ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP will introduce and speak to the

Scotland (Self Determination) Bill on Wednesday 1 February in the House of Commons. 

Launching his Bill today (Monday) Mr Hanvey will contrast the “hypocrisy and double standards” of a UK Government which has committed to a legal and consented referendum in the case of Northern Ireland and yet continues to deny the right of the Scottish people to exercise their right to national self-determination.  This is despite successive electoral mandates having been given by the Scottish people to their elected representatives in the Scottish Parliament, with the most recent mandate being renewed in the Scottish Parliament Election in 2021.

The Scotland (Self-Determination) Bill would, if passed, transfer the Section 30 power, in the Scotland Act 1998, from Westminster to Holyrood.  The Bill provides “that that power may only be exercised where the Scottish public has demonstrated its support for the holding of such a referendum” and “that no such referendum may be held sooner than seven years after the previous such referendum”.

In a statement Neale Hanvey MP said:

“My Bill transfers the Section 30 power, in the Scotland Act 1998, to legislate for a Scottish Independence Referendum, from Westminster to the Scottish Parliament.  It is not a Bill in favour of Independence per se but rather about the Scottish people’s right to choose their own constitutional future.  Therefore it is one which every democrat should support regardless of their view on Independence.

“The Bill is explicit that the power to hold a referendum can only be exercised where the Scottish public has demonstrated its support for the holding of such a referendum.  That criteria has clearly been met in the successive mandates given by the Scottish people to their representatives in the Scottish Parliament.

“It establishes in law the principle, already conceded by the UK Government, in relation to a border poll in Northern Ireland, as set out in the Good Friday agreement, that any such referendum can only take place, after seven years has passed from any previous referendum.

“The UK Government and PM Rishi Sunak are guilty of hypocrisy and double standards when it comes to self-determination. If the North of Ireland can have a poll every seven years then why not Scotland?

“Why is the UK denying democracy in Scotland but not in Northern Ireland?

“Could the clue be in the fact that as former Prime Minister John Major agreed to in the 1993 Downing Street Declaration that the UK has  ‘no selfish strategic, or economic interest in Northern Ireland’ whereas, in the case of Scotland, the opposite is true with our massive renewable energy resources set to be transmitted south?

“In presenting this Bill, I am taking the fight for Scottish Democracy, for our right as a nation to determine our own future, to the heart of Westminster.  In doing so I am implementing the instruction given to me, by the voters when I was elected, to stand up for Scotland at every opportunity which is what every single Independence supporting MP should be doing.”



Well done Neale Hanvey, it will be interesting to see what the rest of Scotland’s Mp’s do, will they support this or will we find they have a convenient excuse? We can learn much from this move.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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  1. The threat to your Bill is not opposite you. They are sitting close to you.
    It would not matter if you lost the Commons vote and they backed it.

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  2. A very good question to ask Neale Hanvey, and will be interesting to, to see the SNP MPs response.

    But in the bigger picture Westminster does not do democracy. Westminster is a charade, a sham.

    Grim fact is that Northern Ireland was consumed by the horror of thirty years of war against the Britain. Democracy was not a feature of NI.

    And with the conflict spreading to the English ” mainland” over 3,000 people were killed with hundreds of thousands traumatised and and injured.

    International intervention however ultimately delivered a ceasefire, weapon decommissioning, and the Good Friday Agreement.

    And that is the reason why NI is entitled to a referendum today.

    Scots by comparison as Neale Hanvey correctly points out are denied that democratic choice. England says no and that’s it!

    Concomitantly, as a further attempt to deny independence that is why Westminster Establishment is now fighting a subversive dirty war to undermine and destroy the independence movement..

    Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst, Craig Murray as targets were straight out of the British military handbook of using the law in colonies to remove political threats.
    But media control, censorship, infiltration, kompromat, bribery, agents provocateur are other tactics too and very much in play.

    And yes, that subversive establishment military machine, will if need be do more if required as the killing of civil rights lawyers Pat Finucaine and Rosemary Nelson in NI, and nationalist lawyer Willie MacRae in Scotland shows.
    Britain and its faux Parliament does not, as most ex colonies know all too well, do democracy.

    And that is why we need international intervention.

    So, thanks, again to Neake for raising the issue. Scotland’s day will come as it did for countries around the world.

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    1. “Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst, Craig Murray as targets were straight out of the British military handbook of using the law in colonies to remove political threats.”

      Totally agree. And who was the iron hand in the iron glove of the dark state? It was the SNP under Sturgeon.

      Well done Neale and ALBA – the more they raise these issues and the more the SNP MPs walk out on them, bowing and curtsying as they go, the more folk will wake up to what the SNP has become.

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  3. Neale asks“Why is the UK denying democracy in Scotland” I would ask that question of the party in government in Scotland, & every MP & MSP from so called Indy parties. WM is just doing exactly what Scotlands Government and Scots voters are allowing it to do. This WM bad shit gets a bit boring when we as a country have given our votes & put into Government a party that was formed to get Independence from WM.. It is time to stop asking questions we already know the answers to & start demanding & leaving& ignoring that den of corruption then voting for our COUNTRY not one political party that we know with WM Civil servants throughout that party that Scotland with all it’s resources is going nowhere anytime soon..

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  4. Given the lack of any real action recently towards independence by the political party mandated to achieve the restoration of our sovereignty and our right to self-determination as an independent nation, I do wonder what plausible excuse will be forthcoming from Bute House to avoid supporting this Bill!

    Although for several years I have believed that no political party can achieve what Scotland so desperately needs, Neale’s Bill does ask serious questions about the future intentions of Scotland’s elected representatives at both Westminster and Holyrood. Remembering the shameful actions of our Westminster representatives as they walked out of the Chamber, when Kenny MacAskill was about to speak, the answers to those questions will be interesting indeed.

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  5. Aye Mr Hanvey, I’m not hostile to the exercise, but for rude clarity, would this Self Determination Bill be written and codified using Scottish Red Sovereignty or the Westminster White variety?

    For self determination, doesn’t the Claim of Right ultimately preserve our sovereign right of Self Determination?

    Isn’t it the case that the Claim of Right is imbued with Red Sovereignty, whereas your Self Determination Bill would be another domestic “permission sought”, and thus be steeped in White?

    Don’t stop your Bill Mr Hanvey, but I would ask you to frame it such that Scottish Democracy and Scotland’s Sovereign Claim of Right should be inseparable and absolute; not asked for as a courtesy or kind dispensation, but grimly intractable under International Law.

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  6. There is a video clip (lasting only 34 seconds) which I think will interest many who follow Iain’s blog. I don’t think I can post it directly – so post this link – words on the right of self determination, words spoken by someone which might surprise you, and will form part of Stage 2 in the Declaration initiative.



    1. I got the feeling all their recent tours where they faced backlash was like facing up to the fact of how they made others feel and handing back their countries or accepting that they need to.

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      1. Under Brehon law and old Celtic tradition they would have been fired for the truth failing, sickness of the people occurring so would have been regarded as unfit to rule. Now Charlie hasn’t ruled before so I don’t know perhaps he is trying to undo wrongs?


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