MARK HIRST’S CLAIM OF MALICIOUS PROSECUTION. Reproduced at the direct request of Mark Hirst. The original was first published on Gordon Dangerfield’s excellent blog.  Gordon Dangerfield8 hours ago Last week my firm sent the following letter to the Lord Advocate, Dorothy Bain, QC: “We act for Mr Mark Hirst. Please treat this letter as intimation ofContinue reading “THIS IS DYNAMITE!”


SNP referendum donations ‘spent on office renovations’ Police investigating allegations of fraud over £600,000 ‘ring-fenced’ fund set to interview party boss and husband of the first minister John Boothman and Jason Allardyce Sunday July 25 2021, 12.01am BST, The Sunday Times Hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations earmarked for a Scottish independence referendum campaignContinue reading “ARTICLE OF THE WEEK THAT WILL RAISE EVEN MORE QUESTIONS.”


Paper 5 in the hugely popular ten part series from Professor Alf Baird which has kicked off an excellent debate across the country and has people examining much more closely a range of issues that are crucial in determining our prospects of winning Independence for Scotland. This week’s topic is nationalism. Enjoy. 5. Nationalism There areContinue reading “DETERMINANTS OF INDEPENDENCE NATIONALISM”

Canongate Wall and the Indyref Franchise Question.

Rejoinder from Alf Baird Mr Vince Littler is wrong to claim that I suggested only those born in Scotland should have a vote in a referendum on independence. My view and the view in most countries today is that parental descent is also an important aspect and, indeed, the ECHR mentions national self-determination as also applying to first generations of diaspora.  As the writer JamesContinue reading “Canongate Wall and the Indyref Franchise Question.”


EMBARGO: Tuesday 20 July 2021. (Also attached)SPEECH BY KENNY MACASKILL MPAdjournment Debate – Role of Lord Advocate Mr Speaker,I believe that many of the ills that afflict Scotland can be laid at the door of this Tory Government. One that hasn’t been elected in Scotland, not for the 55 years of hurt experienced by English footballContinue reading “TODAY IN THE COMMONS”

Canongate Wall and the Indyref Franchise question

This is a guest post. Mr Littler moved to Scotland in 2017 and he approached me asking if I would be prepared to publish his response to the position Professor Alf Baird was taking. I made clear if it was a response that was quality writing, polite and focussed on genuine debate I would beContinue reading “Canongate Wall and the Indyref Franchise question”


Paper 4 in the ten part weekly series by Professor Alf Baird which is having a big impact on political debate in Scotland. Each week the number of readers and comments increase as more people arm themselves with this information in our battle for Scottish Independence. Pay particular attention to the section headed Fanon. IContinue reading “DETERMINANTS OF INDEPENDENCE COLONIALISM”