Well I think we actually may know the answer. Fighting the establishment to secure independence is not an easy task. We ran them close in 2014, closer than we might think, and all the tools are now in play to try to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

      Sex, or the allegation of sex, it’s the neutron bomb of political fighting. Understand that and I think events become much clearer.

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      1. “We wonder why the SNP has turned the way that it has. Well I think we actually may know the answer”

        The most plausible answer from where I am standing is that the party has been hijacked and instead of fighting for independence they have been fighting against it since Sturgeon took over.

        “Sex, or the allegation of sex, it’s the neutron bomb of political fighting”

        We all have become well aware of it with the way Mr Salmond’s case was used. And that is why it makes even less sense to me that the SNP kept those two tainted MPs (I am referring to Grady and the woman) for all these years instead of chucking them out of the party as they did with others for far less.

        You don’t need to have an IQ above average to realise something like this if not dealt with straight away becomes a time bomb that could go off at any time and will be amplified with the press.

        The question therefore remains, why was so important for the SNP leadership to back and protect those two MPs in particular? Could it be because they knew they could use them as chaff later on if the reputation of the dear leader or another grandee was under threat? Or worse, could the news be made to emerge conveniently at a point with some excuse was needed to delay an announcement of something?

        For the life of me I cannot recall a single moment when the SNP under Sturgeon actually lift a finger to progress independence and that could have given the secret services any reason to start a dirty war against her party. Quite the opposite in fact.

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      2. Agreed Willie . The point you ( I think it was you ! ) made the other about the POSSIBILITY ( we don’t know for sure ) of this being a set-up is worth considering . Even if it wasn’t , characters like Grady are definitely vulnerable to such setting-up . The damage they are doing – by association – to our cause is incalculable : providing sensationalist tabloid front pages and playing right into the hands of our multifarious opponents .

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      3. That would be my take on it, too, Willie. The establishment covers up when it suits and exposes when it suits – and that applies just as much to the Scottish establishment, who are, in turn, played by the ‘British’ establishment. It is my opinion that the whole ‘trans’ issue will play out to have been a useful tool for establishments in the US, in the UK, and everywhere else that it has managed to spread its tentacles. Once its usefulness has waned – that is, the sexually deviant vanguard of the movement – and it becomes a problem, heads will roll through all kinds of leaks and exposes, while the real reasons for it, the undermining of society for both deviant and for predatory capitalist ‘overlords’ (often, at the top, the two are to be found in the same people) will be covered up, the job done.

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  6. “describing the recipients of unwanted sexual attention as ‘survivors’ ”

    To be fair, Robert Hughes, I rather cringe a tiny bit when reading recipients of unwanted sexual attention being called ‘survivors’ than shudder in disgust when unprincipled individuals who perjure themselves as a way to “redact” and suppress evidence, and even conspire to put an innocent man in jail, are called “victims”. I find the latter highly offensive, actually, an outrageous attempt to manipulate our feelings and a huge insult to the intellect.

    It is also far less offensive than watching how Sturgeon’s SNP strips itself off every principle it ever claimed to hold, dives head-first into the UK political sewers and rushes to scramble its praetorian guard to protect proven sex pests whose real value to the independence cause, despite having had 8 years of opportunities, still remains to be seen. At the same time, and just to make the whole thing even more grotesque, Sturgeon’s SNP rushes to engage in faux virtue signalling by throwing to the wolves certain colleagues for much, much smaller (or none at all) peccadilloes.

    It is obvious Sturgeon has standards. The problem is she has two sets of them.

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    1. Yes , Mia . The inflated language used in this case is what I was referring to as trivialising serious cases of sexual abuse . Putting * neck stroking * or even more ludicrous , * hair-flicking * on the same level as actual sexual offences renders the latter category meaningless .

      The nauseating hypocrisy of the current SNP / GOV speaks for itself

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  7. Nicola Sturgeon ‘called upon Mark McDonald to resign as an MSP’. He did so. No physical contact was ever made with his complainant.

    So for the sake of fairness and equanimity, she must call upon Patrick Grady to resign when physical contact has taken place. That she has not done so is partly because she is a prime example of the Peter Principle. She has come a long way from the infamous filing cabinet and is now well beyond her strategic capabilities. Hence her recent trip to Italy?

    And, for the sake of clarity, Alex Salmond’s reputation will not be restored, however unjust his fit-up might be. On the day when I was asked to vote for Alba, Russia was knocking seven bells out of Ukraine. Party leader, Alex Salmond had previously aligned himself with Russia Today.

    I have been an independence voter all of my life and, if I’m spared, I shall continue to be. If there is a route to the unequivocal assertion of ‘Sovereignty’ please sign me up. There is too much monkey business about Nicola Sturgeon: there is too much show business about Alex Salmond. But I imagine that the spooks know that already.

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    1. Captain: Alec Salmond’s politics programme on RT was one of the best and least contrived available to the British public. He didn’t align himself with Russia as he and everyone else on RT has stated categorically that they had been given total editorial control. Can you direct us to any other British journalistic venture that has total editorial control? You are simply doing what his detractors are doing. He is not Parnell, and we are not living in a Victorian/Edwardian society. Nicola Sturgeon scarcely lets a day pass without some adverse comment, or she has her various mouthpieces do it for her – and that is what is keeping the pot boiling. He shows remarkable restraint in the circumstances. Are we to take it that, in today’s Scotland, all those who have appeared in court and been found not guilty are guilty because… ? Then, the opposite must also be true: all those who have been found guilty must be innocent because… ? Kafka is alive and well.

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      1. Mark Twain is ‘alive and well’ To paraphrase:
        Reports of my scepticism are greatly exaggerated. I stated that AS had aligned himself with ‘Russia Today’ – not ‘Russia’. Now go and explain the distinction to the electorate.

        I once watched Alex Salmond take Nicol Stephen apart in Holyrood at a time of his choosing. I hope that ability remains undiminished in his armoury and that he will use it accordingly when he chooses. My opinions are considered – I take no particular glee in expressing them

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      2. Captain: I acknowledge your points. Some people never think for themselves, but most are quite capable of so doing. We no longer teach our children to think critically because certain others have decided that they must be brainwashed with what can only be termed the insanity of gender ideology. They are not the first to try that one, if in a different form. Human beings share a fundamental truth about our world, but that is being eroded by pitting two opposing truths against each other: one is the truth and the other is a lie. Every human being requires a critical faculty to see the truth as opposed to the lie. Continuing to push forward the lie shows a propensity to self-delusion because the truth will always seep through the lie. Eventually, the truth about the Salmond affair will seep through, as will the realization that the SNP leadership has not the slightest intention, and never did, of actually pushing forward independence – and, even more crucially, why. Some day, we will be able to recognize the narcissistic psychopaths in our midst for what they are, and prevent them from taking positions in society that allow them to harm us. This latest lot have clothed themselves in sexual deviance in a desperate appeal to the critically unthinking and plain sexually obsessed and they are aided and abetted by those in power, equally self-deluded. It is always worth the effort to look at what lies beneath and behind our politicians’ actions.

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  8. Neither Sturgeon nor Blackford could lead a drunken conga! They would be out of their depth in a car park puddle.
    The NuSNP is a stinking dungheap of corruption, incompetence, coverups and nepotism, full of cowards, bullies, perjurors and proven sexual predators.
    Scotland will NEVER be independent under such a government and the brain dead sycophants who continue to vote for this incompetent, narcissistic dictator are totally to blame.

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