I am angry.

I am a lot of things today. Enraged, annoyed, angry. What I am not is surprised. Anyone with any interest in Independence cannot be surprised that the completely confused case put forward by the Scottish Government was rejected by the English Supreme Court.

What was the point of it unless it was rejection you were looking for?

The Lord Advocate’s submission could easily have been confused as an argument against granting a referendum. The botched handling in sending a draft Bill that had never been voted on at Holyrood gave it no status. The Supreme Court was never going to approve a “draft” bill or one that could not evidence the support of the Scottish Parliament in a specific vote. Anyone who followed Martin Keatings case knew that. They should also have recognised that the SG KNEW that all too well. They opposed Martin at the time. No Nicola was taking no chances, it was rejection she was looking for and she was leaving nothing to chance.

Don’t get me wrong I am sure they would have rejected it even if it had had a spirited well argued case and the Parliament had voted overwhelmingly in support. This is precisely why Tony Blair set it up in the first place. The Supreme Court is Westminster’s bulwark to stop, or at worst delay Scottish Independence. By the way I am no Johnny come lately newcomer to that argument, I argued that it was precisely this role that made its creation essential to Westminster at the time. Sadly Scotland’s elected politicians went along with it.

So what does the Devo Supremo plan as the next step? Well firstly the date she “pencilled in” for next October can be rubbed out. There is no question of any unapproved by London referendum taking place. She has announced she will respect the result and any referendum must be “legal”. She didn’t use the words “Gold standard” but we all know that’s what she would call it if England’s Supreme Court had “granted” permission.

She has already screwed any plebiscite election route through her insistence that only SNP votes would count, ignoring and discounting all other votes from pro Indy parties including her allies the Greens. Leaving nothing to chance she is ensuring the Yes side will be hopelessly divided and her insistence on SNP votes only is just the most recent example of her intention to put Party above country. BOTH VOTES SNP rides again.

Just think about that strategy and what has resulted from it? In the Scottish elections it allowed dozens of Unionist MSP’s to be elected, completely removing the supermajority option that could of being hugely useful today as it would have empowered the Scottish Government to have called a immediate Scottish General Election in response to the Supreme Court ruling. Can you imagine the panic that would have caused in Westminster giving the voters the option to choose about who should determine Scotland’s constitutional future, Scotland or England’s Supreme Court?

Likewise it had the same impact in the Local Elections where it handed control of many Councils to Unionists across the country. Handily removing any threat of using Council facilities in any “unofficial illegal referendum”.

No Nicola’s actions have been well planned, sadly not for Scotland’s benefit but for her own.

As I write this I am still in the USA and I have not heard what she was going to say at her press conference. To be frank I have little interest. It will be blaming everyone else but herself, it will be urging Scots to give her support because she is planning to keep up the “fight”. One more push and all that.

There is no mention of me being depressed today. I am not, if I am honest I can’t  think of anything more dangerous to Scotland’s hopes of Independence than Nicola and her Devo gang leading a Yes campaign with a programme wedded to the SNP GROWTH COMMISSION economic plan. I think we all missed a bullet today.

Salvo and Liberation.Scot saw this day coming. We have been planning for it. We have a response and I am sure you are all going to like it. We have been doing our homework ensuring all our information is sound and that the evidence is on hand to prove our case.

It will not appear today because we need to allow time for Scots to finally realise we are in a colonial position with Westminster and for that to sink in. I am confident Scots will not accept that status and I am confident that when we finally launch our response Scots will be ready and receptive to it. We live in exciting times, don’t be depressed. A huge and growing division of Cavalry are just over the brow of the hill getting ready to strike. You will not have long to wait. Be ready!

In the meantime if you have not already joined Liberation.Scot. This would be an excellent day to do so! Please share and encourage your friends to join up.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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58 thoughts on “I AM ANGRY.

  1. I must admit to being somewhat relieved at the judgment announced by The Supremes. A meaningless referendum for which the SNP, the arrowhead of the Independence movement, are very clearly unprepared and with an entirely unsuited leadership for the task in hand, would have been a disaster … and a waste, of time, energy and money on a process that, if YES had secured a ‘victory’, would have led to precisely no change in Scotland’s predicament.

    The Supremes have shown explicitly the real state of the United Kingdom. That is a good thing – it is black and white now: there is no route out of the Union, as all thinking people know, by playing by British rules …

    … although the SNP will now move to trumpet the plebby election as the next strand of this wondrous masterplan. Apart from the fact that 16-17 year-olds and European nationals resident in Scotland can’t vote in a UK GE there is no hope of the SNP alone obtaining both 50%+ of seats and votes (as per Nicola Sturgeon’s self-declared dual criteria required to even ‘open discussions’ or some such with the UK Government regarding restoring Scotland’s nation-statehood).

    To this end I note that the SNP/Nicola Sturgeon has now announced that they are going “to convene a special conference to discuss and agree the detail of a proposed de-facto referendum” sometime in the “New Year” and that the SNP will “launch and mobilise a major campaign in defence of Scottish democracy”. (https://www.thenational.scot/news/23144324.snp-announce-emergency-party-conference-de-facto-referendum-plan/).

    This really sounds like the usual hot air… not so much kicking the can into the long grass but deep into the Amazonian rain forest.

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    1. Westminster scuppers FM Sturgeon’s plan for Plebiscite Election:
      “the government would not accept the SNP argument that the next general election will be a de facto vote on independence in Scotland. Asked if Rishi Sunak agreed with that plan, the press secretary replied:

      I don’t think that is the position of the UK government. The supreme court’s decision today has been very clear.”


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  2. I think we’re all angry, we now know that we’re not in a union, but rather we are being held against our will by a foreign country via compliant House Jocks and legalese jargon that holds no water under scrutiny.

    Sturgeon is currently grandstanding to those who still believe (and they grow less by the day) that she wants Scottish independence, her false anger, an act really, that’s she’s used against the indy masses for years to curry favour at the polling station, is expected. One just has to look at her record on promoting and further advancing Scottish independence to see that she has harmed more than helped the cause, why anyone would believe her now is beyond me.

    Sturgeon cannot be trusted to use the next GE as a plebiscite.

    As many aware indy supporters have said and the rest now know for themselves there’s NO way out of this hostage position that Scotland finds itself in via Westminster.

    Let that sink in for a moment that WE are held hostage by a foreign country and will continue to be held hostage by England unless we ourselves do something about it. No offence to the brave and courageous Palestinian people but I feel more for their position today as it feels as though we are in a similar position to them.

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  3. Sturgeon is all about keeping the SNP in power – hence the ridiculous statement that only SNP votes will be counted for independence. Once returned they will bow and curtsy and lament that they can do nothing but pump up their pensions.

    I am relieved – I think we dodged a bullet. The nuSNP are deranged, incompetent and scarily authoritarian. If they had been forced to take action on independence god alone knows what sort of state they would build. My hopes and dreams rest with SALVO and I feel they are in safe hands.

    There is no point at all waiting on a UKGE. This winter will be a winter of discontent – gutless Sturgeon should cut and run for the UN job now.

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  4. That’s the only piece of promising news I’ve heard today…please please get this information out ASAP..we need to drive Sturgeon out …along with her unionist cabal because thats what they are

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  5. I’m not surprised either Iain. As for anger, I left that pointless emotion behind years ago. I am however determined to use what time I have left to help Scotland to achieve independence.

    If Sturgeon wins the next election ( by fair means or foul, probably foul), then we will have another treacherous SNP “government” for the next five years. No doubt she will resign after winning and hand over the reigns to another member of the clique. We must find a way to prevent this from happening.

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  6. Strategy for implementation of the Plebiscite is to be formulated at a leisurely convened NEC.
    Nae Constitutional Convention as (rashly) promised (with no time scale) on 31st January 2021.
    There are cracks in the ranks at Westminster.
    Cracks are appearing at Holyrood.
    The only forum acceptable to the pathologically Stalinesque clique around Sturgeon is the gerrymandered NEC.

    Nae recall of MPs.
    Nae Constitutional Convention.
    Nae dissolution of Holyrood.
    Mair prevarication.
    Mair bloviating.
    Mair lovely, crunchy carrots.

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      1. I have tried to join Liberation . Scot several times and go round in circles. They say I have the wrong password and username and I am at a quandary as to solve this.


  7. So now we know. The charade is over.

    Hollywood is a powerless parish Council. No authority it has been shown exactly for what it is. A parliament with no say, no authority.

    And in Westminster a majority of MPs powerless to make change, to act on behalf of the Scottish electorate.

    They could of course walk out, reconvene in Scotland. But will they?

    Ah Scotland, Bonnie Scotland, exposed as a country with no political voice, no democratic voice. A poor broken people. Only the diktat of the ruling English.

    This is the stuff that in other countries would cause the guns to come out. By whose authority do the English rule. Only their own. And now we know.

    But we have authority. Our authority. And it is time we took it, asserted it.

    This today is our starting gun. The rejection today is seminal. The charade is over. The court judgement has lit the way.

    And the defrocked solicitor and Guleiter of the powerless so called Scottish Government who asked the question, maybe we should actually thank them.

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  8. The first part of this is twaddle. The court was never asked to approve or disapprove of any bill. They were simply asked to clarify the law, which they have done. We now know where we stand legally. It’s no longer a question of various opinions and there will be no need to visit the question again.

    But the court went further. We now know that, in their opinion, the international right to self-determination does not apply to Scotland. So we now know there is no way out of the union under UK legal process without permission of the government based in England. The “voluntary union” idea has been shown to be a lie. This, for me, is the more important judgement.

    Barring miracles we can forget about a referendum. We need to look to other routes. The UK General Election may be one route but, I suspect, a messy one which will require support from other Scottish constitutional arguments.

    I look forward to the proposals you will be bringing forward.

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    1. “But the court went further. We now know that, in their opinion, the international right to self-determination does not apply to Scotland.”

      Reads that way – but – it is crucial to recognise that anything they were offering and reaching that opinion on was 100% directed exclusively to the SNP submission!

      These are extracts which underline why I emphasise that point.

      “The Advocate General does not dispute that the United Kingdom recognises and respects the right of self-determination in international law.”

      “In particular, the Advocate General submits that the principle of self-determination has no application here.”

      “There are insuperable obstacles in the path of the intervener’s argument based on self-determination.”

      “First, the principle of self-determination is simply not in play here.”

      What was in play? Only two things.

      1)The SNP submission.

      2) The Scotland Act.

      Now for sure and it can’t be ignored – they then added comments on “Kosovo” and “Quebec” – but why did they feel that to be necessary?

      Read item “87” in their judgement – it throws every judgement they could find into the mix – but why did they feel that to be necessary?

      I speculate they had their reasons – and perhaps their orders!

      Maybe we should NOT just accept their opinion – UK domestic Judges no matter how qualified and distinguished do NOT have the last word (NOR as UK domestic judges – any word) in international law.

      Que sera!

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      1. Spot on Mike, I have no doubt that they were commencing the propaganda war against Scotland’s case to the ICJ, they have no jurisdiction there at all. The other propaganda assault was the (3 times) statement about the “sovereignty of the UK parliament” which they know has no effect in Scotland. The UKSC has entered the political fray, their judgement (which I am very relieved about) is a legal judgement, much of their commentary was political.

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  9. I still adhere to my analysis that the SNP have been fully infiltrated by the British deep state, With Ms. Sturgeon completely compromised. Think about it for a moment, if you were in charge of MI5, your job is absolutely to maintain the union. You call a meeting with your colleagues and ask them, what you should do? The first and most obvious response will be, neutralise the SNP, and start at the very top. You also know from even a cursory read on British imperialism, that there doesn’t need be anything nice about such a neutralisation, see Salmond, Murray et al.

    Sometimes the monster has to be named in order to remove its power over you. The SNP is not the party that will give Scotland independence. What frustrates me is that so many Scots who truly desire independence, still believe that the SNP is the only mechanism to that goal. How can that be changed? I suspect it is going to be a long haul before the duplicity of the SNP becomes obviously to your less informed independence supporter.

    I truly admire people in the independence movement that are working towards alternative solutions to shrug off Westminster control over Scotland, but without the mass of SNP follower’s support, and their realisation that they must look outside of the SNP for their dream, the cause is a difficult one.

    Ron Rothammer
    West Lothian

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  10. “We live in exciting times, don’t be depressed. A huge and growing division of Calvary are just over the brow of the hill getting ready to strike. You will not have long to wait. Be ready!”

    As it happens I do existentially look to Calvary on “the brow of the hill” for humanity’s ultimate deliverance, but in context what is clearly intended is “Cavalry” (from Latin “caballus”, cf Irish “capall”, both meaning “horse”).

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      1. Poignant video and even more poignant hymn. But, doesn’t it hark back to antiquated idea of religion being the opiate of the masses; leaving the always with us poor in their God appointed place, while the rich(their superiors) get to cop out of meaningful help in any way.

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      2. People can perhaps make up their own minds from the following 9 min video. But they will excuse me if (out of respect for Iain Lawson’s hospitality) I don’t respond further. It would drift too far off the thread topic.

        Mez McConnell is the Senior Pastor of Niddrie Community Church, Edinburgh. He is founder and Director of 20 Schemes. This is his story —

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  11. If Ian (Scotland won’t stand for it) Blackford SNP MP was so outraged today at finding out that Scotland is a hostage, denied democracy by England, then why didn’t his SNP MPs walk out in disgust, answer, because for most of them the outrage is nothing more than an act, an act they need to put on to placate the indy masses back home in Scotland.

    SNP MPs don’t want to lose their cushy well-paid jobs at Westminster, Scotland being held hostage and denied democracy is acceptable in their eyes, and the eyes of our treacherous FM Sturgeon. Remember the same faux outrage over Brexit by the SNP MPs/MSPs and Sturgeon, tell me what came of that, answer zero, nil nada, give it a week or two and the language from Bute House will, maybe not have changed too much, but the false outrage will have.

    Let’s not forget the proposed indyref next year was a MOCK indyref it would’ve had no effect on the status quo, it would merely have gauged opinion in Scotland.

    We are held prisoner by England and our FM and her MPs and MSPs don’t care, maybe some do, but they are too gutless and spineless to open their mouths and say something, in case they lose their place at the Scottish taxpayer’s gravy train.

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    1. Totally agree though I did enjoy the six SNP MP’s who used Prime Minister’s Questions to ask those very pertinent questions. Would now like each of the remainder to ask a variation on theme every Prime Minister’s Questions. Like to see Rishi getting a wee bit flustered and annoyed.

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  12. I’m not the least bit surprised at this develop nor am I angry. Waste of time and emotion as far as the SNP are concerned. The wicked witch of Bute house will be delighted, exactly what she was hoping for. There never was going to be a referendum next year, most of us here all knew that, She has royal fecked everyone over with her idea of a plebiscite election so what now. I hear that she will call a emergency conference to discuss it, sometime early next year I believe. well 1. that’s not what I would call urgent and 2. naebody gets to say onything o’ worth at conference, she makes sure it’s a’ tied up the way she wants it to be. She knew full well what she was doing when she targeted Alex Salmond he was the real danger. She must be fair pleased with herself. She should have done the descent thing and resigned, Blackford as well, but strangely enough the word descent does not apply to either of them

    I’m not depressed either, there are a lot of good folk still digging away trying to find us the way to go. I don’t expect it in my lifetime now but I won’t stop believing independence. The other piece of advice to Sturgeon and her ilk is always remember Karma is a bitch, and she will get you, maybe sooner than you think.

    Oh aye, just before I go, I will not be pulling on my boots to turn out to any SNP organised demonstrations today or any other day.

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    1. I like this:”Karma is a bitch, and she will get you, maybe sooner than you think.” It is also worth reminding the women involved in the Salmond case. Looking over your shoulders every day in case one of you has decided to tell the truth is no way to live. Don’t fall out with one another but remember well the person who put you in this horrible position.

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  13. All pro independence MPs must remove themselves permanently from Westminster. Just walk out and stay out. Won’t immediately change things of course but at least it would show up Westminster and the so-called united kingdom for what they are: profoundly undemocratic.

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  14. I am angry at 8 wasted years. I am even angrier that Sturgeon is going to con people that”Votes for the SNP” is the only route. A real leader would invite in the Greens, SSP, ISP, Alba and gain agreement that Nobody stands under a Party banner for Westminster or Holyrood for the chosen “proxy Referendum”,
    We put up one candidate drawn from the Parties involved in each constituency under a neutral agreed YES/Independence box/label. Preferably we make it a Holyrood election by collapsing Holyrood now…..but she will never do that. She needs to dictate to others. She will never accept Unity across the Movement or the loss of Short Money or the loss of the “donation” all SNP MPs have to make from their wages to Murrell Enterprises.
    Even then all those Indy supporting Labour voters are going to be recorded as a vote for the Union.
    In a Westminster vote the 16 to 18 vote will be lost…a huge number of Indy voters in that group.

    I will not be conned again into voting for the Snake Oil BritNat agent Sturgeon or any of her Cult followers.

    I see only one option – Pull down the SNP and start again.

    If the Nicophants keep her in power then we will get nowhere.

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  15. I also am very angry!

    If we weren’t a colony before, we became one this morning. I noticed that not once was Scotland’s sovereignty mentioned. The SC report quotes the UN concerning ‘General Assembly Resolution 1514 of December 1960 which states, at para 2:

    “All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”

    So, are the people of Scotland a people with the right to self-determination?

    The SC held that UK’s situation mirrored that in Canada’s regarding Quebec in its ‘whole people belonging to the territory without distinction.’, and therefore that the people of the UK were also a ‘whole people belonging to the territory without distinction.’
    What about the clear distinction that Scotland’s people, alone in the UK, possess their own sovereignty, a distinction that applies to no other people in these islands?

    What about the clear distinction that Scotland’s constitution derived from that sovereignty is under permanent guarantee under an obligation made as a condition of ratification of the very Treaty that created both the UK and the UK Parliament? A constitution owned by no other people in the UK.

    The Treaty with that condition was ratified in both parliaments in 1707, at which point the obligation became active, binding, permanent, and utterly ignored!

    The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom just asserted that those distinctions that distinguish the people of Scotland exclusively in these islands do not exist, therefore our sovereignty and our constitution don’t exist either, and have basically verified in law a clear breach of the Treaty.

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    1. “have basically verified in law a clear breach of the Treaty.”

      they’ve been breaching the Treaty since the ink was still wet! This is just another one to add to the list.

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    2. Other clear distinctions include the preservation of Scots Law, the presence of a clear border separating us from the rest of the UK, the different languages, and cultures, and no doubt a wheen of other things not excepting its continuing monarchy.

      ‘Without distinction’, my bottom!

      Excuse my klatchian.

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  16. Well let’s look on the bright side, if we are a vassal state then GRR is going to be struck down by Westminster. Because they can and it affects reserved legislation. And they should because it’s crap legislation.

    Another bright side is that Sunak’s press secretary said the PM doesn’t accept the premise of the next UK GE being a de facto referendum on indy so there’s no point in voting for the SNP unless your constituency MP is a good one. You can bin off the wasters and the grifters because it achieves nothing for indy voting for them.

    Sturgeon has done her best to destroy Scotland and its sovereignty. Her Holyrood government has been appalling. So bin them off and elect those you think would be good at the job not those who wear the right colour rosette but who would be underqualified to ask “do you want fries with that”

    Meanwhile real independence supporters can a) vote for less supine parties that will actually DO SOMETHING b) make the alternative arguments (as it sounds like Salvo and Liberation are about to).

    I honestly didn’t think they would ever be as bald in their colonialism as they were. Scot Goes Pop did an excellent blog paraphrasing (only slightly) the verdict. I think my favourite was

    “No, telling you that you have no right to decide your own future does not mean you are an oppressed people or a colony. WE TREAT YOU WELL and we are best placed to judge that.”

    We are where we are. Time to kick out the Scottish version of the ILP and elect a non-violent Scottish Sinn Fein.

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  17. As we take in the grave reality shown to us today that we are powerless prisoners in a vicious vile union that enslaves, and I use the word enslaves correctly, each and every one of us, should resolve to identify every person and thing that strives to subjugate us.

    Someone once said that only a slave may not withdraw his labour. That is no different to the Scots today who have been told they have no right to vote, have no right to choose, have to abide by a master who is determined through every means at its disposal to continue the subjugation.

    Yes, we should identify each and every one of those who seeks to subjugate us. Then we can take better action to assert our rights to which they seek to deny us. These people are to not mince words are our enemy, the enemy of justice, fairness and democracy.

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  18. Willie. 2.50pm.

    “A poor broken people” I’m sorry Willie , but you’ll have to speak for yourself on that one. That’s how “they “ want us to react. To give up and go away. Don’t do it. When you get over your understandable depression, start looking for ways you can help to forward the independence movement.

    The ALBA website for example has leaflets that you can print out and deliver round the doors yourself. It’s a start. 👍

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  19. Name a country the Brits once ruled where there has be no blood on the ground?
    If the «legalists» Sturgeon SNP complies with this ruling it deserves all BritState will ineluctably throw at it.
    People need to get angry, positively and productively angry.

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  20. I think many of us knew the game all along. She had absolute certainty that the S.C would return a NO. I noticed the sister organisation – believe in Scotland has been firing out messages about a plebiscite already. Yet it isn’t a plebiscite. The SNP have admitted that themselves, since there will be no Declaration of Independence until London allows it.

    I believe it is now down to those MSPs and MPs to stand up and do something. Granted it’s a crappy situation having to realise and publicly admit your leader simply has no intentions of following through with the mandate, but this they must do or be tarred with the same brush.

    A number of SNP MPs said they would meet to discuss the SC result today. I wonder how many have the moral fibre to do what needs done.

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  21. Poor Lord Reed…picture yourself being obliged to read out the DENIAL – and since unanimous – your own endorsement of your country’s denied right to independence.

    What a dilemma, acquiesce and enjoy continuance of your imagined status in the corridors of Westminster power. Or act as a Scottish patriot. Ah the psychology behind – give a man a uniform.

    William Wallace wouldn’t have read out that ‘judgement”, of that I’m sure.

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  22. Couldn’t agree more Resipole. A poor broken people is how they would have us. That was the message today.

    And that’s sadly what our house jocks in the SNP are absolutely accepting off as they prostitute themselves like the good time things that they are.

    Hopefully however, today will be the signal that will drive change, will drive people to take their sovereignty.

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  23. STV news running with the need for the 50% threshold on any plebiscite election or indyref, whilst NO PM in a GE election for more than 100 years has reached the 50% figure.

    If it’s good enough for a GE to allow a winning PM to enter Ten Downing Street without the 50% threshold, but with a majority of seats, then it should be good enough for Scotland. A majority of indy MPs should be enough to break our hostage bonds.


    The big question is can we trust sturgeon to make good on her words? If her record on promoting and pushing Scottish independence since she became FM is anything to go by, then the answer is a resounding no.

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    1. Sturgeon is the jester in the room and for eight very long years she done nothing, she hasn’t listened, not taken any advice and was prepared to send an Innocent mand to jail. I wouldn’t trust Sturgeon with my piggy bank never mind my country, so no you can’t trust Sturgeon not yesterday or today and more so tomorrow. If you want to trust anyone trust the person who says I’ll defy the Law and UKG and Scotland will be Independent not one who’s just said I respect the British supreme court judgement.

      Lets just say that the UKG passes an act that say Scotland can never leave the union what would Sturgeon do, I’ll tell you what she’ll say, its law and we need to work in Westminster to change the Law.

      I have more faith in a crocadile saying it won’t eating me than I have in Sturgeon coming up with a plan.

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  24. Told you repeatedly that support for Ukraine was misplaced and was a cause used by the English to stick it to Russia since the English still think they are relevant to the Great Game and for the English to use the war as a unifying cause throughout Britain. Rishi Soontogetthesack just clearly spelt it out.

    Anyway, with the Russian winter offensive coming as soon as the roads and rivers freeze that will be the end of that auld sang. But in future the independence movement cannot afford to get sidelined by Unionist deviation tactics.

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    1. Your attempts to involve Ukraine in todays events is just an irrelevance. You have been forecasting imminent Russian victory every month all year. They now control a fraction of the Ukrainian soil they occupied last April. I suggest we wait and see what happens. It’s strange someone in Scotland puts greater faith in Russian success than most of their troops on the frontline.

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  25. Calm doon everyone Nicola Sturgeon got another plan. All we need to do is wait until sometime next year when she decides to call another NUSNP conference about the way forward. I know Christmas is coming up and YES, I’m like everyone else I love Christmas, presents and a wee drink, but @52 for God sake I’m prepared to forgo Xmas to move the cause of independence forward. So why isn’t Sturgeon holding that so important conference this year instead of next. I think it’s because she’s a one-man band and she’ll need a few months to keep conning everyone who believes her bull.

    I know I said I wouldn’t put my sock and shoes on to attend any of these events but as it happened, I already had them on, so I decided to go into the capital and have a listen. I just couldn’t endure the bull of the same old “Westminster can’t deny democracy” when only today the SC said Westminster was sovereign and the people where not.

    What did the FM expect? Turkey wouldn’t volunteer to go into oven by themselves, so why would the British Supreme court judges volunteer to be redundant by granting permission for a referendum to be held by Scottish parliament to break the British rule.

    As we were going back to the car, we bumped into Kenny, all I can say it was nice to talk and listen to him, someone on the same track, because all those at the Edinburgh event haven’t learnt a single lesson when it comes to Sturgeon or the SNP.

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  26. I was there for salvo and I stayed and listened to the other rally and I was quite happy that a couple actually mentioned the claim of right and liberation movement so even this in itself is pointing those who you might think that they have not learnt anything will have now and in the coming times. At least the atmosphere is getting back to the way that it was before the stringing along.

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  27. the Supreme Court only decided that the Scotland Act does not give power to the SP to hold a referendum and that international laws on self deter don’t apply to Scotland. the Scotland Act was only about Devolution , not about Independence. the pre 1998 law was not abolished by the Scotland Act. if Scots vote for a majority of independence MPs we can leave. that’s the legal position.

    U.k. gov might not cooperate if that happens but so long as the SG controls our public funding by enacting AGFRR now there will be funds to pay state benefits and pensions when the Scottish MPs walk out and convene a provisional government.

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    1. That’s it Graeme. We’re just back to the position we should have always been in. Even Thatcher believed a majority of Independence MP’s legitimised leaving UK.

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  28. Our Holyrood Parliament is under the de facto and de jure control of Westminster. That’s the whole point of DEVOLUTION.

    The UK Supreme Court (It’s not an “English” court but a UK-wide court with a clear majority of English judges as required on a population basis) did its LEGAL job in saying NO to Holyrood’s organisation of another Independence Referendum. It’s beyond Holyrood’s competence. Billy Connelly was right in describing Holyrood as a “pretendy Parliament”, more like a super “county council” .

    Sturgeon and her acolytes love Devolution. It gives them apparent power and control.

    IMO, we need POLITICAL action, involving going back to the 1689 Claim of Right and the 1707 Treaty of Union … and Scottish MPs elected to Westminster who are prepared to WALK OUT! The former now seems in hand with Salvo/Liberation but the latter is unlikely as long as we have cumfy seat-warmers at Westminster who revel in an affluent life.

    The electoral progress of 1974 seems a long time ago. Perhaps, it will take another 48 years to reach the original SNP Cause of Independence. However, I must leave the action to the younger ones!

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  29. We are all angry. But my anger isn’t at Westminster or the Supreme court there doing what they are supposed to do deny Scotland any rights or freedoms. My anger is at the traitor who calls herself a Independence supporter since she was 16, Aye 16seconds and every other year, hour and minute she’s been a full blown unionist at that.

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    1. The mutilation of children and going against all the safeguarding that the Scottish government actually trained their own staff on should be a huge concern as well as people being able to identify as they please.

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      1. There’s something about this that doesn’t sit right because those who have had all their prior training know that something is very off and outwith the very values and practices they expected of all who had a duty of care as well as being a voice for those who had none themselves.

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  30. I suggest that our next politicians need to be tested on empathy and level of care for others before they even get near making a decision for any other human beings.

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  31. Who can deny that we are a colony now. What passes for democracy in UK,Ok now. The mother of all parliament’s, is the mother of all lies. I always knew that we where in a coercive Union, funny enough the denial from our colonial masters so called supreme court made a bold statement that we are not a colony, frankly this was laughable , every reason he given meet the criteria of a colony. Sturgeon the imposter must go , no one trust her or believes her anymore.
    Desolve the Union. Fight a plebiscite Election AUOB for the liberation of Scotland.

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