A statement from Ewan Kennedy on the need for full disclosure on the Salmond plot. Ewan is a retired lawyer who lives in Argyll and is a frequent correspondent on Yours for Scotland.

Three years ago this week there ended a show trial of the sort we used to rightly deride when we saw it going on in the old German Democratic Republic, the persecution of a former leader on the basis of evidence faked by his political opponents.

Against all the odds, including a ruling by the judge to disallow witnesses who would no doubt have exposed conspiracy, the jury accepted that at least one witness, on the most serious charge, had committed perjury, while others had retrospectively revisioned trivia. 

Granting life long protection from identification to the conspirators then created a bizarre situation, putting innocents under suspicion and giving the guilty freedom to publish what they want, should they want to.

Matters were compounded by the State broadcaster covering the prosecution case in detail, while ignoring the defence, then subsequently putting out what has given rise to a new word in the language, the warkumentary.

The combination of the official suppression of truth and a biased media means that rumours are flying about. One, which I earnestly hope is untrue, is a suggestion that individuals may have identified and tracked down one or more members of the Salmond jury, which would be a massive criminal act.

We have recently seen those who engineered, promoted, investigated and prosecuted the Salmond case all depart for well upholstered futures, leaving behind a legal system that is in a worse state than at any time since I joined it in 1968. There is a desperate need for the fullest disclosure of everything that went on in this dreadful case. Without that, trust in the system will never be restored.


Reassuringly I know there are many within the legal fraternity in Scotland who share Ewan’s desire for transparency on exactly what happened and for a method to be found to pursue proper sanctions against any of the witnesses who proffered false evidence during the trial Hopefully with the Murrells gone, SWINNEY gone, and Liz Lloyd also resigned, in addition David Harvie at the Crown Office is also gone and we have a new Lord Advocate that process will have a much better chance of success.

I am, as always



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  1. “There is a desperate need for the fullest disclosure of everything that went on in this dreadful case. Without that, trust in the system will never be restored.”

    Absolutely agree – well said.

    It is now conceivable for the Scots legal framework to be wound up, such is the mess that has been made. The legal establishment must now save itself and that means some of its current and previous players must be held accountable.

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  2. Without the full disclosure of the plot details and the restoration of Alex Salmond’s reputation – he has already as we know been acquitted of the trumped up and bogus charges brought against him and was subjected to an unfair, unlawful and apparently biased Scottish Government complaints procedure – the Scottish legal system in my eyes will lack credibility, integrity and honesty,

    There have been lots of hints, nods and winks regarding revelations to be brought this week/next week regarding various undefined matters relating to the SNP on various blogs and in social media.

    If this does not now come to pass those of us who support the full restoration of Scotland’s self-government and nation-state status will remain in the same broken and disunited condition as we have been in for the last 5 years when the whole outrageous and scandalous saga first broke in the media.

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    1. “There have been lots of hints, nods and winks regarding revelations to be brought this week/next week regarding various undefined matters”

      Indeed – and the problem is even for folk like me who don’t know the half of it, there are so many scandals it could be, I’m none the wiser as to which one(s) are supposedly breaking soon! Any of them could bring down the nuSNP unless the new leader cuts a scythe (metaphorically speaking – no violence intended nor inferred!) through the Nicolytes.

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  3. The truth about the Salmond Conspiracy needs to come out.

    And when it does it will reveal the extent of malign actions of the multiplicity of actors who brought this vile coordinated political assassination manoeuvre about.

    No one should be in any doubt about why Alex Salmond. and indeed others were targetted.

    Until then there can be no trust, no trust whatsoever in the police, prosecution service, judiciary in Scotland.

    A rotten, broken system more suited to a banana republic.

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    1. Alternatively, the system has reverted to its rotten, broken eighteenth century state where the prosecution service and judiciary are part of the colonial administration. Here is a quote from 1703. Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Sarum said of the Scots after the stormy 1703 Parliament “a national humour of rendering themselves a free and independent kingdom did so inflame them, they seemed capable of the most extravagant things that could be suggested to them” so “great skill and much secret practice seemed necessary to set matters right there”. Looking at the damage the current Scottish Government led by Ms Sturgeon has done to Scotland, it seems to me that matters have been set right for the colonisers and the looting of our resources can continue. Talk about a parcel of rogues.

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  4. Well said Ewan. The victims need justice and public trust needs restored. Since the truth of this situation started to come out who hasn’t been depressed and angry about the state of Scotland’s government, police, press and legal system? Honour and honesty needs to return here or there is every chance that persecutions large and small will continue.

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  5. “Hopefully with the Murrells gone, SWINNEY gone, and Liz Lloyd also resigned, in addition David Harvie at the Crown Office is also gone and we have a new Lord Advocate that process will have a much better chance of success.”

    That’s exactly why “continuity” is the last thing Scotland needs as an outcome in this leadership contest.

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    1. Exactly right….. They are desperate for the ‘Undertaker’ to be elected so that the rotting bodies are never exposed.
      But they will.

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      1. Agreed. Some want us to ‘move on’ yet the people who did wrong were afforded a level of protection by the system as it is currently organised. That means rather than ‘moving on’ the wrong doers have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are. In maintaining the current system. Those same folk had a immense amount of control over the SNP and by extension the cause of Scottish Independence.

        As aa believer in the Scottish nation and someone who wants our Institutions to get their act sorted out. I am suspicious of those who say we need to cover up what happened.

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  6. And a further comment if I may.

    Dark coordinated forces across the apparatus of state did indeed try to destroy Alex Salmond.

    Such manoeuvres are exactly the type of strategy that was promoted by Brigadier General Sir Frank Kitson who ran British campaigns in places like Kenya, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and other places where independence from Britain was being pursued.

    Infiltrate at every level, control the media or if you cannot then create your own, use the existing apparatus of state such as police and judiciary to jail political opponents. Or put another way as Kitson said, everything below symmetrical warfare.

    Put like that and recognising the landscape around us one can see why things are the way they are.

    The British state digs deep and very dirty. And this is a colony that they do not want to lose.

    But sunlight brightens even the darkest night and in the light the landscape changes.

    The Alex Salmond conspiracy truth needs to see the sunlight just like the corruption at the heart of the SNP is now becoming exposed to light.

    Britain, despite it’s dark, manipulative and malign deeds around the world lost its empire, lost its colonies. And it will lose Scotland too!

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  7. I don’t get how somebody can commit perjury and there’s no comeback for them? They were prepared to see an innocent man locked away for years on the basis of their lies yet they can just swan off with no consequences?

    Job done though. A couple of recent comments from Yes supporters in my circle –
    “Aye, but… Alex Salmond… … nudge, nudge…”
    “He’s a dirty bstrd.” Followed by the usual, “I know a friend of a friend who knows someone who used to… etc, etc.”

    I always counter the latter with, “Were they one of the 200 people interviewed by the police as they trawled through decades of the man’s life desperately trying to find things they could use? If not, why not as they obviously know a lot of things? If so then why didn’t the police use their evidence?” You never get an answer.

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    1. “the jury accepted that at least one witness, on the most serious charge, had committed perjury”

      You are right, and this is a facet of the case that I can’t get my head around, though by no means the only one.

      Lying to a court is a serious offence, as it represents an attempt to pervert the course of justice. Why wasn’t this clear perjury pursued, let alone the others? What was the legal justification for letting it slide? Anonymity isn’t immunity, and this one was perpetrated in the highest court in the land.

      It’s simply not possible for any of the many legal experts who were present to not have recognised it for what it was. Were they all in on it? If so, why, and what were they expecting to gain from it?

      In fact the entire case was an exercise in perverting the course of justice, so why hasn’t it been subjected to any serious judicial review? More than that it requires a full public inquiry. What does it take to get one started?

      Actually, I already know the answer to that one; Independence!

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    2. That’s what I say as well. “How were they missed by the police, because they were REALLY looking?” The problem is that he was demonised by the media for decades, and people don’t want to admit they swallowed state propaganda whole.

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  8. Leave the past in the past us Scots have enough fighting this right wing Tory Government for Scotland INDEPENDENCE and a better life for Scotland full stop without more infighting in Scotland its time to move on and stand together for a greater cause SCOTLANDINDEPENDENCE2023.


    1. So you think perjury is acceptable in Scotland? I don’t want to live in a Scotland where the plotters and schemers can falsely accuse innocent people for political purposes and get away with it because people like you want to “move on”. I won’t be!

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      1. Ah move on. Someone murdered, move on. A child abused in the most vile way, move on, A woman raped, move on. Alex Salmond set up, move on.

        Quite honestly Brian McLurg with comments like you’ve just made maybe you are more than a football field off the ball.

        But yes, I think most folks will get your comment about fighting the Tories. They after all are actors in what is happening here in the Scotland Colony. Just pray that no one from the deep state comes to move you on.

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      2. Quite right Iain! “Leave the past in the past”- I’ve never heard such bullshit. There has to be a reckoning- a poisonous wound has to be treated and the poison extracted. We are not going to be able to move on until this betrayal of our Cause (because that is what it is ) has been addressed, and the lying culprits brought before the courts.
        How the Alphabetties can walk the streets of Edinburgh without shame is beyond me. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

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      3. Well said, iainlawson27, and I’m sure that almost everyone else will agree with us here; after all, we’ve seen how the ‘British State’ and its combined powers do behave – including their filthy-rich and their brain-washing experts.
        Anyway, most people could only follow such as The British Brainwashing Corporation, – who had focused against Alex Salmond and the Scottish independence movement – being classed as enemies of London’s Westminster; we are mostly normal people… However, they need to win our votes and THEY cannot afford to forget his simple fact.

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    2. You obviously don’t understand Motive. The people involved in the Alex Salmond stitch up, did so, precisely in order to prevent Scotland ‘moving on’ with Indy.

      And while the house is riddled with corrupt bampots of their ilk, who feel secure that they will always get a free pass from those who cry ‘move on’…. then we will never get Indy.

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      1. Absolutely spot on – they just luvv being colonial- all the trappings with absolutely responsibility! Only problem is that Alex Salmond actually believes in and wants independence- they don’t like that at all !

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    3. It was proved that woman H who claimed that Alex Salmond attempted to rape her wasn’t even in the building on the night in question. Should we just let that go, and leave a stain on the man’s character? Is that justice?

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    4. “the alleged rape complaint was found not proven due to some actor bumbling”

      No that’s not the “not proven” verdict. Women H was thoroughly discredited and not guilty was the verdict. Why she isn’t under investigation for perjury I don’t know.

      It’s the “sleepy cuddles” one that was not proven. It’s the only event that actually happened and was dealt with by an apology (inappropriate due to working relationship, but not non-consensual). He could have denied it – after all it was the only “event” with no witnesses but didn’t. The offer of another post of equal status where she didn’t need to work with him was refused, and she continued working with him. Allegedly the story grew arms and legs in the intervening period.

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  9. ”So you think perjury is acceptable in Scotland? I don’t want to live in a Scotland where the plotters and schemers can falsely accuse innocent people for political purposes and get away with it because people like you want to “move on”. I won’t be! ”

    Spot on Iain I never understood what kind of lowlife you have to be to think it’s ok see an innocent man persecuted. put through 3 years or torment and his reputation trashed just because it’s a bit inconvenient to stand up to injustice & tyranny. I believe the independence movement will never move forward until the heinous crimes inflicted on Alex Salmond, Craig Murray, Mark Hirst & others is addressed and the perpetrators all the perpetrators dealt with accordingly

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  10. I will never forget Kirsty Wark’s total disbelief when the verdict was announced. It was comic. What came after was not funny at all. I watched her documentary, twice. The first time I was able to identify one of the anonymous accusers from what was said; the second time, that few seconds had been cut. What remained was the naked hatred of Kirsty Wark and the BBC for Alex Salmond. The scene with the “three witches” in the coffee shop was particularly disgusting.
    I complained to the BBC and got the usual response – “We don’t care what you say and what evidence you present and you can’t do anything about it.” This is a paraphrase of all their responses to all of the complaints I have made to the BBC over the years.
    Why are people blind to what has been happening in Scotland since 2014?

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  11. Worth noting here the direct connection between colonial rule and fascist behaviour, more especially whenever ‘colonialism is imperiled’:

    “Every colonial nation carries the seeds of fascist temptation in its bosom. What is fascism if not a regime of oppression for the benefit of a few? The entire administrative and political machinery of a colony has no other goal. The human relationships have arisen from the severest exploitation, founded on inequality and contempt, guaranteed by police authoritarianism. One should not be too surprised by the fact that institutions depending, after all, on a liberal central government can be so different from those in the mother country. This totalitarian aspect which even democratic regimes take on in their colonies is contradictory in appearance only. Being represented among the colonized by colonialists, they can have no other.” (Albert Memmi)

    And, perhaps specifically in relation to the maintenance of a ‘devolved’ or ‘hauf wey hoose’ arrangement: “Fascism is the dialectic result of states that were semi-colonial” (Frantz Fanon)

    Determinant no. 6:

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  12. This is more Grousebeaters area of expertise, but who should play Nicola & wee Peter in “The lavender Ceaușescus”?
    I’m up for Imelda Staunton & Toby Jones.
    toby jones

    imelda staunton

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  13. ‘Full disclosure is needed’ – indeed. That it should be achieved is dependent upon the altruism and circumspection of the Scottish legal profession. Qualities, hitherto, in seemingly short supply.

    Some years ago, I remember watching an interview with Winnie Ewing when she was asked about the Willie McRae case. Part of her reply was that on that subject, she had quizzed a then member of the Crown Office with whom she had studied law and considered a friend. He shut her down. Repeat – he shut her down.

    Until such puppets are removed from positions of influence, we are and shall remain compromised.

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  14. Can’t wait to have the light of truth shone on this murky affair and for the evidence of corruption and conspiracy to be revealed.
    We need to see justice done and seen to be done and the perpetrators of this must be exposed and face the consequences of their actions, no matter who they are.
    In my opinion that is absolutely necessary for the building of a free and independent Scotland.

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  15. Excellent article and the division created within the Yes movement was just what westminster were looking for. The media’s behaviour was appalling, and as Grouser rightly opined had AS hung drawn and quartered before, during and even after the trial. This needs put to bed once and for all.

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    1. That can only happen when all the facts come out. For that to happen and to be seen to happen requires a court of law. Our legal system needs this as well.

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      1. Aye, I’ve seen it so often. Folk won’t believe other folk no matter how genuine or well informed. The best researched articles in the most reputable journals by the most respected authors often dinnae have the required reach. A court of law might make the wrong decisions sometimes but it is the best thing we have.

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      2. Having said that Golfnut, how do you rate the chances of full disclosure, as Ewan Morrison put it?


    2. Good question. I think it’s more a question of ‘ what level of disclosure would satisfy the demand ‘.
      For instance if you had two factions demanding an investigation, both sides having their own particular theory on what needed to be investigated but your investigation no matter how robust only satisfied one faction. The unsatisfied faction is likely to be screaming ‘ cover up ‘ and still be demanding full disclosure.
      For me, I’d be looking for where the conspiracy eminated, because conspiracy there was undoubtedly. Whether that could be achieved is another question but we need to ask the question.

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  16. Excellent article, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I think faith in the current Lord (Lady) Advocate to restore faith in the judicial system is misplaced as she was a direct appointee of Sturgeon and known to be no friend of Scottish Independence.

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    1. Bain stacked the deck in the court case to hold a referendum to ensure failure. The fact Sturgeon appointed this staunch unionist speaks volumes. I hope to see Bain replaced shortly.

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  17. Perhaps worth reflecting on the ‘Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021’ which appears to authorise and hence make lawful criminal conduct should this be deemed ‘necessary’ on specific ‘grounds’.

    “29B Covert human intelligence sources: criminal conduct authorisations
    (1)Subject to the following provisions of this Part, the persons designated for the purposes of this section each have power to grant criminal conduct authorisations.

    (5)A criminal conduct authorisation is necessary on grounds falling within this subsection if it is necessary—
    (a)in the interests of national security;
    (b)for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime or of preventing disorder; or
    (c)in the interests of the economic well-being of the United Kingdom.”


    Maybe an ALBA MP could ask a question?

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      1. (Reposted comment from Craig Murray’s blog) –

        At the time of the Falklands War I randomly found myself on the Isle of Skye sharing a meal with a group, one member of whom was an ex-editor of the Scotsman. I had not met him before. The hot topic of media self-censorship (which Thatcher urged) came up. The Scotsman retiree was all for it. I ventured that I thought the Media should be neutral. He turned to me with arched eyebrows and intoned: “And WHO is neutral about the Falklands War?”. I mumbled back (being still rather young and gauche): “Well, I’m trying to be…”. His sarcastic rejoinder was: “Good for YOUUUUU…!”.

        Being a slow thinker, it took a few years (I am “l’esprit d’escalier” embodied) for the fuller implications of that exchange to dawn on me — namely, that when the cause of the United Kingdom is at stake there apparently can be NO neutrality. If you are not expressly defending the UK, you are deemed to be The Enemy. Sir Nicholas MacPherson’s leadership of the (hitherto “neutral”) Civil Service in actively undermining Scottish independence in 2014 (and thereafter having a medal-award event to celebrate their “win”), suddenly became explicable for me. As of course is the inveterate sabotaging of the case for Scottish Independence by the BBC. Neutrality, for the British Establishment, is just another word for Betrayal.

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  18. ‘Time to move on”, says Brian McClurg – The out-going FM Sturgeon has apologised for the ill-treatment of mothers having their babies taken from them – decades ago.
    Atonement, on behalf of the wrongdoers? I wonder how many decades we will have to wait for her atonement of her time as FM?
    She did a fine job on behalf of the British state is my view –
    The Salmond trial to remove him from politics, to the extent of sanctioning his imprisonment, such a betrayal. And then enabling the perception to develop that Scotland has no route to independence – the pointless S30 requests; zero response to Scotland being taken out of the EU; recognition of the English”Supreme Court” authority, and not a whimper over it’s “verdict”; GRR bill overrule – I wonder if the GRR strategy/plot meeting is minuted?

    Sturgeon’s pending atonement? Naw – she can’t recall, she wasn’t there, she wasn’t aware….

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    1. I wouldn’t slight the apology to the babies because that was a factor of what happened that sent children to their other colonies only to be abused. Some of these families are still here you know and like any injustice, if we ignore it, fail to address it then what’s to say that it’s not going to repeat itself? What these children went through and the mothers is horrendous. The church recently had to apologise to the Native American children this happened to as well.

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      1. Justice and apologies help people sometimes and Alex and his family are requiring the same just as anyone who has been subjected to wrong doing. People who were killed years ago where there’s been no justice yet their families still deserve it as do the souls who are no longer on earth. I am quite shocked that people are dismissing the significance of the apology, you don’t need to like who it came from but it’s still deserved even if NS didn’t cause it. You can’t think that anyone’s justice is more important than another regardless of the time that’s passed. After all how many years have passed since this horrid Union and here we are trying to make it right.

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  19. (Please compare also Alf Baird’s highly pertinent post above at 12.12pm)

    The Italian political philosopher GIORGIO AGAMBEN addresses the contentious issue of the State’s exercise of emergency powers whether over society at large or over the individual. Agamben designates the plight of the latter as that of “homo sacer” [difficult to translate, but the person finds themself reduced to a Kafkaesque existence as out-law in no-man’s land].

    Agamben observes that the Head of State (hereafter the “Sovereign”) who declares the “state of emergency”, ie the suspension of normal laws, thereby places themself above and outwith the law in a sense which ironically echoes the status of the State-targeted “homo sacer” individual for whom due process has been suspended. In a real sense both despot and victim have now become “law-less”.

    Here for the patient reader are a few excerpts from a synopsis of Giorgio Agamben’s thought by Nasrullah Mambrol (2018):

    “In…’State of Exception’ (2005), Agamben says that the one is sovereign who can determine the state of exception. The paradox of sovereignty is that the sovereign, like homo sacer, is both ‘outside and inside the juridical order’. […] The sovereign must, first of all, decide when a state of exception exists and, second, decide upon strategies – including the suspension of normal legal processes – to deal with it. These include, above all, calling a state of emergency.

    “[…] Here then is the worry behind the paradox of sovereignty: the risk that a sovereign might resort to violence in an irresponsible way. Agamben points, for example, to the suspension of law (including the suspension of the Geneva conventions on the conduct of war) in the ‘war on terrorism’ with respect to those interned by America at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. There, prisoners have no legal identity and recall the plight of stateless people between the wars referred to by Hannah Arendt (1951).

    “Agamben also cites the arbitrary policies involving the suspension of the law being employed to deal with asylum seekers. Increasingly, asylum seekers are purposely processed and their claims assessed outside the boundaries of any state, in international territory. They thus have no legal status and thus cannot appeal to any authority if their human rights are violated. They are non-persons.

    “[…] A passage — frequently paraphrased by Agamben, from Emile Beneveniste’s ‘Indo-European Language and Society’ (1973) — explains exactly what is at stake: ‘A man who is called *sacer* is stained with a real pollution which puts him outside human society: contact with him must be shunned. If someone kills him, this does not count as homicide’.

    “[…] Agamben invokes the old German term ‘ban’ to describe this situation. He who is banned by the law is not simply set outside the law, but is ‘abandoned by it, that is, exposed and threatened on the threshold in which life and law, outside and inside, become indistinguishable. It is literally not possible to say whether the one who has been banned is outside or inside the juridical order.’ Thus, the law both posits the sovereign and makes the sovereign the one who is also outside the law. This is the paradox of sovereignty.”


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  20. After working with the Crown Prosecution Service and police for many years in England, I can with a degree of confidence state the following:

    None of the charges brought against Alex Salmond would have been authorised to proceed to trial.

    If they had beem authorised, the independent QC (now KC) who would have been instructed, (not an employee of the CPS,) would have advised there was no reasonable prospect of conviction, in particlar because of the unused material which clearly cast doubt on the integrity of the witnesses.The prosecutor in the Salmond case was not an independent QC. He was employed by the COPFS. As far as I know, no truly independent mind considered the merits of the case.

    In the unlikely event that the case had still proceeded, at the conclusion of the prosecution case the Judge would have found no case to answer on all charges and would have directed the jury to acquit.

    In the further unlikely event that the Judge did let the case go to the jury, the defence would have been allowed to adduce all the material ( known as unused material) which undermined the prosecution case. The Judge in the Salmond trial refused to allow this.

    Even without the evidence which would have damned the credibility of the accusers, the jury still acuitted. Thank goodness for the common sense of ordinary people.

    Some of the chrges were so laughable the jury must have wondered why their time was being wasted.

    Unless the full truth comes out this will continue to cast a shadow over the Criminal Justice system in Scotland.

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  21. I 100% condone Ewan’s contribution. Coordinated disclosure of all those revelatory stories (email transcripts and the rest) that we’re continually being told to expect, shouldn’t be all that difficult to put together as-one and given to the media in countries where a vestige of journalism might still remain. I, for one, find it increasingly frustrating to be told about coming explosive-revelations that’ll blow-the-lid off of this-or-that piece of dar- illegality. Such material may indeed exist, but the truth is: in fascist states, those who know don’t tell, because they’re rightly afraid of the consequences. A country wherein, unbelievably, no democratic mechanism exists for its people to express an opinion regarding their future and where key civil institutions are generally predictable in their pro-government mind-set and behaviours is clearly no democracy. To admit to ourselves then that we live in an effective fascist-dictatorship wherein voting is a meaningless exercise that merely lends a cosmetic legitimacy to our subjugation, will be necessary. Others may disagree and wish to ‘move-on’ , of course.

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  22. Full disclosure is needed. The idea that something this serious could just be shrugged off and forgotten about whilst the guilty parties involved in it remain at large, having faced no consequences at all for their actions, is just beyond belief.

    Don’t call yourself a good person, think of yourself as decent and just, if you can just move on from something like this as if it is some trivial issue. It is a national disgrace and makes the Crown, Police and Scottish Government look as bent as a nine-bob note. What they tried with Mr Salmond is something they could have tried against anyone. It concerns us all.

    You have a situation in Scotland where the false accusers could be in positions of power where they could hurt other people. They may have already done so. They could be working in the Scottish Government right now, they could be working with the Police or the Courts etc in well paid jobs despite having given false testimony under oath and continuing to smear an innocent man long after the trial via their friendly contacts in the BBC and media etc. People like this should not be in positions of power.

    If there are still good people in the Crown, Police and Scottish Government then why don’t you step up and do something about this? Silence and cowardice in the face of corruption makes you part of that corruption.

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  23. The intricacies of the law and how it works isn’t something I’m familiar with, but there’s a niggling notion in my head that the both the Court of Session and the Faculty of Advocates have gotten off pretty lightly with regards to any comment or reaction to all of these grievous injustices, and departures from established norms, which both Alex Salmond, and Craig Murray were subjected to.

    Has “The Law” in Scotland no comment to make on it’s own integrity and impartiality being traduced by such apparent and gross improprieties? Do they approve that Scottish Justice “appears” to be a compliant instrument for intimidation and malicious prosecution? Do we need to wait for the conclusion of Mark Hirst’s law suit against his own malicious prosecution to give as an indication of how the wind blows?

    Have they nothing to say, or is it that nobody is asking the right questions which “enables” them to answer? Or more likely there isn’t a juicy fee for replying or sticking their head above the parapet?

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    1. If you hope for an appointment as a judge or a sherriff or any other leagal appointment you keep your head down and don’t rock the boat.

      I have a lot of time for Gordon Dangerfield and used to look forward to his articles. He is not afraid of being in the ‘awkward mob’ and gets to the truth of matters. I hope he starts again soon. Does anyone have any information about his present period of silence?

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      1. That seems to be the case with a lot of organisations. There is the problem right there. Basically just go with the flow and turn a blind eye to any wrongdoing in the hope that those corrupt bastards will give you a seat at their table and you can become part of it. People that are so weak as to do that deserve everything they get.

        I don’t know what Gordon is up to at the moment, Humble Crofter. The last I heard from him he said he was going to try and write an article about correspondence between Leslie Evans and Barbara Allison. That was some time ago though. He built up a real head of steam with his articles at the time and then they just stopped.

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      2. No idea Humble Crofter, I check his blog now and again like yourself to see if he has made other posts. Ah doot he’ll no be short o’ work. I stick a couple of quid in the Mark Hirst fund every month that I can. I am hoping it might lead to some more stuff coming out. I am confident that there are many lawyers, administrators, even judges who take pride and don’t like some of the things that have gone on over the years (who knows maybe even the mysteries o’ the chain of command at the Crown Office irks them?). I aye live in hope for Scotland, feels bleak the now.

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  24. Part of Colonialism is to use the local laws and quisling to perpetrate injustices for the benifit of the colonial masters. This would not be tolerated by the indigenous population if this was conducted by the colonists using their own laws. In this way the colonial masters can deny culpability in the oppressions of indigenous population, taking out those who challenge there rule. This is how they destabilise the politics of the natives keeping their desire for self determination of footed and at bay.
    The British are dab hands at this, you just need look over the water at Irish politic the similarities are astonishing ,Parnel being an example. Those they cannot smear , die mysteriously like MacRae.
    Under Sturgeon not only our politics has been compromised those operate our legal system have been comprised too.
    Dissolve the Union.

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  25. Brian…move on!

    How can anyone move on if there is no justice for the innocent. You can’t simply ignore the past. It’s a thing, because it shapes the future. You are abdicating your responsibilities.

    If there is no justice, then how can we trust the system. If the system is corrupt, then it has no future.

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  26. As Cicero made plain, “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.
    But it cannot survive treason from within.
    An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
    For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.”

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