I was proud to be elected to Westminster in 2019 but it was as is so often said to settle up, not settle down. I’d stood for Westminster before though at a time when being an independence supporting candidate was for almost all, just a matter of flying the flag. 

I’d been fortunate to have been elected to Holyrood and to have served in the first ever SNP administration. After 2014 when we came close but sadly not close enough, it was time for me to do other things and for others to pick up the baton. I wrote books and watched from afar.

In 2019 I was asked to stand again and agreed to do so. It was to be for that one final push to set our country free. I was as proud to be with new Westminster colleagues as I had been with former Holyrood stalwarts. Our nation was under attack and our democracy being denied.

But the SNP I had joined almost 40 years before was no more. Party democracy was abandoned, disgraceful actions and machinations were perpetrated and so I left. But that has allowed me, along with my colleague Neale Hanvey to pursue the cause of independence that I have always held dear, and at last to seek to settle up not settle down. 

Our actions in the Chamber were necessary. They were not taken lightly but forced upon as by the circumstances our country is facing. Scottish democracy is being denied and parliamentary procedure is being distorted.   

Scotland has a mandate for a referendum and yet it’s refused outright by a charlatan of a Prime Minister. He even rejects a vote of no confidence, something that’s fundamental in a democratic chamber. He’s lost the support of his own party yet was comprehensively rejected by Scots in 2019, as has been every Tory PM during my lifetime. And indeed, so will be whoever succeeds him.

All this is happening though whilst Scots are suffering. We may be blistering in a heatwave, but a cold winter is coming,and it will be cruel for many. Already many are struggling to fuel their cars and those that do often find themselves paying to carry out their job, not just get to their work. There are pledges of Tory Tax cuts for the wealthy and plenty money for war and weapons of mass destruction. But total intransigence on an increase in mileage allowance for the low paid who are providing vital services.

Scotland is energy rich. Oil supposedly all gone in 2014 is now the UKs salvation and an offshores renewable bounty has arrived. We’ve more renewable energy that we need to power every home, yet it’s to be cabled south. The exploitation of our nations resource and at a time when over half our people will be in fuel poverty. It is simply perverse that Scotland is energy rich, yet Scots are fuel poor.

It was for those reasons that we spoke out. There’s a price to be paid by us with suspension but so be it. I was not elected to administer the British State but to continue the drive for Scottish Independence. That the SNP takes titles such as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and even more bizarrely Shadow Spokesperson for Wales and Northern Ireland I find incredible. Independence Parties do not seek to form, and can never do so in any event, a British Government. It’s not our Parliament and never will be. It’s rigged against us and all parties unite to block us.  

The duty of independence MPs is to pursue Scotland’s cause and protect Scotland’s people. Room for manoeuvre in Westminster is limited as the government has all the cards. But meek and supine acceptance there cannot be. Other parties seeking independence have used it as a forum to pursue their democratic demands. Charles Stewart Parnell ensured that it would not be allowed to be a block to the march of the Irish nation and instead used it to promote Irelands cause. Maxton and other Red Clydeside stalwarts spoke out, as did Neale and I, on issues and likewise were excluded.

The time has come for Scotland to demand it’s legitimate right to self-determination. Neither an acquiescent Supreme Court nor an intransigent UK Government can stand in the way of the Scottish people. The starting pistol for the campaign for independence has been fired by the First Minister, and there can be no turning back. The needs and wants of our people require it, as much as the legitimacy of our cause demands it. 

All avenues must be used and that requires actions in all democratic forums, as much as peaceful demonstrations in our communities. After all independence MPs are in Westminster to settle up not settle down. 

Wha would be a traitor knave.    


What a delight to read this. MP’s remembering what they are supposed to do. not for them timid administrators of a Devolution straightjacket. Scotland demands a voice, yet when we try to speak in this Parliament of ”equals” we are shouted down and removed. The State Broadcaster carries the story minus the information about what the protest was about. Joe Stalin would have been proud of such extreme levels of control. Some might say what did it achieve? I can answer that, some people noticed, folk that don’t normally notice. Many folk were surprised at the ill temper and aggression of the Speaker. It’s a start, what we need is more, regular, aggressive tactics from Scotland’s pro Indy MP’s. Lets make it a contest. Well done.

I am, as always



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  1. Well said Kenny MacAskill.

    Leading from the front despite the FM’s bitter attempted dismissal and put down of the protest as mere “gesture politics”.

    A leader inspires with bold action. A leader tactically aware and strategically astute. Above all a leader unifies. In her behaviour and in her actions Nicola Sturgeon ticks none of these boxes.

    Kenny and Neale showed the way.

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  2. “ I was not elected to administer the British State but to continue the drive for Scottish Independence.”

    So refreshing that someone remembers.

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  3. I can’t find words to fully express how thankful & proud I am of you and Neale, you are both a credit to your country, All Scotland owes you both a great deal of gratitude, The least said about your former collegues baying and smirking alongside their fellow unionists the better

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    1. Yes – so much for the Speaker ( probably following protocol) and the voice of Scotland in the so-called Mother of all Parliaments. Pathetic and a complete joke. Time to quit the Union with or without the co-operation of the UK.


  4. Well said kenny. I would sincerely hope that some from the SNP were shifting very uneasily in their seats. If this is done again, and none of them do anything in support then we know their true motives.

    I watched the last couple of wee ALBA book meetings on YouTube. I was struck by the point that Alex Salmond made – why are we taking no for an answer? Why indeed?
    Also the plebiscite election was supposed to be a threat – not an open goal for the London establishment – and as such I certainly don’t support the SNP version of a plebiscite election- I’m not even sure they know what it is themselves. I believe WM would grab a votes based result with both hands. Can you imagine some of the confusing ‘independents’ appearing on the ballot with a very similar logo to ours? (That is if all indy parties would agree to such a thing) Add in voter ID and the imperial media. It’s a recipe for disaster.

    Another point Alex made was that the referendum should be run by the Scottish Parliament – I totally agree. He also reiterated his preference to use the 2014 franchise. I can see his logic up to a point, but I would definitely, at least, set a period of residency – eg 2 year permanent residency at the time of announcement (July 2020), that way there’s absolutely no exclusion on an ethnic basis, but there can’t be any ‘gaming’ of the vote.

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    1. The Sturgeon Westminster plebiscite election (removing 16 and 17 year olds, the highest Independence supporting group) is the perfect choice if the objective is a narrow defeat for YES.

      “I tried” cried Sturgeon. Now both Votes for SNP next time….and please make all cheques payable to Mrs. Murrell UN candidate in waiting.

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  5. “set a period of residency – eg 2 year permanent residency at the time of announcement (July 2020), that way there’s absolutely no exclusion on an ethnic basis, but there can’t be any ‘gaming’ of the vote”

    I’d say 5 yrs min preferably 10 if it’s to be the referendum route and even then I wouldn’t have any confidence in yes winning.

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    1. 10 minimum and absolutely no postal voting except in exceptional circumstances, e.g. disabled. All votes to be counted up here as well.

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      1. all votes should be counted in polling station in full view of party members and international observers. Counters can enter polling station as it closes to voters.
        Tallies to be registered and confirmed if required in counting stations.

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      1. And we need international scrutiny of the counting process and no voted added or lost when polla close. I
        ve been at my local pollong staion to check ballot boxes are emmpty when possing starts and sealed whn thr doors close. just takes few volunteers from a party to do that.

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    2. @Helenyates. I agree, when you see that the English settlers here voted almost 70% NO in 2014 & since then there has been an influx of English coming up here often to escape the chaos of who is ruling their own country. But they still would & will vote for their homeland. England did not allow Europeans who had been here for decades paying their taxes to vote in their Brexit referendum for the very same reason they would insist on English people getting to vote in Scotlands referendum. Turkey’s do NOT vote for Christmas.

      So if it is ok! for England to deny the settled Europeans a vote, then it should be OK! for Scotland to place a period of settlement here in any referendum. And I believe that period should be 10yrs minimum..And that is still more than almost all other countries in Europe would do. No settler from another country gets to vote on the big ticket issues, Local elections yes, So there has to be a period of settlement. I think Alex got that wrong in 22014 & he seems to think that same franchise would work this time around. He would be wrong again..

      And I say that as someone who wishes he had never stepped down, & someone whom I believe would never have accepted BREXIT or the theft of the powers that should have come to Scotland after BREXIT.. He would also have kept the yes movement alive & building on the 2014 result. Not letting it die a death as his successor has done these past 8years..

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  6. Thanks for publishing this Iain and huge respect to Kenny Macaskill as a politician of integrity from the time he freed Abdelbaset-al Magrahi, the ‘alleged ‘ Lockerbie bomber on compassionate grounds while Justice Minister in the Scottish parliament Lke many iI was disappointed by the SNPs MPs lack of support for him and Neale demonstrating what Scots who really want Independence should be doing.
    I also like his mention of the problem of rising fuel prices in an energy rich country like Scotland, which is a net contributor to the Uk as a whole. Perhaps the Westminster SNP group could redeem themselves by bringing this up in the House of Commons and pointing out the unfairness of the situartion whereby Scotland, an energy rich country has to pay the highest prices in Europe for energy despite being the coldest p[art of the UK and that the Treasury has recently refused to change the rules on Winter additional fuel payments folowing periods of extreme cold weather as these are based on a low temperature in Se England triggering their implementation while it could have been freezing in Scotland for some time previously.and while generating companies in Scotland pay the highest prices in the UK to join the National Grid, far more than those in SE England, some of whom pay nothing for this so consequently we are charged higher amounts per unit used and also now higher daily standing charges. This situation is manifestly unfair and our elected representatives should ne protesting against this injustice, which is now obviously unsustainable.
    I am not holdng my breath waiting fot the SNP’s question in Westminster.

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    1. Let us also not forget that the end of the NHS as we know it is inevitable under Tory rule. Those worried about their private pensions might like to offset that against paying for (formerly free) personal care.

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  7. I have a question for Kenny.

    Do our Scottish MP’s when representing their constituencies within the debating chamber do so under the full protection of Scots Law? Sort of like the kind of territorial protection granted to the area of a foreign embassy?

    Or, does parliamentary privillage provide some form of similar protection?

    I’m aware it protects MP’s from being sued for slander.

    Kenny and Neale had a duty to inform the house of commons, that efforts to thwart Scot’s Claim of Right (via blocking the S30 court action) – is a fundamental threat to the validity of the Act of Union, in addition of course, to speaking up to defend our CoR.

    And of course – protesting to protect our C of R is also a protected course of action within our Written Scottish Constitution.

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    1. You are a woman. After my own heart! It does indeed and that *does* remain a matter of law, (though as disregarded by the British establishment as every other ‘inconvenient’ treaty term). It’s a point raised by none other than Lord Cullen in respect of the right to legal remedy, when the appellate Court was replaced by the Supreme Court. Law that is altered to serve the lawmakers interests is not lawful. Scotland has a Claim of Right and Neale and Kenny just stood up for its fundamental principle, the sovereignty of the Scottish people. What a message of hope and courage to all of us!

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    2. Excellent points, Daisy. The answer? The English MPs do not care. They have their interpretation of the Treaty (illegitimate and illegal) and we have ours (legitimate and legal). We are going to the wrong courts because our interpretation is fundamentally correct: we were not subsumed; we were supposed to be an equal partner; and our trade laws could not be interfered with. We suffer all three – and much more. Well done, Kenny and Neale. As for the spineless wonders who are supposed to be representing us, they call all go to hell. Even the ones I thought had a backbone, had none in reality, when it counted.

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    1. Hi, I thought to myself , for once I’ll watch this PM charade, thinking , we might see someone rip it it out of Johnson.
      Not a chance.
      Then oh! Ho! Something stirred.
      Where was the camera Pointed, not to Kenny or Neale, No!
      It focused on the scurrilous speaker, and his spittle flecked Rant!
      All his stuttering , and grasping for words.
      The parliamentary legal bench in front , hastily , scrabbling for paperwork , so that trumpet bollocks could read out the standard transgression of the house, he , trumpet bollocks didn’t even know their names.
      My, my, democracy doesn’t sit well in the Westminster cess pit.
      It was a joy to watch,. for once, although fleeting, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck.
      Oh ho, I thought, I must tune in to the evening English news in Scotland and watch the BBC stenographers reporting this happening.
      What, not a titter not a broadening of discussion or a delve, even .
      Tells us all we need to know.
      My goodness, I didn’t realise how comfy the SNP are down in the cess pit.
      We’ve got to get in amongst them and break it up.
      It’s serious.
      16 and 17 not in on the vote, em ! It’s their future what does that say.
      What happened there?

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      1. Cauld hooses in Scotland and warm seats in Westminster – not a good look by anyone’s standards. Not sitting well with loyal SNP campaigners either.

        If they carry on like this, genuine Indy supporters from Alba and elsewhere will leave them in the dust. Their current inactivity is only successful if there is no viable alternative.

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  8. “Lay the proud usurpers low!
    Tyrants fall in every foe!
    Liberty’s in every blow!—
    Let us do or die!”

    Burns words predate modern postcolonial theory by some margin yet he used much the same terminology, including also ‘oppression’ (doun-hauden’) in other verses. He also reminds us, as does Kenny, of ‘a traitor knave’, i.e. the collaborative native elites which we know is a significant feature in Scotland’s history and in colonialism generally. Much as we saw with Scotland’s other national representatives in Westminster who sat quiet and feart in front of a baying prejudiced English Tory mob and refused to support the valid points Kenny and Neale were making as true representatives of the Scottish people and protectors of oor richts.

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  9. Hi Scot Egner
    Scott Egner
    Another point Alex made was that the referendum should be run by the Scottish Parliament – I totally agree. He also reiterated his preference to use the 2014 franchise.

    would you have a link to the video where Alex makes these comments you mention.

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    1. Wullie it is also in the wee ALBA Blue Book.. I adore Alex Salmond, I have always regarded him as our ONLY leader to take us via a political party to Independence. I joined ALBA on the day it was announced as a party because of Alex.. I think he is the best Politician of MY lifetime. But I can not agree with his continuing to run another referendum on the same franchise. I also do not believe that Scotland would ever or could ever win a referendum.. The Nasty BRITISH Government is backed by the dirty money of people who would never allow us to win..

      I now also a doubt even a plebiscite election could win, because Sturgeon has come out with stuff to keep her CULT believing that it should only be SNP votes that count. And they will fall in line with that..

      I think our saving grace lies with SALVO & SSRG now. & our Claim of Right, plus our right as a COLONY (which we obviously are in WM eyes) Being taken to the UN to end the Treaty of UNION than in truth has never been a UNION..

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  10. Have you ever been in a situation so surprising/astonishing that you sat transfixed to your seat? Failed to respond to the situation and later regretted your lack of response?

    So to each of the SNP MPs who did not respond, at the time, to the treatment meted out to the two Alba MPs by a “berserk” HOC Speaker Hoyle, please now explain your viewpoint.

    I expect that our blog host will enable your response. And I expect that you are informed of this blog’s content, either by directly reading, or by being informed.

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  11. Unfortunately velofello NONE of the current SNP MPs have a grain of conscience when the case they SHOULD be presenting on our behalf (Scotland’s sovereign right to decide) is drowned in the prejudice propagated by Sturgeon and her cult against all who are seen by them as a threat to her hegemony.

    The SNP MPs by their sleekit acquiescence gave unanimous endorsement of the Speakers belligerent display of disrespect towards elected representatives seeking to speak on behalf of Scotland’s interest.

    They have shown themselves, ALL of them, yet again to have zero credibility when it comes to defending Scotland’s right to self determination. Ah widnae haud ma breath waitin’ oan a response fae oany o’ them, she’s got them aw feart, from whit, ah widnae ken.

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  12. Nicola Sturgeon can only threaten them with eviction and that, at this stage, would only mean a very flamboyant feather in the cap – and they’d be able to hold their head up high. Surely there are a few SNP MPs with the courage and conviction of Kenny and Neale! If not, those MPs buying castles will be left with an impossible mortgage after the next election.

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    1. Jan, time has presented us with the fact SNP MPs have amassed a myriad of opportunities to demonstrate “courage and conviction” by challenging Sturgeon AND the anachronistic system of Westminster rule which grips Scotland and her people in perpetual thraldom.

      NANE o’ them hiv the guts to challenge the status quo. Too many o’ them are doon at Westminster hurlin’ thair ain barra wi’ nae intention o’ fechtin oan oor behauf. Thair castles are aw safe, (fur the meantime)!

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  13. What he should have said was that the ENGLISH GOVERNMENT are blocking Scotland. That then must demand answers as to why the representatives of the Sovereign nation state of Scotland are buckling under them. Why they believe their equal can call the shots. As I have repeatedly pointed out over the years there is no gov of GB despite there being a parliament. The debate last night vying for PM surely demonstrated that fact when representatives of the sovereign nation state of England were campaigning for England.

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    1. Gayle, I agree with you that there is no proper, functioning UK of GB government as outlined in the Treaty, and as agreed by the two sets of Commissioners, by the Act translating the Treaty into domestic Scots and English law. What we have ended up with, is an English government within the UK of GB government, the former, basically, cancelling out the latter. This needs to be sorted out now – and should have been sorted out after 2014, when the clear warning of the Crawford and Boyle Report should have been heeded. Been warning of this for so long, I’m sick of saying it. We need to have a fair inkling of what England as the UK will do in the negotiation stage to ensure we are not fleeced again. The SNP leadership seems to be quite sanguine about our assets and resources being purloined. I cannot see how, with that attitude, they can be at all serious about a referendum, never mind winning it. Bunch of bloody amateurs and/or mendacious monsters.

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      1. Yep, that’s the problem. The English Government has no legal right to act as the government of GB but so long as the Scottish government (not their mere admin) refuse to assert Scotland’s authority they, the English government and its establishment, genuinely do think they can act with impunity. The moment they stated publicly that to them UK simply means a Greater England with Scotland subsumed into it is the moment Scotland should have walked – without a referendum. Boiled my blood that Scotland even entertained having the English government negotiate on Scotland’s behalf with the EU if Scotland terminated the treaty. Like, what the frell? I honestly cannot fathom out their rational on that. It is insane.

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      2. Totally agree, Gayle. I fo not believe that, since 2014, they have actually wanted independence – and they still don’t or they would have had all this constitutional stuff sorted out long since. B******s. The ‘wokies’ have ruined the party of independence in order to push their own agenda. I loathe them for what they are doing to females and for what they have done to independence

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  14. Yes. Sturgeon manages to place herself in a position where she avoids confrontation and scrutiny. I believe she will not cooperate with the Yes Movement in this bid for Independence. If so then it would be understandable to refer to her as the Enemy Within.


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