A guest comment from regular contributor Breeks.

I feel like myself and Peter Bell approach the issue of Holyrood from completely different directions.

Peter Bell says there is no reason why Holyrood couldn’t be the vehicle whereby Scottish Sovereignty breaks away from Westminster’s authority. I understand what he’s saying.

For a time I would have agreed with that. As I described in my original Article about Red and White Sovereignty, both paradoxes, a Sovereign Scotland, and a Sovereign Westminster were allowed to coexist. despite one being a literal contradiction of the other. Not only does the contradiction exist, but Holyrood was designed to exploit the inherent contradiction from it’s inception.

To recap what I wrote, Westminster claims white Sovereignty rules Holyrood, because Westminster legislation codifies the Parliament, Westminster’s Scotland Act is it’s small “c” Constitution, Westminster delegates power to Holyrood, and Westminster pays all the Bills. So the Holyrood institution is Westminster’s to command, ….with White Sovereignty.

However, irrespective of the Institution, irrespective of the Scotland Act, and who pays the bills, the people elected to office, the actual MSP’s who sit in the chamber, are delegates appointed by the Sovereign people of the Realm. They are chosen and empowered by the Red Sovereignty of the Scottish people. 

So I asked the simple question, which ultimately “ruled” Holyrood? Did Holyrood have Scotland’s Red sovereignty running through it’s veins? Westminster’s White sovereignty? Or was it pink sovereignty, or raspberry ripple?

Without repeating that whole article, I believed that for two decades the “soul” of Holyrood was up for grabs, and the paradox would be resolved one way or the other. I was firm in my conviction that Holyrood was ours to be won, a Red Institution, because the Scottish people, and no other, are Sovereign in the Realm of Scotland. We could dispense with the elements of White sovereignty, because these were invasive and had no legitimate claim on sovereignty. 

Despite having a fight we should have won by default, thus permanently securing Holyrood for Scotland, we have had to suffer the cowardice and capitulation of Nicola Sturgeon, who pays lip service to the Claim of Right, and gives her craven acquiescence to Westminster’s colonial encroachment.

For example, Brexit represented the will of Scotland’s Sovereign People diametrically opposed to the Will of Westminster. What happens? Sturgeon rides roughshod over the Claim of Right and will of the sovereign people, and concedes to Scotland’s Brexit without a struggle, (not even a backstop to match Northern Ireland). 

What an abject failure she was, and a complete disgrace. Had she done her job, had she defended the Claim of Right and the will of the sovereign people, the Union was in it’s death throes because the UK was plunged into an existential constitutional crisis. But of course, to hell with the Constitution, “Queen Sturgeon” knows best, and Scotland was duly subjugated out of Europe.

Sturgeon “concedes” for Scotland and it’s sovereign people to be ruled by the Scotland Act, Westminster’s colonial beachhead in the Sovereign Realm of Scotland.

Sturgeon “concedes” to be ruled by the Supreme Court, fuelling the misconception that the Scotland Act now overrules the ancient Constitution of Scotland. 

Joanna Cherry was landing huge and decisive constitutional blows on Westminster’s “claim” to be sovereign, but what happened? Cherry gets sacked, silenced, bullied and threatened because she wouldn’t be party to Sturgeon’s Perverts Charter. 

Peter is now wrong I believe. Holyrood could have been ours, but it’s too late. Holyrood could have been a massive constitutional thorn in the side of Westminster as they wrestled to contain the will of the Sovereign people. Holyrood could have been a Red Institution, but that window has closed.

After eight years of Sturgeon’s ignominious rule and serial capitulations, Westminster has secured benchmark precedents where the First Minister of Holyrood has knuckled down to set aside the Claim of Right and accede to the will of Westminster. I fervently believe Westminster will NEVER now relinquish these precedents.

Sturgeon’s cowardice and constitutional illiteracy has cost Scotland it’s Holyrood “parliament”, and largely confirmed the Holyrood assembly is an institution which caters to the invasive doctrine of Westminster’s white sovereignty. 

Of all Sturgeon’s sins and failures, this is the greatest. We would now have a massive uphill struggle to reverse and overturn these precedents, and even assuming we could, we would be handing back constitutional power to the same imbecile who had spent 8 years throwing it away and squandering what were truly heaven sent opportunities. 

I believe it is wiser, and a more prudent strategy to abandon Holyrood, and denounce the Assembly as a colonial outpost espousing Westminster rule, and the “government” inside is a Vichy Administration which fundamentally obeys Westminster, not the Scottish people. That is wholly unconstitutional.

Accordingly, the job of taking Scotland’s predicament to the UN and International Community, and standing up for the rightful “Red” sovereignty of the Scottish people, the Claim of Right, can only be done by a Convention of the Estates, which swears an oath of exclusive fealty to the Constitutional Sovereignty of Scotland. 

Holyrood, and it’s stooge First Minister, is crippled by Sturgeon’s concessions and capitulations. Let the Captain go down with the ship which she herself steered onto the reef, and let us rejoice that Scotland may be rid of her. 

I would go further. Much further. 

In 2016, Brexit created the perfect storm for Westminster, and an constitutional crisis with one sovereign component of the Union declared for Brexit, and the other sovereign component declared against. Until Sturgeon threw it away, we had the means to plunge the UK into a Constitutional Crisis which the Treaty of Union could not have survived. 

It is my firm belief that if Scotland, through a Convention of Estates moved to impeach Holyrood and it’s feckless First Minister, citing the gross impropriety of Scotland’s Brexit subjugation, we would create yet another existential Constitutional Crisis which again, I do not believe the Treaty of Union would survive. 

I know, I know, moderates won’t like this. I’m not sure I like it myself. But good luck persuading me it’s not what we should do.


As always Breeks argues his case well. There is no doubt Scotland has been badly served by our politicians. Some would argue that has been a long term problem but I certainly cannot remember ever feeling as sure of the betrayal as I have done in recent years. I feel we are being led by people who share few of my priorities for Scotland and who have managed to drift from the path to Independence much further than any believed possible. They are a colonial administration and seem intent on defending that status.

I am, as always


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42 thoughts on “TIME TO IMPEACH?

  1. The Betrayal

    When once we sought
    To be brave and bold
    Now we’re taught
    To: ‘Hold! Hold!! Hold!!!’
    But that’s all rot
    We must not fold
    Better to have fought
    Before we get old
    The FM’s lot
    Might chide and scold
    But this here Scot
    Just won’t be told
    Nicola may be fraught
    ‘Cos truth is cold:
    You’ve been bought
    And now you’re sold

    Copyright: duncanio 2701/23

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  2. Maybe wise to tone down the anti Nicola Sturgeon rhetoric . Her removal from the scene only opens a door to a successors thirled to the same careerist agenda and compromise with Westminster . My point is one of style rather than substance ,

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  3. Today’s National front page is a hoot. Looks like the SNP are going to fight like wild animals protecting their cubs over this gender nonsense which is in stark contrast to their “Och well…” attitude to the ruling on independence.

    Surely even the most delusional cultist sheep who faces Bute House every hour on the hour and baas out 10 Hail Nicolas can see it now? She’s a fraud and governs by headlines – Tony Blair in a skirt.

    How much more time must be wasted with this pathetic individual in charge? Time, I might add, that sees folk continue in food and fuel poverty in what should be a land of plenty. When are the so-called “lots of good people in the party” going to grow a collective spine and rip the rotten core out of their organisation? Or are their salaries and expense accounts more important? Surely they seen that lead item on the news the other night about the rapist going into a women’s prison and felt embarrassed to be Scottish and to belong to a country that’s being turned into the laughing stock of the world?

    Independence is further away than it’s ever been, sadly.

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  4. To write the “Declaration of a Sovereign Scot” I had to include the issues raised by Breeks (and Peter Bell), and it had to start with that title and a document that could be signed by any individual Sovereign Scot who chose to do so, because unless and until it was recognised, both domestically and internationally, that there was hard documented evidence that the people were sovereign, and declared themselves to be so, little else would be achieved.

    My thinking – unless and until WE the People physically declared our Sovereignty and added our signatures as individuals to such a document we lacked the physical evidence that we would need. And need – as one example only – to address the issue raised by Breeks in his post, and many of his other posts, and those by Peter Bell.

    Part of my thinking: To be recognised and perform as either an MP or an MSP, an oath of allegiance has to be given. It is not given to the Sovereign people, that in my thinking was what had to change, and I wrote this as a paragraph in the Declaration:

    “I do not consent to the terms of, nor the continuation of, the Scotland Act 1998, and all subsequent relevant Acts of like nature and purpose, and demand that any Oath of Allegiance to be sought from, and given by, a potential Member of the Scottish Parliament recognises the Sovereignty of the Scottish People in the following terms: “By this oath, I acknowledge that IF elected as a Member of the Scottish Parliament, it will be as a result of votes cast by Sovereign Scots, and I do solemnly swear and affirm that my allegiance is, and will remain, to the Sovereign people of Scotland.”

    It establishes the relationship between the Sovereign people and those they choose to elect, but is wholly conditional in advance of them being elected, it retains that conditionality and it serves as an acknowledgment by any MSP of the superiority of Sovereign Scots as they serve within the Scottish Parliament.

    It establishes where power emanates from and continues to remain namely in the hands of the people who are sovereign. It asks, before any appointment as an MSP, for an acknowlegement of where their true allegiance lies, and if not to the sovereign people of Scotland, it will be then open to the sovereign people to decide whether they should be chosen to act in their name.

    Those comments address only part of my thinking, the Declaration also includes this equally important element as part of the wording used:

    “I recognise the sole democratic legitimacy of the Scottish Parliament, and assert its primacy and permanence to act singularly on behalf of the Sovereign Scots whose votes alone establish and maintain its existence.”

    The initiative is being establshed in Stages, Stage 1 has involved gaining individual signatures from all across Scotland and lodging the Declarations with the UN. Stage 1 will continue, and later Stages will appear this year.

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  5. I think there is very little ‘ripple’ in the raspberry ripple. It’s watered down, there for effect and you probably can’t taste the raspberry.
    I’ve had a few ding dong arguments with unionist friends and friends we still are – probably because we found some common ground – e.g we don’t trust politicians whether in Edinburgh or London or Brussels, don’t support the monarch, had a pint then talked about the rugby. And I think, setting aside the constitutional question, there is a deep mistrust of politicians in general and perhaps an acknowledgement that they are subject to lobbying, groupthink, and quite probably bullying.

    It has been an uncomfortable time for many attempting to ignore or cover up the incompetence and misdemeanors of the past 8 years by saying that ‘London is worse’. The period from 2007 – 2014 was a purple patch, because someone was willing to buck the trend, but now for me the Holyrood and Westminster parliaments are pretty much indistinguishable.

    By all means push for a convention of the estates, but the concept is completely foreign to those outside our bubble. An awareness has to be developed. How can it be done? That’s difficult given that the establishment has almost complete ownership of the media. I mentioned a Netflix documentary on the other thread, but of course that takes big bucks, but you can’t have an opinion without awareness. I certainly wouldn’t single out one politician or leader. I’d criticise ALL politicians who have a presence in Scotland for ignoring our constitution. If there is a broader awareness that by law, the land and resources of Scotland cannot simply be given away by politicians on behalf of the people without prior consultation, that’s a step closer to changing the politics.

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    1. Yeah I think because she is the First Minister she gets singled out more so than everyone else. If you think Netflix would take it on and you could get someone to make it perhaps people would fund it. The Thrive documentaries and other independent film makers funded their productions via the people by giving credits and such.

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      1. We could get a theatre production going or something to that effect coming up with a script actually enacting how the constitution works, throw in some humour, a wee bit of excitement but keep it real. I mean I guess there a lot of ways to get it out there but the old saying is show rather than tell.

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  6. People’s imagination is endless I mean there’s enough creative folk to do a production of having the people’s convention etc. We are good at piss taking so you know it could be made comedy with a wee touch of tradgedy etc


      1. We need folk who are no feart the upset the norm whatever that is. I used to like going to the Citizens theatre surely we can find folk that often got overlooked and pushed aside because they wouldn’t conform? Plus there’s a lot of talk about our venues going bust or going to be lost so with this in mind perhaps we could form some sort of cooperation that benefits everyone? Ps you asking them? 🤣

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      2. You never know. I once Lowkey on Facebook or his page as he had went quiet in regards to the suffering of the Palestinian folk, by coincidence or not who knows he actually started up again and came to Glasgow and did a good wee show.


  7. Holyrood should have been the solid foundation to demonstrate competent Nationhood.

    The day job was straight forward to deliver good Government although restricted on devolved powers and a limited budget.

    What has been missing is asking the People. The entire purpose of Independence was to build a much fairer society shaped by US.
    I envisaged
    No Nuclear weapons on our soil
    No Nuclear energy
    No monarchy….a Republic
    EFTA or EU ( up to the People)
    NATO (up to the People)
    Better Pensions, re-industrialisation, NHS protected etc etc

    I expected the People to be involved. Instead the SNP make it clear that the Monarchy, EU, NATO, American links etc are for them to decide.
    The TransCult legislation made it crystal clear that the People are to be treated in the same way as Westminster has done before.
    A real Party of Independence would be looking beyond Party Politics. Holyrood could have had a dozen Referendums on key issues that would inform Holyrood of our views.

    In summary the evidence is clear. Holyrood will never deliver what we want. The evidence is that the don’t ask us!

    A handful of people are going to “select” a couple of options on what a proxy election will look like. It will be herded carefully to a vote by a handful of the population who are members of one Party.
    Does that look like Power lies with the People?

    Holyrood is as out of touch with the People as Westminster.

    Our greatest mistake was giving ONE Party our support. That made it easy for ONE person to impose their view instead of asking US

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    1. SNP are now way right of centre. How the hell did that happen. The cult, the celebrity, the narcissist, the power that corrupts, the state with hands in the pie. Everything we aspire to, they are now the opposite of. Could you have believed this 8 years ago. What a legacy. We need to completely change this sham of democracy and remove this rotten party from power.

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  8. Impeachment sounds good to me, let our sham independence party really fear for their jobs along with our dud Supreme leader. You reap want you sow and for 8 years and 6 mandates we have have not had a thing from the NuSNP . They think they can hood wink us and play us for fools with their distraction GRA politics. They think fighting Westminster over this they look as though they are going something. Instead they all look stupid and are an embarrassment to Scotland.
    The Impeachment process might refocus the the quisling vichy colonial administration on what 56% of the population want (Independence).
    We need some real Patriots to shake the tree and hopefully some rats will fall out of it.
    Dissolve the Union.

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  9. I wouldn’t for a moment propose bluffing or brinkmanship as our deliberate strategy, but I very much do wonder how Holyrood might dramatically change it’s tune if and when confronted with credible impeachment protocols being formally instigated by a Convention of the Estates.

    I wonder too, whether Westminster would also change it tune and attitude towards the Claim of Right, if and when a Scottish Convention of the Estates started to make progress at the UN, and was clearing being taken seriously.

    The only time Westminster has ever taken Scottish Independence seriously was in August / September 2014 when YES began to look capable of actually winning, and the UK Establishment got into a fankle and had to invent the notorious Vow promising Scotland the earth, and break purdah rules to promote their last gasp intervention.

    Remember the Smith Commission? Have a wee review of the Smith Commission Members and it will chill you to the bone… Maggie Chapman, Patrick Harvie, Linda Fabiani, John Swinney…

    Still think impeachment is too severe for the parcel o’ rogues in Holyrood?

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    1. I actually think it’s good. We need action the time for talking is over. It’s getting us nowhere fast. Time for holding people accountable is long due and hopefully it will serve as future deterrents.

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  10. I hope we do this. Time to fight the hood fight. The Scottish Constitutional convention could the the meeting of the Estates. Bin Holyrood and use it to bin the 1707 treaty.
    Easy to say but we need a strong leader from somewhere that can get this done with support from Yes. Ignore politicians unless they come on side.

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  11. Liberation movements also have to work at a cultural-level to get the message across to as wide an audience as possible. That’s why, I believe @Fae See has raised a matter of great importance—put the struggle up on the stage for all to see!

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    1. Well I think that it’s a way of trying to be creative and put it into the consciousness of the folk. Films and other productions do this so why can’t we? I would certainly dae my bit for fund raising by offering treatments towards the costs. If we all contributed something it’s doable.

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      1. Like a treatment with the money going to the fund sort of thing. Or raffle etc. We are not backwards and if we get together in the one place and start coordination etc the quicker we can get the show on the road.

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      2. We in Scotland are very good at highlighting and speaking up for the struggles of others but not so much when it comes to ourselves and we know why that is so if we all contributed a wee bit of our energy into our own struggle for once in a way that’s not divisive or political etc then we could bypass the media. Where there’s a will there’s a way and if we each did a day of service to the financing of it, well depending upon how many there are of us who can stop us?

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  12. In the UK, impeachment is another anachronism from a couple of centurys ago.

    Has anyone made any stuff up in their heads about who would elect this ‘convention of the estates’ which Breeks thinks would have the power to send people to prison, presumably without a trial? Maybe the General Synod of the Church of Scotland in conjunction with Lothian Health Board?


  13. On Guido Fawkes
    A full year has passed since the CEO of the Scottish National Investment Bank inexplicably quit, and the £260,000-a-year job is still vacant with “no expectations” for when it will be filled. The state-owned bank was launched in 2020, with the SNP promising to throw £2 billion at it over ten years to push Scotland towards Net Zero. Its first Chief Executive, Eilidh Mactaggart, resigned after just 18 months. Neither the Bank nor the SNP initially gave an explanation. In fact, it wasn’t even publicly disclosed until 25 February…

    In the meantime, the hunt for a replacement is proving more difficult than expected. Apparently no-one’s particularly interested…

    A spokesperson for the bank says:

    “We have retained an Executive Search agency, Spencer Stuart, for a contract of £175,000 that includes recruitment for the CEO. We have also incurred additional expenses of £5,400 for candidate testing used as part of the selection process. The contract with Spencer Stuart remains in place with no additional search fees beyond the original £175,000. There are no expectations for when the appointment will be announced and the role filled.”

    So that’s billions in taxpayers’ money for a bank which currently has no permanent leader, and doesn’t know when it will find one…

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  14. I think a musical play would be fab… What say a Hamilton for Scotland… Won’ t forget the firstines…

    How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a
    Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten
    Spot in the Caribbean by Providence, impoverished, in squalor
    Grow up to be a hero and a scholar?

    The ten-dollar Founding Father without a father
    Got a lot farther by workin’ a lot harder
    By bein’ a lot smarter
    By bein’ a self-starter
    By fourteen, they placed him in charge of a trading charter

    Hamilton wanted a decent constitution for the USA…

    “We just want to be in the room where it happens”
    We could build that room, taking the wonderful vision of Enric Miralles… From a long time before the Murrells… We could go much farther…

    My name is Alexander Hamilton

    We could do our version

    My name is… Pick a hero of Scottish Nationalism… There have been plenty.

    What say we do the whole play online with different faces and voices for each of the songs…

    It’s on Disney+ everyone… And Alexander Hamilton was a founding father of the USA…


    1. Eh naw, we are all the saviours nae mair one man ego shows. Anyone who is thinking along those lines can just be forgetting it. We are all Scotland. 😄


      1. The days of the Penis acting alone is over. Each and every Scottish person has a role here and it should be public owned if we fund it. Go towards something that needs seeing to.

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      2. Look we are all important and the folk who lost their lives in this struggle are too. Everyone likes to pick one champion however we could change that and have a character representation of poverty, language, and such, I don’t know but am not a script writer but ideally it’s about we no a he or her.


  15. And what if the Proclaimers did the music?

    Remember when 500 miles couldn’t be part of the Commonwealth Games programme in Glasgow…

    We could get Dundee Rep or Perth Rep onto it…

    I will stop now…

    But, yes, a musical would be grand…

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  16. I agree Holyrood is now a shibboleth of unionist parties, its in reality a British construct, there are no indy parties within, lets impeach the sooner the better.

    The Old High School in Edinburgh (I think that’s the building) should be our REAL parliament building, and every politician entering it MUST swear an oath to Scotland and its people.

    As for Holyrood pull it down, and send a message to London that their British construct is no more.

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  17. I have suspected since the Covid fiasco was rolled out, that we have been corralled and fed distraction after distraction. All planned to buy time for further organised, major global events. And since Sturgeon is a confirmed WEF member, I can only conclude that she must be an agent provocateur., ably supported by MI6, to ensure she stays on-script with the cockups!
    Our world is dividing into two camps. Both fighting for economic domination, which will bring about collapse of one system. The old unipolar system, controlled by the City of London and Wall Street. And the new multipolar system, established by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. And this is the REAL reason for the proxy war in Ukraine and the intended war to come, with China!
    Can wee Scotland navigate through international catastrophes to independence? I wish I knew that answer…….

    Today, the celebrated economist, Godfrey Bloom is accusing the British government of actively assisting large numbers of “illegals” into the UK. Apparently, British troops have been training Bulgarians/Albanians in Turkey and Western Ukraine probably planned for the Ukrainian conflict. But the West know that Ukraine is NOT going to win this war.
    Now suggested that they could be used as a UK Home Guard to quell the natives in more lockdowns
    Or possibly “UK”troops that can be shipped elsewhere eg. Japan, As Japan is close to China and their govt. recently ramped up their Defence Budget, whilst being virtually bankrupt. And also, Sushi Rinak has recently signed agreements with Japan, allowing UK troops in Japan, and Japan troops in the UK?
    Banzai !!!
    Anyone got additional info on this?


  18. John O’Looney describes what’s happening with immigrants(young males only), according to Black Watch soldiers. Follow link below….


  19. “To quite a terrifying degree we are threatened by wars and revolutions brought about by nothing more than psychological epidemics”. Carl Jung

    ‘It’s abundantly obvious that the Scottish National Party and Green Party – the supposed stalwarts for Scotland’s independence from the British State – have been infiltrated by ‘The Party’ and as such, have turned Scotland into an experimental ‘1984’ social-engineering laboratory germinating within ‘petri-dish democracy’. Which if Boris Johnson and Co are successful in securing their Glasgow based carnage, will see this dangerous ridiculousness rolled-out across the ‘Five Eyes’ and global western ‘democracies’.

    ‘Boris Johnson Is Going To Prison’ (2023) https://wp.me/p94Aj4-3wS

    Johnny McNeill
    #GaslightingGilligan (©2017) 
    Twitter: @GasGilligan (*free download*)


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