A guest post by regular Breeks.

“You just gave up”.

I don’t know if that’s designed to be wilfully inflammatory, but be aware it’s putting you in the same bracket of delusion as Pete Wishart. 

If anybody has “given up”, it’s the SNP who’ve been content to sit on their laurels these past eight years, “apparently” oblivious to the SNP re-inventing itself as a Trans-Extremist organisation shamelessly trying to hijack and steal the popularity and mandates warranted by the popularity for Scottish Independence. 

Where have YOU been these past eight years Mr McCormick? Asleep at the wheel or are you complicit with the smear campaign and rancid conspiracy against Alex Salmond? What about Self-ID and men destroying women’s sport? Or Drag Queens flaunting themselves in our Primary Schools? How about Stuart Ballantyne getting some answers to his questions? Or let me guess, having reneged on our National Power Company the SNP will now attempt to make political capital from the deprivation suffered by soaring energy costs? Name me a ball you haven’t dropped Mr McCormick.

In your cohort of SNP members who’ve chosen to stay and fight from within, from the outside looking in, I can think of one name to join that cohort, and that’s Joanna Cherry. And frankly, I fear the YES Movement has simply lost a hard hitting stalwart, because Joanna now “seems” successfully baited by the Trans-nutters, whereas I want to see what happens when you mix Cherry concentrate with liberal quantities of SALVO.

From my perspective, ALL the SNP has, is it’s success at the polls. That’s neither down to luck nor judgement, (nor 2 votes SNP “strategy”), but the grinding residual inertia of a poorly informed electorate possibly 3-4 years off the pace in their thinking and stilted level of awareness. 

That brings us neatly to the issue of Sturgeon being protected by the Unionist Media, evading scrutiny like the rogue she is, (no doubt due to eye watering bungs of cash she’s giving them), and doing more harm to the Independence Movement than Better Together could envisage in their wettest dream.

There is nobody in ALBA giving up. 

By all accounts, the SSRG Conference, with SALVO very much on board, went down an absolute storm. That’s the same Conference you’ll remember which Alyn Smith would never, not ever, attend. 

My message to the SNP is if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. And right now, basking in hubris and indolence, the SNP is a huge part of the problem. 

Go back and fix it? Why? The SNP hasn’t incubated any new ideas since 2014. The SNP is becalmed and dead in the water under Sturgeon and her cronies. Now if you were to rewind a little further, and advocate a return to the SNP pre-2014 under Alex Salmond, then you might have a point. But take a look at ALBA Mr McCormick, ALBA’s even got that covered.

While the SNP waft two frankly bizarre and childish “Independence Papers” under our noses before disappearing for their holidays, Alex Salmond has been all over Scotland working night and day promoting Independence and the ALBA Wee Blue Book. 

The SNP is currently writing it’s place in history. But at the moment it’s only a footnote!


Graeme McCormick’s comment that folk that left the SNP had “given up” kicked up a storm. I received many messages from people who had been long term members of the SNP who were enraged. Too many to publish but I selected the above from Breeks which reflects the responses so many people wrote. News for you Graeme, there are many current members of your Party about to give up on the SNP and to transfer their commitment to Independence to a less corrupt form of transport. It gets closer every day.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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28 thoughts on “ITS THE SNP THAT GAVE UP!

  1. Breeks

    One of the big problems I guess is that apparently the SNP can’t afford to be independent relying so much on the English Parliament short money to pay for the never ending devolutionists they have employed, and we can’t afford to not become independent as English Nationalism and SNP Government incompetence is slowly but surely destroying not only democracy, but any hope of a fairer future for all of us. Sturgeon has been a disaster for Scotland but she has been protected, why, maybe we will never know but many of us have an idea or various ideas. The gender debate has been toxic in Scotland and has been handled far better in England in some ways. I have no issue with transgender rights, I question some of the practicalities of course as they don’t make sense to me but maybe I am of my generation, but what I can’t accept is the shutting down of women’s voices and concerns, like I can’t accept all women short lists, both are undemocratic and all about political correctness not fairness. So right now the SNP do appear to have given up on their main reason for being which is independence and are going through the motions to maintain power, I can understand why they have to do that but to pretend they are an independence party when they are demonstrating the opposite in so many ways will damage the cause and kill their party in the long run.

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    1. Of your generation.
      My children are in their 30s. They absolutely abhor nicoliar’s perversions and mindset on this sham, for that’s what it is. Why would anyone go down that destructive path? Why indeed…not the path to Indy. Me, me, me. I brought them up to be politically savy and I didn’t need to. They have their own mind and common sense (not so common as it happens). The fetishistic nicoliar SHOULD go down in history as a pervert enabling anti Scottish fraudster. We’ll see.

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    2. The Gender Rights debate is incredibly toxic, but perhaps it might have been less toxic if Transactivists hadn’t infiltrated a political party designed and built from the ground up to deliver Scottish Independence, to purloin its popularity with Independence supporting voters and steal the mandates given to push hard for Independence, and then park Independence up a quiet Cul-de-sac and proceed full steam ahead with gender reforms which the public emphatically dislike every time they’re asked.

      We were left with a farcical situation of a fantastic SNP Union Bustin’ majority and mandate returned to Westminster in 2015, only for that priceless opportunity to be squandered, and while the nation is rubbing it’s eyes in disbelief, for it later to dribble out that we had the likes of Kirsty Blackman promoted to deputy leader of the SNP in Westminster, spokesperson for the Constitution at Westminster, but who doesn’t give a shit about Independence. How, in the name of fk does that even happen? It’s a FRAUD! Are you SNP chancers so blind you don’t see it?

      Some bunch of “champions” we elected and trusted to free our Nation from the Union that’s killing it. They fight for nothing, they whine about about terrible it is in the Union which they were supposed to have gotten us out of, and expect another free meal ticket at every Election… more reward for being feckless losers.

      If the Trans-lobby wants my respect, (aye, good luck with that), let them show a degree of integrity and separate their own interests from Scottish Independence. Park it. Park it, way every other pro-Indy group had to park up their personal agendas and divisive interests to get YES home and Independence over the finishing line.

      Sadly it’s the lack of integrity there to begin with which sees nothing wrong with their parasitism on a formerly vibrant Independence Movement which they virtually strangled to a standstill. Fat chance of these self serving narcissists and prima Donas parking up their own “Me! Me! Me!” agenda for five minutes. They couldn’t give a shit if their sleazy shenanigans put Scottish Independence in a flaming tail spin.

      Aye. The debates a wee bit toxic. Wonder how that came about.

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  2. Fully agree!

    The SNP is now an anchor stopping progress to Independence. I am shocked every time I speak to old colleagues still in the SNP who totally reject the TransCult ideology but followed by “We can address that after Independence”.

    Independence should be the Primary goal. EFTA, EU, NATO, The Environment, Monarchy, Land ownership. etc etc should be decided AFTER you have the actual powers to do something.
    The whole point of gaining Independence is for the People to decide the future of Scotland instead of having the politics of another Country forced on us.
    Obtaining those powers requires Scottish politicians to accept the concept that the people want to shape Scotland and not have dictates passed by Holyrood politicians replacing Westminster. ( no mini UK thanks)

    The TransCult dictates from Sturgeon is a very good example. The votes accumulated by the SNP and Greens were primarily to deliver Independence. Sturgeon and Harvie are using those seats to force through personal views.

    Wether you oppose or support GRA, NATO membership, EU membership etc should not be a pre condition to an Independence vote.

    An example: I would prefer EFTA to EU membership but if Scots vote for EU membership then I accept it. However the SNP have decided the issue as a Party Policy rather than a National view.

    We do have urgent issues that are required pre vote e.g. Currency. These are interim though and something tied to the Pound, Euro, Dollar would suffice but it is not final. My own view is I would adopt the Euro. A currency backed by 500 million people looks pretty good to me. I think a focus on this instead of pronouns would be advisable though.

    We will have a period from a successful YES vote until Independence Day.

    Urgent pre vote issues such as Currency model should not be in the same bucket as a post YES vote (NATO, EU etc)

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  3. Yes Grumpy the current SNP configuration may well kill the party unless it changes. That I think is an absolute given once the wider electorate catch up.

    But it will not kill the independence movement. That is for certain. And as we can see already, new structures are forming around the SNP. And they are forming and gathering pace fast.

    As to why the SNP have become the way that they are we could debate all day. Save for the blindest of the blind the party has been both infiltrated by agents and sleeper of the British state whilst others will have been either blackmailed and or bribed to do the establishment’s bidding. Kompromat as the Russians say is a powerful tool, and the UK, is a past master of its use.

    And then of course there are the cosy comfortable of which Pete Wishart, but by no means only Pete Wishart play a part.

    Everything happens for a reason, the SNP has changed and changed utterly these last eight years. It has squandered mandate after mandate, has undermined the drive for independence, but has not, absolutely not killed the desire for independence.

    And that is why the new structures are growing around the SNP. Folks want change, and they are now starting to fully realise that it is their right to take change. And take it they will, with or without the SNP. And it is not for a Boris Johnson, a Liz Truss or whoever to say no.

    In 2014 we ran them close, closer in fact than we maybe realised. This time we will win.

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  4. In my own case he is right I did give up not on independence but on the SNP which is why I left. I stayed in to do what I could for the good guys campaign and was quite pleased with some good people elected as a result. For those then to be snubbed or forced to resign to protect their professional reputations was the last straw and I left. I am heartened to see some familiar faces on Yes stalls still fighting the good fight as they always have the only change being the badge they are wearing as they have also left. The Yes movement is awake and beavering away unlike the SNP which is on holiday.

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  5. It is sad indeed to watch a political party slowly implode and even more so that it is the Party that so many people trusted and worked damned hard to get where they were in 2014. In general ,the electorate are usually a few years behind but once they learn what has been taking place that trickle is liable to become a river of people leaving the SNP.

    After 8 years of inertia as far as self-determination is concerned, it was truly refreshing to be amongst real activists once again at the SSRG Conference. With everyone there to further the cause it felt amazing and the room was vibrant with no-one afraid to say what they thought about how they saw the way forward.

    I remember when I looked forward to attending National Council and to hear undiluted passion but with respect for the views that others may have different to their own. However, from the embers of the old, new groups, organisations and Parties will form that enable us to reach the goal we set ourselves so long ago!

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  6. Really enjoyed the bile this morning !

    Your answer is in the way the electorate vote.

    Albas biggest problem is that it’s message is confused. What is it? Independence, undercover Unionist/ Federalist or the Salmond Rehabilitation committee? You’ve got your work cut out !

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    1. People like McCirmick used to say look at the polls – when yes was ahead – now you get McCormick saying look at how the electorate vote. People like McCormick are the problem not the solution.

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    2. I made a comment to you on the last post and previous posts which you have deigned to ignore , you then comment on Breeks post with an extremely childish retort , what age are you Mr McCormick , Iain Lawson of this blog always spoke very highly of you when responding to your comments or ideas I wonder if your most recent childish comment will give him reason to reassess hi’s views

      NO ONE wants disharmony or bad feeling within the drive to independence ,BUT you have to look painfully and truthfully for the reasons behind them , of ALL the claims put forward by myself and others regarding sturgeons ineptitude you have NOT responded with evidence to prove that we are wrong, our claims are provable and they are there in the cold light of day for ANYONE (including apologists and sycophants) to see
      It is like asking a unionist to list the benefits of the uk , they won’t do it because there are non so they resort to crass comments , it’s the same with sturgeon apologists they CANNOT name ANY benefits she has given Scotland
      BTW As usual Breeks well done in telling the truth

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      1. I don’t think your opinions are shared by the many folk who keep supporting the FM with their votes.


    3. ‘Bile’? Really enjoyed the ‘bile’? Hmmm… you sound just like the SNP trannies who call everyone bigots & transphobes whenever someone doesn’t agree with them. You’ve taken criticism and yes, some quite hard criticism, for your views & I understand that’s tough to accept. I’d be upset were it I. But now you call that criticism ‘bile’ because we refuse to be persuaded by your argument. No commenting on the various questions put to you. No counter argument – it’s just so much ‘bile’. Oh dear… I really thought you understood people’s criticisms of the SNP were criticisms of the party, not of you personally and I even admired your persistence in trying to get people to look beyond and use what you believe to be the route to Indy. I thought you recognised people’s disillusion with SNP… But now you recognise Indy supporters can’t/won’t give your leader respect you think she deserves, we’re just full of ‘bile’.

      Well… I think you deserve your place in the SNP. I hope you get what you want out of them. I don’t see it happening. But it’s your choice, so – good luck.

      Meanwhile, I’m going to work with and vote for a party that respects my opinion, and doesn’t think it vile when I don’t agree with their policies.

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      1. The bile is the attack on the person of our FM.

        Consumed by hate is never a good place to be!


    4. Wow, Graeme. Loved your talk and your book.

      Alex Salmond is an innocent man.

      Who needs rehabilitation is the management that made an unlawful HR process, incompetently led an internal investigation, couldn’t hand it off to the police, by got an investigation started by dropping into the lap of an SNP cabinet member, the Lord Advocate, whose COPFS were instructed to perform the most thorough criminal investigation that Scotland has ever seen. And uncovered nothing.

      I am sorry you have seen a pile-on today… But, Alex Salmond has been tried in a court of law and is an innocent man. And a wonderful leader in Alba.


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      1. Thanks for the kind comments!

        I’m afraid AS is a huge disappointment to me.


    5. You’ve been peddling the land reform for the past few years to give yourself a bit of cred. You don’t fool me.

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  7. “Really enjoyed the bile this morning! ” Speaking purely for myself, TG, if that’s true, it says more about you than I really need to know.

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  8. “… The Gender Rights debate is incredibly toxic, but perhaps it might have been less toxic if Transactivists hadn’t infiltrated a political party designed and built from the ground up to deliver Scottish Independence, to purloin its popularity with Independence supporting voters and steal the mandates given to push hard for Independence, and then park Independence up a quiet Cul-de-sac and proceed full steam ahead with gender reforms which the public emphatically dislike every time they’re asked… ” – Breeks.

    Basically, that is the problem in a nutshell, Breeks. It has literally destroyed the SNP, and the corpse is still jerking spasmodically in its final throes. These people are parasites in the fullest meaning of that word. Independence females are left stranded with neither independence nor their hard-won rights. Anyone who can’t or won’t see how grossly cruel and unfair that is, needs a brain transplant. I have been sickened, frankly, by the letters pages of The National, where men (mostly) routinely state that the trans issue within the SNP is a distraction and should be ignored. They are so self-centred that they have no understanding of the issue for the women of their own party who have been drummed out by this ridiculous, insane policy that has not a particle of truth in it. Men can never, ever, ever in a month of Sundays become women. Yet so many Sturgeon loyalists re willing to overlook that utter fiction, believing that she has a cunning plan for independence.

    Anyone who believes this tripe must be deemed to be on the same level of ignorance and downright perversity as Holocaust deniers and flat-earthers. It is never a good look to disregard hard fact and evidence, not even in the name of compassion, because, and this has been proved with the ‘trans’ issue, they just take advantage of generosity of spirit and demand even more. I, for one, am fed up to the back teeth of this issue being promulgated as one of compassion for a tiny minority of dysphoric/dysmorphic people when it has morphed into a movement for the promulgation of every sexual perversity known to man, and it has deliberately targeted children and young people because they will always be the easiest to influence and to exploit sexually. MAP (Minor Attracted People) which has replaced PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) has piggy-backed on the ‘trans’ movement, which, in turn, piggy-backed on the independence (so-called) party of government.

    That government, the SNP one, funds them millions from taxpayers’ money, but never demands that they finance their own services from that funding – which women must do, as well as include ‘trans women’ or have their funding cut off. It is pernicious and cruel to the point of real evil. That the SNP should have stooped to this is beyond belief, and, to my mind, would render them unelectable if so many people, men and women, were not deluded enough to believe in their pantomime efforts at bringing in independence. The problem we have, of course, is that they are required until something else that will bring in independence is established and receives widespread support, then we can dispense with these charlatans.

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