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A guest post from Willie Hutchison

Without wishing to over simplify messages are by and large more effective when they are simple. Thus for example the yesterday year campaign of “….it’s Scotland’s oil “ resonated with many folk. 

Moving back to the future there are today many very similar messages to be communicated. Messages such as “ …. It’s Scotland’s Right to Choose “ very much resonates with the simple proposition that it is not for a hostile England to say when or even if people can choose. And of course for folks looking deeper this is aside of the natural law the rights of choice embodied via the Claim of Rights and Treaty of Union. 

Fostering a mass headline recognition of it being Scotland’s right to choose is I believe an absolutely powerful message.

But that is only one message. There are others that will resonate. It’s Scotland’s Wind is another headline message of huge significance. At a time when our population is being absolutely crippled in trying to heat and light their homes, we have the absolute injustice of an energy famine in a country endowed with renewable energy both wind, hydro ( and oil and gas too )

Energy starvation in a land of plenty. Exported for big profits and for someone else’s profit has to be a message.

Or what of a message about “ …Built in Scotland – why not ? “. Scotland is being turned into one huge off shore wind generator. But where is the kit being built? SeaGreen as an example is a huge offshore wind farm off the coast of Angus. Requiring 114 huge jackets these massive structures are being built not in Scotland but in Dubai ( 30 ) and yards in China ( 84 ) Meanwhile the yards that could and should have built them, like the BIFAB yard in Fife lie idle and the work goes elsewhere. At least in the hay day of oil, Scotland built the rigs. 

SSE, owned by the international conglomerate OVO would not give the work to BIFAB, and by all accounts bankrupted the BIFAB yard which had invested specifically to build jackets.

But the £4.3 billion SeaGreen project is but only one example of something that should have been built in Scotland not being built in Scotland. Well done Dubai, well done China, and well done Scottish and Southern Electric. Power from the Glens, for the Glens – no chance.

And talking of glens how many are aware of the huge project to double, yes double, the entire UK’s pump storage. Where is this being built, what part of Great Britain, and only part of Britain save for a bit of North Wales, has the natural geology to create this massive water battery. Yes, if you have guessed right it is the Great Glen in the Highlands. And the benefit to Scotland, well yes they be local jobs, but who will own the scheme, make huge profit from the scheme. And with tenders having been called for the main packages of Civil works and Generation works can anyone guess where the tendering main contractors

come from. 

Power from the Glens and not from the Glens. It’s got a certain ring to it. Scotland, one big batter case that keeps on giving, giving away. Am Georta Mor all over again.

Or what about the three highest per capita electricity consuming countries in the world. Using 2020 figures –

– Iceland (56.828 kW hours )
– Norway (26.492 kW hours )
– Qatar ( 16.656 kW hours)

Notice anything about these three companies 1, 2 and 3 in the world. Yes they are all small countries, hugely endowed with natural resources. Oh how the Scottish pedantry must laugh. Scotland as a nation per capita burns about 4.2 kWh – and for how much do we pay for that?

Maybe we should re-do the painting of an old broken Highlander on his donkey being cleared from his land. We could show him in today’s setting but with wind turbines all around him, and the glens full of hydro schemes.

And so, without over simplification, there are key messages that should be going out. And there are many more messages too. It doesn’t have to be like this.


My thanks to Willie for these comments. Willie communicates with me regularly and he has been monitoring these issues for some time, particularly the sourcing issues in relation to all the engineering and manufacture going to foreign companies. He is right we seem to be restricted to supplying the energy resources but being excluded from all the wealth it generates. We are a colony and we are being ruthlessly exploited by our neighbour. Meanwhile the Scottish Government collaborates!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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  1. Not mentioned a great deal is the potential for the development of energy from the tides around Scotland.

    I am the 3rd generation of fishermen on the Solway Firth and well aware of the power of the tidal forces in that area. There has been talk of constructing a barrage to generate electricity because the tides can sometimes beat a galloping horse. However, this has come to nothing so far.

    Of course, I’m well aware that harnessing the tides of the Solway Firth would involve co-operation with the other side of the Firth but there must be many other places around our coasts where tides could be harnessed to the benefit of Scotland. As technology develops, the option of using tides will become more realistic.

    However, I believe that the lack of creating infrastructure in Scotland is a deliberate act of ensuring that we do not have facilities that would be beneficial should we finally achieve independence.

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    1. There are precisely 4 (four) tidal barrages in the world and they add up to less than 500 MW capacity.

      The problem is that you need a massive range between low and high tide, and most sites might look like they have it but actually don’t.

      The Severn estuary is always regarded as being one of the best sites, lots of investigation work has been done but it would be colossally expensive and the environmental side-effects massive.



    “SSE, owned by the international conglomerate OVO”

    No, SSE is a FTSE 100 quoted company. Originally formed by the merger of Scottish Hydro and Southern Electric. Owns a lot of renewable and gas-fired generation, the transmission and distribution networks in Northern Scotland and the distribution net in the Southern Electric area.

    It sold its SSE Energy customer supply business to OVO, Which is a privately owned start-up apparently belonging to a bloke in Bristol.

    No power is being “given” away, the generating companies are selling it to paying customers across the UK. And most renewable projects also have a long-term fixed price contract which is usually above market prices, because most renewables are still not fully commercial. The higher contract price is paid for by the renewables levy in consumer bills.

    I’ll emphasise that – more renewables puts your bills up, not down.

    The profits from new pumped storage schemes like SSE’s Coire Glas will be earned by the people who put up the money to build them, in the usual way. SSE shares are available to buy – and if you’re in a pension scheme you probably indirectly own some already without knowing it.

    I have no idea why the author thinks having a high per capita electricity consumption is a good thing. We’re all trying to reduce energy consumption now, aren’t we?

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  3. “It’s Scotland’s Wind”.

    It’s a good message … let’s just make sure that it’s not Ian Blackford delivering it! It needs to be short, sharp and shocking. With Blackford and Co the serious point being made would it get lost in the waffle. It would be a case of Hot Air Renewables … but, like a HAR, the message would merely leave the ground a bit damp before evaporating completely while the roots of the plants remained dry.

    In any even the Scot Gov sold out Scotwind ‘auction’, a seriously flawed venture – this would backfire as the enemies of Scotland would point out the incompetence and, therefore, our inability to do things properly ourselves.

    However, Willie makes some seriously good points:

    Our resource rich land gives us so much ammunition to engage (and enrage) our people . Let’s load up, aim and fire.

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  4. Dear Iain

    I am afraid that I would not hire Willie as a PR consultant. “Its Scotland’s Wind..” ( well Scotland should pay the massive subsidies); “Its Scotland’s Right to Choose..” ( the feminists will be delighted); and “Build it in Scotland — Why Not”) ( Why indeed? Could it be that we cannot compete on price, or nearly compete on price?)

    I am afraid to say that there is a lot of populist nonsense around regarding Scotland and energy. Lets us be clear about one thing: we are facing the grimmest time this winter and I frankly FEAR major civil unrest and many thousands of death from cold and hunger. The issues have multiple causes many being international in nature, surging energy demand in the wake of covid, the terrible Ukraine war and Russia’s energy terrorism, Germany’s suicidal reliance on Russia for gas, the Net Zero madness including demonisation of the oil industry ESG and the collapse of upstream exploration and development, and others. We also have our own mad energy policy.

    I am an upstream oil and gas man and I follow gas prices with riveting interest because these prices underlie the projects which I am trying to develop. A few years ago we were trying to develop an offshore gas project with prices below 30p per therm. Last week prices per therm in the UK were at £3.77 per therm. That is utterly transformational.

    What I am not so clear about is how much of a real single market there is in Europe for gas and electricity. Is Europe a “single pool” for these vital commodities? I keep getting conflicting answers. We have very significant gas and electricity interconnectors to the continent and Norway. Around a quarter of our UK gas comes from Norway via the Langaled pipeline. But when push comes to shove, do national emergencies take priority? We must believe that they do. Because the UK government allowed its only storage facility (Rough gas field) to mothball we only have some 3 days worth of UK storage. Remarkably, we are now using our LNG receiving facilities to send gas into the continent to help with their storage when we should be storing gas ourselves. ( LNG is frozen gas send from abroad in giant cryogenic tankers). See this excellent article which explains the process:https://watt-logic.com/2022/08/11/european-gas-market/ . Watt Logic is a brilliant technical site which I can recommend to anyone.

    Just recently, we were able to keep the lights only by desperately buying electricity from Belgium at ruinous prices. We will certainly need support from the continent this winter and you can all pray that it will be a mild winter like last year.

    In the midst of all of this, Nicola Sturgeon has made it impossible to produce plentiful gas onshore Scotland which SHE is in charge of and not Westminster. Onshore Oil and Gas Licensing ( but not tax) was a power transferred to Holyrood by the Smith Commission. The Tories, who are no energy experts, are finally getting it in England and Liz has last night pledged to allow fracking. Fracking technology by the way is under a process of transformation and soon any last objections from greens will be moot.

    I notice that Alba are making a lot of noise on energy. Lets remember a few basics: when there is no wind, there is no wind power; when there is no sun there is no solar power; there is no economically viable battery technology which can store electricity at grid level; our renewable energy industry is subsidised and would not exist without subsidies. The subsidies are paid at a British level. When the wind blows and the sun shines we have to export the excess power and that means England has to buy it. England supports us when the wind and sun don’t appear (December, January etc). Alba sounds good but its mainly hot air….



    1. England produces 70% of the UK’s electricity…. but uses 80% (+-2%)… that’s a 10% deficit.

      Scotland produces 16.8% renewable electricity, but uses 7 or 8%…. so self sufficient, and exporting the stuff (almost enough to make up England’s deficit) to England. Aren’t we nice… and we don’t even charge them for it.

      45% of the UK’s electricity is made in Gas Turbines, which are physically situated in England.

      And 62% of the UK’s gas, comes out of Scottish territorial waters.

      Let’s just – for the sake of argument – assume that half the electricity produce in those turbines is due to Scottish Gas…. 22%….

      So, 8% + 22% = 30%…. of England’s leccie, comes from Scottish resources. or 16 million English People need to stop calling us subsidy junkies….

      Or, if you prefer, 8 million English homes are able to put the heating on and the lights on, thanks to the energy their government is currently stealing from Scotland.

      At current prices £3,500 per home…. that’s a lot of neighbourly pooling and sharing don’t you think.

      And that’s just leccie, lets not even talk about oil.

      As for peak times, and cross border trade in leccie, and also storeage batteries, those things will always happen. Africa is looking at using concrete blocks, instead of running water, as a battery storeage method… apparently it works well. Imagine if the high rise buildings were converted for that.

      Stand by while I locate my sources for the above figures.

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      1. Actually, let’s talk about the oil…

        96% in Scottish waters,

        2008 $144 / barrel, £1.20 /l at the pump

        2022 $113 / barrel, £1.85 / litre at the pump (June of this year).

        Since Brexit £1 collapsed in value from $2 to $1.20… or -40% if you prefer.

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    2. William – maybe you can answer a question I have:
      I was told that Scotland does not rely on gas storage as we draw our supply directly from the main North Sea gas pipeline. Right enough, I see no gas storage facilities anywhere around. So do you know if we draw our supply directly and so are unaffected if the gas storage runs out?

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    3. “Lets us be clear about one thing: we are facing the grimmest time this winter and I frankly FEAR major civil unrest and many thousands of death from cold and hunger”

      Yeah, and whose fault is that, William?

      Is that Willie’s fault?

      There is only around 2.5 million households in Scotland. Scotland is self sufficient in energy, so what can possibly be the excuse these idiots in control of England as the UK government, their propaganda mouthpieces in the so called “Scottish conservative party”, and their useful idiots in Labour, Libdems and Bute House, could have to allow this extortionate and crippling increase in prices in Scotland while England gets OUR energy for free and the revenues from our grid charges and big cities down south do not get anywhere near the increase in price caps we are getting here, despite our country being a producer of electricity?

      And by excuse, I mean a real one, not propaganda.

      In what kind of dystopian, twisted universe do you see an scenario where the more energy your country produces, the bigger proportion of that energy is stolen by your parasitic neighbour country, which is also siphoning the grid charges, and the more you are being charged for consuming it?

      This only happens in the colony of the North. Only in the place where there is a collusion between the most useless FM, the most useless and apathetic MSPs and MP Scotland has ever seen since it was sold by a parcel of self-serving rogues, calling themselves “gentlemen” in 1707, the most anglo-centric “Scottish” government we have seen since devolution started, the most corrupt executive in England and a crown pushing the clock back to redirect our sovereignty to itself to stop independence, so they all can gag Scotland, as it was gagged in 1707, and bleed it dry of its assets. Conveniently, the Scottish people are being forced to the bottom of the hierarchy of needs so we do no longer think about self-actualisation (self-determination) and instead we are occupied thinking about individual survival. Years of stealing women rights and deconstructing the concept of womanhood clearly were not enough to distract us from self-determination, so now they rob the food from the plates of our children, the light and the heat from our houses. Yet, in the meantime, these corrupt and unethical lot keep preaching about faux values and virtue signalling.

      I am sick and fed up of hearing ignorant and colonial minded England MPs nobody gave the mandate to talk on behalf of Scotland or to rule Scotland telling me that they will ignore Scotland, all while they continue to actively steal from us every effing penny they can to feed England and to help it deal with the consequences of its astonishing political stupidity and ill-advised political decisions.

      I am sick and fed up of useless Scotland MSPs and MPs who were voted to deliver independence precisely to stop things like this happening, and instead, for 8 years, they have have sat on their hands and legitimised the actions of successive corrupt UK executives imposing their colonial practices and accelerating heir pillage on Scotland.

      Why is it that us in Scotland have to always be the ones who clean England’s shit? What does it have to do with us? Didn’t that paragon of common sense Truss tell us she will ignore our country? So why aren’t they ignoring it when they are deciding whose assets to steal? Why don’t they look at their own pockets?

      Don’t they constantly tell us they are self-sufficient and it is “we” who are the benefit scroungers? Don’t they tell us constantly we have to live within our means? So when is England going to start living within its own means? When is England going to face up by itself to the consequences of its own actions, roll up its sleeves and clean its own mess for which she and only she is responsible? Why is it that when they are looking for a mop the first places they always look at is Scotland and Wales, instead of their own cupboard? Why is it that we are the ones who have to suffer the worse of the actions of the brigade of useless, corrupt, unprincipled and self-serving clowns England elects? Why is it that in the third decade of the 21st century we still have an anachronic, self-serving crown actively stealing power from us in the form of a corrupt to core COPFS, a faux democracy where we are deliberately denied of the options we really want to choose so what we don’t want can be forced on us while claiming it was our choice, a rogue executive preaching about “parliamentary sovereignty” when what it really means is actively transferring sovereignty from the people to the crown, and a worse than useless “Scottish” government that all it has done in the last 8 years is fabricating obstacles to independence, handing over our assets and having a catastrophic go at social engineering?

      If I am not mistaken, we are paying 20% of VAT in our electricity bills. So this means a 20% of this astronomic increase in electricity is going directly to the England as the UK coffers. So I would like to ask, until what point England as the UK government is allowing this astronomical increase to fill England as the UK’s coffers to cover the extra cost of a brexit Scotland never asked for and never consented to? Until what point what we see is at all practical effects an increase in VAT revenue by the back door so the tories are not seen as increasing the VAT itself breaching their manifesto? How much more VAT are England as the UK’s coffers getting with the increase in energy, food, clothes, transport and basically everything else?

      I will only believe England as the UK gov is not behind this unjustifiable increase in prices if any of those two colonial minded idiots the tory party has produced as its best option to the PM post declare that they will reduce VAT percentage to the point where the overall VAT revenues will match those before the 31st January 2020, the day the betrayer in bute house embarrassed us with a capitulation speech instead of ending the union.

      Only then I will believe this increase in prices is not in fact another tawdry manoeuvre a coward and deceitful politicians to increase our taxes by the back door.

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      1. Mia – why don’t you tell it how it really is? Your narrative is refreshing as much as it is always informative and we who are truly committed to self-determination for Scotland will grow in number, as will those who are no longer feart to speak up! Apart from the Scottish population, we must let those who, in another country, live very comfortably at the expense of Scotland and its people and further know that we will no longer stand passively by so that the rape of our resources can continue unabated.

        Unfortunately, this is going to be a very hard but interesting winter as the opposition to the “cost of living crisis” grows. I believe that there will be civil unrest all over the UK and here in Scotland, we cannot shy away from telling Scots who is responsible for their current financial predicament.

        So, when people take to the streets, as they no doubt will, it will prove to be an interesting insight into the Scottish Government and how it intends to deal with that civil reaction. Will they support those who can no longer heat their homes or feed their families – or will they succumb to the unionist elite who will undoubtedly demand swift and urgent police action?

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    4. William: there will always be technical difficulties, engineering problems and on-going inventions that can be harnessed (with investment, of course). Why on earth should Scotland not be able to fix these (with help, of course)? Every other independent country does – has to. Can you tell us where all the new terminals are in Scotland? Oh, yes, we produce the energy, but the pipelines mainly go to England, Blyth, in Northumberland, just being the latest. It has been estimated that people in the North-east and North of Scotland, not to mention the islands, will be paying even more, as they do for everything. I appreciate that transport costs, etc. make a difference, but such an inequitable system as we have in the UK is unnecessary.

      In Norway, for example, people in the better-off and better-supplied areas subside those in remote areas through taxation. There is much that could be done to help Scotland. However, both Scotland and Wales are treated like milchcows and insulted daily by stupid English Nationalists who have not a clue. If we have rising seas, desalination and cleansing of seawater makes sense to ease water shortages. Costly? Of course. Better than losing chunks of the coastline and suffering droughts, though, and less expensive overall. It is the short-sightedness of our masters that really gets me. You can always bet your bottom dollar when they decide to close something down or privatise it, we, the populace, are going to have to pay through the nose for whatever replaces it or it has to be renationalised, if a public service.

      Privatisation was, is and will always be a con. Taxation is the way forward instead of greedy b*****dism – i.e, taxing the wealthy and companies and balancing it against public need (it happens in Norway, so why not here?). Because we, in all of the UK, are a neoliberal society based on exploitation of natural resources and the people. If we need to take a hit, then okay, but everyone should share in that, not the chosen few made invulnerable, while everyone else suffers. It is despicable and the wee man and woman in the street is beginning to cotton on that Brexit has been a disaster, along with politicians and almost everything else in this godforsaken UK. We should have gone after 2016, and personally, those responsible for not going – and they know who they are – need to be put on trial for breaching their duty of care to their people.

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  5. Amazing how people like WEBF pop up to tell us that tidal isn’t viable in most sites. Try sailing through the Minch or the Pentlandite Firth. He seems to confuse tidal flow and wave energy. It reminds me of the late sixties, early seventies. “There is no Oil”, “It would be far to expensive to produce”.

    Tidal, Wave, Air Compression from wave, Hydro-Electric Storage, Wind Turbines, Kites, Commercial Battieries to store renewable energy

    The usual guff that it is pointless, uneconomic etc until THEY get to profit from it of course.

    We are so lucky to have Westminster to save us from these dreadful burdens.

    What we need is for all the generation and storage options to be optimised by a central body for the benefit of Scots. Instead our resources will be plundered ineffectively once again for short term quick profit by others.

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  6. Scotland is heading for a “humanitarian disaster” as energy bills are expected to soar to two-and-a-half times their current levels next year tipping many households into severe debt after months of rising costs.


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  7. I am with Willie on short snappy messages. The best was indeed “It’s Scotland’ Oil”. Just think, for the past 7 years we could have spent £600k on billboards all over Scotland instead of lying unused “woven through the accounts”.

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  8. I have one thought on SSE:
    It was a condition of sale of Scottish Hydro (the generation giant that fueled all of SSEs success) that the HQ would always remain in Perth – it cannot be moved without violating the conditions of sale. Therein lies an opportunity to impose Scottish regulations, couched to avoid the devolved nonsense, to impose our own windfall tax. And if the HQ is moved – the conditions of sale are violated and the Hydro assets go into the hands of the SG.

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  9. There are some interesting comments here.

    Marion: To my knowledge there is no gas storage in Scotland or if there is it is marginal. We only have 3 days worth of UK storage (as opposed to 90 days in Holland). If we have a gas supply crunch this winter, as opposed to a price crunch, storage will not affect our supply much. Our marketing will have failed.

    Daisy: Let me assume that your figures are right. If England uses more than it’s productive share of electricity ( which I could well believe) then it is because England is more energy intensive which is certainly true.

    You are certainly correct to argue that Scotland, if it were a separate oil and gas producing system, would be a big net importer to England, but it would have to be, as if not we have to shut in petroleum wells. And oil is sold at world prices anyway.

    You highlight the high levels of renewable energy produced by Scotland but you have to remember that this energy is intermitent and produces nothing when there is no wind or sun. The subsidy scheme is payable on a UK basis. We have to import electricity from England at key times of the year. We are not paid nothing by English companies for our electricity. They are paying a market price because we export energy when energy is plentiful in the UK. If we ever did become independent, our electricity system would have severe difficulties because Scots would have to pay the subsidies on their own and England might well want to build their own onshore wind capacity or even jettison Net Zero altogether.

    Thinking back about Willie’s sloganeering, “Its Scotland’s Oil” would make a lot of sense as a political slogan again as with the Windfall Profits Tax my companies are paying a 65% tax on profits (not bad for a “subsidised industry”) and I think estimates are that Oil and Gas will produce around £14 Billion pounds in revenue this year for the UK. Scotland possesses 90% of the value of UKCS oil and gas. For the first time since 2013/2014 Oil and Gas revenues are more than Barnet Consequentials. The problem lies in the fact that with the demonisation of the industry, very little exploration and appraisal drilling has taken place and production levels will surely fall dramatically, reduced revenue even if prices remain high (as I think they will).

    Iain makes the point that Scotland gets nothing from oil and gas (apart from jobs, income tax etc). That may be literally true in the sense that we do not directly receive O&G Tax (or Corporate Tax) but we get the block grant and Barnet Consequentials in good times and bad.



    1. Dear William, you say, ‘The problem lies in the fact that with the demonisation of the industry, very little exploration and appraisal drilling has taken place and production levels will surely fall dramatically, reduced revenue even if prices remain high (as I think they will).’

      So, fairs, fair, produce your evidence for this. Exploration licenses are issued by a department in… wait now, see if you can guess… London, even when the areas to be explored are in Scottish waters. And they cost £millions. Which goes to the Westminster government – katching.

      You say, ‘Iain makes the point that Scotland gets nothing from oil and gas (apart from jobs, income tax etc). That may be literally true in the sense that we do not directly receive O&G Tax (or Corporate Tax)’.

      ALL Jobs on the Oil rigs and shore company providers, even down to the cleaners, are put through company HQ books, which are registered in London. Therefore all VAT, and earning incomes generated look like English wealth…. Katching.

      You say, ‘You are certainly correct to argue that Scotland, if it were a separate oil and gas producing system, would be a big net importer to England, but it would have to be, as if not we have to shut in petroleum wells.’

      You seem to think England is the only customer for Scotland’s Oil. That is not the case, and it is estimated to make up about 0.2% of world oil production. $6 million per day in laymans terms.

      Not sure if it was June or July this year, but good old Westminster sold between 1 -2 million barrels of our oil to America, where when it got to the petrol pumps it sold less to the American Drivers than it does here. Thanks to that Brexit devalued £ once again.

      You say, ‘You highlight the high levels of renewable energy produced by Scotland but you have to remember that this energy is intermitent and produces nothing when there is no wind or sun.’

      The source I provided is a 4 year average and allows for variations and peak use, etc.

      You say, ‘We are not paid nothing by English companies for our electricity. They are paying a market price because we export energy when energy is plentiful in the UK.’

      Who is this ‘we’ you speak of? And how do you get to ‘energy is plentiful in the UK’. Quite specifically energy is plentiful in Scotland. England is in deficit. And yet England reserves control of Scotland’s energy.

      It really is a shame we don’t have a renewables bullshit turbine. You would be the goose that lays the golden egg.

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  10. “We are a colony and are being ruthlessly exploited by our neighbour.” Messages don’t come much simpler or more direct than that, Iain.

    As in any debate/propaganda war, expect to find myriad counter arguments; none of them definitive, all of them, to whatever degree, self-serving. Consistency of message, grinding consistency over time, always triumphs, certainly not detailed, and ultimately deflective, engagement. That, unfortunately, is where we find ourselves today, led here by governments, overly licensed ideologists, shady ‘pollsters’ (Cambridge Analytica, anyone?) and, of course, an irretrievably corrupted media.


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  11. Much as we see from another illustrative article, colonialism primarily involves plundering of the native’s resources, which is the theft aspect (Fanon); but colonialism also depends on debasing the colonized, his culture, language and his very abilities (Memmi), which is the racist aspect. This is why ‘a people’ seek independence, which the UN defines as ‘decolonization’.

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  12. Marion99 Did you mean the Churchill Barriers in Orkney. I have lived in both Orkney and Shetland and don’t recall anything in Shetland with the name Churchill in it. However, I could well be wrong.

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    1. Mrs Watson – apologies – I remembered seeing a program and thinking that would be ideal for wave power – I have got my Northern Isles mixed up! It is indeed the Churchill Barriers in Orkney.

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  13. “steal Scotland’s mountains”

    That’s already being done with the biggest rock quarry in Europe, Glensanda near Fort William which exports more than 6 million tonnes of road-building rock every year to England and EU countries, and is expected to be doing that for another 100+ years. Little if any benefit from this massive resource for Scots as far as I can see.

    As you say breeks, independence means “A model where our Southern neighbours are our customers not our custodians”. That will require a completely new way of doing things, a new (Scottish) management and operating culture, and an end to our exploitation, with all decisions on our country’s resources etc made in Scotland by Scots. No more dependence on London for our instructions or our meritocratic elites.

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