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“Lets us be clear about one thing: we are facing the grimmest time this winter and I frankly FEAR major civil unrest and many thousands of death from cold and hunger”

There is only around 2.5 million households in Scotland. Scotland is self sufficient in energy, so what can possibly be the excuse these idiots in control of England as the UK government, their propaganda mouthpieces in the so called “Scottish conservative party”, and their useful idiots in Labour, Libdems and Bute House, could have to allow this extortionate and crippling increase in prices in Scotland while England gets OUR energy for free and the revenues from our grid charges and big cities down south do not get anywhere near the increase in price caps we are getting here, despite our country being a producer of electricity?

And by excuse, I mean a real one, not propaganda.

In what kind of dystopian, twisted universe do you see an scenario where the more energy your country produces, the bigger proportion of that energy is stolen by your parasitic neighbour country, which is also siphoning the grid charges, and the more you are being charged for consuming it?

This only happens in the colony of the North. Only in the place where there is a collusion between the most useless FM, the most useless and apathetic MSPs and MP’s Scotland has ever seen since it was sold by a parcel of self-serving rogues, calling themselves “gentlemen” in 1707, the most anglo-centric “Scottish” government we have seen since devolution started, the most corrupt executive in England and a crown pushing the clock back to redirect our sovereignty to itself to stop independence, so they all can gag Scotland, as it was gagged in 1707, and bleed it dry of its assets.

Conveniently, the Scottish people are being forced to the bottom of the hierarchy of needs so we do no longer think about self-actualisation (self-determination) and instead we are occupied thinking about individual survival. Years of stealing women rights and deconstructing the concept of womanhood clearly were not enough to distract us from self-determination, so now they rob the food from the plates of our children, the light and the heat from our houses. Yet, in the meantime, these corrupt and unethical lot keep preaching about faux values and virtue signalling.

I am sick and fed up of hearing ignorant and colonial minded England MPs nobody gave the mandate to talk on behalf of Scotland or to rule Scotland telling me that they will ignore Scotland, all while they continue to actively steal from us every effing penny they can to feed England and to help it deal with the consequences of its astonishing political stupidity and ill-advised political decisions.

I am sick and fed up of useless Scotland MSPs and MPs who were voted to deliver independence precisely to stop things like this happening, and instead, for 8 years, they have have sat on their hands and legitimised the actions of successive corrupt UK executives imposing their colonial practices and accelerating their pillage on Scotland.

Why is it that us in Scotland have to always be the ones who clean England’s shit? What does it have to do with us? Didn’t that paragon of common sense Truss tell us she will ignore our country? So why aren’t they ignoring it when they are deciding whose assets to steal? Why don’t they look at their own pockets?

Don’t they constantly tell us they are self-sufficient and it is “we” who are the benefit scroungers? Don’t they tell us constantly we have to live within our means? So when is England going to start living within its own means? When is England going to face up by itself to the consequences of its own actions, roll up its sleeves and clean its own mess for which she and only she is responsible? Why is it that when they are looking for a mop the first places they always look at is Scotland and Wales, instead of their own cupboard? Why is it that we are the ones who have to suffer the worse of the actions of the brigade of useless, corrupt, unprincipled and self-serving clowns England elects? Why is it that in the third decade of the 21st century we still have an anachronic, self-serving crown actively stealing power from us in the form of a corrupt to the core COPFS, a faux democracy where we are deliberately denied of the options we really want to choose so what we don’t want can be forced on us while claiming it was our choice, a rogue executive preaching about “parliamentary sovereignty” when what it really means is actively transferring sovereignty from the people to the crown, and a worse than useless “Scottish” government that all it has done in the last 8 years is fabricating obstacles to independence, handing over our assets and having a catastrophic go at social engineering?

If I am not mistaken, our businesses are paying 20% of VAT in our electricity bills. So this means a 20% of this astronomic increase in electricity is going directly to the England as the UK coffers. So I would like to ask, until what point England as the UK government is allowing this astronomical increase to fill England as the UK’s coffers to cover the extra cost of a brexit Scotland never asked for and never consented to? Until what point what we see is at all practical effects an increase in VAT revenue by the back door so the tories are not seen as increasing the VAT itself breaching their manifesto? How much more VAT are England as the UK’s coffers getting with the increase in energy, food and drink, clothes, transport and basically everything else? 

I will only believe England as the UK gov is not behind this unjustifiable increase in prices if any of those two colonial minded idiots the tory party has produced as its best option to the PM post declare that they will reduce VAT percentages to the point where the overall VAT revenues will match those before the 31st January 2020, the day the betrayer in bute house embarrassed us with a capitulation speech instead of ending the union.

Only then I will believe this increase in prices is not in fact another tawdry manoeuvre by cowards and deceitful politicians to increase our taxes by the back door.


I have picked up from this that Mia is very angry. She is not alone I think politicians are in for an almighty shock as this year progresses. I think they have overstepped the mark where people who are being downtrodden just meekly accept it. I think there will be a huge backlash. I will be doing my best to encourage it. The pressures on family incomes, on pensioners being caused by the horrific rises in energy, fuel and food costs are crippling the poor and scaring the hell out of the middle class who are seeing their living standards plummeting. These are the ingredients of widespread social unrest. It will kick off later this year. Nothing is more certain.

I am, as always



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  1. The rise in prices is simply a tool to maintain dominance over the populace. The question now is do we continue to take it up the ass or rebel on force.
    If you want to bring a government to its knees , STOP VOTING!

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  2. As winter approaches I wonder what is to happen to those individuals and families who cannot pay their gas and electricity bills. You can cut back your consumption as much as you like – even to zero – but standing charges will still be payable. Presumably after a series of reminders, eventually a couple of representatives of the power company will arrive and turn off their gas and electricity.

    Will we as individuals or collectively as the YES movement, the Scottish Government, MPs and MSPs stand by while our friends, neighbours, family or workmates and their children are disconnected from the basics of heat and light?

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    1. It’s a shocking state of affairs and I share Mia’s anger. Brian also makes a good point regarding the standing charges. We still have to pay for using no gas/electricity. Many people will suffer this coming winter, especially the old and vulnerable as per usual. Especially in colder Scotland where we also pay more for all fuel.

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      1. Also meant to say 5% vat for households whose fuel bills are rising are proportionally going to pay more vat. What a scam.

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  3. Nothing good is going to come of this as ordinary people suffer the length and breadth of Scotland. (England too but that’s their problem).

    The one hope I have is that the Middle Class of Scotland start to see what side their bread is buttered on. (The Working Class voted for YES in 2014 if sample studies are anything to go by and are probably still majority YES – they have nothing to lose after all). Some of the factors at play:

    Brexit means a fall in Sterling therefore foreign holidays are more expensive for them.

    Brexit makes it more inconvenient for travel.

    Brexit means their kids can’t go to European universities as easily now.

    Base interest rates were 0.10% in December 2021 and in August 2022 (now) these are at a level of 1.75%, a 17.5 fold increase so mortgage rate rises will be crippling for those who own homes.

    Consumer price inflation has just topped 10% (for the first time in over 40 years) and is predicted to rise to 13%+ in the autumn so savings will be hammered (in real terms).

    The food supply shortages caused by Brexit will continue to aggravate inflation so grocery costs will go higher still.

    Energy costs have spiked and will rise sharply again in the next month or so, so gas and electricity bills will go through the roof.

    If the above isn’t enough to raise folk en masse from their torpor nothing will.

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  4. Look at History!

    Compare it to the wealth of India being stolen. As the Copper and Diamonds of Africa being stolen or as the Oil & Gas were stolen from the Middle East…..people starved but a few made a fortune.
    What was the problem with creating a Million Heroin addicts in China when it made the East India Company profit on both legs of the sailing. Heroin on one leg and Tea on the other. The cheap Cotton to England and the expensive final product back to India. This was the Indian version of GERS their own product used to make them look dependent.
    Queen Victoria made a nice cut. The East India Company made a fortune. The City of London traders became obscenely wealthy.

    When you are wealthy the actual price rise of bread, milk, heating, fuel is exactly the same in cash terms as for the poorest in society. However as a percentage of your income it is a few percent. For the poorest quarter it can be half their disposable income. Inflation for the wealthy means higher interest rates on their investments. Very few people in the bottom quartile have any meaningful investments.

    The same con over and over….it is global conditions….it is the World Market…in reality it is simple greed.

    Where did the Oil & Gas Fund potential go?
    Who is making a profit from Scotland’s Renewable energy?

    People will be allowed to starve or freeze while the Trident replacement costs escalate.
    Two Aircraft Carriers and their Planes, Astute Class Submarines which are all long range Force Projection not Defence.

    Scots are “allocated” £4Billion p.a. In Defence costs.
    Scots are “allocated” £4Billion p.a. on interest for UK Debt…money spent in England.
    Scots exports are hidden by shipping through English Ports.
    Scots are charged more for transmission cost to subsidise the South of England.
    Scots get a fraction of the Transport subsidies given to London and the South of England.
    Scots have a harsher Climate but that is ignored.
    Etc etc etc

    The people of Scotland will be forced to endure hardship NOT because of Global conditions, not because of a War in Ukraine, but because of the same mindset that robbed all the other colonies of the Empire of their wealth to build personal fortunes or create powerful companies continues.

    People will suffer because we are a Colony….that is the reality.

    Like Brexit it is another money making opportunity for the elite….the same elite who fund the Tory Party.

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    1. We ordered oil for heating recently and were charged 20 pence per litre higher than if we lived in England. Our oil goes from Grangemouth to England then is sold to Scotland at a higher rate.

      We are exploited and abused, but when this anger tips (for a few people) over into abusing our exploiters including their journalist mouthpieces at the Perth Tory hustings, this is the Story carried by the BBC. And Sturgeon joins in the condemnation of the indy supporters who crossed the line with their anger –
      without highlighting what was the root cause of their anger …. desperation.

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  5. Why do I find myself, not only agreeing with every word Mia says, but also her anger. We cannot as a socially aware Nation, continue to let this happen. Can we speed up some of the actions agreed at the SSRG & Salvo conference that not only bring us together as a suggested “Scottish Citizens Group” but to possibly alleviate some of the shit coming down the line.

    Keep the articles coming Mia & Iain, love them all.

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  6. It is the curse of resource rich nations across the globe. Just look at the nations of Africa and how they have been exploited by imperialism. Colonialism was/is all about engaging with the domestic ‘nobility’ to extract wealth from that territory, yet according to many in the greens and SNP, that didn’t happen in Scotland.
    The anger demonstrated in Perth last night is the tip of the iceberg I reckon. Once people lose the ability to heat and feed their weans they won’t bother too much about the division of responsibilities between Bute house and WM, or what looks bad on TV.

    I despise the Tory party, but I despise more, their enablers within the labour ranks and the (still) paid up better together lurkers employed by vague think tanks who serve simply to bleed us out. I wonder what makes these people think. Is it really down to a living and the promise of decent pension at the end. Is that it? Make no mistake, if/when Scotland leaves the union, these people will be cast aside by the very hand that feeds them.

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    1. While my one woman protest outside the UK Government Office in Scotland on Monday 7th was a bit pathetic, one supporter arrived, a woman from Livingston who posts on Twitter as An Stiubhart Dubh and advertised a similar protest this week with a few more people. I hope to be back next week so hope more can join. Anyone who cares about Scotland welcome, male or female, young or old. See An Stiubhart Dubh on Twitter for details and pictures

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  7. Let the House of Westminster full and full it will and when it does, I’ll be gloating from ear to ear and I’m not a gloater (honest), the spectacle we witnessed yesterday in Perth was from a narrow minded with extremely low IQ appealing to an audience made up of traitors and Londoners. I’m sure everyone on here has notice how the Tories have a new phrase England needs Scotland and its assets (Oil, Gas, Hydro, Wind, Water) and these are very important to the Union/England. If Scotland was to leave the UK today England would be bankrupt within a week because of the freebies England receives from Scotland, let’s go back to 2014 I thought we were too poor, too wee, too stupid to ever be Independent aren’t the Tories making the case now that Scotland is so rich in these assets that Scotland is wealthy beyond what we could imagine and it doesn’t sit well with England/Westminster and the idea that Scotland as an Independent county could be thriving without the handout from England, what would the English voters think.
    In 2014 we where promised a devolved parliament that would have enhanced new powers that would be the envy of anywhere else in the world if we voted for the Union, not only did we not get what was promised we are now witnessing that anything the SG puts to the Scottish parliament it must have the approval of Westminster and MSP must report to Westminster in London on its budget and how dare the SNP/SG pay the bedroom tax to help alleviate the hardship on the poor, what I witnessed in Perth was nothing more than our citizens in the 21st century being taken back to 12th century where our occupiers where now going to force to inflict their will upon us, the supreme court case that the SNP has taken us into is going to be so damaging to Scotland and its people its going to need a leader other than Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP to fix and the unionist already know exactly what the Supreme court is going to say because they’ve written it for them. What we witnessed yesterday was sovereignty lies with Westminster and Scots do not have any say in this union this is the fight we have in front of us and lets not beat about the bush the SNP/SG doesn’t have what it takes to fight the UK period we (nationalist) are going to have to do it ourselves.
    Action is need now and we shouldn’t be waiting for the Supreme court or the SNP/SG who in my opinion are paralyzed from the head down on the constitutional question, I’ll be in George square on the 18/09/22 I would everyone else who wants to safe our country be there as well.

    All the question from the London audience was on how the next PM will shackle the SNP and the Scots, this is one Scot who has no intention of being put in chains.

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  8. Headlines: Sturgeon to head energy suppliers summit.
    Talk about ignoring the real problem.

    It’s not the Energy suppliers she should be talking to, it’s the PRODUCERS.

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  9. “ … a brexit Scotland never asked for and never consented to”
    If we didn’t consent to Brexit, we must have must have dissented, no?
    Well our First Minister muttered something to the effect that it was all terribly regrettable.
    Blackford and his coterie of carpetbaggers continued to collect their £84k remittance.
    If we the people took to the streets and brought the country to a standstill, must have been asleep.

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  10. We pick up the anger Mia puts into words. That anger was evident outside the Perth venue where the Tory Party in Scotland was gathered in force. (All 1000 – 2000 of them). The demonstrators did a great job and there would have been more of them if we could have got there.
    When are the politicians and trades unions in Scotland going to pick up on the anger? Where was the Labour Party demonstrating against the Tory handling of this gigantic, largely Tory-made, disaster? Were they too feart to join the independence supporters? They could have taken their own banners to mark themselves as not demonstrating for independence but for justice for the poor. Where were the trades unions as the upholders of the rights and reputation of their members against the vilification of the workers by the likes of Liz Truss? They, too, could have brought their own banners.
    However, rather than stand up for Scotland they hid away and will no doubt girn on the sidelines. Pathetic.

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  11. Mia I fully share your anger, but I have great sadness, sadness in being let down so badly by Nicola Sturgeon you promised so much and have done nothing for Independence for Scotland, the hopelessness I feel is unmeasurable, I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling total despair, when will we rise again Scotland ?

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  12. While the Redtories in England pay to keep the lights on in Scotland there isn’t one of them who’ll do the right thing for their country and why should they the SNP and the SG don’t give a hoot.
    If the SNP leadership had been genuine about Independence they would have asked for a S30 order once and once told no moved on to hold referendum and asked the UN to monitor the vote and put the question to the general public “Do You Want To Remain In Union” this would have stopped the Unionist boycotting the vote. I don’t see the problem being the UKG or the Unionist the problem is the SNP and the SG.
    Has anyone seen or heard from the SNP? I bet the only thing the SNP will say is “it’ll bring more people to support Independence” what’s the point when the SNP aren’t doing anything about Independence.

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  13. The SNP are big on tellying us it has to be legal and binding, so denying the Scots the right to hold a referendum is this legal and binding.

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  14. @Scott Egner

    “Make no mistake, if/when Scotland leaves the union, these people will be cast aside by the very hand that feeds them.”

    Yes indeed, and that’s when the serious work of prising from their fingers the fabulous wealth they have long since amassed and which rightfully belongs to the people of Scotland. They are the same people who have historically gamed the system in every conceivable way for their own interests and advantage, and continue to do so. This they consider to be an unquestioned “entitlement”, of course, a right bestowed upon them, along with their titles and baubles, through long established networks of power and bounteous colonial patronage. Our indolent, anachronistic, union-flag flying national bourgeoisie, haute-bourgeoisie, upper middle-class, or whatever you wish to call them, are parasitic cuckoos in the Scottish nest who are incapable of making any contribution to the advancement of the national interest. As is well illustrated by their dangerously cack-handed capture of the SNP. In a truly de-colonised, independent Scotland, such self-serving, patronage-bolstered exceptionalism would no longer be afforded, go unquestioned or be considered as at all acceptable. That “these people will be cast aside by the very hand that feeds them” is a collectively recurring nightmare for “these people”.

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  15. Methinks yer ragin, Mia. We all are. As someone said on these threads, let’s have a complete breakdown of where all the charges that consumers pay go, on all energy bills : that will lead to anger such as Scotland has not seen before. Let’s have the CEO salaries and bonuses highlighted and the shareholders dividends, the government taxes and the lack of investment. English Water’s chronic lack of investment in plugging leaks, replacing pipelines, since privatisation, is a huge part of the problem for England and its water shortages. Climate change, and little run-off from the mountains and hills in winter, in the form of snow, is another.

    We have known, since I was a bairn, that the seas are slowly rising, yet no investment in desalination plants whereby sea water could be turned into drinking water and water for crops, etc. Why? The answer is actually not hard to find: Thatcher allowed vast quantities of money to leave these shores and our economy, to be either hoarded in off-shore tax havens or re-invested in other economies. These corporations and individuals used people educated in the UK, free, or on a subsidised level, used UK workers, used UK equipment and plant, speculated in UK markets and their rise or downfall, then, when massive profits accrued, moved those monies out of the UK to its huge detriment.

    Add to that, the selling off of all our national assets, both UK and Scottish, to the lowest bidder at bargain basement prices, and to the enrichment of the brokers and speculators, and we have what we have today. New Labour and the Lib Dems (the Tory Lites, who are, even as we speak, receiving huge backhanders from drugs companies and others), the now neoliberal SNP, are all equally guilty, but the Alan B’Stard Prize for sheer parasitical nerve goes to the Tories.

    They have robbed and skimmed, cheated and debased everything about the UK as a whole, and have made it even worse for Northern and Midlands England and Scotland and Wales to sustain any kind of economic equilibrium or fairness, and if anyone dares to claim that we just have to endure this, he or she should be dragged through the streets on a hurdle, through the worst, sink estates in all of these, to come face-to-face with the people they have betrayed and harmed on an industrial scale. These psychopathic monsters need to be ousted completely from Scotland. Even now, they lack the self-awareness to understand their own plight and they will stand around, looking glaikit, like balloons that have been pierced with a very large, darning needle, when reality finally dawns. Which, of course, will be much, much too late to save them. Anger doesn’t cover it.

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  16. Aye well they should get a spine and leave along with their money. Stupid does as Stupid does 🙄. Stupefied mess. (Off topic a man who worked for imperial tobacco is now in charge of period products in D&A. Just as Stupid)

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  17. In 1707 the Tory’s where democracy deniers before 2014 the same and again in 2022 etc, now the real democracy deniers is the SG/SNP and its leadership who have handed Scottish sovereignty and democracy to Westminster by constantly asking for Section 30 order and asking the Supreme court to rule over the Treaty of Union which includes the claim of right. Make no mistakes from what we seen yesterday was England saying shut up and get in your box, you stupid Jocks.
    Three time the SNP has asked for a Section 30 order and three-time NS has been told NO and we meant it, the biggest mistake any of our politicians has in the last 300yrs was to take the Treaty Of Union to the British supreme court, what we witnessed yesterday wasn’t some arrogant tory scoring political points in order to get elected they knew that Sturgeon has blown Scotland’s chance of being Independent by way of allowing Westminster to take the sovereign right of Scottish people and placing it in the hands of England and its politicians. The only argument that Sturgeon can say is the same argument the SNP, The National and wegingerdug has been saying since 2015 is “Westminster and the Tory’s are democracy deniers and some more Scots has turn to want Independence”. Yesterday the SNP was told that its MSP would have to report to Westminster and that the Scottish parliament is all but dead.
    If what I’ve seen today is Nicola Sturgeon response to being told report to England and your parliament is now going to be ruled by England, please tell me my Scots what do we have left other than a small dream of freedom.

    NS response is below, watch it if you want but let me safe you the bother its pathetic.

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    1. Thanks for the link but I can’t watch or listen to her. Despise her more than Thatcher. Disgusting buzztard.

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  18. Seeing that much of the increase is in the standing charges and not so much the unit price, my dream is that we will set a date and all cancel our direct debits at the same time. I think they are not allowed to cut off our supply. If kids can organise secret meetings for raves can see why some clever person couldn’t set up a way of everyone knowing what time to do the deed. Just sharing my dream

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  19. Mia has it 100% spot-on! None of this will end well, especially for those foolishly expecting the continuance of politics-as-usual. When politics-as-usual appears to benefit only those with a vested interest in politics-as-usual: expect fireworks. Wonder too at the spectacle of politicians making themselves utterly irrelevant in the eyes of ordinary voters, as they vie with one another to safeguard the unearned earnings of huge international corporations and their shareholders.

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  20. “England gets OUR energy for free”

    Whose energy? Do you own any wind farms? Do you think the likes of SSE and ScottishPower are selling their output for anything else than full market price?

    “and the revenues from our grid charges”

    The transmission grid charges for consumers in Scotland are the lowest in the UK.

    “and big cities down south do not get anywhere near the increase in price caps we are getting here”

    The price caps are calculated on a GB-wide basis. This is nonsense.


    1. Did we wake you up? Good to see we have your attention. Keep reading you may learn something.
      Do you agree Scots pay more in transmission charges? Let’s start there.

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      1. “Do you agree Scots pay more in transmission charges? Let’s start there.”

        By all means. Scottish consumers pay the lowest transmission charges in the UK.

        Click to access reg_charges_final_master_version_23_october_2015.pdf

        Data on page 52.

        Now, consumers in the old Scottish Hydro area pay the highest distribution charges in GB. Different thing. A natural consequence of being the most sparsely populated area. Partly ameliorated by a subsidy raised from all consumers across the rest of GB, see page 16.

        And _generators_ in Scotland pay the highest transmission charges in the UK, a natural consequence of being in a region with an excess of supply over demand. So building new plant in Scotland means National Grid has to spend money building more wires & cables to get the power out of Scotland, or it wouldn’t get sold.

        Doesn’t effect the Scottish _consumer_ because those costs are smeared out across all GB consumers.

        The generators are of course mostly UK or foreign companies. Why do you care so much about them?


  21. hpl1706: comparison sites have done recent studies on this question, and they have discovered that Scottish consumers pay more for their electricity. Northern Ireland is the cheapest and Scotland the most expensive – crucially, even when the electricity is generated in Scotland. Transmission charges to the National Grid are paid by the electricity generators (companies) in order to use the transmission network.

    These companies were encouraged to build close to population centres, and, because Scotland has far fewer population centres, that is the reason given for the higher charges. It does not explain NI, though, does it?

    The massive new Total Energies/SSE Renewables joint venture) off-shore windfarm, Seagreen (1075MW) situated just off the Angus coast, in the North Sea, is the largest and deepest in Scotland and its electricity will be directed to Blyth, In Northumberland, and was picked by Seaway 7 as their base for storage and mobilization of inter-array cable for the windfarm. It is to be presumed that this electricity, or some of it, might find its way back into Scotland, and will, of course, cost more for the Scottish consumer.

    In Norway, where consumers in the south have seeing massive increases when their reservoirs have fallen below the levels required for dam electricity production, the government has picked up increasingly the percentage of bills to customers it is willing to subsidize. It was over 80% at the last count, and agreement was reached to subsidize at an even greater level. They can do this because the massive oil fund they instituted right at the beginning of their oil production, and fought against by mainly American oil companies, helps in situations such as these. Now, contrast that with Scotland, where almost all of the UK oil was found, and where almost all of the gas by-product was allowed to be burnt off and squandered, and the UK.

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    1. “hpl1706: comparison sites have done recent studies on this question, and they have discovered that Scottish consumers pay more for their electricity. Northern Ireland is the cheapest and Scotland the most expensive ”

      Very surprising, if true. Sources please.

      “– crucially, even when the electricity is generated in Scotland.”

      This is nonsense. As a customer, you have no choice where the energy your supplier buys for you comes from. In physics terms, you are taking energy out of a single EM field oscillating at 50 Hz and covering the entire GB AC grid, and each unit of energy is identical to every other one.

      “Transmission charges to the National Grid are paid by the electricity generators (companies) in order to use the transmission network.”

      Actually, transmission charges are levied on both generators and consumers.


      See page 4.

      Total transmission charge revenue: £3594 m

      From generators: £842m (23%)

      From customers: £2752m (77%)

      So the _fact_ (see previous reply to Clootie) that Scottish consumers pay the lowest transmission charges in GB is very much more important than the higher charges paid by generators located in Scotland – most of which aren’t even “Scottish”.

      You need to analyse this more carefully, using more data and less propaganda.


      1. hpl1706: I got most of that information from the actual oil and gas and electricity companies themselves, plus info from the main consumer comparison sites. The Norwegian info came from the Norwegian government. The Norwegian oil find is a fact. The Norwegian government’s response to Southern Norway’s dam-generated electricity rises because of low water retention is fact. The UK, and sadly, Scotland, have no such fund. The only British state oil company was privatised, by the Tories, along with every other asset and resource not nailed down.

        I did not argue that customers pay a part of the transmission costs; I did say that generators were encouraged to build near high density population centres to cut transmission costs. I don’t think that anyone in his or her sane mind could argue that Scotland has benefited in any substantial way from having the oil, wind, gas it has had in its terrestrial and maritime territory. Norway stands testament to that.

        Our water is not for the taking, or any other resource that is discovered from now on. Are you saying that companies will not deal with an independent Scotland as they dealt with an independent Norway? Absolute guff. Profit is the bottom line and the UK is the go-between at the moment. That can change. It will change. Of course we have a greater supply over demand. Does that entitle the UK to take our resources rather than pay for them, even at preferential cost? Norway exports much of its energy, some of it to its neighbours, but I don’t believe the neighbours just take it. Perhaps you know better.

        Your examples are based on how things are in the UK, not on how things could be in an independent Scotland. The vast majority of independent small countries like ours do well and thrive. Scots have been told for too long that they are too thick, too wee, too poor to manage more than to lift a buckie to their parched lips.

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      2. @lorncal

        “hpl1706: I got most of that information from the actual oil and gas and electricity companies themselves, plus info from the main consumer comparison sites. ”

        We are talking about electricity prices here. I just tried to get a quote for Belfast from Octopus – they are not quoting. I tried uSwitch and they don’t cover non-GB addresses.

        So cite at least one source please.

        Historically NI had the most expensive electricity in the UK – small isolated network running lots of small part-loaded inefficient units, including a significant oil burn. They do now have a DC link to Scotland and AC to Ireland, but I would be surprised if it made that much difference.

        Always happy to change opinion in the face of facts, though.Can you provide any?


    2. Odd how when I look at https://www.seagreenwindenergy.com/ it mentions:

      “114 turbines […] The power generated will be exported to the grid via a new substation at Tealing near Dundee.”

      “The remaining 36 turbines […] The power will be exported to the grid via Cockenzie, East Lothian.”

      No mention of Blyth.

      Likewise this https://www.sserenewables.com/offshore-wind/projects/seagreen/ which mentions:

      “Onshore construction works are progressing well from landfall at Carnoustie along the 19km underground cable route to the new Seagreen substation at Tealing.”

      No mention of Blyth.

      It would appear to be the proposed “Seagreen 2” and “Seagreen 3” farms which have been renamed to “Berwick Bank” and “Marr Bank”, where it has been started the former will have at least one link to Scotland, and one to Cambois (or maybe North Blyth), not Blyth per-se.

      As to why Cambois, the reason would be the same as why there used to be a Cambois power station, despite Cambois and Blyth not needing it – it is a convenient point in the “UK super-grid” for connecting. The same reason why an inter-connector lands at Cambois.

      Now if Scotland becomes independent, that link from the farm to England would still be the most economical means to export power to England, assuming favourable financial terms are agreed, and that the link to Scotland could be used for anything England does not purchase.


      1. Okay, JB, I dreamt about Blyth. It doesn’t exist except in my fevered imagination. Have it your way. I really cannot be bothered to argue with people who deny facts: join the Holocaust deniers, the Flat Earthers; the biology deniers. God made the little green apples and it don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summer time.

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  22. Addendum: every Scottish administration has collaborated with Westminster and Whitehall to the benefit of England and to the detriment of Scotland. In the main, these energy sources are ours, lying in Scottish waters or on-shore. Generally, they have been siphoned off down to England to be processed and returned to Scotland with higher charges. The only other area comparable is the part of Nigeria once called Biafra, where British and American oil companies have exploited their resource with little regard for the Ibo people (Biafrans).

    In the main, albeit not exclusively, the British resources are Scottish. Yet, no fund has been set up to benefit us at all, as we sink below the UK in almost every area of life: far fewer HQs, for starters. Understandably, England has the huge population centres. We get that. What we donlt get is why no provision has been made for us when most of the UK’s natural resources lie in or around Scotland, and that includes wind, water, timber, etc. These are about to be exploited, too, and, again, little will be passed back to Scotland. If you can’t understand how angry that makes us feel, then you must be a poor specimen of humanity, indeed, hpl1706. I can only assume that you hand over your salary and all you grow in your garden to your neighbour to use as he sees fit, without reference to you? No?

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  23. I get the anger, I get the fear, but there’s “something else” to all this.

    These hikes in prices are just not rational. No energy crisis before, (and there have been plenty), has ever had this ludicrous ratcheting up of prices. Many small businesses already dread getting their electric bill, and these crazy price rises are going to tip many businesses over the edge.

    It is 20% VAT if it’s a business, which is ok’ish if your a VAT registered Company which can claim it back, but it’s a pure kick in the head if you’re a wee concern that’s not VAT registered.

    A while back I spoke to an Estate Factor, who was actually quite candid that the Toffs he worked for were 100% behind Brexit, because UK rule meant deregulation across the board, standards in free fall, employment rights becoming non-existent, and generally, the UK would rewind to the 19th Century where privilege was all you required to be sure of an easy life.

    They were not kidding. They see their salvation in turning back the clock to the days when you either worked for pittance, or ended up destitute in the poor house. I mean, they’re off their heads, but that’s the thinking.

    I genuinely wonder whether they view these price hikes as another assault on the poor, to create a lot more poor, remind them how “lucky” they are just to have a job, while at the same time, the disaster capitalists must be licking their lips at all the businesses about to fold because they can’t pay their bills, and just think of all those mortgages falling into arrears…

    There is something “bigger” to all this. I wouldn’t go so far as calling it déja vù, but so much of this reminds me of Thatcher’s absurdity, and the UK’s departure from rational thought.

    Even the celebrity status of Mick Lynch seems I dunno… artificial. Don’t get me wrong, I like Mick Lynch, he is great, but it “feels” like the UK Government and the Puppet media is grooming a new “bad guy”… They are laying the groundwork for Industrial disruption and unrest, which it would seem they’re intent on provoking.

    We’ve gotta get the fk out of this. But with Sturgeon the feckless, we are stuck in this Twilight Zone nightmare. She is a curse on all of us, but Jesus H, I still can’t get over Blackford’s support for Charter Cities and Freeports. WTF???

    Between him and Mike Russell’s (admittedly outdated), plans to privatise Scotland’s NHS, it begs the question whether we have Tories already inside the perimeter. I am getting angry with the Energy Companies, but I think the SNP is in for a tougher time too. We could have been out of this shite in 2016. So why the fk aren’t we? Looking at you Tory Boy Blackford.

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    1. Find it hard to disagree, Breeks. It does seem to me, too, that they are pushing us to the edge. The problem is, they are quite irrational and they really have no notion of what will happen if we reach that tipping point. They really don’t. Some of the brighter ones do get it and they are scared – as they should be. English Nationalism has always been an insane, arrogant, irrational entity and utterly self-centred entity, and we do need to get out very soon before it consumes us. I believe they do want rid of us, but not before they have sucked all the blood and marrow from our body and bones. It is hard not to believe that they will oversee the needless deaths of many in the months and years to come, if we do not escape.

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    2. Recessions are great if you’re already wealthy and know one is coming. You can plan your ‘investments’, mop up the cheap housing following mortgage defaults and up your landlord portfolio. You can purchase the shares just after the dive, hoover up the cheap (unregulated) employees desperate to feed their families – in a Freeport of course!

      Recessions don’t destroy money, they transfer money and wealth into the pockets of those complicit in their planning.

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    3. ” There is something “bigger” to all this. I wouldn’t go so far as calling it déja vù, but so much of this reminds me of Thatcher’s absurdity, and the UK’s departure from rational thought. ”

      There is a view – not saying I – necessarily , share it , that this is all by design eg the elimination of small businesses . The relentless march of predatory Capitalism , enabled by a servile class of Politicians , too busy cramming their greedy mouths with the rewards they’re thrown , spitting crumbs out in our faces as they tell us how * progressive * / tough / concerned / niiiiiice they are .

      There is absolutely no doubt Brexit was in large measure about ” Deregulation ” ( and * offshore interests * ) ie Jungle Law , survival of the meanest . Charter Cities another step ( or is it leap ? ) towards the Corporate State .

      Guess who’s coming to dinner ? The radically obedient Nu SNP . Bringing their own knives n forks , obv

      Guess what’s on the menu ?

      Us .

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      1. Franchise pizza, plant nurseries, children’s nurseries! Could go on and on. Bog standard brit sh*te. Makes money for the big boys and we all capitulate to homogeneity…our lingo is compromised ju


      2. Robert Hughes.
        ” There is something “bigger” to all this.”…. Oh boy. That’s for sure!
        ” There is a view – not saying I – necessarily , share it , that this is all by design.” ….That’s for sure too!

        The Bad News :
        The Jewish central banking cartels owned by Black Rock and Vanguard haven’t been making enough profit, or as much as they would have liked, for decades. Mainly due to the decaying unipolar economy system that has been in place since 1971. A very British concept by the way. In fact, that economy system is crashing, and currencies are destabilising. That’s why investors have turned to the likes of energy as the new gold and the subsequent speculation in oil and gas is the REAL reason energy prices are going through the roof. Not a war in Ukraine. And not inflation as we’ve understood it in the past. So what real economists believe we are witnessing, is an escalation of deliberate wealth extraction from the poor… what little the poor have.But also the middle classes. Thinking about Klaus Schwab and his beloved WEF, I don’t think the middle classes exist in their model. Room only for key workers, robots and the 1% left in control of the planet…….

        The Good News :
        However, there is a credible solution to all this. And it resides with the LaRouche Organization/ Schiller Institute. A new Bretton Woods system, created by Lyndon LaRouche. I have mentioned this before on here. But I believe, their system warrants support from all of us, if we are to defeat the Neo-Liberalists and their War Hawks.

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  24. For a sense of perspective, which is non-existant in this rant, Norway has a lot more oil, the majority of oil production is nationalised, and petrol is significantly more expensive than here. Electricity is on the more expensive side of similar even after the Norwegian government subsidy.

    For a sense of perspective on the level of State intervention that the article is shouting for, in the USSR, electricity, gas, and heating were all free. So, join the SWP? Sorry, Mia comes across more like Atilla than Marx.

    As for Iain’s VAT comment, wages are deducted from corporation tax. All of it. VAT is put on invoices, then the money recieved is passed on to HMRC by the company. When a company pays VAT on materials and services, either the whole cost, including VAT, is deductable from their corporation tax, or it’s passed on to the ultimate consumer. It’s a consumer tax, it’s not a business tax – Mia managed to get that right.

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    1. Norway had almost exactly the same Oil & Gas reserves in the North Sea as in the Scottish waters.
      The difference was
      A) The Norwegian Government taxed Operators at a much higher rate.
      B) Norway did not accelerate and flare gas as the UK did to rapidly accelerate Oil Production. They ensured adequate pipeline infrastructures in place as fields developed.
      C) Norway did not permit excessive pressure drops in reservoirs to increase production rates. They managed Water Injection standards more effectively (less sour fuels H2S).Short term rate increases but long term volume production is limited by downhole damage due to dead zone around well bore.
      D) An Oil Fund was created which is now so large that the Nation of Norway is secure for Centuries to come…probably forever given the spread of investment across World Markets.
      E) They built up a shipbuilding industry – Supply Ships. GVA yard in Gothenburg for example

      You obviously know very little about the North Sea Oil & Gas Industry.


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      1. Thank you, Clootie, those were my points that hpl1706 and JB ignored. The entire point of the energy debate is that Scotland has little to no control over the resources in and on its territory. All the information I accumulated was from the government and company sites themselves. I’m no energy expert and would never claim to be so. We are getting the Unionist trolls in on the act now. Same tactics as in 2014: deny all facts; accuse us of lying and making things up; and generally confuse the issue with non-relevant trash. We cannot turn back the clock and regain our lost resources, but we can sure as hell make sure that we don’t allow our wind and water resources to be taken from us, as well, without a by-your-leave.

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      2. For lorncal:

        I was not ignoring anything, if I was highlighting that referring to the project currently known as Seagreen as landing power at Blyth is erroneous. The project currently known as Berwick Bank (to be or already merged with Marr Bank) is described by the company on their site as intending to land power at Blyth.

        Even that description by the company is wrong, as the power will land on the north side of the river, and The town of Blyth only exists on the south side of the river. On the north side there is Cambois, and North Blyth (the latter being about three rows of terraced houses and no shops). Also on the north side of the river is Battleship Wharf near the old power station site. FWIW the planned ‘British Volt’ factory is also to be situated on the north side of the river, and so despite the publicity is not in Blyth.

        This is possibly made more confusing as it seems what are currently named Berwick and Marr Banks were previously named as Seagreen phases 2 & 3.

        i.e. it would help your argument if you used the current correct names.

        As to why they’d also wish to land power on the north side of the river Blyth, as I pointed out, there are technical reasons. There are almost certainly lower losses joining to the grid there, for power consumed in England, rather than land it in Scotland and transmit it over pylons down to England.

        The politics of “but it is our wind/power” are pretty much meaningless until such times as Scotland is independent, or the population in the central belt significantly increases over and above what it currently is.

        While my part of Edinburgh is not exactly low density, I expect there are insufficient consumers in the central belt to justify such a large wind farm now, or in the near future.


    2. You don’t run business in working class areas. Vat on restaurants for instance greatly inhibits the ability for owners to make any margin on turnover as they price themselves out the affordability market for their customers. 20% is ridiculous!


  25. https://www.scottishenergynews.com/scottish-power-blame-40m-uk-grid-connection-charge-for-decision-to-close-coal-fired-longannet-power-station/

    “The issue regarding punitive Transmission Charges has not changed, and this still negatively impacts the future of the station.

    “Beyond that, the current Transmission Charging regime is a major barrier to any future investment in flexible thermal power generation in Scotland.

    “In any future scenario for Scotland, it is vital that the network here is supported by flexible generation to compliment (sic) renewables.”


    “The Industrial and Power Association would emphasise that although there may be sufficient capacity to meet demand in Scotland at the moment, it would be prudent to ensure that plans are in place for sufficient baseload to give flexible generation availability over the coming years as we begin to see both of Scotland’s nuclear stations coming to the end of their lives.

    Evidence from Sir Donald Miller and Colin Gibson to Holyrood Energy Committee.

    “At privatisation, the responsibility for ensuring security of supply became unclear, it
    being assumed that ‘the market would always provide’….

    ….Under the present structure, the transmission Companies (National Grid, Scottish
    Power and Scottish and Southern) have responsibility for proposing and constructing
    new transmission. While they benefit from the increased cost base in their charges, all
    of these charges eventually fall to the consumer. While these investments require
    approval from the Regulator it is not clear what criteria Ofgem apply in the interests of
    the consumer…

    …In our view Government is not equipped to fulfil the role of detailed planning of the
    electricity system and it seems clear that when inviting bids for new plant, they are in a
    weak negotiating position. This became apparent in the contract negotiations for new
    nuclear capacity at Hinckley.

    The present structure of the industry in the UK is defective in that none of the
    participating companies or organisations has a clear responsibility for securing the
    reliability of our electricity supplies,…”

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  26. Mia’s anger is well founded, righteous anger one might say! I despair at this Union which allows England to misappropriate our assets and resources and impoverish our people at will. Unfortunately, England as a nation has never been able to live within its means; its entire history is one of plunder and conquest – stealing the wealth of other nations and subjugating the indigenous population to colonial rule. However, we must surely be approaching a critical mass this winter when outcome (prices, energy and housing costs etc.) outstrips the average household’s income. The effect is likely to be cataclysmic with the potential for anarchy and a complete collapse of the economy as seen in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. In Scotland we need to be ready to channel the mounting anger and frustration and use it in a positive way to drive us to independence. I believe deeply in ahimsa (non-violence) and that is why I think Salvo will have such a crucial role to play, guiding the populace away from violence and towards a legal, constitutional and peaceful restoration of our independence.

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