Graeme I am going to be honest. Your comments are painful to read. They are not painful because they are difficult to rebut. They are painful because they are far too easy to rebut and at this point, I have no clue if you are actually writing your own mind or you are following a party script to polish the image of a failed leader who has let down at every possible point. Failed at delivering democracy, failed at respecting the articles of the UN regarding right to self determination, failed to protect Scotland’s assets and rights, including here women’s rights, and failed to deliver the raison d’etre of the party she claims to lead when she was given every majority other pro-independence leaders could only dream of to deliver independence. Sturgeon’s tenure has been a massive and dissappointing failure and there is really not much you can say to erase that from clear view: 8 years of evidence are there in the open for everybody to see.

I see that you dive in and out of ad hominem as a way to discredit my arguments. I assume this is because you cannot tackle them head on. It shows, and believe me it does not give your argument any strength.

You claim I ” bring legal meaning to the vow”. Yes, of course I do. This was promised to us during the purdah period of indyref by every single radio and broadcaster and by Gordon Brown himself. It was signed by the three main representatives of the executive: the PM, the deputy PM and the leader of HM opposition. Because if I do not accept it had some legal meaning, then the alternative I have to accept is that the British estate aka the executive, broadcasting, the crown, with the help of newspapers moguls and minions like Brown, have committed fraud. If I believe the vow has legal meaning, then I can just criticise Sturgeon for being completely useless at forcing them to deliver it. But if I believe they committed fraud, then what I would have to criticise her is for much, much worse, for starters, for allowing them to get away with fraud for 8 years despite Scotland giving her enough majorities to repeal the Treaty of Union 8 times over.

“Her declaration that the Scotland Act 2016 “ extended by an inch the powers of the Scottish Parliament “ is just daft”

True. It was daft from me to say that. I said it extended the powers of the Scottish Parliament by “an inch”. I retract that. It did not extend the powers of the Scottish Parliament at all. Why? Because power devolved is power retained. At all effects, what that act has extended is the illusion of power and the administration of those powers, but not the ownership of them.

And that is what I cannot possibly accept. Those powers are Scotland’s powers, not England’s. Yet devolution somewhat transfers Scotland’s powers into England’s ownership. The proof is how the power of controlling the fishing waters, which was devolved to Holyrood and should come back straight to Holyrood after we exited the EU, went to England MPs instead on their own decision. That is in my view theft, nothing less. But that is the meaning of devolution, so the inch that was extended to Holyrood with that power, was very quickly taken away. And by the way, that theft happened under Sturgeon’s watch and she didn’t even bother lifting a finger to stop it, despite having an absolute majority of MPs. If they are Scotland’s powers, legitimately they must lie on Scotland’s MPs, not England’s ones. Therefore there is nothing stopping Scotland’s MPs renouncing to those powers and sending them to Holyrood in perpetuity. So why hasn’t that happened? Because Nicola Sturgeon and her version of the SNP have no interest in Holyrood gaining powers. They appear to prefer England MPs to exercise Scotland’s powers.

But let’s return to the main point of the discussion:
Who achieved those devolved powers? You claimed it was Sturgeon. I say those devolved powers might have been delivered during her tenure, but were achieved by the actions of her predecesor. There is not a single extra devolved power delivered to Holryood that can be attributed to Sturgeon’s good management of the SNP majorities she was entrusted with.

“Here is a wee list of them”
You can list a thousand powers. It will not change anything:
a) those powers are devolved, ergo not “owned” by Holryood
b) it was not Sturgeon’s good management of the SNP and strategic ability who achieved them. It was Salmond’s . An example of Sturgeon’s mismanagement of the majorities and atrocious strategic ability is the loss of the power about the fishing waters and every other major power she lost us.
c) There has been a consideration of devolving the broadcasting powers to Scotland’s parliament since the 70’s. 8 years of majorities and Sturgeon has not even managed to get that power.

By the way, what does “devolving the crown state in Scotland”?

The crown, through its COPFS arm continues to control the government of Scotland, both by sitting in the cabinet, despite the lord advocate having not been elected by the people of Scotland to represent us in government, and by interacting directly with the UK civil service operating within the “Sgov”. In fact, it was the combination of the COPFS and the UK civil service who actively worked together to frustrate a parliamentary inquiry with the aim to suppress information of fundamental public importance, from the eyes of the public. So, via the COPFS and the UK civil service, the crown appears to control not only the Sgov but also Scotland’s parliament. A case in point is how STurgeon has surrendering our right to bring bills to Holyrood by handing to the crown, in the form of the head of the COPFS, the lady Advocate, the power to decide if the bill for the referendum should be brought to Holyrood or not. We all know this strategy is a delaying tactic. The question is what are they waiting for to happen. Would it be that new constitution Scot mentions below?

When exactly did the people of Scotland nominated COPFS to walk over our democratic rights and hand over to England judges the decision if our bills should be passed in OUR parliament or not?

What is most fascinating is that England and the UK have “separation of powers”. This is from a document that can be accessed from the supreme court website (title of the document: “Separation of powers worksheet for teachers”):

“What is the separation of powers?
The doctrine of the separation of powers requires that the principal institutions of state—
executive, legislature and judiciary—should be clearly divided in order to safeguard citizens’ liberties and guard against tyranny.”

“According to a strict interpretation of the separation of powers, none of the three branches may exercise the power of the other, nor should any person be a member of any two of the branches.1 By creating separate institutions it is possible to have a system of checks
and balances between them”

Clearly, when Westminster designed Holyood’s parliament it deliberately left those powers united, perhaps because “safeguarding citizen’s liberties and guarding against its own tyranny” was never the objective. By putting the Lord Advocate right in the cabinet and by allowing this continuous connection between the COPFS and the civil service of her government, it seems STurgeon’s main aim is not safeguarding our liberties and protecting us from tyranny either.

“For each of the three branches, name the main organisations or bodies considered
part of that branch

In the UK, the executive comprises the Crown and the Government, including the Prime
Minister and Cabinet ministers.
The legislature; Parliament, comprises the Crown, the House of Commons and the House of
The judiciary comprises the judges in the courts of law, those who hold judicial office in
tribunals and the lay magistrates who staff the magistrates’ courts”

So, from the above, it seems that the Crown is stuck in both the executive power and the legislative power. But because the judges are appointed by the crown as well, it seems the crown is stuck in everything. That does not look much like a monarchy with very limited powers, does it? So let me ask you again, what exactly has the crown devolved to Scotland?

You also talk about devolution of police. Well, how does that work when you have one the crown’s arms the COPFS, dictating Scotland’s police who to investigate so they can prosecute afterwards, when the procedure should be the other way round? Wasn’t that what happened with Mr Salmond? 

“Of course they don’t include all the powers of an independent state as I campaign for”
Graeme, those Acts do not include ANY of the powers of an independent state. Those acts “lend” Holryood “the use” of a power, not the ownership. An independent state OWNS its powers, does not lend them from somebody else.

“they are inconsequential just doesn’t bear independent scrutiny
It may not bear YOUR scrutiny because you seem to have a strange fondness for devolution. I loath devolution because it is both, a way to deny us the powers that belong to us and a way for England MPs to self-award themselves ownership of Scotland’s own powers. For as long as those powers are retained in Westminster, they are inconsequential because the only thing our representatives are doing here is to “administer” them, not exercising them.

“While recognising the steps the SG has taken to use some of these powers to mitigate the worst effects of Westminster rule”
Can you not see the problem with this?
Why should Sturgeon and the SNP waste 8 years of our time and assets by “mitigating” the damage inflicted by a foreign government when they could have STOPPED that damage by repealing the treaty of union?

You are trying to justify the unjustifiable, Graeme. You are trying to justify Sturgeon’s appalling waste of majorities, time and resources preserving Westminter’s perceived supremacy over Scotland for 8 years instead of terminating it.

“Using my model Devolution
Your model of “devolution”, Graeme? We have sent continuous majorities of anti-union MPs for 8 years and all what you aspire is “a model of devolution”? Forgive me but I have to ask: are you really seeking independence as a goal, Graeme or just the feel you can be seen as pursuing Scotland’s independence forever? 

“The 2016 Act created the opportunity to offer these significant increases”
The majority of SNP MPs in 2015 created the opportunity to terminate the treaty of union and rid for once and for all of the toxic rule from Westminster.

I suspect that is something the negotiators for the Union and Independence haven’t realised yet”
Do we have any “negotiators” for independence at present? It is hard to believe after watching the SNP and Sturgeon wasting us 8 years of possibilities to repeal the treaty of union, don’t you think?


MIA and Graeme are both strong Independence supporters but with very different views on the way forward. Graeme is ultra loyal to the SNP Leadership. For the life of me I find this very hard to understand. Graeme has campaigned for years for the replacement of many taxes with a form of Annual Ground Rent. Anyone who has been at any of his presentations cannot fail to be impressed. In the last few years he has been a member of the SNP NEC but his ideas and plans have not been able to attract any support from the SNP Leadership or even get onto an agenda for Conference. I am glad that they are now in debate with on wider matters. Let’s see what develops.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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    1. You don’t have to be “in the know”. Just look at previous blogs posted on this website by Iain and authored by Mia: it’s Graeme McCormack of the SNP NEC.

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      1. Hi Iain,
        Thank you for taking the trouble to write even though you were unable to answer my (genuine) question. As it happens, I have had serious doubts about the FM’s commitment to independence ever since her appalling speech on 31/1/20, so I am not hugely out of step with Mia. However, I don’t think the venemous nature of her attacks on the FM do much to further the cause of the Yes movement. For all I know she could be a Unionist troll seeking to cause dissension among Yessers but I shall accept any assurance you can give that that is not the case.

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      1. Iain, might I be so bold as to suggest the fact he remains a member of the SNP NEC is that his presence and opinions delivered on that committee bears no threat whatsoever to Sturgeon and her established order.

        Could it be the case he is naively or otherwise perpetuating division within the Independence movement blogosphere?

        “Ultra loyal to Sturgeon” well sums it up!

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    2. Yes, who is Graheme and for that matter, who is Mia? There is an assumtion Iain everyone knows who everyone is. For people like me who enjoy your blog but do not follow it daily all the time, a bit of clarification would be helpful. In the press, there are usually a couple of lines at the bottom of an article about the writer. Sometimes I have to double check if it is you or a guest who is writing. Keep up the good work.


    3. As a would be politician it has to be said that Graeme McCormick has failed at every turn. He failed to get elected to Parliament and failed at a local level to gain a council seat. It was felt by some that he was too aloof and middle-class and hence failed to communicate with his electorate in Dumbarton and Helensburgh. It also was alleged that he was thrown out of his local branch in the latter, so I wouldn’t give too much umbrage to what he says.


  1. On the point regarding Sturgeon and the SNP efforts to ‘mitigate’ the damage caused by Westminster:

    They abandoned the aim of retaining EU/Single Market membership for Scotland replacing it with a doomed effort to convince Westminster to override England’s will to leave.

    When the EU Continuity Bill was struck down by the UKSC they accepted that the Sewel Convention wasn’t worth the paper that it was written on.

    After Johnson said ‘No’ to S30 power being handed to the Scottish Parliament Sturgeon effectively said on 30th January 2020, despite the mandate just handed to her in 2019 by Scotland’s electorate, ‘Oh, all right then’.

    There are many more examples.

    However, the result has been to embolden the UK Government. We’ve had the Internal Market Bill, UK Government in Scotland building opened in Edinburgh, Westminster bypassing Holyrood to bribe local authorities and so much more.

    We are not ‘protected’ by devolution. Devolution is dying the long slow death of a thousand cuts. However, the UK government are able to say ‘look you’ve got the Scot Government & Parliament – what are they doing to assist you?’

    It’s the worst of all Worlds.

    In the meantime our people suffer.

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    1. 30/01/20 should have seen Sturgeon frogmarched out of Holyrood and out of the SNP. Her contemptible, gutless (or complicit?) acceptance that the Sewel Convention is worthless has rendered devolution itself worthless. Much like Sturgeon.

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      1. … and to provide a current example of the stupidity of this worthless SG I see in The National:
        Joanna Cherry: Potential to upset should not affect people’s right to protest

        The HCB that interpreted the offense as being the manner in which the words were heard, not the manner in which they were meant, effectively removed the right to protest from Scots. These useless, unionist diddies need cleared out.

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  2. More to the point, have the burly men who assaulted the kid shouting at Prince Andrew been arrested yet?
    Plenty videos of their faces so shouldn’t be too difficult.

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      1. They have given him a title or roll in Scotland according to the media. They know that it’s going to deliberately piss people off and it’s almost as if like the Tories helped our cause these things might too.

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      2. Police officers in England and Wales do indeed “solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well
        and truly serve the King in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people….”, but the Scottish oath for the police is ” I do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of constable with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality and that I will uphold fundamental human rights and accord equal respect to all people according to law.”

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  3. Well said Mia, you are easily able to destroy all of Graeme’s arguments. He is as I understand it an intelligent man, it’s beyond me why he can’t see what the SNP has become, or indeed, why he is still in the party. Most of us saw through them quite a while ago, and yes it was painful, very painful, when you realised that you had been led up the garden path. Once you open your eyes to what has been going on, you can’t unsee it.

    Good points also from Duncanio well said sir.

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    1. The people are to be mistrusted and should be controlled. Elite interests (land reform, Scotwind, unionism) determine the direction of travel and policy making A contemptuous political class has developed at Holyrood at lighning speed. I believe the Graeme McCormick’s of this world are more comfortable with that than the democracy that had been developing in Scotland prior to the sell out.

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  4. Excellent summary Mia.

    The remaining voters, members and elected officials and parliamentarians have all been sold the “stay United, be silent and Independence will be ours”
    Sadly many still believe other issues can all be resolved post Independence. All we have to do is cross that line first.

    Sun Tzu said never surround an enemy because he will fight harder. Let him think he has an escape route. Many ancient fortresses had avenues of attack that seemed like an opening but were in fact killing fields of fire for the unwary. The “opportunity” was designed to appeal in order to destroy the attackers.
    The Sturgeon false flag is to lead the masses to an ambush. It has one aim – destroy the movement.

    The BritNat’s build a false wall of legal falsehoods and distorted history and Sturgeon has us charge straight at it. A real leader would have treated it like the maginot line and just bypassed it. She led a Nation straight into the trap of the English/ Unionist legal moat.
    She led us into the Monarchy Pit of BritNat superiority.
    She told us she was British and they still followed her?

    “If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected” Sun Tzu – The Art of War.
    Instead of using the above IT is being used against us.

    Sturgeon is an appeaser and we all know how that ends in colonial History.

    “Between the two, the nationalist and the imperialist, there is no meeting ground” Ghandi

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    1. There’s probably some people think that she has some secret plan. Also we have to remember that people might be afraid that the SNP are their last chance to get independence but we know that is not true thanks to the people who are sharing the information that was hidden from the people.
      How many of us have stayed in situations with a promise of things that never came to fruition but because we had invested our time, energy and love and despite the evidence that is right in front of our eyes we chose to ignore it because if we accepted the evidence it would be painful to and you would then have to begin the grieving process? Some people might be afraid to look at the evidence because they then would perhaps believe that it’s over however they didn’t realise that they are the vehicle that drives things forward. At one point I was totally pro SNP until I realised that they were not going to deliver. It was painful to accept exactly what has happened to the people of this country and I wanted to leave but then there’s been a lot of situations where I have been that people were making life painful or difficult for others and I sat them out and watched as they fell. I can understand why some people don’t want to let go of their support for the SNP, they perhaps are not ready to or they might not see or feel the way that we do. Remember that we were once them.

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      1. Fae. Sturgeon’s speech in January 2020, mentioned above, should have put paid to any notion that she had a secret plan. It was a complete capitulation, and I don’t see how anyone could respect Sturgeon as a person never mind as a leader after that, but incredibly some do.

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  5. Well said Mia (yet again). I hope Graeme sees through the great leader in the very near future – for Scotland’s sake. I felt an absolute fool for believing her for so long ( I genuinely thought she had a secret plan). 31.1.20 and the capitulation speech opened my eyes.

    I have no idea what will open Graeme’s.

    Sturgeon will never deliver independence. And the nearer we get to October 2023 the more obvious that will become. And to all those SNP MPs and MSPs who will bleat “we didn’t know” – We won’t forget what you allowed. And we will certainly never forgive what you have done.

    Scotland’s only hope is that the SNP destroy Sturgeon and her transcult before January 2023. And that seems highly unlikely.

    Stuartmctavish – The burly thugs who assaulted the protestor were loyal unionists – so Police Scotland always allows them a free pass. We have to change the leadership of police Scotland as a matter of extreme urgency.

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  6. The British often perceived the Irish as “savages”, and they used Ireland as an experimental laboratory for the other parts of their overseas empire, as a place to ship out settlers from, as well as a territory to practise techniques of repression and control. Entire armies were recruited in Ireland, and officers learned their trade in its peat bogs and among its burning cottages. Some of the great names of British military history – from Wellington and Wolseley to Kitchener and Montgomery – were indelibly associated with Ireland. The particular tradition of armed policing, first patented in Ireland in the 1820s, became the established pattern until the empire’s final collapse.

    For much of its early history, the British ruled their empire through terror. The colonies were run as a military dictatorship, often under martial law, and the majority of colonial governors were military officers. “Special” courts and courts martial were set up to deal with dissidents, and handed out rough and speedy injustice. Normal judicial procedures were replaced by rule through terror; resistance was crushed, rebellion suffocated. No historical or legal work deals with martial law. It means the absence of law, other than that decreed by a military governor.

    The full article from 2011

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  7. Not to mention 111 powers they nicked with Brexit of the relatively unexciting procurement is not short of a vehicle to rape our health service. And dont forget we had renewable completely devolved until some bastard notice.d we were making far too much money .

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  8. Excellent article Mia weel said, I too loathe devolution, we MUST have independence, Sturgeon hasn’t moved us one inch forward on Scottish independence in her entire tenure, infact we’ve moved backwards, on the COPFS what other country would tolerate a known foreign agent such as DH in their ranks at the Crown Office.

    I can see what’s coming down the line when Sturgeon is exposed for the rat she is, Devomax will be pushed to shut up the soft yes supporters.

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    1. It’s clear that those who have done this to us all need to go. It’s getting them to go though. Mind Theresa May clung oan like a limpet for ages.

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    2. It is the deliberate frustration of our rights by Sturgeon and her clique that makes McCormick’s comments stick in the craw. Iain Lawson seem’s to trust the guy so I have to give weight to that but he is appeasing someone who sells our resources and our future as if they are her own personal property. Any honest person would renounce that.

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      1. If you do not listen to others it is not debate. The best thing that can emerge is all views being expressed. No one has to agree but those watching, listening and reading get to form an educated opinion.
        That is why BritNats love Short Soundbites instead. “Get Brexit done”, “Take Back Control”
        The TransCult use the same technique but their case falls apart when they engage in real debate so the just scream “TransWomen are Women”
        If the Sound Bites fail they resort to Fear Campaigns ( Better Together, Trans kids will kill themselves)

        Build the Scotland you want your children to grow up in!

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      2. Iain has shown again and again that he respects free speech and dialogue. I liked what I saw of Graeme in Dunfermline… He is radical and cares about reducing the tax burden of Scots in a free country.

        He is not the only person who has a tawdry view of people who support Alex Salmond’s innocence and are hyper critical of Nicolas Sturgeon’s leadership.

        There is a very serious breach right through the independence movement… I respect Graeme and Mia for getting into details of their disagreements, and Iain for keeping it civil.

        Am very worried about a ruptured independence movement. What greater gift can we give the unionists.

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      3. Tom, there is a mountain of evidence that if ever brought to an honest court by an honest system would see people convicted for what was done to Alec Salmond. The Crown Office is sitting on some of it now threatening court action against whoever releases it. Graeme McCormick is a lawyer. On top of that has been the removal of SNP members and the wider public from input into policy-making within the SNP. Why bother paying attention to the issues if our collective voice counts for nothing?
        I could go on to compile a very long list. I don’t trust anyone who is aware of the facts and yet supports the leadership of the SNP. The SNP leadership is not pro-Independence. On top of selling us out on Independence, the leadership of the SNP treats our rights with contempt. Womens rights, Child-safeguarding, free speech, the presumption of innocence, Trial by jury are all under threat in Scotland today. The notion that Sturgeon and her supporters believe in any effective way in the sovereignty of the people has been proved to me beyond any doubt to exist ponly in our imaginations.
        if we move onto their ground we are condemning ourselves to a future of persecutions large and small and almost certainly resigning the Scottish Nation to history.

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  9. Mia’s correspondent, it seems to me, is arguing from within a self-serving, far removed, metaphysical paradigm of his own construction, whereas Mia’s arguments are grounded in the objective realities of the here-and-now and in practical, documented politics. Like most people, I am only able to believe in what I can see with my own eyes.

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  10. You know , as a patriotic Scot I hear all these arguments and think all legal jargon ., left -right , up and down . It’s like kids arguing in a car, he did it she did it . .For me there is only one issue in or out ? I have never heard of the vow possibly out of country at the time but even now it’s low key . So stop the arguing, there is only one aim we all agree on. OUT
    So get on with it

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  11. Thanks for the kind words, Iain.

    I’m not ultra loyal to anyone other than my close family.

    I’ve never supported the policies of the SNP and Scottish government without question. I don’t think I’m alone in that. I can’t think of any member I have known who has.

    Mia has gone to a lot of trouble to respond to me which I appreciate but to give “ the Vow” some sort of status as a legal instrument because it appeared on the front of the Record
    without any parliamentary process and enactment would have the late great Neil MacCormick shaking his head.

    Of course Devolution is power retained but it’s like Westminster is a pudding bowl hovering over Holyrood . Until the bowl drops Holyrood can use its powers which are significant and could be used much more imaginatively .

    Independence blows the pudding bowl away. That’s what I want and work for.

    I hope and believe that NS will take us to a place where the Scottish people will decide to be Independent.

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      1. Graeme – if you judge NS by her actions she is actively working against independence, for whatever reason. Imagine you are MI5: If you believe you have a mole you can, maybe, actively manage the mole to your advantage but you can’t leave them in charge of your strategy and policies. That is madness.

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      2. Going to add: all hell should have been raised over Brexit and the Sewel Convention being ignored. It wasn’t. What was the point of that? Treachery.

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    1. However, the SG/SNP are not using their powers imaginatively! That’s the problem.

      I hope and believe that NS will take us to a place where the Scottish people will decide to be Independent. Yes, we all hoped that but she has wasted every opportunity, so far. To rely on Westminster to get our freedom, means you are starting from the wrong position.

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    2. “I hope and believe that NS will take us to a place where the Scottish people will decide to be Independent.”

      The Scottish people have already decided to be independent on six occasions whereby pro-independence nationalist majorities of Scotland’s MPs and MSPs have been democratically elected. How many nationalist majorities does it take to deliver independence? In most ex-colonies it would be one, at best. And any problems the UK sought to create in that regard should be immediately laid by our ‘national’ elected government before the international courts and the UN General Assembly.

      Never mind not progressing with serious national policies moving Scotland toward a more just and equitable society, as they have powers to do, NS hisnae even changed the unionist elite privileged establishment running all our social institutions; the latter is what aye lies at the root of inequality and injustice and prejudice in this society, keeping maist Scots haud-doun.

      SNP Scottish Ministers are clearly acting rather as they were appointed, as ‘agents’ of the Crown, colonial administrators protecting only the interest of the oppressor.

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    3. Mmm…..

      If that last sentence were true she would you use the same tactic as our ancient Kings who held the Clans together when facing our enemy using what United them instead of highlighting division.
      When you are fighting for Independence for Scotland you do not raise issues like GRA. You do not close down debate on Women’s Rights. You do not manipulate the Party Rules to clear out the NEC. You do not use the candidate selection panel to block critical voices. You do not spend the £600k donated to fund the fight on office furniture. You do not hide the Party Funds from the Treasurer and members. You do not manipulate and backdate Government policy to target one person.

      That is why debate is good…it shines a light on falsehoods such as that last sentence!

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    4. “I hope and believe that NS will take us to a place where the Scottish people will decide to be Independent”

      I am afraid that is not enough for me, Graeme, and I am sure it is not good enough for many of the people who read this blog either.

      Mr Salmond took us to that place already on 18th September 2014. That was 8 years ago.

      On that day, the majority of Scotland’s natives actually chose for Scotland to become independent. Had the franchise been a normal one (by normal I mean the one used in every other state in the world), and Scotland would be independent today. In my view, that franchise was a direct frustration of Scotland’s native population’s right to self determination and went against the articles of the UN decolonisation charter.

      You could forgive Mr Salmond for using that franchise in 2014 if he did not know the real situation of Scotland’s population nor the huge discrepancy between the vote of Scottish natives and those migrating from elsewhere in the UK.

      But Sturgeon cannot longer hide behind ignorance. That information is out in the open and has been for years. Using the same franchise can only be interpreted as an attempt to frustrate, yet again, the native population’s right to self determination.

      Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP were not elected since 2015 to force the troops that Mr Salmond had commanded to the very edge of independence, all the way back, to the starting point so they could then claim, 8,9,10, 100 years after indyref1 that they have actually done something meaningful with the MP majorities they were given in trust

      But the reality of Scotland’s birth/death rate and balance between emigration/immigration tells us those 8 years of procrastination have quite a high price tag attached to them: we might never reach that point Mr Salmond took us to in 2014 ever again. Sturgeon’s procrastination and inaction to progress independence has allowed 8 years of continuous immigration from rUK into Scotland, migrants which we now, tend to vote around 72% against Scotland’s self-determination. That is the ugly reality and not an expression of racism or “nativism” like some supporters of such fanatics of the dodgy franchise love to claim so they can keep their head buried in the sand and do nothing about it.

      Haven’t you ever wondered how it is possible with the absolute shower of useless clowns the UK has for government and the continuous assaults on Scotland by the crown, its executive and England MPs, that the polls do not move?

      They have not released the census data yet, but if you look at the data of births and deaths from 2021 in the national records of Scotland, you will see that there were registered as many as 63,587 deaths that year and only 47,786 births. That is a 33% more deaths than births.

      The conclusion from this is obvious: the native population of Scotland is decreasing and at a high rate. And that is without even counting the number of people from Scotland who migrated elsewhere for work or other reasons.

      At the same time, the increase in the proportion that people who emigrated from the rUK into Scotland represent on the overall Scotland’s population, is accelerating.

      One might be tempted to justify more deaths than births because of COVID. But this would not be accurate. Scotland has a much bigger problem with its population than COVID. If COVID was responsible for this problem, you would expect this effect being even more exaggerated in England.
      However, if you look at the figures in England, they had 549,349 deaths versus 595,239 births in 2021.
      Despite being hammered with COVID deaths, England’s native population keeps increasing nicely.

      As a confirmation that this decrease in population cannot be blamed on COVID, if you look at the population of Scotland in 2018, when there was no COVID, the natural change in Scotland’s population (percentage of (births-deaths) compared to the whole population) was only 0.2%, even lower than Wales.

      However, the increase in population due to migration was 4.4%. As you can see, this union is so toxic to Scotland that the only way its population can be maintained is artificially with immigration. I am sorry to say that Sturgeon has prolonged unnecessarily this continuous assault by the UK on Scotland’s demographics for 8 years.

      I do not need to tell you what happens to the yes vote if the native population, more prone to vote yes, is decreasing year after year, and replaced by rUK migrant population, more prone to vote against Scotland’s independence.

      If you look at the National Records of Scotland, from 2014/15 to 2020/21, 334,300 people living in the rest of the UK emigrated to Scotland. Some of those may be natives returning to Scotland, but the majority will not be.

      Just to give you an idea of the scale of emigration from Scotland, only for 2018, this was 69,654. For the period 2014/15 to 2020/21, it was just under 419,000 (data calculated from the information available in the national records of Scotland).

      Applying the percentage of the yes vote in the native population (53%) and the percentage of the no vote in the rUK population living in Scotland (72%)**, you can estimate that Sturgeon’s inaction has potentially lost us over 220,000 yes votes and has added potentially added an extra 240,000 no votes. Add to that the yes votes lost from all the yes supporters deceased in the last 8 years and you can quickly see why the yes vs no has not moved.

      ( **The figures of 53% and 72% have been taken from the Daily Record article published by Clegg and titled “Independence referendum figures revealed: Majority of Scots born here voted YES while voters from elsewhere in UK said NO”. The article says that those percentages were taken from a study conducted by Edinburgh University).

      In light of the above, it looks like the natural tendency of Scotland’s native population to decrease, because of the damage UK policies are doing to Scotland’s demographics, together with Sturgeon’s unjustified procrastination during 8 years, have quite possibly made a yes vote in a future referendum far more difficult than it was in 2014. The longer we wait, the more difficult that yes vote will be.

      Was this the product of unforgivable ignorance or deliberate? I let you decide that one. But as you can see, the idea that the more we wait for indyref the more the natural yes vote will increase, is another of the many myths we have been fed for the last 8 years.

      Mr Salmond delivered a referendum with just a majority of the Holyrood seats, Graeme. The minute Sturgeon commanded a pro independence majority of Holyrood seats plus an anti-union majority of MP seats in Westminster, independence ceased to be the hope and became the expectation.

      Mr Salmond already took us to the point where the native population of Scotland chose independence. What has been expected from Sturgeon and her SNP since 2015 is to take us BEYOND that point and FORWARD into independence. That is 7 years of continuous failure to deliver.

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      1. ♥️ Everything that you said here MIA I totally agree with and I am also getting tired of people who are saying that it’s racism to state the truth. I read the report from the Edinburgh university research a few years ago and I know that it upset a lot of people at the time.

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      2. Well put Mia.

        Unfortunately, this is where we are heading, the Welsh didn’t vote for Brexit.

        “Despite being one of the biggest beneficiaries of EU funding, Wales voted leave by a majority of 52% to 48% in the 2016 referendum – a result that took some analysts by surprise. However, work by Danny Dorling, a professor of geography at Oxford, found that the result could in part be attributed to the influence of English voters.”


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  12. Nicola Sturgeon wanted to be leader of the SNP, not to further the cause of Independence but to make herself filthy rich and famous. Is Sturgeon a liar? Yes, she is. She took over the SNP at its peak, with more members and the biggest support for Independence we have had in any of our lifetimes, but what has she done with it? She has put her own greed before Scotland need to be Independent. Even now she trying to convince us all that being British isn’t as bad as some of us might make out. She has deliberately taken us to the British supreme court knowing that we’ll lose. She has set on a barrister in the position of lord advocate, knowing she was a Unionist. All this has been done deliberately to, stop us being Independent, to prevent us going back into the EU and to secure her rule as FM. Jesus if you’re listening, Judas hasn’t done anything as bad as what Sturgeon has done and is doing to Scotland before we chuck her out of power and the SNP out of office. The Supreme court ruling will have everyone of us sick to the core in our movement. The Rag and the Sturgeonites will defend it as something the Unionist have done, because they’ll hear no evil, see no evil, nor speak no evil about the head of Union is Scotland and don’t think for a minute its Union Jack, it’s not.

    How many times have we heard of a female councillor resigning due to bulling? How many times are we going to sacrifice talented and needed people, at the alter of Sturgeon ego and dictatorship.

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  13. Another stunning riposte from Mia!

    However, I am not sure any longer that I believe Sturgeon is a failed leader. All the evidence shows that she is working in collusion with the English crown and the British state to actively destroy Scotland from within, all the whilst deluding many into thinking she is doing the exact opposite. From that point of view she has been a remarkable success. The British could not have wished for a better accomplice.

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  14. I find it very strange that anyone seriously supporting Scottish independence would want to be anonymous , frankly it lessens their credibility , what have they to hide and why , furthermore I would say that if you want to discuss matters of importance like those discussed here you should show some respect to those you discuss with by saying who you are if requested to do so otherwise .


      1. For instance civil service employment, police employment would not permit political involvement and commentary. That is just a couple of examples it can apply with many employers

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      2. Iain , not quite , being a civil servant or in the police does not mean you cannot be involved in politics or make comment , many councillors are civil servants free to comment and be active in politics the police have some restrictions but I do not think the large number of anonymous comments we see are by the police , they are by people who do not want to be accountable to all for their views and comments .

        As for many employers putting fear of stating their political opinion into their employees i hope that is not the case we don’t live in a police state yet do we ?
        Are there so many people afraid to state their political opinion for fear of repercussions at work ?


      3. You are just being silly now, using elected councillors as examples of civil servants being free to comment on politics is not a serious point. It tells me you are a time waster. You are blocked from now on.

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  15. Nicola Sturgeon ? For a while everyone thought she worked miracles but lately doubts about her sincerity have arisen , but and it’s a big but , people like MIA ( anonymous MIA ) never really substantiate their criticisms of Nicola Sturgeon to an indisputable level , what we get are their opinions of
    what they “ think “ Nicola Sturgeons plans to do.

    Personally I think what MIA is saying may well be true but without Nicola Sturgeon being openly questioned about these matters for all to see we cannot really be sure why she did what she did OR why she did nothing when we expected her to do something.

    If politics was straightforward and transparent for all to see and understand and if politicians were honourable we would all see clearly what was happening and what is still to happen , but it’s not , politics is untrustworthy , what a disgrace , all those involved should hang their head in shame that this is how it is , it’s what happens when you allow money rather than the betterment of society to dictate .

    Personally I still support Nicola Sturgeon even though I have some doubts .
    The fact is it is too late to change the leader of the SNP unless it was changed back to Alex Salmond who could slot in perfectly well
    but that is not going to happen.

    The SNP is the only sherif in town only they will lead us to the next Scottish independence referendum.

    I do hope the SNP see sense and work jointly with ALBA and others so we do not split the Scottish independence vote

    Finally , I have noted some unionists saying this will be the last Scottish independence referendum for twenty or thirty even fifty years if it fails
    I was shocked to see some prominent independence supporters saying this too scotgoespop for example

    I would like to take this opportunity to say to them all , how dare they make decisions on behalf of people in Scotland about matters in the future , it will always in a free country be up to the people of the time in that country to decide such important matters and if for example the next Scottish independence referendum were to fail and the people in Scotland wanted another Scottish independence referendum a couple of years later that is perfectly within their right and would happen

    The expression “ neverendum “ is meant as an insult but it is in fact true democracy if it’s what the people choose.

    The reason we have a Scottish independence referendum rather than a Scottish independence election is that the Westminster government decided that’s what it would be
    They decided this because referendums are only a method of consultation and are not legally binding
    Scotland could decide 60% or 70% in favour of independence and quite legally within their laws Westminster could go on to reject the result and refuse to honour it

    Council elections , General elections are quite rightly never ending and so too should the question of Scottish independence be , if that is what the people of Scotland want.

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  16. Nicola Sturgeon’s climate change trip to New York is called off. She loyal to the core. The planet isn’t any different to the Scotland, she’ll put them both on hold to dance to the British state’s tune. It only shows where her priorities lie, her red and white and blue is showing through all the time.

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    1. Hi 100%Yes , me 100% too ,

      Nicola Sturgeon cancelled the New York trip but will attend COP27 in Egypt in November , the New York trip was for a week and is meant to start next week when the Queens funeral takes place , we all know the trouble it would have caused if she missed that funeral and given that she knew the woman perhaps she wanted to go anyway even outwith her duties as FM I do not see anything sinister in this cancellation and do not think it’s a sign of britnattery as you seem to beleive


      1. If Sturgeon wanted to attend the funeral that would have been fine, then deputy First Minister of Scotland John Swinney could have gone to New York in her place, or vice versa. Patrick Harvie would have been ideal to attend the event in New York. As we’ve got to know Sturgeon better, it’s clear that she isn’t interested in anyone taking her lime light. You’d think the only light in Scotland is Sturgeon, and in her eyes it is. She took down our national flag so she could attend Cop26, but even then, they refused to allow her to attend actual event. Now she has the opportunity to put Scotland on the world stage, she’d rather answer the call made by little England. God know why she’s called the First Minister of Scotland, because in her 8 years tenure she has never put Scotland first, second or third, but she has used Scotland and its people to her own ends, because all she cares about is herself, her own glorification and me, me, me first and last. Anything the yes movement or individuals have done to progress Scotland she has systematically destroyed. It’s time for Scotland to stop being a poodle and become a lion.

        Never ever think for a minute that our FM has any interest other than her own self interest.

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    2. She will need the British state’s recommendation if she really is after a UN position. That would explain a lot of her behaviour.

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  17. You know there is one person missing from this conversation. Niccola Sturgeon . . Yours is like a game of tennis going on fore ever . I was a project manager now retired . When I came across similar situations I would get them ( highly technical experts) all in a room and bang their heads together until they paid attention to the. Main objective ., how to achieve it and then get on with it . In your case it’s independence . What does Niccola know that you don’t ? Or is she just wanting out realising that it’s a closed door . Or is Mi6 threatening her Talk talk gets nowhere . Might as well know the bad news now . Tomorrow does not exist . It’s today that counts . Yesterday can’t be changed .
    So get the finger out!

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  18. O/T.

    Creepy Police Scotland officers follow a girl home and stop her for holding up a blank placard.

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    1. Hopefully they realised their stupidity when they heard her voice shake – a follow up tweet might have confirmed this (or official apology from police Scotland) but the cropping of her user name may have helped defeat the purpose of her putting it on twitter in first place, sadly

      Either way it doesn’t look too much like the faithful discharge of the duties of the office of constable with fairness, INTEGRITY, diligence and impartiality from this angle – which begs questions, especially pursuant to Sarah Everard’s murder (but not only), as to what procedure were they following, who wrote the procedure (and when), who approved the procedure, what involvement does the crown agent have (if any) in the recruitment or control of day to day operations, etc, etc

      Tropical rain forrest growing out the cobble stones is quite the look for a city centre too

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    2. The actions of these Police Officers is unlawful and unprofessional. It brings Police Scotland into disrepute.

      Had they cause to suspect the female of being involved in a crime, they could have lawfully required her to provide her name, date of birth, nationality and address. If no crime, they cannot do so.

      It would have been appropriate to follow the female a short distance to ensure she was leaving the area of the protest, and then to take up a monitoring point to observe if she returned to it. That would have been professional and lawful.

      To stalk her, as she continues to leave the area, making clear they are doing so to find out where she lives is an infringement of her right to a private life, and her lawful right to protest.

      It is also creepy as fuck.

      Once again, Chief Constable Livingston has a lot to be ashamed of and to answer for.

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  19. With smirking intimidation this short clip shows a lone female being followed by two male officers who are quite clearly enjoying intimidating the girl.

    Goodness only knows what these two thugs, and I use the word thus appropriately would have done in the less public circumstances. That they felt empowered and protected to indulge in such behaviours is a reflection of the absolute thuggery that is extant through Police Scotland. Maybe they had a good laugh imagining how the girl might have peed her pants, or whatever. These officers were like a cat’s playing with a mouse.

    These examples however just keep on coming. Behaviours like this are sanctioned from the top. Thugs in uniforms from top to bottom for the most part, they are no different from the late Police Force of South Africa or nearer to home the RUC.

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  20. Totally agree with the comments about the cops’ behaviour on this video of stalking that young lassie. The sneering and frankly intimidating body language did not indicate that she was dealing with officers of the law, more like Blackshirt thugs, taunting her with their obviously intimidating behaviour feigned as ‘protecting’ her. And let’s face it, Sir Iain Livingstone, I presume, must have disseminated down to all the flatfoots that extreme prejudice was required when dealing ‘jacobites’ or maybe its ‘feninans on the day’?
    He seems to either have an agenda -based doctrine in dealing with anti -monarchists, pro natal based woman groups and pro Scottish nationalists rather than one based on principles of Scottish law and order being carried out without prejudice. Where does this agenda originate? Is it personal,or is it political.? I think the silence from Sturgeon and her acolytes is telling.

    One other point: the ‘burly men’ who knocked down and pulled the young lad on the Royal mile for shouting an obvious statement at the ‘friend of Epstein’ were not questioned or apprehended. Again, why? Were they plainclothes cops or a couple of EDL/Jam tart casuals? If the former, they were acting without cautioning him, if the latter then should not they have been cuffed and interrogated/charged?
    Whatever the answers, all I can say is Shame on Police Scotland and Sturgeon for letting us be dragged down to the level of a tinpot fascist state because of their out and out treachery.

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    1. “Where does this agenda originate? Is it personal,or is it political.? ”

      I would hazard a guess, Lochside, that this type of agenda merely reflects the dominant culture and ‘values’ of the oppressor. And, as Aime Cesaire put it: “between colonization and civilization…. there could not come a single human value.”

      Colonialism, which “is force”, is always looking to inflict “its punishment” on those it views as its enemy.

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    2. To be fair to the burly men the insult was a bit of a cheap shot, given the Prince could hardly stop the hearse and lamp him one hisself*, so if they ever are arrested they should have little to worry about – unless and to extent the boy was secret police (too) ie as leverage to convince Andrew not to contest the will in event it means he gets less than promised, or even cheated out of his bairns part altogether.

      The ‘creepy’ police are in a far more difficult situation, even if they were somehow taken by surprise by a paranoid young girl, because contemporary precedent on what constitutes an intended rape/ sex assault sets the bar low enough (and the profile of the accused high enough) that not only do they risk being charged with several counts of same, the right to anonymity of victims, alleged victims and even paranoid people who think they might be victims means that they had absolutely no right to her name and even the request for her address must constitute an automatic 8 incarceration (ie no rights to appeal) in strict accordance with the jigsaw identification protocols!

      * / otherwise take the time to explain the benefits to the public purse (historically) of Princes cavorting with prostitutes rather than being gay or having to marry umpteen different mothers


  21. A family friend who lives in London and is by no means «a revolutionary» is disquieted by the huge armed police presence in the centre and the arrogance, when approached for information and help, of these guardians of the peace. There are restrictions and high physical barriers around the «royal» parks and a significant use of private security companies.
    The media propaganda feed about good humoured «worshipers» standing in line for hours has a dark side. The Caroline era is shaping up nicely for an authoritarian, counter democracy with a head of state who consorts with all the «right sort» to help things along.
    Scotland must shake off this flowering fascism.
    Is the Scottish government purblind?

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    1. How many Scottish MSPs and MPs have been groomed for just such an event. You would be amazed at how many “sponsored” trips have taken place to the USA. Listen to some of them now and I expect them to put on a MAGA hat at some point.

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    2. Too many people are blind Ottomanboi. To the steady erosion of our rights. The police act as the establishment interface with the public, the crown office plays its part in the control of dissent and the top legal officials, Judges, and the top lawyers are paid enough money to create their own petty dynasties.
      Most of it comes from the taxes of the punters.

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      1. Totalitarianism loves sentimentality, hates reason.
        The more ruthless, the more (crocodile) tears.
        «I feel your pain» citizens….
        If only the Führer knew about the camps….blah blah..

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  22. We are supposed to ignore the evidence of our eyes and ears and turn a blind eye to the corrupt actions of the people we vote into their positions. Leave it to our betters. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime those and such as those can act as a buffer between ourselves and a system that has the power to grant or deny our rights.

    It is now advisable to stay quiet at our work, in the street, in the pub, and even in our own houses for an ever-growing list of reasons.

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  23. The ‘plantation’ of Scotland is underway and gaining momentum.

    That was the policy in Ulster all those years ago to de-Irish the Irish. Not dissimilar now here in Scotland.

    Indeed, at a house near me there is an English family with the husband some kind of Royal Navy officer. To make a point the guy flies a very large Union Jack from his garage just about 24/7.

    And number plate Union Jacks on all three of the family cars

    The guy is anti Scot. It oozes out. But he’s maybe one of the overt ones. Exactly the same mentality as the Ulster Loyalists.

    But there’s plenty more like him.

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