Iain Lawson and Alex Neil discuss today’s events.

I always enjoy chatting with Alex. today was no exception.


Sadly some websites that claim to be pro Indy have turned out to be only Pro SNP sites and have sought to ban any websites that dare to question SNP Policy or tactics. They seek to avoid the public being aware that alternatives to waiting for Westminster to “grant” Scotland a Section 30 to hold a referendum exist. Issues like the flawed franchise, the Claim of Right route, the work of the SSRG and Salvo fill them with dread. As this blog promotes all routes, including alternatives I am banned from these sites and am therefore very grateful to my readers, who knowing about these efforts to ban and suppress go out of their way to subscribe and to share my articles far and wide. It is a good thing that attempts to restrict free speech and censor are defeated in this way.


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13 thoughts on “Iain Lawson and Alex Neil discuss today’s events.

  1. In 2014 52.7 percent of those born and brought up in Scotland voted yes. If the franchise is the same as the last time the ref will fail again. If you are born of Scottish born parents and you live in Scotland you can vote, the same as any other modern country.
    PS I am not in favour of a referendum. The claim of Right should be the route. No other country in the world asked a neighbour for permission to be independent a grovelling weakness to be exploited in future.

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  2. On the rigged franchise their will be no independence, we need a constitutional voting franchise for the indigenous population only. Those who wish to include Tom ,Dick and Harry are trying to tamper with the democratic will of the Scottish people. They will tell you this is democracy, Its not. Remember how the UK used a constitutional voting franchise stopping EU citizens voting. Evil English votes for English laws, The colonial power is tampering with our democracy ensuring the deck is rigged against us 1.2 million English settlers included into a referendum that every other country except Scotland ensures the vote for the indigenous population only.Why do you think Sturgeon delayed the Scottish census. The level of migration from England is astronomical. The colonial settlers in other countries do not get the vote so they don’t subvert the indigenous populations democracy. This is the international standard recognised by the UN. Why would we use anything else. The answer to that is Sturgeons Nu SNP want to keep us in the Union and pretend this is the will of the people. After a 2nd failed referendum independence will be buried forever and Scotland will cease to exist. Hollyrood will be desoved by Westminster and Scotland will be absorbed into a Greater England a medieval backward looking state on a downward spiral with no hope of change. Sturgeon will disappear into the twilight rewarded by the British state for her services to preserve the Union.

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    1. A local authority franchise is inappropriate for a vote on a constitutional question, and such a wide franchise has never been used in other countries on such questions, and this raises no objections from anyone.

      As to the legality of a referendum on the constitutional question, our mandate for this is a sovereign one, given by our own sovereign people to our own representatives in our own parliament in our own country out of our own fully democratic election. That mandate therefore comes with the highest authority there is in and over Scotland, and thus is undeniable on any basis, democratic, legal and constitutional.

      If that means someone has to amend some legislation to smooth the path to implementation, the full authority to force those amendments is inherent in that mandate. That amounts to no more than just sorting out the necessary paperwork. Legislation is a servant of governance, and not its master.

      Our sovereignty is the master key that unlocks everything that binds or restricts Scotland and its people, and it was hidden from us quite deliberately for that reason. We’ve rediscovered it, but we still need to learn how to use it effectively, and our representatives must be front and centre in doing that, because our parliament already has our delegated sovereign authority to exercise that sovereignty for the benefit and well-being of Scotland.

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  3. Clarification from the Supreme Court a good thing? Christ on a bike! When oh when are we goiin’ tae get aff oor knees and assert oor right tae sovereignty wi’ oot bowin’ an scrapin tae an elite sittin’ in anither country.

    I really despair of all who want to avail the services of the Crown to grant approval before what surely must be the Sovereign right of all Scots born and domiciled in their country of birth (Scotland) to decide.


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  4. I hate to be a wet blanket, but the first minister is an excellent strategist for the FM, not for scotland.

    Martin keatings’ initiative was actively opposed, plebiscitary initiatives were actively suppressed in online conferences of the ruling party.

    Both of these things are now apparently policy.
    Clothes have been stolen, and being returned to the strange institution called the UK supreme court.

    Time rideout being excommunicated (on the flimsiest grounds), who explains very clearly that there is zero downside to separation.

    I always look for the best in things, but this latest PR stunt (right before the unearned recess) leaves me sceptical.

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    1. Understandable Paul, the litany of inaction and worse contrary action in the Independence fight that the SNP leadership are responsible for in recent years certainly suggests we need more positive action in future before full trust can be restored. Still this could be positive.

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  5. Trust, someone said, arrives on foot but leaves on horseback.

    A party that has repeatedly abused that quicksilver commodity has no way back.

    I wish I felt differently, but I cannot.

    I cannot because I am cursed to pay attention.

    The other day’s press release was no more than throwing a pretend bone before starving dogs.

    Nothing was said by the first minister that even suggested that Scottish Independence is actually a great and rational choice.

    As I said before, she is an excellent strategist, but a completely introverted one.

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  6. It is a great experience to listen to two guys talking commonsense and strategy on independence. The SNP Conference in October has to be devoted to this and absolutely nothing else. All fringe events should be devoted to strategic elements of the campaign. This will be the platform to unite the movement, build excitement, enthusiasm and forward momentum.The SNP must concentrate on this to the EXCLUSION of everything else.

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  7. Without trying to be rude where was all this common sense and great ideas that Alex is spouting when he was a serving minister and member of the inner circle
    I REFUSE to believe that he and others were unaware of sturgeon”s betrayal of Scots and Scotland , even now some ahem indy supporters still believe that there are good souls within the snp , can I ask please who they are and WHY are they not EXPOSING this deviant fake FM , are they being held at gunpoint or in fear for their lives , is their family being held hostage
    Or are they just greedy self serving COWARDS who don’t care that Scottish families with children are FORCED to beg at food banks while sturgeon is busy focusing ALL her energies on FORCING people to DENY SCIENCE and BIOLOGY , where are these good folks , where are these HONEST people with INTEGRITY = answer = at the trough gorging on their big salaries and expenses


    1. That is unfair Alex did oppose some of the excesses of the Sturgeon regime. Why do you think he was dropped from the Cabinet. He was easily one of most competent politicians in Holyrood of any Party


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