More evidence of the warnings issued by this blog over an extended period of time including warning that it would all come crashing down as it did this week.

People wonder why all these elected SNP MP’s and MSP’s say nothing about the Stonewall takeover of the SNP? Why they went along with the obviously ineffective S30 strategy for so long? Why they sat and said nothing while the NEC became increasingly appointed rather than elected? Why small fringe groups were given way in excess of the representation their true numbers justified? Why they allowed National Council to be scrapped allowing a Presidential level of control and a pathway to introduce policies without any scrutiny or input from the branches and ordinary members of the Party?

The answer is they all knew this because it was all planned. Nicola Sturgeon became leader in November 2014. At the first Conference after her appointment the first part of the plan went before Conference in April 2015. Everything was going well and the SNP were on the verge of winning 56 seats out of the 59 available in Scotland.

The following resolution was agreed unanimously by Conference “No member shall, within or out with the Parliament, publicly criticise a group decision, policy, or another member of the Group”

So there you have it. All possible independent thought was removed by this decision and anybody raising any concerns about any matter, policy or otherwise would be wide open to the most severe disciplinary action, perhaps even including expulsion and deselection. Absolute power was thereby handed to the leadership cabal and they were not slow to exercise it. What followed was the lunchtime resolution which came later where in a sparsely attended session Angus Robertson got National Council scrapped, a complete reorganisation of how the NEC was put together and before anyone realised the powers of ordinary members were neutered and the way was clear for the leadership to do what they wanted without challenge. Power was moved ruthlessly from the branches to the centre with strict control on candidate selection procedures being taken under the wing of the NEC and severe manipulation of timings, including rejecting candidates for refusing to support “policies” no members had ever voted on like GRA and self ID.

So what had been the most democratic of all parties suddenly became Stalinist in its behaviour. All of a sudden party discipline replaced debate. Anyone who raised opposition was ruthlessly stamped on. Joanna Cherry became the target of the Woke youth for the “ crime” of opposing GRA and supporting Woman’s Rights. Selection rules were amended to ensure Joan McAlpine could not possibly top the list because like Joanna she also supported Woman’s Rights. 

So fiddled was this procedure across the country the SNP followed legal advice and could not even reveal the results of the contests as they were warned they could face massive damages in court if they did from candidates who were not BAME or disabled and who lost out in selection despite polling much higher levels of support from members than the “successful” candidates. The whole process was a joke, people who were already in elected positions, found relatively minor ailments that allowed them to be classified as “disadvantaged” and therefore to be guaranteed the top position in any area list, irrespective of the number of votes cast for each candidate by the ordinary membership. So we had the ridiculous situation where members voted, then were refused the right to know the election results, only to be informed of the “winner” on a “trust” basis. Third World Banana Republics would hesitate before adopting such a system but the Nu SNP had no such problem with it.

There is nothing more certain than this will eventually all come crashing down. They have got away with it because the SNP have been electorally successful since 2015 and members have been willing to let it go. That however is changing, as often happens in these situations, those in power, having got away with this type of abuse, become overconfident, push it too far and they create an adverse reaction. It can be gradual but can explode without warning as a realisation spreads that their loyalty has been exploited in an unfair and damaging way. I would argue that the gradual realisation is already well underway, and while still not organised, is becoming more serious and gaining ground.

About time would be my reaction. When I was active in the SNP it was a true joy. Yes there were different views, often very serious debates within the NEC, but that debate was enjoyed, celebrated even. Conferences where policy outcomes could not be forecast and where a good quality debate could change outcomes was the norm. It created the feeling that being a member really mattered. That ordinary members were directly involved in policy and campaign development. Compare with today where everything is stage managed. Controversial policies get nowhere near a place on an Agenda because of the fear of rejection. Where Conference’s main role is as a fundraiser.

So the above explains why the Leadership have enjoyed unchallenged power. Where they hold many in the Party in check by strict discipline that does not tolerate any challenge to what is dictated from the top.

It is disappointing because it reveals that those current elected members of the NuSNP are never going to deliver Independence for Scotland. If they cannot stand up to defend the rights of the ordinary members of their own Party then they are never going to stand up to the might of the British State. So easily bribed with salary, so easy intimidated by their own leadership are not the qualities required for victory.

So, in my opinion, it’s all change for Independence, that is now the top priority.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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38 thoughts on “WHY THE SNP MP’s AND MSP’s ARE SILENT!

  1. About time indeed. Think your entirely right. Sturgeon benefited from considerable goodwill. Makes the disregard, the decision based on “weeks of consideration” so much more difficult to swallow. Organisational fracture invariably creates improvement, we have that to look forward to.

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  2. I am horrified to learn this. Never before was I a member of a political party until I joined the SNP. I did it because I believed that they were the only party who could/would get us independence. I tried to reach out to my local branch recently. I live in Kilsyth. All my efforts–by email–were rebuffed. They clearly didn’t want to let me in close, as it were. Karen-Claire Voss

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  3. Excellent summary how Sturgeon morphed into Stalin. The Murrells and their enablers should not only be swept from power they need to be booted out of the SNP. If not, voted out of office at the earliest opportunity.

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    1. Some people are coming forward now, saying that they knew Sturgeon was a wrong un all along. It’s a pity that they didn’t speak up at the time. Rumours are flying around about many more revelations to come. With Peter Murrell being the centre of attention this week.

      Should be an interesting few days ahead.

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  4. It’s a sad day of realisation for those SNP members not fully engaged with the machinations and plots going on within their party, but even more so for the people of Scotland who trusted their elected representatives to deliver on their promises of independence.

    However, as you say, they buckled to pressure from the leadership cabal. If they cannot stand up for themselves, how can we possibly expect them to stand up for Scotland in any meaningful way, other than the oft-repeated mantras of another referendum down the road – just give us another 5 years and we will deliver. Who will ever forget “the people of Scotland will not stand for…” – sounds good but means nothing!

    Trust within the party has evaporated, but more importantly, so will the trust of the people of Scotland in the SNP as the chosen vehicle to deliver independence.

    That is why the formation of Salvo and Liberation is so vital, in order to carry on with an alternative to using a political party that will inevitably remain curtailed and shackled by Westminster’s rules. With both Salvo and Liberation being unattached to any political party and with no intention of becoming one, it can attract members from all groups and parties seeking independence and individuals with no allegiances other than to Scotland.

    Now it has been confirmed that political parties do not have the authority to even discuss self-determination for the people of Scotland outwith the UK, never mind represent us internationally, the importance of Salvo, Liberation and a Scottish National Congress is absolutely essential if we are ever to restore to its rightful place within the international community.

    Before the current / resigning FM departs her position, I wonder if she will have time to deliver a “State of the Nation Address”?

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  5. I’m going to do a Kate Forbes.
    I would like to make 3 points about the Sturgeon/Murrell axis

    1. What was there for them post 2014?

    2. What did they do between the years 2014 and 2023?

    3. What have they left us with?

    I think people know on here.

    Ps. A great big thank you to Kate and Ash

    Do you think we will ever get an apology from Paul Kavanagh and his ilk?

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  6. If, like me, you are fervent about Scottish Independence and yet angered by the malaise and complacency of the Scottish pubic to understand the most simplistic benefits of what financial independence will provide and means to the Scottish economy, then reading both Peter Young’s and Iain’s posts will hopefully ‘Wake them Up’.
    Last year, on October the 4th, I wrote a short treatise, that Iain published, entitled ‘Political Betrayal or Patriotic Cause’. The fundamentals of that post exposed the SNP’s currency policy decisions as were not supporting the Scottish economy and thus ‘Betraying the People’ of Scotland’.
    We are now witnessing the implosion of the SNP as a transparent political party which has been led by corrupt politicians.
    In future we (Salvo) must now concentrate on providing the Scottish public with the political, constitutional and economic eduction that is missing from the public domain and rid our society of corrupt politicians. The people need to know the truth.
    Neil 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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  7. There are more revelations to come. And they are horrific.

    The nuSNP MSPs and MPs who did not stand up to the Murrells – Did so through cowardice. That is the simple but unpalatable truth.

    Mark McDonald was the test case. and he was destroyed by Sturgeon’s rottweilers and press allies.

    The footsoldiers saw and left the camp, initially in dribs and drabs. When I heard about the Salmond stitch-up, I was astonished. I left on the 31.1.20, frankly I shouldn’t have stayed on that long.

    A total clearout of them all is necessary.

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  8. Why has Mike Russell been put in charge as acting CEO? Should that job not automatically fall to the Deputy CEO? What is the purpose of a Deputy if not to step in when there is a temporary vacancy (for whatever reason)? Is Sue Ruddock ‘otherwise engaged’? Mike Russell is surely compromised as acting CEO as he has already endorsed Humza? Why is he insisting that the current process must complete? Why does he think the SNP is in a “complete mess” today when he thought everything was hunky dory two days ago?

    So many questions … this ain’t anything like over.

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  9. The new FM – that CANNOT be Yousaf now – will not be able to call a Holyrood election as the mess made by the nuSNP guarantees a unionist SG. There will be 12-14 months to show Scotland what good governance from a pro independence party looks like. The will be 12-14 months to facilitate and embrace Salvo. It’s not a lot of time – but can face the UKG and send them homewards to little England. The time is now – there is no later for us.

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  10. Excellent article Iain showing just how far the SNP has fallen, I even recall Joanna Cherry and Joan McAlpine receiving threats online from SNP officials and Sturgeon did nothing about it whilst pretending to care for women’s rights.

    This leadership race needs to be restarted and be open and transparent at every level, GCHQ must be told to back-off immediately, and what of Humza Yousaf the continuity candidate, should he still be allowed to stand?

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    1. GCHQ is a bizarre and revealing choice to have made. If the involvement of the UK state in this almighty mess can be shown then that would be likely to produce a surge for YES. To allow the wholesale abuse of power in Scotland to teach those cheeky jocks not to want to run their own affairs??? If we can show this today then we will be independent by next week!

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      1. marionl99

        Its not bizarre from Murrell’s point of view, GCHQ has the ability to make it look like Humza Yousaf has won fair and square, they have the ability to produce the exact same documents required to make it all look official and above board, you have to remember when Murrell invited them in he was desperately trying to cover his and his wife’s dirty little secrets, and GCHQ will want to make sure Ash Regan loses to save the union.

        The union will be safe and secure if Yousaf or Forbes wins, if this contest isn’t restarted from the beginning with full openness and transparency, then the cloud of mistrust will always hang over the head of whoever is elected.

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  11. I won’t be happy until I see Sturgeon marched out of Holyrood, and removed from the Scottish Government. She is poison to the Yes movement now, and the longer she stays she will still spread that poison.
    The unionist party’s in Scotland must see that the Scottish Government will not stand for this corruption, or they will make the next FMs job much harder.

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  12. Thanks for this Iain, a great, if sad read.

    I often saw last year, posts on FB from indy supporters asking…’which party will you vote for in an Indy Scotland?’

    Frankly I despair when I see comments like that. Party politics IS the problem, it’s a problem all over the world, the parties agenda becomes paramount, it then becomes easier for the biggest lobbyists to get the agenda changed to suit, and the peoples agenda is lost, they stop working for us and start ‘ruling’ us.

    There has to be a different way, a way that gets our representatives working for us, as is the true meaning of Public Servant.

    We need proper proportional representation, if the politicians where working for their own constituents, all their votes would be their own and not be whipped into doing the gaffers bidding. Perhaps with our ‘upper house’ consisting of chosen citizens, like a jury perhaps, who would keep them in check, this could be for a fixed term before refreshing with others. And then perhaps we could be called a progressive society, copying the current system keeps our politics mired in the past.

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  13. This is vitally important to repeat: “Salvo, Liberation and a Scottish National Congress are absolutely essential if we are ever to restore to its rightful place within the international community.” – As well as thanking ‘A blog by Iain Lawson’, of course.

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  14. The question which arises in this collapse of the governing party is whether it is salvageable. There will be plenty inside the party who want the gravy train to keep going, as well as the tiny groups who benefited from their largesse. And they still hold the power, given the complete dismantling of party democracy as demonstrated here for many years.
    What will it take to restore such a deeply compromised and rotten structure, now embedded in all the state offices and functions? I don’t think there is an easy answer, and there will be a lot more which may or may not come out.
    In many ways a new party, or of course Alba, would be better solution, but you are talking years of rebuilding and getting the voters to accept that. Part of the problem is that the SNP never had any real opposition, allowing the carpet baggers and narcissists to take over while retaining a social democratic veneer. Behind it, of course, was an incoherent mishmash of neoliberalism, inept managerialism and the worst kind of autocratic rule, propped up by patronage and payroll votes.
    A healthy Scottish democracy would have competing ideas from Scottish parties being challenged, thrashed out and justified in a lively Holyrood. Instead we have a bland rubber stamping chamber for the executive, with punishment for dissenters.
    A one party state, which the SNP have tried to maintain, preferring to trash and damage other independence support rather than anti-independence parties, is now reaping the consequences of such self-aggrandising behaviour. It will take an awful of sorting out.

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  15. Has Kate or Ash joined liberation.scot. Do they know of salvo.scot. Do any of the candidates or present MPs MSPs know that Scotland has a constitution and in that constitution there are laws with dire concequences for misleading or acting against the interest of the Scottish people.
    No guffawing at the back now. The constitution is coming for all who have abused the sovereignty of the Scottish people.
    We are in this awful mess because of PARLIAMENTARY SOVEREIGNTY in Scotland this is totally illegal.
    The Scottish people are sovereign and are above any and every institution you can think of, that is the law.

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    1. While that is totally true Wullie, not enough people in Scotland know that we have our own Constitution and what it means today.

      Education is one of the key functions of Salvo and with the Salvo Hubs now active, the people of Scotland will now get to know their true history of subjugation and oppression by our larger southern neighbour as they pursued similar actions as they did in their other colonies all around the world.

      According to the UN, there are 48 “Dependencies” in the world and top of the list with 15 is “Great Britain”, followed by France with 10 and the USA with 7. So, it appears that 15 Non-UN States are dependent on “Great Britain” for their existence and with Scotland currently being a non-UN State but not able to be registered as such, England will continue to dominate and plunder our resources.

      That is why the international route and educating other countries about Scotland’s colonial status is so important and Salvo with Liberation and the Scottish National Congress can lead the way with the support of the Scottish people behind us.

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      1. I agree Jan, but the unionists have no allegiance at all to Scotland but would rather the subjugation continues, so that they can keep on plundering our resources.

        England is the ONLY country in the world to be scared of becoming independent!

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    2. Yes, wullie, and thanks for making this very powerful statement; even our most respectable politicians are bound to be less than sure of Scotland’s powerful constitution… One that is very powerful and certainly superior to Westminster and that place’s dishonourable behaviour! Furthermore, questioning if certain politicians know about salvo.scot is important and could be asked about all of the Scottish politicians.

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  16. At the moment, anyone wanting to vote for Yes has a choice between fantasy biology and Putin apologists. As the current SNP leadership is bent as a Boxing Day turd, the most likely outcome of the election is a Yousaf shoo-in. But with grassroots rage building he is unlikely to see the year out in the post, and there’s a good chance of a Regan/Cherry ticket taking over. That would get the SNP back into a healthy shape, and with a policy of SNP 1, ALBA/ISP 2 Holyrood could see an Indy landslide in 2024. If they could ditch some more of the campus concerns they might even see Yes hitting the magic 60%.
    I’m not holding my breath,

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  17. Quite right ! Sturgeon has been the biggest traitor to the independence movement. I fear it will take years to recover the damage she has done.

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  18. Our Scots MPs can remove us from the Act of Union NOW. BUT they don’t have the knowledge or the BACKBONE. If the act is breached that should be the end of it under Scots Law. what the hell are they asking for permission for and from whom (OUR COLONISERS). They need to stop swallowing this shit that Parliament is Sovereign

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    1. Yes, jistjr, and while a growing number of Scotland’s population are becoming clearer about Scotland’s – previously hidden – constitution (which many politicians seem to be unaware of), then it’s up to people like ourselves, who can readily communicate what most of us have recently become aware of… The Unionists may love the British Baloney Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), but Scotland’s people are free to express their wishes and beliefs… We ARE on the verge of regaining our independent Scotland!

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  19. A lot of churnalists banging on about the cleaning out of the Augean stables in regards to a reset for the SNP. This is posh talk for mucking out the byre to us simple souls in the West and it causes new problems as what do you do with a huge pile of shit once you have graiped and barrowed it out of the stables. Traditionally horse manure was used to grow roses or mushrooms but I fear some of the shit needing removed from the SNP will be far too toxic to grow anything useful but could be used to produce methane also known as fart gas to power some green cars.

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  20. Watch Al Jazeera’s labour files and you then understand how the security service infuriates and water down political parties for the UK, Ok establishment .They ensure there is no meaningful change Tweedledee, Tweedledum politics. The Murrell puppets have a Westminster hand working them. The model of taking over a party is identical blue print to what happened in Corbyns labour party under Starmer. Power is wielded from the top to keep the minions in line and deselect those with talent and free thought, conviction politicians. The result is a lot of plyable useless yes men and women as MPs . Exactly what has happened in the NuSNP under the Murrells dictatorship (prehaps the NuSNP is where the establishment horned these tricks of suppression). Nothing is as it seems in UK,Ok.
    Sturgeon must be given the red card and removed form being an MSP. Anything’s done to hide the Betrayal of the Scottish people will blow back on the SNP, so the cull must be public and be seen to be done and all the cabal removed. This must be done sooner rather than later they cannot procrastinate in this matter . The leadership contest must start again in the interests of fairness. Openness and honesty is what is required.

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    1. Definitely! I said at the time when the membership suddenly swelled after the narrow defeat in the 2014 referendum that they were being taken over and they were. They had come too close (maybe even close enough ?). Westminster had to take steps to ensure it couldn’t happen again. Sturgeon is the biggest traitor to Scotland ever and must be publicly declared as such. She has done nothing to further the cause of independence and everything to prevent it by knee capping the SNP. Independence must never again be placed in the hands of one single political party which can be so easily taken over. It must be a wide, non political, broad church movement with no individual leaders in charge who can centralise power and be corrupted.

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