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ALBA Party Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian Kenny MacAskill will take part in a PHOTO CALL with a “Highway robber”outside the UK Government offices at Queen Elizabeth House, Sibbald Walk, Edinburgh, EH8 8FT tomorrow – Wednesday 3 August 2022 at 11:00 am.  The purpose of the Photo Call is to highlight the “Great Berwick Bank Robbery”.

Mr MacAskill will outline how the development of Berwick Bank offshore windfarm will see the massive energy resources off Scotland’s shores being siphoned South with little or no revenues or benefits being returned to the people of Scotland.  The connection being prepared to Blyth, Northumberland will take 40% of the energy directly south without landing in Scotland.

The Berwick Bank offshore windfarm in the outer Firth of Forth will generate 4.1 Giga watt making it one of the largest offshore windfarms in the World.  With over 300 turbines it will be capable of creating the Giga watt capacity to power nearly 3 million homes – far exceeding Scotland’s own energy needs where the number of households is only 2.5 million.

Mr MacAskill will contrast the massive energy potential of Berwick Bank with the fuel poverty and hardship being faced by households across Scotland who face massive hikes in energy bills this Winter.


30 thoughts on “THE RIP OFF CONTINUES.

  1. I didn’t think I could get angrier about the SNP but I just did!

    Why is Sturgeon not shouting about this?
    Why are the Westminster cosy slipper brigade not highlighting it?

    Well done Kenny.

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  2. If the Bank is in Scottish Economic Area then the SG can create a land type for energy installations and charge a special rate of AGFRR reflecting the wealth of the wind farm

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      1. Went down to UK Government Office today along with 6 other people and 3 dogs. One man was recording what Kenny said but I didn’t find out where he was going to publish this. The SNP should be hanging their heads in shame that they have let this happen without protest

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    1. Dear Graeme, I hate to be the one to break this to you… and you might want to take a seat before reading the rest of this… the area described, the energy it will generate… the SNP sold off the rights for it at at least 1/4 of its market rate, in an Auction whereby they… the SNP …. put a maximum cap on the bidding, so that even if the companies had wanted to pay a higher bid, they were not allowed to.

      Don’t reply just now, go and check, and when you find out its true, come back. Alba will be here for you… and our country.

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  3. I have seen the large cable laying ships working off the coast of Fife for the last two years. This is another union dividend for England. Free energy from Scotland. It’s only a matter of time before they start draining our lochs and pump the water down south as England burns up. Free water from Scotland. Scotland is nowt but a colony. Sturgeon, Wishart, Blackford all collaborators.

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    1. “Free energy from Scotland.”

      Every Scottish electricity project is owned by a private company and I can assure you they are not giving away anything for free. In fact they are all on above-market fixed price contracts, subsidised by every consumer across GB.

      “It’s only a matter of time before they start draining our lochs and pump the water down south as England burns up. Free water from Scotland. ”

      Actually I remember Salmond proposing something called the “hydro economy”.

      If he actually was a half-decent economist he would have known that is practically never economically feasible to move water around over long distances – it is not “fungible”.

      Almost always better to move some electricity or gas around and do some desalination where the demand is.


  4. This is a disgrace.It should not be happening and why is the SNP not jumping up and down pointing out how Scotland is being treated as just a resource for England to plunder Thanks for alerting us to this .

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  5. That’s outrageous, the mouth of the Forth is directly opposite its lower edge. The original cable was to land about 5 or 6km south of Dunbar. Now it’s planned to land about 10 miles north of Newcastle, more than 2.6 times the distance. That’s clearly a political decision forced by England for England, that’s not a route any sensible engineer would have planned without a very good reason, and on that kind of scale the only good reason is always the money.

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    1. You might want to look at the project website before sounding off.

      There are going to be two connections, one to Dunbar and one to Blyth. I assume the onshore cross-border transmission line is too full to take their full output.

      Also, two connections gives some redundancy for outages & maintenance.

      National Grid and SSE are both privately owned, FTSE 100 plcs. Where do you think the “politics” come in?

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      1. Interesting read, WEBF, you are correct; I jumped to the wrong conclusion. The redundancy makes sense. The map I saw earlier also showed a link coming ashore by Carnoustie, but it was from an adjacent field to the north of the Bewrwick Bank, and there is a third field to the west. It would be interesting to know if the two Scottish connectors can or will be integrated with all three fields.

        With major infrastructure projects like that, and especially big energy ones, politics always comes in, and in the UK that almost always means bad news for Scotland. I have a hair-trigger for that, we’ve been shafted far, far too often, and since 2016 the Tories have been running seriously short of dried frog pills.

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  6. Looks like a fun project for all that. Any idea who to contact for marine side or contract supervision work?

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  7. Someone should have a word with MacAskill before he makes himself look like a goof.

    Who is being “robbed”, and of what?

    Does it make any difference to anyone if some of the power comes ashore at Blyth? Everyone buys their power out of a unified GB market, so the answer is “no”.

    Offshore wind still isn’t fully commercial – it needs above-market fixed price contracts to work (subsidised by all consumers across GB), so it can’t be taxed the way oil & gas production is. Nobody is missing out on any tax revenue because it does not exist.

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    1. And the Shareholders and CEOs of these heavily – Publicly – funded Corporations , are they feeling the pinch yet , are they having to cut-down on their oyster consumption , will they soon be going around their mansions turning all the lights off – dare we even contemplate the horror , the shame of it – sack the butler !!

      Stop trying to justify / explain away what anyone morals and common sense can see is a disgraceful plundering of one our – many – natural resources at a time when people in this country are facing obscene increases in energy costs

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    2. Dear WEBF,

      I refer you to France. 4% energy price cap, and when that was not enough, biggest energy company taken back into public ownership.

      Kind of a – One For All and All For One set up.

      Your welcome.

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      1. and the recently nationalised EDF is contracted to build and run Hinkley Point and all newly commissioned nuclear power stations in England. With a guaranteed profit around 5 times the cost of renewable power the Westminster government has handed control of the supply of a key resource to the French who are utilizing the financial benefits to subside French consumers. Politics of a madhouse.

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    3. What a pathetic observation WEBF. Investment from a Scottish Investment Bank would have paid enormous inter-generational dividends. Scottish Investment Bank – a dud and absent from the fray.

      A Scottish National Power company with part ownership of all exploited Scottish power would have guaranteed the feeding of cheaper electricity into the Scottish market. Where fuel poverty is rife and was years ago. The new hikes coming in October will cause grevious damage in Scotland.

      Promised Scottish national power company – absented by SNP government just when it is most needed.

      Nobody in their right mind is unaware of the need for investment. And nobody in their right mind would not have allowed Scotland to participate in the investment and rewards had this SNP government been present and correct at their promised duties – to stand up for Scotland.

      I wouldn’t call their absence anything other than criminal deriliction of duty.

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  8. And its worse still.

    Scotland is not getting any of the manufacturing jobs,
    Or the construction/installation jobs,
    Or the maintenance jobs.

    MacAskill had hopes some of the local BnB’s might get some of the workies as customers… but no. There’s a squad there now of about 40, London ganger, only 2 or 3 Scottish accents… and they’ve built a residential compound on site.

    Not even the crumbs my friends… not even the crumbs.

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    1. Well, it’s an SSE project.

      SSE originally came from “Scottish & Southern Energy” – merger of Scottish Hydro Electric and Southern Electricity.

      HQ in Perth, but FTSE 100 so effectively owned by UK-wide pension funds.

      Go protest at their HQ etc. You can’t boycott them as customers because they sold their retail supply business to OVO.

      Have fun…

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    2. Are you just making stuff up?

      “Berwick Bank Wind Farm represents a potential multi-billion-pound investment in Scotland’s renewable infrastructure. This opportunity has the potential to bring a host of environmental and economic benefits to East Lothian and Scotland.

      Berwick Bank Wind Farm has already contracted several local companies in East Lothian to support development of the project and held an introductory supply chain webinar in April 2021, which was attended by almost 700 businesses.

      SSE Renewables has worked with several local partners such as the Scottish Sea Bird Centre and Fringe By The Sea to ensure that we engage and work with stakeholders.

      SSE Renewables are committed to ensuring that the local economy and local supply chain are made aware of all potential opportunities associated with the project.

      SSE Renewables is currently undertaking a socioeconomic report to help us better understand the full range of economic benefits our proposal can bring to the local area, in addition we are committed to engaging with the local, regional, and national supply chain to identify opportunities throughout the lifespan of the project.”

      Now, it has to be said that this project doesn’t even have full consents, won’t get a subsidy contract until 2023-25 and final investment decisions won’t happen until 2024-26, so we just don’t know right now what the local benefits will be.

      So on what basis do you assert that there won’t be any?


  9. Here is, from the perspective of the colonizer “the best possible definition of a colony: a place where one (i.e. the colonizer) earns more and spends less. You go to a colony because jobs are guaranteed, wages high, careers more rapid and business more profitable. The young graduate is offered a position, the public servant a higher rank, the businessman substantially lower (i.e. offshore/zero) taxes, the industrialist raw materials and labour at attractive prices” (Albert Memmi).

    And in this artificial and discriminatory environment “the oppressor starts the process, a process of domination, of exploitation and of pillage, and in the other sphere the coiled, plundered creature which is the native provides fodder for the process as best he can, the process which moves uninterruptedly from the banks of the colonial territory to the palaces and docks of the mother country” (Frantz Fanon).

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  10. No internet part yesterday or this morning so only now managed to read this article.

    The above news in disgraceful. We HAVE TO LEAVE this rotten “Union” before they get round to stealing all of our assets.

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    1. Still don’t understand.

      What “assets” do you think are being “stolen” and who are “they”?


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