YES that is what I said at the start of November BUT it did not turn out that way, indeed it was one of the busiest months of the year for Yours for Scotland. I really do need a break so I am going to try again in December.

There will be some guest posts, but I will ration them as well and I will try to write at least one article each week dependent on events.

In the meantime I would urge all my readers to regularly spread messages on all forms of social media urging folk to sign up to Liberation.Scot. That is the way forward.

I am, as always


9 thoughts on “AS IT GOES MONTH

  1. Well good luck with that Iain you tried that in November. Hopefully you’ll manage to get a rest now, but you never know, as Harold MacMillan said, events dear boy events.

    You’ll need to try a lie down in a darkened room LOL.

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  2. One question I’d love to know the answer to before you go Iain. How do I get through to my thick headed so-called intelligent friends and family that Sturgeon is not to be trusted? Aaaaaarrrgh!!!!

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  3. How can playing golf be termed a holiday? The amateur golfer is simply confronted with his inadequacies(?) over 18 attempts x ?? shots.- refer to Robin Williams’ description of playing golf, for solace.

    i recommend an allotment for stress-free relaxation, – digging, weeding, carrot fly, squirrels, mice.


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