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When I was a kid at school, it was Hydro Electric power that was going to give everybody limitless cheap electricity. I believe Scotland does indeed produce enough Hydro Electric power to power around half the homes in Scotland, but the “cheap” and “limitless” supply was just a myth. The same myth with a different theme we’re still buying today.

I don’t buy the argument we are “subsidising” Renewable Energy. An evolution is taking place. Where I am right now doesn’t have electricity and this device I’m writing on is drawing charge from a car battery topped up daily by a photo electric solar panel. I can only do it because somebody somewhere put up money for investment. See it in longer perspective and it is Nuclear Power with it’s commitment for tens of thousands of years to monitor and look after nuclear waste which is the cost being written out of the equation and hidden.

The whole point of Scotland being blessed with winds, currents and tides which are the envy of other Nations is that it “should” be Scotland in the driving seat of research and development to optimise these systems and innovate to make them better, but that needs a much broader coordinated approach which a UK Government doesn’t want to see developing. They fear the consequences of Scotland enjoying economic prosperity. A wealthy, prosperous Scotland is a threat to their ease.

The UK model for Scotland is always the same; maximum out for the minimum in. We all know this. It happens again and again and again. Just look at how much Scottish power producers have to pay to access the “National” grid. Or more correctly, look at the gradient between what a Scottish producer must pay and a Southern producer.

Personally, I hate to say it, but we Scots just continually allow ourselves to be duped. Apart from the geography, what is actually Scottish about Scottish Renewables or Scotland’s oil? What benefit do they deliver for Scotland? It’s the UK Government which collects the revenue, and Scotland actually benefits very little. We only need to look as far as Norway for graphic illustration of that. Look at how full the larder gets when there’s nobody stealing the lion’s share.

Supposing the Batman’s nemesis Joker turned up tomorrow declaring his intention to steal Scotland’s mountains, we’d cheer that Scotland had a mountain export business, but Scotland gains nothing from it. Stop kidding ourselves and taking so many placebos. (Spoiler alert, NONE of them contain medicine for Scotland’s better health).

It’s never going to be Scotland’s oil, or Scotland’s electricity until it’s Scotland who get’s it’s act together and puts itself in charge of our own commodities, and we Scots start investing in a Scottish economic model for the whole Nation. A model where out Southern neighbours are our customers not our custodians. If “we” need subsidy, then “they” have to pay more. That’s how it works.

The model we have for Scotland, across all of Scotland full spectrum, is the Westminster model, designed from it’s inception to benefit Westminster’s interests and flatter the prosperity of the South. We might see a tweak here and a token gesture there, but nothing significant is going to change until Scotland is Independent. But with Independence, there’s a completely new situation to be addressed. “Everything” changes.

We all of us taste Scottish Independence gingerly, in sips, with our pinky in the air. It’s as if we’re afraid to dream. How will this work after Indy? Should we do things the same way? Stop sipping tea. We really need to think in terms of a springboard and diving pool where we can literally dive right in and change the world we live in. 

We will be a Sovereign Nation in charge our Nation’s resources, and running the show according to Scotland’s needs and agenda. It’s only then, once we no longer look over our shoulder, that we will see something that’s unfamiliar to us all; our Scottish Nation beginning to thrive. 

I dare say somebody does need to be pedantic like WEBF, somebody will need to provide the pens to tick the boxes. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. Scotland will need it’s own Michel Barnier types, and plenty of them. But that isn’t a hurdle, it’s an opportunity. Mikhail Gorbachev didn’t have all the answers when he resolved to change the way the World worked through perestroika and glasnost. Changes in the way of doing things, and openness. It was a frame of mind, not a blueprint, and he had big enough balls to go for it and meet the challenges as they arose


Breeks has the rights of it. Blessed with all that renewable resource on our doorstep any Independent Scottish Government would be backing it to the hilt. He is also right about Nuclear Power, the long term costs are horrific and if Hinckley ever comes on stream the French company will have extracted the most obscene guaranteed payments for its output. I wonder how the “but the wind doesn’t blow all the time or the sun doesn’t always shine will detract from tidal power when that technology is improved and introduced. The tides are entirely predictable and reliable and. , nearly forgot , Scotland has the most suitable sites for such power generation in Europe.

Renewable development is being held back because Westminster can’t possibly allow Scotland to forge ahead on our own. Colonial control means every decision must be taken to benefit the colonial power. Why else is the Scottish Government controlled so strictly in terms of borrowing powers? Can’t have the Jocks having the ability to invest. The City wouldn’t like it, would they?

I am, as always



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  1. The key points are an integrated energy system and long term investment.

    Nuclear energy is a great example as Breeks says if you miss out the long term decommissioning and Safety factors you give it a totally different appearance.

    Energy sources:
    Wind, Wave, Solar, Gravity Potential, GeoThermal, Hydro, Gas etc all have a place but they are not seen in a unified approach. Each is chasing it’s own plan without Co-ordination

    This is designed to feed major population centres based on the old technology of very large Power Stations. Why are we still chasing this model?
    Why are we allowing other Nations to plan the export of our power for them to sell to Europe?

    HydroElectric, New massive Commericial Batteries, Gravity (Potential), Large spinning masses that small motors drive but they can supply a peak load demand when required.
    The list is actually much more extensive and ideas such as using plugged in electric vehicles as a supply source are being explored. The Gravity storage is the same as HydroElectric wind a mass up a mountain rail at night (low demand) and it is available potential sitting ready.

    In Scotland these ideas are not being Explored they are being Exploited!
    In Scotland no integrated plan is being developed. Nobody has the overview. The Silos are looking at their business model….quick profit.

    Wake up Scotland. For the fraction of the cost of a Nuclear Power Station we could be dramatically reducing the cost of power and doing so in a way that helps the Environment.

    This is not a new story

    We lost the wealth of the Oil & Gas resource. It looks like Renewables are going the same way. Then it will be water
    Etc etc etc.

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    1. Superb post.

      I’m guessing nobody in the Scottish or UK government has the slightest interest in any of this.

      Too busy giving perverts the right to enter female showers.

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    2. ‘Wind, Wave, Solar, Gravity Potential, GeoThermal, Hydro, Gas etc all have a place but they are not seen in a unified approach. Each is chasing it’s own plan without Co-ordination’

      Absolutely, dangerously, correct, and neither does there seem to be any joined up thinking about the hidden future costs like thorough accountable maintenance and clean/clear up processes let alone local subsidies. But I wanted to add one energy source that is being thoroughly and successfully tested, and studiously ignored by all of us turning up our noses (good old Victoria and her hypocritical pretences that human biology does not exist), and that is the most available resource of the contents of our sewage system. The science (and I only know what was in the television programme) is advanced, and the research station is producing non-smelly by-products of friable horticultural fertiliser as well as heating several thousand homes. But from what I can gather, absolutely nothing has been forthcoming from this worthy research. It may not be an attractive project, but it is undeniably a practical and natural way to produce energy, enrich our sad embattled soil and overcome the danger currently in evidence that the current water-companies who are shamefully and busily ignoring environmental safeguards ( gotta save) such that polio is having a come-back (and guess who is dealing with the fall out from that? NHS of course) (and that makes me SOOOO mad) (Because of course we are paying for that too) (Etc etc) So all in all I think that processing human excrement for energy and fertiliser could be very good value. And doesn’t that come under Local Authority jurisdiction? So that might bypass governance?

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  2. Breeks is right, my father who would be 106 if he were alive, his generation were told once the infrastructure for electricity was in place and paid for they would get cheap electricity, never happened, as it is not happening now.
    We have to spark people into realizing the the only way what my father was told all those years ago, is to be our own boss.

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  3. Great post!

    The SG could be raising vast sums from our energy by creating an energy installation land type under AGFRR which would include pylons, pipes, rigs, windmills, hydro schemes, etc. and charge a special rate or rates reflecting the revenue these companies generate. These funds could then be paid to Scottish consumers.

    I really like your words: “ our Southern neighbours are our customers not our custodians”.


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    1. And the ‘Southern neighbour’s’ interests are protected by ‘their’ SG, which is why we won’t be seeing AGRR or anything else that prioritises the Scottish people/nation anytime soon.

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    2. And unfortunately Graeme as Alf writes below “THEIR” SG is doing nothing to help , your ideas on AAGR are lying on some shelf somewhere gathering dust

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  4. Iain

    You report that “Breeks doesn’t accept “Subsidy” for Renewables”. Well Breeks is the man who doesn’t accept the existence of “British Law” so I wouldn’t rely on his understanding too far. The UK subsidies “renewables” to the extent of some £10 billion per year.

    There is no renewable industry, only a renewables subsidy scheme. Warren Buffett, that great enthusiast for windmills made it plain when he asked:”Why do we invest in renewables? Because the government pays subsidy.”

    For Breeks, it will always be “all right on the night”, even if the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining.

    Mikhail Gorbachev, Breek’s hero. What a great service Mikhail did by bringing down the Evil Empire! Perestroika and Glasnost were brilliant ideas if you wanted to finish the Soviet Union. Iain and I would drink to that!



    1. Breeks, at least for me, was outlining the potential in a country that is awash with opportunities for renewable energy, not the current situation. I agree with you that the present policy north and south of the border is little more than window-dressing and a strong belief that market forces will save the day, all the while doling out cash in return for empty promises.

      Take the Scottish Government’s policy on bioenergy – burning food. Sure there is some guarded statements on suitability but the fact that it exists at all in a country that has a growing season of three months is testament that the imaginations behind it are a few turbines short of a wind-farm.

      Any serious policy on renewables is going to take time and money. Scotland’s environment offers a great test-bed for developing a range of technologies. The government should be putting money into R&D, creating the expertise that could be used to build significant export industries, not distributing handouts to the already wealthy.

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    2. When the Wind blows you store it. When you have a low demand at night you store it.
      Do you not think that having thousands of houses without power for days as last Winter demonstrated highlight the Grid dependency weakness. Gas Boilers and Oil Boilers useless because houses had no supply to the igniters or small circulating pumps. A small inverter in each household or small hub of houses (AA Tesla Mega Pack even better) would have solved the issues. Instead people are installing Wood Stoves which look nice but are less efficient and cost more.

      They old line “… even if the wind is not blowing” is utter nonsense when storage is available and I suspect you know that.

      Imagine housing estates with a Tesla MegaPack charged at night when no demand on the grid with cheap rate electricity.

      Storage, Storage, Storage. The Wind blow much more than it doesn’t. The Tidal effects continue at night too.

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    3. William:

      Warren Buffett, that great enthusiast for windmills made it plain when he asked:”Why do we invest in renewables? Because the government pays subsidy.”

      The financially obese will always game the government they control.

      For Breeks, it will always be “all right on the night”, even if the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining.

      That is what in place hydro is for, is it not?

      Reap while sun shines, harvest through gravity while it does not.

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  5. ‘We could’. ‘We should’ needs to become ‘we can’ and ‘we will’. The incompetent, uncaring Slimy Noxious Pit of corruption that is the party in power needs to shoulder a large part of the blame but, from where I’m looking, the biggest stumbling block to independence is the total apathy of the majority of the Scottish people.
    Shout and moan about the FM and her awful cabal but don’t forget who put them there and who is keeping them there.
    The last HR election was an example – the people had the chance, with the list vote, to put people in Holyrood who would have challenged the inertia of Sturgeon & co. Did they do it? NO! They blindly and stupidly believed a proven liar and ‘did as they were told’ and voted SNP 1 & 2.
    So WHO is to blame for the situation today?
    Only when the PEOPLE actually wake up – not to smell the coffee but the stink of of corruption – and actually get rid of the those who are bringing us down, before it’s really too late – and that day is not far off – will Scotland be the rich, independent country that I have spent nearly 60 years of my life working for. 50 of those years as a member of a party that I was proud of – until I woke up!

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  6. On crossing the US/Mexican border over forty years it was impossible not to see the way in which Mexico was being held in a state of permanent destabilisation by its larger more powerful neighbour. I found myself in a third-world country, with all that entails in terms of systemic corruption and social deprivation. I make no direct comparison here, but on my return to Scotland in 1979, looking around, it was impossible not to make at least some comparisons regarding the manner in which larger more powerful countries, in their own self-interest, can be expected to behave towards their smaller neighbours. In 1979, Mexico too had recently discovered oil.

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  7. Daisy Walker made a terrific point at the SSRG Conference that Scotland should take the initiative on power, and tell the English voters that an Independent Scotland will stop their exploitation by power companies and undertake to supply them with cheap and reliable power on condition they back Scotland’s Independence.

    That philosophy echoes my own, that Scotland should also take the initiative on Brexit, and present Scotland as a buffer state between England and the EU, neatly avoiding the problems with the Northern Irish Protocol, and using Scotland to “filter” compliant Trade which meets EU convergence criteria. In essence, Scotland becomes like a giant bonded store, where duty, compliance, and excise is determined at the point of export out of Scotland.

    We thus help the English to survive their Brexit misadventure, we keep the peace in Ireland, we see indirect trade resumed between the EU and England, and foreign trade from the USA and BRICS (I know, most will be direct overland), will we processed in bulk in Scottish ports, which embrace the Four Freedoms and jurisdiction of the European Court.

    It’s complicated I know, but an Independent Scotland could make itself it’s own mini-EFTA, with bespoke arrangements between the EU and England, and perhaps too with similar bespoke arrangements with the USA and even BRICS.

    I’ve said it before, but Scotland could be the Istanbul of the North Atlantic, with the GIUK gap becoming our Bosporus, and Scapa Flow developed as a huge Container Facility with deep water facilities designed for freight distribution.

    There’s an even greater irony if you’ve the will to see it, that Scapa Flow allowing massive bulk container ships to dock and offload with faster turnaround, and their cargoes then sorted for distribution onwards to the congested European sea board with greater efficiency, is not so very different in principle from a Darien Scheme bridging North and South America. A Darien Scheme to facilitate improved international trade a maritime commerce forced to fail through England’s jealousy, but which later succeeded massively as the Panama Canal.

    Do you see it yet Scotland? It’s right there, on our doorstep…

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    1. I can see possibilities and opportunities in these ideas, Breeks. Good suggestions, though I hae ma doots that England will want to join in, the people are too brainwashed about Scotland being subsidised to accept this while those in power don’t want to lose the cash cow which suits them well at present

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    2. Agreed, Breeks. Just don’t ever expect the SNP/Greens to do anything about it. Their highest ambition appears to be to break open female spaces for men and male spaces for women. That is the very apex of their ambitions for Scotland. Madam Not Ecosse is setting out her stall for that highly-paid, post SNP seat as we speak. I’m going off-line now. Too angry.

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    3. You have great ideas Breeks, only problem is that so many people have been brainwashed from the late 50s when television and media became vulnerable to excellent sales techniques so that fashion and celebrity (which didn’t get here by accident – Freud’s nephew master-minded the American Dream with it’s so carefully hidden agenda of mind-control) are the total norm. Nicola Sturgeon has made the most of this and her skills in presentation and manipulation are excellent. If she is fan of independence it will be a neoliberal global capitalist economy Scotland that she will work for, and It will be so difficult to unseat her as most people with lives to lead and personal responsibilities are so absorbed with managing their lives (also no accident) that it is easier to believe her than to look at the alternatives. She comes across as the safe pair of hands from good old working-class Glasgow, all heart, and hasn’t she also made it quite hard for people to know otherwise, by means of shutting up the mouthy with court orders and such and removing their means of making a living? We could get her through exposing the collective failure of services that affect people’s lives, and showing their failure to be at the door of governance, but we need to get on with it. I know smear campaigns are anathema to Scots, good thing too, but actually detailing facts isn’t smearing. But your ideas are very heartening. Just got to make them possible, Herculean task.

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  8. You can check with dr rideout, but a key insight from MMR , which is contested*, is that exports are a cost and imports are a benefit.

    At this moment, the private sector in scotland is exporting energy unavailable elsewhere to the highest bidder.

    Good for them, maybe not so good for us.

    The energy situation between the three and a half nations is a real world, live experiment, and the outcomes seem to confirm the hypothesis.

    To understand the experiment, identify the importer and exporter.

    To identify the beneficiary, identify the importer.

    *weakly in my opinion, but it is worth rumination

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    1. I am familiar with MMT, and can see, certainly from a resource point of view, where exports are seen as a cost. For example, you mine your own finite resources in exchange for foreign currency which was, in essence created by keystrokes. Taken to the extreme, we could import everything – so long as other countries were willing to accept our currency in exchange for their exports. The downside of that of course is, you lose the skills within your own state to produce these things for yourself. Also if there is a global shock (see food!), what happens when these exporting nations now value their own home grown produce much much more than your currency? So I would take a very measured approach to that.

      I think MMT proponent fadhel kaboub rationalises this very well when he he discusses the pillars of national sovereignty…

      Given everything that is going on, we must prioritise food, energy security, but also a sovereign skillset. The emergence over that past 40 years of the service economy took our best programmers and mathematicians and used them do design financial derivatives yielding wonderful benefits for the few with a devastating impact on the many.

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      1. I am with nodding agreement with you

        The downside of that of course is, you lose the skills within your own state to produce these things for yourself. Also if there is a global shock (see food!),

        The downside you fear is a question of political will.

        I am blessed to have been born in a nation ideally suited to autarchy, I am cursed that we cannot chose this due to colonial policy and power.

        There is no spelling of international without national.

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  9. Thing is, there’s a state input/subsidy in just about everything. The tech in your iPhone, iPad, etc started as govt funded research, but was then acquired for free by the corporates. Marianna Mazzucato highlights this in her book, the Entrepreneurial state. Sadly she seems quite wasted as an economic advisor to the Scottish govt.

    We really are in an existential fight against corporate owned media and, sadly, politicians. The last straw for me is the coming charter cities which the SNP/Green govt in Scotland seem in favour of. Of course they have put their greenwashed label on it so the party faithful will just accept it and continue to munch on their vegan cereal with oatly milk.

    Quite rightly, faith in political parties is at an all time low, which is why the way forward now, i believe, is grassroots organisations and we have seen that in the ‘enough is enough’ movement, salvo etc. Things are moving very quickly now towards the corporatisation of everything. The only thing likely to sweep all that away, is sheer weight of numbers working together..

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    1. Scott,
      Green zones are just a PR gloss on free zones, though looking at the extractors investors’ interests, it is hard for them to resist.

      Shirely anne is right on the case and, as the comprehensively redacted record will show, it was not her fault as she was getting her hair done at that time of the crime.

      Our consolation prize is we can take pride in, a leader without a following or direction, who makes it into vogue print.

      …and the only triumph she can offer us is that dame (promoted to the lords for what?) davidson never managed it.

      +1 for devolved flamingoland

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      1. And always remember john cash”s words;

        Well, there’s things that never will be right, I know

        And things need changin’ everywhere you go

        But ’til we start to make a move to make a few things right

        You’ll never see me wear a suit of white

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    Does Breeks accept that “gravity” makes things fall down?

    Looking at the electricity day ahead baseload price graph, wholesale electricity has cost £50/MWh for most of the last 10 years (until the current madness).

    Looking at the results of the round 1 renewables contract auction in 2014/15, onshore wind was being paid £80/MWh offshore wind £115/MWh.

    Those are 15 year contracts with CPI indexation. The difference between market price and the contract price is covered by subsidies levied on all consumers.

    Like gravity, those subsidies are a fact. If you choose not to believe, you are headed for problems…

    (The good news is that the subsidies are working in their aim of enabling renewables developers to get better and reduce costs. The fourth round auction has nearly all projects getting paid £50/MWh or less, so they are finally “in the market”. An energy policy that is working! However we will still be paying subsidy to all the older projects for 15 years from commissioning.)


  11. “… which a UK Government doesn’t want to see developing… ” And that is why we never see any real change, but just a continuation of the downhill slide. It is simply not in their interests to let us have our head and develop. What the Scots need to realise is that all wars (more or less), all conflicts, all bullying of one country by another, and so on, are ALL about resources.

    Wales is a water resource for the big English, cities of the Midlands and North. The Israeli state need the land and water on which Palestinians live and use. The Chagos Islands are vital for American hegemony in the region. It is the playground turned into a political circus: hand over your lunch money or I’ll bash you. Sometimes, you just have to stand up for yourself, even if that means getting a tanking. Our oil and gas, wind energy, water and much more are all being filched by the big neighbour next door. No problem with sharing when they pay for it, but what is happening is that they take, process it in England and sell it back to us at twice the price. The Mafia would be envious of this scam.

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  12. @ Smeóra I agree entirely with your sentiments. But it’s essential to understand too, that Scotland, with its underdeveloped middle-class, has utterly failed to produce the type of leadership necessary to deliver independence. And, so long as we hold a unionist-minded middle class, peopled by patronage-junkies who have, historically, equated the national interest with their own narrow self-interest i.e. the maintenance of an ever-giving status quo (a phenomenon glaringly mirrored by Sturgeon’s SNP), blaming the ordinary voters, most of whom have been encouraged to believe they are participating on a level playing field at election times, doesn’t quiet explain our predicament, at least, not to me. It is hard history, not Marxist theory alone, that tells us it has always been the progressive middle-class that has produced the revolution and made the new order. To say we Scots have been mightily short-changed by our comfortably numbed patronage junkies, i.e. our national bourgeoisie, doesn’t remotely cover things.

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    1. Yes, an oppressed people cannot not rely on its bourgeoisie, those mainly from privileged backgrounds – private (i.e. colonial) schools, elite universities, and the ‘big hooses’ – who mostly tend to assume and prioritise “the coloniser’s values” (Albert Memmi) and protect his (and their own) interest at the expense of the wider mass of people.

      Rather, it is predominantly from “within the lumpen-proletariat” that an independence movement “finds its spearhead” (Frantz Fanon). “The lumpen-proletariat… is the sign of the irrevocable decay, the gangrene ever present at the heart of colonial domination.”

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  13. Renewable energy – Whilst canvassing in 2012 I was raising/explaining about the grid charges placed upon Scotland to whoever would stop to listen. On reflection I ‘d say the lack of interest and response was because…well, power is cheap.Maybe now the public will pay attention.

    Instance the Berwick Bank offshore windfarm, output potential way way in excess Scotland’ consumption demands, and earnings potential.40% of the power output will be cabled directly to Blyth in England.Why? Well because Westminster has the power to do so, and Scotland does not have the power to prevent this blatant grab on Scotland’s earnings.

    Ex-regio was the term used to enable Westminster to determine that North Sea oil and gas earnings didn’t come from Scotland’s maritime resources. We have demonstrated these past ten years that we are so submissive that Westminster doesn’t see any need to cloak the Berwick Bank in fancy words.

    To end with two questions:

    Are you aware of ex-regio, and Berwick Bank? And there are more examples of Westminster resource deceitt.

    Did the SNP government led by PM Sturgeon advise you of ex-regio or the Berwick Bank games played upon us?

    And sorry, a 3rd question what is your Mp’s view? i haven’t a clue of mine.

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    1. Teribly, that is the long and short of it.

      We would hope our elected foreign affairs spokesthing will raise this within the prism of this great union of countries.

      As i enjoy living, I will not be holding my breath in anticipation.

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  14. Spot on as usual, Breeks. Independence and national self-sufficiency is the solution. If all nations were to progress towards self-sufficiency (i.e. live within their means) and national surplus exchanged – not traded for profit – internationally, then the need for exploitation and conflict would be severed at the root.

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    1. Sounds like that idea would fit in with the Bretton Woods initiative now gaining lots of ground in non Western countries. And that’s all down to the LaRouche Organisation/ Schiller Institute headed up by Lyndon LaRouche’s wife, Helga Zep LaRouche and Harley Schlanger.

      Anyone interested in a credible alternative to the decomposing, unipolar economic system that’s been in place since 1971, and which spawned the Neo-con and Neo-liberal politics that the West has gorged itself on ever since, Should take the time to check out the LaRouche Organisation.
      Incidentally, 29 of their members, including Helga Zep LaRouche and Harley Schlanger are on Ukraine’s Black/Kill List for spreading disinformation. That’s a badge of honour to be proud of, surely?.

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