HEALTHY DEMOGRAPHICS By  Sally Hughes Scotland’s National Health Service was created in 1946, at the same time as the NHS in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  They are all separate entities, fully funded by the taxpayers in the host nation. They came into being on the back of 2 World Wars, and a Flu Epidemic, thatContinue reading “HEALTHY DEMOGRAPHICS”


This article first appeared on on the 22nd March 2023. I was going to write an article along similar lines but Robin’s article is very good and I have got a bag to pack for my holidays which start tomorrow! I thought this article was just right to mark Nicola Sturgeon’s last day asContinue reading “PARANOIA AND VANITY:THE STURGEON YEARS”


What follows is a programme put together by TRT World the Turkish Public Service Broadcaster about the SNP LEADERSHIP RACE. It will be shown all over the World it’s a bit like the BBC WORLD SERVICE and as the presenter explained to me at the beginning of the programme, the introduction at the beginning withContinue reading “SCOTLAND’S CHOICE”


In Right of the Crown? Sara Salyers In 2022, while ‘the nation(s) mourned’ the death of Queen Elizabeth, officially anyway, Scotland had another reason for mourning. Along with the mortal remains of Elizabeth Windsor, the dazzling but entirely English royal pageant, representing an ancient but entirely English, constitutional monarchy, effectively buried the Crown of Scotland.  “This is your heritage and history!” The spectacle proclaimed. “Behold its glory, its continuity and its power!” AndContinue reading “ANOTHER MAJOR LIE REVEALED”


A statement from Ewan Kennedy on the need for full disclosure on the Salmond plot. Ewan is a retired lawyer who lives in Argyll and is a frequent correspondent on Yours for Scotland. Three years ago this week there ended a show trial of the sort we used to rightly deride when we saw itContinue reading “FULL DISCLOSURE IS NEEDED.”

You thought it could not get worse? It just did!

You thought it could not get worse? It just did! The SNP today is a pale shadow of the SNP after the 2015 General Election. Then a United Party and Yes Movement enjoyed all the momentum and a determined electorate anxious to sort out the disappointment of the 2014 Referendum. The result was 56 outContinue reading “You thought it could not get worse? It just did!”


SUBMISSION TO NET ZERO, ENERGY & TRANSPORT COMMITTEE From Professor Alf Baird, 20th March 2023 SYNOPSIS OF PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE ‘CATAMARANS FOR INTER-ISLAND NAVIGATION’ SEMINAR Held at Strathclyde University, 12 May 2022 The presentation summarized Dr. Ballantyne’s design and evolution of catamaran ferries since the 1980s to today. This included the development and testing ofContinue reading “AS THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT POUR MILLIONS MORE INTO BUILDING THE WRONG FERRIES.”

Letter from Denmark: The Dubliner

This is another excellent contribution from Peter Young of IndyScot News who writes with such obvious concern about Scotland. He clearly thinks we should learn from both Ireland and Denmark. I agree. Enjoy! Letter from Denmark: The Dubliner “Hey, it’s Gus here, you called?” The voice is unmistakably Scottish. “Aye, we’re showing the game by theContinue reading “Letter from Denmark: The Dubliner”