What follows is a programme put together by TRT World the Turkish Public Service Broadcaster about the SNP LEADERSHIP RACE. It will be shown all over the World it’s a bit like the BBC WORLD SERVICE and as the presenter explained to me at the beginning of the programme, the introduction at the beginning with pipe bands, highland coo, mountains etc was to get viewers interested in Scotland. The main focus was on Kate Forbes religious views but I enjoyed taking part and felt I landed a mighty blow on poor Humza at the end of the programme. It’s a pity none of Scotland’s media questioned him about his own breach of his own Hate Crime legislation and indeed the SNP’s Own Code of Conduct. I hope you enjoy this short programme.


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33 thoughts on “SCOTLAND’S CHOICE

    1. The big disappointment here is the total lack of acknowledgement that there are three candidates, why was the only candidate with a plan for independence as an urgent matter, the only one ignored in this discussion?

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      1. Because it was a discussion about Kate’s religious views which was interesting for Turkish TV given the Christian/ Muslim nature of their country.


  1. Nice one Iain!

    I guess it never occurred to the nuSNP their ridiculous, virtue signalling, useless laws might apply to their mighty selves.

    C’mon Gartcosh – so far it looks like they are right – the nuSNP ARE above the law!

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  2. Worth remembering the two (yes two) continuity candidates see nothing wrong with the current financial system. Just saying..

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    1. You’re right Scott, both subscribe to the neoliberal orthodoxy that would welcome the implementation of beggar thy neighbour Freeports and the continuing the hapless growth report policies rejected at SNP conference .

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  3. Personally I have no issues with anyone holding religious views because it’s between them and the creator just as I don’t those with none, I don’t hate anyone who has different views to myself but what I do disagree with if it is harmful to or imposed upon others. I was of the feeling and belief that Scotland was quite good in this sense up until the media started to bring it up by highlighting Kate although she wasn’t in politics at the time and how she hypothetically would have voted but she didn’t lie which is important. Humza however has been accused of lying to opt out whether due to pressure or not, if you are not being honest it’s not too good.
    When I was in a relationship with a man who was Muslim I asked questions about him and I and he would say that he follows his heart more than a book. I also asked questions about circumcision and was he given a choice or was it just done through the choice of others? I wasn’t doing it for anything other than finding out his views obviously because it interested me. He also was a bit reserved about drag Queens wandering around in his town as well as there were English men doing shows there as people who were openly gay until I introduced him to my Pakistani gay friend at this time who had a Kurdish boyfriend. 😄 We could make a wee series out of it. Lol Point is we are human and not defined by our religions, rather than humans who choose or not to follow religions. We should not have politicians enforcing their private beliefs on the public however they shouldn’t be perseuctued for them unless of course they legislate for all like what happened with the Grr bill.
    Our lovely wee country has a long history of being hijacked and things imposed upon us by folk. Glad TRT showed this as I was raging with the Daily Sabah article and quite hurt as well given the fact that I always tried tell truth when I saw British media lie or people in regards to their country.

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    1. Ian I thought you did great getting in about Humza and the whole numbers for the voting process. I also don’t like that Humza put the hate crime bill forward when we had laws in place already for all people. He wasn’t even qualified to be a justice minister either.

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    2. Half of our pensioners are probably out here having a good time. Turkiye let’s their diaspora vote now unlike here.

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      1. Point here is British press making out how bad it is, if it was so bad and not inclusive many wouldn’t leave here and go there, the higher rates of interest in the banks there over the years also have done a lot of people fae the UK well.


  4. Humour aside, if Useless becomes FM we will have a clown capable of coming up with the oppressive, offensive Hate Crime law – and holding himself above it. The dark skies will only grow darker.

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  5. A decent discussion well controlled by the compere, an English guy doing his job professionally (presumably because he doesn’t work for the British media and press).

    The guy from Manchester was really all over the place, full of contradictions while The National’s political editor toed the woke/SNP line and mainly avoided the issues.

    Well done Iain for landing a haymaker on Yousaf – right between the eyes and much deserved!

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  6. Goodness so you once had hair!!! Age has not wearied you or your ability to get to the point and stick to it and the journalist backed all that you said including the doubt you cast upon Humza Yousaf’s ability to lead. He is a follower of fashion cast in the figure of Angus Robertson, another rich boy wannabe Scot

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  7. After that introduction I am surprised that they never asked you to wear a See you Jimmy wig, Iain. Or playing the bagpipes in between answering the questions.

    Joking aside, I watched this from start to finish. Thanks for posting it.

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  8. Well put Iain. Shame it was tuned into the ‘Kate Forbes Show’ with a tail piece about Useless who is not qualified for anything other being a glaikit wee numpty. Ash Regan got barely a mention, so not exactly a balanced discussion. The guy on the right just havered a load of crap and the female was reading from Sturgeon’s Woke Guide to Replies’.

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    1. Yes. The only one of the three candidates who has actually shown courage and properly listens and reacts to the questions put to her. The only one who would go in and properly clean house. The recent Times Radio debate hardly mentioned her at all during the discussion afterwards with the talking heads including Kieran Andrews amongst them. Mr Andrews of course co wrote Break-Up with David Clegg.

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    2. The interest they had and the reason they had the programme was because of the controversy over Kate’s views. It was Turkish TV and Turkey has both big Muslim and Christian communities, so understandable.

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  9. I enjoyed that in a strange sort of way apart from the air brushing of Ash Regan from the contest. Two Scottish accents on a discussion about the leadership of our largest party claiming to be for independence will never catch on but Question Time hang your head in shame. I would never have thought that I would trust foreign media over the BBC twenty years ago but that is where we are so over to Alba, Salvo , ISP etc now is your time. PS Iain you speak well for a big rough bugger.

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  10. An excellent round, Iain, with two killer punches landed i.e. the membership numbers and Humza’s breaking of his own law. Come to think of it: you’ve probably got access to enough material to make a dozen programs about the strange nature of Scottish politics and its ‘personalities’.

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  11. That’s nothing. I was watching TV over there years ago now and channel hopping to hear someone on Press TV report we are witnessing the Empire in it’s last dying throws. I miss the conversations that you could have with people over there, they are more alert than what the media has you believe here. I get the point of this show and as Iain pointed out, there are different religions there living together and personally I didn’t feel like anyone discriminated on me for not being Muslim. I wasn’t asked about faith at all. But if Humza pulled up with in the Turkish parliament the problem with Turkiye is it’s full of Turks, let’s just say in the past their parliament came to blows. They are quiet fiery about their country. 😄

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  12. An excellent addition to the show, so you were! I thought you got in the relevant issues that are affecting Scotland. Not sure why an English Muslim leader was given the chance to have his say, as we have Muslim leaders right here in Scotland, who would be more inclined to give a more honest opinion of how Scots Muslims felt about the religious ‘debate’.

    As for the wee media lass, I’m not sure she understands the gravity of the trans problem, making the youth backers of the GRR Bill seem to be more prominent than it is. She didn’t seem to want to reiterate that most Scots DO NOT WANT SELF-ID. She preferred to skate over that & make seem more of a 50/50 thing & other factors a more likely reason for the drop in SNP membership figures. So all applauds to you for your refusal to accept that and your making it clear that SELF-ID was likely a huge reason for the division GRR Bill has caused.

    Good to see Scotland being treated as a country worthy of watching, talking about & being seen as a state that isn’t a shadow of it’s (unfortunately), partner. Thank you for putting this up & letting us see it.

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  13. Panel member M Amin is a joyous person, going by his demeanour. And he mentions sex – an overrated pastime.

    Bees do, fleas do it …, let’s do it…..etc. Ella Fitzgerald.

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  14. Hilariously refreshing to see an honest tae god, salt of the earth, Scotsman speak truth on one of these programmes. Pity we’re not given similar opportunity by our ‘own’ broadcasters!

    Predictably sad to see The National journalist say almost nothing – beyond doing everything possible to retain current readership levels. I remember the hope felt some years ago when this publication was first announced. As depressing now as The nuSNP has become in the same time span.

    The little English guy seemed completely out of his depth -or maybe he just realised that any support for giesalaff is, well… yusless!

    Lang may yer lum reek!

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