Faroese Friends

A particularly powerful article contrasting the status of the 54,000 population of the Faroe Islands with the 5.5 million Scots. It throws up multiple embarrassments that we need to learn from and sort out. Written by Peter Young of IndyScot News in Denmark. Faroese Friends We were in the staff room when I suddenly realisedContinue reading “Faroese Friends”


Fish farming seems to me the archetypal British business in Scotland; capitalising on Scotland’s hard won reputation for having a high quality salmon, but utterly trashing that reputation on the way to short term profits, followed by ever diminishing returns, as people realise the salmon on their menu is the equivalent of a battery henContinue reading “BREEKS VIEWS ON FARMED SALMON.”


Scotland’s Liberation Movement Aims and Objectives of Salvo and the Scottish National Congress of Liberation Scotland The aim of Liberation Scotland is to restore the political sovereignty of the people of Scotland, remove the British state’s ‘administrative’ control of the assets owned by the Scottish people and obtain for our nation the restitution owed by the British state for its fraudulent appropriation of Scotland’s natural resources overContinue reading “WANT TO KNOW THE PLAN?”


Since the inception of Salvo and Liberation we have been plagued with opponents saying how could the people be sovereign in the 21st Century? They said it can’t be done, the “best” that can be done is for the people to handover all that power to the elected politicians. Well I have news for you,Continue reading “LIBERATION DIRECT DEMOCRACY..THE PREMIERE!”

Scotland is getting SLAPPed!

An important article from my legal friend Ewan Kennedy, now retired and living in Argyll. Scotland is getting SLAPPed! At the end of last year Iain was kind enough to publish my introduction to the curious world of SLAPPs, “Strategic Litigations Against Public Participation” and my article can be accessed here: As discussed in moreContinue reading “Scotland is getting SLAPPed!”


I was going to write an article about this but fortunately Gordon Ross has produced an excellent 18 minute video explaining how “spooks” have managed to make 90% of the 77,000 who tried to sign up to Salvo/ Liberation disappear. Please watch, it spells out exactly what we are up against. The only good newsContinue reading “IMPORTANT INFORMATION.”


NOW YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING! Question Time on Thursday night was fascinating. Never thought I would write that, I am not normally a supporter of this programme. I watched this week’s edition for two reasons, one was because it was coming from Fort William and secondly at long last Alex Salmond wasContinue reading “NOW YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING”


A guest comment from regular contributor Breeks. I think the problem in Scotland isn’t acceptance of sovereignty, our detractors will always find something to gripe about, but the mechanism through which we can empower ourselves. The Constitutional arguments in my opinion are adequately persuasive and robust, the provenance is very well documented, and Scotland’s statusContinue reading “BUILD THE DEFENCE, THEN ATTACK!”


A comment by regular Willie Hutchison. Willie has a Civil Engineering background was a chartered engineering surveyor involved predominately in the delivery of major infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, power generation and transmission.   Quite quite astounding to look back at what Scotland has been at the forefront of over the years. Sadly that hasContinue reading “BEADS AND MIRRORS”

Letter from Denmark: Procession for the Crown

Another delightful article from regular correspondent Peter Young of IndyScot News which is based in Denmark. A very talented writer. Letter from Denmark: Procession for the Crown There’s a sea of flame gathering in the twilight. It started with only one torch, but each newly lit passes the flame to two or three others. SoonContinue reading “Letter from Denmark: Procession for the Crown”