So who are the people on the SNC Steering group?

Organised jointly by Salvo and Liberation a steering group has been meeting weekly for the last few months building the Scottish National Congress which will be the vehicle that will prepare and present the case for Scottish Independence to the United Nations.

At the outset of this important process I promised that the names of all those involved in the Steering Group would be made public. That time has arrived and over the next couple of weeks I hope to do better by not only making public their names but also in the form of an audio recording from each what their motivation is in seeking Independence for Scotland.

They are a mixture of home based Scots and others living abroad. They were invited to participate because of their skills and experience. In some cases it may be organisational and research skills, others it may be IT and security experience, for some political experience and other for campaigning abilities. They all share the deepest commitment and have already devoted a great lot of time and effort to bring us to the point where we can be really confident that our work will be completed early in 2023 ready for the launch and first operation of the Congress.

Work to still be completed involves launching a very detailed website for Liberation.Scot that will also include the application form for those Liberation members who would like the honour of being members of the First Scottish National Congress will be able to apply. There will be no selection. Members will be appointed by ballot. The information sought on the Application Form will allow us to control the ballot to ensure those appointed provide a truly diverse Congress with a true balance that reflects the Scottish population in terms of age, race, location, employment etc.

We seek as accurate a representative body as possible. A small proportion of places will be reserved for trade unions, community organisations, business, political parties etc. These groups combined will never exceed 20% of the total membership as this is intended as a People’s Congress. Like the other ordinary members who will be rotated after serving their fixed term, those present representing groups will also be rotated at the same time. The Congress is there to deliver Independence, not create careers.

So here is the first testimony of those serving on our Steering Committee, Leah Gunn Barrett.

Leah Gunn Barrett is a dual US-UK citizen. She worked for several years in London for Data Resources (DRI) Europe, The Economist Group and Tetra Pak UK. In the US, she led gun control organisations in Maryland and New York, after having lost her older brother, Greg, to gun violence in 1997. She holds a degree in economics from Carleton College, a Master’s in International Affairs and Russian from Columbia University and a Master’s in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University. Leah lives in Edinburgh. 

41 thoughts on “So who are the people on the SNC Steering group?

  1. Delighted to hear this news. At last a cogent and realistic vehicle that ordinary committed people can engage with to achieve the aims of a free Scotland.

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  2. The SC ruled that Holyrood a creation of Westminster was subject to Westminster’s control and sovereignty. In Westminster the Crown in Parliament is sovereign. As Leah says in Scotland’s constitution and protected by the Treaty of Union pre nup the people are sovereign.

    So Holyrood might not have the right to hold a referendum without English consent (they have the numbers and it ain’t Wales stopping us!) but they can’t stop the people. We just need leaders (not necessarily politicians!) who will persuade the people that independence is the best option for us. We need to break the roughly 50 50 stalemate. Maybe some politicians would like to try that!

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  3. The SNP is dog chasing its own tail. Dickensian Jarndyce v Jarndyce legalism suits both the Sturgeonites and the BritState establishment. This procrastination will eventually be the death of the patient.
    If you want it, seize it, and do it soon, otherwise stop the «provincial» theatrics.
    Something «shocking» must occur.
    A terrible beauty, not just more meetings of the «presbytery».

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  4. Good news on an otherwise rotten day. I won’t say dark day, as this was the expected result of going to the SC.
    Once the SNP is out of the picture this Scottish National Congress can take Scotland to her rightful place. Very exciting…

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  5. Great news that this is now underway. Leah’s c.v. is amazing and all the more so, as my late husband’s ancestors were members of the Gunn clan. He was a keen advocate of Independence, so he would be delighted at the link. Can’t wait for the next announcement. Thanks Iain & the team.

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  6. Right with this section below in mind.

    “It is wholly within her power to stand down as First Minister, have the SNP and Greens block the election of a replacement and thereby force a new Holyrood election which could serve as the plebiscite, and would have the considerable benefit of including two demographics (EU citizens and 16/17-year-olds) who statistically favour independence and would be able to vote in a Scottish election but not a UK one.”

    Get E-mailing your SNP MSP or Green MSP if you have one and explain in the E-Mail why we need Nicola Sturgeon to resign for the good of Scotland and how important it is that she does so. So that a Holyrood election will be used as a plebiscite next year and not in two year time.

    Find your SNP/Green MSP here just enter your postcode

    Good Luck.

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  7. I’ve just listened to Ms Barrett’s speech. The second half isn’t bad, the first half seems to be little more than a litany of inaccuracies. For example:

    1. However much one might like it to be, the Supreme Court decision was not illegal.
    2. The Scottish Constitution is not still in force, neither domestically nor internationally. It was extinguished in 1707.
    3. The principle of the Scottish people being entitled to overthrow any government does not appear in the Claim of Right as alleged by Ms Barrett.
    4. The Claim of Right was not inserted into the Treaty or the Act of Union. The religious element, and only the religious element, was referred to.
    5. There was no guarantee anywhere that the Scottish Constitution would remain in force.
    6. King Charles III did not “swear allegiance” to the Claim of Right. He only swore to uphold the Protestant religion as referred to in the Claim of Right, nothing more.
    7. The”people” have never been sovereign in Scotland. Sovereignty always rested with the Crown through the Establishment, i.e. the nobility, the landowners, the wealthy merchants, and, of course, the Kirk. The passing by the Scots Parliament of the Act of Union clearly against the will of the people showed that popular sovereignty was nothing more than a myth. Sovereignty enjoyed by Scots today is exactly the same as that in England, i.e. popular sovereignty through parliament which is answerable to the people. In fact, the Claim of Right stated that Parliament was the place to address all grievances and deal with law making.
    8. The Convention of the Estates did not have the power to depose a corrupt government . Doing that was well beyond a Convention’s power which was why a few months later it was retrospectively enacted that the Convention of 1689 was in fact a Parliament. (I’m not sure that such a retrospective action was legal – if it wasn’t, then the whole line of succession since then must be in doubt?)

    Did you know that the Convention of 1689 desperately wanted full union with England?

    I’m beginning to realise why I haven’t been invited to join this new body.


    1. Except you have just sign up to Liberation.Scot and when the application form appears soon on the new webpage you can apply to be one of the First Members of the Scottish National Congress.


    1. Yes, very good. I’ve suggested to readers of WGD that they might like to watch it and hope that some indeed will. The whole interview is class, bith interviewer and interviewee.

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  8. Top-class.
    The idea is to stick to the task and we’ll see green shoots once more. I’m seeing the green shoots, and I like this introduction to our champions, our ‘show-of-strength’ – we mean business.
    I’ve been profoundly negative for a good 2 and a half years now, but this is a good time to be positive.

    Thanks, Clootie, for that link to the great man’s interview – is that not just night-and-day, compared to the disingenuous stuttering of the wee wummin with the OTT blink-rate?
    Okay, I’ll stop with the negativity, there’s some stuff to be celebrated tonight.

    Btw, cheers, Bernard Ponsonby – that was a look through the window to the days of golden journalism. Kudos, dude. I’d go back to watching television if that was the standard we could expect on a daily basis.

    Great work from all the good people.

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  9. Good news ; looking forward to seeing more detail on the great work being done by SALVO et al .

    Sorry to say , I’ve still not been able to register with Liberation. Scot , and I’m seeing others say the same . I’ve been it touch with them explaining the situation eg ….on attempting to register and getting messages back ranging from ” this email address is already registered ” to ” we do not recognise this password/user name , or , this password already in use ” . Very frustrating . I’ve also noted and heeded people saying not to leave any spaces in passwords/user names , still to no avail . I’m far from being tech savvy but I’m puzzled why there isn’t a simpler more straightforward way of registering

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  10. Democracy is a bit out of fashion at the moment. Personally I’ve always thought it quite a good system as long as you’re in the majority. It’s useless for minorities.


    1. “It’s useless for minorities.” Yes, and especially useless for the ethnic Scots minority in the UK wha aye haes English Tory rule imposed despite the fact Scotland niver iver votes for thaim.

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  11. glad to see Leah being publicly announced, we’ve met a few times always been impressed.
    can’t help feeling good with her having my Clan name (on my mother’s side) not many of us.

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  12. Love to get involved with this. Be warned tho – I make up my own mind about issues and people, and that means I don’t take a telling from anyone when it comes my opinion of NS – or, for the matter, AS and the dreadful s30 fiasco. My priority is to see Scotland independent of the truly feudal influence of the english regime on Scotland and I shall support any agency that I believe works towards that noble aim. It’s more essential now than ever to recognise who the true enemy is.

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