Lessons need learned and change is required. The alphabet women and their allies have demonstrated the gross unfairness of granting anonymity to the complainants in sex cases while not affording the same privilege to the “accused”. All Scotland has witnessed that unfairness and that it continues today brings shame on our political environment, media sectorContinue reading “URGENT CHANGE REQUIRED”


WISH AWAY…IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN While the unionists throw the kitchen sink at the Independence Movement they swirl around in a cloud of self delusion that this move or that attack will be the one that finally brings the drive towards Independence to a halt. If they  could only cripple Alex Salmond or pull down NicolaContinue reading “WISH AWAY..IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!”


I AM GETTING ANGRY I am getting angry with the SNP these days. They seem badly off course and making some very strange, and in my view, very dangerous and unpopular decisions. Of course any unpopularity Involved in these measures is masked by the outstanding performance of the First Minister in dealing with the allContinue reading “I AM GETTING ANGRY.”

Dealing with the linen.

Dealing with the linen There has always been differing views about this in political parties. The arguments can be credible on both sides of any argument.  There is little doubt keeping all discussion internal can be effective with the electorate. Keeping them in the dark about any potential disagreements can be at least initially electorallyContinue reading “Dealing with the linen.”