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Dear Sir, 

In your Opinion column today, Gregor Poynton attempts to justify the Labour Party’s apparently unquestioning  support for  the Tory Party’s desperately flawed “Great British Nuclear” project

In doing so, he has ignored the 60 year old history of  nuclear power reactors throughout the world- uneconomic, unreliable, plagued with insoluble problems of internal corrosion and waste disposal.

In March this year, the French Nuclear Inspectorate ordered EDF, the nationalised French Energy Company, to “revise its strategy” for repairing nuclear power plants because stress corrosion has caused new cracks at the Penly 1 Reactor near Dieppe. This came after a disastrous year in which corrosion problems have closed down so many of France’s nuclear power stations, including Penly,  that production hit a 30 year low.

On April 15th, when Germany  closed down its  last nuclear reactors, the German Government, leading one of the most technically advanced nations in the world,  declared “The nuclear phase-out makes Germany safer and avoids additional high-level nuclear waste. The risks of nuclear power are ultimately unmanageable. No insurance in the world covers the potentially catastrophic extent of damage from a nuclear accident”.  

The corrosion problems in France and the German Government’s decision are affirmed by the refusal of private companies to participate  in nuclear power without government  guarantees of indemnity and funding- not just for the appalling costs of construction, anticipated ”downtime” and  decommissioning -but the unsolved problem of waste disposal.  Two  of Westminster’s  nuclear projects- at Wylfa and Moorside – have already been cancelled for those reasons.  The  UK  “Nuclear Energy (Financing) Act  Mr Poynton applauded  was driven through Westminster  by the Tories last June,  burdening Scotland with a share of the incalculable costs of their panicked return to the infamous nuclear lobby.

Mr Poynton’s article was another worrying example of the Westminster Labour Party having no forward ideas of its own on any subject. It has already  fallen into line  with Tory Austerity Policies, Immigration Policies and, appallingly, the Tory attack on our right  to protest.  This unquestioning acceptance of the Tories’   ridiculous nuclear project confirms that Labour is too dangerous for Scotland.   

History shows the awful consequences of such blind,  nuclear faith.

Yours sincerely



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8 thoughts on “Letter of the Week

  1. In Germany there was enormous public pressure against nuclear power. There were demonstrations involving many tens of thousands of people. That is why Germany dropped nuclear.
    In France the state owned energy company EDF is going ahead with six new nuclear power stations to assist with being less reliant on external sources. (Note that we buy electricity from EDF.)
    It is imperative that the UK has a supply of cheap energy that is not subject to the vagaries of external sources and markets. That is the only way in which we can have a competitive economy with thriving manufacturing, and commerce. It is the only way in which we can ensure an affordable, warm and healthy environment for our people, young and old.
    The lunatic insistence on phasing out the use of “fossil fuels” leaves us with the unreliable and very expensive “renewable” sources such as wind. Nuclear is a valid option. Hydro power is a valid option.
    Nevertheless, oil and natural gas remains the most sensible and economical route. It is free at source and requires only to be cleaned and transported. Current high prices are a result of politics and financial manipulation.

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  2. Prepare for nothing fresh or remotely original from a Keir Starmer lead Labour Party. Expect the same establishment-thinking and orthodoxies, if delivered by a slightly less familiar roster of talking-heads. Red Tory positivists all, to a wummin and man.

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  3. How is the project to provide small local nuclear power units progressing? Surely security isn’t an issue?

    And how is the SNP government’s dictum that every home must have an interlinked heat alarm and smoke alarm progressing? Surely not a commercial incentive lurking in the background?

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  4. Hunterson, Torness, Dounreay, 17 Royal Navy nuclear submarines being dismantled at Rosyth, Faslane which has constant radio active leaks which are kept secret from the public. Uranium depleted shells fired at various places around our coastline. We are a dumping ground for the colonial masters who dont want any of this dangerous radioactive cancergenic waste in their back yard. It is uneconomic and costs billions to dismantle and get rid off. It remains dangerous for thousands of years .We dont want it here or need it here .We are already rich in Oil,Gas, and Electricity we just need rid of our controlling parictical neighbour and regain the levers for our economy. Nuclear power is the dearest form of Electricity there is the main reason the Torys want to build more Nuclear power stations in Scotland is to screw us even more for the price of a unit of Electricity.
    Say no to Colonialism and dissolve the Union.

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