Here is the decision of the Member Conduct Committee with regard to Mr Tim Rideout.

Dear Mr Rideout

Thank you for your written submission in advance of the Member Conduct Committee on Saturday 20th August 2022.  

Having considered the complaint of the National Secretary, dated 28th July 2022, alongside your written submissions, the Member Conduct Committee unanimously concluded that the complaint should be upheld, and that section 2.5 of the Code of Conduct for Members had been breached.

In considering the question of sanction, the committee considered that a proportionate sanction in this case would be to have a period of suspension of full membership rights to reflect the gravity of the offence, but with an ability to resume full membership of the party provided that we are able to be satisfied that you had taken a number of additional steps.

For these reasons, the committee, under the terms of Section 6.4 of the SNP Constitution:

  1. Suspends you from exercising all membership rights for the period of six months, backdated to the administrative suspension imposed by the National Secretary, with the result that your full suspension will last until 16th September 2022;
  2. Makes it a condition of the restoration of membership rights after 16th September that you are able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Committee that you have undertaken a course in racism education/unconscious bias.  The course to be decided by the National Secretary and to be completed within six months from the date of the committee’s decision.

The committee also reminds you of the social media moderation section in the attached social media guidelines adopted by the party. ( my emphasis)

You do have the right to appeal against the decision of the committee that there has been a breach, or against the sanction imposed. If you wish to do so then you should contact the National Secretary within 21 days of the date of this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Elaine Wylie

SNP Member Conduct Committee

And here is a statement from Tim Rideout.

“I shall undertake any training necessary to enable me to continue to play a part in the democracy of a political party which seems greatly in need of more  democracy. I hope to continue the work to inform SNP members and party policy on the need for a Scottish currency and other aspects of the economic case for independence as we approach the next few decisive years. I recognise my personal error in this case of a badly worded tweet, have learned lessons and have fully accepted the consequences. As someone who was expelled from South Africa for my anti-apartheid stance I have definitely been through worse.”


I recognise the caution in Tim’s statement. To say more would undoubtably result in further action against him. Fortunately no such restrictions apply to me. So forgive me for my interpretation of what he might have said if the axe was not still suspended above his head.

Well for a start he might have expected a letter of thanks from the committee, after all it was the first time in two and a half years it had been permitted to meet.

There had been plenty of member conduct to discuss in that time. Tim got 6 months for a badly worded tweet which he had never even considered or intended might be racist, while Patrick Grady never even got as far as being formally suspended from the Party (I think he was suspended from the Westminster Group for 2 days). What happened with the Councillor whose actions lost the SNP control of North Lanarkshire Council? Or the host of Woke members guilty of threats of physical damage on fellow members?


A reasonable question would be whether this committee exists solely for use against dissidents like Tim? So the SNP have applied the maximum “sentence” available on someone who is supposedly so racist he was expelled from South Africa for his strong anti apartheid views. He made a mistake, realised his mistake and rapidly apologised. Being singled out by the SNP amid the crisis in behaviour of the FM’s supporters speaks volumes of the absolute fascism that now is very evident in the Party. Thought Police rules! They are so arrogant they think they can quietly administer bullying and intimidation in this manner and nobody but the victim will know. I am here to make sure there is a cost, perhaps not as big as I would hope, but big enough to open more eyes on how the SNP is being run these days.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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  1. Presumably the Social Media Moderation section only applies to the great unwashed, and not to the elected members or to the favoured self ID mob. Their ills are available for all to see, all over social media, and the lack of sanction can only mean they are approved by The Clique.

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  2. Well, Mr Rideout has certainly more patience and tolerance than I could ever muster in these circumstances. However, if he believes the nuSNP is worthy of his membership and that he would be listened to and be able to open their minds to listen, never mind act, on his ideas, I fear he is nieive and set for further disappointment.
    Stay free, Mr Rideout, and be able to speak your mind and ideas to the wider public through SSRG or Salvo.

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    1. I agree Morna that Tim Rideout has the patience, tolerance and forgiveness of a saint. Brave too.

      However, the sacrifice he has made, and is making, by sticking to his guns is for Scotland’s Cause rather than the SNP’s.

      His intellectual heft will continue to be a thorn in the side of the SNP pusillanimous leadership going forward, one that they will find very hard to dismiss.

      Mr Rideout: you have my admiration and gratitude. More power to you.

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      1. I wish you every success with your task ahead. It’s something that we all need and crave hence not giving up in our bid for Scottish independence. All this friction has had an effect upon us all and this is why it’s not just about one person or a small group of people making the wrong choices without our permission to do so. Each of one of us who never gave up no matter what believes that becoming a country again will bring peace not just to us but a lot of different countries because our outlook is different and it will force the rest of the UK or mainly England (Westminster) to be humbled instead of aggressive.

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      2. Mr Rideout I too am an Aquarian and I too have strong views on what is wrong and what is right , IMO you are not only compromising your own integrity by consenting to attend one of these re-education placements but you are also ADMITTING that your tweet was what they accuse you of , you are admitting guilt of knowingly posting a racist tweet and your subsequent denial now looks to be lies and an excuse

        I do not know you Mr Rideout but is marking yourself out publicly as a person who is knowingly willing to post a racist tweet just to be included in a political party that is openly and shamelessly engaged in demonising and denigrating anyone who opposes their deviant views a wise move , please don’t forget this admission stays with you throughout your life and career and your admission WILL be used by others against you
        I and many others believed you when you said the tweet was erroneously worded and was misinterpreted (IMO deliberately) to be used against you , you have proven that you are a thorn in the side of the hierarchy in the SNP , believe me when I say their PUNISHMENT is a deliberate action to SILENCE you and undermine your respect and integrity they are COWING you

        IMO you could undergo the whole debasing and self flagellation exercise and lose your credibility and they could still come back and exclude you citing any number of spurious reasons , do these low life lying scum deserve your membership of a NOW lying corrupt party

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      3. Decisions of this type are always best left to the person themselves. Neither you or I have any idea what Mr Rideout will do in the future. Let me put it this way, if the SNP Leadership could choose they would want Mr Rideout out the Party. That was the “ punishment” they designed was meant to achieve. That it has failed will be a worry to them. I think Tim Rideout is smarter and braver than you give him credit for.


      4. Iain I don’t know what you read into my comment that is accusing Mr Rideout of being a coward or of being stupid , far from it I am only pointing out the trap that may be being prepared for him , that to participate in his re-education it is an admission of guilt and will be used as such at every opportunity

        I have no influence on Mr Rideout’s decision nor would I want to , the fact that Mr Rideout has consented to your publication which I presume he has, possibly indicates that he may want other opinions which is all mine is, I never cease to be astounded and baffled at why people put such loyalty and uncritical belief in a political unit, it is not a living being but a construct that can and will be used and abused by nefarious individuals as this example shows , as is widely known advice is easily given and just as easily ignored , Mr Rideout will do what Mr Rideout decides

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  3. Why would you wish to remain in a Party that behaves in this manner?
    The majority who have left the Party during “Nicola’s Reign” did so because democracy had been removed from the Party.
    If you are not a drone you are her enemy. She simply unleashes her attack dogs on any threat to her dominance.

    Scotland Mugabe…from liberator to tyrant

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  4. I simply find it unfathomable that Mr Rideout wants to stay in the party. And to agree to attend a transcult re-education camp – beggars belief. The nuSNP won’t change under the present glorious leader.

    I predict Mr Rideout will either never speak again or he will be up before the trans tribunal in the not too distant future.

    P.S. Have you seen what an arse john nicolson has made of himself in the LGB Alliance court case ?

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    1. Tim could cite his expulsion from South Africa, charge the SNP with defamation of character and go after the nuSNP as they went after Salmond. Regicide for the nuSNP leadership and then see if there is a party worth saving. Just a thought – it makes my blood boil that this true campaigner against racism is being publicly damaged by these Stalinists with their show trials. I don’t think the SNP can be saved. but until it is bad mouthed in the headlines in the same way Salmond was the unaware will hum along thinking an SNP vote is a YES vote.

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      1. I want to add:
        It is the same with every case of an abusive employer – record the incidents, gather the evidence of your own mistreatment and gather the evidence of others who are treated very differently in the same or more serious circumstances. Then fight back – in the full light of day.

        No-one should be treated this way with impunity.

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  5. This reeks of Politbureau tactics by the Sturgeonist inner clique. Until recently I imagined the SNP could be saved. Alas. The SNP are no more the vehicle to independence than the Tory party are benevolent social reformers.

    This is, as mentioned, the targeted persecution of a dissident. If decent MP/MSPs members don’t take a stand now, or walk away, they will be complicit in the demise of the party and probably any chance of a serious SNP-led indy campaign.

    How can Joanna, Angus B. and Douglas C. exist within this version of the SNP? Think of the courage they could give others by resigning the SNP whip in protest and standing as independents. Then again, why would any MSP/MP be so compliant unless their job security depended upon compliance? Donkeys led by donkeys.

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    1. “Job security”? Lest they forget, we the Scottish electorate ultimately decide who get to represent us at all levels from local government through to Westminster.

      “Decent (SNP) MP/MSPs” are a contradiction in terms. ALL of them through their combined deceit and complicity is the reason Tim Rideout finds himself again being invited to grovel before a conduct committee so constituted as to ensure humiliation of those within the party who give offence to the treacherous Murrells and their sycophantic cult.

      I would opine Tim Rideout has nothing to gain by remaining in the putrefying guts of the SNP, rather his intellectual contribution would be far more relevant in a political body genuinely seeking Independence.

      Leave now, but not “quietly into the night”. Sturgeon will never concede to reality by patronage.

      LEAVE NOW and the wider movement will ensure the reasons for doing so are writ large for all to see that the SNP is an organisation totally devoid of ethical substance and democratic accountability.

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  6. When you see some of the things the Praetorian Guard get away with, but Tim is punished it makes you realise if you didn’t already, that the SNP is a lost cause. The man knows more about the insidious affects of racism than any of the so called Woke Warriers.

    I wish Tim well in the SNP, he’s going to need it!

    PS Yes Astonished John Nicolson managed to make an absolute fool of himself. Luckily it didn’t take too much work…

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  7. They are so arrogant they think they can quietly administer bullying and intimidation in this manner and nobody but the victim will know.

    That is why it is so important to share information with others.

    I remember Neale Hanvey writing previously that he believed Shirley-Anne Somerville was pressuring his friends. What happened with that? Why didn’t these friends come forward and corroborate that? You have to shine a light and put the pressure on these lowlifes when the opportunity presents itself.

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      1. It is true, Clootie. Mind and include women in that too though lest you be labelled as a misogynist by some purple pubed SNP/Green mental case.

        The excuses people try and come up with to try and justify their cowardice and inaction never ceases to amaze me. When I have dealt with bullies in the past I try not to miss them either.

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  8. Very well said Iain, Mr Rideout appears to have been put in his place for daring to propose Scottish currency sooner than later. Good on him for dropping those sarcastic remarks, well to me it sounds like sarcasm.

    For some within the SNP, it appears that it is now a very tightly controlled ship.

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      1. diabloandco.

        The question must be is the SNP a ship worth saving? Yes, it has lost its way under the guidance of Sturgeon and Murrell, but could it be put back on course again if they are no longer at the helm.

        The SNP under Salmond’s tenure took us to the edge of leaving this union, the closest we’ve come in over 300+ years, and although we are angry, at not enough ex-and current SNP MPs and MSPs speaking out about what’s happened to the party, I’d like to think with the right leader in place, the SNP could go on and fulfill its promise on delivering Scottish independence.

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      2. At ROS ,even if you removed the murrells who in the next higher hierarchy could you trust , every last one of them including ones I thought had integrity and honesty have sat back and let sturgeon bully and intimidate people you would have thought had a SPINE , every one of them are COWARDS more interested in their wages and pensions , whilst OUR PEOPLE old and young starve and freeze

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  9. Sometimes, as is the case with a beloved old car that has delivered sterling service, folks are reluctant to abandon the car in the hope it will get better. The SNP however is not such a vehicle.

    It is dangerous and has only two gears – neutral and reverse. That is the reality and there is no willingness to change the cars direction and put new gears into it.

    Dr Rideout to his credit is trying to fix the car from within. But he does not have the keys to get in the car. The driver, or should we say the establishment chauffeuse, has seen to that. She is more than happy to have the car reversing down the road, blocking the road to independence.

    But a new car has arrived. Unlike the SNP car the new vehicle is set to overtake and replace the broken old car. Maybe only a simple analogy. However, the reality is that Alba, Salvo, SSRG, AOUB and the wider independence movement are now coming together with or without the SNP. They and the Scottish people are the vehicle for independence

    Independence is there to be taken. And well done to Dr Rideout for all his efforts.

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  10. I don’t know how many times I’ve said, we should always put Scotland 1st 2nd and 3rd. Tommy Sheridan only stated through-a-Scottish-prism about a week ago, that the Yestival on the 18.09.22 wouldn’t be cancelled, which I fully supported. Now it’s been cancelled and is going to be held on 08.10.22 the same day as the Rangers match. Obviously, the putting Scotland 1st, 2nd and 3rd isn’t a priority for some! We’ve had over a week of pure brainwashing by the media and on something that matter to me has now been cancelled, when people would have arranged public transport on the guarantee given. It’s time to waken up and realise what our priorities are before it’s too late, for me Scotland its 1st 2nd and 3rd there wasn’t any reason to cancel this date. I’m sick to god of whatever England wants we give it to them and with bows attached. The World isn’t going to stop on the 18.09.22 just because the Queens is being buried the next day so why should Scotland? For those of us who don’t stay in Glasgow but in other parts of the Country it’s a massive upheaval and or cost. I’d say stop taking us for bloody granted.
    I only noticed it was cancelled because I was on the Alba and then got it confirmed through Yours for Scotland.

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  11. Totally agree with your interpretation, Iain.
    In fact it makes me wish I hadn’t already resigned from SNP – so that I could resign over this issue.

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  12. The original tweet was not racist until the SNPs own interpretation, and possibly its author’s apology, made it so.

    Accordingly, assuming this is a simple footshooting episode rather than a complex or malicious one, the mandatory course in racism/ unconscious bias should be either scrapped or run by Dr Rideout himself since:
    (a) it cannot be reasonable to expect the SNP National Secretary to identify a suitable or appropriate course for him without exposing enough of her own bias (conscious or otherwise) as to give defacto ground for arbitrary suspension – and
    (b) the precondition to the restoration of the Dr’s membership rights is rendered unreasonably impossible (unfair) in consequence.

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  13. There’s no need to debate on currency when quite clearly Scotland had its own before the union. There’s beautiful coins that people are still digging up made from Scottish gold and silver as well as other metals. Scottish merks. We only need to look at the past and see that the things that people are presenting as an obstacle have already been done before. There’s another man in Dumfries who knows a lot about Scottish currency and has a wee collection and he explains that there’s people who prefer or would want to revert back to the older system of counting.

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  14. Absolutely each day there are being huge mountains made out of molehills and it’s mainly the folk who want to present difficulties. I am not an expert or an economist however I am not stupid either and to try and tell people that something is too difficult when it’s been done before are just trying to prevent progression and hopeful that people don’t think for themselves.

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  15. What happened to Dr Jim Walker the economist that came over from Hong Kong to join the Alba Party? Scotland has a lot of people who are talented and know their stuff. I don’t buy for a minute that Scotland brought a lot of good things and not so good to the world and all of a sudden we can not because people say that it’s too difficult or one party says that it’s their way or nae way and that’s that. Facts are simple it’s been done before not just here but in all countries and anyone who says that it can’t obviously are not right for the job.

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  16. Thats pretty disgusting treatment. All I can ask is “Why are you taking this pish that is blackening your name Tim?”

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      1. I’m not suggesting he disappear Iain i’m suggesting he fight it tooth and nail and show the NSNP for what they really are Bullying, Dangerous, Reality Denying Control Freaks. I really can’t believe what they have done in such a short period of time taking us further and further down the rabbit hole. Tim isn’t a racist and he is being gas-lit by the SNP and the complicit media. Fight them Tim, you took risks standing up against Apartheid that these cretins will never understand.

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  17. I’m afraid that over the last 5-6 years I’ve become very radical in my views of the SNP and I just don’t have the patience of an angel anymore.

    I can only presume that Tim R. still has a flicker of hope in his body that he can get some sense knocked into the snake-pit of ignorant cowards that currently form the SNP/SG.

    Yes, Scotland must have it’s own currency, if it’s our country/Nation then we need our monetary identity as well. We have the resources to back it up so we don’t need to be beggers to a foreign currency.

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    1. Graf midgehunter cracking name just use bog myrtle in yer hunt. Am the same the SNP have turned hauf o Scotland intae winging willies and the other hauf are resisting.


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  18. Think on a personal level if you have ever been in a situation where a few folk were doing the wrong thing and you stuck around and called them out and tried stop them at each turn. It gets weary after a while and you realise that you can not change the actions of other people they need to want to do the right thing themselves. All you can do is perhaps highlight the things and show them up. Then what happens is their pals will close ranks on you and try make things difficult for you and of course we get the people who are afraid of losing their pay so join in. I don’t think that you can change from the inside I think that it can only be done once you are free because then they know that they don’t have the power over you and you can spill the beans and end their reign so to speak.

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  19. Agree, Iain, why was this committee never convened for those MP’s. It is obvious that there are different rules for different members. Our parliamentarians, both Westminster and Holyrood, have gone ‘rogue’ and members/councillors have to defend them.
    The SNP have become an Establishment party, afraid to call out the BBC and others over inaccuracies. Whatever happened to their ‘fast rebuttal’ section? The SNP have ‘cowered’ everybody into silence on the pretence of a referendum next year!
    As an aside, the NL councillor probably had a conscientious vote and rightly used it. More worrying, how did this person( the group leader) pass vetting!

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  20. In an ideal world we could waltz in and sack the lot of them and this is what is wrong with the way things are currently set up. This five years is too long we need the actual documents that have been extracted to be enacted. Let’s look at the good things that have happened, we had Neale in front of the UK government building getting them told. Words and actions are going to achieve results. Kenny highlighting the robbery of our resources and there’s a lot of other positives. 😁They cancelled Yestival but which is a sign of weakness. We found out that everything that they used for the last independence bid was just lies and I am convinced that we actually won that. Anyway we are where we are and perhaps if we didn’t lose then we wouldn’t have won now.

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  21. Glad you are back in the fold tim!
    Maybe there’s a chance yet to finally ditch the growth commission proposals. Now would be a perfect time for a u-turn given the news that the city is once again to be given free reign to drive the population to financial oblivion.

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  22. I am very glad to see Tim back in the SNP. Their next conference is their last chance to get real and rediscover a social conscience.

    I have £8 of Tim’s Scottish Currency to my name, and I will wager that he is someone who can help them do both.

    Tim, respect.

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