Doun Hauden Poem.

THIS poem comes from well known Indy Supporter Dr Alf Baird. I had no idea this talented man had poetic skills as well until he sent me this earlier this week.

Doun Hauden

By Alf Baird

Bourdieu telt us, oor cultur’s the ki

We lairn oor cultur as bairns, on grannies knee

Anely tae forfaut thon in colonial schuils

Creenge’s aw aboot! Tho A’m nae fuil

Langage is the verra foond o cultur

Oor braw Scots langage comes fae the hert, no yon gutter

We’re makkit Englis tae get on, Anglo bools in yer mooth

Yet ma mither tongue is nivver fae sooth

Croods o Scots cast oot thair ain laund

Supplantit bi yon Anglophone meritocratic baund

Thay fowk cruin the union pairty sang 

Mak shuir o Scots leid’s deith stang                     

Frantz Fanon wad hiv nae doot

Scotlan’s a donsie wee colonie, its teas nar oot

Juist lyke in India, Kenya or Algeria

Elite’s wrack native cultur, makkit gae heeligoleerie

Naitional consciousness isnae nationalism

Scots appen yer een, kest oot thon tirranies

Englan’s Anschluss, A Scotlan dashelt

A Union wi nae veto, Scots dae whit yer telt!

Estaiblishment Scotlan, A joub mankit cesspit

Thay haud doon oor ain fowk, maks loass o speerit

Dicht claen Scotlan’s maukit unionist slump

Kest oot thon British yoke, thay can tak a lang hyke

Thon Union Treaty’s a muckle fankle

Sovereignty aye haundit tae a bunkle

Maks Scotlan a wee pouerless colonie

‘Leeberty’ fowk cry, let’s awa fi sic joukerie

Cultur gies us belangin an naitional identitie

Denee’d o yer leid, Scots rind duffie

Colonised fowk aye quaisten thair wirth

Ethnic doun-hauden maks Scots aflocht

Sel-determination’s oor richt, on Scots Claim therrs nae dout

Bewaur tratours, deceiverie an clout

An ivery day mair Anglophones muve in aw the whill

Stowenlins Scottish soveranety, if ye staun by – tak it thay wull

The Online Scots Dictionary – The Online Scots Dictionary (

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17 thoughts on “Doun Hauden Poem.

  1. Alf makes a brilliant display of the richness of Scots. There was only one word which I had to look up – heeligoleerie, though its context made its meaning clear. I hope we see more of your work in the future Alf.

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      1. I had to look more than Heeligoleerie up sadly, a child of 70’s colonial education near Glasgow.

        I would love to learn Auld Scots tongue, sadly I’m not sure where to begin. Perhaps in an independent Scotland this could be taught in Schools again.

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  2. Brilliant stuff and I only needed to look up “heeligoleerie”. It’s taken me this long to realise that leerie is just a nonsense add on to make the thing rhyme better. I only I know when I was wee. –

    One, two three o leerie
    4 5 6 o leerie 🙂

    Anyhoo, Scotland is full of talent, fair makes you despair when you see how lacking the Scots Parliament is in it. Cue Alf – colonial mediocrity! See I was listening!

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      1. I could read the poem and understand it. Don’t think I could understand people speaking it. In fact I know I can’t.
        I had an encounter once with 2 young men, one speaking Scots. He understood me, (speaking standard English) and made valiant attempts to help me understand him. We got nowhere. I had to ask his friend to interpret. The friend spoke English with a broad Scots accent and I understood him perfectly

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  3. This post is for paultbird. There are a couple of modules on Scots on Open University. I’ve done them, they are limited, but it is a start.

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  4. Scotland has been Colonised for 315years,our culture our language is being destroyed quite deliberately by our oppressors, lndependance is needed now, then maybe we can save our culture, a great poem from Alf Baird.

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  5. A great poem and example of how different Scots is from “bad English”.

    Although I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I was also saddened by how much I have lost since my childhood and that we have lost as a people and a nation.

    I found it difficult to begin with because I am now so used to English that I had to think back to the way my parents, grandparents and I originally spoke to remember that we spoke with a different rhythm than I do nowadays.

    Amongst the many remembered Scots words, there was one that jumped out to me and that is still in use today amongst the haaf-netters on the Solway Firth and that word is “foond”. When the Solway Viaduct that was opened in 1869 was demolished in 1934 due to damage from ice and less freight from the Cumbrian iron ore mining, all that was left and still very visible today, are the foundations of the viaduct that took the trains from Scotland to England and vice-versa.

    Haaf-netters, of which I was one, on the Scottish side of the Solway have always called them “the foonds”. Depending on the tides and the ever-changing sands, we could fish “the foonds” using them as a turning point for salmon that bypass the fishermen but get stopped and turned back by “the foonds” and if we’re lucky into our nets.

    It was only when reading Alf’s book, Doun-Hauden that I fully realised how much influence language has on the culture of a people and how it has been denied to us by the educational elite, who have no experience of, qualifications in, or intention of preserving the Scots language.

    What I find more difficult to understand is that we are approaching quarter of a century of a devolved administration and yet there is still no protection in place for the 1.6 million Scots language speakers (2011 census) and yet there is protection for a much smaller number of people who speak Gaelic (as there should be).

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  6. Funny reading that how many Scots words are still in everyday use. As a so called Boomer we were told not to use slang words which were in fact Scots words at primary school and even to try and moderate our accent. Then towards the end of January we had to read Burns and the same teacher would get all emotional about the bard slang words and all. By the start of February it was back to speaking proper and Scots words were discouraged.

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  7. Everything has been stolen from us our language our history ,culture and identity. Gaslighting doublespeak and propaganda are pumped out to us on a daily basis. Today Sky and there cohorts at the BBC are telling us that Sunak thinks we all need to do compulsory maths. Personally I know how many eggs are in my basket. To me this is pure projection and condescending and is a clear case of ( pot call kettle) prehaps Sunak should arrange lessons in mathematics for the Tory Government who destroyed the UK economy in one day. There is serious counting problem there in feudal UK, Ok where those who cant pay get squeezed and impoverished and those who can afford to pay get away free, enriched and blotted with their greed. I dont think they teach morals at public schools prehaps Sunak could make that a compulsory subject to.
    Dissolve the Union.

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  8. Sorry Alf but I only now got round to reading your great poem. Though mainly reared in the North I did spend 2 years of my childhood in the old part of Edinburgh, so learned to understand much of the Scots language. I remember “1 2 3 a leerie” which ended “10 a leerie, postman”. I’d no idea what it meant at the time but everything was so different compared with the Highlands that I understood very little! But now-a-days I have a Scots dictionary, so I’m well equipped!

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