“Cinderella” Sturgeon is probably not going to the ball.

A guest post from Professor Alf Baird. World Leaders Summit at COP26 in Scotland (Based on info extracted from the COP26 website: https://unfccc.int/cop26/world-leaders-summit) Will Scotland’s First Minister appear, Cinderella like, at the COP26 World Leaders Summit in Glasgow? That does not appear very likely based on the following UN published programme information and instructions sent to national governments attending. Event title & location: “United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 Glasgow,Continue reading ““Cinderella” Sturgeon is probably not going to the ball.”


CAMPAIGNING JOURNALIST JOHN PILGER JOINS APPEAL FOR THE “COMPASSIONATE RELEASE” OF CRAIG MURRAY AS ALBA MPS CALL FOR LAW CHANGE IN COMMONS MOTION The award winning campaigning journalist and documentary maker John Pilger has today (Thursday) called for the release of Craig Murray on compassionate grounds.  This coincides with the tabling of an Early Day Motion byContinue reading “FREE CRAIG MURRAY.”


This is the second guest article from regular reader Mia. The first article “ Any response First Minister” generated much comment and interest. i am sure this article will do likewise. The astonishing level of hypocrisy and cynicism that surrounds politics with regards to Scotland really is beyond the pale. The ridiculousness that is havingContinue reading “WHOSE SIDE IS SHE REALLY ON?”

An Australian Scot’s view of COP 26.

ScoMo doesn’t need to go to Glasgow. I grew up there and can tell him all he needs to know Stuart Ballantyne Getty Images This article questions the need for Cop26. I have already published articles in support for action on climate change. This is for balance. It was first published in the Spectator Australia.Continue reading “An Australian Scot’s view of COP 26.”


A message for the delegates at COP26As Cop26 looms ahead at the end of the month, the World Leaders involved may benefit from the knowledge that the UK is perhaps not the most appropriate venue for those seeking any lasting agreement between nations, rather the reverse. It is however very appropriate that the event isContinue reading “WELCOME TO BRITAIN, LAND OF THE BROKEN TREATIES.”


A guest post by a regular reader and contributor Mia. It was initially published by Mia as a comment on my blog but as it conveys the anger and disappointment many feel I decided to republish it as a full article. This must not continue. I have arrived to the conclusion that Nicola Sturgeon andContinue reading “WELL FIRST MINISTER, ANY RESPONSE?”