This letter was written by Ann Williamson, a regular reader of the Yours for Scotland blog.

Good Morning, The National Editorial Team

Thank you for the offer of 3months subscription to The National for £1. I will not be taking up your offer.

When my late husband and myself started to subscribe to The National, it was the newspaper of the whole Independence movement. We looked forward to the wide range of views and discussions which the paper afforded us on a daily basis. Indeed, I myself have contributed letters on occasion, which you have kindly published. In latter years, it has I believe, following subsidies from Nicola Sturgeon, become the paper of the “woke” faction of the SNP.

Just in the past two days, you have distanced the paper from Alex Salmond and and the Alba party, have dispensed with Tasmina Ahmed Sheik’s contributions and appointed more of the said faction as journalists. Along with many others, I am upset about that editorial decision. The YES movement is a broad church, but what we are seeing, with some of the recent appointments made by The National, is the narrowing of the content to promote the minority GRR agenda and overt bias in favour of the Nicola and Peter party.  

You send me daily tasters of the full content of your paper, which you may continue to send or not. However, be assured, I have no intention of subscribing to your paper not even free of charge, I am so disappointed in what it has become. 

If you are trying to increase your readership as things have become “tight” for you in recent times, take my word for it, these heavily Sturgeon biased and gender political appointments are not what ordinary YES movement readers want to read or pay for. It’s over. The game’s up for them and I believe SNP will pay a heavy price in future elections – as unfortunately will the Independence movement, having put our trust in the SNP under the Sturgeon reign for eight unfruitful years.

I am in favour of a good clean out of the SNP as proposed by Ash Regan and the use of the gold standard ballot box to achieve independence. It is the only way forward for the movement. Even Michael Russell, president of SNP and not an extremist in any shape or form, attests to this. It is Ash’s intention to unify the movement, not stifle it as has been done by the dictatorship at the top of SNP. I’m sorry if you have bound yourselves into a losing ideology. Like the rest of us, no doubt the direction of travel you have chosen will cost you dearly. I hope I am wrong.

Ann Williamson 


I cannot for the life of me understand what the National were doing making public an editorial decision that frankly makes no sense commercially. The SNP is and has been losing members. Thousands of those members, not all, have joined other parties. Singling out the Former First Minister for “special” treatment is also stupid. It reinforces a barrier which many already recognise as unfair and unjustified. Mr Salmond was an extremely good First Minister and advanced Scotland across the board. To this day the current Scots Government try to claim the credit for measures that were introduced BEFORE they came to power. It is no longer even contestable that he did not suffer a corrupt orchestrated plot created by many leading figures in the SNP, which failed because of the good sense of a Scottish jury who rejected the flimsy and contrived “evidence”. I view with disgust the continued efforts to smear him for political reasons. That the National chose to continue this biased behaviour confirms the paper as of little or no worth to the cause of Scottish Independence. How a publication that started off with such goodwill amongst the YES community has fallen to the point where it is now largely ignored and regarded as a Woke fanzine, suggests it has no future, no future at all.

I am, as always



Regretfully there are some among us who seek to censor what others read. Sadly within the YES movement there are sites which claim to be pro Indy but exist to only promote one Party and will not publish articles which come from bloggers who don’t slavishly support that Party to the exclusion of the rest of the YES movement. I ask readers who support free speech to share articles from Yours for Scotland as often as possible as this defeats the effectiveness of the censors.


Free subscriptions are available on the Home and Blog pages of this site. This allows,for an email of each article to your Inbox and that is now how several thousands get my articles each day. This avoids problems that some have experienced gaining access from Twitter and Facebook. You will be very welcome to choose whatever route works best for you.


The work and important development of Salvo has been a beacon of hope in 2022 and as it develops Salvo is creating campaigning hubs throughout Scotland. Salvo will join  with Liberation.Scot and as the campaigning arm of Liberation we are looking at very effective campaigns kicking off very early this year and introducing some new campaigning methods as well as those that have worked well in the past. This requires money so all donations to this site, once the running costs are covered, will go to support the work of Salvo/ Liberation. I think you will see it well used and effective.


We are seeking to build Liberation.Scot to at least 100,000 signatures just as quickly as we can. This is part of our plan to win recognition as an official Liberation Movement via the United Nations. We intend to internationalise our battle to win Independence and through the setting up of our Scottish National Congress will prepare and develop our arguments to win progress in the International Courts. Please help by signing up at Liberation.Scot. It is from those who sign up to Liberation.Scot that the membership of the SNC will be created by ballot.


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  1. Looks to me to be less content, more junior journalists – and their not paying a great deal in wages. Evidence of declining budget. Current editor is obviously out of depth. Interested to know how many subscribers. If they have the 12,000 claimed, Newsquests making a substantial profit. Notably they closed their Welsh online edition after 18 months. Their it in for money, not principle. Profit rightly takes precedence for any for business, but an alternative model may become apparent.

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    1. “Profit rightly takes precedence for any for business” Indeed it does, but it has to be properly earned. If journalism is what you sell, journalism is what the paying customer should receive.

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    2. According to ABC circulation figures for February 2023 The National sold 3210 paper copies daily and had 345 subscriptions…and falling.

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    3. Yvonne Ridley stated on A Scottish Prism, that the ABC numbers were somethingless than 400 subscriptions, not sure if that was digital only but not a good sign for the paper, I cancelled my subscription the day it came out the Tasmina was dropped and gave that reason, they tried to tempt me back with a cheaper subscription, but to tell the truth, the only reason I signed up for the sub was to do the puzzles, the rest of the paper I wouldn’t wipe my arse with it, as more shit would be transferred to me than would be wiped off

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  2. +Profit rightly takes precedence for any business … 50 wpm, too quick typing, too little proof reading. Professional habit ..

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  3. A first class letter. Hits the mark. Is all the more powerful as it covers the key points without extraneous detail.

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  4. Well said Ann.
    The SNP has, for the last eight years, been the St Nicola Party. No debate – apparently debate is toxic and views dictated by the Supreme Leader are the healthy, democratic choice.

    The economy and the NHS have been of no interest to the SG and has fallen apart. Education has been diminished and men in scanty panties introduced to primary school classroom along with gender guidance that encourages young people to take gender decisions they may well not fully understand – what of the same sex crushes that are common in adolescents? And critically the parents should not be involved. The ones who would take a bullet for the child are to be replaced by state approved trans activists. Islanders have to love island life because they now find it pretty hard to get off their island – or get groceries and needed tourists on to their island. But never mind any of thet – St Nicola has imposed “progressive” values on Scotland, without any mandate. The policies of the Green party, with 8% of the vote, have been rolled out as the policies of the party of government. HOW IS THAT DEMOCRACY STURGEON YOU WRETCHED IMBECILE? The open goal of Brexit was missed and Scotland is paying the price – our taxes, our today and our kids tomorrow have all been **** down the drain by the incompetent Sturgeon cabal.

    I am furious. We should all be furious.

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    1. One of the most compelling arguments for independence is that this mockery of democracy could have been allowed to happen in the first place. A further, very strong argument is that no-one will be held accountable for this mess.

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    2. you are nnot alone Marion. I have a digital subscription and paper version. Am about to cancel BOTH.
      I wrote a letter about Hassan and Robertson’s columns this month asking WHY neither mentioned “The Windsor Agreement” breaking the Treaty of Union and what should be done about it?
      Scotland will never get free using the ballot box. We now have USUF saying vote for me and I will create a Minister for Independence!! Here was me thinking ALL. MPs and MSPs were for independence. Obviously I am mistaken. When England breaks the Treaty Scotland should immediately remove itself from it
      FREEDOM beckons.

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      1. 100% agree jistjr – the treaty has been kicked around many times but Brexit has broken it. The Windsor Agreement is an outrage -what do they want from us? 30 years of terrorism? I think Johnson did allude to dipping your hands in blood to get what you want and that is where this “progressive” sickening nuSNP is taking Scotland. Democracy is dead here. Hell mend them.

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  5. I absolutely endorse Ann Williamson’s letter. The National has become a disjointed rag. Call me paranoid but i see the recent actions as part of the process of diminution of the Independence movement managed by those in the SNP who have done well during the Sturgeon years. Damn them all! The Yes movement will however be sustained by true independence believers and we will achieve Scottish sovereignty.

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      1. Indeed, we do have sovereignty, and even Westminster accepts that at least in princple, but nevertheless, it denies us the legal means to exercise it, and it does so by permitting England’s MPs to approve legislation that is binding over the UK without requiring the approval of Scotland’s MPs.

        Any such unilateral decision by one partner of a bilateral Union in a bilateral Parliament is ultra vires and cannot be lawful, because neither partner (via his MPs) can represent the Union on his own. Even without sovereignty being involved, that scenario is clearly bonkers and abusive. If it isn’t a Union decision, it can’t be applied to the Union.

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      2. Spot on we need politicians to get of their ass and campaign for independence we have already over 50% prehaps are much as 60 %. We need our politicians to project our sovereignty and claim of right. Shake the tree, instead they take the colonial masters scraps of the table while Scotland is impoverished children go hungry and the old hang about in shopping centres to keep warm.
        Dissolve the Parictical Zombie Union.

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  6. As a former subscriber to the National I agree with everything that Ann wrote except I have unsubscribed from all the National’s mailing lists and not left them with the option to send me click bait.

    We sorely need our own newspaper and TV channel.

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  7. Excellent letter. Sums up the feelings of many *former’ subscribers. Perhaps The Scot National was a trojan horse all along? Who knows? Whatever is going on, it appears to be following the trend of the ‘free West’ to turn ‘trusted’ mainstream media into Soviet-style government propaganda outlets.

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  8. Infiltrate something for it’s popularity, principles and integrity, twist all three, sow division and acrimony amongst its community, and damage or ostracise individuals around whom resistance might coalesce and recovery might begin. Abandon every strategic initiative.

    Hands up anybody who thinks any of this is accidental, either to the SNP or The National…

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  9. Spot on Ann Williamson.

    My subscription after 5 years expires coincidentally in 3 days time. It will not be renewed for all the reasons given by Ann and Iain.

    The ‘paper of Independence’ seems to be following in the failed footsteps of the ‘party of Independence’ in pursuing a line that will see the National’s readership drop as precipitously as the membership of the Scottish National Party.

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  10. I confess…I did subscribe at the start despite my reservations that it was a fund raising exercise for a Unionist organisation. I could tolerate that nagging suspicion while a few decent Indy articles were still being printed.
    I cancelled my subscription a few years ago as the Sturgeon Fanzine element increased.

    When you have been fooled…face it!

    It was not just a fundraising exercise it was the Unionist exercising the ancient art of division. The promotion of the TransCult is the strongest wedge they have come up with and with Sturgeon removed they must use alternative routes. Humza the puppet and the National pretending to be on the side of Independence fools no one now. The reality is that both are tools of the Unionists.

    The National and Sturgeon fooled me for a short period. However that is irrelevant given the comparison to the damage done to many, many Scots by keeping us in the Union.

    What does it matter that I wasted a few pence compared to so many Scots struggling to survive under Tory Rule and Tory Greed.

    It is a great shame that so many members of the SNP cannot admit they are chasing a carrot. The real politics is that the YES Movement was betrayed…..not a new story for Scotland.

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  11. Great letter. And great comment Ian.

    The ‘notional’ was a money making scheme. When it collapses expect the usual yoons to shout indepence is over.

    I think the Independence movement is just waking up. And we won’t be silenced.

    Jail time beckons for a fair few in politics and the media. Good.

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  12. Not sure how many of you read Wings blog but a comment by the alleged whistle blower Smitty on the workings of the Humza campaign in the comments section of one of yesterdays blogs titled Sight unseen is well worth a look. He claims the core of the Humza campaign was set up at least ten days before the “shock” announcement of the first minister stepping down and has an interesting take on Angus Robertson not standing that does not involve a member of his family. I have no way of knowing if this guy is real but if he is a fake he is a very good one unlike the ham fisted fakes the Humza campaign digs up. Worth a look.

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      1. Audit Scotland ought to be able to verify the claims regarding Robertson getting a slice of the 600k. I’m not an accountant or a lawyer but that looks like fraud with a very traceable trail to me. Audit Scotland will have their work cut out getting Sturgeons state police to act on it though.

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      2. Surely there are so many folk roped into this mess now that at least one of them must realise the only way to save their own skin is to be the first to blow the whistle? Regan alluded to active police investigations – those involved need to ask themselves what hill they want to die on.

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    1. I don’t think he is a fake, I am sure it was him who told us about rumors that NS was going and that JS would follow her.

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      1. He seems genuine though it’s hard to be sure. If what he says is true then it’s pretty mind blowing. and absolutely disgusting if you’re an independence supporter.

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  13. A very good letter from Ann. I too to the National offer too, by email. I am afraid my response was one and a half lines long and not as polite as Ann’s

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  14. “Like the rest of us, no doubt the direction of travel you have chosen will cost you dearly. I hope I am wrong.”

    Personally speaking: I hope you’re 100% not wrong, Ann. Great letter, by-the-way.

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  15. This seems a fair summation.
    If the Party says 4 is 5…….
    If the Party says Men are Women…..
    You must see what the Party sees

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  16. That was a good letter Ann. I also unsubscribed on the day of Iain’s last article about this. My letter was not quite so polite as I was really annoyed. I then received a reply statement from Laura Webster making excuses for their actions by citing 3 examples of stories they had printed involving Alex Salmond.
    She told me that it wasn’t true about not covering Alba or that they are unwilling to interview him.
    As far as Tasmina was concerned ” we felt it was time for some fresh voices to come on board, as they have changed their columnists many times over the years since we launched” They also magnaminously ” still wish her well”
    I had only subscribed to follow the contest but I regret having done that.

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  17. Great letter. I unsubscribed sometime ago when it became very obvious that it was a communication portal for SNP high command. Their support of the position on currency (the growth commission proposals) was laughable and confirmed who controlled the narrative. This should hopefully be the last straw for many.
    I have long suspected that the national was very much a paper which supported the enhancement of devolution – very much like many politicians and staffers within the SNP, and I noticed that Ben Macpherson MSP had added his voice to that in the establishment press recently.

    Those seeking enhanced devolution are really seeking softer colonialism. Devolution doesn’t exist in the UK. If it did, it would involve 4 devolved nations, not one master one. That said, I respect those taking this position. The only thing I would ask for is honesty. Remove independence from your manifesto and from your campaign leaflets. Make it patently obvious that you prefer london – the capital of one of the most unequal states, having control over our resources. Also, stop blaming westminster for Scotland’s woes. You have made the decision that London is far better at governing scotland than we are.

    Be honest and put yourselves on a level playing field with other unionist/imperialist parties. Then we’ll see how democracy plays out.

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  18. Any leader of a pro independence party or movement should encourage its supporters to boycott all British nationalist media. Nothing to lose; everything to gain. The British nationalist media will howl its disapproval and call us every name under the sun – no change there then – but the publicity and subsequent action will be extremely valuable to the independence movement as a whole.

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  19. Well Ann, I’m not one for gossiping but let me say this, I did get a free subscription to the RAG for a whole year. The day after Mr Salmond was found innocent, his accusers wrote a piece in the RAG, this really upset me and I personally didn’t find why an innocent man, who had just been acquitted was still on trial. It was then I decided my loyalty to Scotland and its former FM who had given us a referendum and nearly brought us Independence was more important to me than continuing my free subscription to a tabloid that had no more moral standards than I’d seen and read in the Unionist papers. I then contacted the RAG requesting my subscription be cancelled. I’ve never looked back and I feel I am better informed from YoursforScotland and other bloggers than I ever would from the RAG, who only has one view of looking at our society and this isn’t what I want for Scotland or my people.

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  20. It could be that the National is on its last leg anyway and acting in this fashion will bring it to its end quicker, people have already tippled that the National is in reality for the status quo.

    Meanwhile Humza Yousaf lauds his puppet master Peter Murrell.

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  21. I have meant to cancel my subscription to The National rag for many months ago but kept it going to get crosswords for the wife. This letter today woke me up to reality. I ordered two crossword books for a measly £13 which will save me over a hundred pounds a year if repeated in coming years. I should have cancelled at least two years ago when I left the SNP. I get all the news I need now from Yours for Scotland, WingoverScotland and Through a Scottish Prism and also Common Weal and Robin McAlpine. There is no fool like an old fool and I admit to that.

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  22. Maybe it’s just me, but I never thought the National’s reporting was of a very high standard. Its style is that of a downmarket tabloid with delusions of grandeur. I did try to sign up for an online subscription the week it came out, but there was an issue with the subscription platform they were using. The I read some free articles and decided my limited budget for supporting pro-independence causes would be better spent elsewhere.

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    1. I agree. It was never a great paper, But it was all we had in a sea of Unionism. It’s so obviously not for independence now that our local Unionists at the supermarket don’t even bother to hide it under other publications anymore. 😊

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  23. I have already written to the editor, I will not be buying another National either. The best way to hit the media is by blacking their rags and when the sales fall it hits their pockets. It’s bad enough having to pay for our own propaganda with the BBC. I wont replicate it with the National. We maybe need to have a concerted effort on the propagandist blacking TV station’s as well as the tabloids, while launching our own media .We could do with the daily Scottish Truthteller instead of the Colonial daily mindbender.

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  24. Well if Humza manages to lose this contest having been given a 2 week head start, the party top dogs endorsement, a large number of the reptiles in the press onside and a leg up from the Murrel minions he will have earned his title of Humza Useless and then some. Message ends.

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  25. Iam/was a very occasional writer to the National letters page. Two recent letters have not been published, and no contact from the National to explain why, or to propose abridgement of my letters.Briefly these are extracts of what I wrote –

    I note -and support -the letter by Stewart Dickson titled “unbalanced media” responding to Richard Walker’s anti-Kate Forbes article.
    Does anyone on the editorial team read Steph Paton’s articles before publish? Consider the content of his articles of Feb 13th and 27th … next up Tasmina Ahmed- Sheikh to be “stood down!”.

    Second letter – STV were at pains to provide the three FM candidates with equal time to present their case. The written report on the hustings by Hamish Morrison, by line check is Ash Regan 18 lines, Kate Forbes 47 lines, Humza Yousef 116 lines. Expressed as percentage – Ash Regan 10%;Kate Forbes 26%; Yousef 64%.

    Regrettably i haven’t received an offer to purchase my remaining subscription vouchers. So I’ll continue to write letters to the National until my vouchers are done. Then National no more.

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  26. Said it before and I’ll keep on saying it. The National purely exists, in my opinion, to cash in on the Indy £, and nothing more.

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