Last week Graeme McCormick, a SNP NEC member posted a criticism of one of Mia’s articles on the basis that it did not respect the First Minister. What follows is Mia’s response.

“not helped by disrespect for the FM”

With all due respect to you, Graeme. My comment above does not contain “disrespect” for the FM. It contains very strong criticism as I believe it is deserved after almost 8 years of delivering nothing and, when you look retrospectively, every single action taken by this FM, and this submission of a draft to an English court is no different, has been in the direction of stopping independence rather than facilitating it.

As many contributors here have stated, respect is not given, it is earned and because of that it cannot be taken for granted.

Taking the wheels off the independence party to stop it being a vehicle of independence when you knew before hand there would be a landslide win in the next GE does not earn you respect, it loses it.

Handing over Scotland’s assets to England MPs when you have an absolute majority of Scotland’s seats and you can stop it by declaring independence, does not earn you respect, it loses it.

Keeping quiet while England MPs unilaterally butcher the Scotland Act to take control of our main assets, despite the SNP holding a majority of the seats in Westminster, does not earn you respect. It loses it.

Delivering a capitulation speech, acquiescing to England MPs and England’s government rule removing any choice from the hands of the people of Scotland when the people of Scotland sent a majority of SNP MPs to Westminster on a mandate to stop brexit and to exercise a choice , and when you have held a mandate to call a referendum since 2016, does not earn you respect, it loses it.

Giving precedence to England’s expressed democratic will when you were elected to enact Scotland’s expressed democratic will and for which you were handed a majority of the seats in Westminster, does not earn you respect. it loses it.

Dangling carrots for 7 years and hiding behind the excuse that an England government does not give “consent” for a referendum despite your controlling the majority of Scotland’s seats in Westminster and your controlling the Scottish executive and parliament, does not earn you respect, it loses it.

Looking the other way and letting the Withdrawal bill pass, when it is a direct assault on Scotland’s constitutional tradition of popular sovereignty and when you control the absolute majority of Scotland’s seats in Westminster and therefore you could have stopped it, and when even Carwyn Jones noted it in the parliament of Wales, does not earn you respect. It loses it.

Allowing the vote for triggering A50 to even take place in Westminster after Scotland refused consent for brexit and after the people of Scotland gave you control of a majority of Scotland’s seats in Westminster to stop it, does not earn you respect. It loses it.

Siding with unionist parties to stop a supermajority in the Holyrood election 2021 and stopping a plebiscite for the sake of either frustrating independence or stalling it, does not earn you respect. It loses it.

To abuse your position of power to discredit the decision of a jury does not earn you respect. it loses it.

Siding with a deeply corrupt UK civil service to create an unlawful complaints procedure and remove an opponent from active politics, costing millions to the taxpayer does not earn you respect. It loses it. 

Presiding over a government that hides behind a court case to actively suppress information of public interest, does not earn you respect. It loses it.

Sending this draft bill to an English court when you have a perfectly functional and competent Supreme Court in Scotland which has recently dealt with the Keatings case, very similar in nature, and dealt with the more complex Cherry cases about prorogation and revoking A50 triggering, and when the matter of Scotland’s independence and Scotland’s parliament is above all, a matter for Scotland and Scotland only, does not earn you respect. It loses it.

“The Supreme Court is not English and follows on from the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords”

If English convention prevails over Scotland’s constitutional tradition, and English law prevails over Scots law, then it is not a “UK” court. It is an English court. Parliamentary sovereignty is usually the damage limitation tool of last resource used by this court. Parliamentary sovereignty is English convention, nothing to do with Scotland.

Regarding the House of lords, do you remember any recent case in the Judicial Committee of the House of lords where only Scottish Peers were present when debating a matter pertinent to Scotland? I don’t. There are always English peers/UK peers there. Only the Scottish Peers sat in the Old Scottish Parliament so they are the only ones that represent Scotland. UK peers are elected by a government, so they do not represent Scotland. They represent the government that elected them. Let me give you an example, the debate in 1999 regarding reducing the number of Scottish peers sitting in the HoL and therefore reducing Scotland’s representation in the UK parliament. This was considered by some of them a breach of the treaty of union and a breach of their constitutional rights. Lord Gray put a motion. Of those debating and deciding the outcome of the motion, which you can guess it was against the Scottish peers, there was only one Scottish peer. All the rest were either English peers or UK peers. What they were doing discussing the constitutional rights of the Scottish peers under Scots law, Scotland’s constitutional and parliamentary tradition, escapes me. But guess what? the intervention of English and Uk peers determined that the ultimate reason why Lord Gray’s motion was rejected was “Parliamentary sovereignty”. But England MPs and England’s lords do not have parliamentary sovereignty over Scotland’s MPs or Scotland’s lords and even less Scotland itself , Scotland’s law or Scotland’s old parliament. So how do you reconcile the supposed “parliamentary sovereignty” of England MPs with an article of the treaty of union that was ratified by the old parliament of Scotland to which the concept of parliamentary sovereignty did not apply? 

From where I am standing it looks like a complete farce of cosmic proportions and just an excuse to silence Scotland at every turn, being that its MSPs, its MPs or its Peers, with the English principle of Parliamentary Sovereignty which, at some point or another in the last 300 years, England MPs and England’s peers/UK peers have unilaterally transferred to the whole UK parliament even when Scotland’s MPs and peers could not have done so because it did not apply to the old Scottish parliament. 

“The FM is well aware of the Scottish Constitutional tradition”

Being aware of the Scottish Constitutional tradition when you are the FM of Scotland and the leader of a pro-independence party is nothing to be praised for, it is expected. Being aware does not earn you respect. Acting upon it so Scotland is not prejudiced and Scotland’s constitutional tradition is preserved and not undermined, is what does. 

Letting for 7 years opportunity after opportunity to flex the muscles of that constitutional tradition to stop the abuse of Scotland at the hands of England/UK MPs and peers, to escape you does not earn you any respect. It loses it.

“it will be employed”

You might be believed when you say “it will be employed” after you have been for one month in the leadership position. After a year of lost opportunities, the majority may still give you the benefit of the doubt. But when you have been for almost eight years in the driving seat and for over 7 of those 8 years you have had control of the majority of Scotland’s seats in Westminster so you could have terminated the union, and yet you have let every single opportunity to employ that tradition escape you, then I am sorry to say but the only thing that such expression induces is laughter.


Graeme may not like Mia’s response but he must surely recognise she is providing specific reasons for why she criticises the First Minister. Readers can examine Mia’s specific examples and decide for themselves whether Mia is justified in holding that view.

I am, as always



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  1. There is no doubting MIA knows her stuff on CoR,CoE , sovereignty and the like. I read that thrice. Personally i’m struggling to get my head around it all. With MIA and other contributors i’m getting there. Haha

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  2. If Madam Truss is quoted accurately in yesterdays press :“The SNP lost the 2014 referendum and Nicola Sturgeon is now leading a campaign of deception to steamroller the UKand break up the Union. But I am completely clear that there will be no second Scottish independence referendum on my watch.” can we ask Graeme to get said Nicola Sturgeon to make an equally emphatic public response. This would be preferable than that of her Deputy which might well be reviewed and amended as is the case with her unfortunate cabinet.

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  3. Yes indeed! What a Bonny fechter we have in Mia! Open your eyes, people. It was hard for me to accept criticism of Nicola when I first saw it, but the reality when it hits you is undeniable. Ever since the “Scotland will not be dragged out of the EU” speech by Ian Blackford I expected some direct action, but as with her “secret plan” she has been such a disappointment. The shocking treatment of Alex Salmond was the last straw and once the blinkers were off, they were never going back on.

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    1. Cast your mind back to this FM being asked:
      How long do you think you will serve as FM if elected this time?
      the reply: A full term!

      There were raised eyebrows at the time but now we clearly see this FM will serve a full term: and now our dreams are supposed to rest on returning a majority of SNP MPs and giving the SN a majority of voters in the UKGE – almost impossible for independence but great news for the nuSNP troughers.

      This is a sleekit politician, keeping her party in power using YES votes. This is a trans activist, a traitor and an incompetent. Independence is dead in her hands and our very status as a country is at risk. Sturgeon must go and she cannot be replaced by one of her cabal. That is the simple truth.

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      1. Yes Marion . It’s becoming increasingly clear all this blather about a * Consultative * Referendum and Plebiscite Election is going to come down to one thing …..Vote SNP – again ! Give them ANOTHER 5 years to waste because * this time * they * really will * ……..ask nicely for permission to decide our future . OK , maybe they’ll raise their voices a little , stamp their little feet , turn-up the outrage-o-meter to 3 and demand , yes demand , permission is granted . That should do it eh ?

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      2. I have read that the Aberdeen Independence Movement, a party within the Scottish National Party, has put forward a Code of Conduct for those who wish to participate in the forthcoming Independence referendum. One must sign up to the pledge which includes allegiance to a belief in gender identity ideology. I have long suspected that something would be pulled out of the air in an attempt to silence those who disagree with much of what Sturgeon and the nuSNP are doing. To link Independence with gender ideology, inextricably, so that one depends on the other, presents as a vote loser to me. This has all the hallmarks of Sturgeon’s hands on the tiller, yet another step towards scuppering any Independence campaign and vote. This is obviously the thinking within large sections of the SNP. Do they realise they are only the vehicle to Independence not the controllers of the ways people think. I agree Marion, she must be gone, as must all of the SNP in Holyrood. Scotland cannot survive with the SNP/Greens in government.

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      1. OH what a dream team that would be.. Make it happen Scotland.. NO chance of those two ever becoming a parcel of Rogues..
        Can you imagine if this sort of response or even her posts were given the light of day in the so called Scottish MEDIA. Instead BBC gives us Kirsty Walk who knows truth but prefers lies & conspiring to enhance her nasty program viewing figures. HATRED is an awful thing, Wark has it in bucket loads…

        As for the Journalists, they must surely read MIAs posts then her replies to those who question her & compare her to the FM who has brought nothing but Fear & trouble on this country. And who when questioned loses control or just never knew or wasn’t there.. RESPECT MIA. It should be from every corner of the Independence movement headed YOUR way.. Thank You..

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  4. I hope that Sturgeons flying monkeys are reading this cause We the People of Scotland are Sovereign.
    We have a Claim of Right. We have a Mandate. What’s the Problem, STURGEON. Use the Mandate.

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      1. Haha no Alastair , I am , I admit , a former member of the Grammar Police , but repented and seen the error of my ways after too many auto-typos and hastily posted comments 🙂

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  5. If anyone ever needs a definition of the adjective ” indefatigable ” just tell them it’s a synonym for Mia . A true warrior /terrier for Independence who – along with the many brilliant female contributors here and elsewhere shows up * Fraud to her fingertips * NS for the hopelessly out her depth fake she is

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    1. TBQH Robert , Mia and Sara Salyers are the REAL women who should be residing in our parliament alongside very many REAL FEMALE commenters from various indy blogs , those who are currently there from all parties are an absolute DISGRACE to their SEX , that they have endorsed and supported the denigration and threats against their fellow womenfolk by their capitulation to the perverts and deviants promoting this regressive perverted ideology indicates their moral stance

      That many of them are parents or grandparents they should be thoroughly ashamed that they have allowed a cabal of perverted sex enablers to get their way in introducing legislation that threatens the safety and security of our womenfolk

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      1. If Sturgeon is a feminist tae her fingertips, then I’m a man – someone better tell ma husband before he stops snoring his heid aff and gets a terrible shock 🤣🤣

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  6. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me.

    Instead of complaining from the sidelines join the SNP and challenge from within.

    That’s what I and many other members do. What’s stopping you if you have confidence in your argument and powers of persuasion?

    Could it possibly be that the FM’s decisions, some of which I don’t subscribe to, have electoral support and her judgement of the will of the majority of the people to date has been rather impressive?

    Without taking the people with us there won’t be any Independence . You can’t just declare independence and expect the majority of folk to fall inline, and the international community to recognise Scotland’s independence.

    Most folk are relatively comfortable. To deliver independence requires instilling a confidence in a lot of people who are not “ Independence-nothing less” Voters that their lives will be better with independence. That’s why I promote AGFRR as it puts money in people’s pockets with money raised solely from within Scotland.

    Please reveal yourself!


    1. ” Instead of complaining from the sidelines join the SNP and challenge from within.” Seriously Graeme ? The old ” change the System from within ” fantasy . How’s that going so far , any sign of change happening , of the SNP Hierarchy releasing it’s death-grip on the Movement ? Na , didn’t think so .

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      1. Meant to say ……” Movement and Party ” .The latter being the most relevant part . The Movement , though severely damaged , not , yet , wholly under the baleful control of the SNP Hierarchy . The former 100% is

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      2. Most folks are relatively comfortable you say Graeme. By what yardstick do you come to that conclusion. Is it from looking around at the elected SNP politicians who are paid relatively handsomely as MPs and MSPs.

        Save for those living in a bubble there is a cost of living crisis unfolding. Wealth inequality has become much more pronounced these last eight years. Fuel poverty for hundreds and hundreds of families is a reality and it is set to get worse. Food poverty is another measure of a cost of living, lack of income crisis. And that too is set to get worse.

        Our NHS is creaking at the seams trying to deliver timely health care. There is talk of a National Strike and whilst you might not be aware of it Graeme there already has been strikes in our essential services here in Scotland. Trains, you might not use, but they have been affected. But its not just train drivers who are threatening to strike.

        With all due respect therefore, it is difficult to understand the comment that most folks are relatively comfortable. We are, and have been for quite a while now on a downward spiral and it is getting worse.

        Other than that, and reverting to the main thrust of the article, Mia’s forensic criticism of the First Minister’s performance summarises very very well exactly what Nicola Sturgeon and her team have delivered these last eight years. You may think it success Graeme, but I don’t, nor do many others.

        Of course maybe the First Minister has a secret plan that MIA has stumbled on?

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    2. “Without taking the people with us there won’t be any Independence.”

      But you’re not taking the people with you. Under Sturgeon progress has faltered and stagnated, while the SNP has dedicated itself to gender politics and suppressing dissent. There has been NOTHING constructive these past EIGHT years! Nothing.

      Sturgeon’s involvement with the stitch up and smearing of Alex Salmond beggars belief, and that, more than anything divided the YES community, and while Salmond answered every question and criticism like statesman and a pro, Sturgeon mired herself in compromised evidence, redacted information, selective amnesia, then bare faced misrepresentation of the truth.

      She is a walking catastrophe for Scottish Independence, to the extent that whether she is grossly incompetent or a sleeper planted to betray us, the result of her endeavours would look substantially the same.

      If you are serious about “joining the SNP” to fight from the inside, then I’m sorry, but you are being wilfully blind to the gerrymandering of candidates and office bearers making a mockery of the NEC and rigging debate through “Conference”. You might tell Joanna Cherry she’s better staying put swatting gender creeps like flies, but I would rather she was focussed on Constitutional exits out of the UK Union, with support and backing of a political party which actually wants Independence delivered.

      You want me to respect Nicola Sturgeon? Make me. I think she is a screaming liability.

      Which do you think think the more courageous Graeme? Those with the courage to stay and have their top secret wheesht for Indy battle for the SNP, or those who venture out into the hostile wilderness because that’s what’s required when you’re putting Scotland first ahead of all other considerations?

      My advice Graeme, which you’re perfectly free to ignore, is to give yourself a deadline for the change you “think” is coming to be realised. The next UK General Election is less than 2 years away, and will hopefully be a Plebiscite on Independence with a binary manifesto for Scottish Independence under an all-party-and-none YES banner.

      Be honest now, do you expect the SNP to put away their hubris and instruct the grassroots to vote for YES, with no SNP name or party on the ballot? I repeat, be honest “now” because now is the time when we need to know.

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      1. “Be honest now, do you expect the SNP to put away their hubris and instruct the grassroots to vote for YES, with no SNP name or party on the ballot?”

        Interesting you say that. I’ve just seen a tweet from a Daily Record “reporter” saying that Scottish “Greens” plan to stand in every constituency in a Westminster plebiscite election. Well in that case Alba can stand too! We might well end up with over 50% of the votes and less than 50% of the seats but the pseudo Greens would have started it!

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    3. I admire your efforts Graeme I really do. But despite your great work on AGFRR, you have been unable to influence the SNP to do anything about it. While you have been trying your best Angus Robertson has been introducing reforms that deny ordinary members any say in policy development, removing all scrutiny of senior officials and interfering in candidate selection procedures, a topic I know you are familiar with as it affected your own constituency.

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    4. You don’t challenge from the inside Mr McCormick, you and the rest of the cabal ‘dae as ye’re telt’ because you are too scared to challenge that narcissistic dictator you call a First Minister.
      RESPECT?? What respect has she shown the people of Scotland, the people who put her ther, over the last 8 years? All we have had is empty promises, carrot dangling and evidence of an evil, bullying woman who is only interested in serving her union masters.
      Don’t try to preach to those of us who removed the blinkers years ago.
      Join the SNP? Don’t make me laugh ..I resigned from the Slimy Nest of Poison after more than FIFTY YEARS of membership (possibly longer than you have even been alive!) because it is no longer the Party that I supported, worked for, canvassed for and held various positions in.
      It used to be a Party of equals, policies were agreed by ALL members, voted on at National Conference which was a process of democracy not dictatorship.
      Go away and learn some REAL facts and don’t just take the word of a nasty, lying bully of a woman who isn’t fit to lick any of her predecessors’ boots.

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    5. “Could it possibly be that the FM’s decisions, some of which I don’t subscribe to, have electoral support and her judgement of the will of the majority of the people to date has been rather impressive?”

      Could it be that people are voting SNP for independence and it has nothing to do with other policies? Many don’t even know about the other policies! After all Scottish folk voted Labour for home rule and abolition of the House of Lords for decades and it’s still not happened.

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  7. Reasons to withhold respect from oor Furst Meenister.
    By no means claiming to create an exhaustive list, I would add.
    Siding with the British Broadcasting Corporation in the Question Time / Menthorn Media / Billy Mitchell scandal.
    This more than any other incident has led me to conclude that Nicola Sturgeon is an active asset of the British State.

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  8. Dear Graeme, we are talking to the people… on the streets, at AUOB marches, at SSRG and Salvo conferences, and at Wee Alba Book launches.

    Oh and in the Yes Hubs, along with some fairly disgruntled SNP members.

    Please let me know the next (cough) ‘imminent’ organised SNP Indy ‘event’ taking place, so I can come along (as a Yes supporter) and show support. They are distinctly noticable by their abscence.

    Oh, and while your at it, since the starting gun has been fired by your leader…. any chance there will be some disclosure and campaign share of the £600,000 raised for that purpose. I Self Identify as a Sovereign Scot, that should be enough I’d suggest.

    PS, Having set up plan A (S30) to fail at the London Court, Angus MacNeil says the SNP Conference is to have no debate re plan B Plebiscite Election for Indy!!!!

    Carry on like this and the only thing the SNP will be remembered for is giving letters of the Alphabet a bad name.

    PPS Nelson Mandella called his book re overcoming apartheit, ‘Long Walk to Freedom’.

    Nicla can call hers, ‘Moonwalking in the general direction’. Pretty sure it won’t be a best seller.

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  9. After reading and agreeing with this piece by MIA, I’m reminded of the following:
    “if the show isn’t going well, let’s send in the clowns”. (‘UK’ also appears in “the Unreal Kingdom”).

    Nowadays, many who’d been active in our ‘Yes movement’ are being drawn towards the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group (SSRG), a non-partisan think tank of progressive minds who have come together to share knowledge and enthusiasm; furthermore, this Group really appeals to all age groups and almost all forms of Scottish political persuasion; including ex-SNP members like me… Actually doing what our forebears had anticipated!

    Thanks for your time,


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  10. You say: “Most folk are relatively comfortable.” Based on my experience on the doorstep and in countless conversations outside polling stations etc., it is precisely those people “who are not” that are most likely to vote for independence. Certainly not the “relatively comfortable”, a section of the electorate which is perfectly happy with the status quo thus unlikely to gamble regarding what they perceive themselves to already have.

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    1. Agree Erich but I think there are a few new things that play to the more comfortable:
      The dire quality of the Tory government
      Government and monarch seen to be above the laws we all abide by
      The economic car crash of hard Brexit and the lack of any prospect of improvement
      Britannia s new global role of soft, strong and very long for the USA.

      — these are now very soft NO voters. The problem is they do not have their eyes wide shut and will never, ever vote for a treacherous, gender obsessed, authoritarian, lying incompetent.

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    2. True but it is also true that an increasingly number of people are NO LONGER going to be relatively comfortable in the near future given the extortionate energy price increases due and the general inflation of essentials goods (eg food). We should use that to our advantage…

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  11. We will have indy ref next year , But yous absoloute weapons are still playing party politics…. EEEJITS


    1. Aye and the Nicola 1&2 Party would never do that would they? If you are going to criticise an article point out the factual inaccuracies. I suggest if you do we will never hear from you again.

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      1. Iain – I can find no links but I do recollect reading an interview given by this FM in the US. She said that independence would only succeed with a clear vision of the ideology of the new country. Now that does not describe the moveable feast that is democracy – and this FM is has realised she can bank roll her dictatorship far better within union. ALL she cares about is her trans activism. If she is forced to take steps for independence then those steps are shackled to her true cause.

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      2. to clarify: when I say she can bank roll her trans activism far better within union I mean she would never get away with spending money in this manner while drug deaths spiral, the NHS collapses and the islanders are trapped on their islands – not in a real country. Only in colonial Scotland can such stupidity be inflicted on us.

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    2. Yes , the Second Coming is close at hand . The Rapture will occur next year . Or is it the Rupture ?

      And if there’s no Ref next year , will you , as Marion asks , still * keep believin’ * ?

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  12. “You can’t just declare independence and expect the majority of folk to fall inline, and the international community to recognise Scotland’s independence.”

    Graeme, it is perfectly legal and democratic under international law for an elected majority of Scotland’s MP’s to do precisely that and to bring an end to our multiple-times violated treaty-based alliance; that is and must be the primary and now very urgent goal of every single Scottish nationalist MP. The Scots have been and are still being continually deceived by the SNP and anyone still connected with them.

    I would suggest you read Mia’s comments again, and again, and again….until the penny finally draps!

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    1. Alf , I’m well aware of what we can do legally but unless the people are massing behind you it’s a meaningless charade. If around 40%of the Scottish electorate are Unionist supporting do you just expect them to fall into line? How do you deal with them?

      You have to persuade them to consider voting yes through quiet persuasive discussion and not what frankly seems a Don Quixote approach to the challenge before us.

      As regards some of the other correspondents’ comments on my comments that the majority of Scots are comfortably off Scotland is the third most successful part of the U.K. in terms of economic activity, standard of living and inward investment. Only London and the South East of England show more impressive figures. We are not poor as a nation but we could do so much better as an independent country.

      Over 60 % of us own our own homes; most have adequate private pension provision; over 50% have university of equivalent degrees , and because our house prices are comparatively less expensive than most other places in the U.K. we have more disposable income.

      Of course, as I’ve mentioned, economic hardship on a scale not known before will be visited on folk in the next few months. This might encourage more folk to think about ditching the Union but we have to persuade them that the risk they have perceived to their lifestyle of Independence is less than staying put.

      I can’t think of any country which has gained its independence where its population doesn’t feel down trodden economically in the state of which they are part. That’s a huge challenge, but I welcome that challenge.

      I feel that most contributors of this site conflate their dislike for the FM with all the challenges we face as a movement. This site is one big girn. It all seems to stem from the AS issue. His rehabilitation appears more important than converting the undecideds when poll after poll shows he’s yesterday’s man. It’s time to get real! Treat the electorate with respect and concentrate our efforts on persuading those still to be convinced of Independence instead of wallowing in spiteful vitriol against the FM in which Mia seems to be particularly adept .

      By the way, the U.K. Supreme Court is a British court just as the House of Lords Judicial Committee and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council are , and in the latter case of a number of Commonwealth countries the Supreme Court despite the fact that most judges are English trained. Normally in Scottish cases Scots Law judges have led the deliberations. Judges trained in different jurisdictions still have the acumen and ability to make judgements based on the principles of the legal system which applies to the individual cases.

      There have been many breaches of the Treaty of Union down the years. The MPs who represented Scottish constituencies and often held high office in the U.K. governments homologated these breaches. I deplore their treason to our nation but it’s in the past . We have to seize the moment . Our time has come ! Don’t bugged it up by self indulgence !

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      1. “This site is one big girn.”

        I wasn’t aware reading it was compulsory. There are pro indy sites I don’t read because I don’t like them.

        “It all seems to stem from the AS issue”

        WOW. Issue is how you describe an innocent man acquitted on all counts who faced charges that would never have reached the court if normal standards of evidence were upheld and you don’t think that this blatant misuse of justice is worth worrying about. It would be worth worrying about if it were a unionist politician and I’m anti UK.

        “he’s yesterday’s man”

        Would he have been if these trumped up charges had not been raised? Regardless of AS, I’d rather live in a country where we don’t manufacture charges against people you want to take out of the game.

        If you think the only reason many are sick to the back teeth of the nuSNP is the AS case, then you really haven’t been paying attention. He’s not the only one to have faced false allegations, not all sexual ones. Furthermore a second man has appeared in court charged with threatening Joanna Cherry and still never a word of support in public (we’re told nor in private) has been made by the FM. GRA reform is HUGELY unpopular when people realise its implications, some people would like to know what has happened to the £600k donated for the next referendum etc etc.

        We MIGHT be prepared to turn the other way IF we thought the current leadership had any inclination to actually deliver independence as opposed to delivering more SNP election wins. But they don’t, so we’re not.

        yours a former SNP voter for decades.

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      2. “I deplore their treason to our nation but it’s in the past .”

        Not quite Graeme. The last three successive national majorities of Scotland’s MP’s knew what they had to do but have refused to do it, despite repeated violations to the treaty. What is that if not treason? Have you (or they) never read the Claim of Right as condition of the treaty? Nationalist MPs owe an obligation only to Scotland’s sovereign people, not to the union and No voters wha aye gie awa oor soveranty, yet they now side with the latter.

        Scotland cannot afford to depend on another UK-run and interfered with referendum with a dubious franchise, and a still withheld delayed census which will confirm we have already lost it. Scotland’s elected MP’s will need to act sooner rather than later. Sitting around waiting on an English court and whatever it opines will not help our cause.

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      3. « This site is one big girn. It all seems to stem from the AS issue. His rehabilitation appears more important than converting the undecideds when poll after poll shows he’s yesterday’s man. It’s time to get real! »

        Shame on you. Shame on your leader. Shame on your party. A party which I, like so many others here, idealistically supported and canvassed for over many decades – in my case going back to the dank 1960s. And before me there was my father and his friends who founded our local branch. And then those before them. In place of all such self-sacrificial aspirations Nicola Sturgeon has now brought desolation. That is the stark reality. I do not want her Scotland. This trussed and gagged vestige. I do not recognise it. It is repugnant.

        Mercifully Alex Salmond escaped her heinous net, retained his honour, and has manifested very inspiring strength of character in braving again this dismal field of battle to raise a fresh banner. An unexpected and invigorating call to arms for so many stumbling and disillusioned veterans.

        And despite Sturgeon’s ongoing MSM- and State-supported malice towards Alex Salmond (and of course towards many others) you come here now blithely defending her, telling us to “get real”, claiming that Salmond is dead and gone, and that we should obliviously trample his remains in haste to hail that dark enigma to whom you owe allegiance?

        You know something? As the decades have passed I have learned at least this. An ideal independent Scotland will never live and breath. The concept is but glassy-eyed mental taxidermy. It is a mirage, a will-o’-the-wisp, an abstraction.

        We must betray no-one ever. And most certainly not in pursuit of an illusion. Scotland will always be flawed, independent or not, but we can still work to optimise its virtues. To bid it flourish. Though to be worthy of even that humanly “real” Scotland (and to avoid debasing ourselves) let us remain assiduously true to those who are true and averse to those who are not.

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  13. Great to see so many strong supporters of Scottish Independence with knowledge as well as determination. Scotland with real leaders like Mia and Sara sounds like a dream Scotland – one to strive after – and thanks to so many hard-working people, we’re definitely on our way.

    It’s also good to know, thanks to Alf Baird, that a Nicola Sturgeon type leader + followers have always been part of the history of independence-achieving nations in the past. So we’re no different. We’re getting there. Not long now!

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  14. With IR2 set for 19/10/23, failing which a defacto ref at next GE, i’d be inclined to scrub the first paragraph and think again.

    eg one added value from the submission straight to SC is that that court now has option to disqualify itself from proceedings from the outset or, in the alternative, declare its preferred route & timescale by default.

    An additional bonus for anyone concerned about illegal interference in/ following IR1 (despite the S30 agreement on conduct) might be the opportunity for SC to disassociate itself from same and/or set the bar for the level of integrity to be expected this time around.

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  15. @ Graeme McCormack – I am a pensioner, still paying income tax, and so comfortably off. The people I “rub shoulders with” are also comfortably off, and yet I am not comfortable that food banks need to exist.

    Like many commenting here I was a lifetime SNP member., founding member of our local branch. Mia identifies reasons why I left.

    face it – the Salmond stitch-up; £600K “intertwined” in the accounts; GRA policy; the disability priority candidate listing game.

    The SNP needs to be rid of Sturgeon and the “quiet man” Mr Morrell.Odd that he resides n the political shadows, just seems out of character, or maybe not so.To – likely misquote- “Cassius has a lean and hungry look, i trust him not.,Such men are dangerous.

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  16. None so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE. You’ve been well and truly served your dinner Mr McCormick! Maybe it’s time to get on that road to Damascus or perhaps the gravy is too rich where you are?

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    1. I’ve probably invested more financially in independence and AS than most folk. No one has given me a dinner. In fact when the SNP came to power I lost a lot of Scottish government business without any explanation which I got from the pre vious Scottish Executive. I’ve failed vetting in the SNP three times, but I’m still standing , so don’t patronise me.

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      1. If you invested in independence with AS, I applaud you. However if you continue to do so under the present regime then more fool you.
        I didn’t literally mean ‘served your dinner’ and my intention was not to patronise you. Mia has put all these accurate points about the FM on a plate for you yet you fail to answer any of them. The exact same response that Iain gets when he allows SNP members the right to reply. SILENCE!
        Failing SNP vetting 3 times should maybe suggest they’re not for you but I’m sure you’d be welcomed in ALBA.

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      2. So you’re a failed candidate, not once but THREE times – but still you grovel at the feet of of a jumped up dictator. How sad.
        Yet you have the audacity to insult those of us who have seen through the NuSNP sham. YOU are the one doing the patronising around here.
        I could go on, but there are none so blind as those that refuse to see, and I really can’t be bothered with people who blunder on hopelessly when they’ve been shown a clear way.
        Please go away and take a long hard look at yourself and the party and leader you so blindly follow.

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  17. Well I actually do disrespect the FM. Respect has to be earned – and as we have seen, it isn’t as easy as living on the achievements of your predecessor. Soon enough you get found out.

    The bottom line is that the FM has a duty to do everything in her power to ensure the welfare of the nation – regardless of her view on independence. Take the Welsh FM, I’d have him in charge of Scotland tomorrow over Ms Sturgeon, simply because he is a more able caretaker and politician. Yes I know he’s a unionist, but that doesn’t effect the existence of our claim of right, and let’s face it, the SNP have done little with what is an open goal.

    Independence aside, could we do more with the current devolved settlement to improve the lives of Scots – absolutely. Could we reduce inequality – yep. Could we go some way to mitigate what is going to be an existential crisis for many this winter – Yes, we could.

    And what of the declaration of the climate emergency? Would you really want climate change deniers (tories) in charge of your energy assets if you really believed that there was an emergency?? The greens also seem quite pedestrian in their quest for independence.

    Let’s face it, whilst people are choosing whether to eat or heat this winter, our FM will be up on the stage.. “let me be clear” (a most ridiculous set of words from a politician). It’ll be all about ‘the levers’- this from the party which authored the growth commission, where you intentionally reserve your most important levers to London.

    Btw It was no surprise her fanzine (the National) didn’t go along to the SSRG conference.

    NS hasn’t earned my respect.

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  18. Sturgeon always sends out someone else to “”clarify” as she must not risk tarnishing her image. She uses her Cult to attack people although she never approves their comments she never condemns them either.
    She cannot March for Independence but is always available for the Pride March. Why is one Ok for the FM but not the other?
    She puts Party Politics before Independence. A Million wasted votes at the Scottish election allowing dozens of Unionist MSPs to fill the seats at Holyrood.
    No debate permitted at conference. An NEC rigged with Cult “delegates”. and “affiliates”. Money siphoned from a fundraiser. An organised attack campaign against Alex Salmond. The air brushing of Alex Salmond from SNP history. Unfortunately the list is almost endless. A remarkable feat in less than 8 years.

    The Nichophants can can worship her all they wish but the SNP will never get my vote or another penny from me. A mini UK or more “devolution” is of no interest to me.

    One day the Nicophants will run out of excuses to justify the endless delays and inaction.Perhaps then Scotland will be the priority instead of the careers, pensions and personal pet projects of the SNP elite.

    The Union will roll through 2023/4/5….9 and She will cry “one more push”, “one more fundraiser”, “who wants a Selfie…!”

    I will make a prediction….Sturgeon will try to take over ever group trying to find other routes. It is not because she believes in them. She just wants them under her control as she did with the YES movement.

    What more evidence does anyone need than the total lack of drive in the current “campaign” with a year to go….allegedly! 😎

    My anger has gone up several notches recently when I see those demonstrating remarkable levels of passion, fight and knowledge yet are being excluded from the OFFICIAL campaign.

    I want Scotland to fight for Independence not drift to defeat because someone is putting on a show to keep the members fooled.

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  19. Well said, Mia.
    I would only add that during the Scottish referendum the English government commissioned and promoted a paper that stated “Scotland was extinguished and subsumed into a Greater England albeit under the new name of UK”. Therefore, by the English government and its establishment own mouth they consider England to be UK. Wales and Northern Ireland both come under England in terms of the treaty so even a counting for peers from either country they would still be under England and thus English peers for all intents and purposes.
    The Supreme court is England’s highest court and answerable to the English government. It has no independence. Therefore you are right to state it is England’s. The use of “UK” is redundant due to the fact the English establishment refer to England as UK.

    As you rightly point out, respect is earned. Sturgeon and the SNP have done nothing to earn it.

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    1. I am always amused when someone is actually on the internet and purports to quote something without actually checking it first.

      Click to access Annex_A.pdf

      It says

      “34. One view is that the union created a new state, Great Britain, into which the international identities of Scotland and England merged and which was distinct from both. Lord McNair writes: ‘England and Scotland ceased to exist as international persons and become the unitary State of Great Britain.’13 This view has been relied on in UK courts: MacCormick v Lord Advocate.

      35. An alternative view is that as a matter of international law England continued, albeit under a new name and regardless of the position in domestic law, and was simply enlarged to incorporate Scotland”


      “37. For the purpose of this advice, it is not necessary to decide between these two views of the union of 1707. Whether or not England was also extinguished by the union, Scotland certainly was extinguished as a matter of international law, by merger either into an enlarged and renamed England or into an entirely new state.”

      …which is certainly true.

      NB “extinguished _as a matter of international law_” – domestic law provisions such as continuance of Church and legal systems not affected.


  20. If nothing else, Graeme’s publicly stated position here regarding his party and leader, not to mention his treatment within her party, has been deeply telling. And not in a good way, I should add.

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    1. Graeme appears to misunderstand the colonial situation and ignores what is a 300+ years colonial reality and its serious psychological effects, as do some others who remain in the SNP under its current leadership. They elevate and prioritise a need to respect the No voter’s ‘view’ but in doing so they ignore the fact that the anti-independence vote among a colonised native population has largely been determined by an imposed ‘colonial mindset’, and of course the No vote is also heavily influenced by the colonizing group itself, the latter constantly expanding. By unnecessarily delaying independence (and with that the removal of colonial oppression in all its forms) the SNP are protecting only the interests of the colonizer and are perpetuating the effects of colonialism (including its psychological impacts) which is ‘a scourge’, a form of punishment. Postcolonial theory tells us that the only cure for this psychological ‘condition’ is liberation (i.e. independence) and self-recovery of the people. As we can see in its actions, or rather inactions, the SNP elites understanding of independence (i.e. decolonization) remains rudimentary.


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