A quickly reproduced comment from regular contributor Breeks that spells out in the most vivid terms what is going to be needed in Scotland in the very near future.

I grew up on a diet of mince and tatties and Rugby Union, back in the glory days of amateur Rugby when the Scotland used to narrowly lose to everybody. They might narrowly lose to the All Blacks, or narrowly lose to some provincial squad from the middle of nowhere. Good, bad or indifferent, we didn’t discriminate and could narrowly lose to anybody. We seemed to have a knack for it. In fact, as narrow losses go, Scotland had some of the very best narrow loses on record. 

The point is, Scotland could match the opposition and hold its own against anybody, but was dogged with a lack of capacity for turning all the pressure into points. Was it luck or a lack of killer instinct? Or just a lack of belief? Whatever it was, I fear Scotland’s politicians have the same affliction.

I’m fairly sure most folks will be familiar with the Electronic Scotland website, and the various articles detailing the work of the Scottish UN Committee back in the 80’s, and their efforts to secure more democratic accountability for Scotland, which of course led to the establishment of Holyrood. It’s good stuff.


You learn quite a lot reading the articles, but you also see a lot of the same things that are concerning us in 2022 were concerning people back in 1979. It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether things have improved or stagnated. We’re not good at turning pressure into points.

All these unconstitutional abuses Scotland suffers, the improprieties, the breaches of trust, the lies, the abuse and the injustices… where is there any retribution or recompense that’s been made to stick? The outrageous McCrone Report kept secret for decades… What actually changed after it’s public release? Was any less of our oil plundered? Did anybody get fired or prosecuted? Or did we all just shrug our shoulders?

Scottish Sovereignty violated by Brexit. Where is the complaint? Where is the protest? Where is the fallout?
The Claim of Right ratified by Westminster! Aye. Fine. So what good came of it?
2014, sitting MP’s broke Purdah and lied to Scotland with the Vow. Name me one MP even reprimanded breaching a Ministerial code.
The Vow itself broke the law because it was a new phenomenon introduced inside the last two weeks of campaigning. The consequences? None. Void result for cheating? Behave.

Scotland needs to start landing some of these body shots and making them count. We need more from the Claim of Right than merely acknowledged existence. We need to see Westminster bound into respecting the Constitutional Sovereignty of Scotland or paying the Constitutional penalty if they refuse.

Throughout all the campaigning from 2012 onward, and throughout all the encouraging disclosures from the SSRG and SALVO, the ONLY time Scotland has physically laid a Constitutional glove on Westminster was when Joanna Cherry KO’d Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament, because it broke the uniquely Scottish Constitutional doctrine that Parliament served the sovereign people and thus could not remove itself from their scrutiny.

To some, that’s just a minor distinction, a lonely fact established in a wild meadow of unwritten conventions. But it’s so much more important than that, because Joanna Cherry’s victory put a principle extracted from a uniquely Scottish Constitutional doctrine higher up the pecking order than the determined will of a UK Prime Minister not to be overruled… Westminster’s Parliamentary Sovereignty is a myth. It is a lie. 

Certainly in the last 30 years, I struggle to recall a single other instance where Scotland’s Constitutional rights were converted into points. All too often, we Scots back off when we think we’ve made our point. Aha! We’ve made Westminster acknowledge we are right! They been forced to write it in Hansard! … It’s not enough. A moral victory is no good to us. It’s the actual victory we need brought home.

Every time Westminster violates Scottish Sovereignty or the Claim of Right, there MUST be draconian consequences. Scottish Constitutional doctrines and principles must be defended with dogged tenacity, and no exceptions. If it needs taken to court, we take it to court. If Westminster won’t respect Scotland then we we make Westminster ungovernable until it does.

It’s time to stop playing nice. I heartily encourage you to listen to Sara Salyers once again, and remind all about the SALVO launch tomorrow ( Sunday) at the Dobbie Hall in Larbert commencing at 11am. https://salvo.scot/



Sadly some websites that claim to be pro Indy have turned out to be only Pro SNP sites and have sought to ban any websites that dare to question SNP Policy or tactics. They seek to avoid the public being aware that alternatives to waiting for Westminster to “grant” Scotland a Section 30 to hold a referendum exist. Issues like the flawed franchise, the Claim of Right route, the work of the SSRG and Salvo fill them with dread. As this blog promotes all routes, including alternatives I am banned from these sites and am therefore very grateful to my readers, who knowing about these efforts to ban and suppress go out of their way to subscribe and to share my articles far and wide. It is a good thing that attempts to restrict free speech and censor are defeated in this way.


Free subscriptions are available on this site from both the Home and Blog pages. This will ensure you will be notified every time a new article is posted. Each article already gets posted to many thousands of people, I hope you will come and join us. You will be most welcome.

7 thoughts on “WE NEED VICTORIES!

  1. We have Politicians who dance to the Masters Music!
    They sound Indy supporters, They claim to be Indy supporters but they always back down at the first disapproving glare from their Betters.
    They are like timid children not committed Nationalists.

    The reality is we do not have to justify leaving the Union. We do not need to explain what currency we will use. It is post Independence that we will decide on NATO or the EU.

    We are already Sovereign as a People – just state it and behave like it.

    We need a simple ACT such as pulling all the MPs from Westminster.

    Where is OUR Ghandi? Where is our James Connolly?

    The people who currently fail to drive Indepence will be the same people who will lead it to failure by their grovelling.

    Weakness AFTER Independence is just as bad as weakness BEFORE.

    “If you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs.” James Connolly

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    1. One of my favourite – Political – quotes . As true today as it was then .

      ” Where is our Gandhi ? Where is our James Connolly ? ” Indeed .

      If they stood outside Bute House or Holyrood and knocked on the door , it would be opened and immediately slammed shut in their faces .

      Alas , the time of such heroic figures is long gone . With precious few exceptions , the modern Politician would not even understand the concept of Self – Sacrifice in furtherance of a noble cause eg the liberation of their country/culture , never mind the actualisation of such a concept .

      It’s ALL about what’s in it for them .

      Great post Breeks . You consistently * convert * every * try * 🙂

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  2. “detailing the work of the Scottish UN Committee back in the 80’s, and their efforts to secure more democratic accountability for Scotland, which of course led to the establishment of Holyrood. It’s good stuff.”


    I think it would be more accurate to say that the people who wrote that website were on some “good stuff” at the time.

    You believe that the limp-wristed Council of Europe “forced” the UK to introduce devolution – which had been a Labour manifesto commitment since the 70s – and not one of the thousands of politicians, civil servants, journalists involved has ever leaked it?

    Oh, I believe these Scotland-UK jokers toddled over to Strasbourg and made a presentation. I think their own phrase was that they were “complimented on the clarity of their presentation”.

    That’s like a teacher saying “good use of underlining”.

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    1. “ I think it would be more accurate to say that the people who wrote that website were on some “good stuff” at the time.”

      You’re talking about Willie MacRae, and ought to be a little more respectful if you ever want to be taken seriously.

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  3. Oh dear! It seems I was taken in by what seemed like a call to arms, or at least to the barricades, only to have cold water thrown over the idea.
    However, thanks for raising my hopes, currently on a roller coaster with moredowns than ups, and I have joined Salvo in the hope that they are prepared to do something.
    Almost anything would be better than limbo and false promises from the SNP.

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  4. Recognition of the selfless force of nature that was James Connolly, is long overdue in Scotland. Airbrushed, as he was, from our collective consciousness because he dared to challenge the metropolitan British state with his oratory, his pen and, ultimately, the rifle. Squawk at that if you will, but never forget or deny that he was one-of-our-own.

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    1. We need someone with one parent from Dublin and the other from Glasgow – in other words someone who is good and wise but essentially strong enough to lead us out of the WM dungeon. Perhaps they are secure, for the moment, in SSRG.

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