Speech by Iain Lawson to the Salvo Launch.

Firstly my thanks for the invitation to speak at this important event which has the potential to help deliver Scotland’s Independence to more effect than any other announcement in the last seven days. ( Pause) I thought that would get your attention.

Well I have good reason for suggesting that because for the bulk of the last thirty years I have been often living and working in a small independent North European country. Indeed for some fifteen years until I retired I was their senior accredited diplomat here in Scotland. That country is of course Estonia, a country that has proved what Independence can deliver for a small nation with the talent, the courage, the determination to use that Independence to build prosperity for all its citizens. It now stands thirty years later as the most digitally advanced economy and nation in Europe, perhaps the World. Yet when I first visited in 1993 the average wage was the equivalent of 40 US DOLLARS A MONTH!

But it is not that tremendous success I want to talk about today. I want to discuss one key element that proved the catalyst in that struggle to become Independent. Because it bears an uncanny resemblance to what groups like SSRG and Salvo are  seeking to achieve here in Scotland.

Like Scotland there were various parties, one larger than the rest all with different views on how to take Independence forward. The dominant party seemed lukewarm to new ideas and there were fears the whole drive could stall. Two events then took place, one is well known as the Singing Revolution and the other the remarkable Baltic chain of people, estimated at two million  where the three Baltic nations came together creating an unbroken chain holding hands demanding Independence over the six hundred kilometers between Tallinn in Estonia, through Latvia finishing in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. Less is known about what I am going to tell you now but which was a key element in the success of both these tremendous events.

Suddenly towards the end of the 1980’s a new organisation came to the fore, an organisation formed by the grassroots. To outward appearance it was a historical and cultural Group and it was largely that until Glasnost reached Estonia. Encouraged by this new freedom they turned their attention to a historical document, not a Claim of Right, but a formal agreement signed by Molotov the Soviet Foreign Minister and Von Ribbentrop his opposite number in the Nazi German Government, which was signed a month before the commencement of the Second World War. A Non Aggression Pact

Their studies revealed secret protocols that annexed the three Independent nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania plus a slice of Poland to the Soviet Union, while the rest of Poland was to belong to Germany. Within a month the war commenced and Germany and the Soviet Union divided up the spoils under the agreement.

The significance of discovering these secret protocols was to be hugely important in the battle to win Independence. The Soviets had always argued their takeover of the Baltic countries was to protect them from external aggression. Now Estonians could prove it was nothing of the kind, it was a dirty and illegal deal with the Nazis. The key political point of this was if the Soviet occupation was illegal then legal Estonian citizenship must still exist going back to the first period of Estonian Independence following WW1, before the illegal Soviet occupation took place.

The Heritage Group set up branches all over Estonia, I think in excess of 1100 from memory and started signing up Estonians as Estonian, rather than Soviet citizens. People only got a paper coupon and communists, trying to scare people from signing up, called them “tickets to Siberia”. They could have been, certainly for the first few thousand, but the people had courage and eight months later they were able to declare more than fifty per cent of the Estonian population had signed up to be citizens of the new Independent Estonia.

This success emboldened and United the politicians, a referendum followed in March 1991 which returned 78% Yes vote and as the tanks rolled on Tallinn’s streets during the attempted August Gorbachov coup they voted for Independence in a Parliamentary vote. This was recognised by the international community all round the World. Other countries did the same and the rest is history.

It is significant that many members of the Heritage Group were later elected to the first Independent Estonian Parliament, including the Prime Minister, former schoolteacher Mart Laar. So look out Sara you might have a new job shortly.

I tell you about all this because as sure as night follows day the professional politicians will seek to downplay and poo poo all you do. They fear you because you are opening up new territory, areas they don’t control. Worse, from their point of view you are successfully building support to raise your issues and ideas further up the Independence Agenda. That scares them, look at the criticism the FM attracted because she did not make more of the Claim of Right argument as part of her announcement last week. That could not have happened a year or so ago. It is your success in educating Scotland that was the reason for that. Of course there is much more to do, of course there is, a lot more, but you have made a startlingly good start. You are building momentum and I pledge my full support, and most, if not all the bloggers, to help spreading your message far and wide.

Independence will be won by the people of Scotland, not the devious political class who seek to control everything and manipulate it for their own or their Party’s benefit. That will not stand, it must not stand because it is a route to failure. It is already happening. I am appalled that the First Minister is unable to say that votes cast for all pro Indy parties will count not just SNP ones. It makes it look to me that she is demanding a monopoly on Independence. If she is then she is working for others because that will not deliver Independence for Scotland. Put plainly…she has no right to do this. We do not vote for Nicola Sturgeon. We vote for Independence and freedom for Scotland, she betrays our whole country if she tries to corral this for herself and her Party.

Why is it important? Because Independence and Justice is needed, we need an open and honest system with a constitution that protects our citizens and closes off the opportunity of any Government or court system to collude in the way we have witnessed in Scotland in recent years.

The false allegations and plot against Alex Salmond disgraced both our Government and our Justice System, the same accusers being involved in the case of Craig Murray which resulted in him being jailed for an offence that even the judge could not explain to the public. She said that was OK because it was clear in her mind. The same judge that wants to end jury trials for sex offence cases. That is not Justice my friends, far from it.

The police force that spent huge amounts conducting over 700 face to face interviews with 400 people trying to find anything, anything at all, to strengthen the incredibly flimsy allegations against the former First Minister. How can that be anything other than corrupt when they were handed an open ended budget by the Crown Office to do so?

Or the dawn raid on Mark Hirst, months of worry and agitation, his accusers again from the same bunch of anonymous women, protected by the ruling from the aforementioned judge, only for the sheriff to rule “No case to answer” He still faced huge bills for his defence while his accusers, some of the same people who accused Alex Salmond, were not out a penny, the taxpayer, again, having to cough up.

Another ludicrous case coming up in early August where more ridiculous charges, based on frivolous allegations from two senior SNP Members, including an MSP will confirm these disgraceful tactics of political bullying are still ongoing and that taxpayers funds are being wrongly used and huge amounts, millions spent, following a political agenda rather than proper justice.

England boasts of its great unwritten constitution. No constitution should ever be unwritten. It hands unbridled power to the establishment of the day. That can be hugely dangerous if they lack honesty and worth. We have discovered that problem here in Scotland. We need an open and honest written constitution that gives every citizen basic rights and protections.I have much greater faith that it will be delivered by Salvo and SSRG than a Scottish Government of whatever political colour.

We must fight for truth, honour and justice. Independence can win us that.

For our nation’s Common Weal. I Thank You for all you are doing.


Sadly some websites that claim to be pro Indy have turned out to be only Pro SNP sites and have sought to ban any websites that dare to question SNP Policy or tactics. They seek to avoid the public being aware that alternatives to waiting for Westminster to “grant” Scotland a Section 30 to hold a referendum exist. Issues like the flawed franchise, the Claim of Right route, the work of the SSRG and Salvo fill them with dread. As this blog promotes all routes, including alternatives I am banned from these sites and am therefore very grateful to my readers, who knowing about these efforts to ban and suppress go out of their way to subscribe and to share my articles far and wide. It is a good thing that attempts to restrict free speech and censor are defeated in this way. This launch is very important today. Please, in especial, share this article today. My thanks.


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  1. Very good Speech Iain and Indeed the SNP must not be allowed to control the process or agenda for an Independence campaign,the people must take back control of this from the politicians. Too many people forget that we vote them in to serve us and our best interests not to control or dictate to us. The present state of Scottish politics shows that it only takes one rogue Politician or small bunch of Politicians to destroy what has been built up over decades by committed people. We must get behind SALVO and SSRG to show the politicians that the people of Scotland are indeed Sovereign and politicians do not have ultimate power. It is a ridiculous notion that only one party or organisation can win Independence for Scotland. It is akin to a player in a football team saying if I get the ball I am not going to pass it to any of my team mates as I am the only player who can score a goal.Shutting out large swathes of the Scottish people as they are not in your team can only lead to disaster and will set Scotland,s quest for Independence back decades. The one person who can change this is Nicola Sturgeon but even when interviewed last week on STV she would not commit to an inclusive campaign.This begs the question how committed is she really to obtaining an Independent Scotland?

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  2. A great speech Ian. You have touched on areas with which I have concern, importantly, the lack of influence of NS and the SNP in the Independence process. It is not yet clear how this will be achieved but the fact that it is being spoken about and considered is a step in the right direction. Whether she can deliver Independence remains to be seen but the strength of feeling in Scotland for the SNP to be detoothed and declawed is cheering.

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  3. Fantastic speech. Didn’t hear it as the stream was poor. Hope it’s recorded (in the meantime I’ve created a text-to-speech version). Fabulous historic parallels. It us indeed the people, and not any one political party, that will get us over the line. The Yes movement has always been ahead of the politicians. As for the anonymous conspirators, nothing stays hidden forever. Truth will out.

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  4. Great speech Iain, its a huge regret that I couldn’t get to Larbert today. I have though joined Salvo and have spent time with family banging on relentlessly that we need a system whereby we increase our chances of gaining independence. Also, when negotiations start these same principals of Salvo should focus the minds of the negotiators.
    It would be galling to achieve independence only to have the essence and soul of it negotiated away.

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  5. I applaud your recent efforts, Iain, including sharing articles from others, though I have been finding it hard to catch up after being away for a few days and so much to take in following reactions to the FM’s announcement.
    I began as sceptical and this grew exponentially as I read your blogs and others with similar views, including many comments. Like many, I feel the current Scottish government no longer commands the loyalty it did from the Yes movement as people realise there are other routes to independence.
    Would have come to Larbert but discovered the trains were being replaced by a bus service and i couldn’t get there until after 12. Have joined Salvo though.

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  6. Great speech Iain. Other speeches were great too, and especially Sara’s which gives us the direction we need to go. Perhaps a Salvo movement rather than a political party is needed to deliver national liberation, to gain the trust of the people, electing individuals with the right skills necessary for the primary task, to withdraw Scotland from the continually violated and mankit ToU. This is perhaps not a job for career politicians always seeking soundbites and deliberating on policies for this and that, much as your example from Estonia demonstrated, and so many other liberators from Mandela, to Gandhi and more. The number one priority is to free the people.

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    1. Indeed Alf . Rather than legaiistic box-ticking and ” oo we better not offend X,Y,Z demographic/International Body/* Soft NOs ” eggshell dancing .

      As you know , there was no mass support for Irish Independence prior to the Easter Rising , those involved in that simply acted out of their passionate belief in the rightness of the cause . Yes , the subsequent summary execution of the protagonists may have ignited that mass support ( ah those * clever * Brits ! ) but the inescapable fact remains ….
      no Easter Rising no Free Ireland .

      Obviously , I’m not advocating similar action ( Christ , this NSNP could take-over an unattended ice-cream van , never mind the equivalent of Dublin’s GPO ) . But the example of the power of determined action is salutary

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  7. Thoroughly enjoyed Salvo today and found it extremely interesting. A lot to study and take in, but the gut feeling I got at the time, and on going away, was as if something important from my life had been missing (and I never even knew) and now it is returned… a written constitution, one that is far more robust and eloquent than most of the recent ones drafted. Wow.

    Your speech and your account of the Siberian Ticket was also inspiring.

    We face the prospect of an Indy Plebiscite GE, and please remember they are bringing in Voter ID for GE’s in the near future.

    How would it be if we produce a Claim of Right ID Holder, with the essence of the Claim of Right printed on the inside covers.

    How would it be if on accessing our personal Claim of Right ID Holder, we make it a public affair/celebration – sort of similar to the trend in 2014 of the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ – you know, just 30 seconds on facebook of someone celebrating obtaining it, and making a declaration to uphold its principles.

    How would it be if our Indy Politicians started that ball rolling, and in the process, an Indy Politician who does not do so begins to look somewhat insincere.

    Genuinely interested in folks thoughts on this. The printing up of the Claim of Right ID holder is very do-able.

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    1. Excellent idea Daisy . You’ve no doubt heard the naysayer stock criticism of any suggestion CoR could – and should – be considered and used as a vital part of our strategy …..* no one is interested in some * ancient * document/idea ” blah blah , well , how can they be interested/uninterested if they aren’t even aware of it ?

      The general public can , and do , latch onto ideas – what was * Taking Back Control * if not a simple idea that went * viral * ? And that was total bollocks . But it worked ..

      CoR has the distinct advantage of being A REAL THING and easily comprehended . Likewise Popular Sovereignty .

      Knowledge = Power n’all . These ideas just need to be more widely disseminated

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  8. A random thought. Someone noticed this week that Hansard had been altered with regards Westminster’s voting on Scotland’s Claim of Right?

    When they made enquiry, the alteration was reversed.

    I don’t know enough of the details, but was this in relation to the full implications the Claim of Right confers on the people of Scotland… and which that recent vote in Westminster rendered ‘live’, as aposed to archaic and extinct?

    And are any of our politicians picking up on the seriousness of the attempted edit regardless of the motive?

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    1. That’s the thread about the Hansard minutes being altered…

      These are the altered Minutes…


      These are the minutes of the 2018 Westminster debate on the Claim of Right, which were not altered, but they’re archived just in case….


      Archived version:


      Terrific speech Iain. I hoped to be there, but I couldn’t make it to Larbert yesterday, and I so regret missing the chance to meet so many good people. SALVO is going to be vitally important to Scotland in the coming months, so everybody, spread the word and get more and more people tuning in to what SALVO is saying. It’s game changing stuff, with the added bonus it also reveals how rigged the game has been.

      The Unionists HAVE NO ANSWER to Scotland’s Claim of Right. They hide it and deny it, as is their way. That they appear to be editing the Claim of Right from Hansard minutes is tampering with Scotland’s Constitutional provenance, but it will not succeed if we are vigilant, like Diane in Lithgae.

      It strikes me there remain huge questions to be answered…. Who authorised this removal? When did the practice begin? What else has been erased from the Hansard records? I don’t have enough knowledge of the law, but surely this doctoring of official records must be illegal? …How ironic that we ask the same questions about SALVO.

      What’s next? Removing Scotland from maps like Stalin removed Trotsky from photographs?

      We need MP’s to seize on this and get answers. Everywhere the investigation leads, every report, every denial, every revelation exposes more and more people to the definitive Claim of Right, and to the rotten underbelly of Westminster. Is there anything about Westminster which isn’t rotten?

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  9. Scotland already has a constitution and a great one at that which includes environmental protection. It is ignored and many Scots are oblivious about it because it is not taught. Educate folk in Scotland’s actual constitution first and foremost instead of replacing with something inferior.

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  10. I agree with Alf Baird, I think it is time that we Scots placed our trust in MOVEMENTS that will fight with their all to free this country from the nastiness of WM Rule..The sitting government in Scotland has proved they are not the ones to end this Union, if they were SHE and HER Party could have & should have done so in 2015 2017 & 2019 then again in 2021 when the Brexit was finalised. She is a fraud, & Scotlands needs to hear the voices of people that are truly fighting for this country. Not those that want votes so they can better their own lifestyles. I am also a member of Salvo, joined right after hearing Sara at the Alba Conference. And I agree Ian, she will be needed in any government that was to follow Independence.

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  11. By the way GREAT Speech, I wish I could have been there. But maybe when their meetings come a bit closer too home..

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  12. Thanks Iain for the kind comments about CoR ID holder. Will speek to others about making it happen.

    Sara Salyer explained very clearly, that the Unionist would attempt to decry the Claim of Right as an out of date, archaic, piece of legislation with no foundation in today’s legal system of government.

    She debunked that immediately with reference to the SCC 1989 and the Scot Parliament 2012. It is built in and systemic within our current Westminster and Holyrood systems (even if they were not conscious of it).

    It seems highly telling therefore that the Edited part of Hansard included the below statement.

    “That this House endorses the principles of the Claim of Right for Scotland, agreed by the Scottish Constitutional Convention in 1989 and by the Scottish Parliament in 2012, and therefore acknowledges the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of Government best suited to their needs.”

    I do suspect this attempt to alter Hansard is potentially HUGE in terms of Westmister corruption and goes beyond Scotland’s current struggles.

    This is most certainly something to kick up a stooshie about…. and if, in the process it publicises our Claim of Right, well, so be it.

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  13. Minutes are altered for a reason thus alterations and their purpose must be explained in order to stand. The SNP’s parliamentary impostors simply aren’t up to asking questions, it seems; to state the bloody obvious!

    Averse to joining anything, apart from queues outside banks, I’ve, nonetheless, joined SALVO, and happily so.

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