A guest post from Gordon Millar.


From the first minute of Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation speech, her departure and the election of her successor have been covered by a cloak of dishonesty.

For example, while people certainly do resign because of burn out, they don’t normally do it via a midweek emergency press conference at 11.00am, leaving chaos behind.

Similarly, while it’s not unusual to hear someone easing off to spend more time with their children, it very definitely is unusual when the person is the careerist heir-apparent whom a party has spent considerable effort easing into position.

And finally, while it’s normal for a party’s leadership to to promote their preferred successor, that successor is not normally a serial failure, who has never previously come up as a contender when the succession has been discussed.

But Humza Yousaf is absolutely, definitely, Nicola Sturgeon’s choice of continuity candidate to succeed her.

All doubt on that front was removed on 19 February when Mhairi Hunter tweeted: “Good morning. Started my day nominating Humza Yousaf as leader of the SNP and very happy to do so”. As everyone knows that Mhairi is Nicola Sturgeon’s Representative on Earth, that tweet effectively settled the matter of Nicola’s preference.

So, there is clearly a lot going on in the background about which we’re not being told. Eventually, the truth behind these events will emerge but, in the meantime, is there anything that can guide SNP members on how to vote for their new leader?

Well, as the payroll vote, with a few notable exceptions, has come out for Humza Yousaf, might their endorsements tell us anything?

Let’s have a look at who’s backing Humza Yousaf, and why (Spoiler – this is a dispiriting process).

Here’s the first batch:

Alison Thewliss MP: I’ve known Humza since our time in the YSI together and know how hard he has worked. 

Karen Adam MSP: Delighted to have nominated Humza Yousaf. He is a genuinely kind person, and he’s a true humanitarian.

Owen Thompson MP: Having known Humza for many years now I know he has the drive, ability, experience of Government AND experience within our party, making him the best person to take on the job 

Fiona McLeod (Former MSP): I’ve known Humza for many years. I’ve campaigned with him. I’ve been an MSP and a Government Minister alongside him. 

Chris Stephens MP: Nominated my good friend Humza Yousaf to be the next leader of the SNP and Scotland’s next First Minister. 

Jenny Gilruth MSP: I am delighted to offer my support to my friend & colleague Humza Yousaf to be our next SNP leader and a First Minister for all of Scotland.

 Alasdair Allan MSP: I have known Humza Yousaf as a colleague and as a friend for many years, and believe he has both the ability and personality that we need to take Scotland forward.

Well, that’s not going to set the heather alight! Essentially, all the above can be reduced to “I’ve known him a long time and he’s my friend”. And, admirable though it is to stick by your friends (especially when your future job security may depend on it), is this really a good enough reason to make Humza Yousaf First Minister?

It’s the sort of bland, anodyne statement that you come up with when you’re being pressured (by, for example, the Party leadership) to support someone, but you can’t think of anything really positive to say. And it’s certainly not going to persuade the undecided to cast their vote for Humza.

Surely Humza’s supporters can do better than this? So let’s move on to the next batch, where we come to the question of Mr Yousaf’s experience. This falls into roughly two categories – his overall life experience and his experience in government.

Let’s start with his life experience and leadership skills:

Jenni Minto MSP: I believe Humza Yousaf has the experience, passion and skill set required to lead us 

Tommy Sheppard MP: The SNP needs a leader with experience who can shore up the firm foundations we have built for independence.

Luke Buchan SNP Youth Officer:  I think with his professional competence and diverse life experience he brings great experience to the role. 

Karen Adam MSP: He has vast professional competence and diverse life experience which he brings to his roles. 

Alison Thewliss MP: He has the passion, knowledge, and commitment to lead Scotland to independence. 

Graeme Dey MSP: We need to emerge from this contest with a first minister who has a vision for meeting the challenges the country faces and the skill set, and experience required to deliver on that.

Joe FitzPatrick MSP: (Humza) has the experience to lead Scotland as first minister.

Jamie Hepburn MSP: The task now is to determine who can best lead the SNP. Humza Yousaf (is) someone who understands has the experience, commitment, and ability to bring the independence movement together.

Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP: Like me, Humza Yousaf believes in a better future for Scotland and with his leadership, I have no doubt that he has the energy and compassion to take us on to independence. 

There’s a bit of overlap between the groups but these people are, broadly, suggesting that Humza Yousaf”s wide and diverse life experience, coupled with his experience in the Scottish Parliament, make him uniquely suitable to lead a broad and diverse party.

It certainly sounds good but, unfortunately, this is another area where rhetoric crumbles on meeting reality.

Humza Yousaf was, in fact, privately educated at Hutcheson’s Grammar School. He then studiedPolitics at the University of Glasgow, graduating in 2007. He was President of the Muslim Students Association and is also said to have been prominent in the Students Representative Council. 

On graduating, Yousaf worked as a parliamentary assistant for Bashir Ahmad, Scotland’s first Muslim MSP until Ahmad’s death two years later.  Yousaf then worked as parliamentary assistant for a few other MSPs including Anne McLaughlin, Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond before being elected to Holyrood in 2011.

In short, far from having wide and diverse life experience, Yousaf comes from a privileged background and has spent his entire life as a career politician, from student politics, through various levels in the Scottish parliament, to being a minister. The facts of his life are so easily available that to suggest otherwise, especially with the enthusiasm shown above, is either stupid, dishonest or, most likely, another manifestation of what happens when you’re being pressured to support someone, but still can’t think of anything positive to say.

But what about his “proven track record” and “excellent experience” in government:

Councillor Mairi McMurty: Humza has a proven track record of delivering for Scotland. As First Minister, he will bring that successful track record and deliver independence for Scotland!Councillor Ross Clark: Happy to be backing Humza Yousaf for SNP Leader and FM after nominating him. He’s got excellent experience in government and the right vision to lead Scotland forwards and on to independence. 

Mhairi Black MP: Humza has the skills, experience and resilience needed to lead 

Ian Blackford MP: Humza is that leader. He has demonstrated his ability to lead in political office across a host of roles within the Scottish government.

Julie Hepburn SNP Activist: He has a breadth of experience – – – as a grass-roots campaigner from a young age to a senior member of the Scottish Government. He’s taken on tough and diverse roles within government, including his international work and also one of the toughest gigs in government, as Scotland’s Health Secretary. He has displayed the kind of personal and political resilience that few people in politics ever have to muster,

If true, this batch of Humza endorsements has at last turned up a reason for voting for him. 

But, of course, we all know that it hasn’t. While it is undeniably true that Humza Yousaf has been appointed to the toughest roles in the Scottish government, it’s also true that he has failed miserably in all of them.

A brief reminder of his finest moments:

After being appointed Minister for Transport in 2016, Yousaf presided over the embarrassment of ScotRail being nicknamed ScotFail due to poor service times and trains routinely skipping stations. He also managed to get fined £300 after being caught by police driving a friend’s car without insurance.

When appointed as Justice Secretary (with no legal experience or qualification), his Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill introduced a new offence of ‘stirring up hatred’ and he insisted thatprivate conversations over the dinner table which “incited hatred” must be prosecuted too.Although the bill was eventually passed, it has still not been implemented as Police Scotland say this would currently be impractical.

Admittedly, when moved to healthcare, he inherited a creaking system from his predecessors, but he still managed to create his own headlines when he suggested that people should think twice about phoning 999 – a suggestion which prompted accusations that he was putting lives at risk. 

Once again, the facts are so easily available that to suggest that Humza has a proven track record of success in tough jobs is both stupid and dishonest. So why do it? Is it contempt for the SNP members who will vote for the new leader or is it, once again, people taking parts of a pre-prepared script because they can’t think of anything particularly positive to say about a candidate they don’t really believe in?

So far, in this dismal list of “endorsements”, we’ve mainly heard from what could be described as the careerist grifters. So, let’s move on to the shameless, deluded fantasists. Firstly the “Uniters”

Jamie Hepburn MSP: someone who understands has the experience, commitment, and ability to bring the independence movement together. 

Jenni Minto MSP: The next leader of the SNP needs to be able to unite our party and country.

Graeme Dey MSP: “We need to emerge from this contest with a leader who will be a unifier of the party.

Joe FitzPatrick MSP: “Our country and party need someone who can bring people together, deliver for Scotland,

Neil Gray MSP: Humza Yousaf has the skills and experience to bring people across the party and civic Scotland together behind our vision for a fairer independent Scotland. 

Julie Hepburn SNP Activist: We need someone who can unify not just one political party, but a wider movement with a shared goal. 

Councillor Stefan Hoggan-Radu: For me he is the only candidate that can not only unite the party and lead us to independence – – – 

These people would have you believe that Humza is the man to unite the independence campaign and heal the splits caused by his predecessor.

Except, this is the man who gave a ranting speech in Holyrood complaining bitterly that most of the establishment in Scotland, a country with a 95% “white British” population, were, well, white – – – His speech is widely available on YouTube and the vehemence and the way that the word “white” is almost spat out does not suggest someone whose greatest skill is compromise and unification. This is also the man who constantly refers to his colour and religion and who made an opportunistic legal claim against a children’s nursery, alleging racial discrimination (referred to by the Guardian as “publicly calling attention to structural racism in Scotland”!)

And then there was his reaction to the video of him falling off a knee scooter, while showing off and going too fast. Most people would have laughed it off with a self- deprecatory joke, but not Humza whose response positively oozes entitlement: “All for media scrutiny & never shy away from it. Just not sure there is need or purpose to tweet out a video of me falling over while injured. If anyone else had fallen over while on crutches, a knee scooter, or in a wheelchair would your first instinct be to film it & tweet out?” Or, more succinctly, how dare you laugh at someone as important as me!

So, sorry, but the idea of this prickly, entitled man, whose entire career has been handed to him on a plate, being a uniter of the Yes movement is more of a fantasy than anything in the entire Harry Potter canon.

But the most delusional Humza supporters don’t stop there because, of course, there are his well-known “progressive” qualities:

Marie McNair MSP:  He will put social justice at the heart of our campaign for independence.

Elena Witham MSP: I want to live in a fairer, equal socially just society where everyone is able to be their authentic self. Humza Yousaf will ensure it is at the heart of an independent Scotland.

Luke Buchan SNP Youth Officer:  Not to mention his guaranteed protection of equal rights for all. 

Councillor Finlay McFarlane: We need an FM we can rely on to continue delivering our election winning manifesto, progressing the rights of all Scots.

Emma Roddick MSP: a passionate, progressive politician 

Councillor Allan Casey: The country needs a FM that will continue to champion equality & progressive policies. 

Kat Cary SNP Activist: I’m enthusiastically backing @HumzaYousaf. No other candidate can match him in experience or progressive values.

Councillor Stefan Hoggan-Radu: – – – but will also stand up for socially progressive policies which our party is built on. 

Suzanne McLaughlin SNP Activist: Our party is chock-a-block full of progressives. Anne is one of them & Humza another. Humza Yousaf is the man we need as leader of our party.

Amy Callaghan MP: Our future party leader – and First Minister – must be progressive. Now is the time to double down; we must – – – – build an independent, socially just Scotland. The person to do that is Humza Yousaf 

Natalie Don MSP: I’m backing @HumzaYousaf to be the next SNP leader and First Minister of Scotland. Humza has a progressive vision to take Scotland forward.

Kirsty Blackman MP: We are fighting for independence every day, not just for the sake of it but because we want a better, fairer, more inclusive Scotland.

Ben Macpherson MSP: I am proud to be supporting Humza Yousaf and his progressive approach, to keep taking our country forward. 

Well, that certainly sounds more positive – a passionate progressive politician, standing up for social justice and progressive policies. Who could quibble with that?

Well, basically anybody who’s been paying attention for the last three years. Because this is Scotland, where we all know that “progressive policies”, “progressive values”, “equality” and “equal rights” have all lost their original, everyday meanings and are used as code for extreme gender ideology of the “Trans Women are Women”, Stonewall-backed, Queer Theory variety.

So, what these Humza supporters are actually saying is that he’s the only candidate who can be relied on to resurrect the Gender Recognition Reform Bill and allow men to self ID as women to access women only spaces and services.

But I don’t think that this is the selling point they imagine. Because, if gender Self ID was such a wonderful, progressive idea, why did everything have to be done by stealth and hidden from voters? The SNP leadership prevented any debate on Self ID at party conferences, they kept it off public election material and they buried a bland reform paragraph (which didn’t actually mention Self ID) on page 33 of their manifesto. The SNP/Green alliance then bullied a Self ID bill through Holyrood, intimidating opponents and pretending that this was a manifesto commitment that Scottish voters had solidly supported. Although, of course, if this was true, then they wouldn’t have needed to whip MSPs to vote. 

Subsequent polling has made it clear that approximately 70% of Scots are against self ID and believe that it poses a safety risk in women-only spaces.

These Humza supporters know, as well as anyone else, that resurrecting a thoroughly dishonest process, which produced a piece of massively unpopular, misogynistic legislation, would be a major problem for any Scottish independence campaign (the SNP’s raison d’etre) and so I think that we can safely conclude that, for these Humza backers, Scottish independence is not their first priority.

Which brings us to the final category of Humza supporters – the Kamikaze Tendency. They are apparently inspired by a delusional piece of self-publicity put out by Humza himself: “If we cave in and let the UK Government veto a Bill passed by a majority of the Scottish Parliament we set an incredibly dangerous precedent. We must defend the democratic will of the Scottish Parliament. If we do not, the UK Government will feel empowered to veto any legislation we bring forward in the future.”

Which leads to:

Karen Adam MSP:  This is why I am supporting Humza. I trust him to stand up for our democracy and to uphold our firm stance on independence. This shows our commitment and confidence in our country. 

Stewart Hosie MP: This is what leadership looks like. Never backing down in the face of an anti-democratic UK Government. Always standing up for the democratic decisions of Scotland’s Parliament.

Councillor Finlay McFarlane: We need an FM we can rely on to continue – – – -protecting our sovereign parliament.

Councillor Susan Aitken: Humza Yousaf’s platform is what modern Scotland needs: inclusive, progressive, compassionate & unequivocally committed to defending Scottish democracy against Westminster attacks. 

Councillor Annette Smart: Humza has impressed me with his dedication & desire to keep the independence movement going forward & not let Westminster dictate what the Scottish Government are “allowed” to pass as laws.

Shona Robison MSP: Humza is the only candidate who can continue the independence-supporting coalition in government – – – 

Councillor Angus Millar: Almost exactly 18 months ago SNP party members gave their overwhelming backing to the Bute House Agreement, which delivers a progressive agenda for Scotland & a pro-independence majority coalition. Humza Yousaf is absolutely right to commit to continuing this historic deal. 

Mhairi Black MP: Humza’s concrete commitment to maintain our pro-independence majority at Holyrood is a critical factor in how we ramp up the campaign for independence. 

I’ve included the Green coalition enthusiasts because the Greens have made it clear that they expect and support a challenge to the S35 ruling, so anybody supporting them is automatically going to be in favour of a S35 challenge.

So, what is Humza’s master-plan to protect Scottish democracy from Westminster attack?

In summary it appears to be to ignore the Supreme Court ruling on Scotland’s ability to hold an independence referendum but to challenge Westminster on their intervention on the GRR bill. 

This will make the SNP and the Scottish Parliament look completely ridiculous by ignoring a serious independence issue, while fighting an intervention that most Scots agree with, to rescue a bill forced through the Scottish Parliament by lies and bullying. The said bill is also opposed by a substantial majority of Scottish voters and is unworkable in practice, post Isla Bryson. An absolutely brilliant plan– Baldrick would be proud.

At least the original Kamikazes were motivated by a belief in duty and honour, and not just blind stupidity.

And a quick word about the rash of video endorsements which have appeared since I began to work on this. These are more of the same – once again, we are seeing elected members being wheeled out, daily, to read a script written by someone in SNP HQ. All the videos completely lack conviction, but the standout is Collette Stevenson, who reads her script with all the enthusiasm of someone who can see her family being held at gunpoint, just off camera – – –

So, what can we conclude from this depressing trawl through the world of Humza “supporters”?

Quite a lot, actually. First of all, five things are crystal clear:

One – Humza’s candidacy has very little, if anything, to do with independence. None of his backers are saying “Humza is the man to restore Scotland’s independence, and this is how he’ll do it”. Independence is always tacked on as a bit of an afterthought in the endorsements: “and deliver independence for Scotland” or “to take us on to independence”. 

Two – while it may be unfair to say that nobody actually wants Humza Yousaf as SNP leader or First Minister, it’s obvious that he’s no-one’s first choice. There is absolutely no actual enthusiasm or original thought in any of his “supporter’s” statements – no-one is backing him because they genuinely believe that he is the best man for the job. Their “endorsements” don’t represent any real feeling or commitment – they’re obviously copying and pasting from the same script. 

Three – The payroll vote is being orchestrated behind Humza. Regardless of the SNP’s constitutional rules, the entire available resources are being used to try to ensure a Humza victory. Just look at the similarities in presentation and content of the Twitter endorsements and videos, and also the timing with a steady drip of daily endorsements.

Four – the only plausible explanation of the blanket, if uninspired, payroll endorsements is that Humza is the official Sturgeon/Murrell choice as continuity candidate. This was made clear early on by Mhairi Hunter and it suggests that, despite appearances, Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell are still in charge and intend that things should stay that way. Nicola Sturgeon will still be controlling the SNP from the backbenches, supported by Peter Murrell in SNP HQ.

Five – Every person quoted above, especially the elected members, is a spineless grifter, much more concerned with their career and salary than Scottish Independence. Like Humza, they owe their current positions, income and salaries to Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell. They will vote for Humza because they’ve been told to and don’t want to rock the boat. In turn Humza, whatever the truth is behind the current SNP leadership contest, will protect the Murrells. He won’t ask to see the financial books, he won’t bring back membership democracy to the party and he won’t dilute the Murrell’s control by uniting the Yes Movement 

Some final thoughts:

My late father-in-law was a successful businessman. His rule of thumb at AGMs of companies that he had shares in was to vote against the directors’ recommendations on the basis that these almost always benefited the directors a lot more than the company.

And why has Humza, who has never been mentioned before as a potential leader, suddenly received all this support. Because, to slightly misquote Sheriff John T Chance in Howard Hawks’ classic Rio Bravo – “I don’t think Humza has a friend in the world and he won’t have unless somebody buys him some for $50 a head”.

So, in conclusion, my plea to SNP members, before they vote, is to ask themselves who benefits from Humza’s election as leader? What is in it for the directors, aka the current leadership? And why is the payroll vote, who clearly don’t really rate Humza as a leader, suddenly queuing up to receive their $50?


I don’t think I need to add anything to Gordon’s article which certainly rings all too true to me.

I am, as always



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  1. Hi Iain

    I hope your well.

    The NuSNP are clearly collapsing before our eyes through Unionist infiltration and crony careerist cowards.

    My local Msp Jenni Minto never seems to mention her MBE awarded through her close ties to Lord Robertson after the ww100 events. Not even when she was on Debate night was it mentioned. I often call her The Member for the British empire for independence!

    The JOHN Smith clique have a great control over Scotland through their American war program allies imo. All safe in the knowledge Scotland is not getting independence. Hence massive spending plan this week for nuke subs.

    The clear out will be hard to watch but needs as we have been massively set back and our best hope is the young to finally see this and get involved if they actually want a country.



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    1. “Msp Jenni Minto never seems to mention her MBE”

      Aye Donald, in accepting the symbols of the colonizer one also assumes the values of the colonizer, ‘and their own condemnation’ (Cesaire). Hence the ‘Manichaeism’ of colonialism whereby the pampered bourgeoisie always seek a compromise (Sturgeon’s/Humza’s ‘continuity’) whilst the people can only be liberated through a complete break from colonialism (Fanon). ‘Gradualism’ (i.e. compromise/continuity) also comes at a high price as the longer the delay to independence the worse the outcome, for both sides.

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      1. We now have to await the reward for her active support of Scotland’s coloniser – I wonder which “honour” she will receive from our colonial masters for destroying the SNP and fragmenting the Yes Movement?

        Or. because she has clearly outlived her usefulness, will she be ditched completely and all the support she received be withdrawn, so that she faces her accusers (the people of Scotland) and justice alone. I’m sure that Alf could show some similarities with what took place within colonies elsewhere.

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    1. They’ll always find a excuse to NO to Independence and Yes to you need to vote for me so Scotland can be Independent, its all we ever hear. He’s so boring I’d rather listen to Keir Starmer.

      I hope sooner than later, but crying wolf all the time like the SNP does on Independence is going to be there downfall.

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  2. This bias and difference in campaign support breaks all electoral rules. The vote itself is being supported by GCHQ – GCHQ know as much as anyone else about elections but they are very good at covert communications and operations – or to put it another way, digital ballot box stuffing.

    This election is not just about the SNP: it elects the new FM. This cannot stand. Someone needs to go to the Electoral Commission – or the UN(!) and put a stop to this outrageous abuse of democracy.

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      1. Ocht, that’s an easy one marion; the clowns in westminster run Scotland and the nu-snp, so who else would murrell and sturgeon trust to help with this ‘ballot’? Why GCHQ of course…

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      2. Just seen this on wings: crossing swords (I hope they don’t mind this being re posted):

        Smitty says:
        14 March, 2023 at 5:36 am

        HQ has denied that it has visibility over the voting but it was confirmed last night that they have a live feed of results and this has been made available to the Humza camp. They were given 2 updates yesterday; at 17.30 and 22.00. I do not know what the results are.

        Also, HQ still has ‘ghost’ memberships on the system. Members who have left have been kept live. Many ex members have received their voting forms yesterday even though they had left the party. Myvoice who runs the vote are given few deaatils of the voters. HQ retains a function that allows lapsed members to be kept on their electoral role, but have their email address changed, allowing the vote to be sent to a central contact without the ex member being aware. HQ also has the ability to create fake accounts and add them onto the system. Myvoice just runs the vote as how HQ wants it and does not act as an independent observer. It is being ran entirely by Peter Murrell with no oversight. The fact that he will not even tell the candidates how many voters there are does not offer and confidence or visibility in the process.

        There is no suggestion that the voted is being rigged, however HQ retains the ability to do so with no oversight. However Peter Murrell is in the middle of a fraud investigation. As I previously stated, there are going to be a few people potentially going to jail if Humza loses and a layer of protection on some people is lifted. I am not referring to the missing money case but another one which will likely open.

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  3. This is an incredibly helpful article, bringing together quotes from supporters of the “continuity candidate” to supposedly endorse his election as Leader and FM.

    However, as mentioned, they are totally bland and uninspiring, as well as being clearly similar in content.

    It appears orchestrated to whip up support that is either not there at all, or reluctant to commit to his election as Leader. It seems that if they belatedly sprinkle the word “independence” around at the end (for more emphasis) that it will move eyes away from his true nature, his true experience and his true “achievements”.

    The one that caught my eye was “Tommy Sheppard MP: The SNP needs a leader with experience who can shore up the firm foundations we have built for independence.” Anyone who works in construction will tell you that if “the foundations” are “firm”, then they don’t need to be shored up!

    Perhaps I’m missing something! How does Tommy Sheppard MP square “the firm foundations we have built for independence” with what the SNP admitted was their membership number of 78,000. We know that even that figure may well not be the full extent of the numbers lost, but I’ll stick with that for now. That illustrates by their own admission they have lost 48,000 members from their high point of 126,000 just a couple of years ago.

    So, when the “continuity candidate” is praising Sturgeon’s legacy, perhaps he should be asked how he squares that praise with the exodus of 48,000 members of his party?

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    1. If the SNP had genuinely been building “firm foundations ” for independence* then I might feel a modicum of optimism. It would be good to hear more of the questions raised in this forum making it to the wider media but all the commentary seems anodyne to me. [*eg: functioning island links, that ‘national energy company ‘, a de facto central bank, direct shipping links for essential import/exports to Europe, ensuring direct control of revenues raised, a clear plan for declaring independence when WM says no..]

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  4. Dear God, that really is a dispiriting read. Trougher’s Central indeed.

    I am convinced that the Labour bampots, and weirdo greens have taken over the snp. Sturgeon, Murrell and the cabal mentioned above, need a severe kicking. And if anyone reading my post disagrees, then I tell them that my wife and I, in the snp for some 30 years before we saw the light, are completely disgusted by the clique of arseholes who dare to say they support Independence.

    I firmly believe that the time is fast approaching for violence to be used against these destroyers of dreams. I may not be able to do so, but will support fully any, and all, who might.

    We cannot allow these quisling bastards to get away with their hi-jacking, and destroying, the dream of Independence.

    (and to the useless fucking 77th brigade I say this: GIRFUY…)

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  5. If he’s elected and he might, lets not just blame Humza for whats about to come the blame also lays with these SNP MP’s, MSP’s and councilors who have endorsed him as their leader and our FM knowing he’s a failure.

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  6. Excellent stuff. And I agree with every word.

    They have betrayed us all.

    ‘Ayeinskye’ – Laughed at your comment. There is a lot Humza has to hide. The affairs. The incompetence. The blaming of others. The “White” comments. The plotting. Especially, the plotting.

    If Kate Forbes is to be publicly pilloried for her Christianity – Why the hell does Humza get a free pass regarding Islam ?

    When is any Scottish journalist going to ask him if transwomen should pray with the women in a mosque ? Over to you Hutcheon of the Herald, Kaye Adams at BBC or Rigby at Sky – Or will you (and the rest of them) remain too cowardly to ask ? We all know the answer, you cowards.

    Scotland badly needs real journalism in the papers and on TV. Then we would have far fewer grifters.

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    1. “When is any Scottish journalist going to ask him if transwomen should pray with the women in a mosque?” Many religions, of course, have work-arounds to square awkward doctrine with real life, so a more ambiguous stance on transgenderism might mitigate an absolutist stance on male homosexuality.

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    2. Astonished – never mind asking him if trans women could pray with the women (though please please do), you could ask him if women could use the same door as the men … and if not, why not …

      Another interesting question might be:
      Does he think Islamic people should be free to interpret the Quran or is it right for an elite few to interpret it for them?

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      1. There’s a Turkish scholar who writes books on the Qumran and in a few interviews he says that people need to remember the time period in which it was written so in regards to women and clothing obviously people should move with the times. Same could be said about any books in this sense written long ago. The Qumran has science, nature and in the prayers there’s codes which when spoken obviously create sound. Then of course there’s zamzam water and natural medicine.


      2. That should say Quran but it changed itself. Also women expected to cover up, well it’s not considered that darker skin needs more vitamin D or are prone to deficiency. If you are lighter skinned and particularly in Scotland during the darker months we too can have a deficiency however it takes less time for someone who has fairer skin to absorb vitamin D in the sunshine. Ahmed Hulusi is the scholars name and his books are free. Also there’s more than one interpretation of Islam just like Christianity. Sufis for example are like a mystics based upon the principle of love.

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  7. It’s almost like New SNP HQ plugged some buzz phrases into one of these article-spinning software programs and then just distributed what came out. On second thoughts, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what they’ve done.

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  8. I fear for the voting process and the likelihood of an honest, fair election. Michelle Thomson MSP who is Kate Forbes campaign manager has tweeted the following

    “all @theSNP members – a press release has gone out describing the vote for leader as ‘one member one vote’ – but remember you rank your candidates according to preference so you can vote 1,2,3 across all 3 candidates (or you can just vote for 2 candidates or just 1)”

    “One member one vote”.

    Am I the only one who feels that is a blatant attempt to mislead and an attempt to prevent Forbes and Regan supporters from marking second preferences?

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    1. 58k members? Hm – suggests the “admitted” number of 78k members is leaving plenty of headroom for GCHQ to work their magic. Surely someone can catch this out?

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      1. Oh, we’re down to 58,000 members now – I wonder how many downward revisions they will actually admit before the closure of voting?

        58,000 means more members have left the party since the high point a couple of years ago of 126,000 than actually remain.

        With 68,000 gone, no wonder the Murrell Brigade do not want scrutiny of their financial affairs, because that would show the true number of members still with them! It would also show that public donations to the SNP are minimal, if not non-existent and they will have to rely totally on Short Money and donations / loans from their own CEO.

        So, if Yousaf is the “continuity candidate”, there will be no members left within about 18 months (apart from the paid staff, MPs , MSPs and one or two blinkered others. Even that is being kind because the rate of leaving will probably pick up once this farce is over.

        So many people have given so much of themselves to the SNP over the decades and it has come to this???

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    2. I will take your word for it panda paws, but to me it reads like a middle-class polemic.

      He raises, in his 3rd point, the question of Kate’s religion; disparagingly in my opinion. He says: ‘Kate is a massive risk to take because of her faith’, but Useless is not? No mention of his religion being a threat to women’s rights (and it is), or his words against ‘whites’ in a youtube video. Nor of his failed prosecution of a nursery because of , as he sees it, his religion. No one asks him if the weirdo bryson would get into the male or female section of his local mosque, but he soes think the female impersonator is a woman.

      A strange polemic indeed…

      (It is my hope that I have not offended you, or any other poster, but I must say what I feel}

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      1. I think ptw1953 as long as people make their points civilly, it is fine to disagree. You’ve made some very valid points about the treatment of Yousaf’s religion versus Kate’s (in general I’d say, not just his piece). However it’s not as if Robin has spared Yousaf in other areas making it clear in his opinion he’s the worst candidate. Maybe he thought that ground had been covered?

        Where I would disagree with you is in your description of it as a “middle class polemic”. However it that is how you feel, then we’ll need to agree to differ. I like his writings, you don’t. It would be a dull world if we all thought the same!

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    3. Good article from Robin McAlpine, Except “Kate is a massive risk to take because of her faith”. No Robin. You’ve not even qualified this statement. Whats your evidence for Any faith automatically being a risk?
      If faith is an important factor, then so is any and all philosophical viewpoints, including no faith, and therefore just about everyone from planet earth would be excluded from office.

      (For the record, I’m Ash 1, Kate 2, and an atheist with a range of moral and philosophical standpoints on various issues, which dont all correspond to left or right wing orthodoxy)

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  9. An excellent well structured argument.

    HQ know that they are about to take a beating at the next few elections and that a raft of “difficult” stories were about to break. The image of “The Nicola” could not be tarnished and any experienced player would not touch the wheel of the bus heading for the cliff edge.
    Which takes us to the Patsy. Someone to take the hit while the big guns keep their heads down for a few years.
    The plan didn’t quite work out when the coronation was interrupted by two contenders coming forward. Even worse was that one actually wanted Independence.

    The key objective is to ensure that the Sovereign People of Scotland never get to voice an opinion. The constant and irritating misuse of the word progressive is grating on my nerves!
    Progressive is the vision of the YES movement in 2012/2014.
    It is NOT a small group of people dictating that you should think like them, speak like them, use the words they approve, refuse debate if not approved, censor books and DEMAND silence and acceptance.

    The SNP/Green SG. Holyrood at present are as far removed from my concept of an Independent Scotland as a Tory Westminster. They are ignoring US.

    Ash Regan is the only candidate stating that she would give the wider YES Movement the job of delivering Independence.

    The YES Movement is already the Right of the Sovereign People of Scotland…..The SNP robbed us of our authority by the distortion that Holyrood is a higher authority than US.

    The use of the phrase “the majority at Holyrood support GRR” is an insight of that abuse. Over 70% of the People opposed it. If they can do that once, they will do it again and again.

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    1. I have often wondered who the **** our MSPs think they are – hearing Forbes describe herself as a servant of democracy was like finding water in the desert.

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  10. High praise to Gordon Miller, for his fine exposition of the corruptive force in-the-land that is the SNP leadership. That they are somehow working alone, is a notion unsupported by logic or concrete evidence.

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  11. This is an excellent article and thank you for posting it.
    There is no doubt in my mind that there is some form of manipulation of this election which suggests that people in the SNP are extremely afraid that Humza Yousaf, may not be elected as leader. Let’s round up the loss of SNP members to 50,000 since I am sure the hierarchy is rounding up its current membership. We can see that the loss of so many members corresponds fairly accurately with Sturgeon’s detested Hate Crime Bill, the GRRB and the imposition of gender ideology in Scottish schools, the NHS and PoliceScotland. I defy anyone in the SNP to say they did not associate Sturgeon’s adoption of gender policies with such an exodus. The glory days are over for the SNP whether Humza Yousaf becomes FM or not and the next leader will be challenged in dealing with this disparate group of people, many of whom have brought great harm to the party and to women and girls in Scotland. The main issues will be to get rid of those who infiltrated it and who seek its demise, to remove the regressive and damaging gender policies and to put the SNP back on an even keel. Perhaps the infiltrators will recognise that their time has come and gone and will leave of their own volition. Time will tell.

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  12. It is so kind of the Unionists devolutionist lackeys of the SNP to all provide the names for deselection in a future election . The quisling vichy colonial administration has no shame. Scotland is suffering more under the zombie parictical Union now economically than at any time previously , Brexit has creating food shortages and hobbled our commerce. Children going to bed hungry and the old hang about shopping centres or librarys all day to keep warm. These SNP rats have always held the key to the colonialist door , now they conspire against the only candidate Ash Regan that can unite the independence movement. Who still thinks the SNP can offer redemption and be saved.
    George Bush used to quote Texas law , your either for us or against us . I am a firm believer in Texas law. What we need now a national liberation party or Alba to stand against the SNP in every election going forward, AUOB except the SNP , we need to isolate these traitors that have and continue to sell us out at every opportunity. We need an alternative to the SNP for the next election. Their next game will be to rewrite our constitution with their Red Tory colonialist Pal Starmer tuning our country into a region of a greater England.

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    1. Did you see Sturgeon no. 1 fan Brian Cox suggesting that very, “federalist”, thing?

      It is time to be be angry – very, very angry. Mass protests are needed outside Holyrood when the anointed one takes up his position!

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      1. What an absolute disappointment! Still, the nu-snp unionists are showing there true colours, so no respect to him from me. The bastards, sturgeon and murrell, must be chased to the end of the earth for what they have done to Scotland. Unionists hiding in plain sight indeed…

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  13. For me the hate crime bill, supporting the GRR and his white speech is enough reason to be concerned about someone like Humza as FM. Could you imagine going to another country where the population is no white and making that speech about them not being white? I think that it would be offensive and seen as racist. Guilting people into feeling bad about the colour of skin they have isn’t a good way to make friends or have people view you as a leader that could unite anyone.

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    1. If someone is not a good person or does wrong things by people then we should look at the deeds and not anything else. Personally I have nae problems with calling out anyone who does things. Look at what happened with Obama, people were so excited to have him as a president until he started allowing for bombs to be dropped and drones used for killing people. You can’t then be feart to say it because of the colour of his skin, just the same as Tony Blair or George Bush who did the same.

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      1. Look at what is happening to women for saying that they don’t want someone with a penis in their spaces, it’s like the witch trial experience, probably the start by calling them bigots, transphobes, using guilt etc to try make us fearful and compliant.

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  14. The “Great Pretenders” in SNP hierarchy ( we demand independence) who are in government just now will never ever deliver independence cos they will be out of a job – they just love the trappings without responsibility.

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  15. Thanks Gordon for that excellent article, as some Scots know if Humza Yousaf wins independence will be kicked into the long grass, and gender ID will come to the forefront of everything, and Murrell and Sturgeon will be fairly content, safe in the knowledge that Yousaf will safeguard their dirty little secrets.

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    1. Here is the thing: smitty suggests on wings that Yousaf will prevent folk being taken away in handcuffs for the things they have done. That should not be within the gift of any politician, FM or otherwise. wft is going on????

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      1. A criminal act, is a criminal act.

        However if the crime and more importantly, the evidence of the crime is not available then punishment cannot follow.
        The prosecution of a crime should follow the act. Ask any Tory in the COVID scandal and he will have examples.

        Humza probably doesn’t even know what was being asked of him….he would have been, and may still be, a conspirator in the crime by hiding evidence.

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      2. Yousaf is their useful idiot. I think it is unlikely he was privy to the inner circle machinations – just jumped when the leaderine clicked her fingers at him. But as FM, concealing evidence – he is fully accountable and sooner or later the leadership will change again. Given that everything indicates a scandal about to break that might come quite quickly and who knows where those chips will fall. Yousaf must be very loyal to put his liberty at risk for this cabal.

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      3. Yeah I saw that and if it’s true then the information should be shared without time to waste. Until that time though it’s just someone saying it without evidence that it’s true.


  16. To play devil’s advocate: maybe a unionist liar like Yousaf “winning” the leadership would be beneficial to independence because it would quickly bring about an end to the SNP with many members and supporters [those who truly want independence] moving to Alba?

    Which brings us to Alba. I hope they are preparing themselves for a Yousaf-led SNP and are going to come out all guns blazing. Personally I would like to see them echoing the Sinn Fein by declaring any Alba candidate who is successful in a future Westminster election will not take their seat in that dungeon of depravity.

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    1. Alba like all political parties need to be alert and aware of infiltration as well. How many people thought it couldn’t happen to the SNP and look at how that’s turning out.

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  17. If timing is all, then the SturgeonMurrell timings bear some scrutiny. The resignation put paid to the SNP having a special democratic meeting in March. Even timing that special conference at 6 months after the Supreme Court humiliation, bears thinking about. And then to sabotage it with the needless resignation a month before? Sabotaging the conference was diberately done to remove the spectacle of open, democratic discussion among SNP members.

    That such a controlling party want HY in place, if I was HY, I would be very wary of what they’ve got in store for me while I am in office. Iain posted an article on here a week or two back showing a discussion at NEC where the First Minister was critical of those on the financial committee who wanted to see financial details of the party. That was an extraordinary post… It does not bear thinking about how the police could be aware of that and still allow both to be free of suspicion of covering up fraud as well as fraud. HY, what do they want you to continue with? And how much will they expect you to bear?

    The tories would love to see our parliament further degraded and pronounced a failure, and therefore needing to go into special management from Westminster.

    And, if there is a rout at the next election, you will be used for a year, to provide some cover, and then abandoned when next year’s General Election results come through.

    The SturgeonMurrell leadership has been a short one, but it has been devious and vicious. If that leadership had planned to destroy the SNP and our Parliament, they could hardly have timed things better – right down to watching HY take a lion’s share of the blame while NS goes off to the UN and PM gets a suspended sentence for mismanagement.

    But worst of all, the way Ash Regan has been portrayed does Scotland a great disservice. Ash has excellent ideas and is a democrat. The team around her would not be in the mould of the SturgeonMurrell teams… And there would be a lot to do in the very short year that is ahead to the GE.

    If either of those two women win, we will need to help them, to protect our parliament, first and foremost. And then to build the SNP back up again.

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  18. “Humza is the official Sturgeon/Murrell choice”

    And by implication the ‘British state’s’ choice. The compromised SNP elite’s ‘sterling’ efforts afforded immunity from prosecution and a plum UK-sanctioned international posting (exit) beckons. The task complete – ‘rupture’ of the independence movement and preventing liberation of the people.

    Based on the track record we might expect further oppressive laws and in this regard the establishment candidate is arguably more dangerous than Sturgeon; a compromised colonial regime inevitably ‘becomes an instrument of coercion’ (Fanon). Another Henry Dundas beckons, “The Great Tyrant”.

    Wha says Scots irna a doun-hauden fowk!

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  19. “All the videos completely lack conviction, but the standout is Collette Stevenson, who reads her script with all the enthusiasm of someone who can see her family being held at gunpoint, just off camera”

    HeeHee Brilliant.

    For those who haven’t yet seen it, satirical observationist surrealist Shauny Boy seized on this last week:

    “Humza Yousaf for First Minister”

    Worth a Laff … 🙂

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    1. We soon will not be able to have a laugh, the cancel culture brigade are near fainting at the slightest thing and telling the rest of us we are just awful. I mean look what they did to Joan of Arc and books.

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      1. Pass me the smelling salt crew. That’s what they remind me of, those old films where the character which was usually a female fainted when they saw something that was apparently offensive. Whoever made those films didn’t have a clue about women really or met the cancel culture type.

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  20. Does anyone know how to get this Question posed to the Three candidates:-
    What will you do when the English (UK) parliament breaches the Treaty of Union by enacting Sunaks Windsor Agreement?

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  21. jistjr

    Westminster has breached the ToU on many occasions the last major one was Brexit which cut clean across the sovereignty of the Scottish people, Sturgeon did nothing, when ex-Welsh FM Carwyn Jones actually pointed this out in a speech he gave, and he was very surprised Sturgeon stayed quiet on the matter.

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    1. Now GCHQ are helping get Sturgeons anointed one in post so maybe we should not be surprised? We should not accept this.

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  22. Looks like Humza is doing well as the continuity candidate and is the only one that can unite the yes movement and build bridges between the various factions. I mean if he can knock up the Queensferry crossing in a mere six months this should be a doddle for the great man.

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  23. What we are seeing now is the full weight of the British state subverting our democracy with propoganda and no doubt the gerrymandering of the leadership votes. Sky, BBC, and all the rest of the Media, none tell the truth they set a false narrative. The projection of their dud Sturgeonite puppet. Who will sell us our with more vigour than even his predecessor. This is a make or break moment we cannot let them win.

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    1. 50% + 1 first preference = game over.

      From where I’m looking most of membership appear to be in cryogenic suspension (please prove me wrong!)

      Here’s a thought: membership are predominantly older age group, older age group appear more supportive of KF, does that mean my first sentence is over-pessimistic?

      Ideally I’ll be AR 1, KF 2

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