A guest article from Joan Hutchison.

In response to Graeme, I left the SNP after being an activist for many years and a national committee member. The National Secretary refused to allow my committee to meet on account of it containing a majority of reformers. 

Douglas Chapman himself resigned as Treasurer, I am advised, because the financial committee of which he was a member, were refused permission by Nicola Sturgeon’s husband to see the accounts. In fact the whole committee resigned! And we saw Joanna Cherry QC replaced as Justice Spokesperson by a failed drama student. So far so normal for organisations run by cults of personality. The leaders surround themselves with mediocrities. Especially those who suffer imposter syndrome and can’t thole talented advisers.

My experience is that the SNP is no longer fit for purpose and most likely has been heavily infiltrated by the British State. Infiltration is not new. the SNP has experienced it for decades, but the British State has intensified its efforts and achieved success in my view since the scare that it experienced in 2014.

I could list the many failures of the SNP in raising consciousness among Scots of their exploitation by England. The failure to expose the fallacy of GERS benefiting Scotland on public platforms such as BBC Question Time and Debate Night. The absence of examples being given, such as how we are charged by GERS for English infrastructure but not accorded a portion of taxation income accrued from then. The list of our assets that have and are being stripped is lengthy. The psychological ‘Jockholm ’ syndrome brainwashing of Scots into thinking they are too wee, too poor etc. is historic and continuing. All of this is rarely if ever exposed by New SNP.

The lack of civil service and parliamentary resources invested in independence contrasts with those invested in promoting ‘queer theory.’ Where is our household booklet by the Scottish Govt on the need for de-colonisation? 

Other examples, internally to the Party the abolition of National Council and cessation of scrutiny by members, the changes to rules by sleight of hand during a quiet break-out group at conference in 2019, the putting a male onto a ‘women only’ list for Holyrood in Stirling. And the selection of Holyrood candidates on a basis that was counter to legal advice. 

All in all, the dismantling of a political party’s focus on its primary goal. As Professor Baird says, it is consistent with colonial theory and experience for the so called national party to become a collaborator with the coloniser.

Even symbolically – lowering our national flag at British State instruction during COP26 – what a message to the international community! The action of a regional not a national government.

Five thousand of the SNP’s most active and aware members left the Party to join Alba which now has around 7,000 members within less than two years of its existence. Others have joined alternative new indy parties.

At a recent Council election hustings, SNP activists told me that they were giving Nicola a last chance to deliver a referendum or they were leaving. I suspect that she has been dragged by the heels into making a show of pursuing independence, albeit by the weakest routes possible. I don’t need to reprise the weaknesses. Others have set them out thoroughly.

Rejoin the SNP..Let me think!


I thank Joan for this article which reflects the experience of many ex SNP members who were deeply involved in the Party over many years but witnessed what was happening under the Murrells and the moves to destroy internal party democracy which effectively left them with no say in what was happening. In the lead up to this year’s SNP Conference I will be publishing the stories of people both within and outwith the Party who recognise the need for massive change as they warn the SNP that they face the entire destruction of the membership base of the Party.

I am, as always



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52 thoughts on “REJOIN THE SNP..LET ME THINK!

  1. Dear SNP,

    This is not a great time to be on holiday – eight years is too long. And the weans are wrecking the furniture and even the fabric of the house with parties… You need to get the house in order again.

    Love ya lots

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  2. Oh jings, Iain, I battered out that Comment with my thumb on my phone without checking for punctuation errors. Slightly embarrassing! Joan Hutcheson/Savage

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    1. The content of your message was absolutely crystal clear Joan. No embarrassment need be felt. The girl dun good if I may say.

      Messages like the one you have just outlined are messages that need to be made. Indeed, as most of us know on this blog there are big messages that need to be communicated to the wider public. Messages that are simple and without over complication of detail.

      Messages like it’s Scotland Right to Choose. Or potentially it Scotland’s Wind. ( …..and water and gas and oil ) we live in crisis times. Commentators like Graeme may posit that Nichol Sturgeon is due respect, that most of us are well off, but the reality, is quite different, as soaring inflation, power poverty in a land of plenty, and shrinking pension pots bite. And that is why discussion and debate amongst us all, and communication to the wider community is so important.

      Your excellent contribution this morning is very welcome, as are so many of the other contributors. Thank you.

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      1. As I see it, it’s got nothing to do with the ‘well off’. The social contract is about protecting the WORST OFF! They are the ones we are supposed to be protecting and making sure they have enough to live on. Respect has to be earned. Nicola Sturgeon has not, IMHO, earned any respect whatsoever. Au contraire,

        During this time of extortionate increases in the cost of energy per household, and the lengthening queues of Soup Kitchens and Foodbanks, her parliament should be sitting, working out how best to help those who just CANNOT eat and heat and relieve their burdens somewhat. Where is she?? On holiday, tweeting about her ‘to read’ list of books!! I CAN’T BELIEVE how much respect she ISN’T giving to those souls who are struggling financially, physically & mentally! There has been NOT ONE word about how she will put any ameliorating policies into place, NOT ONE WORD how she will mitigate to help the worst off. This party I supported for so many years, has not just lost my respect, but nothing on earth will now persuade me that there is good reason to vote for her party again.

        I’m not struggling – yet. And I’m trying to ‘give’ what & where I can. But the pennies I give are a drop in the bucket compared to what standing up to WM and saying ‘NO MORE. KILLING SCOTS THROUGH HYPOTHERMIA OR STARVING IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!’. No one who cares about the WHOLE of society & not just the well off, could possibly respect what the current SNP Party & it’s leader, is doing to those on the lower rungs of our nation. Scotland once made it clear THEY were our focus, THEY were the ones we concentrated on – making THEIR lives better. Everyone else was fine if the bottom rung were able to eat, heat and progress to a better place. Thank you Joan, for reminding folks that Scotland never has – and never will, revere a person who acts in the best interest of their own personal focus groups – and not on the interests of the weakest in our Society. The Scotland I love & fight for is better than that.

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    2. Joan. That post was the best thing I’ve read in years. I found masel nodding ma head with every single word.
      What’s your twitter handle? – I’ve got to follow ye.

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  3. To me the SNP are now comprised of 3 primary categories namely the

    1. Infiltrators
    2. Idiots
    3. Inert

    The first class are most likely in leadership positions. The second bracket covers the spokespersonage. The final group is essentially the membership plus backbench MPs and MSPs.

    I’ll leave others to consider the actual names in the frames.

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  4. Sorry you feel that way! I’ve had a few knock backs in my time too as a member.

    I’ve still found ways to challenge with modest success.

    I find it strange that on your figures an average of 100 active members in every constituency left the SNP to join Alba.

    R u seriously telling me that a cohort of 100 active folk didn’t use their collective muscle to change what they felt was required? You complain about fringe interests having a disproportionate influence on the ways of the Party, but you didn’t organise when you had up to 7000 people who could have forced change.

    You just gave up!

    The FM knows that a referendum or an alternative route to Independence has to be delivered soon. It’s time to stop this incessant sniping.


    1. We’re not giving up Graeme, we’re going round the doors getting folk registered to vote,
      we’re campaigning in the street,
      we’re delivering the Wee Blue Alba Book which answers the pressing questions the voters need answers to in order to vote for Indy, and organising road shows for real live ‘town hall’ attendance,
      we’re in every Yes hub and ensuring things are moving
      we’re speaking to every neighbour and work colleague and keeping them updated
      and we’re supporting Salvo and the repossessing of our increadible Written Constitution and the Claim of Right within,
      We’re organising and attending SSRG – in our hundreds.

      And that’s just this week.

      Please tell us when the next big SNP Indy ‘event’ is taking place, we’d like to attend and support it. Since your leader fired the starting pistol, no doubt there will be lots pre-planned.

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      1. We who feel the same way, thank you for your comments, Daisy and while many of us left the SNP and may now prefer to support the Scottish Soveiryn Research (SSRG); instead of what’s now called the ‘New SNP’… After all our Yes-minded population still exists in growing numbers and IS stronger than any politician or political party!

        Thanks, again


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      2. I think you’ll have a wee while to wait on an answer to that Daisy. I’d love to be back helping out, chapping on doors, getting the message across, but my wife is not allowed into the country; too old and no proof of the minimum income set by Westmonster. But it seems to be sufficient for both of us to be able to stay in Germany.

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    2. I have no doubt the majority of SNP members would support land reform and AGRRF. YOU have been trying for years to get it adopted or indeed discussed at a Conference. Why have you failed Graeme if it’s all so easy, so Democratic? You got a knock back to be a candidate three times. You did see the absolute numpties that passed vetting? Now tell me you don’t think something is badly wrong.

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      1. Ouch.
        That burn stings.
        I’m a HUGE fan of AGFRR, and would like it to be adopted as Alba policy.
        It’s only a matter of time till Graeme (along with other worthy SNP members) climbs aboard oor wee indy lifeboat. Which will grow and grow and grow with every person that climbs aboard.

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    3. ‘challenge with modest success’ – modest success won’t ever deliver independence.
      If you want the fruit to fall you have to give the tree a shake* – you’re supporting the tree, Graeme.

      *Gary Clark/Danny Wilson

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    4. “You just gave up”.

      I don’t know if that’s designed to be wilfully inflammatory, but be aware it’s putting you in the same bracket of delusion as Pete Wishart.

      If anybody has “given up”, it’s the SNP who’ve been content to sit on their laurels these past eight years, “apparently” oblivious to the SNP re-inventing itself as a Trans-Extremist organisation shamelessly trying to hijack and steal the popularity and mandates warranted by the popularity for Scottish Independence.

      Where have YOU been these past eight years Mr McCormick? Asleep at the wheel or are you complicit with the smear campaign and rancid conspiracy against Alex Salmond? What about Self-ID and men destroying women’s sport? Or Drag Queens flaunting themselves in our Primary Schools? How about Stuart Ballantyne getting some answers to his questions? Or let me guess, having reneged on our National Power Company the SNP will now attempt to make political capital from the deprivation suffered by soaring energy costs? Name me a ball you haven’t dropped Mr McCormick.

      In your cohort of SNP members who’ve chosen to stay and fight from within, from the outside looking in, I can think of one name to join that cohort, and that’s Joanna Cherry. And frankly, I fear the YES Movement has simply lost a hard hitting stalwart, because Joanna now “seems” successfully baited by the Trans-nutters, whereas I want to see what happens when you mix Cherry concentrate with liberal quantities of SALVO.

      From my perspective, ALL the SNP has, is it’s success at the polls. That’s neither down to luck nor judgement, (nor 2 votes SNP “strategy”), but the grinding residual inertia of a poorly informed electorate possibly 3-4 years off the pace in their thinking and stilted level of awareness.

      That brings us neatly to the issue of Sturgeon being protected by the Unionist Media, evading scrutiny like the rogue she is, (no doubt due to eye watering bungs of cash she’s giving them), and doing more harm to the Independence Movement than Better Together could envisage in their wettest dream.

      There is nobody in ALBA giving up.

      By all accounts, the SSRG Conference, with SALVO very much on board, went down an absolute storm. That’s the same Conference you’ll remember which Alyn Smith would never, not ever, attend.

      My message to the SNP is if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. And right now, basking in hubris and indolence, the SNP is a huge part of the problem.

      Go back and fix it? Why? The SNP hasn’t incubated any new ideas since 2014. The SNP is becalmed and dead in the water under Sturgeon and her cronies. Now if you were to rewind a little further, and advocate a return to the SNP pre-2014 under Alex Salmond, then you might have a point. But take a look at ALBA Mr McCormick, ALBA’s even got that covered.

      While the SNP waft two frankly bizarre and childish “Independence Papers” under our noses before disappearing for their holidays, Alex Salmond has been all over Scotland working night and day promoting Independence and the ALBA Wee Blue Book.

      The SNP is currently writing it’s place in history. But at the moment, it’s a footnote.

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      1. Wow.
        I thought that Joan’s guest post was the best thing I’d seen in years.
        That thought didnae last long.
        Breeks, ye’ve just raised the bar 👏👏👏
        Are you on twitter by the way?

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      2. “…….whereas I want to see what happens when you mix Cherry concentrate with liberal quantities of SALVO. ”

        AYE me too ! That would be a heady cocktail indeed . It’s a real frustration though seeing someone of Joanna’s intelligence and combative nature – in addition to her legal abilities – what I consider to be wasting all of that getting involved in WM Committees and the whole circus of what passes for Democracy in yon place when she could be using them 100% in the service of Independence / Scotland .

        Join ALBA Joanna . You’ll be a whole lot better off and be amongst people who value you dearly for who you are and what you are .

        Outstanding comment Breeks 🙂

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  5. No, she is saying they could not use their collective muscle as decision making has been relentlessly centralised.

    Witness the abrupt rule change denying Joanna Cherry the opportunity to contest a Holyrood seat.

    Was that athe grassroots excercising their bureaucratically atrophied muscles?

    Did it benefit the party or cause one whit, or just a favoured member of the inner circle?

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    1. Just gave up eh ? I remember the activists, of whom I was one, voting to remove the deadweight from the NEC and replacing it with people we thought would take things forward for Scotland and independence – yes, democracy I think it was called. What happened ? As Joan says, the Finance committee were denied access to the books, Alyn Smith threw ALL his toys out of his pram in a tantrum a two year old would have been embarrassed about, and we saw all those people voted out snuck back in by NS and given voting rights etc etc.

      Then, in a Twitter conversation about the disgrace of it all, what did Mike Russell tweet ? “If you aren’t happy with the current NEC you can always vote in a new one” Really Mike, we just did that and your Glorious Leader got rid of them all – shall we get on that roundabout again or just admit your party has failed ?

      That, and the shameful Sturgeon video from the broom cupboard did it for me finally and I resigned from the SNP, followed closely by my other half. We were both activists and we both tried to change things from within, but there’s only so much you can take. And yes, we joined ALBA.

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  6. No one ‘just gave up’, Graeme! Grassroots members have felt utterly betrayed by the gerrymandered leadership of the party! For too long we assumed SNP remained the democratic, member driven, vehicle for independence.

    It’s not that we ‘gave up’ – we have simply realised that Independence is much, much, bigger than the SNP. And, while that Party continues to impose its very peculiar methodology on the movement, I believe you will find more and more ‘giving up’ on SNP and lending their support to those groups which they see as reliable, competent, and courageous.

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    1. That is a concern at least I share, as it is the greatest service she could deliver her benefactors.

      But there is the slight risk it go wrong, and she is not the bravest in situations beyond her direct control.

      I am unsure any of the potential leaders at westminster would not u-turn on their promises to deny a referendum if it was judged expedient.

      They could bravely plead respect for democracy, knowing the fix was in.

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  7. Pretty damning expose by Joan, as they all seem to be? Still a few SNP members still sleeping out there..

    What a great time to be an active pro-independence Scot – we’re living through the chrysalis of a new Scottish independence movement, a burgeoning realisation that the money’s been on the wrong horse since 2014, and that the strong and capable are now in charge.
    Great piece, Joan.

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    1. this movement needs strong legs to win the sprint, otherwise our Country is in deep doo-doo and our people will suffer for a very long time – even if we eventually and hopefully recover – but, not many might be around to see that.

      plan, organise and be ready to thwart a bullying, dictatorial and aggressive opponent.

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  8. An excellent article by Joan Hutcheson, which reflects so much the experiences of many former SNP members, many of us of more than 35 years standing.

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  9. I suspect this could apply to a large number of the 5000 who like you and me and the rest who could see absolutely no chance of getting independence with the SNP – they are too comfy with all the trappings and no responsibilities?

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  10. Removing branch and constituency secretaries, as well as the constituency convener’s access to the centralised mailing lists thereby suspending all communications with members was I recall a trick pulled ion the Dumbarton Constituency during the last Hollyrood candidate selection process.

    Cancelling the hustings the night before it was due to be convened and replacing it with a HQ organised hustings where Michael Russel was drafted in to replace the Constituency Convener in an HQ organised meeting only promulgated to online members a day later was another trick as I recall.

    And of course in setting up the hastily organised HQ run hustings, the online Zoom format was restricted to 100 maximum, or around 85 if you deduct out candidates, HQ support staff and Michael Russell, and you have the result of around a hundred or more members locked out of hustings participation.

    Of course in Dumbarton the HQ malarkey didn’t stop there. Hostile and rigged HQ vetting committees binning candidates, timing decisions to literally hours before the vote, having appeals reviewed by a candidate who was standing on the list as a BAME candidate, was another trick. And of course, the successful candidate, the HQ preferred in the HQ circle choice, he knew or most certainly appeared to know early on he was approved because he went to school early doors in the press to say he was the candidate for the Dumbarton Constituency.

    And so, despite all of that, and an expensive without much doubt HQ supported campaign, the preferred HQ anointed candidate failed to take the seat allowing the previously 109 vote marginally held Labour -seat ( Jackie Baillie) to increase its Labour majority over the SNP to 1,483 votes!

    Had it been a local candidate as opposed to an HQ parachute in job into what was Labour’s weakest constituency seat in Scotland then I think it would be fair to say that Dumbarton would be SNP. But like the vicious and utterly outrageous SNP 1 and 2 diktat, our Nicola and her clique committed electoral flagellation.

    And if you look back in history and to 2007 you will see that Graeme McCormick had the biggest swing in the whole of Scotland from Labour to the SNP in what was thought to be an impregnable labour stronghold. 11,652 to 10,024, it was a great result albeit that he did not win. And now where has the candidate’s star gone in the new Nicola run Nu SNP that he tries to support.

    But don’t take my recall of the situation in this particular constituency. Ask the question as to how many members have chucked it. How many attendees that branch and constituency meetings get. Joan Hutchison makes some very good points as to why. And yes, whilst there has traditionally been merit about keeping discontent within the walls of the members, the SNP, a party who many spent a lifetime building, is past that point. And this has all happened these last eight years.

    Were it not for the fact that the Labour Party and the Tories are so unpopular, the SNP as it has now become would be finished. But you know what, the independence movement is bigger than the SNP and it’s freeloading backsiders, and they will change, or be changed and or be replaced.

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  11. Why waste your time and energy as a frustrated internal dissident who, by your own account, is going nowhere fast in the SNP, when Alba membership is a real option, Mr McCormick? You might also like to re-read Daisy Walker’s timely post above on the subject of how independence will best be achieved; certainly not through endless internal politicking. What a wonderful opportunity, I would’ve thought, to escape the intellectual stasis and stifling top-down conformity of the cliquish, antediluvian SNP. Your’s respectfully, EvB

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  12. Surely when the remaining loyal SNP members read Joan’s list of foolish Sturgeon moves they will at last see her as a Lesley Evans loyalist. Since 2014 the Murrells and friends have gradually moved the SNP Party into Unionist Territory. My problem is understanding why the worthwhile SNP politicians remain in the Party! Why don’t they get together and join a true Independence Party? Many, many constituents would be happy to support them.

    Thank you, Joan, for your excellent article.

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    1. Because the majority understand they are creatures of the party and that is how they steal their lifestyles.

      That the party is committed to doing as little as possible, as slowly as possible and, it would seem,as badly as possible, does not encourage independent activity, lively debate, let alone friendly criticism.

      None would wish to go the way of Ferrier, Macdonald and Cherry; ostracisation, humiliation, persecution or all three.

      The party has made them whatever they are, and it can take it all away.

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  13. If I was the leader of the SNP and truly committed to Independence I would have everyone in the room. It would not be limited the Greens. I would be looking to find common ground with the YES movement and not just those who agree with me. I would seek agreement by consensus. I would seek agreement to park any conflict with the guarantee that contentious issue would be subject to a public consultation with 6 months of Independence being finalised.

    No other issue other than Independence would be my motivation. Everything else can be decided by the People of Scotland post Independence.

    I would model my entire campaign on the political lessons gained from Ghandi, Mandela and the Irish. When they refused recognise our claim I would disrupt their governance. When they ignored us I would withdraw from Westminster. When the MSM repeated Unionist propaganda I would cease all interviews and tell the Global media why.

    However above all else I would not need to be dragged kicking and squealing into the fight.

    I have said this before but worth repeating. Sturgeon is not a Wallace. She is like those Scottish Nobles who turned up at the battle hoping to be offered terms that benefited THEM and not the People of Scotland.

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  14. As Joan rightly implies, and postcolonial theory (Frantz Fanon) confirms, “we have seen that inside the nationalist parties”, which, as we can see over the past 8 years are stuffed full of “cautious administrators”, that here “the will to break colonialism is linked with another quite different will: that of coming to a friendly agreement with it”. This realisation comes as a “sickening” shock to the independence movement. “The party machine shows itself opposed to any innovation” whilst its leaders are increasingly “terrified and worried” as their deceit and hypocrisy becomes more obvious to the wider movement. The party elite then “pitilessly disown” those who advocate more urgency and “other means” (e.g. SSRG, Salvo, Alba etc) to liberate the people. What we are seeing now is that “the rupture occurs” and there develops “a rift between the two tendencies”. In this scenario the dominant national party “draws ever nearer to colonialism” and therefore protects the interest of the oppressor, and even attacks what it claims as the more “radical” elements of the movement; meantime the independence movement realises it has been led up successive blind alleys and “the precious time that has been wasted in useless commentaries upon the colonial regime”. In this situation the dominant national party is leading the people nowhere because any colonial power “concessions are no more than sops; they have no bearing on the essential question…it does not affect the real nature of the colonial regime” which is primarily aimed at continued economic exploitation and plunder and where the dominant national party is now a willing partner in that process.

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    1. You could easily imagine the Post-Colonial writers you quote were talking specifically about our situation . They describe with absolute precision what happens and has happened to the dominant political Independence – seeking entity when it loses it’s soul , it’s heart , when it abandons it’s only true raison d’etre ie… Liberation from an oppressive cultural / political situation , and becomes just another shackle keeping the people down .

      Possibly the most difficult one to break . The – supposed – Liberation Vehicle , having seduced it’s often desperate to believe supporters with endless promises of ACTION ! then delivering ZERO , other than a kind of political catatonia , the task then becomes one of waking people up to the ways they have been deceived ; the problem being many have no desire to or interest in waking up . Or even awareness they’ve been sleeping . To admit the truth you have been very wrong about something /someone you care about is difficult . For all of us

      The stranglehold of MSM in the dissemination of information , as Iain wrote about recently , and we’re all very aware of , plays a massive role in this lack of of awareness .

      We should strive to bypass it as much as possible

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  15. I’ve just found the link below in Wings:

    Click to access Scottish-National-Party-2022-0098-Paper-Apart-Application-for-permission-to-intervene-1.pdf

    It makes encouraging reading.

    It is the SNP’s paper asking ‘to intervene’ at the Supreme Court hearing the Lord Advocate’s referral of the SNP Government’s Referendum legislation. The paper sets out why it should have the right to intervene, and why it wants to, which is to ensure that all the arguments relevant to the SC’s deliberations are put forward and not just the Lord Advocate’s, and it briefly summarises those arguments. They include the UN Charter’s Right to Self-determination, Scotland’s sovereignty, the limitations of Westminster’s sovereignty, and the significance of the democratic mandate of the sovereign people of Scotland to their own parliament. It also includes the UK’s own submission re the legality or otherwise of Kosovo’s independence to the ICJ.

    It states that these arguments will be fleshed out in writing, and in dialogue during the hearing. On my first reading it looks like a real attempt to make a case that Westminster’s so-called unlimited sovereignty actually does have significant limitations after all, and that the context of Scotland’s independence goes beyond the UK’s borders, and beyond the competence of the UK Parliament.

    This looks like being real edge of the seat stuff once it gets under way.

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    1. It is good that these points are being raised (at last) but …

      They’re doing it in the wrong place. The UK Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of all things Westminster / British Parliament. And the Scottish Parliament, coming under the devolved settlement of the Scotland Act, is a child of Westminster. Given that, I can’t see how they can result in anything other than the court deciding that it is out-with Holyrood competence. (Even if it doesn’t does it matter, given that the referendum would be “consultative, not self-executing”?)

      However, the UK Supreme Court is not supreme in Scotland per se. The people of Scotland are supreme in this country.

      The arguments raised need to be made here. Or rather they need to be asserted here. Then the people get to decide on any proposal that politicians put forward for out constitutional arrangements.

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      1. Whether they’re doing it in the wrong place or not is irrelevant, that’s where it’s going! The Lord Advocate’s submission is single-mindedly focussed on the domestic legislation and its uncertainty concerning the referendum bill. But that is a dishonest characterisation of the context of the matter, and the Supreme Court must consider the wider international law aspect here, too.

        It’s not a justifiable argument to say that international law is irrelevant to a domestic legislation case, because the actual context is that of the exercise of a people’s right to self determination, and that is a matter of international law, one that directly contradicts the UK’s legislation in this case. The Supreme Court will do its reputation no favours if it ignores that context to find against the Scottish government on domestic legislation when the UN Charter itself imposes an actual obligation on all governments of a people who have that right to self determination, as the Scots undoubtedly do, to actively facilitate the expression of that right for that people, in spite of any national domestic legislation or constitution that demands denial of that right. International law must prevail.

        Given the option for a Section 30 agreement already exists, if that is all that is required to make the referendum bill legal, the Supreme Court could decide that the UK Government’s refusal to agree a Section 30 request is where the illegality resides, and find against them instead for that refusal.

        Now that would be in interesting outcome.

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      2. “Whether they’re doing it in the wrong place or not is irrelevant”

        Not it’s not:

        Asking and allowing the Supreme Court, itself the creation of a 3rd party government with a vested interest in the outcome of that legal case, to adjudicate on the right of self-determination of the Scottish people compromises the very sovereignty of the Scottish people.

        Requesting a Section 30 referendum and allowing a 3rd party government with a vested interest in the outcome of that plebiscite to be involved, to influence and to interfere with setting the terms of Scotland’s right of self-determination compromises the very sovereignty of the Scottish people.

        The Scottish Government can’t have it both ways. If we are sovereign then the democratic event to decide our constitutional arrangements must be ‘Made in Scotland’ without British participation. The latter need only arise when independence negotiations commence in the event of a YES outcome.

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  16. I think whether the SNP’s request to intervene is allowed or not by the ‘UK Supreme Court’ might be a good indicator of the disposition of the court.

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    1. I think that too; the easiest way to win a very poor argument is not to have it in the first place. But a refusal to hear the other side’s arguments at all in such a place is a very high profile way to show up your weakness and unfairness, especially to the rest of the world. I think they’d find it hard to justify denying the intervention.

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  17. Thank you for that superb post Joan . Hear you loud and clear . Yours another authentic voice adding to the swelling polyphony emerging from the * Roots * . Roots 4 Routes compadres 🙂

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