Sara sets out the Salvo case for restoration and Independence in an easy to understand, comprehensive way, spelling out the fraud, explaining how it was created and maintained alongside the clear solutions that must be applied to right these wrongs. This article is definitely a “keeper” to be used over time and again to promote our case. Please share on every platform so our people, and our international friends, all understand.

  Why Restoration?        ​​​

Sara Salyers 2023

Seven Key Examples of the Lies We’ve Been Told

Or, What Fraud Against a Sovereign Nation Looks Like:

1. The UK constitution begins with Magna Carta

2. The ‘Crown’ has been vested in the person of the monarch since 1066

3. The resources of Scotland form part of the common assets of the United Kingdom

4. Scotland became a territory within the new state of the United Kingdom at the Treaty of Union.

5. The UK Parliament has been sovereign since 1689 and remains sovereign across the whole of the UK, so continuing as the English Parliament with the addition of some Scottish MP’s. It is entitled to rule Scotland as though it were now a part of England.

6. The UK Supreme Court is the highest legal authority for Scotland

7. The Treaty of Union was replaced by the Acts of Union (ratification) and, as Scotland’s Parliament was extinguished, the English Act of Union is now portrayed as the only remaining instrument and falls under Westminster control and discretion.

All of the above describe the longstanding position of the UK government and its courts, a false depiction which amounts to, and which ‘justifies’, an ongoing fraud against the nation and people of Scotland.

The Truth About Scotland, a Sovereign Nation:

1. Scotland entered a Treaty based Union in 1707 and brought its own constitutional history into the partnership. It did not inherit English history or the English constitution. There is, therefore, no ‘UK constitution’ prior to 1707. There is a Scottish constitution and there is an English constitution, neither of which may be lawfully applied to both Scotland and England. 

The application of English constitutional law and practice to Scotland is a violation of the Treaty of Union and an act of colonisation.

2. The institution of the English Crown from 1066 did not somehow replace the institution of the Scottish Crown at the Treaty of Union. Scotland has a separate and different Crown institution from that in England resulting in a separate and different character for the Crown Estates and for the ‘rights of the Crown’ in Scotland from that which applies in England. 

The Scottish Crown represents the Community of the Realm of Scotland, (the People), distinct from monarch, government and parliament. Therefore, the ‘rights of the Crown’ in Scotland over the territory and its assets are the rights of the people of Scotland independent of any government or state. 

The imposition of English ‘Crown rights’ in Scotland in place of the Scottish, is an act of colonisation. 

3. The resources of Scotland, are vested in the Scottish Crown but not the monarch, (as in England), and were never available to any Scottish monarch or parliament to transfer to the control of the Union government. They remain the exclusive property of the people of Scotland. 

The territorial seizure and control of Scottish assets by the British establishment, conducted under provisions which depend on the character of the English, not Scottish, Crown is an act of colonisation. 

4. Scotland was a nation state when it entered the Union, with a thousand years of recorded history, its own languages, cultures, laws and public institutions and with its own, distinct, constitutional tradition and with its own borders, economy and international alliances. 

The negotiations for that new, unified state were conducted by commissioners for Anne, Queen of England and Queen of Scots and the terms were ratified by the Parliaments of England and Scotland. The authority of the monarch and the Parliament in Scotland differed from that in England; it was and remains granted by the people, the  Community of the Realm. The authority of the Scottish nation either to enter into or to withdraw from a Union with England remains, therefore,with the people. The Scottish nation was not extinguished and was not transformed from a nation into a territory when Scotland became part of the United Kingdom . 

The assertion that Scotland became a mere territory of the United Kingdom by the authority of either a Parliament or a monarch when neither possessed any such authority, is fraudulent and an act of colonisation. 

5. The UK Parliament cannot exercise English sovereignty over the people of Scotland – no matter what the Supreme Court rules – when such sovereignty:

a. was never available to any Scottish Parliament or monarch to ‘transfer’ to the Parliament of the UK 


b. is constitutionally unlawful in Scotland

The English principle of political tyranny, i.e. the sovereignty of Parliament, is specifically excluded from effect in Scotland under the Claim of Right Act 1689. The Claim of Right, ratified under the terms of the Treaty of Union, enacts by statute the sovereignty of the people over their governments as first recorded in the Declaration of the Clergy of 1310. 

The imposition of sovereign, English, Parliamentary tyranny in Scotland is a violation of the Treaty of Union and an act of colonisation. 

6. The Supreme Court cannot lawfully replace the right to ‘remedy’ under Scots law, (not English law), and through the Scottish Courts. This right is guaranteed by the (still standing), Claim of Right Act 1689. 

The imposition of the UK Supreme Court, a Court which upholds the alien constitution of an English Parliament, as the highest legal remedy for Scotland, contravenes the Claim of Right provisions, violates the Treaty of Union and is an act of colonisation.

7. The Treaty of Union which created the Parliament at Westminster can only be altered by that Parliament where provision for such alteration was made by the Treaty – and any alteration must benefit of both nations and not diminish or remove the rights of the nation of Scotland under the Treaty.

The reinterpretation or disregard of the terms of the Union to the detriment of the nation of Scotland is a violation of the Treaty of Union and an act of colonisation. 

This Colonial ‘Kettling’ (Containment):

1. The only question at issue for the nation  of Scotland is whether to remain within the Union or become independent because Scotland’s rights and interests exist, not under the conditions of the Treaty or international law but at the whim and the discretion of the English dominated Parliament at Westminster

2. The only remedy for Scotland’s poverty, for the destruction of her social and economic infrastructure, the removal and sell-off of her assets to foreign interests, the desperation of her people and the absence of any public accountability whatsoever, (despite the lawful sovereignty of the people), is independence from Westminster

3. Independence from Westminster will require a referendum or other vote recognised by Westminster

4. What is lawful under the terms of the Union depends on the say so of Westminster or of courts which uphold only the English, constitutional tradition

5. The only route to independence is through a political and legal system controlled by the British establishment, a state whose fraud against the nation of Scotland is represented as legitimate and fair and which has rewritten and reinterpreted the history of the Union and the terms of the contract between the nations of England and Scotland so as to preserve absolute and unlawful control over the territory and people of Scotland. 

This state openly subverts or discounts the principles of decency, justice, honesty, and fairness in order to serve the interests of its own privileged class. And it does so at the expense of the sovereign people of Scotland and of the principles to which it is an international signatory and of which, as a member of the UN Security Council, it is a custodian. 

The International Rights of our Nation and People

Scotland is not a territory within the state of the United Kingdom. Territories do not enter international treaties. Scotland was a nation for a thousand years before the Treaty of Union and remains a nation to this day. 

The creation of a new state through a Treaty between sovereign and independent nations did not extinguish the nations or the peoples who entered the agreement just as it did not extinguish their histories, languages, legal and religious institutions. 

The lawful establishment and integrity of the new state depended and continues to depend on the conditions of the agreement under domestic law, Scots and English,and international law. 

The merging of the political and economic powers of the monarch and of the Parliaments of England and Scotland did not and could not encompass the rights and powers which are and remain vested in the people of Scotland.

Salvo affirms that:

Any Treaty accomplished by a monarch and a Parliament in Scotland was and remains subject to the limits and extent of the authority of that monarch and that Parliament. 

The limits of such authority in Scotland, including the limits of territorial control, also and necessarily define the limits of the UK government in Scotland.

The overreach by the UK government of the clear limits of its authority and control in Scotland, (fraudulently justified and ‘legitimized’ under a pre-Union, English constitutional tradition), is a crime against the ‘partner nation’ of the Union and of the terms of the agreement of 1707 and is an ongoing act of colonisation.

Salvo calls for:

The immediate cessation of this ongoing crime and restitution for the wrongs committed against the nation of Scotland. Such restitution shall be separate from any discussion of or negotiation for Scottish independence and shall include:

the restoration of the sovereignty of the people over their governments, representatives and public institutions through modern and accessible mechanisms such as the equivalent of the Swiss Constituante, provisions for referendums on demand and full and free public access to information on all matters of public policy or issues affecting the Common Good;

the restoration of public control, by and for the Scottish people, of the assets which belong exclusively to the sovereign, territorial nation of Scotland under the constitution of the Scottish Crown, as representative of the Community of the Realm;

the restoration of Scottish laws, especially those guaranteeing the rights, liberties and protections afforded to the people;

the restoration of the authority of the Court of Session in Scotland and of the provisions which permit the people of Scotland to instruct that Court to strike down any law or statute which does not serve this nation or which violates the rights of the people;

the full and unreserved acknowledgment by the UK government that it has abused the terms of the Union, violated its agreement with the nation of Scotland, exploited its superior numbers within the UK Parliament and broken both Scots and international law. In an ongoing act of colonisation, it has replaced the history, constitution, laws, rights and privileges of the people of Scotland with those of England, a foreign power whose domination Scotland rejected for hundreds of years and whose political and legal tyranny remains alien and unacceptable to the people of this nation.

Salvo asserts:

That the identity and the rights of the nation of Scotland demand restoration; that the wrongs committed against this nation demand restitution and that the confidence, self-respect, social justice and political freedoms which Scotland urgently lacks today depend on the righting of these wrongs and the return of all that allows Scotland to call itself Scotland – and not a mere territory of the British state, a poorer, sadder, northern version of England.


Salvo has sent this article to all three SNP Leadership candidates inviting them to take part in a podcast discussion to discuss this important content. We will advise when the podcast will be shown. We hope all three will accept as Salvo and Liberation have many thousands of members, growing every day, and many are also members of the SNP and will have a vote in the contest. We will report the response, or lack of response, in due course. Salvo and Liberation members who have a vote in the election please take note. The political party route has thus far not been remotely successful. It is time to change the strategy. One big advantage Salvo has is that our argument is against stationary targets, unlike the normal political argument where the goalposts get moved all the time. It is time we played the game with the full floodlights on, using our arguments that clearly display the duplicity and fraud of our opponents!

I am, as always



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The work and important development of Salvo has been a beacon of hope in 2022 and as it develops Salvo is creating campaigning hubs throughout Scotland. Salvo will join  with Liberation.Scot and as the campaigning arm of Liberation we are looking at very effective campaigns kicking off very early this year and introducing some new campaigning methods as well as those that have worked well in the past. This requires money so all donations to this site, once the running costs are covered, will go to support the work of Salvo/ Liberation. I think you will see it well used and effective.


We are seeking to build Liberation.Scot to at least 100,000 signatures just as quickly as we can. This is part of our plan to win recognition as an official Liberation Movement via the United Nations. We intend to internationalise our battle to win Independence and through the setting up of our Scottish National Congress will prepare and develop our arguments to win progress in the International Courts. Please help by signing up at Liberation.Scot. It is from those who sign up to Liberation.Scot that the membership of the SNC will be created by ballot.



  1. Fantastic work, Sarah. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, and also to Iain for the invitation to the contenders for the SNP leadership. Let’s hope they all read this, and accept your invitation.

    Every day I wobble between hope and despair for our beautiful wee country and it’s citizens as I hear or read news and comments from both sides of the debate. This article and video raises my hopes and my spirit. We shall have independence!

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    1. Like you Morna. I vary between hope and despair over the sate out country is in, while the message from Salvo certainly brings hope, there is despair at the way the SNP leadership contest is being conducted with sniping at all candidates from the London based media and at home concerns about the influence of the Murrlells on the process. I very much agree that Peter Murrelll should step down from his post as Ceo of the party as this is long overdue.
      i continue to hope that the result of the contest will be a frexh start and fresh ideas for the wholw independence movement and that the grassroots will be given a say on both the route to independence and ideas for the kind of nation we want to becpme. As to that I commend the ideas of commonweal and the recent publication of ‘Sorted’.

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  2. Salvo not being attached to any political party has an appeal to all who truly seek self-determination and independence for Scotland, in that they are not hamstrung by the rigged rules set at Westminster.

    The post from Salvo may be long but is is the most effective message sent direct to the people of Scotland and Scots all over the world that fully explains our rights as a sovereign nation. It also illustrates that there has been over 3 centuries of machinations and manipulations designed to keep Scotland and its people tied to England by this toxic union.

    As Iain has said, “It is time to change the strategy”. Sara and Salvo have opened new routes to take our rightful place in the UN’s family of independent nations,. However, Salvo has also opened the eyes of so many Scots that were raised and educated in the belief that without Mother England, Scotland could not survive. The lies that have been fed to us in order to keep us in our place and shackled to England are being exposed for what they are and what they are intended to do.

    The Union on Trial, currently being produced, will further expose the myths and the deliberate strategy of lies, subterfuge, force of arms, depopulation and impoverishment that has taken place throughout this “union of equals” .

    Salvo’s clear message needs to be shared as widely as possible and by using all media outlets, so that not only Scotland can see, but the rest of the world can see, Scotland’s true relationship with England and how they have used the same tactics as they did to establish and keep hold of their colonies in the British Empire – many of those tactics are still in use today here in Scotland.

    It is long past time where we have Westminster playing catchup to the rules set by the people of Scotland.

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  3. I think this is all excellent. There are perhaps 2 tracks to the independence argument – this forms part of a slow burn argument. However, simple concepts also are needed to rally popular support. My feeling is republicanism provides this.

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  4. I agree with every word in the article. Unfortunately the Party of Independence and the dog wagging tail pretending to be Greens are focused on GRR…..not the People want.

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      1. Me too! And I’m glad to hear that Kate’s team has been in touch with him, obviously I knew Ash had. I can only hope that one of the women wins and if they’ve any sense appoint the other to cabinet and clears out the Sturgeon dead wood appointing only those those who are good not those who merely do what they are told blindly!

        If Yousaf wins then we have to focus all our attentions onto Salvo, Liberation and Alba and ISP because the SNP will be a busted flush!

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  5. I can’t get the video to play.
    Never the less, a fantastic article which needs to be shared far and wide. Well done Sara and Iain for all the hard graft that’s gone into this.

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  6. As ever Sara writes persuasively, now all we need to do is take the case to neutral international observers and to International Courts. As for the invites to the podcast – let me guess one will definitely say yes, one will say no or not respond and I’m not sure about the third though I’m leaning towards no response!

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  7. Outstanding article, Sara! This is a concise and accurate characterisation of Westminster governance as a litany of thefts of Scotland’s wealth and resources, the constant abrogation of Scotland’s sovereignty, of its constitution, of its territorial integrity, and of the legal authority of her representatives in the UK parliament as the sole voice of the Scottish founder in the supposedly joint governance of the two kingdoms with the English founder.

    There was nothing joint about that governance. The English founder unilaterally declared itself to be the superior partner, and enforced its will to the great detriment of its sole partner in the new venture. Even now there is no sense whatsoever of any contrition, guilt, or shame by England’s establishment, just continued contempt, disdain, and abuse of its hostage, and it is beefing up the chains now because of the fear that it may imminently lose control of its hostage and her essential resources. The English establishment has built up an enormous debt of Karma over these three centuries and some.

    It is inconceivable that it will concede its guilt and do the right thing by us because it literally cannot afford to do so anymore. Its Karma is now so large it’s created its own black hole.

    Time we pushed the English establishment into it.

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  8. Thank you guys. As ever, I am in awe.
    Three adjectives (out of many) which I would use – ‘considered’/ ‘diligent’/ ‘forensic’.
    There is a fourth that I pray that I shall be able to use – ‘decisive’.

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  9. I know Sara doesn’t want to be a FM however we need someone who is willing to lay it out as it is, go around wherever she possibly can to get the word out by whichever means possible this for me is what a leader who is serious and cares would be doing. Not only that, she is empowering other Scottish people here and abroad to take the message out to the people.

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    1. We know that we don’t have proper media that allows information to flow freely and honestly to the masses so Sara and others are using whichever methods available in order to educate us. Obviously it’s a longer road however it’s better than sitting day in day out presenting yourself to the Scottish public about the policies and people who you are interested in without so much as mentioning anything in this article. If you are not sitting down or willing to sit down with the group and discuss it, we should be asking why not? If you truly are a good leader or potential leader then you would engage with all avenues that eventually lead to justice for the Scottish people as well as the restoration of our nation.

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  10. With the SNP in power, can Scotland make any comprehensive claim to being a functioning liberal-democracy? Can the arguments of those who claim that Scotland is a politically corrupt, historically oppressed colony of England be comprehensively refuted? If you believe “no” in both cases, your engagement with Salvo and Liberation.Scot will be crucial in having your opinions tested and adjudicated upon, outside and beyond the influence of the British establishment.

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  11. Sara supplies us with the fundaments and reality of our constitutional rights and powerfully draws our attention to the fact that we, ‘The People’ (not the Politicians or Political Parties), have the authority of self-determination. Relying on career politicians for their support with their fruitless self-interested opinions is pointless.

    The way forward is the EDUCATION of the Scottish People. Salvo’s objective is to reach out to the people, form a Scottish National Congress, and take our case directly to the United Nations. We now have 18 Salvo Hubs and an International Hub (Diaspora – Scot’s dispersed from their homeland). My Salvo hub is the ‘Highland & Islands’ group which is dedicated to developing educational material based on the writings of our Scottish Liberation Movement (SLM) steering group members and others. Our 24 page SLM ‘Reclaiming the Rights of our Scottish Sovereign People’ will be published shortly with the approval of ‘Salvo’.


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  12. Excellent thank you. What is the timescale for this campaign? How far away are we numbers wise to take this to the UN and the wider world? Many who almost tasted independence in 2014, but have been criminally let down by the British administration in Holyrood and fear they may never see “Judgement Day” and “Time waits for no man or woman”, is there hope for those in their twilight years of seeing ourselves and our nation free from Westminster? Thank you Sara and the team. You are Scotlands last hope!

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    1. The last week has seen the hubs being established across the country, this is the first steps in the recruitment campaign. The Union on Trial film is getting its screenplay professionally produced and a film company has been secured. The new Liberation website should be up later this month allowing people to apply to become members of the Scottish National Congress. There is an enormous amount of work being done but it takes time and money as well.

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      1. Thank you for that Iain. I appreciate that this undertaking is colossal as is the commitment of yourself, Sara and the team. I also appreciate that this is costly, not just in time but materials. I will try to help with the war chest where I can. What you are doing is very much appreciated. Salvo/ and all involved are making Scottish history. Thank you.

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      2. I’m in the same boat as Fae See, don’t want Facebook. Can alternative ways of accessing your geographical Hub be considered? Otherwise a fair few of us will be “locked” out. Would it not be possible to have members only sections of the website where you can access your Hub?

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      3. Hubs are not based on the FB groups – that’s an extra! A web page within the Salvo site is being set up for each hub with a ‘chat’ area, local news/announcements etc. to allow us to communicate and plan away from social media. It all takes time, though and we are still putting the co-ordinators in place (until permanent ‘officers’ or roles are decided and voted on), so that we can get the process rolling. It shouldn’t be too long now!

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      4. Is there a crowdfunder or similar to help fund the dissemination of Salvo ideas. I’d be happy to contribute as I cant do much else as i am now living in darkest England, which still feesl quite alien !

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  13. Looks like I am in the Highlands and Islands hub and look forward to things getting moving. It just gives me a lift seeing something getting done after all these years of inaction and I have to commend the efforts of Alba getting out and about also. Not much to say about the leadership contest as Robin McAlpine has covered it well in his blog but it is getting uglier by the minute with personal attacks and the like.

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  14. Thanks for getting back to me quickly. Good service, better than the government.🤣 I am actually looking forward to getting started.

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  15. Hi All, you may have failed to notice but Sunak is about to break the Treaty of Union (AGAIN) with his Windsor Agreement. My Question is:- What are our MPs, whom we elected to make Scotland Free, doing about it? S Flynn should be telling the English Parliament that if they break the act of Union we Scots will withdraw from this Treaty immediately. The other question is will we also allow them to override Scots Law with the S35 debacle. Whether you agree with these Laws or not is not the issue. The issue is are you willing to accept English Sovereignty as portrayed by the English or do you think that we the Scottish people are Sovereign and our Laws should not be tampered with by any foreign power.
    On the subject of Foreign, IF we are granted a referendum by our colonisers, which I seriously doubt ,
    The franchise needs to be changed from residence based to Nationality based and NO foreigners ahould be allowed to vote on Scotlands future status. No other country allows such nonsense. We had the situation where all English, Polish Swedish American German etc etc people were allowed to vote NO to block our path to freedom. No other country in the world accepts this situation But Sturgeon was, apparently, advised by her mainly English civil servants that it would be TOO COMPLICATED to operate a Scots only franchise. Complicated or not it must be done. Scotlands people must decide Scotlands future.
    Having said all that our colonisers will NEVER accept us choosing our own Path. That being the case we must get out of this union by some other means.

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    1. You are of course correct, it does not matter how many mandates are provided by the people of Scotland, Westminster will never acknowledge our right to self-determination and independence. In simple terms Westminster cannot live without the subsidies provided by Scotland and that is why England in the only country in the world scared of independence.

      When Salvo and Liberation grow to the extent that we anticipate, I believe that it is likely Westminster may buckle and offer another referendum designed on their terms but as the song goes “we won’t be fooled again”!

      If it is possible, Crowdfund Salvo and Liberation for the future of Scotland,. There are so many disillusioned ex-party members, current party members and others not attached to any party at all that are seeking another route and now recognise that Salvo and Liberation through a Scottish National Congress, or other body based on the Convention of the Estates, is a new and viable way forward.

      Many of them have funded political parties for decades and would love to be able contribute to this new and exciting way forward as outlined by Salvo and Liberation. This would provide them with hope and the fact they have contributed to Salvo and Liberation’s success. So, consider opening as many ways to contribute both directly and via a third parties to enable them to participate towards self-determination and independence achieved without being facilitated by a political party but by the people of Scotland themselves.

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    2. Surely it would be no more complicated to check for Scots Nationals, than by checking where and when your NI number was issued?

      When we turn 16 we are issued an NI number, surely they will have the address details where the number was first sent?

      I have also joined the Stirling Salvo hub and am ready to help setup the 1st groups, I’m used to speaking to various sized audiences from small groups to 1000 as part of previous job roles so would be happy to help, initially and ongoing.

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    3. My wife and myself were born in England (just south of the border) Having had many enjoyable holidays in Scotland, 23 years ago we moved north, we moved north because, sick to the back teeth of the English class system we wanted to live in a more equitable society. We were SNP members till recently and made cash donations to the ‘ringfenced’ fighting fund.

      If we were denied a vote in a future referendum it would be like a kick in the teeth to us, the Europeans you mention if voted no in 2014 probably did so because (worried about their status) they were told it was the only way to stay in the EU, which of course turned out to be a lie. Denying the vote to folk not born in Scotland could very well backfire.

      To misuse a phrase currently in vogue, I was born English but identify as Scottish.

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      1. Alan if you have lived in Scotland for 23 years nobody would suggest you should not have a vote. What we seek is the same franchise as every other European nation where five to ten years would be the franchise qualification.

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      2. I appreciate your situation. Nevertheless losing your votes is irrelevent. You would not get a vote in ANY other Country unless you became a Citizen. You cannot become a Scots Citizen can you? NO. therefore Sorry No vote in Scotlands affairs.


  16. In these dark days you are a bright light Sara – thank you from myself, my children and theirs down though the generations that must be born free, sovereign Scots.

    Why do so many tolerate – even embrace – the lying, entitled theft and abuse of Westminster? Maybe a few photos of luxury life in the Westminster cabinet will ring alarm bells as folk sit without heat or hot food.

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    1. Marion. Almost exactly 9 months ago I took a look at the House of Lords and compared their “take-home pay” with those who receive the UK retirement pension. Full basic retirement pension for 7 days worked out at £176.65.

      However, if a “Peer” attended the HoL for 5 days in a week, their take-home amount would be £1,615. They don’t even need to “work” for that amount and simply by popping in to make sure they are registered, they can later pop out again. Or, perhaps time it right, so that they can then take advantage of the luxurious surroundings of the HoL Peers Dining Room, but I doubt if they will be ordering beans on toast! With appetites suitably sated, why not drop in to relax in one of the well-appointed and heavily subsidised bars and lounges, where they can have a chat over drinks with some of their 822 fellow Peers.

      Now if they all turn up for 5 days the amount payable from the taxpayer would be only £1,329,145 per week – what value!

      Lets assume they take 12 weeks of holiday per year, for the other 40 weeks it is possible for them to obtain £64,600 – not bad work if you can get it! Meanwhile, back in the real world, a basic retirement pension can bring in £9,339,20 for the full 52 weeks. If my figures are correct (and there’s no guarantee of that), it means Peers get 591.7% more than is being provided for pensioners.

      So, Marion, if you want to compare the lifestyles forced on so many people in Scotland nowadays and you want a specific response you could do worse than use the HoL as a comparison because we support them in the lifestyle that they have come to expect because of their elevated or hereditary position.

      I note that Plaid Cymru has one Peer. The Gwnfor Evans I knew will be spinning in his grave! However, perhaps I should not be too harsh on them because, who knows, our retiring FM may join them for services rendered to the union!

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  17. Thank You for this Sara, you and your team do excellent work, you give hope to the people of Scotland.

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  18. Panda Paws
    If Yousaf wins then we have to focus all our attentions onto Salvo, Liberation and Alba and ISP because the SNP will be a busted flush!
    It does not matter who wins. Holyrood is a creature of Westminster and operates under their rules, our politicians no matter what party, work within its constraints, and as has been witnessed over the years they have enriched themselves and impoverished the Scottish people. It really has to be swept away along with politicians and political parties.
    Bottom Line Alba and all other Scottish political parties do not support peoples sovereignty. They support continuation of the illegal English system of parliamentary sovereignty.
    Without restoration of our constitution, the Scottish people -as now -have no protection against politicians who have gone off the rails. Anyone come to mind???
    We have no means to hold them to account. And furthermore we -as now – would not be in a position to assert that our resources belong to the people. (As they actually do!)
    Salvo / is the only way to cross the line to re-independence with our inviolable constitutional rights restored – and politicians accountable to us. Anything else -as now -leaves us as a hollow shell of a nation. No more false profits – please! “let’s staun up” and be our own heroes.
    salvo literally means “the people’s voice over the politicians”. – you signed yet?

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    1. Sadly Wullie, the muppets are being conned into voting Yousaf, Kate is ‘wee free’ and according to one walloper that means we will all have to obey the Sabbath again, utter nonsense, and Ash, well she has the enemy helping her, that Alba, Tories in disguise, trying to bring oor wee nick and the team doon’ I ask you?

      I must have asked the ‘why 30 days and not 100 days?’ question 10 times, and no one has answered or even commented, sadly!

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      1. We know why the 30 days and not as stated in the SNP’s Constitution. An organisation is based on its constitution and what is the point of members agreeing the content of their primary document only for it to be pushed aside and ignored by a small group within the SNP HQ that has a strong vested interest in the outcome of the leadership election?

        I have helped create more than a dozen constitutions over the years for different types of organisations but the one thing they had in common was that their constitutions could not be changed or interfered with unless by either a minimum of either two thirds or three-quarters of their members. Plus, this could only be done either at an Annual General Meeting (Annual Conference), or at a meeting of the members specifically called for that one purpose.

        The members still left in the SNP need to wake up because they are being taken for granted and as fools by SNP HQ. This is what the Labour Party did to its members in Scotland and we all know what happened to them! However, the resurrection of the unionist Labour Party in Scotland appears to be the main focus of the current SNP. Remember SNP1 and SNP2 that resulted in 1.094,374 votes electing just 2 SNP MSPs and let in dozens of unionist MSPs to work against us? Of course, in the desperate bid to prevent the rise of the Alba Party, SNP HQ knew that this would happen but carried on with SNP1, SNP2 and it resulted in the toxic coalition government we have now. Facilitating the election of dozens of unionist MSPs would have been regarded as Treasonous prior to the union..

        As SNP members leave the party in droves, the same is happening to the disillusioned electorate that really has only a couple of options, and that’s a either a vote for another party that is truly seeking independence, or a return to the Labour and Unionist Party.

        Sad, sad days indeed that it has come to this!

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      2. Hi Paulbird
        Never mind the muppets, the politicians, the political parties that’s the whole idea of Move on get the message out get people to sign up.

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  19. arthor49
    vote for another party that is truly seeking independence,
    There isn’t any other party that is TRULY seeking independence. People keep mentioning Alba. Alba do go on about sovereignty and the claim of right they make some of the right sounds but in my opinion they are misleading. They are for parliamentary sovereignty the English model, which they know is illegal in Scotland. People are still clutching the Salmond straw.
    As I’ve said above move on get out there get people to sign up no one else is going to do it for us

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  20. Brilliant!
    Thanks to Sara and all at Salvo.
    Got me thinking about the Edinburgh Proclamation. Was that list of MP’s and MSP’s who signed or declined ever published? Would be interesting to know!

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  21. I have always said that the greatest weapon we have in Scotland is the truth, and Sara elucidates this perfectly. The phrase, “and ye shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free” is especially applicable to Scotland. Prior to any national transformation there has to be a raising of the national consciousness which comes primarily from an understanding of history. Due to the suppression and obfuscation of Scotland’s unique history, particularly as regards constitutional law, it has been hidden over time, but it seems to me that Sara and Salvo are the vanguard of the revelation!

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  22. Not sure what is going on but I see the Humza campaign are calling Ash Regan the Alba candidate which smacks of Pete Wishart who sees Alba under the bed and is scared to sleep without a light on. Not sure how Humza would like to be known as the Stonewall candidate as that is what he looks like given the list of those backing him with the awful hostage style videos. If the election is as rigged as it is looking Alba may well gain some new members if Humza wins. On Pete Wishart for a man who seeks to be part of the Scottish establishment not sure blocking the dean of the faculty of advocates was a smart move but then Pete doesn’t do smart.

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    1. Scarcely want to mention it, but “wargaming” for every eventuality, I am wondering whether it’s better for Ash Regan to win the leadership, or lose it.

      I firmly understand that what Regan is saying does resonate amongst true Independentists, and that Humza’s leadership will be thoroughly regressive. If he wins, but the result is widely perceived as rigged, what happens next?

      Might we see another SNP “breakaway” , this time with SNP MP’s and MSP’s stepping outside Holyrood and Westminster party constraints, to assemble under the alternative banner of a Convention of the Estates?

      Full marks to Sara And SALVO for the article.

      What we badly need is an enforcement mechanism.

      These days I often compare the relationship of the Northern Irish Backstop and the Good Friday Agreement, with the Scottish Backstop we never saw and the Claim of Right which should have defended Scotland’s Constitutional sovereignty.

      It was the EU, UN, Ireland and USA which affirmed and enforced the Good Friday Agreement and presented Northern Ireland with their potent backstop. We need friends like that; resolute Nations impervious to Westminster’s bluster and shenanigans.

      What Scotland needs now is similar EU / UN affirmation and enforcement of due recognition for Scotland’s Claim of Right, augmented by similar affirmations from as many individual nations as can be mustered.

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      1. You have hit the nail on the head – again. Without international pressure, the British state, which in reality is the English state, will continue to self-authorise the colonisation of Scotland. Without public awareness and political will, installing those essential mechanisms you speak of, even with international support and help, will be impossible. So we have two huge tasks ahead; the education of the international community – alongside winning the support we need there – and the education of our own people and building the public will and demand for restoration. It can seem so daunting that it is tempting to look for an easier option, like a change of SNP leadership. Until you remember that the one referendum we are allowed was rigged in full view of the public with the breach of the Edinburgh agreement and the inordinate weighting of the edit coverage against the ‘yes’ arguments in contravention of the international ‘rules’ for such referendums. (And that leaves aside the statistically impossible postal vote and the recorded instances of dumped ballots/ballot switching etc.) How wonderful it would be to be able to leave the freedom of Scotland to the political establishment and close our eyes to the insurmountable barriers that have always been, and always will be, constructed by the coloniser to prevent Scotland from ever escaping. I don’t hear the argument any more, ‘the Claim of Right is not a magic wand’ but perhaps it’s time to explain that hoping for a political escape route form this Union is the real ‘magical thinking’, the kind that imagines that any independence supporting, political party comes with a magic wand to ensure a fair and democratic vote, plebiscite or referendum. (And an extra one to ensure that the kind of Scotland we will get with independence will restore the historic rights and powers of the Scottish people!) And that leaves us with one exit route and one only. And it depends on restoring the lawful sovereignty of the Scottish people in both the eyes of the world and their own.

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