A guest article by Cllr Andy Doig, independent councillor on Renfrewshire Council and a recent recruit to both Salvo and

This week I took a decision to join Salvo Scotland and endorse the Edinburgh Proclamation . I am an Independent Councillor, with previously 38 yrs of activism within the SNP, and I think the YES movement needs a strong activist and campaign orientated group which understands the deep historical roots of the doctrine of Scottish sovereignty. This is not to subvert the activities of Scotland’s pro independence political parties but rather to complement them. For the battle for independence will not just be won at the ballot box but in the streets, schemes, villages and communities, and that will demand a campaign of non-violent civil disobedience which is positive, creative, and which inspires Scots at home and all democrats abroad.

I am intrigued that one of Salvo’s aims is to create a 21st century Scottish National Congress as there was, in the 1950’s an earlier Scottish National Congress founded by the late great Roland Eugene Muirhead, described by many as the “Grand Old Man of Scottish Nationalism”. Frustrated by the electoral failure of the SNP at the time, Roland broke with the party in 1950 and ran imaginative campaigns such as passing a resolution condemning the right of Westminster to enact national service in Scotland, which even caused questions in the Commons by outraged Tory MP’s in 1951.

In 2018 I put a motion to Renfrewshire Council to erect a plaque in the new refurbished McKillop Institute in Lochwinnoch, which is part of my ward, to the memory of Lochwinnoch’s forgotten radical, Roland Eugene Muirhead (1868-1964). It was here, in the border country between Ayrshire and Renfrewshire, both counties with a great radical tradition, that the great Roland Eugene Muirhead was born and campaigned all his adult life for the causes of social justice and Scottish nationhood. He had a youthful flirtation with anarchism, settled down to liberalism, became a financial doyen of the Independent Labour Party for decades, and then helped found the SNP in 1934. 

Despite his change of political party and allegiances throughout his political evolution his core principles remained the same, the betterment of humanity and giving Scotland back its voice in the counsels of power. He was a key influence on Labour’s Tom Johnston, wartime Secretary of State for Scotland, who in his 1951 memoirs said of Roland: “Almost as far back as spans the memory of living man Roland E Muirhead has been a notable standard-bearer for self-government in Scotland”. At his cremation in 1964 at Woodside Cemetery, Paisley, the words of the great ILP leader, James Maxton MP, were recalled that Roland was “The greatest patriot Renfrewshire has produced since William Wallace”.

Roland made an outstanding contribution as a journalist and campaigner to Scottish public life for a sustained period of sixty years, he was the only public figure from Lochwinnoch in the 20th century active on the national political stage, and he campaigned particularly strongly as a champion of de-colonisation in the 1950’s at a time when this policy was far from being universally popular. Being very influenced by Ghandian principles of non violence it was very likely that his choice of the name “Scottish National Congress” was tribute to the growth of both the Indian National Congress and the African National Congress, the latter organisation being named after the former, and also because of Muirhead’s championing of the break up of the British imperial colonies and territories. A contemporary of Muirhead was Oliver Brown, who was the President of the first SNC, so the original SNC had a very strong link to Renfrewshire. Furthermore the original SNC, like Salvo, understood the need for widespread education about both Scottish sovereignty and the numerous breaches of the Treaty of Union.

Roland Muirhead was a man who practised what he preached. His family ran the famous Tannery at Bridge of Weir (and still do) and when Roland took over the family firm in 1919 he was a convinced socialist and donor to the Independent Labour Party. He immediately instigated a shorter working week, a system of employee shares, and had an employee representative on the Board. These are policies which many private companies in Scotland do not have to this day. The Edinburgh Proclamation stands by principles of peoples ownership of national assets which Muirhead would have heartily applauded. This is not to prohibit private property but to assert, rightly and fairly, that the national assets of Scotland should be in public ownership and used for the benefit of the people. In the wake of a dire situation where over the last decades a Spanish company has ran Scottish Power, and a Dutch company has ran Scotrail, the ghost of Roland E Muirhead will be standing with Salvo today in its demands for economic as well as political independence.


I am delighted Andy has joined Salvo, he will be a great asset. Andy along with the recently deceased Chic Brodie, the former SNP MSP, formed Scotia Future and run it for several years.Now on Chic’s passing Andy has decided to closedown Scotia Future and turns his support over to Salvo, also transferring the contents of Scotia’s bank account over to Salvo as well. So thanks Andy and welcome aboard!

I am, as always



Regretfully there are some among us who seek to censor what others read. Sadly within the YES movement there are sites which claim to be pro Indy but exist to only promote one Party and will not publish articles which come from bloggers who don’t slavishly support that Party to the exclusion of the rest of the YES movement. I ask readers who support free speech to share articles from Yours for Scotland as often as possible as this defeats the effectiveness of the censors.


Free subscriptions are available on the Home and Blog pages of this site. This allows,for an email of each article to your Inbox and that is now how several thousands get my articles each day. This avoids problems that some have experienced gaining access from Twitter and Facebook. You will be very welcome to choose whatever route works best for you.


The work and important development of Salvo has been a beacon of hope in 2022 and as it develops Salvo is creating campaigning hubs throughout Scotland. Salvo will join  with Liberation.Scot and as the campaigning arm of Liberation we are looking at very effective campaigns kicking off very early this year and introducing some new campaigning methods as well as those that have worked well in the past. This requires money so all donations to this site, once the running costs are covered, will go to support the work of Salvo/ Liberation. I think you will see it well used and effective.


We are seeking to build Liberation.Scot to at least 100,000 signatures just as quickly as we can. This is part of our plan to win recognition as an official Liberation Movement via the United Nations. We intend to internationalise our battle to win Independence and through the setting up of our Scottish National Congress will prepare and develop our arguments to win progress in the International Courts. Please help by signing up at Liberation.Scot. It is from those who sign up to Liberation.Scot that the membership of the SNC will be created by ballot.



  1. To my great shame I had never hear of Roland Muirhead. Can you imagine the Irish forgetting the name of one of their campaigners!
    What has happened to our collective memory? Are we just going to cycle through periods of demands for Independence every 50 years or so?
    He left the SNP in the early fifties because of the lack of electoral progress. Now we have electoral progress but without any progress on asserting Nationhood.

    What is the lesson from this! I have mine….Political Parties do not represent our hunger and never will. They tread careful conditioned to respect rules imposed by others. Trans activism is a good example our “elected” class focus on the 0.3% and ignore public opinion.
    We have SNP, Labour and LibDems MSPs United in outrage that Westminster blocked a bad Bill yet these Political Parties divide when the subject of Real Powers for Holyrood is raised.

    We are developing a mini Westminster that pushes Sovereignty of the Political Class OVER the People.
    Listen to their collective chant “over 2/3rds of MSPs voted for the Bill”.
    A Bill that the People don’t support.
    A Bill that was not in the SNP manifesto.

    The Party of Independence is offering Holyrood Sovereignty NOT the Peoples.

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      1. Makes 3 of us I’m afraid.

        I wonder what impact Roland Muirhead, indeed all the other “early” Nationalists too, would have made with social media at their fingertips. They made their impact in a hostile environment with public speeches, posters and flyers against the same Unionist grip on the mainstream media.

        SALVO is doing something which feels extraordinarily “right”. There is substance to it, and there is purpose to it, and it feels like we are building on what has gone before. 700 years before in some cases, but that just makes it even stronger.

        In 2014, the YES Campaign filled Scotland’s people with hope. I feel the SALVO “campaign” (for the want of a better word), is also going to fill Scotland’s people with hope, but more importantly, confidence.

        Next time of asking, Scotland won’t take no for an answer.

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      2. I think we all need to be aware that steps are being taken, at pace, to control social media to restrict those who share political messages. I know this site is increasingly being restricted, as my followers grow, fewer are given access to my posts. I know other pro Indy sites face he same problems.

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    1. I think you will all find that other parties of independence are offering Holyrood sovereignty and not sovereignty of the people
      Alba and Alex being quite categoric about this. Its all very well thinking that the Alba party and Alex if it were to come to power would save the day and take us back to some form of normality and take Scotland to a nation state once again.
      What happens when Alex retires or moves on, well we do not have to think to hard what might occur when politicians get their greedy hands on power we have already endured nearly a decade of hell since Alex moved on this cannot ever be allowed to happen again.
      Sovereignty of the Scottish people must be reistated to keep power out of the hands of politicians, the civil service, the legal system, monarchy etc etc via a convention of the estates, otherwise we will end up with a mini English parliament and we the Scottish people will continue see our resources sold off.
      May I suggest that the era of political parties and politicians is over. liberation, scot please sign up

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    1. Ian it just seems to be certain countries political messages. There’s lots of English/Britain with supposedly alternative media that are not getting censored and Scottish folk who are working for the union are getting promoted as well.

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  2. It makes me sad to see the great and the good pushing for Sottish independence dying and not seeing it come true, how many more vocal and prominent Scots who long for independence will not see the goal achieved in their life times, all very sad.

    Anyway great article and welcome aboard Mr Doig

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  3. Just came across an interesting Independence-related article by Arnold Kemp (late editor of the Glasgow Herald) in the Guardian from 2001. Roland Muirhead gets exonerative mention in the piece. I remember Roland Muirhead’s photo featuring on the front page of an issue of the ‘Forward Scotland’ paper when I was in my teens.

    ‘Who asked Hitler to set up a Scots republic?: In 1943 somebody wrote to the German ambassador in Dublin with an odd idea. Arnold Kemp delves into the archives’ —

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    1. Further to the above, I have just read the Herald’s obituary for Arnold Kemp, who died in Sept 2002 aged just 63. The following excerpt is worth quoting:

      « Sir David Steel, presiding officer of the Scottish parliament, spoke of his days at Edinburgh University as a fellow member of the Dialectic Society debating group with Mr Kemp. ”He had a very deep appreciation of Scottish history and literature which marked him out as unusual among our contemporaries,” he recalled. »

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  4. Here is another example of a Sovereign Holyrood instead of a Sovereign People.

    You just vote and we will interpret that for you.
    Vote SNP and you get the TransCult
    Vote SNP and you get EU

    We will decide FOR you. Not quite my vision of an Independent Scotland in which the People are Sovereign.

    Angus Robertson article

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