You are not kidding anyone any more!

The latest announcement from the SNP has been met with a shrug of resignation throughout the entire YES MOVEMENT as the realisation that this is just the latest appearance of another scabby carrot as this “ convention” is more likely to bury the fight for Independence rather than reignite it.

The Wokefest will confirm their continued affirmation to a “gold standard” referendum that they know is safely undeliverable. This will take about 15 minutes then the “Convention” can get on with the serious business of discussing the implementation of their Code of Conduct requirements that will dictate who can be part of the “official campaign”. Planned by intentional design to only allow the Greens to team up. Guaranteed to divide the Yes Movement further.

This is the opportunity for every Tom, Dick and Sally to expound on extreme political correctness. Self ID ensures only “good people” get to speak while the Thought Police survey the audience looking for any dissident not clapping at the appropriate times. Names at this stage will be noted for the compulsory re education classes. 

At some point delegates will be reminded that the National Council will be reinstated later in the year. It may be returning but it will not be the National Council of the past where all the senior office bearers had to report regularly on what they were doing and members and branches had full opportunity to question, comment and if necessary oppose and reject any report. No this National Council will be a top down not a bottom up event and motions will be strictly controlled. For open discussion think stage managed National Conferences.

Given the numbers on the payroll and their families you can be sure there will be no revolution. Harder to work out will be the figure of real “ordinary members” there in the first place? This is what the SNP have become during those Sturgeon years, particularly after Angus Robertson’s constitutional amendments which stripped all powers from the membership and handed it to the  NEC cabal and their friends. No accountability, priorities now that have never been discussed or voted on by the ordinary membership, juryless trials being the latest to follow Hate Crime, Self ID and GRR. They are now a pale shadow of the Democratic Party they have been in their past history. Can you imagine what Willie Wolfe, Gordon Wilson, Winnie and Margaret Ewing, Margo MacDonald would have to say of what the SNP have become in recent years?

Sadly they face years of heartbreak ahead. The Leadership election, held by fixing the normal period of election to a ridiculously short timescale, resulted in the vote being held before members discovered the permanent absence of around 50,000 previous members and this is based on what I will merely describe as highly unlikely estimates of actual membership today. They had a last chance to vote for change but opted narrowly for the Continuity candidate. The polls are already indicating a slump in the SNP polling figures and I personally see no prospect of this reversing, indeed I believe it will get worse, much worse. Juryless trials will prove another imposed, not debated, disaster in the months ahead.

I have moved from believing Independence would be delivered speedily after Scotland elected 56 out of 59 Mp’s in 2015 to years of frustration and anger as this mandate was systematically squandered along with several others. I can no longer see Independence in the near future, not even in the far off horizon. I have lost all faith in the political party process and if it was not for Salvo/ Liberation I would give up and devote more time to the other interests in my life but I think it’s long past time that Scots looked to bypass the disappointments of the SNP and looked to an International route to move Independence forward. That is where my efforts are going from now on and I hope many of you will join me in making it happen.

My blog in the future will feature fewer posts. I plan to abandon the increasingly irrelevant Party commentary (unless they rile me) but hope to keep the posts I do make relevant and interesting. I will continue to welcome well written posts from readers who want to get anything off their chest. I hope we can unite again like it was in 2014. I really miss that!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


Sadly some websites seek to censor what their readers have access to read. This is particularly true of sites whose existence is primarily to support the views of one particular party and they seek to block articles which do not slavishly support that particular doctrine. My readers have worked out that the best way to defeat that attack on the freedom of speech and thought is to share my articles widely, thus defeating any attempt at censorship. My thanks for this.


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  1. Progress for Scotland has finally been achieved, by the SNP revelling themselves as anti-Scottish and completely no interest of restoring Scotland sovereignty.

    The bigger question is why is this so-called special conference being held in a venue that only holds 2300 people when the SNP membership is 72,300.

    We now know that Scotland future is not secure in the SNP or any other loving Westminster parties’ hands. Clearly there is two factions within the movement, those who are making a living out of pretending to want Independence and we all know who they are, and then you have those who take nothing and devote all of their time to restoring Scotland as a country.

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    1. Maybe admin is limiting access due to the risk of 50,000 disenfranchised Regan/Forbes voters turning up with a question or two about how their vote managed to end up in the bin/being ignored… 50,000 that they’d rather see at the AUOB festival, for all that?

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  2. Yeah when the 56 went to Westminster we spoke and what happened to Labour at this point in Scotland also told the truth.
    Watching STV last night, first for years really because I don’t tend to want to watch the TV much due to the amount of propaganda that comes through but I did because they were showing the film about Julian and his family and as we all know especially in Scotland, freedom of speech and freedom of the press hasn’t been great here at the best of times never mind the worst and it gave me a wee bit hope.
    Julian isn’t a person that many may have met however some of us followed wikileaks before he was in the situation he’s in now mainly because we feel a certain way, our values might be similar and the things happening has an effect upon us in a way where we want a better world for everyone. Many of our governments stand upon the stage and pretend that they stand for certain values and we view them and perhaps feel comforted in their lies but after a certain point some of us are noticing that their actions don’t match their words and not just the SNP.
    I think that your comments and feelings are showing those of us who feel the same way that politics and the current system isn’t working and it’s definitely in need of a change but then we have those who don’t want change, quite like comforting lies and think if they change colours then it’s magically all going to change.
    All these policies which are being brought forward are reasons for salvo and liberation but there’s folk who will argue that if we vote certain parties we will get them back. Point for me here is the fact that they were brought in at all without even so much as asking us if we are OK with all this. It’s hopeful that the associations who are in the law profession are uniting to try do something, men I feel sorry for in regards to the trial without jury because it’s like a statistics exercise rather than a justice. I remember being prompted to ensure that folk were to pass tests to get the statistics up and I refused because I wouldn’t be doing right by the people who were taking the test so someone who would did.
    The world around us is going through a lot of changes and challenges, we have been through what felt like house arrest and suffered loss and the impact has still to be fully realised and of course the investigations. I do however think that independence will happen but it’s been a blessing in disguise that it’s not happened yet because we wouldn’t perhaps know even half of what we know now and it’s obvious what’s lacking and who needs to go. I also think that whoever left us our paperwork that some of you have been retrieving also knew so therefore created them and they left a remedy that could be updated to the current time. Those who object to them well for me that’s obvious that they are not right for the job.
    Our ancestors might not have had TV and they used alternative methods for getting the word out. Theatre was one way as we know that is how women got demonised in the past. In a country that had a lot of inventors you would think that at least someone could bypass those algorithms and satellites. 🤣 We will be alright as long as we stop fighting with each other and switch aff the TV and stop reading the propaganda. We know that it is yet we still read it and share it and watch it. It’s like keeping touching a sore.
    To be honest I am glad that I invested time in finding ways to create balance from within and not get so raging about things because if I was capable of expanding that rage in energy there would be a lot of sorry folk. Haha

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    1. Good ponts, Fae See, I particularly agree with saying that we are actually lucky we are not likely to get independence with hose currently in power in Scotland as we could pretty well guarantee they would make a mess of it, like so many other things. I admire your desire to take a break from the propaganda and jsu wish i could do the same, though it more the incomptence ( Scotgov) and sheer cruelty along with corruption (UK govt) that make my blod boil.
      I just wish, for example that the Scottish MPs, the majority of whom have not voted for the dreadful Westminster policy of curbing the RIght to Protest, would speak out in the House of Commons and say this is not democratic to impose it on Scotland unless a majority of Scottish MPs vote in favour. I suspect that if any do so, it will be those from ALBA and not the SNP.
      Our MPs should call this lack of democracy out on every opportuniy, but this policy would be a great place to start. it would be fantastic if they all walked out in protest but i’m not holding my breath.

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      1. Some people have been through a lot and the mind can become a prison for those who allow it. I suppose those who are in actual prison have no choice other than to find a coping mechanism. Just because I don’t view msm doesn’t mean that I am not aware of things that are going on, the difference is the strategy which I use to be around it and not let it get me depressed.
        I am trained to do complementary therapies and I am consistently developing myself because the politicians and certain organisations that have conducted research know that stress and environmental circumstances can impact upon the health of others.
        Politics for many like football teams attract supporters and with this at times also cause division and anger. There’s some politicians who do their job, have faced difficulties and are now reaching out to tell us about it but they refuse to quit and are also finding ways to deal with situations. I quite like this movement because I don’t find it divisive, stressful and potentially has a way to heal like the salvol herbal remedy still in use today.
        I saw a comment today regarding the peaceful protests and no jury trials and a lot of people talking about democracy and parliamentary democracy being the only route and thought well the democratically elected parliamentary politicians are bringing these forward so now what?

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  3. I’m going to keep this short and sweet.
    What the SNP wants is to control the YES movement, hence setting up a secondary YES movement a few years back.
    They also want to control an Independence Convention which we all know won’t work. The only way that’ll work would if everyone was involved.
    People have gotten wise to the SNP (some are still catching up) and all the SNP are doing is alienating themselves, it’s them that’s being left behind, not the Indy movement.
    We know damn fine they’re not interested in Independence.
    They had the control.
    They abused said control.
    Now they’re in the process of losing control.
    We can see that in their policies and the way they want to run the country. A sure sign the slope is getting slippier.
    Dundee will be a failure, just as Calton Hill was.
    The Independence movement will march stronger and stronger.

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    1. I think you make a valid point, this *could* turn out to be of long term benefit…. if enough people let the scales fall from their eyes and focus on the aim of restoring self-determination through independence… I’m encouraged by what I hear from Salvo, Liberation, even Alba, and AUOB but this is going to be a Long March, made harder by the knowledge of the lost opportunities of the last few years and the downright incompetence (to be charitable, some of it might have been deliberate) and loss of direction of recent Scottish Gov performance.
      Meanwhile, trying to improve things as best I can within my own tiny puddle of influence seems the best way to stay sane at least… Best wishes.

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    2. I totally agree. The fact the SNP have timed their long-delayed conference for the same day as the AUOB Stirling march shows how little regard they have for any part of the movement outwith their control. And we’ve seen their contempt for their own party membership.
      They have made themselves irrelevant to the wider movement. At least they’ll be out of the way in Dundee – the rest of us have real work to do to gain our independence. They can join in if they want (and of course many of their activists do), but the SNP hierarchy are no longer an integral part of our cause. IMHO 🙂

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  4. The ‘Independence Convention’ is really a an exercise in cynicism.

    In reality the SNP politburo of pals are trying to undermine grassroots movements like AUOB and exclude other pro-Independence parties and persons not in the SNP.

    They have fallen significantly in the polls … but Independence support has remained steady. They are therefore trying to capture and own the latter – create The “YESNP” if you like with their “code of conduct” and their rules. Everything on their terms. (Hence all the propaganda from McAllan on Question Time (, Wishart in The National ( and Yousaf in “Humza: the video” in the last 2/3 days (

    To me they are simply worried about next year’s British General Election and current projected losses of around half of their Westminster representatives ( with the resultant impact on the short money due to them.

    On Question Time McAllan didn’t even acknowledge the man sitting next to her was a – probably thee – primary reason that brought the SNP into its preeminent position in Scottish politics and that she wouldn’t have her £100k+ expenses jobs without his efforts.

    Meanwhile ‘Minister for Independence’ – or, rather, Minister without Portfolio – Jamie Hepburn more or less implied on BBC Scotland that Alex Salmond shouldn’t even have been on BBC flagship political debating programme (see Astonishing.

    So the Sometime Nevers are merely electioneering.

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    1. @ Anne J Butler…You sum up my feelings exactly, Independence is NOT going to happen for a few generations to come, IF at all.. People are struggling, yet those same people will still vote SNP, Because a woman that happens to be a bloody good LIAR, along with her partner in crime, has fooled so many for too long..

      And I would NOT want Independence if it meant the SNP were still in charge either, Ohhh I know there would have to be an election if we ever got as far as getting our Independence, But too many Scots will just never open their eyes to what that party is today..

      I personally think that if ALBA & ISP can’t make road ins at the next 2 elections, I would prefer the SNP to be replaced by the nasty UNIONIST parties.. AS THAT I am sure is what it is going to take, to get RID of this rotten corrupt SNP.. And Yes the people WILL struggle more, bairns will get hungrier, Pensioners will die from the cold & hunger, Homelessness will RISE as homes are repossessed.. And it will take ALL of that to open the eyes of those who THINK they are alright, right now..

      I am SALVO & Liberation.Scot But they are not getting the support they deserve, Scots are just sleep walking through their days, with NOT enough interest to change this country we live in for the better.. I despair..

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      1. If we are independent we are free and we would have a better chance of removing corrupt and idiot governments like the one we currently have. it is because we are not Independent that the SNP ruling clique have a hold over us. Not wanting Independence, to hear it from committed patriots is disturbing.

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      2. Good point GM: we need to make folk aware that the abuse of power in the SG is enabled by the child of Westminster that is Holyrood: lacking in the needed powers to hold its members to account. We need folk to know that ALBA requested Johnson to separate the Lord Advocate from the Scottish Cabinet and he refused. We need folk to see the chains that bind us in Stalinist diddie land.

        Myself, I think independence will come quickly – far faster than we expect. SALVO and are far more powerful than I think we generally realise. The only route to independence that was ever open was an international one, defying Westminster – making clear it is our choice, not theirs. Everything else has always been smoke and mirrors. The level of panic from the establishment looks like they are running scared their gravy train may leave the tracks. Their remaining weapon is to make us despair – we must not!

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      3. marionl99, yes. I agree. Holyrood is a sub part of the British system political system and an open invitation for politicians to feather their nests. The politicians we have just now are happy to take the money and block the progress to independence. I think by their actions the people will ‘know them’. They are becoming more and more blatant.

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      1. I think Anne is referring to the Stalinist misuse of power that would certainly have taken place – ‘A Peoples Tragedy’ describes very well what befell Russia as she tried to throw off imperial oppression.

        One of the most important tasks for all of YES is to establish the constitutional rights that will be respected in iScotland – just spit balling but the right to trial by jury and the right to free speech could do with being in there … I know good work is being done on this and we now need to give full focus to that work. A constitution that saves us from our current Stalinist diddie land would be a powerful argument for YES.

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      2. I think you are applying a level of academic historical erudition above my pay grade! My comments are based on years of fruitless door chapping at constituency and local level! I read “ The Prince “ as a teenager cos my parents had it in the book case and it was famous; the problem was I didn’t understand what was wrong with it – it simply seemed to be a set of instructions as to how to rule ! Perhaps if someone in the SNP had read it and taken on board the “ Machiavellian” rules we might actually get it – give the people what the vote for ! ?

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  5. I don’t know if it can get any more disgusting and depressing but if it can I’m sure this SNP will plumb the depths and try.

    I too despair , I am far too old to wait a decade , far less a generation , for independence – all of the promise , energy ,hope and camaraderie of 2014 wasted by a bunch of charlatans, cheats and liars.

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  6. I haven’t given up on Indy still being delivered. Their is a opportunity for ISP, Alba to make real ground but their going to have to stop trying to work with the SNP and completely Ignore the greens (don’t mention them at all) and start accusing the SNP of directly of making Scotland a prisoner with in this union and forcefully pointing out to the general public that Scotland isn’t going to be back in the EU any time soon because of the SNP and WHY.

    Alex Salmond needs to forget his old party and start attacking the SNP on what it stands for(Union Safe Seats) and to keep mentioning ISP as both parties who have a alternative to achieving 1 Independence and 2 EU membership.

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  7. SALVO AND LIBERATION SCOTLAND are just getting started so join in and we can get the peoples sovereignty accepted. The whole picture then changes.
    Do not expect the SNP turkeys to vote for Christmas. They have the opportuniyy RIGHT NOW to remove us from this Union as Sunak is breaking said treaty with the win

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  8. The SNP leadership can keep lying to themselves but their TRANSparency will show through come time and the general public will see we are being run by tin pot dictatorship.

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    1. It is hard not to despair in the situation Scotland is in at present, but i am so glad that we have Salvo and Liberation as vehicles which will help us regain our Independence. I am encouraged by iain’s news on Membership increasing and a recruitment drive being planned.
      The future rests on us getting the information they provide out to people at large so that they will understand the unjust and illegal way that Scotland has been treated since James VI went over the Border to be King of England. Since then we have toiled under an alien idea of Kingship which has hugely damaged us and it is well time that stopped accepting this.
      We must not give up and I hope that those who say the breakthough may come sooner than we expect are right.

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  9. I was seriously ill last year and feel very lucky to still be here. I will never give up on independence even though I am now seventy seven years old. I want simple justice for my people and my country and will fight for it until my dying breath.

    However, while we’re waiting, 😊 here’s Jordan Peterson’s take on wokism.

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    1. I’m glad your still here, the fight has just got bigger than we thought so we’ll need all hand on board to rid ourselves of the YellowTories and Unionist party pretending to be nationalist. There’s no fooling us with our eyes and ears open.

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      1. Is he setting out to demnonstarate his theeory by the way he delivers his message and ignores the woman listening to him who wants to say something. his steam-roller appoach seems deliberately designed to make her feel unable to intervene and effectively makes her powerless in a way he is criticising womwn for appearing to be!

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    2. Yeah am not his biggest fan after viewing a video on disciplinary measures for children which are at odds with the way I was trained and of course natural instincts when I cared for children over 20 years.


  10. The absolute insignificance of the SNP as a historical force will be recorded by future Scottish historians as, at best, a historical footnote and at worst, as an object-lesson in political treachery, up there with the events of 1707. I agree with every-last-word of Iain’s testament above, particularly when he says: “I plan to abandon the increasingly irrelevant Party commentary [ … ].” In the case of the SNP, it seems to me that: the surreal situation has arisen wherein it has become possible to back the loser in a one-horse-race.

    “I have lost all faith in the political party process and if it was not for Salvo/ Liberation I would give up and devote more time to the other interests in my life but I think it’s long past time that Scots looked to bypass the disappointments of the SNP and looked to an International route to move Independence forward. That is where my efforts are going from now on and I hope many of you will join me in making it happen.” Yes, and my efforts too, Iain! By doing so we have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

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  11. Hi Iain. I’ve been searching unsuccessfully for a link to “particularly after Angus Robertson’s constitutional amendments which stripped all powers from the membership and handed it to the NEC cabal and their friends”, so that I can share it with friends. Can you help me please? More power to your elbow and to Salvo & Liberation.

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      1. It’s not hearsay it is fully recorded as part of proceedings at the Conference and now forms the Constitutional rules for the annual elections of the NEC. EASILY CHECKED IF YOU ARE A MEMBER.

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  12. I entirely agree with your comments, there been just too many things going wrong with the SNP, the first party I ever voted for, but unfortunately, they are not the party I first joined, far from it. Independence is a forlorn hope now if we depend on them to do anything about it. I signed up to Alba and contribute to them. However, on the arrival of and Liberation. scot, I feel that while Alba may, over the long term become much bigger which would be good.

    But I also have signed up to Salvo and Liberation, while only starting many folks are agreeing with their direction for Indy. It being, the people themselves, which appeals to me, being non political seems to me a great thing. So Salvo and Liberation is the way I will be going, but will retain membership of Alba too as the SNP are digging huge holes for themselves and I no longer think they will ever get us Independence, despite talk, nothing is really happening, but Scotland will still need a government in the future, and that may, eventually be Alba possibly with a more determined SNP at some point, but those in charge at the moment are doing nothing but sound bites.

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  13. @davejohnstone6ks

    Given the largely press-release informed nature of today’s Scottish news-rooms, corroborating sources won’t be easy to find. Good luck, nonetheless.

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  14. Sad, but very true, Iain. I actually think inducing despondency is part of their game plan, making us so dispirited that we end up turning away and leaving them to their own devices without challenge. The SNP are so entirely captured by the Woke element that they no longer have the ability to right themselves; they can only descend deeper into depravity.

    It is hard to remain optimistic, but I came across the following quote by Ron Paul which is quite inspirational and although said in relation to the USA I think it also applies to Scotland and Salvo:

    “As I’ve always said, you don’t need a majority to change the course of the country. A dedicated minority driven by the principles of liberty can produce incredible results.”

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  15. Even in the worst case scenario, Labour will eventually crash and burn and be replaced by the Tories. The only guarantee in Westminster is that the Tories follow after Labour.

    Alba now has 9000 members and counting, slowly but surely building up a base and a party that can eventually not only form a government but lead Scotland to independence.

    Providing the lessons have been learned, Alba can be the answer.


  16. Hello Iain and all, thought I’d just pop in with a comment but, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear, nothing controversial. It’s about the website. Now for reasons I have expressed in the past I have joined neither Salvo nor, but I thought I’d have a look at the latter website to see what the current thinking is. Unfortunately however I was greeted with a black page with a white box in the middle containing a demand that I accept cookies. It does refer me to the cookie policy that is several pages of closely typed legal stuff that I certainly couldn’t be bothered to read. If it needs all that to describe their cookies what must they be like?

    I don’t much like accepting cookies, particularly when I don’t know what they are, and so I got no further than the black page. I’m sure that there must be other people who are similarly put off. So might I suggest that you do what most other websites do and offer people options with regard to cookies, including the option to reject them all? Curiously perhaps, Salvo’s website doesn’t seem to make any mention of cookies at all – it’s just straight in there and the information, such as it is, is immediately to hand.



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