Member of the Scottish National Congress Steering Committee

Alf Baird was formerly Professor of Maritime Business and Director of the Maritime Transport Research Group at Edinburgh Napier University. He also has a PhD in Strategic Management in Global Shipping. His earlier career included working in the shipping industry running international liner shipping services from Scotland. His research activities include development of applied theoretical frameworks which explain complex issues and are used as an aid to industry and policy analysis, in strategic management and teaching. He has developed the only applied theoretical framework which helps explain the phenomenon of Scottish independence, and which was published in his book ‘Doun-Hauden: The Socio-Political Determinants of Scottish Independence’.

Doun-Hauden: The Socio-Political Determinants of Scottish Independence: Amazon.co.uk: Baird, Alfred: 9798634652320: Books

The-Socio-Political-Determinants-of-Scottish-Independence.pdf (cpb-us-w2.wpmucdn.com)

Editor’s Note

Alf is a great addition to the Scottish National Congress Steering Committee. His depth of knowledge on the Colonial process and his ability to illustrate it in simple layman terms helps open eyes and ears. He has been a friend and colleague of this blog for several years and If the SG had listened to his many warnings then the current ferry fiasco would never have happened.


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  1. I cannot help myself from comparing the quality of candidates with the incompetent clique that Sturgeon has surrounded herself with.
    I remember once asking an aggressive career climber at a Company what he actually believed in. His reply “ I find out what my boss is interested in, whatever that is, it will fascinate me”

    Give me a motivated volunteer over a career politician every time. To all those giving up their own time, without reward and little recognition, to further Scottish Independence – Thank you.

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  2. I am running a book on who will be the last name released then I realised I dont know who they are which is rather unfair as iain knows who’s in SALVO. ie the sinister ones

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      1. I have no idea . That would be membership or digital . I am on events and emerghencies . I am as excited to read this stuiff of yours a veveryone welse . Theres so much gioing on . No one person could keep track and each in our own areasd . But I have always been of the way of thinking that if you build it they will come. I tend not to pay to much attention to numbers. It ccan be a distraction . Wew have a way to go but we are about to hit the sweet spot.

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    1. Alex, Alf, Craig, Sara – and many more names of talented, true patriots.
      I saw a letter in the Herald lamenting our descent into a tin pot country with talent-less, authoritarian leaders whose only gift is gross incompetence. Now we see a new dawn filled with hope. I believe in the good people now standing up for Scotland and I am so deeply grateful to them.

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      1. In this clip, Alex states that a backbencher of the SNP could have put forward the referendum bill and the bill wouldn’t have needed legal advice.
        Sturgeon and her mob have sold Scotland down the river, why aren’t the SNP doing something today or next week but to wait until next year is another reason Sturgeon is working against our right to be Independent.
        In this clip, Alex has given more options to move Independence forward than the Gold standard by Sturgeon in 8yrs. She’s the one holding Scotland back and blocking Independence not the Supreme court or the UKG. We have options as Mr Salmond has said but Sturgeon isn’t interested in any of these options simply because it would affect the United Kingdom.

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      2. Yes – she has sold out or is useless beyond words. Sturgeon should be considered as actively working against independence. I think she is in Westminsters pocket – any other leader with her track record of gross incompetence and abuse of public office would have been roasted alive and yet she is the teflon darling of the state run MSM.

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  3. As you say Alf is weel kent here. An excellent video that anyone can understand, even if they choose to disagree on any or all points. I’ve said before Scotland is not de jure a colony though this week’s SC announcement practically rendered it so in domestic, if not international, law. But it was treated as a de facto colony. I’d argue that in future we’ll see the Westminster elite, aided by the colonial administration, treat us more as an assimilated county.

    Will we put up with it? Will we be led, as Jonathan Shafi suggests, up blind alleys to dissipate our energies and hope? Let’s not give the nuSNP the chance.

    As long as a 100 of us remain…

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    1. What was missing from the court ruling was the input from the Scottish people and how they feel. They delivered a statement telling us what we are not without even the slightest input from the people who it has had an impact upon, we the Scottish public.

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  4. Excellent analysys of the state Scotland is in by Alf, including how we have come to be opressed by so many of our own people who have chosen to side with our colonial masters for theor own benefit and so have lost touch with their roots,
    I agree with what alf says about the Scots language and that those who speak Scots are more likely to vote for independence. Colin fox spoke at holyrood on on wedbesday evening, emphasising that we need to canvass for support in the more deprived ateas, though he did not add thet there were more Scots spekaers in the schemes than in the leafy suburbs, I remeber canvassing in places like Muirhouse and craigmiller in 2014 and we got a much more positive reponse there, so i suggest we do so again and preferably with those of us who speak Scots doing this as it shows solidarity and that we are not the opressors.
    Can we in the Independence movement try to use more Scots as badge of rebellion against our mono-glot Anglophone wou;d- be masters? I know it is hard for many as we have been conditioned to regard scots as not a proper language and showing lack of education but we need to recaim it as other counties such as Norway have done and which, appaarently Ukranians are doing at this moment to demonstrate theur difference from the Russian invaders. Ironically, this move is praised bu the London government, though I expect they would deride any attampts by Scots to use thir own language.
    We need people like Billy Kay and Alf himself to show us the way and be proud of the fact that we are bi-lingual, as a stage towards being in a free country where we can speak our languages and insist that those who come from elsewhere learn to speak either Scots or Gaelic if they want to fit in or become Scottish citizens.
    I recognise that this will be hard initially and apologise for my own inability to write in Scots and the fact that I can really only speak it when others speak to me in Scots, However I think we should make the effort and use our language as a badge of our commitment to our country, What do others think?
    I would like to nominate Billy Kay as a Member of the Scottish National Congress Steering Committee? in order to further this idea?
    I think the time has come for us Scots to be thrawn in the face of this challenge by the British Establishment and show that we do not accept their opression.

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    1. Totally agree. I would add that Gaelic should be in mainstream use, not confined to dubious interpretations of place names on roadside signs. Wales uses Welsh as a living, mainstream language. Ireland uses Irish as a living, mainstream language. We should demand the same of our “nationalist” government. This should be taught in schools, along with OUR OWN history, before teaching the recommended ways to have anal sex!

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      1. I think that we are at the very least owed an explanation of what we were not taught in our places of education about our history and language. For anyone who was in the Scottish government that may read this could you speak up and out so that we understand why we have been cheated?

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      2. « Gaelic should be in mainstream use, not confined to dubious interpretations of place names on roadside signs »
        Thanks for the support, Marion, but folk should know that the Gaelic on road signs is very far indeed from being “dubious interpretations”. The Gaelic actually gives the enlightening and meaningful original names. Only the latter category are gaelicised. The dogged assumption of so many Scots that Gaelic “was never spoken here” engenders a notion that the Gaelic on the signs in their area is somehow contrived and therefore invalid. Be assured these names are academically and responsibly researched. That is in marked contrast to the English versions which are almost always meaningless gibberish or pseudo-meanings whimsically recast by uncomprehending anglophone ears. There is a profoundly important national retrieval going on with Gaelic signage. See more about the subject and lists of placenames names on the following site:


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      3. Thank you Fearghas – in my attempts to learn Gaelic I did determine the names did not seem to relate to the English names in many cases and now I know why. Great news 🙂

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    2. I remember when I was in primary school, a long time ago 😀, we were threatened with the belt if we didn’t speak “proper” english. We were told that the way we spoke was Glasgow slang and that it was inferior.

      It was many years before I learned that many of the words we spoke were in fact a mixture of auld Scots and old Norse.

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      1. Me too, at primary school in fife where I had to learn Scots very quickly in order to survive in the playground though we used English at home. I saw pupils getting the belt just for saying ‘Aye, Miss’ My parents did not approve of Scots as they had been conditioned that it was not a proper language. and not the way to get a good job and be successful. It was 150 years ago, in 1872, that the decree came from London that ‘the language of education in Scotland would be English’ We have accepted that for too long.

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      2. Exactly and that’s you should have a good mix of folk in any movement. How long have many of us been falsely made by other folk to believe that we are not good enough? I know that I have until I fought my way into changing this. Not by physically but by other methods. I got crap in my old work along with some children and staff so I became a work based union rep for a wee while. I don’t like being on camera or selfies or anything like it and the only time I forced myself to public speaking was at my sister’s funeral because we promised each other that whoever went first would. Ma knees were shaking behind the platform and my insides like jelly but an inner strength comes as well. I just remember people laughing, greetin and clapping and I was in England and didn’t update my way of speaking. Point is am no changing who I am for the sake of pleasing others. Neither should any of us. Some cultures or people who have lived in the system and circumstances that many of us have need to hear those same kind of folk tae rather than just academic or otherwise to be truly a representation of our country. How can you go as a committee of solely folk who have made it financially and otherwise without the many who have not to give their experience of life under the UK?

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    3. Hopefully he will join Liberation.Scot and apply to be a Congress Member. The Committee is not setting an agenda that will be up to the Congress members themselves. We are an organising committee.

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    4. Good idea arayner with Billy Kay, and what a great speaker he is. Just imagine him adressing the UN or some other body speaking in fine Scots; that would drive the English nuts. It would be a bit like when Vaclav Havel, dissident, playright and president of Czechoslovakia appointed Frank Zappa as Special Ambassador to the west for trade tourism and culture. That really pissed the Americans off.
      As someone else said, Breeks would be a good fit, and what about Mia; she is a giant.

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  5. One day Alf will be hailed as the visionary defender and eloquent advocate of our Scottish Culture he undoubtedly is ; whatever the intellectual weasels and political pygmies – inside as well as outside , the pro-Independence demographic might say

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  6. Yeayyyy! Go Alf Baird!

    You’ve one foot in all that’s bad about Scotland, the colonial disrespect and the underachievement, but you’ve also got the other foot in all that’s good; the “Future” Scotland, with vibrant ports and vital trading infrastructure working for the benefit of a thriving Scotland.

    More power to you Alf. Literally. We need folk like you empowered to make decisions and overturn bad ones. To see yourself and Stuart Ballantyne being rebuffed over the ferries fiasco made me so fkg angry.

    Where does the SNP dig up these folks with such a poverty of ambition?

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    1. ” Where does the SNP dig up these folks with such a poverty of ambition? ”

      The Graveyard of Mediocrities ?

      I was thinking you would make an excellent addition to this ensemble , Breeks . Is it something you would be interested/able to participate in ; given the opportunity ?

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      1. Well thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m kinda in the mix with the SSRG, and I’m a SALVO member, but I have a bit of a potty mouth sometimes, and to be quite honest, I “like” to drop the “f” word more than is healthy or polite. I think that puts me firmly in loose cannon country, and rightly so. It can never be right to swear on somebody else’s behalf, though Billy Connolly could maybe pull it off.

        There is another factor too; I find we Scots can be very judgemental and impetuous; so many people make a snap judgement to dismiss a point of view they don’t agree with.

        For example Pete Wishart goes to instant apoplexy the moment he thinks someone’s an ALBAist. I kinda like being an unaffiliated loose cannon, because trolls and those I’m criticising can’t “play the badge”, and somehow the criticism has better potency.

        I’m also no good as a public speaker. Auld Scots is maybe seen as a language now, but my Auld Scots can be pretty impenetrable, and it would seem oot a place firin’ oot a microphone. Ah ken fine half the audience, even a Scots audience, would be sayin’ eh? What did he say? Blank shakes o’ the heid,.. Deh Ken.

        I know that’s probably a practice / self confidence thing, (it isn’t, believe me, I’ve been ribbed about my accent all my life), but it’s also thinking speed… it’s just a lot easier to write stuff down and be understood than speak it out spontaneously without “appropriate distillation”.

        All things considered, my usefulness is probably optimised as I am. I don’t have any ambitions for personal recognition or advancement.

        I’m self employed, but for complicated reasons that’s not really working very well right now. It’s hard. I’m skint most of the time and I cannot be relied upon to turn up to marches and stuff. Money, breakdowns and fuel mostly. I make it if I can, but it “depends” rules the day a lot more often than “aye, nae bother”.

        “Breeks” only exists until Scotland is Independent, and once we’re over the line, that will likely be the last we’ll ever hear from him. Joab ul be done.

        That’s NOT a dig at those who lead the cause, (not the ones pretending to), and make a good living from it and become known celebrities for the cause. I don’t even grudge PayPal Paul his living, even though I fervently disagree with his attitudes and tolerance for the inexcusable.

        It’s just the cap that fits, and that’s how it is.

        Am mair the type that in the Auld days they’d putt a sword or a musket in yer mitt and say “right son, away ee go”. Whatever came oot yer ain mooth didnae matter and got seldom listened too.

        I have it on guid authority that swearin’ wusnae frowned upon and actually aw the rage. There’s even a rumour the Declaration of Arbroath itself was the “abridged” version tidied up for awe the profanities, (but that might no be true).

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      2. Your writing puts you in the star category with me. You write very effectively and straight to the point and you will always find a willing publisher at Yours For Scotland. My thanks for your service to the Independence cause. It is appreciated.

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      3. Aye , I can understand all you say here , Breeks . I can be a bit …eh ….liberal wae the vernacular myself .

        I completely agree with Iain’s comment below – your contributions here and elsewhere are of a very high calibre – both in meaning and prose . We do what we can

        Sorry to hear you’re feeling the chill economic wind , hope things improve for you soon

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      1. We have always known that we are not a respected equal partner, at least some of have always known- I’ve known since the 60’s and after finding and reading a copy of Frantz Fanon’s book in the bookcase of my German wife a few years later; that was a massive oh ha experience. Everything fitted the Scottish narrative. No one at that time seemed to share the idea that Scotland had been colonized. What is gobsmacking is that even after the English court have told us to get back in our box, and that we are not an equal partner that there are still so many people who refuse to see this.
        I’ve just come across a quote from Churchill that I had never heard:- “I do not apologize for the takeover of the region by the Jews from the Palestinians in the same way I don’t apologize for the takeover of America by the whites from the Red Indians, or the takeover of Australia from the blacks. IT IS NATURAL FOR A SUPERIOR RACE TO DOMINATE AN INFERIOR ONE” It seems that is how they view us and Churchillian racism is alive and well. Fanon did say Colonialism is Racism.

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      2. I think it is remarkable that after being dragged from the EU with our 62% Remain vote there is anyone left in Scotland who thinks we are an equal partner. This winter may discredit the “better together” message: everything is made work in the UK by Brexit. This is freely reported outside of the UK but not here. God rot our propaganda press.

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  7. The Irish suffered dreadfully before they kicked the British out.

    And suffer they did. The slaughter of the famines where the English were exporting food out of Ireland was an example of that. And yes Genocide and mass emigration was recognised as a way by the British to clean the country of the worthless indigenous human detritus.

    And in 2022 the human detritus in Scotland, the old, infirm, the young, and especially the lower end of our society live in fuel poverty. With warm hubs being set up by councils and churches can we as a nation really feel sorry for this appaling state of affairs in a country rich in oil, gas, wind, hydro.

    I personally don’t think we do care. Let the old ones live in misery. Let them die even. Let British pride prevail. A broken people, with no pride, no guts. Like humble beasts actually.

    That we have now been told we have no democratic voice save to do what Mother England tells us simply reinforces what we know.

    Now I know these words for some might sound offensive. But look at reality. A people on their knees, in a land of plenty, and a land where they don’t get a vote.

    That is our reality and until the worm turns nothing changes.

    And in a corruption of a famously quoted WW1 annecdote regarding the loss of soldiers maybe we should be saying ” they ( the fuel poor, income poor, heslthcare) had a good death today.”

    And Ireland. Well they took a different route and now the ROI has hugely greater GDP per capita and living standards than broken Jock.

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  8. Who can argue that we are not a colony now. I blame Sturgeons inaction with the implementation of Brexit she could have ended the Union and forced a referendum or plebiscite election there and then with or without Westminster permission in 2015. Who would have stopped her. The Supreme court action is third rate theatre act, even the Judge was uncomfortable reading the statement because he knew it was mince . Why did Sturgeon not withdraw our MPs or go to the international courts or the UN invoking the process for Decolonisation. There is obviously no democracy in the UK anymore for us so why give it credence with our MPs attendance. What we have is smoking mirrors the slight of hand of the UK dark state subverting the democratic right of self determination for the Scottish people. Why does Sturgeon never mention the claim of right or the Scottish constitution or initiate and take part in any marches.
    Sturgeons game is there for all to see the Trojan horse, a Judas destroying the independence movement from within. All effort must be made to remove this sham pretender of the SNP leader and her rotten cabal of traitorous rats. She is near her time of departure even she knows her game is coming to an end more and more people are awaking to her tails and lies that she has spun for her Colonial masters.
    Deceit and Betrayal will be her internal legacy.
    Dissolve the Union.

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  9. Great choice Dr Alf Baird. Listened to him as a guest on Through a Scottish Prism, he will be an excellent addition to the SNC steering group.

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  10. By virtue of «intuition» a people may know they are a nation, by the same they may know they are a colonized people.
    Scotland has now moved well beyond the intuitive.
    Éiridh sinn!

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      1. Feel free…let slip the chains on the political imagination.
        A nation negated is a nation (re) animated. A proven historical fact.
        As a Syriac born during the US «liberation» of Iraq, I look forward to a renewed and free Scotland.
        I want a passport!

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  11. Hopefully this Scottish National Congress will have more impact than the last Scottish National Congress. And that one was headed by the SNP president, not a business consultant, a retiree, and a housewife.


    1. You really are a contemptible contributor. You have no idea who is on this committee yet you seek to snipe. I have no time for people like you so this is your last contribution you are barred. Alf is a business consultant but he is also an internationally respected University Professor and expert in his field. Leah is exceptionally well qualified and has extensive business and campaigning experience and this retiree you speak of held high office in two political parties, created very successful businesses from scratch in three different European countries. We have confidence in our abilities and are prepared, to the death, to put these skills at Scotland’s disposal to help bring about Independence. Unwanted anchors to progress like yourself will be swept aside.

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      1. “Contemptible”. MR E has demonstrated that conclusively Iain and quite clearly he has no positive role to play in our quest for LIBERATION. Looking forward to imminent developments!

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  12. I read the names of those suggested to build the next rung and would add my support to each name listed. Imagine a forum in which those seeking Independence spoke for us,
    Instead we have charlatans pushing a Cult and pretending they are for us.
    Another bunch of cretins fearful of upsetting the Cult leader so they remain silent. Thus empowering her.
    A Party membership so focused on Independence that they allow Democracy in the Party to be removed enabling a clique to control Conference agenda and hide the Accounts from members. Do they not see that to surrender Democracy means a Nation having a foundation of sand.

    Our children will never see Independence if Sturgeon is not challenged.

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  13. Breeks, swearing doesn’t make you a bad person or any less than anyone else. I look at like a release mechanism for a pent up feeling, it’s certainly better oot than in. It’s no as if you are wearing a suit all polished up for the public whilst in the shadows you are looting, killing and other horrendous things.

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    1. Think about those who spoke to the public in their polished voices and then send millions to kill or be killed. I remember going to a TEFL event and the guy doing his presentation got nervous and was swearing and I couldn’t stop laughing and then others joined in. Point is people need to stop being offended by words and mair offended at the terrible actions of the people who want us to feel less than perfect because you say a word. I mean if you look right into it, someone created the words and therefore have it meaning. The guy I gave you the example of well we just took it in good humour and tried make him feel better. Instead of going omg what a totally bad guy how dare you say that word so to speak.

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      1. *gave For all we know, some smart person knew that harbouring anger causes the person who keeps it in more harm than good so therefore invented words that could be directed without actually physical harm to another?

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  14. If I can return to the topic of language, I remember watching a Michael Caine masterclass many years ago. He was trying to impress on the young actors that not only the language used but also how the words were spoken was important .

    He said that rich people speak slowly because everybody listens to them. Whereas poor people have to speak quickly because nobody listens to them. Coming from a poor background as he did he would know only too well.

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    1. Our language and accents don’t have enough presence for other people to adjust and therefore understand what is being said. I can pretty much understand others and I can also mimic a few as well. I went once upon a time in my rebel days to join the army as ma da couldn’t handle me not daeing what I was telt and they were taking the piss by asking me to say Barrs In Bru made in Scotland fae girders. 😂 Basically the other potential cannon fodder thought how I spoke was a novelty.

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      1. Resipole, am not really into picket lines and mair for pulling up those who are doing wrong to children and young people and those who don’t have a voice with policies and facts so they will stop and think. This was my reason for being a work place union rep. The weans and then for us who defended the weans but got bullied or sniped at and lied about.

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      2. In regards to lines though aye definitely stand up for Scotland and all of our people. I couldn’t ever imagine daeing deals that would screw everyone else over just because I did the wrong things like those who initially sold us out. It’s just no in me. I could how imagine if I had been around then being one of the people that they had to hide fae. 😂⚔️

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