Sally Hughes

This is a call to arms (peaceful), a call to conscience, and a call to decency.  And it must be now.

Most of all, it is a call to Scotland.

I’m looking at the corrupt, ugly entrails of what is left of the British Empire, as its economy is crashing, its international reputation is in the gutter, and its controlling parties (red and blue) long for the days when they had a pool of mediocre talent to draw on.  What giants they would be in the current batch.

You know it’s really bad when the new potential PM’s make Boris!!! look almost statesmanlike.

An openly rogue state, brazenly proud of the fact, and getting more and more corrupt and right wing by the minute.

History shows us, these are not good omens.

And couple that with – in real terms – inflation rate of 30%, 300% increase in heating bills, food, petrol…mass unemployment knocking on the door.

A cost of living crisis affecting every corner of the UK, and English pundits warning of potential riots in English cities.

And here’s the rub.  Weak, right wing, incompetent, corrupt leaders have one card to play in circumstances like these.

They find a group of people to blame.

They set the mob upon them.

They then steal that group of people’s wealth to ease the ‘squeeze’ on the ‘mother country’.

Us pesky, moaning, Scots are in the firing line folks.  Always carping about Indy, ungrateful sweaties, porridge wogs.  The sponging Jocks from Skintland.

How dare we entertain ourselves with thoughts of Indy, when there is a ‘National’ crisis… ‘Proper’ National you understand, none of that North British Regional variety.

Peirs Morgan tweeted in the aftermath of the ’14 vote…  ‘All right Scotland, that’s enough, you’ve had your fun’….

So here is what they will do, and are most likely already planning to do.

They will declare a state of emergency

They will declare a National Infrastructure Investment Project – to steal Scotland’s Water

They will prohibit any and all types of self-determination within Scotland, until the crisis is over.  Spoiler alert – it won’t be over any time soon.

They will maximise the extraction of as much of Scotland’s natural energy wealth as they can get their hands on.

They will colonise any and all aspects of Scottish land, water, Business, Education and Public Services and ensure no Scots of any ability or integrity ever again gets access to key roles in those institutes.

And it will happen very quickly.

So folks – all ye of Independent mind.  Get yir boots on, get yir jaickits, yer banners, yer arses intae gear.

Whether we crawl, walk, march or storm the barricades.  The time is now.

Bunions or no… There can be no more moonwalking tae freedom.


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23 thoughts on “ALMOST OUT OF TIME

    1. Sturgeon should have been removed as SNP leader years ago. I blame people like Paul Kavanagh who continues to support Sturgeon and the SNP members who blindly follow her.

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      1. Everyone supporting the perverted, unionist nuSNP should take a long, hard look in the mirror. They clearly love Sturgeon but they do not care at all about Scotland. Time for their manifesto to recognise what they are: gender obsessed incompetents in the pocket of the UKG. Folk should be told what they are voting for.

        As said in the fine article:
        Whether we crawl, walk, march or storm the barricades. The time is now.

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  1. So, Truss is all but confirmed as the next UK Prime Minister. Truss has alighted on a strategy of muscular English Nationalism.
    This should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a threat.
    Something is required to wake our fellow Scots from their uninformed indolence (through no fault of their own, victims of saturating propaganda as they are).

    Where does this leave us?
    The strategy of the US State Department would appear to have been two tier.
    * Prevent Scottish independence.
    * Where this is not possible, deliver a new state compliant with the requirements of American hegemony.

    With Sturgeon and her inner cadre, they (Foggy Bottom) have clearly prepared their fall-back position.
    If we’re reading entrails, then so are the State Department. All but the defiantly obtuse can see that the British state is in inevitable, terminal decline.
    We should snatch our prize at the earliest opportunity, even if on less than optimum terms.
    Ireland had to endure 15 years of Free State status before breaking the final colonial bonds.

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  2. Don’t forget ‘plantation’ or, as the SNP elite call it, ‘civic nationalism’. For a nation under colonial domination is a nation that ‘is perishing’ (Frantz Fanon). We are indeed almost out of time, and just as the Kayak people in New Caledonia have found, once the main indigenous ethnic group are made a minority in their own land, the likelihood of self-determination independence diminishes.

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  3. What should be acted upon right now is the Sovereignty of the Scottish people The Claim of Right and our constitution. I do not understand why Alba are not screaming this from every roof top, why are they on the SNP coat tails waffling on about a referendum. I am of the opinion that our politicians Alba included, are only interested in their own egos. I have watched each time Sara Salyers has had the opportunity to inform the public of her sterling work exposing the entire fraud and illegality of the union In my opinion she gets sidelined by old politicians who are fearful of what she has discovered. I was severely unimpressed by the SSRG conference the entire audience was griped and in Aw of Sara each time she spoke that is who they came to hear not these efin wafflers who only wanted to have more future meetings to waffle on and fkn on.
    Sara Salyers gave us the means to ACT what are you politico types waiting for. Bending Westminster to Scotlands will. Ive never laughed so much in my life.

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  4. That’s frightened the life out of me! I’m not denying they will happily do this but can you explain what action we can take and where?

    Isabel Cooney

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

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    1. Whatever it is we need to stand together. Standing apart they will pick us off and the process will be the punishment – dished out by the UK puppet nuSNP.

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    1. Me too. can i suggest a demo at the UK GOv Offic, just off the High Street, with placards declaring We do not accept Wetsminster Rule. We are sovereign Scots. End the union now!
      if any ond can suggest a time and date i’ll join them. how about next Monday, 8th August at 11am/

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  5. Sally is absolutely right that they need an “other” to blame. History has dozens of examples and it never ends well for the “others”.

    We have had years of the Right Wing Press feeding their readers about sponging winging Jocks. That backfired to a degree when they realised that the English Public may have demanded that the Union should end. Then the financial reality would have been hard to hide.
    They will simply adapt the plan, effectively neutering Holyrood and take direct control of the assets as they have done with the so call EU bonus cash.

    The worst part of this for us is that Westminster now knows that the SNP will fold rather than fight. The end game is approaching and they are terrified of losing control of Scotland. The don’t give a shit about us they just want the assets.

    Sturgeon has shown London how weak a leader she is. They will let her play TransCult Queen while they Asset Strip.
    Sturgeon will be encouraged to tinker with social issues while the UK Government in Scotland uses that new shiny office to take the water and renewables under their control….to start with.

    To London (as many Countries discovered) weak behaviour is an invitation!

    Well done Sally for highlighting this in your post 👏👏👏

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  6. Just in case you thought that the Scottish input to this vile union was valued. Substitute any other ethnicity of your choice for ‘Scotch’ and then render their ‘characteristics’ ridiculous. I can think of one group with a particularly strong representation who would have deemed this publication actionable.

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  7. Ignore the ignoring? I hope Truss becomes England’s new PM. Her arrogance, ignorance and hostility towards Scotland will be impossible to ignore even by the britnat media which will mean Sturgeon will have to respond to the media, the hostility and the issue of independence regardless of how much she wants to ignore it.

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    1. As our first minister is obviously (at best) a quietist, our first minister will see no need to respond.

      The first minister explicitly said to the financial times:

      I’ve probably got time on my side as well.

      Note the personalisation.

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      1. I am 76 today , time is certainly not on my side and before I pop my clogs I would dearly like to see Scotland independent and thriving but it is rapidly becoming a pipe dream.

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  8. I was actually thinking that the SNP were going to get in there first. “Guys, there’s a recession, now’s not the time.”

    This is nothing short of economic terrorism. Raising interest rates in response to supply-size inflation doesn’t work and is criminal. The wealthy love recessions – especially when they are planned. A feeding frenzy ensues.

    Now would be the time to cancel the holidays and come back to work to address the coming catastrophe, yet I feel Mr Blackford will be thumping his fist all through the winter before going off to strangers bar whilst our kids suffer malnutrition.

    It really calls for mass resignations with by-elections on a declaration of independence. But strangers bar is easier.

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    1. You be begin to wonder when there is a ‘right time’ to do anything.

      I feel Mr Blackford will be thumping his fist* all through the winter before going off to strangers bar whilst our kids suffer malnutrition.

      * he will be thumping his spoon**

      **that is the one surety in our life***

      *** that exbankers ,with pensions intact, exit into psuedo spiritual, religiose behaviour****

      **** there are examples in the lords, and they pollute and rob the commons.

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  9. Her arrogance, ignorance and hostility towards Scotland will be impossible to ignore

    Who are talking about?

    I would say our first minister.

    THE SNP are running on Salmond era brand fumes and the endless farts of westminter.

    Since the FM’s evita* moment of her accession, I cannot think of a moment of protest at a judicial or national level within this great union we are repeatedly hobbled with.

    Did ththe FM hold the brown goblin to his word:

    He said: “We’re going to be, within a year or two, as close to a federal state as you can be in a country where one nation is 85 per cent of the population.

    Maudlinly, reflecting on the malignant expansion of the scottish office, the surrender of policy to accounting conglomerates and the aggressive mismanagement of resources;

    We as close to a federal state as you can be in a country where one nation is 85 per cent of the population

    Which is nowhere, reserved powers allow rules to be changed as thoughtlessly and callously as tory leadership pledges.

    From the broonasaurus:

    We already are ‘as close’** to a federal state as you can be in a country where one nation is 85 per cent of the population.

    I always thought gogs was pro EU, where size should not matter.

    * I know the FM reads a lot of books, but her and her cabinet prefer the musical versions.

    ** You can be close to the moon, far from mars and feel equally distant from your vetted tribune in the nuSNP

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  10. It’s getting hard to keep-up with all these excellent posts Iain . This is another one from Sally . Who BTW I’m claiming as a distant cousin 🙂

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