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I’m enjoying letting this sink in. It bears all the hallmarks of an endgame strategy that has been decades in the making. It’s been longer than that, I know, but its only been decades for me to witness first hand. This is the hornet’s nest that the UK’s Supreme Court was a little too casual in kicking over.

Well, there it is Scotland. 

You want justice for MacRae? This is the way.
You want justice for McCrone? This is the way.
You want justice, and a future for your own wee “mac’s” and nighean’s? This is the way.

I had a gran who used to wash her face in the morning dew of Spring, but never really told me why. And aye, you did get a wee dab aboot the chops too, whether you liked it or not, because that’s what grans do. I don’t know what belief it came from, but probably her gran doing the same.

But after all these years, I think I get it. Because finally entering the endgame of Scottish Independence feels like washing your face in the first dew of Spring. The long winter is coming to it’s end. 

And how utterly refreshing it is to take in what is little more than an opening letter of intent , but still, not have the joy crushed out of you by some idiotic politician’s self interested caveats and sophistry. ‘It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.’

My only observation is a lot of people report having bother signing up to Liberation.Scot. I think we need to go “nuclear” with getting signatures and sign-ups to the Liberation Movement. That means petitions on every street, a document to sign up to on every stall, climbing stairs and chappin’ doors.

There’s a mood for it. Carpe Diem. An Aunt of mine was a civic minded sort of person, and often organised petitions for kid’s fitba pitches and stuff, and she knew all about twitching curtains when nobody came to the door. She looked like she was “fae the cooncil”. But when there was a petition circulating about the water privatisation, she said there were people hurdling the gate to get their name on the list. They were opening their doors and grabbing the pen before she’d even rang the doorbell. Even the wee neds she normally dreaded walking past wanted their names on the list.

Granted, the Unionist’s aren’t going to sign, but I firmly believe Liberation.Scot would be as warmly received, and by a great many neutrals and undecideds too. 

And maybe too, if we’re quick about it, maybe a “Wee Blue Liberation book” to complete the set, and be spread far and wide doing justice to the Constitutional perspective and the Claim of Right. After all, a Sovereign people have the right to know they’re sovereign in a land where the Common Good held powerful sway in all things. A great, great many people still know nothing of this.

Aye. Game on!


It is interesting you mention Willie MacRae. There are members of our Group that think what Sara has uncovered may have been what he had uncovered before he died in very mysterious circumstances. We were very anxious to get that information into the widespread public domain to make it less likely of any possibility of any repeat.

Good news Breeks we plan to do all the things you suggest starting in January onwards. Even better we have some big surprises including new tactics, new innovative ideas, great fun and very embarrassing for the Union. Stay tuned for this news later in December, it is going to be great. We are planning a big launch in Glasgow to kick things off but it will all be filmed so everyone can watch no matter where you live. Onwards and upwards! Sign up at Liberation.scot. Your country needs you!

I am, as always



Unfortunately some pro Indy websites are not pro Indy. They are pro SNP sites and ban any content on their sites which dares to question the SNP or the SNP leader. They seek to censor discussion and free expression. Fortunately many of my readers share the articles on Yours for Scotland frequently and because of this the attempted censorship is proving ineffective. This support is very important and I thank everyone who share and protect freedom of speech and choice.


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The progress of Salvo has been the most encouraging development of 2022. It is doing sterling work educating Scots about the Claim of Right and spelling out what it means that the Scottish people are sovereign, not any Parliament. All donations to this site for the remainder of 2022 will be forwarded to Salvo to support them in developing and expanding this valuable work.


Please register at Liberation.scot and join the mass membership organisation that will be the signatories to our application to the UN, debate and organise a new Scottish Constitution. The membership of Liberation is also where the first members of Scotland’s National Congress will be balloted for selection.

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  1. You brought back a memory for me when my granny told me about this and it was so long ago I don’t recall why but I actually went out and did it. Now I am going to look it up. She also introduced me to red lipstick. 😁 I love this blog because although we are not all in the one place, collectively we are connected in the common cause for justice for all.

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  2. Yeah we have a colonial government who has now declared war on our democracy or right to exist as a nation in everyway we are a colony an oppressed people our culture relegated as our language. We are given crumbs of the UK,Ok table to survive . Now they tell us we cannot spend money on our democracy to leave their corupt rotten to the core Union. But it’s our money not theirs they gaslight us again ,they are the robbers we are the victims. This is what psychologists call projection when the guilty accuses the innocent of their crime.
    Dissolve the Union.

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  3. My first thought on reading the information that has been uncovered and so well presented by Sara through Salvo was – “is this what led to the death of Willie McCrae?” Had Willie lived long enough to present such devastating information to the public in Scotland, the results for the union could well have been terminal.

    37 years after Willie’s death, he may soon be able to rest in the peace that he so richly deserves. His place in Scotland’s independence story is already assured.

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    1. A group of us in Salvo have made a plan to visit McCrae’s grave when this is successful and hold an informal thanksgiving ‘service’ and leave his spirit a message, “You can rest now, Willie. It’s finally done.”

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  4. I certainly had a great deal of problems signing the Liberation.Scot and at the time wondered if it was being engineered by the establishment. They certainly have power to affect the internet so I wouldn’t be surprised. 🤷‍♀️
    I think it must have eventually got through because I had an email from the group the other day but that was the only way I knew that I had achieved the signing.

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  5. What an inspiring writer you are Breeks, and as for the forthcoming explosive information Iain, you’ve got me salivating. Things now feel as if they’re coming together.

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  6. Great article and Ii love that you used Scots. That’s the marker of change, it’s far we are at noo.

    I felt a whusper in ma lug… It wis oor ancestors… it’s time tae pit things richt, git up and tik bak fit’s oors.
    It’s happening noo.

    Nae afore time.

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  7. Like many I had a struggle to sign up for liberation.scot but it went through fine yesterday. Salvo has given me renewed hope of seeing indy in what time I have left and their e-mailed updates are great for giving a wee lift. Just the fact that some clever people are beavering away trying an alternative route to get us out of the UK is a boost. The usual sneering suspects have started having a go at Salvo while failing to come up with anything remotely useful themselves which suggests Salvo are on the right track. I will never forgive the SNP leadership for destroying all the goodwill and positive energy there was following the surge in members after 2014 and largely wrecking the Yes movement. With luck Salvo will bring some of that back. Onwards.

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  8. “a “Wee Blue Liberation book” to complete the set’..
    I like the previous Wee Blue Book and I like the Wee Alba Book, but I think we now need a snappier title that’ll really grab the attention of Scots. You have to bear in mind, not everybody’s as ‘into’ politics as we are (politics, as-in Scotland’s independence) so you need to ensure they know exactly what’s going on the minute they see the title and open the first page: “Ach, ahm no’ interested in politics” will negate the efforts of a fancy-worded manual.
    “Ach, ahm no’ interested in politics” I received that very reply from Liam when I was Whatsapping a group of friends earlier this year. However, emblazon something evocative and you’ll receive a better result, a higher percentage of loyalty to the content, and a higher percentage of word-spreading of that content.

    Page 1: ‘My grandmother died in squalor, in a tenement flat in Glasgow’s east-end, while the English were thieving the Scots gold that would’ve offered her a healthier, wealthier life’..
    Momentarily had your interest? It certainly had mine when my grandmother in Glasgow’s east-end was suddenly taken from us. My granny, btw, voted British Labour all her miserable life.
    Yes, the above is pretty radical, and probably wouldn’t go down too well with the Kelvinside crowd, but we’re not directly reaching out to the Kelvinside crowd, at least not initially. I think I’ve made my point.

    “There are members of our Group that think what Sara has uncovered may have been what he (Macrae) had uncovered before he died in very mysterious circumstances”.. Christ – don’t tell that to Sara!

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    1. I like your idea but not all those who suffered did so in Glasgow or the central belt. My parents moved south for work from Aberdeenshire after dad had been unemployed for years after the railways were nationalised. He was an engineer and they closed the rail yard in Inverurie where he had worked for a long time. They never returned but my brother did and I married an Englishman whose work moved us here 40 years ago. He is in favour of independence but many English are not and those who moved south for work will not have a vote.

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      1. Yes, we understood, at the start of the ’14 campaign, the negative connotations of targeting the English as a means to an end, and, as RB Cunninghame Graham once said:
        “The enemies of Scottish Nationalism are not the English, for they were ever a great and generous folk, quick to respond when justice calls. Our real enemies are among us, born without imagination”..
        Cunninghame Graham was undoubtedly lauding ordinary English folk when he made that statement.

        However, a fact is a fact and although a great many in Scotland have no interest in politics, an even greater amount will probably identify that our lousy southern neighbour has done little but pour scorn on us and keep us down, cowed and tarred with the imperialist brush – that’s a powerful emotion to tap into. Should we therefore cry out; ‘THE ENGLISH ARE ROBBING US BLIND!’ as a means to draw attention to our ongoing plight? No, I’m not sure it’s the way ahead, but we absolutely need to inform people of exactly what’s been taking place this last 50 years and more.

        I was born in London, as was my older brother, my old dad from Wolverhampton.

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  9. There may be dissatisfaction and moves afoot in the SNP as well. Hopefully stirred up by all this activity from Salvo. Blackford has been ousted as leader of the SNP in the House of Commons. This today despite Nicola fighting to save him from the fate two weeks ago. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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