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The Scottish Government have decided to bow to England’s will and have applied to England’s Supreme Court for permission to hold a Referendum on Independence.

Let’s be generous and suggest it is unlikely this application will be successful.

So what will Nicola do next? It seems pointless to go for a Plebiscite election of Nicola’s design where only SNP votes will count as a Yes vote, and even if she was to win, she has made clear it won’t be a vote for Independence which she still insists needs Westminster’s express permission.

It’s crazy, Britain just left the European Union. They did not need permission to hold the Brexit referendum. When the result was declared they just left.

We have now been waiting for years and by the looks of it Nicola is looking to keep the waiting going for many years yet.

So to help her out, here is a suggestion.

She should organise a referendum asking the question “ should the powers to decide Scotland’s constitutional future through a referendum, be a decision for Holyrood or Westminster? Edinburgh or London?”

There need be no delay, this is well within the scope of the existing powers held by Holyrood and obviously those of favour of Independence will vote for Holyrood while those who oppose Independence will vote to keep London in control. The undecideds will I believe plump more for Edinburgh than Truss’s disastrous London Government

This would be the Scottish Government consulting on the future powers of the Scottish Parliament. Perfectly legal and within the scope of present powers.

There is no need for any delay this could easily be organised in a matter of weeks. The result would signal to the World our demands for full control of our own future to be in Scotland’s hands. Conversely it would expose London’s anti democratic intentions and make further blockage politically impossible. It would allow our international friends to speak out in Scotland’s favour. As the UK looks for trade deals countries could raise this undemocratic behaviour and demand change if any trade deal is to be agreed.

Why not Nicola? The result will have the same standing as your proposals. The difference is the referendum as I have suggested is totally within our Parliament’s powers, the question makes it abundantly clear where Scots demand the powers on our future constitutional arrangements should be determined. It will open up to other nations the disgusting undemocratic behaviour of Westminster in denying Scots our undeniable right to self determination and moves us further along the road to convincing the UNITED NATIONS to get involved.

Why should we wait Nicola?  You have the power to sort it tomorrow.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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73 thoughts on “WHY SHOULD WE WAIT NICOLA?

  1. At the very least, this suggestion would make it clear to international observers that Scotland’s will was being ignored by Westminster. It would provide those with the political will with another indicator of colonialism to take to the UN.

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    1. Whatever happened to the overwhelming international support for the Opposition in Venezuela? Scotland already has a high profile worldwide not least through the efforts of NS. There is nothing to indicate what support Scotland would receive if it voted yes in any type of consultative referendum.

      We need to plan to do it ourselves and reach the summit of 50+% in a U.K. general election , having first taken control of our public funding under existing devolution powers.


      1. but Nicola says only an SNP vote is a vote for independence. I will vote Alba – so according to Nicola I don’t support independence. What I don’t support is incompetence, abuse of public office, corruption, passing of corruptible, vague laws and failing to keep auditable records.

        I think the answer to why we are waiting can be clearly seen if we realise Nicol has no interest in independence. She may have an interest in burying it, depending on whether her behavior is driven by kompromat and what the terms are for her to be allowed to disappear off the scene.

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  2. Excellent suggestion, Iain. I hae ma doots that she’ll pay it any heed as it’s not her or her cronies’ suggestion, but I think you already know that. Let’s push this idea and get the people to demand it …..now! Why not, Nicola, right enough, Iain!

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  3. Don’t hold your breath. Being the dominant political force at both Scottish and UK level is now the raison d’être of the SNP. Keeping the short money coming into the party’s coffers and the salaries into their bank accounts is all that matters. They’re the modern day Parcel o’ Rogues and epitomise the phrase “bought and sold”.

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  4. If she has trouble organising a referendum she could ask that nice Mr Putin to lend a hand as he can get one set up in matter of days with a huge turnout.

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  5. “Conversely it would expose London’s anti democratic intentions and make further blockage politically impossible.”

    The former definitely, the latter I hae ma dobts. Westminster believes it can do what is wants regardless of opinion and whilst in international terms that’s not the case, in UK terms unless the majority of the msm and UK population show their ire, they’ll do what they want. The English majority aren’t going to go to bat for Scotland’s benefit. What they’ll do want to do is lock us in whilst reducing the devolved budget. Maybe I’m too much of a cynic???

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  6. I write this as someone who is open to accepting that Scotland should be independent. Unfortunately, the suggested do-it-ourselves referendum would have no more legitimacy than Putin’s ‘votes’ in Ukraine. You might as well go around making us vote at gunpoint!


    1. Take that point but politically it would move things on. It would clearly demonstrate Scotland’s wishes, there could be no argument about that. It would build international justification to take up our case and it would, if necessary, pave the way for Un action through their decolonisation processes.

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      1. Just like Strathclyde Region did many years ago. It would prove that there is demand for Independence within Scotland. It also shows the UK that we are prepared to explore other options for our Independence!
        How many more ‘change of circumstances’ are the SNP going to ignore? Instead of calling for the recall of Westminster, get out on our streets and organise this. Where were the SNP on Saturday?

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    2. Brian
      If given the choice between – you cannot have a Referendum.
      Versus taking action to force the issue to be debated.
      Which would you favour?

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  7. Iain, that is one excellent suggestion that would resonate with many. Sturgeon is not one to accept advice but I think your thoughts here should reach a wider audience. I am not keen on McPravda National, but this essay is not hammering Queen Nikki and the beautiful logic of your referendum question and the fact that it would be within our parliamentary powers could resonate with many of their readers, if you decided to send it to the National.

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  8. Excellent Iain. I wholeheartedly endorse your proposal, as does any right thinking person keen to see the constitutional question resolved without delay. Sitting on or wringing hands does Scotland no service, in fact is now positively harmful. The history books will not be kind if the FM and those around her continue to allow Scotland’s devastation when the fires to be lit are the bonfires consigning fear, hunger and want to the past. We need our future to be determined now without delay.

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  9. Not sure how that advances the cause! Power still resides in Westminster insofar as you propose a referendum through the devolved Scottish Parliament which is a creation of the Westminster Parliament. What evidence is there that the U.K. gov will respond positively to that result than to a consultative referendum?

    Instead of speculating about the U.K. ( not the English) Supreme Court decision a more positive action is to garner civic support across Scotland for Independence beyond the 50+ %.


    1. “Power still resides in Westminster insofar as you propose a referendum through the devolved Scottish Parliament”

      And whose fault is that, Graeme?

      To even suggest England MPs, holding mandate on behalf of not a single Scottish constituent and who are not the custodians of Scotland’s old Parliament, somewhat “hold” Scotland’s powers, is completely absurd.

      Such a thing only fits with the fabricated “one nation Britain” trademark of the British Nationalism tories, libdems and labour have been frantically peddling since at least the oil was discovered and that is anathema to any serious Scottish Nationalist.

      The only reason why England MPs have been “allowed” to exercise those powers is because the majority of the MPs Scotland has been sending to represent it in Westminster for the last 300+ years, have been choosing to forget about Scotland’s interests and have decided to represent instead the interests of the crown, the interests of England and their own interests.

      The only thing needed in your scenario for Holyrood to have enough power to call whichever referendum it pleases is for those so called “nationalist” MPs, elected while campaigning for a party with the independence of Scotland as the first article of its constitution, to lift their backsides from the comforts of the green seats, to dust those nice backbones they obediently put away in 2015, and to start acting as real Scotland’s nationalist MPs who seek the end of the union, instead of acting like toothless crown puppets making up obstacles to preserve the union instead.

      Scotland’s MPs are the real custodians of Scotland’s old parliament, and therefore who hold Scotland’s powers in Westminster. This means the only thing they need to do to give Holyrood all the power it needs to hold that referendum is to vote to withdraw themselves from England’s parliament temporarily transferring with them all those powers to Holyrood and voila! job done.

      Who is going to credibly claim Scotland’s MPs cannot transfer Scotland’s powers on behalf of Scotland to Scotland’s own parliament? an unelected monarch who should know better and keep their nose well away from politics? The market crasher Liz Truss, an England MP parachuted to the position of PM by a political party holding the mandate of just England? The hundreds of unelected lords undemocratically parachuted to the HoL by the executive arm of the crown for the sole purpose of serving the interests of the crown? Gordon Brown, the Defoe of the 21st century? English judges ruling in the name of the crown within an English court whose legitimacy under the Treaty Union is dubious to say the least, and using an English convention of “parliamentary sovereignty” which does not apply to Scotland’s constitutional tradition?

      None other than Scotland’s MPs can claim they hold the mandate to exercise Scotland’s powers in Westminster, therefore nobody else can claim ownership over those effing powers. It is embarrassing watching Sturgeon attempting to fool the voters with her Supreme Court time wasting exercise which appears to be nothing more than another of her opportunistic and undemocratic moves to transfer her own responsibility and democratic mandate as head of the elected executive in Scotland to decide what bills are brought to Scotland’s parliament, directly to unelected England judges.

      If any of those people were ever to decide that Scotland’s MPs do not have the power to transfer Scotland’s powers to Holyrood then they would also be saying at the same time that Scotland’s MPs in 1706 did never have the power to transfer Scotland’s powers to Westminster in the first place You cannot have it both ways, either Scotland’s MPs can transfer Scotland’s powers from one parliament to another, or they never could therefore the union falls through.

      But to do such thing you need Mps who REALLY seek Scotland’s independence and not just self-serving opportunists chasing a generous payslip, contacts and a long lasting career while fooling pro independence voters. For that you need guts, commitment to your country and the willpower to stand up to a political fraud who has wasted already 8 years of Scotland’s time, Scotland’s opportunities, Scotland’s powers, assets and revenues. For that you have to find the voice to demand from this loser to stand down before she inflicts even more damage and demand a REAL pro independence leader (and I don’t mean another establishment puppet like Robertson) to take over.

      For the allergic to independence within the SNP, the only strategy followed for the last 8 years has been to move the blame for their own inactions on to England MPs, and the blame for the consequences of those inactions on England’s government incompetence. The problem with this strategy is that when you realise they have had in their hands, since 2015, the power to change it all and to stop the damage on Scotland caused by the incompetence of successive England governments, then you start to see that opportunistic strategy for what it really is: their excuse to shift their accountability for doing nothing.

      The only two reasons why those powers are not in HOlyrood already, despite 8 years of SNP MP majorities, and why Scotland has not been independent since 2015 is because

      1. the SNP appears to have being led by what looks like a puppet of the crown whose mission appears to have been to destroy the reputation of Mr Salmond and dismantle the SNP as a vehicle for independence, and
      2. because those who call themselves “SNP” MPs/MSPs have indulged her on such level of destruction by acting like perfect labourites in all but the rosette, and showing even less appetite for independence than Gordon Brown himself.

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      1. It is not absurd in a U.K. context. The legitimacy of the Scottish Government and Parliament and powers of same are a product of Westminster system.

        Prior to 1999 the SNP led by AS accepted the Devolution Settlement handed down by the Labour government on the basis of a gradualist approach ie. Work within the Devolution system , get into government; show you are competent and take it from there.

        Others didn’t want to go down the devolution road.

        The interesting thing is that the 1998 Act did not abolish the pre 1998 constitutional position enunciated by Mrs Thatcher: if the SNP can win over half the seats at Westminster they can have their independence.

        Unfortunately NS appears to have set that bar a bit higher, more than half the votes cast.

        Remains to be seen how Mrs Truss or Sur Kier reacts to the SNP surpassing that bar!


    2. Graeme , just wondering …..a few weeks ago on here you told us to ” watch this space ” , well , we’ve been watching , nothing has appeared . Except NS bowing ( literally ) n scraping before the * majesty * of English Monarchy , so , so keen to display her loyalty and obeisance to the ” Crown ” : joining in the Unionist orgy of manufactured * outrage * at the scenes in Perth recently , * condemning * the fictitious * abuse * , siding with our – supposed – opponents against our own people rightly protesting against the presence of our colonial overlords and the ongoing disaster they’re making of EVERYTHING . Despite being nowhere near the scene of the alleged * abuse * , she immediately jumped-on the MSM bandwagon . Again , as always , her priority was/is to signal her alignment with Unionist versions of * reality . And show she’s keeping anything that might smack of Scottish Nationalist passion , anger , frustration at arms length

      Does it appear to you we’re in a vitally important campaign to achieve our Independence ; that the SNPGov are infusing this campaign with energy , enthusiasm , commitment , fresh ideas , convincing , well thought-out answers to the questions of Currency , Border , Economics etc ? If it does appear such to you , can you provide any evidence that demonstrates it ?

      We’ll keep an eye on ” this space ” . Don’t take too long to fill it , with something , anything , that demonstrates you are aware of the gravity of our situation , and the woeful , unforgivable lack of balls , political will and clue of your Party leader and toothless , fawning lapdogs she surrounds herself with .

      If not , you will be left in the rubbish heap along with rest of the pretenders .

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      1. Robert I have asked Graeme numerous times to supply ANY links to ANY educational documentation put out by the snp in the furtherance of independence , nothing has ever been produced , it appears Graeme is one of the SECRET PLANS for indy believers and is just patiently waiting on the sainted one DECLARING independence , according to him it could be anytime , maybe even within the next decade or future decades these things cannot be rushed I think nicla told him , it is such a pity that seemingly intelligent people cannot believe they are being conned , no wonder so many people lose fortunes to conmen and women

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      2. Goodness, for a moment I thought you were rehashing about Sturgeon calling out the ‘ALBA’ behaviour (she can tell just by looking at someone, which party they’re in… apparently) at the Tory Conference in Perth, when she called out Indy supporters for… Oh yes, something that never happened. She seems to be making a REAL HABIT of calling out Indy supporters (and jailing them if she gets the chance)… I wonder why? I mean – she’s an Indy supporter herself – right?? :-/

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  10. A very good idea, Iain, one of many which would advance our cause. If the journey to independence is likened to a flowing river, then these ideas should all be used to flow around the obstacles placed in our path and lead us to our ultimate goal. However, all such sensible appeals to Nicola Sturgeon are predicated on the assumption that she actually wants independence. I think the past eight years have demonstrated quite categorically that this is simply not the case, and Nicola Sturgeon is in fact the major, and in many ways the sole, impediment to our independence. She is the obstacle which we, as a movement, will need to “flow around” to achieve our goal. In the same way that you can’t reason with someone who is clinically insane, you can’t expect Nicola Sturgeon to be able to take on board any good or positive suggestions for any reason whatsoever!

    It also occurs to me that it is very difficult for the Scottish Government to criticise Westminster for not acting in Scotland’s best interests, when they themselves have long since ceased to do so.

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  11. Our opponents are bound to read this proposal and immediately shout that without the permission of Westminster, all referendum proposals will fall. We know that already, of course, just like we know Sturgeon isn’t interested in ambitious ideas or suggestions that run the risk of us becoming a normal independent country. Her sole ambition is never, ever to upset or offend those keeping her relevant and in business. Unfortunately, we have an excellent question but, absolutely, the wrong chief-administrator to give-it-legs. Besides anything else, there’s the very real problem that the idea didn’t originate with her.

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  12. So having not had the answer to this state of affairs this is the most balanced and proportionate suggestion I have read. Should NS proceed with it do you think the WM Govt would intervene? I think so and maybe we need to flush that out sooner rather than later.

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  13. Just saw a pig flying past a blue ( cheese ) moon : as if that wasn’t enough , I read somewhere ( probably the Daily Express ) that hell has been turned into a skating rink . So the omens are looking good that NS will hear about your suggestion and immediately react , saying … ” you know what ? that’s a fantastic idea , why didn’t I think of that ? Right , get Ian , Pete or Alyyynnnn on the phone (or an adult , if you can find one ) ……..I DON’T CARE IF THEY’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME OF BLIND MAN’S BLUFF GET ONE OF THEM !!

    Oh……just remembered ….better phone Liz first , see if she’s cool with this idea “

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  14. If we continue to do nothing Westminster will continue to ignore us. Westminster’s contempt for Scotland will only increase in the face of such pathetic inaction.

    Disrupt Westminster business at every opportunity. Then permanently withdraw all pro-indy MPs from Westminster. Cause a stooshie in London. Show the world just how much a sick joke the so-called united kingdom really is. If the people of Scotland disagree with such action they will vote accordingly at the next election. If they still vote for pro-indy parties at the next election, creating new majorities in pro-indy MPs, then UDI should be declared.

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  15. The question is too open ended. If the vote supported “yes”, the unionists could just say “we agree, just not now”.
    There is also the risk of the unionists refusing to engage, resulting in a low voter turn out and the result having no credibility.


    1. So Unionists get to stop us deciding anything. That does not seem a sensible strategy to me. If Unionists stay home the majority support increases. I can I’ve with that.

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  16. Nicola is a lame duck leader, and stifling the independence movement we will never get anywhere with her in charge .One excuse after another. Where was she on Saturday ,she was not a the March why. is she not campaigning for independence, Why is her party not campaigning for independence. Why is independence not going to be discussed at conference, Why is the currency not going to be discussed at conference. It’s a P”s take we have had enough ,we need action. This lot need a coup to get rid of her before they end up like Labour people are now realising want she is about and it’s not independence.
    Dissolve the Union.

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    1. Why? In the words of Iain Blackford…

      I’ve just come down from the Isle of Skye
      I’m no very thin and we all know why
      My expense claims are sky high
      I’m Iain Bla Bla Blackford

      Let the wind bla hard
      Let the wind bla snell
      the Indy movement
      can go tae hell
      My expense claims see them swell
      I’m Iain bla bla Blackford

      Scotland pulled out against her will
      Scotland’s people feel the chill
      Nikla’s MP’s sit there still
      Like Iain Bla Bla Blackford

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      1. 😂 Nowt like a wee bit of humour. I was listening to prism yesterday and Gavin was speaking about Ian Blackford standing in Westminster each day and being on the recieving end of racist abuse. As Ian represents us he and the rest of them should be reflecting our feelings and walking out in unison each time it’s done. Know how I know that it pisses them aff? Mind when Alex and co were there and they did a few things ma right wing thinking pal fae London was besides herself. She was all how dare your Scottish MPs come into our parliament and stand all over and ruin our traditions. The response I gave her was. 😂

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  17. I noticed on the Biased Bastard Corporation news at 1 Charlie big ears was visiting Dunfermline , when sturgeon got out of her car there was AUDIBLE BOOOOOS heard , I don’t know if it was unionists booing her or indy supporters (hopefully the latter) but gone are the days when she was heralded and applauded
    Your idea has merit Iain but sturgeon is a traitor and betrayer of Scotland and Scots , her LEGACY is that of a colonial governor within a vichy government

    The ONLY way out of these chains is via a PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT of the convention of the estates , and WE must ensure SCOTLAND cannot EVER be held to ransom by traitors like these again

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    1. What might have happened is they might have believed that they could be a permanent UK party and fob us aff as being stupid. Remember the folk who were saying from England that they wished that they had a party like SNP? Perhaps a few of them liked this idea so decided to string us along, it’s worked for long enough but now I think that they are about to find out the strength of a nation who feel like their ain have betrayed them.

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  18. Sounds an interesting idea altho I thot that all referenda had to be done thru the Electoral Commission, a UK body , to have any validity – I know Scottish election and Local Govt elections are permitted – am I mistaken ?
    (Such a pity that most of the replies resort predominantly to the usual tiresome personal vilification of NS)


    1. People are fed up NS and it’s their right to be because she works for them and has ignored the people for eight years and if she can not do what she was elected to do just as BJ was under fire and being asked to step down she is nae different.

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      1. If people are fed up with her why do they still keep voting for her? She’s not the only Independence Party in town but she wiped the electoral floor with the others.


    2. Florence, I appreciate that you may find personal vilification ‘tiresome’. And whilst I would not endorse it per se, when the recipient has aligned the forces of state and media to her cause/scheme, what other avenues are open to a 5/8 foot soldier?

      This excellent site is about making us aware. No matter if the natives get restless. I would be more worried if I/they didn’t.

      Perhaps the moral high ground lies elsewhere.

      P.S ‘most of the replies’ – really?

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  19. Florence, let’s set aside personal vilification of NS, and compare her record to her predecessor, Alex Salmond

    Alex Salmond’s government at Holyrood built the Forth road bridge, and the Borders railways – and within budget – and provided us with a referendum on independence.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s achievements? – the ferry fiasco at Ferguson shipyard; the gender recognition initiative; lapses of memory over the Alex Salmond vendetta. The UK Brexit exit was the golden opportunity to demand a review of the governance of the UK. Not a whimper from Sturgeon.

    Have I missed any notable achievements by Nicola Sturgeon?

    And today, as our First Minister, Sturgoen is bowing her head to an unelected 72 yr old man, called Charles, Alex Salmond is touring Scotland, making the case for independence.

    Go Compare

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    1. Someone made an interesting point Putin can organise a referendum in the Donbas in three days Sturgeon has taken 8 years and we still aren’t there yet. Strange that .

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      1. That statement says more about you than Nicola. Seems there are a few folk on one wing of the YES movement which holds Putin and his instruments of state in some sort of pedestal


  20. I just watched Andrew Marr on YouTube , Marr said about the LizTruss UK government this is what happens when the members choose a leader. The hidden agenda is that the elites wish to choose the leader of whatever party and prevent the topple of those they like such as Boris for example. To me the membership should able to choose who they like no matter what the party. This is how the establishment go rid of Corbyn and unfortunately against the will of the Labour members. Here in Scotland we have let the executive of the SNP be taken over by a Britnat chameleon cartel. I would say to Marr we the people choose our leaders that’s democracy but it is also democracy when we the people have had enough of our politicians we should be able to red carding them. Ms Sturgeon she has pasted her sell by date she has failed us Betrayed us our hopes aspirations and our needs. I think Its time for the membership here to have a night of the long knifes, Those that dont want to go sometimes need pushed. Nicola needs pushed. Dissolve the Union.

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      1. I want to see a patriot leader of the SNP someone who wants independence who strives for it .Someone who is interested enough to plan for a currency for our future as an independent country. Someone who is not using independence to further their narcissistic desire for power and self interest. Someone who doesn’t try to stifle the independence movement and silence her critics with the vindictive persecution of Patriots, example .Mark Hirst. Alex Salmond, Craig Murray .Manny Singh. I think if Sturgeon was committed to the cause of independence she would be at the front of every independence March and lining up the troops of SNP ,MPs and MSPs taking a leaf out of Nelson Mandela or Lech Walesa book. We need Someone who will discuss independence at conference with less than a year to go to a referendum. ( If you believe that ). Is that not strange. 8 years of nothing failed strategy acquiescence compliance to Westminster. Personally I would swoop Strugeon any time with a Mary Lou Macdonald or Michelle O’Neill who aren’t afraid to rock the boat. With a record like Sturgeons dont you think is time for change.
        Dissolve the Union.

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      2. Thanks for you vote . Cause If you always do what you always done you always get what you always got. This applys to partisan voting to.
        Me my role is the truthteller the light , I wanted to believe to but peoples actions in politics speak for themselves often this is different from their soundbite. It is disappointment at first but then becomes a pattern after 8 years I have reached the end of my tether clearly seeing a pattern. I come from a independence family of several generations. Never have I seen the SNP have a majority election after election 6 mandates yet to be as passive . I dont think you get it brother you need to look at history in Ireland to understand what is currently happening. Being in the winter of my life I have no desire for a political career but you never know Doctor Davros is still leading the Daleks.

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      3. Ok so complain from the sidelines unless u r supporting others to do so. If u r not in the midst of an organisation you can’t change it . The fact is that those who criticise the SNP leadership fundamentally never organised to challenge it. They could have done in terms of the Party rules but didn’t bother. To me it’s very strange how all those discontented folk couldn’t organise themselves within the party but managed to after they had left. We are told that Alba has a significant and growing membership. I know many are former members of the SNP. Given the numbers involved there was no prima facie impediment in the rules to prevent candidates of a similar opinion standing for all positions in the leadership of the Party .


      4. Don’t misquote me. I did not urge a challenge to the SNP leadership, and you know it! Naughty boy!

        I enquired why those former members of the SNP who were discontent couldn’t organise a challenge in the Party but have managed to organise a political party.

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      5. The simple answer to that is all roads to challenge the leadership of the SNP have been shut down,The emergence of other independence parties are a consequence of that. When you cant effect change within you have to go out with . Scotland gu brath brothers and Sisters.

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      6. No, I said that if anyone wants to challenge for any post in the Leadership they can do so. There are rules requiring a certain level of support to stand but even for the highest position they are more than achievable if a group of discontented people are determined.

        What’s incredibly strange is that the Votes for internal elections delivered a significant change in the NEC. Many elected were unhappy with the previous NEC and they gained support from the members who voted.

        So many of those elected gave up their membership of the NEC . That group crumbled. Why didn’t they stay ? They and more of their political friends could have stood for re-election last year but didn’t. Who knows, they might have secured more seats on the NEC . They shot themselves in the foot by resigning. A cynic might think that was their intention all along.


      7. You were not there Graeme they had good reason to resign. Don’t worry .I freely admit I was winding you up and you are not the instigator of a palace coup


      8. I know when I’m being wound up but there are some folk out there who are literalists.

        I don’t know where I wasn’t!

        Palace coups usually arise when there is no democratic means to change. That’s not the case with the SNP. Our constitution gives those who wish to challenge the means to do so.

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      9. Sturgeons cabal close down decent, intimidate and stitch up those who question the Supreme leader and her puppet cult followers .This is how the members cannot effect change the Murrells control everthing having doctored all the rules of the party to suit their own ends making their removal near impossible. This is through their design. Think about an independence party that cannot discuss independence as a topic at their own conference or currency. Why is that, what do you think?. Why do you think she wants a code of conduct to enforced on other independence parties . I answer that one she wants to close down the independence movement for her colonial masters.

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  21. It’s funny that those who criticise other independence parties dont realise that they vote SNP but mock these people for not accepting their Nicola cult. Mock voters at your pearl. Currently unless you vote for the greens you can only vote for IPS , Alba in a second vote remember to keep the Unionists out of Hollyrood . but I ask you who let them in Brother, Nicola I believe another example of self interest before the cause of independence. But we must all unite under Nicola ‘s banner. When is the SNP referendum campaign starting . How about Yestival prehaps Nicola will make a appearance, dont hold your breath .
    Dissolve the Union.


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