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“Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland are in the early days of a brand new constitution”

May I ask which constitution are you talking about? 

England MPs or England/UK peers cannot modify the terms of the treaty of union unilaterally without breaking it. The only ones who can modify the terms of the treaty are the Parliaments of Scotland and England by agreement. Currently none of those parliaments are present. Holyrood is a concoction from Westminster which is missing most of the old Scotland’s parliament original powers, so hardly in any position to be seen as an independent parliament agreeing to a new treaty. 

England MPs and England or “UK” peers have nothing to do with Scotland’s old parliament and the treaty of union did not give them a blank card to undo our constitution as they please, so I do not see how they can ever assume such a role without violating our Claim of Right and invalidating the Treaty.

I wonder if this “new constitution” you are talking about is that aberration the lords have been working on for quite some time as the ultimately hand brake to stop Scotland’s independence and more importantly, to dissolve the union of crowns. For what I have read, is clearly designed as a substitute for the Treaty of Union, to preserve the monarchy, but with a sly twist.

In the original treaty of union Scotland entered as an equal signatory and a sovereign state. The treaty of union cannot overrule Scotland’s old parliament. This also means Scotland can unilaterally terminate that treaty at any time of its choosing.

This new concoction is an instrument for England lords and MPs to remove that freedom of Scotland to unilaterally terminate the union (political and crown union) and force us into becoming a part of the Kingdom of England. In other words a more active subjugation instrument to absorb Scotland into the Kingdom of England than the current treaty of union.

Currently, we do not need a referendum to exit this union. The only thing we need is a pro independence FM with an effing backbone (which we haven’t had since Mr Salmond left Holyrood) and our majority of nationalist Mps to be nationalists instead of just pretending to be. That is all what we need. This is all what have always needed to terminate this union since 1707. 

Scotland repealing the treaty means the kingdom of Great Britain reverts to what it was in 1707: two separate kingdoms. In other words, if the treaty ends, there is no longer a kingdom of Great Britain. Scotland no longer has to follow England’s line to the throne.

However, with this new concoction, that door appears to be locked. Whether we like it or not, a referendum, on England’s own terms, will be imposed on us as the only possible exit route from the political union. It is, in my view, an usurpation of Scotland’s right to unilaterally terminate the political union under its own terms. 

But there is another thing. This concoction talks about the possibility of Scotland seceding from the UK of Great Britain. Under the terms of the original Treaty of Union, Scotland cannot “secede” from the Kingdom of Great Britain. It can only terminate it making it revert to the duality of kingdoms it was before. In other words, Scotland terminates the treaty and walks away with its statehood, its assets, a share of the common assets and its kingdom intact. 

This concoction however seems not only to usurp Scotland’s legitimate right to terminate the political union, but also Scotland’s legitimate right to dissolve the union of crowns and walk away with its own kingdom. This looks to me like an attempt to preserve the “Kingdom of Great Britain”, an attempt by the crown of England to retain in perpetuity the crown of Scotland too, even when Scotland has walked away and even when in Scotland the crown belongs to the people, not the monarch. This looks to me like theft disguised as a treaty, and a very bad deal for Scotland.

This looks to me like an attempt to subjugate Scotland even further by permanently usurping its kingdom transforming Scotland into another of the English crown domains which might claim to be politically independent from England, but they are still under the control of its crown. 

I don’t like any of it.

This is of course my own interpretation, but it does not look to me like the monarch is “forfeiting” anything from Scotland at all, but rather trying to take what does not belong to them.

What might be the objective of such concoction? Here are some possibilities:

a) to delay Scotland’s independence for as long as possible – if they impose on us a referendum, the threshold or exit and the franchise, we will never win.

b) to ensure the Kingdom of England remains as the successor state of the uk inheriting all the goodies and forcing Scotland to leave with nothing. Currently, as equal partners, the common goodies should be divided up. Common goodies include the army, embassies, structures of government and seats in international committees. If this aberration is forced on us, then Scotland leaves, but with nothing.

c) to ensure the permanence of the union of crowns and that England’s crown retains control of Scotland’s crown in perpetuity. It seems to me that this concoction might be somewhat fudging the crown of the Kingdom of England into remaining as the UK of Great Britain crown even after Scotland leaves the union. This concoction is offering an exit alternative that does not require to “repeal” the treaty of union, which if it was the case, would immediately disengage Scotland from the agreement of keeping the exact same line to the Scottish Crown that England has to its own. It is, in my view, yet another self-serving attempt of self-preservation of the crown and all those who depend on it.

The problem is “the crown” owns a lot of things in Scotland, like for example mineral rights and the seabed. In other words, if Scotland walks away as an independent state and kingdom, England’s crown will retain an awful lot of Scotland’s main assets. For as long as Scotland remains under the control of the crown of England, being it called Kingdom of England or disguised as “Kingdom of Great Britain”, it will be independent only in name and will not regain control over its own assets.

If Sturgeon or her useless MPs and MSPs agree to this aberration it will be their unforgivable ultimate act of betrayal, and that would be after betraying for 8 long years our trust, rights, sovereignty, democracy and right to self determination.

Now, is this what has been brewing behind this forced “mourning” which has resulted in a complete blackout of news and has effectively brought Scotland to a standstill? Has this royal funeral been a giant squirrel to hide this aberration?

This circus has been so, so over the top that I have been wondering for a while now if one of the intentions might have been to predispose the people of Scotland against the crown and to demand a republic. I mean, clinics are being cancelled, GPs closed and even funerals in some places are being cancelled “for respect to the queen”, people have been arrested for expressing their opinion against the monarchy. This is so exaggerate that it sounds fake, fabricated. Perhaps the hope is that we will let go of Scotland’s crown in exchange for independence. We should not. We should walk away with both, not just one of them. 

Since the day she embarrassed us all by delivering her capitulation speech in January 2020, I have been wondering what would be the fake exit door built by Westminster she would use to walk away from the post without having ever bothered, and never intended to deliver independence despite having wasted us an ocean full of opportunities for the last 8 years.

I wonder if this have always been the “yellow colour standard”, Sturgeon’s has had in mind for the entirety of her appallingly wasteful and regrettable tenure.


These are real risks that Mia is highlighting. Why else would they be making these moves?. Just look at the completely over the top actions over the Queens death. Firstly why was she here when it has been clear for sometime she was in her final stages of life.? Secondly why not drive to Aberdeen airport and fly the coffin to London.? No we had to have the long planned procession through Scotland. Likewise the ridiculous suppression of any alternative view that had more to do with North Korea suppression than any democracy in the 21st century. Then even in London the media had kilts and bagpipes everywhere alongside the narrative that the Queens abiding wish was that the Union must continue. I console myself with two things, any pro union boost will be extremely short lived and secondly the BBC might well go bust when they pay out Nicholas Witchell’s wages to include his overtime payments. No I console myself truly because these were the surest signs that they are panicked by the increasing likelihood of Scottish Independence. This last fortnight, instead of being portrayed as the “baddie” in every BBC drama and crime programme, all of a sudden we are being displayed as the most fawning supporters of the Royal Family and Britishness. There is going to be a lot of bother when they discover we are neither. So get used to seeing us as the baddies in the crime dramas it is going to get a lot worse.

I am, as always



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107 thoughts on “SO YOU THINK SO, DO YOU?

  1. Mia you say:
    If Sturgeon or her useless MPs and MSPs agree to this aberration it will be their unforgivable ultimate act of betrayal, and that would be after betraying for 8 long years our trust, rights, sovereignty, democracy and right to self determination.

    She will and it is unforgivable – though it will go down great at her wee royal get togethers. Yellow is the right colour for the SNP these days. Only the grassroots can stop this at conference – I wonder if they will? Do they realise the extent of the betrayal of their hopes and dreams?

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  2. We need to make it clear that the “Crown Estate” is, in fact the Scottish Crown Estate and that it is owned by us, the people of this nation.

    We need 100000+ on the street outside Holyrood telling the people inside what we want.

    We need the same number of signatures on a petition presented to Bute House to inform the incumbent of our demands and rights, the reason for that person being there in the first place.

    We need ACTION NOW.

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    1. And that because the Scottish Crown Estate belongs to the Scottish nation (making Scotland a sovereign territorial nation), the resources of that ‘Estate’, in particular oil, gas, sea bed, wind power etc. specifically belong to the people of Scotland and are presently managed on our behalf. Under no law is it permissible to take that which belongs to a sovereign territory and manage it not only without benefit to the stakeholders (owners) but to their detriment. it is fraud. But a determination to perpetuate that fraud is likely to be the reason for attempting to keep the Scottish ‘crown’ and with it what belongs to the people of Scotland.

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  3. I’ll just leave this here without comment –

    Edinburgh, 1st September 2022
    An Assembly of more than 100 SALVO members –


    “…..It is the voice of a nation entitled to withdraw from a Union which was
    flawed from inception, has served no useful purpose for Scotland but
    which has hobbled, stunted and withheld her progress and
    “Today Scotland serves notice that the chains of the Unicorn are broken;
    the Act of Union is resiled from by and on behalf of Scotland’s people
    and the occupying forces of the partner in Union are required to
    withdraw from Scotland forthwith and to leave her territorial integrity
    “We contend not for glory, nor honour, nor riches, but for freedom, only
    and alone. And that no good man or woman gives up, but with life
    Saor Alba gu brath.

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  4. The Unionists think they are on a high at the moment. They believe they have set back the demands for Independence. In the next few months they will rush to take more ground, curtail powers, set obstacles etc.
    The circus of the last few weeks was the groundwork for a well prepared attack. They have a short window and they are going to exploit it.
    To defend us we have Sturgeon’s Cult followers…..😥

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    1. And a lot of bloody good they are.

      Scotland WAKE UP ! We are making our country as unimportant as any northern county of England.

      SNP – what the devil are you doing ?

      Iain keeps telling us there are still good folk in the SNP – well why are they so SILENT?

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  5. I contacted Salvo through their website and ask if at the Yestival if there would be a stall in which people could sign up to &, I’ve never had a reply.

    I also ask if there were any leaflets I could put through doors or posters I could print out to put up at my windows, I’ve had no reply.

    I again contacted Salvo and asked if there was a website, I could donate to regarding Advertising to make the general public aware of these two sites, I’ve had no reply.

    How is anyone going to know about the new route to Indy when we don’t have any method of actually telling people who support Independence but aren’t interested in talking about it every day?

    I bet Salvo and Liberation are at best at a couple of thousand when if there was a better drive to get the message out, we could actually reach 100,000 easily within a day, if the new SNP where to even push these two websites the new SNP has 100,000 members.

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      1. Tried to sign up to Liberation Scotland and despite many repeated attempts I could not get the system, for a variety of different reasons to accept me.

        Seems there are Gremlins in the system and without a shadow of a doubt I will not be the only one who was unable to sign up.

        State cyber war, electronic intervention, no they wouldn’t dare, or would they?

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    1. Totally agree with 100%Yes about getting the message out to the masses.
      This was my response to Iain’s blog of 12 September, but as only 3 people ‘liked’ sadly I don’t think we’ll be seeing any crowdfunding initiative happening anytime soon.
      “‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.’
      Well what about ‘Three Billboards Outside Edinburgh, Midlothian.’
      Or Thirty Three Billboards, or better still Three Hundred and Thirty Three Billboards Outside and INSIDE Edinburgh, Midlothian? Indeed all over Scotland!
      I’m not sure if it would be allowed, but if there’s no other way of getting all these pro Indy messages out to Joe Public then surely it’s worth a try.
      All I see every day is talk on social media about the Claim of Right etc, etc, by the people who are interested in it. That’s all very well and good but all of the pro Indy messages, including ones exposing the SNP charlatans, should be out into the public domain by whatever means possible.
      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s no time to waste and ALBA or SALVO should be crowdfunding a huge campaign of exposure and knowledge.
      NOW is the time, let’s do it!
      Btw, I know Edinburgh may or may not be in Midlothian but it sounded good”.

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  6. Here is the thing is Charles gives accession to any bill that impunes the claim of right (treason) then he has broken the oath he just took to honour it and that’s a stackable offence under our constitution all it requires is a privvy council member to call forward a meeting of the estates

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  7. Hands up, I admit to being slow.

    Are we talking Union of Crown or Union of Parliaments, or both?

    My initial impression was Parliament and then there was reference to Crowns.

    I shall SLOWLY re-read your excellent article.

    Apologies in advance.

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  8. I tend to agree that as Westminster takes to itself the powers to prevent any dissolution of the Union prior to the next U.K. general election then the SG must exercise the use of existing powers to maximise the difference between us and the rUK so that if an attempt is made by the U.K. to reduce the existing powers then Scots will feel it immediately in their quality of life. It is only if the effects of Westminster’s power grab are felt by the people will they support the SG to dissolve the Union.

    It’s all down to weighing up the personal risk to lifestyles because we have about one quarter of our population who are at best economic nationalists.

    The narrative the SG must pursue is one which makes proves that without independence our quality of life will not be maintained far less improve.

    The recent stats on how the Slovenian and Polish standards of living will reach and overtake the U.K. demonstrate this

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    1. Putting it inelegantly Graeme, the more the Scots have their faces ground into the gutter, the more likely will it be for them to demand independence.

      And on that Nicola Sturgeon will be utterly exposed.

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      1. I don’t think that’s what I’m suggesting at all, Willie.

        You can’t anchor an Independence campaign on hardship and poverty.

        What you do is lift people out of poverty so everyone feels better so they see little or no risk for choosing independence because we are already in dr facto control of our public service funding. If Westminster threatens that then the 20 % will go for Independence.

        The SG has not gotten its collective head round the powers it has . Apart from my own interest in AGFRR , it’s also possible to create a substitute “ currency” to run along with £1. I’m not advocating it just highlighting something to consider.

        Another example is Inheritance Tax which is a reserved tax. The SG could make LBTT payable on all property which transfers on death to beneficiaries. How much that raises depends on thresholds that the tax would kick in. I’m not necessarily advocating it but that is in effect an Inheritance tax . Those affected would still be liable to pay U.K. inheritance tax too so it might make some of our property rich folk start to think if staying in the U.K. is worth it.

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    2. We can’t highlight that Scotland runs her affairs better, thanks to useless Sturgeon and her clowns, but we can highlight that they are accountable to Scotland and Westminster is not.

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  9. Doubt feudal property ownership has been fully transparent/ agreed (hence the feuds) since a certain Pope’s attack on Knights Templar (1314) and his successor’s excommunication of the Scots’ King (1317), if not long long before, but I’d have thought that if the Crown owns lots of stuff, and Scots own the Crown, then, given the (English?) rules of succession hitherto applied decree that the Scots Crown inherited everything in 1604, all the stuff must belong to the Scots and its the England that needs rather to make its case for a share just in case the Scots decide/need to raise the rent.

    Accordingly, one way to guarantee that share post independence would be to repeat (with a twist) what the UK did with George VI (and skip the divorced Charles Anne and Andrew) to crown Edward their King on the basis that Scots law on inheritance applies. That way, notwithstanding the axiom never to start a war unless its already won*, he (they) will be entitled to his (their) bairns part of 12.5% of the debt free assets regardless.

    *ie they might want to publish and review a full audit of the assets and liabilities beforehand lest whichever heritor they choose gets fobbed off with all the bad banks, loss leaders and debt that they’d risk becoming liable for under any old French laws upon which the English law is based.

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    1. In 1307, King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V combined to take down the Knights Templar, arresting the grand master, Jacques de Molay, on charges of heresy, sacrilege and Satanism. Under torture, Molay and other leading Templars confessed and were eventually burned at the stake.
      I think I would have confessed if my feet were burned until the bones fell out.
      The French King was skint and needed the money. The Templar gold was taken by the fleet ( interestingly they used a skull and crossed bones flag). Part of the fleet arrived in Argyll ( West coast just North of Tarbert) shortly afterwards.
      Scotland was the only Nation to offer sanctuary due to the edict by the Pope.
      I read old one book that said it wasn’t the baggage train followers (sma folk) who turned events at Bannockburn but the arrival of 200 Knight Templars charging. I think that makes more sense than than a trained English army running from the Sma folk!
      Many of the Templar Sergeants settled in the Kilwinning area….but that is another story😁

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      1. I also read that they had used energy to level up so to speak and they had relics that helped. There’s a Roslyn website up where they claim to be of the families and they are now sharing the secrets. There’s been women who were meant to have been given the knowledge and they have went to the different leylines around Scotland in order to release or activate the energy.

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      2. Excellent – and could help explain much.

        That particular pope being born in Aquitaine, thus a subject of Henry III (great great great grandfather to protestantism*/Henry VIII), two new questions that arise might be why (eg without influence from Kilwinning!) would the Scots have been annoyed about being thrown out of a church hitherto led by an Englishman in Avignon and, assuming they had good reason, when did the Celtic church/Pictish Kings, etc first pledge allegiance to same/ Rome

        *Ignoring Luther and the gentlemen you mention who clearly protested earlier for better reasons


  10. As Mia has hinted at the WM Government cannot alter the Treaty of Union because it is the legal foundation on which the UK was created and from which the WM Government get its authority to govern the UK.

    There is a kind of legal hierarchy here in which the two sovereign nations that signed the Treaty of Union are at the top and superior, to the Treaty of Union, which is superior UK and the UK Government.

    Jamie Bryson reenforced this idea when he said of the Treaty of Union with Ireland

    “…. not even Parliament could therefore interfere with it, for example Parliament could not interfere with Article 3 by abolishing itself.”

    Parliament is authorised to govern by two Treaties of Union.

    If they fail to comply with Treaty of Union with Scotland then the union with England ends.

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    1. Bill – you need tp put this in front of Sturgeon – the betrayer who actually knows all of this damned well but serves the privy (PRIVVY) council, not Scotland.

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      1. SNP have always intended to keep the monarchy it was written in the white paper. I think that people who are republican have gotten confused or forgotten.


      2. The problem with Sturgeons royal super fan status is that the monarchy wants to keep the union … so possibly the number 1 royal super fan is not ideal to lead the independence hopes and dreams, regardless of whether or not iScotland decides to keep the monarchy.

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  11. Where else did the British state use this technique? Think of the language that was used during the pandemic lockdown then think about how it made you feel and therefore react. Now on the same level and this time it’s the death of the Queen being used. Language, visuals, control and emotions all in order to invoke a mass reaction. If you have ever looked at quantum physics and how the scientists and people who are in this field are telling us that words, thoughts and emotions are very powerful in terms of making something manifest. If you have looked into the studies that have been done when people have come together in mass meditation and the results showed that the energy in the area changed it might inspire us to look at things differently.

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    1. «Lockdown», the suppression, repression, fears and threats of the process engendered more sickness both physical and mental than the virus. Anxiety weakens the body’s normal immune system response to attack from disease aggravating symptoms.
      Pointing that out to the citizen is not good for the pharma business.
      Infantilization and medicalization and loads of fear….

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      1. Exactly and if I were in government I would have had a local sound system like they have in Turkiye to let people know in different areas what is happening and of course the calls to prayer from the mosque used to try and lift the spirits of the people and spread hope and positivity etc. 😁 Some feel good tunes belting out over the realm of possibilities.


      2. FAE
        BE CAREFUL what you ask for. The five times a day adhan, prayer call, you can cope with, the often long friday sermon broadcast at max. vol. from old loudspeakers is another matter.
        As a non muslim brought up with this in various muslim countries my parents sought refuge in after Iraq invasion It is possible to be grateful for the incessant. traffic noise.
        The hypnotic «dhikr» of Sufi devotees it is not.
        Nota..deep breathing is at the core of this practice, the chant I mean.
        We Syriac Catholics have something similar in the melismata of antiphonal liturgical chanting.
        The plain chant hymns in Gaelic churches with precentor and congregation is very similar in effect…tho there’s no incense 😇

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    2. Was privilege to an excellent story (ie home movie quality rather than film) during one of France’s journées du patrimoine last weekend about a handicap group walking the route of St Jacque de Compostelle in 2021 which was most uplifting from the obvious perspective about how good people can be to and for each other.

      Me being me though, I couldn’t help notice that, when they got to the huge Cathedral in Santiago de Compostella, silly face mask rules were (still) being enforced to hide their smiles inside the church – despite what must have been about the biggest thurible (censer) in the world being swung over the chancel between apse and nave – begging question, not so much about what religion the current Pope might be, more how the devil he might be deaf to God’s whisper containing all that common knowledge about the difference in particle size between incense smoke and virus pathogen

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  12. The new monarch has sworn to preserve the status quo. The monarchy, its goods, chattels, privileges and entitlements are Unionism incarnate.
    There ought to be no compromise, no half measures or indulgence with this system.
    The Mundells on monday looked «the part»…for their particular idea of Scotland.

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    1. As much as I am for the rights of women it didn’t take me long to go aff the SNP and Nicola, and btw it was all of us bar perhaps a few that elevated Nicola to this status. Look back at videos of her wearing a crown etc and the actual worship of her by the folk. people might think that I am biased as I preferred Alex however I didn’t agree with everything that he says and I still don’t and I wouldn’t be frightened to say that to him. Anyone who is in government should always be open to the people who lend their power to them and the folk no matter what party they like should not be attacking others for doing so. I am no loyal to any party or politicians and instead I am for the people and I look for the people who are backing up their words with actions. Some people who are now possibly commenting oan here were not nice tae me for questioning and saying what I felt. However I used to get mad now I don’t and waste energy arguing or being bated. Whatever triggers ye is a good indication of what you need to heal, so I did exactly this. Scotland needs healing, each and every last one of us as well as our land. It’s good news that Alex told us about the green being shown on the map which gives me hope that we are on our way there. We are feeling the effects of what Mr Baird has written and it’s difficult for us to be who we are meant to be whilst we are part of a colony. So I can understand why people are upset and angry with the SNP but it’s now up to we the people to take back our sovereignty and try out things that are wrong right.

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      1. Think of what we did to each other for questioning the party in power is what I mean. Arguing and fighting for folk that don’t really care about the people.

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  13. This article has generated some terrific responses, so I don’t intend to repeat them. However, mention was made of Inheritance Tax, which I understand is paid by everyone at the rate of 40% with assets over £325,000.

    Well, not quite everyone! King Charles III is apparently exempt from Inheritance Tax and as mummy reputedly left him around £67 billion, if my arithmetic stands up, and he was forced to pay like his “subjects”, then that would have resulted in approximately £26.8 billion to the UK Treasury.

    Now given these difficult financial times we have now, and that are forecast to get worse, £26.8 billion would make an enormous contribution towards easing the undoubted hardships that are to follow.

    With apologies if my calculations are incorrect but I think that you will agree with King Charles III being treated the same as those he rules over – or should that be “overrules”!

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    1. It is of course not just King Charles who does not have to pay inheritance tax. Landowners like hunting and shooting estates and farmers also have inheritance tax exemptions.

      With the average house price across the UK now sitting at around the inheritance tax threshold it is so heartening to know that the many are doing their bit paying inheritance tax whilst King Charles and other in the landed set do not.

      That’s the way the UK works folks. But as earlier commentator Graeme opined Nicola Sturgeon could through the Scottish Parliament’s powers to levy stamp duty land tax could ipso facto levy an inheritance tax on the transfer on the land and property upon transfer post death.

      Now I whilst I suspect this could be quite difficult, especially since most of land ownership in Scotland is in the hands of what we can describe as the rich, foreign investors, foreign offshore companies, landed gentry and their companies, one has to ask why is Nicola Sturgeon not looking at this. Or is it because she has people like the Duke of Bucleugh’s factor and ex banker Bernie Higgins as one of her government’s key economic advisers.

      I suspect we know the answer to that!

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  14. Sufis and the Ottomans have been using music therapy for assistance in healing for a long time. I have been doing a lot of research on different things that are there in order to try help people. Think about why the bagpipes were once outlawed because sounds are important.

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    1. Sounds are important – I agree Fae. You’d think that a nationalist government would put Scottish music into our schools – put Scottish dancing into our schools – put Scottish story telling into our schools – put Scottish history into our schools – but you’d be wrong. They put trans gender guidance into our schools.

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      1. Teaching widely the main indigenous Scots language as part of the curriculum, as is the case with Gaelic, might have been expected of any national party in power. The effects of Linguistic and Cultural Imperialism lingers on. SNP leaders past and present need to think why they ignored oor rusting Scots language, which is the very basis of an ever-diminishing national consciousness for most Scots.

        The study by Viswanathan (‘The Masks of Conquest’) established that the political origins of what we know as modern English studies is actually located to a significant extent in the colonial education imposed on natives in nineteenth-century India, intended for their ideological pacification and reformation of a potentially rebellious Indian population. This was then imported into the UK for its different but related use there and especially in regard to the Celtic periphery nations as well as regions of England, in addition to its being deployed more widely throughout much of the ’empire’ of course.

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  15. Iain
    The Crown Estate which includes mineral rights and the seabed were transferred to the Scottish Parliament and Scottish ministers as part of the powers transferred by the Smith Commission.

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      1. Unfortunately, Iain it is not simple.

        As a 3rd generation haaf-netter on the Solway Firth for about 25 years, and bailiff for a while, I was told by my father and others that between high and low water marks were “crown land”! However, back then I had no reason to question the validity of that statement or whether there were exceptions or qualifications that applied.

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      1. FK known as ‘British Land’ for several years now. Was large stickers all over the place which I wanted to spray paint over but too many cameras. I spied one said sticker in a shop window a few weeks ago. I don’t give them any of my money now. Should call it little ingerland what with wilko and marks and expensive. I haven’t shopped in yoon stores since 2014 and don’t even miss tunnocks tea cakes.

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    1. But oil and gas were reserved. As all thee resources are owned by the nation, in Scotland that means the people and not the state, (the Scottish constitution is not the english pretending to be UK constitution)own the resources. Mismanagement of those resources includes failing to ensure that the owner actually benefit.

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  16. Ottomanboi I don’t want the call to prayer what I should have said is that the sound system that is used although I don’t mind hearing the call to prayer when I am in a country that has this. I meant in terms of using a sound system in order to use tones that are positivity and healing. I embrace a wee bit of everything except the stuff that is designed to harm other people.


    1. Music therapy has been used and shown to help people recover quickly. During the lockdown nobody was given anything except fear, worry and lower vibrational energy almost 24 hours per day. I am into alternative methods of healing and I am going to use it to help people who might want it.


  17. “Currently, we do not need a referendum to exit this union. The only thing we need is a pro independence FM with an effing backbone”

    I agree countless Westminster government have impinged upon or broken our Claim of Right, Brexit being the more notable.

    Sturgeon is around until 2026, and will use the next GE to get as many SNP MPs elected as possible without the possibility of independence, though she’ll her party’s candidates will run on the indy card.

    RE the Claim of Right could we not have an Assembly of the Communities up and running before 2026, the Claim of Right allows for the Convention of the Estates (Assembly of the Communities) to hold the Scottish government to account.

    “There is a facility in Scots Law, for example, whereby, if the People choose to
    universally and completely reject a piece of legislation, the Court of Session
    can declare that law to be ‘in desuetude’ or obsolete.””

    Just a thought.

    “Power in Scotland is vested in the people and loaned to the monarch and parliament for the
    good of the realm. A bit like a bank loan, this power loan has always carried certain
    conditions which form a compact between the lenders, (the people), and the borrowers, (the
    government). Under that compact no government may infringe the rights and liberties of the
    people, or violate the laws that protect them, on penalty of removal. This is the heart of the
    Scottish constitution, popular sovereignty.
    The compact was embodied in two separate assemblies. One, known from the 16th on as the
    Convention of the Estates, (Assembly of the Communities), represented the lenders, the
    nation or people. The other was the parliament or Three Estates which, along with the
    monarch, was the borrower, the government.”

    Okay with the above in mind, could we resurrect the Convention of the Estates, (Assembly of the Communities). The Claim of Right appears say we can, as it is WE the people who are sovereign.

    Anyway, here’s an idea I’m just throwing out there.

    What if we the people, elected one, two, or even three folk from each of the 32 local council areas, by elect, I mean the people of each local authority elected their own representatives to sit on the Assembly of Communities, no politicians or councillors currently serving would be allowed to apply for the Assembly.

    Obviously, some local councils would be hostile to the idea, of electing your every day average person to the assembly, so we’d need to find a way to allow locals to vote who they wanted to represent them on the assembly for each of the 32 councils in Scotland.

    Once the 32, or 64, or 96 people from the 32 local councils are elected and put in place on the assembly, they would speak for the people of Scotland, on matters of holding the Scottish government to account, on independence and other matters, the Scottish government could hardly ignore them as they would be a representation of the people of our 32 local council areas from all walks of life.

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  18. Iain
    All Crown Estate properties and assets were transferred through the Scottish Crown Estate Act 2019


      1. Thanks for the interesting response. My interest arises from land reform and the work of Robin Callander and Andy Wightman.

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    1. Hi Iain Thanks for the email. I don’t do social media so the websites are my main source of news. This idea of a new constitution would be a worrying development, we need action and need it fast. The moribund nature of the YES movement due to Sturgeon’s inaction and broken promises is depressing. Cheers ________________________________

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  19. “Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland are in the early days of a brand new constitution”

    Where and who does this quote come from?


  20. The concept of the “Kingdom of Great Britain” is pure Unionist, (and anti Scottish) propaganda, and I am a bit surprised that a pro Independence person would want to use it in any way, at all.
    There is no, and never has been an actual Kingdom of Great Britain.
    It simply encourages them in my view.

    With Independence, it wouldn’t matter what the Crown based in London wanted, if Scotland declares an end to the Monarchy, or that particular Monarchy at at any rate, the Crown loses everything in this country, its rights and privileges, etc, all go!
    The only thing they could hang onto here is Balmoral, which is their own property.
    It not entirely impossible that Scotland decides to keep a Monarchy, but insists any Monarch be an exclusively Scottish one, that is having our own Monarch based at Edinburgh.
    That idea has its support, but it would still mean no control whatever by the London Monarchy.
    There are still enough pro Independence Monarchy folks in this country, but only on that basis we do have our own Monarch, otherwise they will simply not accept any Monarchy based in England, once Independent.
    If that was the only alternative, they’d demand a Republic!

    As for the Treaty of Union, and these various insane rogue ideas coming from both English politicians and their treacherous Scottish supporters, as others have made clear, we can walk away from this Union tomorrow, and without any need for a prior Referendum.
    The fact is, the Treaty has been violated so many times, there is nothing to stop us ending it here and now.
    Scotland should have declared the Union over in 2016 after the Brexit vote.
    It is up to the politicians to make it happen tho, and just now, as we can see too clearly, the politicians are being too timid.

    And when we hear the likes of Prime Minister Truss declare she will not “allow” Independence to happen, and various comments from her about us not being an individual country, etc, but being part of one Great Britain (that politically evil phrase again) we should just ask Truss & Co. if that is their attitude towards Scotland, then they are actually secret supporters of Putin of Russia!
    After all, that is his very view of Ukraine. Yet, Truss is against Russia’s war in Ukraine.
    She and her type cannot be out to defend Ukraine’s right to be free of Russian control, while at same time insisting Scotland should not have those same rights.
    The anti Scottish Truss and the Gordon Browns, and the Alister Jacks’ response to that point should make for interesting reading!
    Tho I do think I read at least one of that lot, (it might have been Sunak recently) actually insist UK needed Scotland, and we all know what was meant by that.
    But that is no justification why they tell us Scotland cannot be Independent. Apart from the fact, it isn’t up to them to decide, either.

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      1. I dunno!
        But I do know there are folks who still fancy the idea, and for some, that means the Stuarts.
        But I don’t see how that can happen these days.
        I simply make note of the fact, there are those who would not mind a Monarchy, but a Scottish one.
        And I’d say for most of that group, if they can’t have that Scottish Monarchy, they’d settle for an elected President.
        There was a for a time, those who would have kept Elizabeth as Queen, and that included Alex Salmond.
        But I’m not so sure that same group would want to have Charles as their King.
        Tho I think Salmond was wrong to keep that position. Yet at same time, I think Alex Salmond’s idea was for a certain time only. Then take it to the voters, to ask them on becoming a Republic.

        But we can’t overlook the fact, the idea of maintaining some kind of Monarchy in an Independent Scotland is not too much of a minority.
        How realistic that could turn out, we will have to see, on Independence.


      2. Why me of course Fae! Or anyone like me!
        I’m as good as anyone else! There’s no one better than me and no one worse!
        So what if I’m not Lord or Lady so-and so with an ancient lineage?
        I’ll do the job for 5 years and then resign to give somebody else, just like me, the chance to be a Monarch!

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  21. I really think that that’s probably not going to happen. How can people say that they don’t like the British monarchy and then have the same Stuart family that was the reason for our pain come back and do the same thing?


    1. I did say, I can’t see the return of the Stuarts!
      But my point being, those against an English based Monarchy, see it as a ruling force against Scotland.
      But for some, if they are prepared to accept any kind of Monarchy, it would have to be a Scottish one, or none at all.
      In olden times, like I mean centuries ago, some were prepared to accept the Stuart Kings in London, as they still saw them as being mainly Scottish.
      However, once the Stuarts were deposed, and replaced by a Dutch King, that all changed.
      Personally, my view is that James VI going off to England, was a negative move for Scotland.

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  22. They were Gaelic kings or leadership that James got rid of so if you are going to go to the past who is to say that they are not entitled?


  23. The whole dal riata the Celtic and Pict system.
    Trying to bring back a Stuart might cause a shit storm. I am not a fan of the Stuart that wrote the bible and persecuted women and highlanders and Irish people.😁


  24. Haha well let’s have everyone sit on the stone and see who it squeals for? It would be funny though if it purred like a kitty.

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  25. This comes from a Private Members Bill introduced in the house of Lords. It never made it’s second reading, and was last discussed in October 2019. I don’t think we need to worry too much about it.


  26. The stone will not squeal. As it is not the real one. ER was crowned on the fake stone that was delivered to Arbroath Abbey in April 1951. The coronation was delayed since they were trying to find the real one which has never yet been found. I think letting the stone go back to Edinburgh Castle was to help establish the fake as genuine article in everyone’s mind as the years passed. Although the “real” stone repossessed by Ian Hamilton in 1950 is also reputed to be an imposter it feels good to have kept something they really really wanted back even though we can’t find it ourselves…..yet !

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    1. Aye, I was kinda speaking tongue in cheek. We don’t want a Cinderella scenario where we have everyone lined up to see if the shoe fits and folk fighting tae make it fit them. Perhaps some things are better in a museum so that everyone can enjoy them and we learn a wee bit of the history and smile and think about how far we have come.

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  27. So, it’s just been announced by Westminster that the fracking ban has been lifted.

    I wonder if that will include Scotland too.

    Time for Nicola Sturgeon to make a statement as to whether we are going to frack in Scotland.

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  28. Iain – I hope you don’t mind the url and OT commont but there is an nteresting independence argument in The Scotsman today:

    Just about everyone accepts devolution cannot be backed out
    Just about everyone accepts Scotland cannot stay where she is – unaccountable incompetents holding power without the framework that power requires.

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    1. just saying: I have always said the one thing that unionists will never do to save their “union” is to create a democratic, functional union. They demand acceptance of Scotland as a county of England. We can raise awareness of that – it blasts apart the myth of “union”.

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    2. BBC Shortbread news aka Reporting Scotland, said that Stephen Flynn from the SNP has said that there will still be a moratorium on fracking in Scotland, we’ll see.

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    1. If you believe in the unbelievable twice the Lord of The Rings Return of The King book fell out of my bookcase and naebody was around. I was thinking what is the universe trying to tell me? 😁

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  29. The only way we are going to get out of this mess is stop voting SNP, lay siege to Hollyrood and supply candidates at the next election making it a Pebicsite election on a dissolve the Union ticket, AUOB. Decolonisation process through petition to the UN from the Scottish people would also humiliated the British government highlight our coercive colonial rule from our imperialist masters. Democracy will prevail but we now have to get of our arse and protest. Dissolve the Union.

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  30. marionl99 It’s deffo not. There’s a ghost in the midst and they like this book. Out of them all it’s this one that fell out twice. You live in one of the maist paranormal societies and ye don’t believe in the faeries and ghosts. Well I believe. Told ye I embrace a wee bit of everything. 😂

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    1. Plus all the SNP members have been living in fantasy land believing that our government loves us. So if ye believe that then ye believe anything. 😘

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    2. Agree on both counts in fact Fae: when I was a xhild I saw wonders and now I am older I miss much because I believe it cannot be seen.

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      1. Well some things never leave you, you just let the noise of the mind take over and don’t see the wood fae the trees. We have been steered away fae nature and I would like to think that is the spirit message when the book dropped out. How many of our people are in ill health but end up with bags of medicine that suppress symptoms but don’t cure? Look at all the barren landscape that we have that has been neglected over time. Look at how traditionally we used nature for health.

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  31. I wonder if this was political, and will it make the unionist news in Scotland.

    “AN Alba Party candidate and solicitor was allegedly attacked at his office in Glasgow, the party have said.

    Muhammad Shoaib, 69, is currently in hospital but his condition is not known, Alba have told The National.”

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    1. Its on STV News (online) but don’t see it yet on BBC.
      Glasgow Herald, and Evening Times also reports on it.
      But we do have to question why it’s taking so long for BBC to report on it.

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  32. Sturgeon has already stabbed us and the Alba party in the back, do you recall she screamed in delight and shouted “They’re dead” when Alba didn’t win a seat at the last Holyrood elections. Salmond must surely know by now what a treacherous shit she is.

    “The Alba Party is to call for parliamentary interventions at Westminster in a bid to force the UK Government to agree to a second Scottish independence referendum.

    The party, led by former first minister Alex Salmond, will also demand “popular street agitation” and international action as part of a resolution at its forthcoming conference, set to take place in Stirling next month.

    Alba is also expected to propose that pro-independence parties form a united front in the next general election, with a majority of MPs creating a mandate to enter into independence negotiations with Westminster.”

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    1. Nicoliar United Kingdom. That’s the only United it’s interested in! She/it has seriously fractured the Indy movement and her perverted gra/hcb is already creating havoc which will become more apparent as people wake up to her/it’s agenda. Me, me, me 🤢. Oh how the sheeple follow…makes me sick!

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      1. Salmond needs to wise up to Sturgeon, on the indyfront, the SNP and the Greens won’t work with him or Alba, I for one won’t vote for the SNP as long as Sturgeon and Murrell run things, and even then, when they are gone, I’d need to see who the next leader was, before I made up my mind whether or not to vote for them.

        In the meantime its Alba for me.

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      2. Surely to god Salmond knows what she’s like and can see what she’s doing! He must also know that nusnp and so called greens will not work for the common good. I joined ALBA on the first day and spoiled my ballot re nusnp and told them why exactly…no interest in Indy but falling over themselves re gra/hcb. Disgusting. We also know the booby will occupy Bute House next along with Lady Macbeth. No way I’m voting for that! What a vindication of the bent justice system. Ragin

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      3. Great news! Really pleased about that. Good sweep out of all the perverts and enablers. Nusnp needs turned on it’s head and all the rubbish removed from it’s pockets.

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  33. Hello all,

    Many results of Sturgeon-appointed ministers are often self-described as “unacceptable”, they say. How much would it take for ministers, including herself, to resign? Nothing it would appear, unless they have been found with their hands in the till or someone else’s underwear. Pathetic.

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  34. Alex said in his Wee ALBA Blue Book launch at Ayr, that his original stance in 2014 on keeping Queen Elizabeth 1 as HoS seemed right at the time as many undecided voters supported the monarchy. However his current view was that the monarchy was a question for a referendum after independence

    I have to admit, even as a republican since the age of 16, I was unexpectedly moved by her death and the dignified way it was treated in Scotland – of course that was before she reached England and the whole dam’ circus began. No-one in the media seemed willing to acknowledge that if she hadn’t died in Scotland, we would have played no part whatsoever in the proceedings – now whether it was a planned death at Balmoral (did you see how bruised her hand was in the photos of her ditching Johnson and greeting Truss? Suggests cannula and IV meds being used as part of palliative care) or whether it was just a coincidence (is anything in The Firm a coincidence?) Scotland was being manipulated. The majority of people in Scotland are not doolally about the Royals and having seen Charles channelling Phillip with his little temper tantrums over….. pens…. there is no certainty that the respect his mother had is going to be inherited as easily as her crown

    We need to dethrone our pseudo-monarchy – the Murrells – and start taking our country back

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    1. It is easy to stumble into the trap of sentiment, particulary when death is involved, although the lady was 96 remember, and the gushing stream of nostalgia that flowed with the tears but the British state is a very hard case. Sentiment did not get the British empire the territories it lorded over for centuries.
      The monarchy’s links with Unionism, of both species, renders it alien to Scotland’s future, likewise the «Muddells» unless they shape up.

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  35. “Propaganda does not deceive people. It helps them to deceive themselves”. Eric Hoffer

    ‘This is a last desperate action of the corporate-political cartel. Their media are in the Westminster ‘Alamo’ trying to instil a very British propagandist ‘Volksgemeinschaft’ or ‘people’s community’ spirit in order to patriotically puff-up the population against non-compliant groups and minorities. Regardless of pretext, Tory militarisation of Brexit Britain is inevitable’. 

    ‘The Queen Queue: Volksgemeinschaft, Agitation & Symbolic Propaganda’ (2022)

    Johnny McNeill
    #GaslightingGilligan (© 2017) 
    Twitter: @GasGilligan (*free download*)

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